Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. A major change in diagnosing, one of the deadliest cancer, killers in America, by tens of millions of people need to get checked much earlier, than before, and, the in tweeting, that's what Roseanne says she was doing when she fired off the racist message that got her fired the company that makes ambien, firing, back, Kim, at the White House Kardashian. That is the, reality, star the president and her plea for a great-grandmother, is serving a life sentence, to be pardoned, this. Shocking moment, a man who faked his death in a grisly, crime scene. Suddenly. Appears. Alive, why police say they had no other choice than to stage a murder, a wing. And a prayer from, a televangelist, leading, with his followers, for 54, million dollars, to, buy his fourth, private, jets we're, believing God my brand new Falcon 7x, so, we go anywhere in the world one stopped and the. Little boy at the White House and the question, that brought the press secretary, to the verge of tears. This is NBC Nightly, News with Lester. Holt, good, evening I'm Savannah Guthrie in for Lester tonight one of the most sweeping changes, in cancer, prevention in a generation, a major. Announcement, from the American Cancer Society today, after, a stunning, jump in the number of younger people getting, colon, cancer, it's a killer and it's claiming more lives than ever before, so tonight new, guidelines, on when to get screened that, may have you calling your doctor in the morning NBC's. Rehema Ellis starting, us off. Tonight. The American, Cancer Society, hopes, the dramatic, change will make a major impact in the fight against the third leading cancer killer. 140,000. Suffering, from the disease like. Larry Johnston, who was 47, years old when, she got the devastating, news she, had stage 4 colon cancer I feared. I I wouldn't even see my kids graduate. High, school. Um. I feared I wouldn't be here good, this. Chicago, mom is certain she's here now because, she got tested early, something. The American, Cancer Society is now, urging more people to do saying, colorectal, cancer, screening should begin, at age 45. Five. Years earlier than previously recommended. Their, risk for, an individual, developing, colorectal cancer. Is beginning. To move younger. In the last 24, years the. Number of people diagnosed, with colorectal cancer. Under age 50, is up a stunning fifty-one, percent is there. Just one option for screening there, are many options this, is one of them is called the colonoscopy, dr.. Marc misshapen a colon, cancer specialist, says patients, should ask their doctor for these tests, some of which are less invasive, I always say the best screening test is the one that gets done and there are many options particularly. The option of colonoscopy, which, could prevent colon cancer, or even doing a x-ray, examination, of the colon if you see any changes. No matter how slight no matter what you think they are go. To your doctor and, demand. A colonoscopy you don't want to mess around a crucial. Screening, that Larry Johnston, knows is a lifesaver. And Savannah. The new guidelines, are recommended, for people at average risk of colon cancer, but if you have a family history are african-american. Or have chronic, intestinal disease. Talk to your doctor you may need to start a lot earlier they've got a lot of our attention today Rehema, thank you so much well, one day after she lost her network show Roseann was on a Twitter tear today lashing. Out at her former co-stars, and offering. An unusual, explanation. For the racist tweet that got her fired saying, she was on the sleeping pill ambien, at the time the, company that makes ambien, fired right back the president got in on the action and it all happened, where else on Twitter, we get the latest from NBC's Anne Thompson. What's. Up horrible, Roseanne, Barr tried, to explain herself but only fueled the fire over her racist tweet about Valerie, Jarrett an advisor to President, Obama. Bar. Writing it was 2:00 in the morning and I was ambien, tweeting that, brought this sharp retort from the sleeping pills maker, racism.

Is Not a known side effect of any Santa, Fe medication. This is the racial me to moment isn't it Michael Eric Dyson is, a prominent, author on race in America, this is a particular moment where your, race baiting and your bigotry, and your violent, racism, have to be taken into account and things, are changed. Her. Show canceled, its reruns, pulled bar defended, herself I'm not, a racist, I never was and I never will be she apologized. To the crew and cast who lost their jobs offering. Compassion, for the disappointment, expressed, by her TV daughter Sara, Gilbert then, teen off on her TV son Michael Fishman who criticized, bar as well you, throw me under the bus, nice but. This was self-inflicted, when, bar compared, jarrett to an eight bob iger who's a CEO, of Disney called, me before. The announcement he apologized, that, got president, Trump's attention, he tweeted I her never called him to apologize for. The horrible statements, made and said about me on ABC, maybe. I just didn't get the call ABC. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel responded. Maybe, you were out playing golf, Trump's. Press secretary, put a different spin on it this is a double standard that the Pres speaking, about no one is defending her comments, they're inappropriate thank, you for making America, great again, tonight. Bar still, has free speech just. Not a show Anne Thompson NBC. News New York, online. Today some were calling it the other Kim summit Kim Kardashian, at the White House for reasons you may not expect the, reality, star lobbying, for a pardon for a convicted drug trafficker, and great-grandmother, whose, cause has caught her eye NBC's. Stephanie Gosk has the story, today. One of the world's most recognizable, stars, went. To the White House to fight for a woman few have heard of after. 21, years in a federal prison on drug charges Kim. Kardashian, wants President Trump to grant 62, year old great-grandmother. Alice Murray Johnson, a pardon, Kardashian. Took up Johnson's, cause months, ago after seeing her story on Mike calm. Kardashian. Reportedly, lobbied Jared Kushner on Johnson's, behalf she, spent over two decades behind, bars I, think. That she really deserves a second chance at. Life a federal, judge sentenced Johnson, to life without parole in, 1997. Describing. Her as the leader and quote, quintessential. Entrepreneur. Of a, 50, million dollar drug, ring with, ties to the Cali cartel we, didn't feel that you, know she didn't deserve any punishment but her daughter says the punishment, didn't, match the crime she's, not a danger there. Is zero, chance of her, we. Committing. Any crimes, or anything like that it's, just she's, taking up space in federal. Prison, advocates, for sentence, reforms say there are thousands, of prisoners serving, life without parole in the federal system on drug charges the underlying, problem, is the mandatory sentences. Applied, in the war on drugs these. Have been a failure for 30 years it's time to turn that around the, administration, has actively fought. Congressional, efforts to change drug, sentencing, laws but, today a reality TV star on, a mission hopes, one woman will get a reprieve Stephanie. Gosk NBC, News new York late. Word tonight here, in New York disgraced, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, has been indicted, by a grand jury, on rape and criminal, sex act charges. It comes after Weinstein, was arrested, and charged last week the Manhattan district attorney said the indictment, brings Weinstein, another step closer to accountability. Weinstein. Has denied, those allegations, new. Developments, tonight in the delicate negotiations.

Between The u.s. and North Korea ahead. Of that on-again, off-again. Maybe on-again, summit, between President, Trump and Kim jong-un North, Korea's former spy chief who's often described as the dictators right-hand, man has, arrived in New York or he'll meet with Secretary, of State Pompeyo, tonight, and the White House today describing. Separate, discussions, about the summit between both countries at the DMZ is very, positive and an. Emotional, moment during the White House briefing today, press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting visibly choked up when, she called on a young student reporter, and was struck by the gravity, of his question, about guns and schools. I. Think. That as. A kid, and certainly as a parent there, is nothing, that could be more terrifying, for, a kid to go to school and not feel safe so I'm sorry that you feel that way, this, administration, takes it seriously, and the. School, safety commission, that, the president convened is, meeting, this week again an official meeting to. Discuss the best ways forward and how. We can do every single thing within our power to protect kids in our schools and to make them feel safe and make their parents feel good about dropping, them off the. Reporter, was 13 year old Benjy shokran, with time for kids now. A tropical. Depression Alberto. Is still causing damage, tonight with flash flood watches stretching, from Alabama, to West Virginia, a heavy rain and flooding shutting, down, and causing. A major evacuation. Overnight Kerry Sanders is in North Carolina, and has the latest. Tonight. A state of emergency with, water still high along the lake to home a dam which, is just east of Asheville, North Carolina, overnight. Thousands, below the dam left their homes in darkness, as part of an emergency evacuation by. This afternoon. Engineers, all, clear. The. Six plus inches of rain from subtropical. Storm Alberto now, triggering, mudslides closing.

More Than 50, roads including. An interstate, in both directions. Bonnie. Robinson, is the second generation to live here along the Catawba, River the flood here so powerful, it washed a dump truck downriver. Barney. Watched in disbelief how, high did it get to your house it got all the way up to the house this, whole thing look, like the river was coming through down. South and Marion Alabama, low-lying. Fields, underwater roads, washed, away. I'm. Trapped, inside my house. All. Nine dams along the Tennessee River, releasing. Water to, prevent Lakes up screen from flooding, very. Very bad and scary, to know, that this. Happened so fast, early. The cost is personal, brand, new camper right there second, payment next Wednesday I hope it's still later tomorrow. Tonight. As the rivers are still raging here the flow out of the lake to home a dam which you can see right here is being, closely monitored, just. In case there's a problem police, tonight on, alert, just, in the event they have to order evacuations. Again, Savannah, incredible, scene behind you Carrie thank you and there are new evacuations. In Hawaii as lava. Continues to, flow there some residents, refused, to leave their homes even as the danger gets closer but, in the meantime the pain is being felt far from the volcano zone where everything, is safe but, tourism, is now taking a hit NBC's, Ngati Schwartz is there oh, my. God volcano. Two small tornadoes, Varnadoe, outvote the nightly hellscape, on Hawaii's Big Island continues. To grow from inside the evacuation, zone some residents, still, refusing. To leave the, heat coming, off with so strong. That, it created that for NATO it's incredible, but, it's also scary and, humbling, at as well last, night more evacuations, there's another fast flowing stream of lava overtook streets and even more homes. Officials. Spending hours trying to rescue those holding out like this resident, who had to be told to follow a USGS, drone, so, that crews on the ground seen here with flashlights, could guide him to safety but, as bad as the situation is in Loma Prieta all around the Big Island areas completely, unaffected by the eruption are struggling. As tourists, stay away despite. Not being anywhere, near the volcano bookings. Are down 50 percent in, the resort town of Kona a lot of people around the world a concern, about what's going on now an island known to draw those wanting, to see the mighty Kilauea. Struggling. From her fury, and. Tonight. A 4.5. Earthquake, near Kilauea, summit, as fissures continue. To spew lava towards, two new subdivisions. Authorities, here expanding. The evacuation. Orders as police, go from door to door asking, people who were still in their homes to get out of the lavas way savanna. Oh god thank, you very much now, to a genuine. Shocker today, after police announced, that a Russian journalist, and prominent, Putin critic was murdered, in Ukraine yesterday, he, showed up alive, and well in a room full of reporters today revealing. His death was faked as part, of an elaborate, sting operation, NBC. Chief foreign correspondent Richard, Engel with the story. Gasps. Of disbelief, and. Applause. As russian, journalist, arkady bob chenko the ukrainian police said just, yesterday was murdered shot, three, times in his apartment dying, in an ambulance even putting out a sketch of a suspect. Today was, back from the dead walking, into a press conference with police announcing. It was all staged. I. Apologized, to my wife for all the hell she had to go through Bob chenko said news. Of his murder yesterday sparked, an outcry, supporters. Laying flowers at memorials, and blaming. Russia for ordering the hit Bob. Chenko is a critic, of Vladimir, Putin while. Russia denied, involvement many. Of Putin's critics have been shot or poisoned over, the years including, opposition. Leader Boris Nemtsov right. Next to the Kremlin Nemtsov was shot in the back at least five times right, in front of his girlfriend but. This time Ukraine's, security forces, said the faked killing, was a sting, operation which, they said led to the arrest of a man allegedly, paid forty thousand, dollars by Moscow, to organize Bob Jenkins murder. There. Was no other way but chenko said but, tonight many, are asking will, the hoax create, doubts about other reporters, actually, murdered for doing their jobs, Richard. Engel NBC News. Still. Ahead tonight, televangelist. Controversy. The TV preacher told viewers God. Wants them to buy him a multi-million. Dollar private, jet also. Need money for college the big new perk being offered by the nation's, largest, retailer. Now. To the preacher who wants to reach the heavens a louisiana-based. Televangelist. Says god wants him to have a brand new 54, million dollar private, jet and he's, asking his followers to pay for it it would be his fourth plane but he says he needs the bigger jet so he can fly anywhere in the world with, just one stop to refuel, here's, NBC's Tom, Costello with the story you.

Know I've owned three different, jets in my life and I used them and this burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ televangelist. Jesse Duplantis says, God himself, told him it's time for an upgrade he. Said I want you to believe me for, a falcon 7x so I said okay a Falcon, 7 jet like this one to preach to more people around the world and he's asking his followers for the 54, million dollars I really. Believe that if Jesus was physically, on the earth today he wouldn't be riding a donkey from, his Louisiana headquarters. Duplantis is among a group of televangelists. Who preached that their wealth is God's will, this preys upon the poorest, people, that. Want or need money badly, where. They're told if they give money God's gonna bless them, a hundredfold, Duplantis. Lives, in a 35,000, square foot mansion tax-free. He's asking everybody, who has less than he has to, pay for this jet and I don't get that you know fellow, televangelist. Kenneth Copeland recently bought a 36, million dollar Gulfstream, five jet. The. To have commiserated. About how they can't fly or pray, with, commercial, airline passengers, this, dope filled world right get in an air get in a long tube. With a bunch of demons, right that's exactly then it's deadly, we, asked Jesse Duplantis and his ministries, for comment but they declined to respond so far no, indication, whether he's received any contributions. For his jet Tom. Costello NBC. News Washington. Coming. Up the scary sight caught on cameras spinning, along the freeway, and the, viral, video of the boy lending a helping hand at. A warm your heart. A. Big. Announcement tonight from Walmart, the nation's largest private employer says, it will offer a new perk to its 1.4, million employees it'll. Pay for college tuition for employees, who take classes in either supply, chain management or business at the University, of Florida or two smaller schools in California, and Nebraska. Check. Out a jaw-dropping. Site and it was caught on camera a massive. Dust devil forming along the freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona one, driver stopped to film it when it started coming right at him, reports, say it stretched hundreds, of feet into the air fortunately. Nobody, got hurt and a, simple act of kindness warming. Hearts all across the country when, an eight-year-old boy in Georgia saw a woman with the Walker struggling, to get up the stairs he lent her a helping hand when, they reached the top the, two shared a hug and didn't, know at the time they, would become a viral, sensation, when. We come back the young gymnastics. Star letting no obstacle. Get in the way inspiring. America. Finally. Tonight she's an unstoppable force with, dreams of one day competing, in the Olympics, the young gymnastics, star from Hugo Oklahoma who's, breaking boundaries, and inspiring. America. Avery. Mitchell, tumbles so fast, you. Barely notice her prosthetic, leg I like to be, moving, and I like to stay active and, gymnastics. Is a good way to do that achieving. So, much more than her parents ever imagined. When she had her leg amputated, when, she was 2 I was determined. That. She was not going to be labeled as, disabled. When. She was 4 her mom took her to a gymnastics, class never.

In My wildest, dreams that. I would, ever think that she, would be as great as she is, she's. Took it a lot further than I thought she would well. These are a few of my medals. She's. Headed to Nationals with her team like. All gymnast, she's had injuries, a knee brace slows down her running but not her drive this. Is how it's gonna be and I've just got to deal with it that's, how I think of everything and always, by her side her, dog Hattie, Mae Oh she's, missing her right leg too if. You have a prosthetic, leg don't let it be a wall let it be an advantage. Because. You can't break this link well you can but it won't hurt as bad, Avery's. Big dreams now the, University. Of Oklahoma. And the, Olympics, I don't. Feel, like an inspiration. But, if I am an inspiration, to other people, that. Makes me happy makes, us, happy too that's, nightly news for Wednesday night I'm Savannah Guthrie and for Leicester I'll see you tomorrow morning, on today, for all of us at NBC News thanks so much for watching and have a great night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel. Subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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