Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 15, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 15, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight NBC, News has learned Saudi, Arabia, may be about to admit that a Washington. Post journalist, was killed during, an interrogation gone, wrong president. Truong suggesting, that quote rogue killers, could be to blame as cleaning, crew show up at the consulate, hours, before turkish investigators. Are finally allowed inside a sea, of desperation on the florida coast a family, trapped spelling, out help on their lawn and tonight, a mid street after, obliterated. Street how this beachfront home, is still standing a teacher, is sooner seen on surveillance, video dragging. A young student with autism through. The hallways, the, boy nonverbal. His service, dog standing, by it. Was tortured and makes me cry and makes me mad at the same time tonight, a family outraged. Simone. Biles taking, a stand as a crisis, enveloping, America's, Olympic gold eSport, takes a stunning, new turn an, african-american, businessman. Bought by a white woman who called police to stop, him from entering his own luxury, apartment. Complex, ma'am. You're not security, you're not the property owners you know I live. Here okay and I live here too the incident just the latest racially. Tinged encounter, making headlines and, once, the largest retailer. In the world an American, icon goes, bankrupt what it means for the coming holiday rush. This is NBC Nightly News with Lester. Holt. Good. Evening everyone there are breaking developments, in the disappearance, of The Washington Post columnist. Who vanished, inside, a Saudi, consulate in, Turkey two weeks ago, NBC. News has learned tonight that the Saudi government is, preparing to admit to the death of Jamal khashoggi as the, result of an interrogation, gone, wrong word. Of the acknowledgment, comes just, hours after President, Trump seemed to accept Saudi denials, of any involvement while, speculating. Khashoggi may have died at the hands of rogue killers, our, chief foreign affairs correspondent, Andrea, Mitchell has the, late details. President. Trump after calling, the Saudi King today seeming. To buy his explanation. That, if Washington, Post columnist Jamal, cash Koji was killed inside, the Saudi consulate in, Turkey the, hit men were role killers, not working, for the regime the King firmly denied, any knowledge of, it. But. It was only tonight 13, days after Kakashi disappeared. There that, the Saudis let Turkish police inside, hours. After a cleaning, crew entered and tonight, the Saudi leaders are discussing a plan to admit that Kakashi was killed after entering the consulate, three, people with knowledge of the situation tell, NBC News one. Says during an interrogation that went wrong asked, about that the president called it so far just a rumor he's, sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to get answers, despite. The Kings denials, today experts.

Say Nothing, would happen at a Saudi consulate than, his son the powerful, crown prince did not order the, inconceivable, that. Such an operation would be run by the Saudis without, the knowledge of the, day-to-day decision-maker of Saudi Arabia that's Crown, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Congress. Now demanding, that the White House stopped the Saudis from buying billions, in US weapons but. Mr. Trump says that would hurt American, workers still. Critics, say the president ignores the Saudis terrible, human rights record unlawful. Killings, torture and, arbitrary arrests. Just. As he embraces a rogues gallery. Dictators, like Putin, Duterte, in the Philippines, Derwin in Turkey even, saying he fell in love with Kim jong-un telling. CBS's, 60 minutes, presides. Over a cruel, kingdom, of repression. Gulags. Starvation. Reports. That he had his half-brother, assassinated. Slave, labor public executions. This, is a guy you may know these things I mean I'm, not a baby. And. Tonight. More big names are dropping out of the crown prince's investor, summit next week but, Treasury, secretary minuchin has not canceled, a spokesman, telling NBC News tonight they will evaluate as, information. Comes in this week. Andrey. Mitchell in our Washington, newsroom thanks, now to the desperation, in Florida, dozens still missing after hurricane, Michael President, Trump and the first lady touring, the devastation. Today as residents. Look to rebuild, and those with homes still standing, look for better ways to protect their, homes, NBC's. Tammy light there is there, to. See this. Personally. It's very common the, Bayside community, of Lynn Haven was one of President, Trump stops today. 80%. Of the homes here destroyed, people, have been lining up for two days just to apply for temporary housing with, FEMA Gordy, Pierce and his family rode out the storm in their home now, mostly, gone are you guys. We have to we have no place else to go right now. For, now many are coming to this distribution, center run by volunteers. Mayor Margo, Anderson says, the president, promised action, I asked, him for, expediting, a generator, here so we can get our water plant going. But. Tonight doesn't. Still unaccounted for, some, even, spelling, out help to attract rescuers, as residents. Slowly start, to rebuild Tammy. Lightner NBC. News Lynn Haven Florida. This. Is Tom Costello I'm in absolute devastation. In Mexico beach a few structures. Survived, mother nature this, newly built concrete, home sitting on pilings, withstood, 155. Mile-per-hour winds. And waves, the. House was built out of a lot of anxiety and and and paranoia, to to, build something that would survive while, new homes on the hurricane prone Miami, area must withstand a category, 5 storm greater, than 150, miles per hour new, homes and much of the Panhandle must, withstand a cat 3 100. 30 mile-per-hour winds. We experienced, a cat 3 at the University, of Maryland wind tunnel and you can see why anything. That's not bolted, down simply wouldn't survive the key reinforce. Existing homes, this, side-by-side test, shows a house coming apart, and 100 mile-per-hour winds, while, the reinforced, house stays mostly intact but, reinforcing, a home can be costly, sealing.

The Plywood roof under the shingles so it doesn't leak if the shingles go tying. The roof to the frame with metal, straps anchoring. The ground floor to the cement foundation, and wind, rated windows and doors you. Can either watch, this happen again or you can change the destiny of the community that's, the choice as hurricanes, grow larger, and more costly Tom. Costello NBC, News Washington more. Extreme weather to tell you about tonight some of the strongest Santa Ana winds in years have taken a deadly turn in Southern California a, woman was killed when a tree fell on her car. And an early winter blast, in parts of the Rockies, and High Plains bringing. As much as a foot of snow in, the mountains now. To senator, Elizabeth, Warren doing, something unprecedented after. Years of ridicule, from President Trump and Republicans, over her claims of Native American, ancestry. Today, the Massachusetts. Democrat, released results of a DNA test. She says proves it as Kristen. Welker explains, it's fueling speculation, she'll run for president, in 2020. Tonight. Calling, his bluff after. Relentless, taunts by President, Trump over, senator Elizabeth, Warren's claims of Native American ancestry. They call her Pocahontas. Pocahontas. Warren. Is now answering, her campaign, releasing, a DNA, analysis. Stating, there is strong evidence the, senator had a Native American in her family, going back six, to ten generations, today President. Trump was dismissive, for chairs, and. Asked. If he sees it as a sign Warren, is serious, about challenging, him in 2020. Very. Easy Warren's move comes after the president posed a hypothetical scenario. Where, he mused about squaring, off with Warren in a debate saying, he'd asked her to prove her bloodline. To. Your favorite charity paid. For by Trump. But. This morning denying, he's on the hook for any donations I, think. You better read it again and later today while in Georgia mr., Trump clarifying, there are some conditions oh no, no I can test her personally. And. When the president was pressed on whether he owes Warren an apology, for, stereotyping. Her as Pocahontas. It was the country an apology, late tonight Warren, firing, back tweeting, president Trump is attacking, her because he's, scared and she, looks ahead to her next political chapter, Lester, Kristen, Welker tonight thanks, and there was late word this evening from Seattle, news, of the death of Microsoft. Co-founder Paul, Allen in. The mid-1970s. Allen, and Bill Gates started one of the most successful, technology. Companies, in the planet, along, the way becoming billionaires. Many times over in addition to his noted philanthropy. Allen also owned the NFL Seattle, Seahawks, and the NBA's. Portland, Trailblazers he. Passed away from complications of, non Hodgkin's, lymphoma Paul. Allen was 65, years old, now. To the Olympic superstar, taking, a stance Simone biles taking, aim at the new head of USA, Gymnastics, the latest twist in a deepening, crisis, for America's, golden, Olympic, sport we, get more of it now from NBC's, Stephanie Gosk. Simone. Biles has her sights set on Tokyo, 2020 but. She's still keeping a close eye on USA, Gymnastics. Over. The weekend criticizing. Former Congresswoman Mary Bona u.s. AG's newly, appointed president, for, posting this photo back, in September, a protest. Of Nikes decision, to feature controversial, football, player Colin, Kaepernick, in an ad campaign files. Reposted. Bono's photo on Saturday, rioting mouths drop don't, worry it's not like we needed a smarter, USA, Gymnastics, president or any sponsors. Or anything, biles, also, sponsored, by Nike is one of hundreds, of young women who accused, former gymnastics dr.. Larry Nasser, of sexual, assault Nasser, is now in prison for life but USA g continues, to struggle bono, wife, to the late congressman and, musician, Sonny, Bono is the organization's, third president, in less than a year the, last president, Carrie Perry resigned. After gymnast including Aly Raisman accused. Her of mishandling, US, AG's response, to, the Nasser scandal, now, her replacement, is under fire Bono, removed, the photo online writing. I regret. The post and respect, everyone's, views and fundamental, right to express, them this, doesn't reflect how I will approach my position, at USA, G she's, now on notice.

The. Athletes, are watching. Lester. Tonight former gymnast, Olympic. Gymnast Aly Raisman is, also, expressing, her opposition to the selection of mary bono citing. Her employment at a law firm that represented, u.s. AG when, accusations, started surfacing, about nasser, u.s. AG tells NBC News that bono was not, involved in the firm's work, with the organization, all right Stephanie thank you, now there's st. Louis and growing outrage over a video of a white woman stopping, a black man for mattering his own apartment racking up millions, of views the, video shows the woman questioning. Him about whether he actually lived in the high-end complex. Even, after we showed proof he did it's the latest in a string of racially, tinged incidents, on camera, Miguel Almaguer, has more I. Live. When you're blocking the door I, don't. Need to tell you that as dren, tolls tried to walk into his luxury, apartment, complex in, downtown st., Louis ma'am. You're not security, you're not the property manager no I live, here okay I live here too the business man was blocked by this woman, even though he had a key to his building. I. Don't need to tell you that information maybe you want to come into my building it's not sure a building you're not the owner tolls eventually, pushed his way in the, woman following him to his unit and calling, police I, think, it was race I think it was age I think. It was the clothes that I had on was out on a hoodie and, you see my keys in the door I had to pull out my phone just because of the way society is. The. Encounter, is the latest, viral video capturing, questionable. Behavior, as police, are called on African, Americans, for seemingly no reason. For. Barbecuing. To babysitting. While black, daddy's. Little kid scared his, ladies following, us this, encounter coming, with consequences. The woman in the video has, now been fired by her employer, I do, not want to speak with you please stop following an unneighborly. Confrontation. Leaving, fences, unmended. Miguel. Almaguer, NBC, News now, to a developing story, out of Wisconsin where, authorities say a couple was found dead in their home in, their teenage daughter no, to be found police, fear she's in danger NBC's. Anne Thompson now with late details a, frantic. Search tonight for 13 year old Jamie cloths discovered. Missing from her barren Wisconsin, home and thought to be in danger, after her parents were murdered in that home early, this morning, we don't know their cause of death right now, but. There was, some. Gunshots at, the scene we, don't know how many I don't know from what the sheriff says cross is not a suspect, using, drones, and infrared, detection devices, officials.

Searched The nearby woods for the teen without, success, tonight. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, posted. This Amber, Alert describing. Classes, five feet tall 100, pounds with blonde hair and green, eyes, authorities. Have no idea who took her but, they say the person or persons could, have a gun the. FBI is also working to find this middle school student, who seemingly, vanished, Anne, Thompson, NBC. News and, now, to Georgia, and another murder mystery there a young model shot, and killed as she drove to work, and authorities, are hoping surveillance video, can, help them find the killer NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez is. There, tonight. The family of 28, year old aspiring, model, Kelsey Quayle is heartbroken. It's, really devastating especially, since we don't have the answers we need this, surveillance video shows the moments, before police, say Quayle crashed, her car a week ago paramedics. Initially, thought this was just a serious, car crash near this intersection but. Then they, discovered, the bullet now. Police are looking for the drivers of the white SUV and, gray sedan that passed quail's car just, before she was shot, do, you believe she was targeted, no, I do not the, information when all we have right now is a random. Shooting that occurred on the roadway, bullet. That went through the, base of her brain that she ended up being brain dead days, later quail's family, removed her from life support she, had just moved to the Atlanta area to pursue a modeling career, many. Enemies, she never mention anything about any stalkers it, was just a mystery for all of us I thought, what he's now asking for the public's help to catch a killer, Gabe Gutierrez, BC News Riverdale. Georgia we've got a lot more to tell you about tonight still ahead the teacher and nurse caught on camera dragging, a student with autism his, outraged, parents are, speaking out then. What the end of an era for one iconic, store may mean for your how are they shopping. Next. Tonight outrage. Of her video of a teacher and school nurse dragging, a student with autism at. A Kentucky, school the, video is difficult to watch but his parents are, speaking out to keep something like this from happening to another child, here's, Kate snow. Thatcher. Grayson, can't tell anyone when something is wrong the sixth grader has autism and is nonverbal. His mom joe says Thatcher's teacher texted, her one day last month and described, an incident when he wouldn't get up off the ground but, then when I was helping him get ready for bed that's, when I found the marks on him, and.

That's When I knew that something. More had happened, at school. Then, I was told last. Week Jo and her husband Donnie finally, saw the surveillance, video, themselves, it shows, 11 year old Thatcher being dragged, through the school by, his teacher and a school nurse his, service, dog at his side, Porter. It. Was torture it. Makes me cry and makes me mad at the same time a spokeswoman. For the school district, says it was also, outraged, and took immediate action, Thatcher's, special education, teacher is no longer employed it's. Absolutely. Unconscionable. And. Completely. Unacceptable, and does, not represent the. Actions, of our more than 700. Teachers. Who work with our children with special needs every day a spokesman, for the Lexington County Health Department, tells NBC News the nurse is on paid leave pending, investigation. Neither, the teacher nor the nurse has commented, publicly Thatcher's. Parents, filed a police report and say they want to press charges we just don't want this to ever happen again Kate, snow NBC. News we'll. Take a break here and still to come is at the final chapter, for an American icon and how will it impact your holiday, shopping. And newlyweds, Prince Harry and Megan Marco sharing, some pretty happy news with the world. Tonight. An iconic, American named, Sears, has filed for bankruptcy protection, closing. An additional, 142. Sears and Kmart stores. In time for the holidays, it comes after Toys R Us close its doors leaving. Many parents, wondering where to shop for toys here's, NBC's Jolene. Kent. With. Sears and Kmart preparing. To close up more stores and Toys, R Us going, out of business this year the, pressure is on parents, to find new places to buy those holiday, toys. Retailers. Are competing, to get a slice of the 27. Billion dollar toy industry now, up for grabs some, setting aside more floor space in their stores and online, this year Party. City is opening up pop-up, shops this, toy city once at Toys R Us will become a full-blown, toy store after Halloween, I'm a fan of pop just like this because it's, convenient.

Walmart, Unveiling, what it calls America's, best toy shop Target, debuting, new products, only available. At their stores and Amazon, milling, toy catalogues to customers, homes the, competition's, fierce because this holiday, season is expected, to be the biggest one yet driven, by a strong economy and consumer, confidence hitting, an 18-year. High Jolene, Kent NBC, News Los, Angeles up next here tonight baby surprise, the early favorites, on a name fit, for a morning. Finally. Tonight less than five months after their fairytale, wedding, Prince Harry and Megan Marco are expecting, their first child NBC's. Keir Simmons now, on the baby fever, and possible, royal names. Beaming. As they arrived in Australia, today Harry. And Megan had, a secret, those, purple, folders, fueling, the pregnancy, rumors, confirmed. By Kensington, Palace just, hours, later the, couple is expecting. Their first child next. Spring, the Duke and Duchess married, last May and have, talked about children in several time and almost, on a family. The. Newest royal will, be seventh in line to the throne some, people are talking about names like Philip, or Albert, or indeed Elizabeth after the Queen Diana even. Doria or Dorian, is in there the. New baby will not be a prince or princess, unless the Queen steps in but, to Harry and Megan he or she will be a welcome addition regardless. A title Keir, Simmons NBC, News Sydney, and. Our, congratulations, to them that's nightly, news for this Monday I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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Please go watch the movie Gosnell, NBC CBS, ABC, AND NSMBC does not want you to see it! TRUE STORY!

I feel so bad for those poor people

I live on a tropical island. Build a Nipa Hut if you want to live close to the sea. Easy to rebuild. You want to have your cake and eat it too! Or buy insurance, if not, you lost, fu!

how much HAPPY Tump would be when millions of dollars coming his way, that is the reason he is not blaming the Saudis

He is doing this for our country. He has plenty of money. If it wasn't for the fact that he cares about our country, he would go back to living his comfortable life. I wish people would see the truth.

Coming by way of employees-not coming Trump's way!

I am not a baby. - D. J. Trump I knew it. LOL

Karmatin King Cameleon he sure acts like it lol

That fema trailer left right after lol. Hope it comes back...

hehe noticed that too LMAO

Trump's Resume' matches Li Kim's Resume' word for word !!!!

That's because fake news idiots created that resume to destroy him because he is a threat to their power and money.

They Hammer-boarded the guy and then he.......................died.....................and so they chopped him up in accordance with Saudi Traditions.

Sears, someone needs to buy Craftsman tool division and the Kenmore appliance line, Now !!

Seals committed suicide partnering with K Mart.

Lowes and Black n Decker bought it

Kenmore relabels appliances made by other manufacturers.

+Ssgt Smoke many stores sell Craftsman products, I do not believe it's the end of an iconic tool line,,,

Your right I shop at Sears they have nice stuff don't want them to completely close down

Lowes is trying to take craftsman

The fake with Lester the News Molester

I live on an island around the world, have not lived in there truly for decades, morning coffee, it makes this paradise real and your lives there Schadenfreude surreal! Thanks, fellow Buffon

larry pryor troll on faux news you buffoon.

+audio cabbage Well, they are good friends.

the only fake anything was Cheeto talking about "Rogue Killers" ....he sounds like OJ now....

You must have lost your tin foil hat

ну и пиздец у вас там) кстати, ничего про бетонные фундаменты не слыхали?...

How are 15 rogue killers accidentally killed the journalist? Oh goody, Trump just gave us the reason why he defending Saudi King over the journalist. Oops, he shouldn't tell a secret, lol. Something about a weapon trade for a billion of dollar, lol. Lol, Trump is a joke.

Err, that would be sarcasm...

Garbage Time for Morons

as always F A K E. N E W S !!!

What does breaking news mean anyway?

Other news