Normandy: War-Torn Yet Full of Life

Normandy: War-Torn Yet Full of Life

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Hi. I'm Rick Steves continuing to, explore more, of the best of Europe this, time we're in Northwest, France enjoying, Normandy, friendly, locals crepes, camembert, water, lilies and big, Abbey's thanks, for joining us. Well. It's seen more than its share of war today Normandy, is a peaceful, and welcoming place, with. Its thought-provoking sites, and memorials, delicious. Cuisine and, idyllic nature, it's no wonder this region is such a popular getaway, for nearby Parisian. After. Exploring, the heft timbered charm of Rouen we, reflect, on lily pads at Monet's garden peek. In on local, craftspeople. Set. Up an easel and on floor. Enter. Eric saachi's eccentric. Musical, mind remembered. Edict and another, invasion nine centuries earlier, and. Take. A pilgrims hike to, an enchanted, pattern. The. Frances many regions, Normandy, strategically. Located across, from England, and handy, to Paris from. Rawa we, side-trip to shiver, nee travel. To bond flew they, you and visit, the dramatic, d-day beaches before, finishing at mon san michele. The, history of Normandy is filled, with war Viking. Norseman who settled here in the ninth century gave, Normandy, its name the, seventh Duke of Normandy William, the Conqueror invaded England from these shores Joan. Of Arc who rallied the French against the English was burned at the stake in Normandy, and on. These beaches a world war two battle was fought that changed, the course of history, the, stirring sights associated, with each of these events turns many visitors into, history buffs. Nearly. Twelve hundred years ago the Vikings made, this town Roma their capital, William. The Conqueror called it home before moving to England during. The Middle Ages roll off with, forty thousand residents was Frances, second largest city only, Paris, was bigger, in. The. 12th century half, of today's France was ruled by England, caught. In the middle Rawal walked a political, tightrope between France and England for centuries and, because, rawa was an important, English base during the Hundred Years War this, is where Joan of Arc was burned. Today. Rawa mixes, dazzling, Gothic architecture and, contemporary. Bustle beautifully, it's. A busy port with a pedestrian-friendly old town and a grand Cathedral, standing as a reminder, of the town's historic, importance. The. Spire was made of cast iron in the late 1800s. About, the same time Eiffel was building his tower in Paris at nearly 500, feet it's, the tallest in, France. Roma's. Ornate, public clock has decorated the former city hall for 500. Years back, then just, having an hour hand offered, ample, precision, the. Lamb at the end of the hour hand is a reminder, that wool was the source of Roland's, wealth and the. Artistic highlight, lean, way back fills. The underside, of the arch with, the Good Shepherd and lots. Of sheep. That. Thriving, wool trade stoked Rama's medieval, building, boom. Because. The chalky limestone, quarried from the cliffs that the Seine River nearby was so expensive and it wasn't great for building quality I could actually mess it up with my thumbnail here if I wanted to and because the oak around here was so plentiful hef, timber buildings became, a Roman Forte, the. Oak beams provided. The structural, skeleton of the building the.

Gaps Were then filled in with a mix of clay straw, and pebbles, and plastered. Over. Wander. The back lanes and, peek into shops this, flower in pastel, hat shop is the last of its kind in Rome the, Hat maker is considered, a treasure by her devoted, clientele. Just. Around the corner, Monsieur oh gee welcomes, shoppers, to browse through his, studio, and see Rama's. China, known, as faience being, made the traditional way. First. The clay is molded, and carefully, trimmed by hand. After. Being fired dipped, in enamel and dried, it's lovingly hand-painted. A second. Firing gives it its characteristic glaze. In the. 1700s. Rolo had 18 factories, churning out the popular product today, the, og family carries on the faience tradition. On. The market square a cross marks the spot where Joan, of Arc was burned at, the stake in the 15th century as. The. Demoralized. French were reeling, under English occupation this, teenager, of supreme, faith after, hearing divine voices won, the confidence of the French people dressed. As a man she, was given an army and rallied, her countrymen, against. Their English, invaders. In. 1431. 19-year. Old Joan of Arc was taken by the English convicted, of heresy and burned right. Here as the, flames engulfed, her an English, soldier said oh my god we've killed a saint nearly. 500 years later Joan, of Arc was made a saint and he was proven correct. Midway. Between roma and paris about, an hour's drive away is javonni. Claude. Monet the father of the Impressionist movement, spent, his last 40, years here, finding, inspiration in, these, gardens. The. Colors of his cottage garden are like his brushstrokes, they seem untamed, and slap - but our part of a carefully composed mosaic. He. Diverted a stream made. A pond filled, it with water lilies and built a footbridge which eventually became, overgrown, with, wisteria. Museums. In Paris bloom. With Monet's garden paintings. Impressionism. Was a revolutionary. Movement in European, art the rage in the 1870s. Many. Artists, abandoned, realism, in favor of this innovative, style which captured, light glimmers. And reflections. Impressionist. Art evokes, the subtleties, of nature. The. Artists using, short brushstrokes, of different colors placed side by side suggests, shimmering. Light the. True subject is not, really the lilies but, the changing, reflections, on the surface of the pond as. He. Grew older Monet. Cropped the scene ever closer, until. There was no shoreline no, horizon no. Sense of what's up or down. For. Dinner I'm joining my friend and fellow tour guide Sabine. Lata to Rea back, in Rwanda for what you'd expect to spend in a modest American restaurant we're enjoying the full fun-loving. Ritual, of fine, dining in France. This. Is classic, Normandy cuisine and tonight, we're going to experience the four scenes, AHA, foresees, what, is gonna have the cream cream camembert. Okay, cider and, of Calvados, okay, and the cream you can shine it right in the sauce they. Do mix it in you have red wine ha ha ha, and cream, okay so Chris makes it really smooth, cream, is that without.

The De salts and, if sauce is something that is important, in the Normandy cuisine. In. A fine French meal the main plate is followed by a cheese course in this case cream gives way to camembert. Which is only one of many tasty. Normandy cheese's. On. Bail. So. All of this cheese really, is from this region from a few miles from here really it's from no money you know just about probably. At. The most 30 kilometers, from here I love this this, concept, of eating locally, you eat locally, you it's distributed. Locally and you just enjoy it locally. The. Region is also famous for its apples, which are savored as cider or as the liqueur Calvados. What is this. Apple. Souffle, with, catheters. The. Four C's of Normandy creme. Camembert. Cider, and, Calvados. Our. Next stop is just down the road. Unclip. The, bombs of World War two and feels, as picturesque. As it looks, gazing, at its Snug Harbor it's, easy to overlook the historic, importance, of this point this. Is where the Seine River meets the English Channel for, over a thousand, years sailors, have enjoyed, on fleurs ideal, location, while, busy conquering England William, received supplies shipped from on floor in Canadian, snow on floor as the place Samuel de Champlain sailed. From in 1608, discovering. The st. Lawrence waterway and establishing. Quebec City. The. Harbour once fortified, with a wall and two gates is now an easygoing marina, today's. On floor long, eclipsed by the gargantuan, port, of La Habra just, across the same happily. Uses its past as a bar stool and sits, on it. On. Flourish. Church of st. Catherine is worth a visit. It. Was built by a community, with plenty, of boat builders and no, Cathedral architects if, you flipped it it would float. When. The first nave was finished in the mid 1400s, it was immediately, apparent they, needed more space so. They built another. Many. Consider, on floor the birthplace, of Impressionism. Just, as Monet once did artists, still come here to catch the light playing on the Harbourfront and reflecting. On the water, it. Was in places like this that the battlecry, of the Impressionists, out of the studio and into the light was, born. Just. Down the street visitors. Don headsets, to explore the boyhood home of composer, Erik sati which, presents his music in a whimsical way. Wandering. From room to room you enjoy fragments, of satis music along with his life story. After. A fairly short adolescence. I turned into a moralist, adjustable, young man. It. Was then I began, to think and write musically. Surreal. Images complement, his music reflecting. How radical, the Parisian, art scene was in the 1920s.

And. For. A musical, finale you get some exercise. For. Lunch where Harbourfront, attic referee a fun. Specialty, both here in Normandy and in neighboring Brittany his crepes savory. Crepes are made with buckwheat and called collapse, while. Plain looking they come filled with what you'd expect in a pizza bowl in an omelet. Traditionally. Crepes, are washed down with hard, and tasty, cider you can get it sweet or dry. Our. Rooms are in a chambre, d'hote a French bed-and-breakfast. Settling, into a French home rather than a hotel saves, you money while getting you closer to the culture we're in the home of gregarious. Madame's Eggman's, it's just the kind of place I seek out and recommend, in my guidebooks she. And her husband, Antoine offer a welcoming, lounge and six rooms each, as, inviting, as the owners. Distances. In Normandy are short and as long as you stick to the auto route won't worth the tools you'll, make very good time our next stop is Bay you. It's. Saturday, morning and this normally, sleepy square has erupted into a busy, farmers market the long tradition those, who grow it selling, directly to those who eat it thrives, throughout France and the. Food in, French. They. Use claim to fame is the Bayeux Tapestry, which hung in this Cathedral it's, a nine hundred year old embroidery, which tells the story of arguably the most memorable event of the Middle Ages the pivotal, Battle of Hastings in, 1066 the. Tapestry, now hangs proudly in a museum just down the street. Headsets. Narrate the 230. Footlong cartoon, telling, the story of William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings don't. Worry if you, lose your place you'll. Find super, titles in leather. England's. King Edward was about to die without an heir the, big question, who, would succeed him Harold his English brother-in-law, or William his French cousin King. Edward chose the Frenchman William but when the King died Harold grabbed the throne. William. Then known as William, the bastard thought, the throne was rightfully his so, he prepared, his army gathering, weapons and, coats of mail and sailed, from Normandy, across, the English Channel to the south coast of England. He, met Harold at the town of Hastings where they fought a fierce 14-hour. Battle. While. The English fought valiantly the, Normans had an advantage horses. With stirrups. Historians. Attribute their victory to these stirrups. Extra. Details of the battle show up below here. Dead, soldiers are being stripped of their valuable, armor. Harold. Was killed arrow, in the eye house. And his, Saxon, forces were, routed. The. End of the tapestries, lost but, the end of the story's well-known William. Now William, the Conqueror marched, into London and claimed, his throne now. He was both Duke of Normandy and King. Of England. Theyyou, with. A pleasant town centre and only six miles from the d-day beaches makes, a great home base for visiting the area's sights. Along. The seventy-five miles of Atlantic coast, nearby you'll, find countless memories of the largest military operation in, history. It. Was on these beautiful beaches at the crack of dawn June. 6 1944, that. The Allies finally gained a foothold in France and Nazi. Europe began, to crumble. During. The d-day invasion American. Troops and their allied partners courageously. Assaulted, two German occupied cliffs using, grappling, hooks and ladders. While. Ultimately victorious, they suffered horrendous losses. Smashed. German, bunkers and bomb craters, remain only, hinting. At the unimaginable. Carnage and chaos of, that momentous. Day. The. Small town of our Romansh was ground zero for the d-day invasion, almost. Overnight the Allies erected, an immense prefab, port enabling, them to begin their victorious push, to, Berlin. Imagine. The building of this incredible, harbour 17. Old ships steamed across the English Channel and were sunk bow to stern creating, a four-mile long protective. Breakwater, then, with massive, concrete platforms. And roads, floating, on pontoons, nearly a mile long the. Harbor was completed, within. Six days three hundred thousand Allied troops and all their equipment had established a beachhead here in France and less than a year later the, war was over. Today. 60, years later the, town with its beachcombers, holiday, trinkets, and families, at playing still, seems to celebrate, that Allied, victory. Peace. Came at a huge price the. Invasion cost, over four thousand allied lives, the.

American Cemetery at, Solara crowns, a bluff just above Omaha Beach and the eye of the d-day storm. Thousands. Of tombstones, glow in memory of Americans, who, gave their lives here, to help Free Europe. The. Bluff overlooks, the stretch of normandy beach called the, portal, of freedom. While. Tranquil, now for. Those of us who weren't there the, horror of that day is impossible. To imagine. From. The memorial, with a bronze statue symbolizing, the, spirit of america's youth a peaceful. Sea of crosses, invites those visiting, to wander, and ponder. The sacrifice, so many brave men made, in the cause of freedom. Immediately. After the war all the bodies were buried in temporary graves in the 1950s. When this cemetery was established the. Families, decided, if the bodies should remain, with their comrades or be brought home, officers. Are disproportionately. Represented their. Families figured they'd prefer to be buried with the men they commanded, and with whom they fought and died. Nearby, another. Military cemetery, is the resting place of 21,000. German soldiers. The, centerpiece, symbolizes, German mothers and fathers who lost their, children. The. Site glum, with, two graves for simple marker and dark crosses, that huddle together in groups of five is a somber, reminder that, many young Germans, were victims of Hitler as well. The. Best World War two museum in France is in Kong, the, first big city freed by the Allies, officially. Named the memorial, for peace it puts, the Battle of Normandy in a broader context. You. Start with a downward, spiral stroll, tracing, almost, psychoanalyzing. The path Europe followed from the end of World War 1 to, the rise of fascism and, into. World war 2. You'll. Get a thorough look at how World War 2 was fought. From. Individual, weapons. -. Floating airports. To, the 2-ton v1, the unmanned predecessor, of today's smart. Bombs, to. The d-day, landings. The. Cold War wing gives an overview of the bipolar, world that followed World War two it, gives insights, into the battle waged by the USSR. In the USA, for the hearts and minds of their people until, the collapse of communism in 1989. The. Memorial then takes you beyond, war the. Gallery of Nobel Peace Prizes celebrates. The irrepressible. Human spirit, it. Honors the courageous and too often inconspicuous, work, of people like Albert, Schweitzer, mother. Teresa. Martin. Luther King and. Many. Lesser-known champions. Of Justice who understand, that true peace is more. Than just an absence, of war. The, contemplative. Finale is a walk through the US Armed Forces memorial. Garden. Plaques.

Honor The sacrifice, young American, soldiers made for Europe the. Sight. Of children enjoying this memorial, as a playground, captures. The spirit of the quote edged in the pavement from, the heart of our land flows, the blood of our youth given. To you in, the name of freedom. Our. Next stop an hour's drive away is Monson. Michelle. For. Over a thousand, years the silhouette, of this island Abbey has sent pilgrims, weary spirits, soaring today. It does the same for tourists, won't. Saw Michelle which through the ages has been among the top pilgrimage. Sites in all Christendom, floats. Like a mirage, on the horizon, the. Vast Bay of monseigneur, shell which turns into a mudflat at, low tide has long played a key, role here, since. The 6th century hermit, monks have lived here in search of solitude. The. Word hermit comes from an ancient Greek word for desert closest. Thing to a desert in this part of Europe was to see imagine. The desert this Bay provided, as that first monk climbed, that rock trying. To get closer to God. The. Rock capped, by an abbey was even more isolated by, its mythic, tides, pilgrims. Crossed the mudflat quickly, and carefully, knowing, that the sea swept, in at the, speed of a galloping horse. In. The late 1800s. A road was built connecting the island to the mainland, and letting, pilgrims come and go without hip boots. The. Town of moans on Michelle with only 30 residents entertains, over 2 million visitors a year its, main street lined, with shops and hotels leading, up to the abbey is grotesquely. Commercial. It's, some consolation remember, that even back in the Middle Ages this, was a retail, garment, with stalls selling souvenir, medallions, candles, and fast food like omelets. An. Island specialty, is quick tasty, and extremely, fluffy omelets. They. Were popular, for eat and run pilgrims, who needed to beat the tide and they remain a hit with visitors today. Enjoy. The show as cooks make sure that traditional, beat goes on. You. Can skirt those Main Street crowds and enjoy Munson Michels find 15th, century fortifications. By following the ramparts, up to the Abbey these, walls were built to defend against, a new weapon the cannon rather, than tall they, were low to make a smaller target. While. The English took all the rest of Normandy they never conquered this well fortified Island because. Of its stubborn defense against the English through all those years moans, a Michelle became a symbol of French national, identity, as. You climbed the stairs to the Abbey imagine, the pilgrims and monks who for centuries have, climbed these same stone steps. Moans. Ha Michelle's been a holy place since --there 708, when according to legend the Archangel, Michael appeared to a local bishop in a vision and convinced, him to build here. This. Was an immense building project, evolving over many centuries it. Was a marvel, a medieval skyscraper. Built upon a rock crowned, by a gilded, statue of, Saint, Michael the. Base stretches, from Normandy, to Brittany. The. River marks the historic, border between the two lands.

Normandy. And Brittany have long vied for moans I'm Michelle, in fact the river used to pass on the other side making the a be part of Brittany today, moans, hi Michelle is just. Barely but thoroughly part of Normandy. The. Centerpiece, of this extraordinary, Abbey, is its church. While. It's mostly 11th, century Romanesque, with round arches and small windows the apse behind, the altar was built later it's gothic pointed arches and bigger windows, fill. The sanctuary, with, light. Sitting. Atop all this heavy construction like, a delicate, flower is the, abbeys cloister, in. This peaceful zone which connected various rooms monks. Would grow vegetables, and medicinal herbs. They've, meditate, and read, the Bible and for. Thoughtful travelers, today this. Abbey's still inspires. So. Much of france's rich heritage survives, and here in Normandy perhaps more than any place in the country it inspires. Us all thanks. For joining us and vive, la France I'm, Rick Steves until next time keep, on travelin, Oh bah. Friendly. Locals crepes, camembert. Big. Abbey's, thanks, for joining us as the flames engulfed, her body an English soldier looked at up her inner said it well via here's. The church here's the. Steeple open up the door and see all the people.

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Rick Steves, learn French phonetics, please!

What a great History class Steves! Hats off!

২০১৫ সালের মার্চে মানুষের উপচে পড়া ভিড় ছিল মন্ট সেন্ট মিশেল দ্বীপে। সবাই অপেক্ষায় ছিল জোয়ারের। তবে যেনতেন জোয়ার এ নয়, সূর্যগ্রহণের ফলে ওই দিন রাতে ও পরের দিন সকালে দেখা গিয়েছিল বিশাল উচ্চতার সামুদ্রিক জোয়ার। প্রতি ১৮ বছর পর পর দেখা মেলে সুপারটাইড নামে পরিচিত এমন বড় ধরনের জোয়ারের। সূর্যগ্রহণের  কারণে এই জোয়ারের সময় পানির উচ্চতা দাঁড়ায় প্রায় ৪৬ ফুট (স্বাভাবিক জোয়ারের সময় পানির উচ্চতা থাকে বড়জোর ১৮ ফুট), অন্যভাবে বললে চারতলা দালানের উচ্চতার সমান। প্রকৃতির এমন বিস্ময় দেখতে পর্যটকরা তো ভিড় জমাবেই! নরম্যান্ডির উত্তর উপকূলের ছোট্ট এই পাহাড়ি দ্বীপের মূল আকর্ষণ পাহাড়ের ওপর তৈরি করা আশ্রমটি। অবশ্য নামে আশ্রম হলেও চেহারা আর নিরাপত্তাব্যবস্থার দিক থেকে দুর্গের বাড়া। এখানে প্রথম ছোট একটি আশ্রম তৈরি করা হয় অষ্টম শতকের গোড়ার দিকে। অবশ্য পরবর্তী সময়ে এটা নতুনভাবে তৈরি করা হয়। পাহাড়ের ওপরের দিকের যে দালানগুলো আছে, সেগুলোর বেশির ভাগই ১৩ শতকে গথিক নির্মাণরীতিতে বানানো। নিচের দিকে ছোট ছোট বাড়ি-ঘর আর দোকানপাট আছে। সাকল্যে ৪০ কি ৫০ জন মানুষের বাস মন্ট সেন্ট মিশেলে। একসময় এলাকাটি মূল ভূখণ্ডের সঙ্গে যুক্ত ছিল। কিন্তু শত শত বছর ধরে সাগরের পানির ধাক্কায় ক্ষয়ে যেতে থাকে এর আশপাশের ভূমি। একসময় বিলীন হয়ে যায় দুই ভূখণ্ডের মাঝের সংযোগসূত্র। আর সেন্ট মিশেল সমুদ্রের মাঝে একটা দ্বীপ হিসেবে টিকে থাকে। ১৮৭৯ সালে প্রথম কাঠের একটা সেতু নির্মাণ করা হয় মূল ভূখণ্ডের সঙ্গে যোগাযোগ রাখার জন্য। সুপারটাইডের সময় উঁচু ঢেউয়ের দুর্লভ দর্শন পেতে এখানে পড়িমরি করে ছুটে আসেন পর্যটকরা। তবে শুধু জোয়ারের ঢেউই মূল আকর্ষণ নয়। প্রাকৃতিক নিয়মেই জোয়ারের পরে আসে ভাটার টান এবং সূর্যগ্রহণের ফলে এই ভাটাও হয় বেশ জোরদার। অন্যান্য সময় ভাটার টানে বড়জোর সেন্ট মিশেলের চারপাশের সাগরের পানির উচ্চতা কয়েক ফুট কমে যায়। কিন্তু ১৮ বছর পর পর এই নির্দিষ্ট তারিখে সূর্য, চন্দ্র আর পৃথিবীর মিলিত মাধ্যাকর্ষণ শক্তির ফলে সেন্ট মিশেলের চারপাশের সাগর রীতিমতো পিছু হটে আর রেখে যায় বিস্তীর্ণ ধু ধু বালুকাবেলা। হঠাৎ জেগে ওঠা এই সাময়িক সাগরসৈকতে দুই পাক হেঁটে আসার লোভ সামলাতে না পেরেও অনেক পর্যটক হাজির হন এখানে। জোয়ার-ভাটার এই খেলা ছাড়াও সেন্ট মিশেলের ঐতিহাসিক মূল্যও কম নয়। প্রাচীন এই দ্বীপ ও আশ্রম বহু ঐতিহাসিক ঘটনার সাক্ষী। শতবর্ষের যুদ্ধের সময় ইংরেজরা বহু চেষ্টা করেও এটি দখল করতে ব্যর্থ হয়। সেন্ট মিশেল দ্বীপের গুরুত্ব বিবেচনা করে ইউনেসকো একে ‘ওয়ার্ল্ড হেরিটেজ সাইট’-এর মর্যাদা দিয়েছে। সুপারটাইড ছাড়া সাধারণত জোয়ার-ভাটার সময়ও মন্ট সেন্ট মিশেলের আকর্ষণ কম না। এমনিতে জোয়ারের সময় দ্বীপটির সঙ্গে মূল ভূখণ্ডের কোনো সংযোগ থাকে না। তবে ২০১৪ সালে যে নতুন হালকা-পাতলা সেতুটি তৈরি হয়েছে, তাতে হেঁটে হেঁটে সহজেই পর্যটকরা জোয়ারের সময়ও পৌঁছে যেতে পারেন দ্বীপে। তবে সুপারটাইডের সময় কিন্তু এ সেতুও তলিয়ে যায়। প্রতিবছর এখানে ঘুরতে আসেন প্রায় ৩০ লাখ পর্যটক।

Excellent series! Perfect intro to European cities. I would really love to know the music piece that is being played 2:40 into the video. Thanks very much.

Vive La France!

this is actually a pretty trrrible explanation for 1066

I went to Normandy last summer and it's eerie how the order of visited places almost entirely mirrors my trips. But then again these are the highlights of Normandy. I'm a little flabbergasted that Caen was barely mentioned as it has a rich cultural heritage being the birthplace of William the Conqueror.

Inspiring and Awesome Video!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!

Happy New Year Rick Steves and your staff..

Onimusha 3, :)

Why Europe is such dazzling continent?Couldnt believe my eyes and those beauties..

Different values produces a particular environment.

Because midelage hystory.

Because Caucasians built it haha

Behman Ehmadov hhhhh

I agree. Europe is so beautiful. I'm jealous.


I love my Normandie

Je suis de région parisienne mais j’adore la Normandie ! J’ai des amis qui vivent dans l’Eure du côté de Verneuil sur Avre mais je connais aussi le merveilleux Calvados. Je rêve de pouvoir visiter Les Andelys un jour. Cette région a toujours eu une place particulière dans mon cœur.

ouai vive notre région!

Why is french class making me watch this

because it's good for your brain.


stunning view , beautiful tradition s , nice streets squares

You're the only person we watch in my French because you give us alot of information but you make it fun... Stay Cool Rick

Sierra Nevada good

My ancestors are from Alsec-Loraine. My mom's side is German and my dad's side is French. I want to visit and experience Oktober Fest and Tour De France.

David DeBergh my great grandmother on my moms side was german French too

Normandy region is my fav part of France! The best of France ..IMHO

My father was one of the brave soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy on either June 6 or 7 in 1944. He was with the 4th Infantry Division as an artillery man. He died last December at the age of 95.

Kalla panni

Arlo Hi I s-

Arlo Rimel how dare you lie about this!

God bless your father. My father is also a veteran of World War II. He just turned 92.

Arlo Rimel Thank you to your Dad for his service !! May he Rest In Peace.

The greatest generation. Sorry to hear about your father.

My respect to your late father who as thousand of US and UK soldiers helped my country to get rid of the Nazi occupation. My eternal gratitude.

Many brave Frenchmen gave their lives to free Europe, too.' Merci and thank you to all!! I'm going to France for the first time in May. Can't wait!

Thank you

Thank you from a guy from Normandie who hasn't forgotten what your father , and your people did for us. Merci !

Wow he was lucky

What was his name?

Arlo Rimel , thanks to you and your Dad for his service. May he rest in peace.

Hey, Rick, the river is NOT pronounced SANE River. It's >> SEN River, Pls !

watching your every show sir amazing

I love Rick Steve's shows, but wincing at the French pronunciation. A travel professional should at least learn how to say the basics correctly. Other than that, I liked the Normandy video.

One of my European travel goals is Mont St-Michel

I was unaware such cheese existed. I've lived a sheltered life.

I do love Rick Steves' travel videos - interesting, informative, without getting heavy, just the right balance for someone wanting to check out the basics of a destination before visiting it.

It's funny how much criticism you get from those who presume they know it yet, if you ask them to come up with something similar they can't.

+George Baker ok go on, criticize..

Americans had great losses because they didn't assemble ingenous British mullberry port the right way and it got destroyed during the storm thus they landed without tanks just infantry against German defences..

No excuses , the Germans were just excellent soldiers and military personnel .

No they took great loses because the pilots missed their targets and the ships missed also


You are correct,charjl !!! Europe with its people must be protected from the invading unlimited migration!

is that true? O_o

The amount of soldiers that died for the Liberation of Paris astonishes me. They will never be forgotten.

+Joel Pointon Wow. Such a nice experience. Respect,

bruh moment

Lose the back pack!

I living in rouen and the city now very different than in this documentary

This episode was originally filmed years ago. Think early 2000's.

You are wonderful, Steves.

Couldn't have the cheese...lactose intolerant.

Love Normandy

Hi Mr. Steves. Did you know that Mont St. Michel was featured on the front cover of the PS1 game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?

Why? Is it more modern now?

@Joel Pointon Wow. Such a nice experience. Respect,

Can someone please tell me the name of the Musical piece played during 1:11? This piece actually starts from 1:02

Thank you for your story. We are going to nor any this summer. My husband is so much interested in the war history & we are looking forward to having a wonderful time.

Mont St Michel look like a fairy tale place out of a Disney movie

I know Rick is married, but I do find him so exquisitely camp. I love his little jibes and one liners such as "eat and run pilgrims". Please give us more!

What a special thing for a French descendant to liberate the homeland of his ancestors!

BONJOUR Monsieur Rick Steves you’re video it’s great oh know ALLELUIA I can’t wait to go Europe, you moved my ❤️ ,everything I need and I want is all in Europe ,my heart ❤️ can’t stop beating ,all perfect Merci Mille Fois,god bless and peace ,I loved all your channels Tre Bien

Very beautiful so lovely

Extremely beautiful places. Thanks.

Vive la Normandie et vive la France ❤️

Wow ...what a place.......

Really nice video & excellent presentation.......many thanks from an armchair traveler! :)

Wonderful. They say that "Hogwarts" school in Harry Potter Movies was filmed at Mont.St.Michel in west Normandy beach in North west France. Viva La France. Peace.

A great video - love Rouen

Again with the totally wrong pronunciation. This time of Rouen.

Went to Brittany on a school trip and visited Mont St. Michel Absolutely loved it never to be forgotten Wonderful to see it on here looking majestic beautiful

Any Chaneys on here?

I love all of your videos rick, it's all about history and nature

I congratulate this channel, this summary of Normandy history it's simply fantastic and amazing. I only can say thank you for your channel

The history of your family it's astounding, romantic and beautiful. God bless your family. Que Dieu bénisse votre famille.

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