NYC Travel Guide: Vessel Hudson Yards

NYC Travel Guide: Vessel Hudson Yards

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I'm. Jan your local New York City guide and welcome to whatever. This is it's, technically, called the vessel temporarily. But. We are here in Hudson Yards and this is the ultimate guide to visiting the vessel skipping, the digital line and getting tickets. In person, without waiting, too long and. Everything. You need to know but, keep, watching until the end to find out a little bit about the sneaky photo policy, the biggest, lie about, this view, and. How, to visit and see, me next Sunday don't, forget to subscribe and, keep watching I. Made. A video about the ugly truth of the vessel and it did so well everyone requested more information, about how to get tickets so keep, watching and I'm also going to start like breaking, it down all the numbers right, now, 150. Feet tall, 154. Interconnected. Staircases, 16. Stories, up 80 landings. 2500. Individual, step fun mile of vertical, climb 25, billion dollars for all of Hudson yard 200 million dollars just for, vessel so you're probably wondering when, is the best time to visit I've been here for sunrise during, the day sunset, and at night and I thought this sunset would be the best time where there would be a gorgeous glow you know you saw all those Instagram, photos but, I think they were all edited, because the sunset here is not, that great the Sun does set behind Jersey, right there and you. See a little bit of a golden glow but. Not that much so, since. It is so crowded I highly, recommend you come here at sunrise when there are less crowds. Insert. A joke about Jersey even though it's great. So. Let's talk about tickets, they make it seem like it is sold out for weeks and it is impossible to get tickets there is a digital, line online, where, it opens at 8 a.m. this morning at, 8 a.m. I went online to, get tickets I am Number, 3,600. Seven in lime that is ridiculous. So instead of doing that come, here not right now at like 11:00 a.m. but come here at sunrise come early, they technically open the ticket booth at 8:00 a.m. but, the guys around here constantly, tell me that they don't really show up until about 9:00 a.m. so, come, here at 9:00 a.m. get tickets in person, that is the best way to get tickets what was my experience of coming here and climbing it and was, it worth it so, I came here around sunset it was pretty crowded but I was excited I was like I'm gonna give this a chance I'm gonna really, keep my mind open and, see, how it is it, was pretty fun at first you know you're climbing you're not, sure which way to go and I really thought thought it was interesting that you could climb in any direction choose, your own adventure there's. No one way to get to the top except, if you take the elevator there's only one way but, it was, really. Exciting interesting. As you're climbing different. Views but when you get to the top it's a little disappointing. I got. To the top and was surprised at the view that, everyone says is there was, it really there there's no remarkable. View as they, say on their website it is a landmark, with the remarkable, views but, it's. Not really it's just. It's. Just Jersey, it's just that, you know people they just they got it they got to keep walking it's New York the. Views are not remarkable, and it's, unfortunate. But I think when you go to the observatory deck, which is coming here very soon, at Hudson, Yards I think that view will be a lot, better. You. You. Probably notice I'm not super, enthusiastic about this and I am super honest when I am enthusiastic, but, this one as a local, perspective I'm gonna be honest and say it's not my favorite place to visit you're in Manhattan here, in New York City in general I don't. Think you should come here and have high expectations. But, yeah you can come here check off the box say you took a photo here it's, good, for photos I think that three best photos are from, the ground looking, at it if you do decide to climb it from the bottom looking, up and then from the top looking down those, are the three shots you're gonna get don't, be too excited about any views because there are none even if you hear the quotes from the designers, themselves.

Everyone. Has a very interesting perspective on this place so I'm just gonna insert their clothes here and you can hear what they have to say. Honestly. My favorite part of this has to be the mall I know I was surprised too it's actually, a really beautifully, designed mall even though the shops are very high-end, and it's skewed to a very luxury. Clientele, there, are some really amazing, cafes. And, food, a whole food part especially a Spanish themed and it's. Just beautiful to walk around great, atmosphere when. It's not super crowded so definitely come here earlier the, photo policy, people, criticized the photo policy so much they actually had to change it because so many people did not know that, they had, the rights because, this is a private, piece of artwork and they are selling tickets even though they are free to. See it that, any photo here, of this private piece of artwork is something, that they owned so, if you come here take a photo they officially. Got the, rights to take, that photo and use it which is crazy and something that they should at least let, people know before, they come to visit and they have finally taken that away but, it's a bit sneaky or anything thank you for taking this tour with me a vessel, here in Hudson Yards I will be here next Sunday so come meet up with me say, hi don't. Forget to subscribe and keep, watching for all the best local New York City videos as always, say yes to new adventures and I'll see you next time bye. Huge. Shout out to my friends tasty help me film this video tastes come here. Where. Should they find you and follow I am on YouTube. Awesome. So subscribe, the link will be right here and down below.

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Thanks for your openness and honesty, Jennifer. Sounds like the Vessel is more about the journey than the destination, hehe. As always, great production and music selection. About to look you up on Instagram!

gee! girl who cares your enthusiastic the video was asome thats the only matters here. It must be more interesting being in personal there...

Oh thank you so much! Really appreciate it!


Thank you!

Great music choice. It's true your smile is contagious. As for hudson yards, it will likely be the new WTC vibe before 9/11, eventually. I know that's a big claim, but I'm making it. And, you're so correct, the view is lacking but, still it will grow on the masses. Also, would like to have seen more of you, in the vid./ through out, though again, good music choice.

Thanks so much appreciate your comment more of me noted! Also yes I do think it will grow on people it’s already so crowded with New Tourism doing well so far!

Always love to see you with a big smile :) ❤️ amazing video

Thank you so much!

Firstly, I must say you are one of the best youtubers.. The content you upload is so appealing and captivating, it challenges the viewer to watch till the very end, still craving more.. I always make it known to you that you are very intelligent.. I appreciate your effort. I must compliment you also on elevation. You elevate your content and never fail to quench our thirst as viewers. Thank you Jenny and continue to do what you do. I think you are very under rated. But greatness on your path girl.

Thank you so much Kyle, really appreciate your thoughtful comments always. I am so glad this longer video you still wanted to watch till the end and more, I try to always improve my video skills and am very grateful you see that! Thank you so much and wishing you all the greatness on your path as well! :) Appreciate it!

Great video we're going to NYC next month for my 70th birthday! My husband is afraid of heights but I am hoping we will get to this amazing sight anyway...maybe he will take the elevator just for grins.....time will tell.

Oh how wonderful! It is kind of high but the elevator is a great option! Hope you both have a beautiful visit! :)

On today's episode of people with too much money: So they built a $250 Million dollar Stairmaster! I can't help but think that if the city had that as tax revenue they could put it to better use, like fixing the subway, instead of billionaires building things for millionaires. I'll get off my soap box now.

Haha yes a stairmaster well said! Definitely the subway needs so much to fix the signal problems and so much more to make it run better! Thank you though for your honest comments!

How long do you have to stand in line at the vessel? :) and do you have to go on/in it when you get the ticket or can you go any time of the day? And what if its "sold" out beforehand? Is there a chance to know that before you go all the way to the ticket booth? Thanks for the awesome video and greetings fron Germany

Hello from NYC! The line can be as long as 10 minutes to maybe 30 minutes at busier times as far as I can estimate. When I waited on a weekday at 6:20pm it was only about 10 minutes. The earlier you go the better sometimes there is no line! Oh I am not sure if you can get an in person ticket for another time of day, I can ask when I'm back though! If it sells out in person I don't think there is a way to know if you're not there unfortunately. Happy to help thanks for these great questions!

Thank you for the tour and all the advice. I’ll sure to stop by one day

Yes happy to help thanks so much for watching!

200 million for vessel?? I feel like taxpayer money could’ve been better spent elsewhere for the people of NY. I don’t think I’d have any interest in going to it, seems like another tourist trap. Thanks for sharing, insightful as always!

Yes definitely! Thank you so much for watching and commenting appreciate your support! :)

Great tip on skipping the line, always better to be an early bird...

Yes, I completely agree I love waking up early and getting the shots before places get too crowded!

Great video. The Vessel reminds me of a beehive. In Melbourne we have the "Melbourne Star", a Ferris wheel located in the Docklands. It opened in 2008 but closed only about a month later due to structural defects, and incredibly wouldn't reopen until 2014. The views from it aren't great either - they are mostly of the surrounding Docklands. People say that they built the wheel in the wrong part of town. There is no fancy mall below. But there is a Costco! To make matters worse, tickets are $40. The Vessel looks very good in comparison. I wish we had something like that here, but in the heart of the city.

$40 and a Costco is my favorite part, made me laugh out loud!

Wow I visited Melbourne and I think my Australian friend lived near the new Docklands - this was almost 3 years ago, but I don't remember the Ferris wheel, such a good point many cities have places with not great views and such, thanks for your comment!

Hi Jennifer just wondering what it we look like when the snow hits it

Oh that is such a great $200 million question, I really hope it looks totally stunning, I would love to see that! Everything in NYC looks beautiful when it snows!

Hello Jen.....

Hello! :)

Hey, it's our favourite NYC guide Jen! Love this video and also like your blue top (sleeves are awesome!). Music is a classic too!

Oh yay so glad it is! Thank you, I love this top the sleeves totally make it! Thank you so much had fun picking out this music! :)

I doubt that I'll bother going there when I visit NYC next year.

Yes, it's already so crowded! There are so many other things to see this is not at the top of my list.

Thanks for the additional video on the Vessel.

+Jennifer O'Brien awesome

Absolutely happy to help! I learned a lot after filming the first one and then climbing it I had to share!

Very unique and intriguing structure, is there some purpose or back story to its concept/ erection or was it simply we got the $$$ and whim so why not? As for fantastic views yeah definitely not y’all enough for that claim though still has to have at least above average one specially once the observation decks are added. Thanks for the share of this unique building Jen was a pleasure as always to experience your videos.

Yes agreed, I think it is very much about the money unfortunately. I cannot wait to see the observation deck views and think that will have a view to rival my current favorite views at Top of the Rock right now! Thank you as always for watching and commenting! Appreciate it!

Wonderful guide! I've been up to the Vessel/Hudson Yards area at least 4 times already since it opened and can't get enough of it!

Oh nice, same I think I've been 4 times too headed back Sunday lol!

Thanks for the inside track on this piece. Will be coming back to NY next year, it's on the list now!

Christine Barone absolutely happy to help! Thank you for watching hope you have a wonderful trip next year!

great video jennifer. i love your channel.

Jennifer O'Brien you deserve a big pizza

Thank you so much I really appreciate it! Comments like yours make my crazy editing day worth it! (4 hours of tech issues but I figured it out woo!)

i love your energy

Thank you! :)


Jennifer O'Brien Thank U. U2. Enjoy NYC ❤️

Oh yay, so so glad, took a while to choose the songs, so happy you appreciate them, have a great rest of your day!

I might try to come to the meetup next Sunday.

Oh great, hope to see you there!

I'm going on April 16, but just to see how disappointing it is. It definately looks like where the Borg Queen in "Star Trek" would live. I was going to make a prediction that within 2 years no one would visit this thing, but then I remembered that the play "Oh, Calcutta!" ran for about 20 years on Broadway, and that was pathetic. So people will probably be coming to this monstrosity long after I'm dead. (Or until the bottom half is underwater, which should be in about 40 years.)

In 40 years it will be underwater that is such a scary thought! Hope your visit on April 16th is still fun, despite it being kinda a disappointing structure, the mall is a beautiful large space great for a walk! True some of the most questionable pieces of art last the longest, we will see I guess! Thank you for your comment, appreciate it!

How much is the ticket?

Yes it is free, thank you! :)


The ticket is FREE! Just need to get there early to secure 1 or 2 free tickets!

Wow! I'm going here in a month can't wait! Looks so cool!

Yes hope you have a wonderful visit, thanks for watching, appreciate it!

Next Sunday?! No fair. I’ll be in New York tomorrow not next Sunday. Great video as always.

Oh no so sorry, thank you so much!

Beautiful sunset!

Jennifer O'Brien It was the flame roasting the shawarma!

Yes it was stunning, thank you!

Do like that the 7 was extended to 34th & 11th. Shame that they skipped out on the 42nd & 11th stop they were supposed to build

Yes agreed, why didn't they create a 42nd and 11th stop??? Great question!

What do you think of this longer guide video, should I do more like this for some of my favorite NYC spots? Comment below if you're free to meet up here at Vessel next Sunday at 6:30, all details will also be on my Instastories follow me @Jenniferscamera Thank you!

Jennifer O'Brien I'll be in NY until April 12

Can't wait to go to Manhattan in the summer time!! It's so much fun!!!..

Yes Manhattan in the spring and summer is so much better than this current cold weather! I also cannot wait for warmer weather, thanks for watching and commenting, appreciate it!

The Shawarma guide!

Hehe yes exactly ;) Just what NYC needs LOL best comment!

What size is that sweater. Looks like you got it from Ariana Grande...

Michael Bologna hehe yes it’s oversized and so comfy! What a compliment appreciate it!

+Jennifer O'Brien thank you

AZOES it is free! You just need to go early one morning to secure your free same day ticket sometimes they sell out later certain days so early 9ish 10 guarantees you a ticket! It also gets crowded later so I recommend going earlier! Hope you have a great visit!

Hi, just one question. I'll be there in November from Spain and I would like to know how much cost the vessel ticket or is free? You know if it's included in any city card as seeightseen card. It help me a lot

Does it have elevators inside?

Reina Cedeño//The Ponticello yes there is but there was a long line for it when I went!

Great video, but another NYC tourists trap...

Yes agreed not even worth the wait! What would you like to see next? I definitely want to do more hidden gems and secret places!

Oh, God please foregive me, I told my friends that this is a stupid waste and they fully agreed. I can't comfortably admit my changed more positive opinion. Vessel: You are alright, this is between the two of us.

This is definitely Dia: Beacon avant garde post modern type art. The creative artistic types with emo/scene hairstyles will dig this.

It is one of those things, that you hate at first, and then suddenly it grows on you and you like it, and feel bad for it that it has to face the weather elements. I want to call it Guggenheim Version 2.

The slowest elevator in the world. I bet it would make Guinness Book of World Records.

I've heard it's privately funded

It will not be under water!


@Jennifer O'Brien awesome

@Jennifer O'Brien thank you

Hi Jennifer, I’ll be in New York on the 12, 13 and 14 September 2019. Are you going to around anywhere ? Would love to meet you and get a selfie with you. Ramon

Jennifer O'Brien Thanks Jennifer, I’ll remind you nearer the time. Might even buy you a coffee if you like :)

I think so I’m bad at planning that far ahead but maybe I’ll have a meet up! Thanks!

Here are some of my reasons why your personality and videos work so well 1. SINCERITY it's nice to watch someone down to earth with no BS . So many YouTube creators are not genuine nor humble...but more like a taking head. 2. SO MANY VLOGS ABOUT NYC... true above 3. YOU'RE HAVING FUN nice to watch these video uploads where you seem or appear to be having a great time not only on location but COMMUNICATING to your audience in a friendly manner(like I've known you for years) works And the number one reason for enjoying your videos... 4. NOT BEING PUSHY ABOUT PATREON OR SELLING TSHIRTS AND MUGS. there seems to be this trend on YouTube where creators become deceitful by uploading a video crying or upset that YOUTUBE DID THIS OR THAT AND THEIR MONETIZATION HAS DROPPED AND PLEADS TO SUBSCRIBERS TO DONATE....God I hate that.... anyway ...thanx for your hard effort...its seriously appreciated

Xavier Garcia thank you so much! Yes so sick of seeing the same old videos and so many complaining about monetization! Uh oh what if I do sell shirts not super cheesy but that say my line “Say Yes to New Adventures” I won’t become salesy but I might add the optional shirts through the company YouTube works with? Hope that’s cool! :)

Just added more seriously my subscriptions on NYC vlogs were so many and truthfully they were getting again remember....people do care about your work...

Xavier Garcia omg best comment ever thank you so much for your kind words, comments like this are why I keep going and creating more! Just finished scripting 2 new videos I’m filming tomorrow morning :) cannot wait to share with you!

Great video Jennifer. You always a great story teller. How much are the tickets to the vessel? Can you buy many for resale on the street?

The tickets are free! :) thanks!

'Whatever this is' line is just so me

Thank you so much Jennifer. I don’t like heights so I won’t be going up it, however, I will take a look from the ground up. You have shown me what I can’t see. You’re amazing x

I really admired your critique of this work. Also, that because you took the time to film the entire experience in real time as if it was our POV, I don't feel the need to go myself before having a negative view of this. As an aside- the quality of the camera was really good, especially when capturing the sun. I assume it was not a phone. Are you able to say what camera it was? Thank you

"A delightful NYC Travel Guide video.I would like to visit The Vessel Hudson Yards one day. Thank you for an enjoyable video Jennifer "

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