NNS 2009 Scott's Turf Builder 300

NNS 2009 Scott's Turf Builder 300

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Head back on the backstretch. Engines. Have fired and, we are set to roll here momentarily, in Bristol Tennessee you know in March there's always some Cinderella, stories, on the hardwood, but here once, a day there is a Cinderella, story on, the high banks and there he is, a rookie, driver out of Las Vegas Nevada, 33. Year-old Brendan. Gaughan on the pole dropping. For Rusty Wallace. Incorporated. He, will lead him down as you take a look at our starting grid he'll, be flanked by Carl Edwards great. Qualifying, effort by Jason, Keller, and we mentioned best. Qualifying, effort ever for Kitty Hendrick starting back, in 10th position. Folks, this is one of the most unique race tracks on the circuit it is the only track, left that has a split, pit road at Indy there are some very good and some very bad place is a pit here at Bristol yeah doc there's really only four good, pit stalls at Bristol, and they are on the corners of the pit, roads we have those two pit roads this is Brendan Gaughan's pit he's got the number one pit stall the reason this is a good pit stall is once he's finished he can just drive straight out on the racetrack not, worry about traffic and going around somebody that's making a pit stop now. Carl. Edwards has the same pit stall on the backstretch he has the same advantage you can get in there and get out of his pit unobstructed, and, then if you move around over here on the front stretch you'll see there the other good pit stalls are at the beginning of these pit roads this is Jason Keller spit stall he, this is a good pissed off because he can drive right straight into his tent without having to go around the car and get crooked in his pit stall and then Kyle Busch he, has the same pit stall on the backstretch the first pit stall as you come down pit road and that's gonna and he'll have a really, good chance of making a good pissed off and getting out even though he is at the 43rd small fine. And. The best this guy here is in official he's got the best look of all this action on pit road he's gonna wear it our official, cam a high-definition, crew. Cam he's gonna have on his helmet and we'll see some action out of this guy today I'll guarantee you. Gregg, hippie Anderson, down there dodging, racecars they come up a pit road. One. Of the guys that will give us a great look today is this guy here concrete, Carl Carl Edwards the 2007. Champion, our in-race reporter let's, visit with Carl Carl. Dale Jarrett ESPN you have a copy I got. Hey. Carl in practice, yesterday was, there one particular place, on this racetrack that you said I have to get my car good here to have a chance at winning that's. A good question man you know the one thing I look for in practice yesterday was four. People running the second I didn't really you. Know we worked on the bottom of the racetrack with, the Scots abusing it you. Know the temperature, being alone like it is that you, know the clouds roll and I think that's gonna be where we have to race on the bottom, our. Second question question, comes to my ESPN mailbag, in Hungary and Troy North Carolina would like to know what is a bigger concern for you at Bristol, the other drivers, or the strain of the track itself. Yes. That's a good question sometimes, it's the other drivers, sometimes it's the track and. Sometimes. It's me you know you, got to be careful have to make mistake and so it's a really tough track but you know how it is Dale it's um you know, it's mentally grueling as well as physically I'm just talking to Jason Keller we just want to be there at the end or aenthul for the win all. Right Carl thanks for talking with us and have a great day cool. Thanks they'll have a good broad KITT. Look, forward to riding along with Carl today we will also have onboard cameras, in six other cars in today's field, cowboy. Starting back in fourth position how about Brad Keselowski you heard in our countdown show he, came from 37th. Last August, he will start 15th, today it, is godaddy.com and Chevrolet. Well. This track can pose lots, of problems, in the pits now to explain, first, here's Shannon Spain doc. One thing you can always count on here crystal Motor Speedway is that is going to be very loud, and, that means sometimes communication can. Become impaired now it's very important, for teams to be able to communicate especially. When it comes to making changes on pit road you can see Scott's at Piniella here for the 38 team what he can do is he can lean down he can do hand signals and tell his crew guys how many tires, he also says talks, with an IM from computer to computer to. Teammates, on the other side of the track and sometimes, they'll, even use dry erase, boards, this is when they need to make some more changes like track bar wedge. Verbal. Communication, can sometimes, never, be trusted here at Bristol Motor Speedway. I see, what you're saying Shannon hey, one of the problem you can have here at Bristol is pit road speed, it is as slow as they come in the Nationwide Series 30, miles per hour imagine, yourself on the interstate, having, to whoa your passenger, count down to 30 to, get in your neighborhood and it's not just getting the car slowed down it's maintaining, that speed that'll, be tough for these guys to do here today now have to do it all day long and there will be no warning from NASCAR if they speed there, will be a ticket Vince what.

Native Crews will tell you this is one of the toughest most dangerous, pit lanes in all of racing, in fact one crew members say this is a good place to get run over and, the pit boxes are just 28, feet long with the cars and 17, foot long one, crew chief said it'd be tough enough to drop the car into the box and much less drive, it in there it's, gonna be a tough day on pit lane and Mike Massaro no, room for error at, Bristol, that's, right Vince and if those variables, weren't enough he's over the crew over the wall crew they face another challenge and that's rust they've been off for two weeks now certainly they practice, on a day-to-day basis, but nothing, can substitute real. Live race activity, will be paying very close attention to, rhythm and timing as they come down pit road for the first time doc that could pose a problem indeed. Good guys thanks for the updates now this is a 300. Lap race and. We told you the pit road speed very very slow at 30 miles an hour. The, fuel. May. Not happen yeah there's our pit window for fuel but we won't see that today folks because there's just too much active this track you'll see a lot of caution flags plus it stops to be under caution we, know who the favorites are how about some sleepers guys yeah, I'm gonna go with Jason Kilar starting up in third I think this is a great opportunity for him to go to Victory Lane today how about Justin. Allgaier after, his great finish at Vegas we'll be watching that 12 car to because he's got a fast, car tractor this, broadcast, is available, in Spanish by activating, your si P button presented by ESPN, Deportes, folks it, is Thunder, Valley Bristol. Motor Speedway welcome. To full contact, stock. Car racing, NASCAR stop, the, pace car bringing them out of turn four we, are just about set to. Turn on the blender so, sit back and. Enjoy. That's. How quickly they make a lap here less than 15, and a half seconds, bridge, and gone one car flipping up that skidding his rig off of turn two he gets it back in line, Brendan. Gaughan got a nice start at the beginning of the race Charlotte, was able to get a little separation and fall into second. See. Brendan Gaughan now moving up the racetrack just a little bit about half a crew I saw Kyle Busch in those opening laps worked outside proved pretty well to get by I get a few spots and now he's moved in on these leader if, he wants to give too much chance. For Carl Edwards get to the inside of him though we heard Carl talk about that's where he tried yesterday, to really make his car workers on the bottom of the racetrack, who seemed going to try to take over that top spot right now, get a look on the inside right here get into turn three and, DJ, when you open the door on the inside of the racetrack others can follow you through yeah, he's, fortunate, right now you, can see Brendon hold it on the best spot right now is Carl is not able to make that pass probably a little bit loose right at the beginning of this race and, hard to make that buddy right now there's just the three of them up there so it wouldn't hurt him too bad yeah without extra banking up there Hosea. It really helps the. The car in the upper group the main kind. If he can keep that position he can take that that's ruinous. Horrell needs at inside carnies against the wall and actually hurt that insect : and upon Stein after a great qualifying, run has taken a zero two cars, in the garage area will try to update their situation, here momentarily.

Carl Edwards now looking at the inside has the position on Brendan Gaughan Carl got a little better run off the turn to that time he's gonna be able to take the lead for sure now. Right in front of Brendan Gaughan and here comes just you said Kyle. Busch following, suit yeah you see Brendan Gaughan trying to run that outside groove and it will get better as Bryce goes on what's they getting Plinko fourth place changes, in the 29, car clint bowyer goes by the 27. Account. We are saying is a lot of sad bus a Tracy Desmond we got trouble off the turn for Mike glimpse into one car and, Steven. Wallace able, to get blown down and get around nice job by Steven Wallace to get by. Don't see many single car spins, or accidents, here at Bristol but this is one time that everybody was able to miss Mike. Mike. Bliss who had that horrific, Conda, impact, at Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago said. All I want to do is get a good finish here and he almost went away here in the first 10 laps. On. The inside trying to make a pass C's. Really, loose you heard him complain to his crews Lucy. Caution, flag in, a day in Bristol Motor Speedway one, of the veterans Mike Bliss loops it around the. Good news is everybody, mystically back to green here momentarily. We're, at lap 12 of the Scotts Turf Builder 300. Here at Bristol Motor Speedway under, caution, for the first time at a1 of veteran drivers. Mike. Bliss who normally, is pretty good here these guys are pretty good on the short tracks as you see by that record in the past but struggling. Here and the early laps of the spin yeah you just don't see that Adam guys like Mike, Bliss and these veterans just, just spin out like that but he's trying to he didn't qualify well and he's trying to move his way back up through there as quick as he could good. News is for you Mike Bliss fans he did not lose a lap he will remain on the lead lap we still have a 39, cars. Back. Down to the green flag. Clint, Boyer was ready to go in that twenty nine Holiday, Inn Express car, seam, on the inside of Brendan Gaughan trying to take over that third spot. He's, operated struggling before that caution came out work. That upper grooves even to give him position, on the inside he's got his father. Let's, update brendan. Gaughan day his, car right now loose in and tight in the center but you'll see him stick. And Brendon told me that he actually found that line by accident here about, four years ago in a truck race over, drove the coroner found his/her truck up.

Just, Stayed up there he likes it. A, little. Bit too high for him - that's not where he wants to be up no that's that's too high in the track just so dirty up there and you, can get just a little bit in that dirty, quarter I've got no grill it's already almost got me. See, moving in on him oh that was a 33, car Kevin Harvick now the eighth team moving, in on the 60, that is Kyle Busch and, Carl. Evers these guys no, love lost last time they were here to have a little pushing and shoving contest. He has talking this is the kind of racetrack you get a lot of contact, you see you've got to run real close, pretty, smart racers though and you'll see, close here but if it comes down to it at the end they're not afraid to use those bumpers because. Kyle Busch on the inside. Holds, him up pretty well on the outside though it's. Just hard on that inside right now how tough it is to get a run-up out of the corner gotta, see the 81 car into the wall off turn two Kevin, Hamlin had run up against, the wall all the way through one and two now that will bring out caution for, the second time tap, there we, see a lot of parks line off this car and there was a close call there Clint Boyer almost got the back of one, of the cars there slow, down ago and actually ran over one of the pieces they're ready to turn three. Well, we are averaging 10, laps for a green flag here thus far at Bristol we told you it's a blender they're bouncing off the wall on each other we. Back after this message and a word from. Our ABC stations. This. Weekend, ESPN, pitches both world baseball classic. Semi-final. Games first tonight at 9 o'clock Eastern, Time Korea, takes on Venezuela that tomorrow, at 8:00 Eastern USA. Faces, Japan, the, World Baseball Classic, semi-finals. On ESPN. Tonight and tomorrow for more log on to espn.com. Under. The second caution there's a zero suit car which is our Aaron's, lucky dog free pass winner, he had gone in the garage area come back out he'll. Be able to go back around the pace car and make up one of the laps he had lost. Here's, why we are under yellow here the yellow coming out on lap 18, the 81 car having some contact, with a wall between turns 1 & 2. We. See the car go up not making very hard contact but some parts start flying out from under the car makes you think that maybe some of these cars coming loose is what caused just. Starting to get into the wall you see clip board do a great job not to get in the back of Kyle, Busch there's a shock absorber, have, to think that maybe that created his problems down and, that jock is in - actually that's half of it the other half somewhere else. Still. On pit road for some repairs trying to get some of the suspension. Parts put back underneath. The. Front of that Dodge and Carl. Edwards our leader behind the pace car even Carl Edwards starting to search up and down the racetrack here in the early laps looking for some grooves yeah these guys just looking for grip right now in order to see where they can confess he looked in his mirror saw Kyle Busch catch him very quickly and Kyle, have been running a little bit of a line where he goes up in the center kind of diamonds the racetrack a little bit out of the corner and then straightens, it out coming off the corner gets a really nice run off there so I think that's what Carl saw and probably had his spotter to tell him so he was given a something. Else a little bit of a trial that's what these guys will do here do they find exactly what they want and it's important, for them to do that now so if the car is going to drive different if that upper crew they need to tell the crews so, they can make changes on this car so if he's gonna run up there late the car needs to be adjusting for. Let's. Check in on the Carl Edwards fins Vince Carl. Says the cars pretty good but he would like a little bit more grip so they're talking about an, air pressure adjustment when, they do come around for that first stop to see if they can get a little more grip that way and also maybe, take away some of the harshness from, the bumps that Carl is complaining, about but otherwise instead of just a typical, Bristol, run so far early, on pretty happy with the way things are going especially, after oh. Yeah. Now concrete, isn't as temperature, sensitive, as pavement but it has cooled off quite a bit here today compared to what it was yesterday yeah, and the temperature I think affects the tires more than it does the actual surface. Of this concrete hit you just don't get that heat built up in the tires and that makes it pretty slick whenever you get started with these radial tires that's the the problems they'll have are on these starts and restarts some of the race a, commitment.

Cone Violation, we're being told in the 81 car who had already been on pit road for repairs of Kevin Hamlin starting, at the, end, of the longest line here as we get set for a restart, coming, down on lap 26. It. Is Edwards Bush Boyer. The, top three it. Comes a 38, car Jason Leffler getting a little racy let's see how patient, Kyle, Busch is gonna be here underneath look at underneath and 6 o'clock. I. Think he's gonna be a little bit patient right here I know he's a very aggressive fast race car driver but he he crashed it Las Vegas trying to make a and. I think he's learning some of that you, know let's just use a little more patience, here so we got a great race car and I've got at the end I can do some with, you probably just wait on Carl to make a little bit of a slip sometimes you get up in that high line you know the guys pressuring you you get in a little bit hard and then you slip up and that allows him to make that pass we see Kyle's, still working that bottom side I believe he'll be able to make that work here you see Carl slip up just a little bit more. Carl. Gets off the corner and able to pull him by about a half a car length but now Kyle hugging, that bottom part of the racetrack and what. You doing there is you just Carla's creating a situation where Kyle just can't give all the throttle that he was to he's having to tug on the will a little bit more which really. Just hurts. Its exit speed off the corner now Carl's just going to let Kyle go by this, is not the time to be racing that they'll. Settle this a little later on probably a little different matter taken. To. Get battle back in the pack here's the 20 car Joey Logano at the 99, of Scott Speed a couple. Of rookies now this is their, crew chiefs of two this is the time of the rights that you need to exercise patience, because there's, a lot of cars to race track and everybody. The. Battle for 13th, spot Shannon, Joey, Logano started this race twenty thirty very happy with the car right now told, crew chief Dave Rogers that, he can really drive underneath, the car coming, off the corner. And if he can drive underneath on the eggs into the corner that's where you really make passes, here you don't pass people going into the corner you get that run off the corner so that's going to bode well for Joey as this race goes off only. The second time Joey has run a NASCAR, Nationwide, Series car. Here start, at the back an attack last August had a good top 20, finish, yeah you think you played warriors taking second spot Carl Edwards girls, car is not just exactly like he wants it right now so I'm sure they're gonna adjust it on the first stop. Sall Kyle Busch make the pass a little, bit ago for the lead he had Carl were running side-by-side on you mentioned Carl searching, for some grip see, if Carl gives a Wade by here. Yeah. He said okay y'all let you have the spot right now I can see if they'll. Last time he sees that for Paula. Get back behind him again, but. Girl smart he knows this isn't the time to be racing settle in he's got a good spot he's sitting there in third spot right now and then work on the car.

Battle. For seventh position here. The rookie. Justin Allgaier you're, riding along here with the 88 of Brad Keselowski boy, does he need it to rebound and get a good finish and in front of him the 16 of Matt, Kenseth now, talking to Brad Keselowski down, there Brighton before qualifying and he really, felt good about his car very confident and you're gonna have a good car today looks really good right there yeah I've been watching Matt son to in this 16, city, financial card he seems, to be struggling a little bit on the exit of the corner and that's where Brad was able to get under. 52. Car, Trevor Bayne making, his debut here in the NASCAR Nationwide Series loops, around also the car spinning the 61, of Brandon, Winn. Everybody's able to drive away from this without a lot of damage that, could have been a lot bigger than what it turned out to be we're. In a big group there there, was a California driver bridge then, put it Brad call that the pre-race show a big. Gone down. You. Can see what happened here, yeah. Just got loose getting down into the corner 61. Mike. Bliss does a good job to miss all that it's. A good break, David. Green able to get by without the left, front down on the apron there a little bit yeah. That'll turn the car pretty quickly and get you loose that's the one thing that you have to. Working. Caution, for the third time, today already, here in the first 41, laps in Bristol, Motor Speedway. The, guy who wanted hearing a sprint Clint Boyer she's. Running in second spot right now he's chasing Kyle, Busch in. A Toyota. Welcome. Back at the Scotts Turf Builder 300. Here at Bristol Motor Speedway we, are working caution. For the third time, today here. On lap 43 Kyle, Busch is our leader now there, have been three leaders as far, Brendan, Gaughan who was on the pole at the first six laps Carl. Leprous led 24, laps and now Kyle Busch has, led the last 13. Let's. Update the, 18 car bike well doc as the caution came out Kyle Busch and Jason Ratcliff discussed, the possibility, of stopping jason, said it was just simply too early Kyle, though saying the car a little bit snug he said something else that I thought was pretty interesting he said the tires are, beginning to get that basketball.

Effect I know you can elaborate a little bit on that Andy yeah Mike what that is this concrete is it's not like asphalt when you pour asphalt or or put asphalt down it's nice and smooth concrete now it can, have some chattering, bumps and stuff in it and you'll see that even, on the racetrack where the the, black part of the track is where the tire of the tires and the track tech rubber and you'll see little chatter marks on it and that's just uh it's. Just a part of concrete, racing yeah and that's the tire pressure builds up that becomes accentuated. Too even more in you you really get a feeling that the front end is literally bouncing up and down on the car how appropriate here in March Madness at Kyle Busch is double dribbling, pace. Car pulling away and we'll see if cow can now pull away from Clint Bowyer Carl Edwards and the rest of them as the green waves once again. See. The 52 car he didn't lose a lap there trevor bayne on that spin. So he'll try to stay in that position that gets a lucky dog next time if we have a caution which I'm sure we will at some point. I'd, bet on it. Clint, Boyer led, the most laps in both of the NASCAR Nationwide Series races. In 2008. He won this race it was range shortened. I've got past in the final 24 laps just barely losing, the one in August a little, slip off turn two, you got a great car today too I feel. Like that she's gonna win this race seven feet, right there that 29. Really. Works hard at getting his Park around the very bottom of the racetrack and really getting up out of the off the corners, and that makes him hard, to pass and gives him really good opportunities, to make passes, get. Battle here between Dave, Reagan and. Kevin. Harvick in the 33, car Harvick's. Made a lot of ground here he started 13. Talk to you now telling you earlier that paint scheme a Harvick's reminds me of old David Pearson number 17, we had that blue with a gold top, it. Was good how, good was Pearson, at this place over the years he was very good back in the day. Kevin, Harvick who knows if you just joined us his story as he's trying to win for the first time in his own equipment 42. Times he has driven a Kevin Harvick incorporated car. And as you have to go to Victory Lane in his own his, own machine. Have, been pretty good here Harvick is himself at this racetrack. And. The work down there was, he half the car to be here, Brendan Gaughan losing some more spots our. Pole sitter just struggling big-time back. To 17th. Position now, for the 62, car who led the first six laps unable lose another spot. When. You commit yourself to that outside the whole time I think that you're really making a mistake you got to get down because you're just going to get break from these guys one, after another they. Get more on Brendan Gaughan you, know he was pretty happy with the car in fact. Was, improving, and he thought he could make some positions, on the High Line but you see that's not happening, right now as he continues to go backward his teammate, on the other hand Stephen Wallace has, been going forward Stephen starred in the 31st, position and, is in. A reversal.

Of Roles for the. Look at Steven though down on the bottom of the racetrack and that's, like his dad told even her Phil around here and he was pretty good guy to listen to. Rusty. A nine time winner here will be able to sit catch rustic in the legendaries, coming up later today here at Bristol, that should be fun to watch there is Steven former, pole sitter here still looking for that first win here in the NASCAR Nationwide. Series how about the fact we mentioned his dad got, his first major Sprint. Cup win here in 1986. And it, could be like one of life's enough, if the young, man want to go to Victory Lane today as, well surprised as qualifying, Everett didn't qualify that good but I bet showing up now that they had to race set up in there and it's working very well for you yeah, that qualifying center that looks like the Brendan Gaughan is not working that well, the statement Wallace has done well here he's won a late-model stock race up here before and I think early on his career settlement also he's got a lot of good, things going here. Here, comes mr., Harvick, on the inside of trying to take the fourth position away from Jason, Leffler and Leffler pulls that in front of him to block the spot momentarily, I think. He's gonna be able to hold Kevin Harvick off very long Kevin's car really good on the bottom of the track. They. Get that nice run off the corner jason says have, that spot for right now. Aurel. Kevin harvick Vince. Kevin. On the track hasn't been a problem this. It's creepin in the pits that's been the issue Kevin, Harvick has not been happy with his crew. Cut through freakin Smith's. A little better but he's very happy with his race car right now. Since he got by Jason, Leffler as our leader Kyle Busch continues. To work this trap. Jason, levelers car has gone tight all the way through the center of the corner earlier he thought it was pretty good he might have been able to hold up that 33, part but not any longer for Jason Leffler. Heavy. Traffic and, here at Bristol you don't have to worry about looking for any clean air you don't have any oh yeah Brendan Gaughan's got some problems here he may have a tire down, he's, real slow frontstretch yeah. Trying to get to the bottom of the racetrack there's the kids if they still can't get down that's not the problem here sometimes, you can't hardly even get down to get the pit road, riding. For your tire we're being told I. Could. Have been what he's been struggling with on the start slow, leak are you gonna watch him he can't come and go on the front stretch here he doesn't have to come in off the turn turn under green conditions. But. He still has to get down to 30 miles per hour under the green he still gonna lose a couple Latinamerica. Tough. Break for a wookie poles that are coming off his career best finish at Las Vegas last week in that same car now he'll come down and lose the laps under the green flag at. Least two and maybe three. See that that top-5 your tires completely. Into the course. I'll mark it down lap, 62. Car, 62. A right, rear tire Wow some, near misses here, a very, tight race track. See. Justin Allgaier. Logano ten rookies. David. Ragan in the six car he's in six position than Logano, in the 2007. 12 is 8 and here's, the 9th place car of Brad Keselowski.

See. Right here they're working some lap traffic, hey. Greg it looks like he caught the apron just a little bit Dale then ya little shot from the rear yeah his ask you had to get out of the throttle to keep from running over him and he got a little shot from Justin Allgaier and. Here, is Brad Keselowski getting, a little tap and. Gets out of shape and Joey Logano able, to go around both of them, no. Harm no foul but I'm sure he'll remember, that as the race progresses. Tomorrow. Desperate Housewives is. All new revenge has found a home in the neighborhood and it won't rest until a housewife, is dead the. Most shocking episode yet Desperate Housewives all, new tomorrow 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 central followed. By a new brothers and sisters live, ABC. Sounds scary little, revenge on the racetrack to have ever just before he went to the commercial break as we see Kevin Harvick in 33, making a pass on Carl Edwards that's for third spot we. Back up to our previous episode, Brad. Keselowski in, the 88 and Justin Allgaier in the 12 well, here's the payback. There give just a little bit of a. Just. Like on Wisteria Lane. Square, so Keselowski, running sixth. Joey Logano 7th at Allgaier 8th meantime. Up front Kyle Busch is out ahead of Clint. Boyer the second-place driver by one 2.4. Seconds. But. Doc PJ and Andy the guy on the move his, old happy Harvick in that 33 he's. Looking high he's looking low he's passing me where he catches it right here on the outside of. The. 33, car is stopped everybody. In the garage area today talking about they thought Kevin Harvick, would be the car to beat he just had a little issue in qualifying, that might hurt him I mean when they started coming down pit road under caution he, doesn't have one of these good pit stalls on the corners like these other top qualified, the only good thing is they're putting a lot of cars a lap down so he may be in between some of those guys that are but I'd say that you know once again we see, Kevin Harvick performing. Great on the racetrack, let's hope to these pit crews up to the task today and does a great job before him in the pits hey I love seeing the 88 car a minute ago it proves it at Bristol you just don't get mad you just get even yeah. You called that what you said that they'd probably paid back their happy a payback and it was. This. Join our coverage 82, laps in of 300, here we are in Bristol, Tennessee eastern. Tennessee, and, Kyle, Busch our, leader Kevin, Harvick in, second position and, here. Is a tight, battle back in the pack seventh, spot right there hot, sleeper, yeah you're sleeping dog good job Justin Osborne, fantasti. Millat here and he's really working traffic, well he's doing a great job for the first time here you see go around. I. Was. Working. During. Practice. He. Went through. The. Track for some young drivers, Joey Logano making just his second, start here at Bristol Motor Speedway and, there's a caution on the track guys, caution.

For The fourth time today we saw a couple of cars getting out of shape there's, a zero one it's had some contact, Daniel Quinn jr., it. Could be some debris on the racetrack from this contact, this. Is an earlier contact on the 0 1. Here. We seem slow on the bottom of the racetrack you had. A lot of smoke yeah yeah, turn. It, looks like something under the hood there. In the entire rub hard to tell right there low damage he, won't bring it on to pit road and we would expect to see wholesale. Pit stops here as we are moving in just 14 laps away from lap, 100, yeah, we'll see the, bull seat pit stops here at lap 86. And. These guys adjusted on their cars trying to gain some spots now they got to come in under caution off, of turn two and run at 30 miles an hour all the way down the backstretch if you're pitting on the frustrated, way then come around before, you can get into your pit, that's NASCAR's, attempt to make this actually, one pit road you've done a great job with it it seems to work well you see Kyle Busch is the first one in Mike, and. Kyle Busch in his stall making, their stop now team going to work on the right side say, the car is just a little bit snug they're gonna make a track, bar adjustment but just a slight one all the up quarter turn as they move their way around. A tire. Change on the 18 bits in, the 33 inhibit Harvick will also take on four tires and Sunoco fuel, Harvick is just reported, that his alternator, has gone dead but, the crew doesn't seem to be too worried about it as of yet. Up in the front of pin road going around, this racetrack there is Clint Boyer he gets up that second position third position now, for him boyars car and the end of that run was, a little tight off they will need to make a wedge and an air pressure adjustment we, mount Brad Keselowski in that bright green car, further down pit road they'll reduced the air pressure in both left-side, tires he said that his car was getting loose and the end of that run 29 group finishing, up their boards higher gene you see that wrench in the rear window that'll, change the handling characteristics to the drivers like. The. Cards going by Boyer. S. Kind of seem like an eternity to be able to go around here at 30 miles an hour and you see that Carl Edwards and Brad, Keselowski gained, a spot, and. Lift, Boyer lost two positions, trying to get in and get those four tires change, under, caution for the fourth time today back with, a green flag ingestible. Welcome. Back to Bristol Motor Speedway under, caution for the fourth time today at the Scotts Turf Builder 300. NASCAR, Nationwide, Series event, our, lucky dog and during this caution flag is the 0 7 car there. Is a former Series champion at 1994. Winner of this race David Green he. Will be able to be the Aaron's lucky dog free pass winner, and get a lap, back. Pit. Stops have taken place Joe Nemechek who, did not come in that time had not pitted since lap 42 stayed on the racetrack and he will lead him down to. The green flag. The, guys behind him have fresh tires and it should not take them long with, fresh rubber to be able to make a move on the inside Nemechek. Here goes Kyle Busch is still a good strategy, he did it like sit on lap 42 and, staying out right here is a good move for him to try to gain some practice, issues because he cautions, he'll fly right he'll, make up a lot of spot students he was either loose under these leaders because, they're faster he's hanging tough on the outside of Kyle. That'll hear the 88, for fourth position Brad. Keselowski hi, the 2904. Here on the bottom. You're able to make that pass out of turn four boom brad keselowski, boy, Kevin, Harvick almost into, the back of the 18.

Car Moment ago and had to jump, on the brakes in sort of cutting hard left. The. Lead Joe Nemechek. Our, 50 calibers you're trying to settle second spot and, check, doing a great job here though. Gets. Right to his bumper there I'll turn so that seems to be the one place that Joe struggling just a little bit but everywhere else around the racetrack it's doing a great job you see Kevin Harvick trying to go for the lead now on the inside. Barbarac. Has yet to lead today. And. Is, he having a problem though Vince. What. Kevin Harvick says this alternator, is not working crew, chief Bernie Koch came to and and said what's your voltage, Kevin said 12 it, seems. Kevin, seemed a lot more worried about it than Ernie cope so maybe Ernie's just playing a little psychology with them they've got all their fans and everything turned off that they can. Does. He see him running strong on the track but it's definitely a concern, in the mind of Kevin. Well Vince right now he's got his fans on their feet because they're loving what they're seeing that Kevin Harvick is on the bottom of the racetrack, trying to get by Joe, Nemechek it's, a great race for the lead look at all these cars don't, even check doing a great job on the outside but you got Carl Edwards. Birds all these guys play, Moyer now Brett Keselowski, is doing the mix. Ya think Kevin look he gets loose down in Tortola and Jenna get a Camaro, you're gonna call it the three wide on the backstretch, at Bristol. We, heard Kevin in the countdown. Show saying that that's the one place that he has to be careful getting loose into turn one that's exactly, what he did there. Now. We'll see if Carl Edwards can handle Joe Nemechek again, the adverts has tires that are 47. Laps newer than Nemechek. Oh really gets a good run he's got the lead now turned fallen contact, right there almost right away. Quite clear of no news. Ludo brought him getting in the corner. Challenge. For third spot now the 18, of Kyle Busch trying, to sneak to the bottom underneath Kevin, Harvick but he will hold the position. What's, up take to the 87th card Nemechek. Two thousand five as you guys said he came down on last 42 took, four tires. Joe Nemechek has, not won here he has had four top-ten finishes and been awfully, good at this track over the years and just hang it and that middles upper groove there he's trying the best he can with over, tires and doing a good job you got a little damage on that left front fender though from that contact is called up one.

Of The former winners here Kevin LePage has taken his car to the garage area the 73, card here's the 34, off the pace Tony Raines. She's, trying to get away. Able to do that now as the leaders start to come up on him. Carl, if we're just pulling away now the margin, about half a second, here. Yes. Those guys were battling Carl was able to get out front him and get a little bit of distance between, them. Like. A medium. Adjustment, that helped his car have a heart beating just a few one hundredths of a second that last lap so it, looks like Kevin. Harvick stars better than you longer runs as they run just a few more laps we, see that 33 car really small strong. First, run of the year for the driver the 98, car Paul Menard who, will run 16, times in, the, NASCAR Nationwide Series how about a pretty good run yeah he's good at this racetrack when, he drove for me the first time I came up here he just really. Fit him and his style well he runs well and he's doing good. Okay and. He hasn't been feeling very well so this is a positive for him. Crew. Chief Matthew ssin told me that we can run with the leaders if we can just get our track position back right, now he's lost the leaders but they hope. Tuesday. There's been a little bit of eventful day for this team. Thank You Shannon and DJ I know drivers, are supposed to be fearless but a throttle, sticking at Bristol can can get your attention, in a hurry this yeah you don't want that happening anywhere but there's other places you have more time to react if that should happen and this isn't one of those places so I'm sure that Matt, felt that he had to problem-solve, there wasn't a big an issue is what he originally thought he, wouldn't have stayed out there, well. When the race began and it was overcast, and cloudy Carl, Edwards car wasn't very good now the sun's, come out and call, pull, it away as our leader back. After this message and a word from our ABC statement. And although castle, is on Monday at 10:00 Eastern after a new Dancing with the Stars on, ABC ABC's, Castle rewriting the book on solving prime crime author Nick Castle and detective Kate Beckett, take a novel. Approach of, solving, a principle murdered caught on tape Castle Monday 10:00 Eastern. 9 central. On ABC. In. The ESPN pit studio Alan. Rusty and Brad, watching a pretty, good race between Kevin, Harvick in the 33 for second and this is Kyle Busch you're looking from fourth. In third now you can see right now that the top groove is starting to come in a little bit they could run the bottom the top groove a voice of tight racing, out there though I mean you see Kyle, Busch really, accelerating, up on the bumper of Kevin Harvick Brad good. Racing right now boy you see the professionalism. In these guys driving especially Kyle Busch he runs right in there both top of Kevin Harvick gets within inches doesn't, disturb him doesn't touch him but stays right with him but I'll tell you David Ragan is a gal we haven't talked about at all and, he is stucked right there in that top six, spot and he's moving forward I think he's gonna be a threat before the day is over. Part number six as he begins to creep into the frame for the lead cars Carl Edwards is out in front Edwards sponsored, by Scots the sponsor, of the race here at the track today you always want to do good in you sponsor me get win for your sponsor that's a really, very good Victory Lane out there that that was talked about some of the guys racing for the lead let's drop back into the pack a little bit as nationwide brings you off to speed the 12 car shifts at Allgaier for, Penske Racing he's, running in tenth position now, young driver who's having himself a very solid, performance at, a race track as we mentioned a few minutes ago he's, never seen, before coming, here to run I'll tell you what he's got a lot of patience right now that's what this track is all about, you got to have a lot of patience to be shown it right now all right let's go up to speed presented, by nationwide Mike what are they saying on the 12 pit and Allen when it's your first time at Bristol Motor Speedway it, certainly doesn't hurt to have a guy teaching you who has won here five times Kurt, Busch has, been. He's practiced, yesterday with, him. Tell him where to run giving him a line giveaway into the corner and off of the corner he's a very quick study he's mimic, every, one of those lines and really paid attention to, curtsy by Shannon. Joey Logano in the 22 min, used a program. Joey. Took a spring rubber out but it's still tight Joey. Shannon, in contrast, we know where Steve Wallace got his crystal knowledge it was in the family he's run that low line as DJ said like rusty, used to and the cars of Bruce incent last stop.

A Little. Bit tight the center of the corner wouldn't turn the way he wanted it to and by reducing the air pressure in the left rear he's made a turn even, better Mike talked, talking, with Scott speeds crew chief Jerry Baxter before the, she told me they really struggled, during practice, yesterday especially with the handling through the middle of the corner it has really, improved all that much this afternoon. Very tight. Worn. Down to the cords on the left front. Well. Scott like as he's having a pretty good run today this is his first Nationwide. Race ever at Bristol, he spent some time chatting with our man Rusty Wallace trying to glean some knowledge, the best get around this place looks, like it's paying off the bet he says the nose is sliding someone, but otherwise he's pretty happy with the race car. The 15 Carmichael. Event also, his first time here we've got a caution will come back. Caution. On the racetrack here fifth time today, it's, like Kenny Hendricks been in the wall dragging. Some parks on the backside, that's, the 42, car. And. After, his best qualifying, run of his career starting, in the top ten now you see the damage doesn't take much just to peel away the side of the car and part of the back you. Can't hardly hit soft at Bristol anyway it doesn't matter where you make contact usually. Pretty hard. To. Get that cleaned up. Carl edwards our leader, when. Karl won here back in the spring of 2007. He led 147. Of 300, laps, he. Has now led 60, laps, Otacon with a flat left rear tire this. Call she came out just in time for him there. Might have been a little contact, to make that happen he and Steven Wallace were running pretty hard there, yeah. Lebanon 12th position, and now Steven has gone by and Logano will be headed to pit road or actually Steven logo bias Logano has the pit road well, they go do now crew chief yes, this is what I was talking about this is hard to figure out where when to make these stops when, to stay out you, know we saw Joe Nemechek stay out after he pitted. Still. Close that time by a, lot. Of charities have another lap to think about it, they, were calculating. Yesterday in fact this some of the Roush calves were actually walking the racetrack, two engineers, measuring, the bottom and the top to, see if you ran in a certain part of this racetrack you could get a little better fuel mileage by. Having a shorter distance. Here's. The contact, that created. The problem with the left rear tire for, Joey Logano actually, Allgaier that gets into the left rear and you can see smoke. Flower right there probably just knocked the side ball out of that left rear. They, say you can make it 150, laps on the field they're gonna have to roll the dice I guess you don't have a lot of choice here here they come with 161, laps to go Carl Edwards and the others on pit road. Mike, Kyle. Busch on pit road the team was prepared to make a chassis adjustment but, right before he hit his stall the, team threw the wrenches away just the four-tire, change for, the 18 car Kyle pretty happy with the way things are going so far. The, 60 car of Carl Edwards he is happy with his car as well as he see the crew go around. Are gonna make an air pressure adjustment but, otherwise all, is happy, with the race car Shan it's make Vince. Matt Kenseth Annette 16, car has been struggling with a loose condition all, day long they're, gonna make a track bar adjustment on this fed pit stop four tires for, that 16, car take Shannon.

And So many words fourth place Clint Boyer said I like what you did give me more that means another, wedge adjustment in that car another, air pressure. A little, bit tied up and it's a finish filling it with Sunoco fuel they'll try to pick up positions, this time with that four-tire change 1st 2nd 3rd go by. Wow. Clint bowyer lost two spots on that first exchange, on pit road and now cliff Boyer will lose two more coming. In fourth and going out sixth under this yellow flag Kyle Busch gaining. A spot as did Keselowski, and David Ragan. See pit stops are very important, here lose, those spots are hard to get back. There's. The race off of pit road right there the yellow line marks, the scoring, and. By just that much, Edwards able to beat Kyle Busch off. And. So why don't we visit with. Carl Edwards our in-race reporter they. Called Dale Jarrett ESPN, guts gotcha. Hey. Man looks like you made some nice adjustments on, that car and got it out front any, more adjustments to stop, yeah. We did just a little bit more hopefully, it's not too much you know. It's. Hard to tell because you know the trap is such a big factor that last ride I got by, a 33, and an 18, because they're. Arranged is hard with with. Eva check there but, Hank, it was good I enjoyed wild laughter hopefully we keep on doing it hey, Carl we started with cloudy conditions now, the Sun has come out is that affecting, the racetrack in I don't. Know it might be. Whatever. It is our car is good right now so you, know I don't want it to get back you know I don't know what those files to come back yet all, right Carl thanks good luck. All. Right buddy that was wanting to go you are coming to the green and, that's what I'm just getting ready to say we're gonna come down to green flag awfully, nice of Carl Leopards to be our in-race reporter and, talk to us as. He is now glad. Three, times for a total of 63. Laps, today Kyle, Busch has led 57. Laps Joe Nemechek 12. Brendan Gaughan our pole sitter at, led six laps and Clint Bowyer has led two laps we, see Clint Boyer losing spots on pit road but he's been adjusted on his car quite a bit I think that's why they're thinking, this extra time on pit road to try to get his car better. Jailbreak, it moved up into fit there he's been a very saw that as the brad daugherty was talking about he's been solid right there from six don't up the entire day would be interesting to see now that he's starting in fifth what he can do. David. Ragan who will run 21, races here in 2009, at the green flag waves again. Kyle. Busch looking at. It's. Gonna work - it's, a good shot off turn two. That was I think he had a plan when that green came out it didn't, hold. Him down in high gear he. Plans. To perfection - got the lead. I'll, tell you what guys that second, group looks like it's really coming in right now and everybody, needs to remember this is a multi room banking, left those tracks rebuilt, at 26, degrees in the bottom it goes all the way up to 30 degrees so I tell you they're taking advantage at, that second groove now that's going to create a lot of momentum and, you saw guys that's just what Congress needed that's what he did, right. Now and Roxy when they changed its racetrack, in August of 2007. They actually gave more, than one groove to race on so when it does come in you can actually pay us up even higher yeah exactly right doc I mean everybody used to run rider in the bottom the race track was pretty physical, a lot of beat and bang and a lot of fans loved it but the drivers, really love the way this thing is right now there's, like I said they can run on the bottom the middle in the top because, of this multi, groove banking, angles hey, rusty I'm gonna be interested to watch you here tonight to get into your race cuz you never got off the bottom of the racetrack before don't, see you move up a little bit I don't know I'll be a little scared to get up top I know that's working right now that's. A good game. No. Matter what happens the way it's gonna line up tonight we're gonna have to start on the outside the, in legends are because of the way they're gonna run these heat races so no matter if I like it or not I'm gonna have to start in the second side. What, they're talking about folks is coming up at six o'clock tonight on espn2, there's going to be a legends, race and yes Rusty. Wallace jr., Johnson Kayla Yarbrough so many guys coming out of retirement, and as the Scott Saturday, night special, at Bristol Motor Speedway starting. At six o'clock Eastern, Time on espn2, boy that should be to be fun to watch and by the way I'm Legend joining us in the booth yeah. It should be fun too gonna have a good time here my dad is actually gonna come up and join us and talk about these. Other guys on the racetrack see, Mike Bliss here in the one car he's really struggling Steve Wallace goes by him on the inside but he got a little boot from Jason.

Leffler Few minutes ago he was in Jason's, Lane and Jason was ready to go a little faster, Mike. Bliss just struggled all day qualifying, not. Not very well in the like 22nd, spot here he is they're, still struggling on the racetrack uncharacteristic. Of Mike Bliss. And they line up single file here momentarily, as a backup, thrown at his Kyle Busch who is now reassumed. To lead the, 11th, lead change in the first hundred 52, laps at Bristol, Motor Speedway at his Bush Everett Harvick Keselowski and, Regan. Under. Caution once again here at the, Scotts. Turf Builder 300. Bristol Motor Speedway caution. For the sixth time today the caution, coming out on. Lap. 155. 236. Car 18, year old Mark Davis, having an issue and. There as Mark has been on and off pit road you see the damage of the back big car here's what happened. Looks. Like Bernie Lamarck gives him a little shot here a, couple. Of times he'll. Move. Him out of the way and he did that's unfortunate, for mark you first. Time here just getting some experience doing a pretty good job, just. Part of short track racing though Bristol is one. Of the best. Mark. Davis back on pit road the 16, cars had some issues that is Matt Kenseth, let's. Get on a visit, with his crew chief and talk to him. Shannon. Yeah, doctors at the first race Matt Kenseth is witness 16, team so drew Blickensderfer has come down to try to help with the communication, how much time have you spent with his team this weekend drew I haven't, been much at all you know and, he does a great job in city financial guys were good on pit road and the cars running pretty good I just I, figured if I'm gonna watch in the hotel I might as well stay here and watch can, you give us an update on the throttle situation, under the last pit stop he, came down and said that the throttle was sticking a little bit under green flag it seems to be fine under caution for some reason the way the cars loaded up riding, around they're slow it seemed to stick it but it's only a half throttle so it's not a major concern to him all, right drew Blickensderfer pulling double-duty here today. Well. Hopefully that'll not be an issue the rest of the rays of the day but the issue that will be in line is how can you handle Kyle Busch the. 18, car the kid awfully, good coming off of disappointment, in Las Vegas he is the leader here in Bristol. Tennessee. Back, at bristol tennessee let's, listen into the, 60 radio for Carl Edwards it looked like you know he took off there a little bit but you were you, were gonna gain back up there the longer you ran away and look there so, we, got one more chance out, of here so we're. Gonna forget, it. Referring, to is the restart, when Kyle Busch justice drove around the, outside of Carl Edwards to. Take the lead and we'll see what Carl has got. At least one more shot I think he's got more than one shot left yeah, and I think they were telling me they gonna have one more adjustment on it as far as coming into pits and making a little bit more of an adjustment we'll. Have to get at. Some point in time probably somewhere, in the depending. On wind cautions fall but anywhere, between five, 200, and that's usually they like get over it. About, concrete, Karl how he has been awfully good here he has nine wins on concrete, and NASCAR, courses, wins here the, NASCAR Nationwide Series has also won the last to fall NASCAR, Sprint Cup events.

As, We alluded to at the beginning of the show it was back last August. Where Kyle Busch. Dominated. The night in the Sprint Cup car leading 415. Last but it was Carl Edwards, who, went to Victory Lane. A. Little. Bit of a tough time getting around the 62 car there Brendan Gaughan and so they got a little bit of space. When Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. These. Dice you'll need restart call to lap Carter down on the inside. Here. In Dover have always been the toughest places that you get when you get lap cars and trying to get going into restarts, and just, not a lot of room and everybody, can run fast on the new tires. These. Lap cars they can't just move over so they're racing for their spots in position not, to mention the lucky dog spot so, there's, racing everywhere with this group here you see the. Moving, back from Waichman, the 8th 9th 10th he got a Bernard Leffler, Allgaier in the 12th car than Steven Wallace. Scott. Speed making only his second, start in the 99 car. Wallace, has come all the way up from 30s. For her starting position of now itching, his way toward the top 10 he's 11. Really good job all day here's ethanol, garb raced around each other. And he just keep working his way up there. Thank you get to that top 10 fishing. Here shortly. CD. Rpms right here don't drop a lot of this tribe because you keep a lot of momentum there's all. He. Really, got loose in the center and exit, of turn, two that lets Stephen Wallace get to that tenth position. Can. You riff right here. Here's. What happened to the 12th car entering, turn one and watch between turns, one and two, I'm. Out that upper groove it hits cars just a little bit too free yeah, does, a good job to keep from spinning out and not having any contact, it. Looks like he's gonna try to go to the outside of Jason Leffler see, what happened to inside the quarry. Very. Seldom did a good thing at this racetrack this half-mile track - turning the wheel right now. Justin. Told me he's been watching video, though he's never raced here he's watched lots of video to watch the on-board camera to learn about what happens at this racetrack believe, it helped him trouble turns. He. Didn't fall pretty hard too and, he will come off the wall oh just getting my kitty hand up, Morgan. Shepherd got into him a little bit Mike, Bliss has been holding up a lot of people he's just struggling with his race car he'd. Gotten hit a little bit earlier by David Ragan and then that time Morgan Shepherd got into the left rear of him is that went into turn. To. Be a frustrating, place when you got a car that's not handling properly, and you can't really like to say you can't get out of the way it's hardest racetrack I ever raced on is that when your car wasn't very good to try to stay out of the way and still run reasonably, hard just a the hardest thing to do because just, as we talked about lap times or 16, seconds and just not a lot of room here there was the contact, with Shepherd in the 89 car not. Much contact either you see it doesn't take much to get somebody turned around here. Vii. Yellow flag of the day here, we. Told you Bristol, was all about full-contact, stock, car racing, NASCAR style, you're seeing it here. Shepard. In the blue and. The yellow flight ways back after this message and a word from our ABC station. You're. Watching ESP. Just. 124. Laps remaining here at Bristol Motor Speedway the, 33. Car Kevin, Harvick has had an issue early, Goethals listen it and see what's happening that with the alternator. To. Explain, let's go down to our craftsman, tech garage and have Tim brew or show us what we're talking about thank you very much Jerry the first thing the drivers are going to do when they have alternator, problem reach over here and cut off all the brake blower switches, and the fans cut. Everything off because, what, he's interested in is the volt meter gauge it's on 12 volts right there it takes about 14, volts to run these systems but I think they'll be fine to the end of the race. And, as the voltage goes away the horsepower, goes away and it starts to sputter and myths it'll run pretty good until it gets down to about eight volts and that's where you got to really start worrying about it looks, like he'll be good so far here is holding 12 volts plus and that's a that's a good sign he.

Had A real good car at Kansas, last year and had an alternator issue there which cost him a lot of time and probably cost they made top 5 finish. Getting. Set for the restart here, in Bristol Tennessee Kyle. Busch the leader Edwards, Harvick Brad Keselowski and, Clint Bowyer let's, listen in to the spotters as we go full. Throttle. Get, ready ready. They're, dating, we're. With. You there. No. There. Kyle. Busch leading him off Carl. Edwards, in Arvixe, the. 62, car Brendan Gaughan actually three laps down he was the pulse that everybody is not in the mix here on the lead lap there's, a separation, between first, and second. Cow Bush just so strong these restarts the first he lets after a restart and, he puts that distance on Carl Edwards hey Carl to kind of maintain them for they can run a few laps but, before that 18 card is gone. The inside to talk to him DJ the 66, is continuing, to move they. Trying to take that spot away from Jason left working. Stevewall. Scars really been good on the bottom of the racetrack. Done a nice job coming, up through traffic all day long too because that's really hard you have a young man but sometimes, your patience gets worn thin at this racetrack but he's done a really good job of keeping the, front end of that car clean today. Morale, and stephen wallis state and, of course they've been coaching him about that all day keeping the car clean but also give, me just. In the center of the corner that was a problem earlier still wants to do a little, they're, talking about reducing. That left rear tire. Thanks, Dave even though they are black flagging by the way Mike Bliss after, an improper, re-entry. Onto the race track it'll be a pass-through, penalty, so, his day goes from bad to worse I think when it rains it pours sometimes, and these short tracks didn't really do it too. And if his heart wasn't bad enough when ever before it got damaged trying to get out here now cut Morgan, Shepherd spins off and turn four.

And. He will have some damage in the back of his car. Or. In the four-time, winner here in Bristol Tennessee shorten. That car up a foot or two. Pretty, square right on the back bumper. A lot, of downforce on the rear that's caller up in there, well school, is really not it's technically, it's crumbled up that's something sticking up there now Morgan doesn't have sponsorship, that is the only race car he has let's see here's the contact, Paul Menard if Paul gets into the back of Morgan gets him spun, around here now you see how it hits the wall there's. A hole back in and. That's the things that Morgan was two laps down there and Paul Menard having, a good day and everything these movement yeah keep, going. Break. Into spot right in front of him and he knows he needs to get by there he just got to the throttle a little sooner than what Morgan did Paul. Menard being shown up in the eighth position. Caution. Wait for the 8th time of day in the 15-time. Winter in NASCAR nationwide, competition Morgan. Shepherd Chevrolet. Heavily damaged, Kyle. Busch our leader back in, just a moment. ESPN's. Coverage of the NASCAR Nationwide, Series on, ABC. Brought. To you by Sears. For, fashion statements, we can all live with come to Sears life, well. Spent and. For, rice and Wireless get, your head in the game right on your phone with sports cliff scores stats news and more only on be cast from America's, most entertaining, network for rice and wireless. We. Are just about at the 2/3 mark of today's Scotts Turf Builder and, 300, for the NASCAR Nationwide Series here, at Bristol Motor Speedway Kyle, Busch currently, out in front he Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick kind of been locked, up at a pretty good fight for the race lead for, much of the opening, two-thirds of this race not atypical for Bristol eight caution, flags for 44, of the 191. Laps that we have completed so far the most recent those yellows involving, Morgan Shepherd in the 89, car who afterwards, heard, this from his race team. This. Is a big blow to Morgan Shepherd who this is his best race car and one of only a few he has this, car sponsored, by Eldora Speedway which. Tony Stewart owns and it's a car that was given to Morgan from, Kevin Harvick racer, to racers so uh we, hope he can get this thing fixed maybe get a rear flip on it get, it back to the racetrack in one piece in the dirt, Borger was running 22nd, at the time of the wreck rusty thoughts before we go restart, here at, kezelowski pretty, impressed with him he's fourth right now he's in a hole he needs a good run to get back at the points here we go. Kyle. Busch pulls about three car lengths over the 60 car car leverage Kevin Harvick another four back in the 33, car is third in some split Boyer, there's.

The One of the cars and they, were talking about the 88 of Brad Keselowski from. The 16 joined by Brad. Got himself caught up on the high side behind a lap car able. To get down now. There's a, matt. Kenseth just having a typical matt ends of the day just, slowly quietly working, his way up into the top. And again if you just joined our coverage Matt Kenseth was not supposed to drive this race here was supposed to be a Greg Biffle, Biffle, during. The off week slipped and fell on a boat dock and injured some ribs in his back and their bruised not broken so. He's headed Matt's up for him in the nationwide car today. David, Wallace on the outside right here, that's. For 10th position. In. Front of them the 38, car Jason, Leffler in nine. The. One car of Mike police who had this had several. Issues today. Has, now gone back to the garage area for

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