oakfield farm 19 map tour farming simulator New fs19 maps

oakfield farm 19 map tour farming simulator New fs19 maps

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Hello, and, welcome. To, farming. Simulator. 1903. Old. Farm. It's, finally. Here, after. Lots. Of inner native bee intestine, we've, got it it's, it's, here and so. Far it does look pretty. Amazing. I rather scoot, around and, yeah. It's. The. Lighting on it is. Shit-hot. Simple. As that really. Happy with it nice. And bright. So. Let's have a start off in. The house. We. Come in kitchen, area and. Then the lounge. And. Upstairs. When. I load it in the game earlier it started, up upstairs. Started. In the bedroom, a. Little. Panda, picture. Old-school. Stereo, loving. That I've seen anything like that for, years, and then. A huge bathroom huge. So, come out to the farm we got the oat field farm. Private. Properly. And. The. Farmer it, hasn't. Made you change which is nice it's just been updated and a few changes here in there we've got our large, storage barn. And. I. Do like, it where you've got the light panels it makes a big difference because otherwise, these barns, they're just my the storage shed they're just so. Dark dark, and dingy and. Everywhere, we've got art liquid, by point I. Haven't. Tested that eight, to see if that works at all and then we've got more storage. One. Of the trailers we start off with and, then. This, here, is a mystery. To me I can't, work this one out at the moment so soon, as I find out what that is I'll put that in the comments but that is. Mystery. So. I thought I'll probably score something to do with what's in this shed and you like no. We. Have got light switches as well. That's. A bit more of the kit we start off with. Give, another look at that in a minute and, then we got one of the headers and a little. Storage area right in the back here. But. You see the detail, on it on it all its i loving. It I do, like these bright sort. Of maps because, a lot of them they do have, problems. At the moment where sometimes. It's just not that. It, seems like the contrast it's just too low and it just doesn't work probably. So. Moving, on we got our vehicle, workshop. Area and, we start off with the old trusty John. Deere. Let's. Go in and I would look to see what, you do get in the garage to start off and you got your six two three are. The. Optimum 270, and. Then. The John Deere start, off with a one, of the agro liner trailers. Had. A PI. Cultivator. Seed. Air. Sprayer. Mower. Head. Of trailer, from. Weight and, that's a lot now. You do also have all, the plates balls for, the, farm. And, they're actually built into the game. As. In. The, animals, all the animals you can't sell them there they are there, for you, to use and, as, it obviously, you can buy more because you buy more in in the shop, but. You, can't remove them from the game and, what. Was the slot come, and what they swapped Kate was, at. The moment it's eight three three two, and.

I. Did buy a Mahindra. So. It's probably a little bit less than that not, a lot lot, though more. Light in. I've. Got lighting on the outside, and. Then coming down to our this. Is where the Khazar. With. Okay past yeah I. Put. Them up on and then we got our other fields, out there which at eight nine ten then you start off with you can see they narrow it's one two and three you, do start off with quite, a lot. Of land and the. Beauty about it it is broken. Up no, that's the wrong button, there we go, so. You select that and that's what you currently own. But. A lot of this you can sell off and. This. Little parcels, of land, 212. 345. So it's not cheap, but you can buy small bits of land and this is new farmer so you start off with everything in the green which is. Quite. Enough enough, enough to be going on with, obviously. We've got the field number 15, is the that's. The mother of all fields, that's the best field. Going. Onto your prices. And how many you've. Got home. Who's selling what you've. Got your biogas, plant and they that that was only coming in it was about sixty eight thousand pained I think it was for their bio, gas biogas. Is over here at. Sixty four thousand one hundred and twenty, four so. That's quite cheap and you start off with that in the game and you can start, off with it a lot, of stuff really there's a lot, of. Nice. Bits and land. These. Bits normally, you wouldn't be able to buy as, well so it's nice to be on it you will end up owning most, of the map. 345. Yeah. Seven hundred days and some of them are a lot, of money. Alright, so we've got the Empire stalls, is. Your. Main commodities. And. They. Pretty much sell quite. A lot of stuff. You. See we scroll all the way through it all starts off on the wrong, side and yeah. We got they. Do your, main commodities, and then everything, else is broken up you got the hilltop stores, which. Said they do the same again, your main ones Hanks. As well and. Mana, egg sour puss you've, got oh good, Glen. Farm, barn, then. There's an oat field farm barn which. Is on the farm and. Then, the sawmill. Seven. Springs eggs sour point spinner. II. Stables. Bell sorts our pointer, and stables, egg sour, point and, Willowbrook. Stores, which is another one which takes most, of your.

Commodities, You can see so we've got three main, places, where you can sell, I think. We're currently on normal. Settings. Maybe yeah we are it's on normal. So. Yeah the prices aren't ridiculous. But they're decent. They, are a decent price for most things at the moment. And. You've. Got your, four different, places. That's how you so lead straw grass, and, hay. And. Then. Empire, stores will take the year manure, as well. So. Yeah there's lots of different, ways to sell, and, milk. Looks like you've only got one place. For milk actually, well. It brought stores there. And. I'll see it for milk but. Loads of eggs five, different places for, selling eggs. So. Let's get on and have a look and you know, so. We're starting off open field farm and is. The old farm, barn. So. Yeah this is the, caves. And. That there's your trough for feeding. But. Yeah all the birds going on in the background and stuff it makes it pretty pretty realistic. That's. Where you bring your. Animals. In. Wards. Point. And. I think that society let's, put the help window on which, would have yeah. We've, got a solo which is decent enough size I. Do. Like the contour of this map you, know you're up on the hill over here. And. Then you look down in the valley is it's awesome. This. Map is only about six miles away from me so I know this area. Nice. Little storage shed. I've. Got a slurry area. Slurry. Pit just there. Now. I don't think I think that was for sure I can get that to work. But. I could be wrong right, here is the, oat field farm barn sow, point you. See it's got the trigger points there. Now. For those who don't know one. Of the easiest ways to find it if you can't find it or they're on top of each other is. To pick it we go to oat field farm and then tag it tag it come. On. And. There it is it's just nice, and green, easy. As that brilliant. All. Right so moving on and all these here seems. Well, they haven't got any triggers, or. Any markers around them to show they are anything. But. I did try, then. We got more storage. Cool. Yes. Another large barn. Large. Equipment, shed. Lighting. In here as well where's. The switch I think the switches, there. Is. Get. A lot of kit in there then. We have our solos. And. Yeah. This is where the fuel boy station, is as well fuel. Boy station, and, your. Line station. As. Well. No. I'm. Sure that's not your I'm. Sure you can't buy you it seed. There I, haven't. Found that yet we've, got another. Song, down here. So. No bunker. And. We got more storage. Another. Little area. The. Detailing on this map I loving it absolutely awesome. So. We'll come back rained. And. There's, your Upton you. Might take that, we. Got the John Deere down there we'll take the John Deere no, I was, drawing rain in the moon mahindra, and it was didn't. Even notice as soon as I drove into a field farm it. Seems to have a little, bit of zero gravity. I'll. Show you that in a minute, so. Easier dumped off for your solo, and then obviously to fill up it's just there got. Lights in here for if. You want it they're pretty bright as well. Yeah so the seed point. Well. We have a little deceit in here. So. I wouldn't sure if this was it this, possibly, could, be I'm not sure. Let's. Just grab the Mahindra. Because, if we got seeds it should fill in here mainly, Mundra. Did. Have zero. Gravity. It was weird. No. Yeah, and of course I won't take any yeah. So the seed is I, can't. Return. To find, it. So, basically. That is the farm. And. Then, we can go out this way. I just. Do love the contours. Of this and. I tell you what the Mahindra is behaving all right now perhaps. It is something in the loading because there every time I were trying to bend it just topple. Over, but. It was only when I got to the farm strange. It's. Got the church down there. There's. Your milk. Pickup. Point. So. Let's go out at the farm and boy we. Use them in dripping that is working right now. So. On the map you come out the farm and the, fields you currently or. Fields. That you currently own. We've. Got this one which, is you, sheep. And. There you go to load, an amendment.

And, Then obviously your, water and. The. First one is your water, and, there's. Your food trough triggers. So. We can go up the hill. Which. Takes you into your next field now, you can go through hedges but, you can't go through fences. So. The fields you start off you know they're a nice size, or. They were on FS 17 the same sort, of crack really. Just. A lot more detailed, you, know that little bit of track, there and. Then, typical. Cuts, all countryside. Gated. Roads. Private. Property, no trespassing. We've. Got the windmill here. And where. Am I going then. Why, the lads a bit weird. It's. Not doing it later, I seem. To have floated. Oh, anyway. There's the windmill. Yeah. I'm up in the area as well some weird, reason and. Suddenly going on with his mahindra weird. Well. You see the road, behind is the dead end, so. We go on up and, I. Do love these country, lanes they're awesome. Excuse. Of snoring in the background if it comes, up oh here, we go see, this is what I said this, man drew. It. Just starts bouncing, around everywhere we're like what's going, on. Not. For that. I don't, know what, it is I. Thought. It sort is alright but obviously not. Right. So we're coming up to this Junction. Hopefully. We'll get rained, yeah. See it's all over the place it. Really is. But. When you look at is well into the rise and you see just the. Rolling, hills of the Cotswolds. So, we're coming up to our first. Sour. Point. The, hilltop, Aereo is doing this banks and arraigned again they. Hilltop. Stores so. There's you trigger for you drop off and, here. You get looks like you can buy your liquids. Now. That to me just looks like water because, I haven't. Well, I'm sure there was a stream running down the bottom they know they'll go another look, at that in a, moment. So. Yeah I don't think these shits, you can open it them no would have been nice but I suppose. These more slots got a truck there. I'm. The Mahindra is being a bit well it's weird it's well there it is.

What. Is going on with that. So, go down the hill and, I. Think what would do is we do a little circuit. As. A truck into the field, look. At this thing bouncing, around. Yeah. We're gonna have some wool, there. We go so let's get playing these bends. So. Yeah it is the shade in there you can see it does go darker, but it's not silly. Dark. You, can article be careful a lot. Yeah. We have got water running through I thought there wasn't sure was, water I haven't checked that. Hmm. Excuse. Me. Right. So we're at this Junction, and we obviously. To the left you can't go anywhere. Doing. A little bit of exploring, reindeer we're not gonna do, that now we just want to go through some, of the sour points and see what's going on. Someone. Let's see what we got down here. Caution. High voltage keep eight little. Substation. Yeah. We've got more water over to the left hand side there as well. And. Then. The year so. Is our in the back of it yep. If. We can stop banks, and rain there. Come. On get, rain there. Yeah. Barrel is. So. Them this is the mano. Ya. Na mano excel point. But. There's lots of little cracks to go up and. I'm like. Right, now so, the church you know. They're. Busy in there today. Onward. I remember. This little track going back up to the farm. That's. Our little was up there. Then, we can shoot down to the sawmill. And. I might even change, vehicle, now because this is getting well. Look at that all, I did was turn. Then. I won't get. We. A persevere, why, well. All that is just ridiculous. What. Is going on. It's. Like he's got zero gravity. It. Seems to be a lack of weight issue and, then we go up to the farm straight up there. So. Another gazing road and you. Know they even the car now look at this awesome. Detail. On that absolutely. Amazing. Well. Just like the way when you're looking across look. Crossed over to the church like that, it's. Awesome. Proper. Job. Right. We go to sawmill we can't go to everywhere. Thinking. You just want to have a quick, look at there and see what's changed, so. We've got the sawmill. Just. At the bottom of the main drive I. Mean. This is all a bit different, you've, got a wood, chipper area and then our sour. Point for you you would. Know. Yeah nice. Nicely. Done. Right, so next I. Think. We will go down to the Empire stores, and. We. Do it a little time. That's whoa I might, have to change this vehicle, what's, going on I don't see, what. Is going on come on. So. I'll, see, you at Empire, stores momentarily. Let's go choco. And, here we are at the top of the hill well. Nearly at the top you, look down look, across the valley it's. Awesome, loving, it, over, to the farmer that you see the church there. It's. So lit up it. Looks proper. Very. Realistic. Now. This was a big file I had, to delete quite a few items to fill it was about 15 percent of the moderato. There's. Only on about 96. And, it. Was like no you're not having none of that. So. Here we are, Empire stores. There's. A liquid storage. Storage. Woman, of a liquid, by point. This. Is your. Renewal. Sale, point. And. All that steam coming off it's, pretty detailed in it.

That's. Pretty realistic that. And. Then you tip point. And. I still haven't find. Anywhere. To buy a seed, unless, you can buy seed from that same. It's. A mystery. Little. Green eyes going on there, right. Let's work our way up the, top of this road because. This is where you had all the. Different. Buildings, and. Yeah, it's all Cotswolds, down again. Looks, awesome, moody does. Proper. Job, let's. Have a good roommate. That's. Nice the way the trees are condensed on this map you there isn't loads of trees everywhere so you look across yeah we've got field, you've got beds full of trees there but where, this you, can see over to the right-hand side, there's nothing. Right. This is coming towards the end here so this is where you're gonna just stop. It's. Not I think you can get into that one field oh yes because, this is no you go all the way up to the top here don't you. Cuz. There's your entry. To your fields. 2120. And, we'll make our way over to, the stable. Yeah. Give it was a meander, I don't know what's going on with the zero gravity, see this is all right you turning it no, problem. Right, you can't go through trees. Obviously. As. You. Will get stuck. Now. I'm not sure we go through yep you can't go through there. As. Long as there's not any trees, or a fence, you will get through. So. Now we're coming up to the. Stables, bail, sell point and. This is a little far. Maze set, up on the left-hand side there. I love. All these little tracks going off the. Tracks rain the rain the fields. And. The. Classic. British. Country. Lanes very small, not. Another rutted at track going off down that way. So. We are now at. Well. We've got our horses here. And. Then you have there's. The exile. Point and the. Straw, sale point I think it is because it's the yet. Stables, Excel point state, was a all sale point and then we go to. So. They're going to buy your silage. Grass. Hay. Hay, and straw. And. Then. Obviously your, eggs and that's, your lot for them. And, then we got our horses, food. Trough I don't give them any food and, then. The water trough but it is quite, it was a quite, a big area there right in the field rather than, in. A enclosed, pend. Got. Dixie. And, we're not gonna take that because the animation is just crap. We're. In progress. I'll, just do love this map it, is, awesome, birdies. He's gonna be one of the one, of the best. Right, if we had Dane over. This way I can show you. Chickens. So. We got a chicken. Animal. Dealer, point and. Then. This. Is where year eggs are gonna arrive. From, and. The, food over here the, same again they're open in the field they're in a little bit of a field rather than you know in close kin, a bit more free-range. I suppose. We've. Got our transformer, substation. And. Then we got the proper rutted, up cracks. So, now we're at which, one was it it was the Oak Glen, farm, barn. Though. We have got fuel. You. Can buy your fuel here. And, then just slowly that because you pick you've also got your pigs over to other, sub look at Lee, and. The. Barn first there's the barn a sour point there.

And. There. Is the. Drop. Off for it as well because they obviously must do more. Yeah. They do a silage. Ass. Grass. Hay, and straw. And. That's, it so why have they got a. Why. Is this here them is this, storage. On that, your other farm because, when you go into there it shows you've got 100,000. The storage, of, each. Commodity available. At the moment. So. That's another little mystery, I can't remember I. Should. Have looked on oat field. 17. Before I have a look, on a pair never. Mind it, it, is a first look, we. Don't know everything it's, all brand new, that's. The beauty of it, so. We come round and we got our Pig, enclosure, same. Thing again a little bit bigger something. A bit different. And. Yet animal, dialogue, and, we'll. Be there. Then. Your food. Trough. This. One's your straw, and. Then. The water was, over. Yonder. There. Then, we haven't got boy, station, now. That finally I find one of the seed that's what makes me think that it is you, can buy everything from it I should. Have brought a trader and checked never. Mind. It's. Moving on we can't try and look, for, everything. Sorry. Sister, Cheltenham. The, locker said I've already had a little. Scoot. Around and. I. Know. This roads put. Too well and I, know it's not a exact. Replica. It's. Not meant to be it's meant to be sort of narrow enough I think. He was saying it's about 95 percent and yeah. As far as it is all, this bit is the same that roundabouts, the, middle is a bit big it. Used to be like that many years ago but. Not. Anymore it's, a lot smaller, brach, worth now. That's about, three miles from me so, yeah I'm about eight miles away. Glasstor. Whoa. There, it is gloucester m5. My. Hometown. Not. M5, gloucester, obviously. Right. We go on date oh I'll tell you what let's go do the, spinner. First. Not. Spinner. E7. Springs egg cell, point. Which, is right in the back here. There. We go, put. Them up on. Mutts. Yeah mana egg cell, point, now. It's time nothing wrong well mum went on about, seven, springs exile. Point and you see they've got it written. There they should have had the spinner II on the Seven Springs ones, but. At least they're not over the top of each other they might at times they're, over the top and you just can't see what is even if you deselect, them they're, on the same selection. So, you can't get rid of them. And. Then we've got all the other cell points are on, the right hand side here up, along with you. Got biogas, the shop now. This is all the same as it is real life we got the labor there with. The booty wagon, yours. They haven't got this new. Holland shop here. But. Yeah there's the shock your, body point and your, customisation. And. Then, we go over, to. Willow, Brook, stores. They. Were willow Brook stores is this, bit over here where it is combined, with BG. A really you've got the sell point and, they take most commodities and then, we got the spinner II a train, in the back. Which. Is nice to see a bit of wall there so you know what it is so, it was nice when they just write what it is as well, there's. A slurry point four-year, BGA, and. Your. Tip point for. BGA. And so. At the moment we are at the top left. Hand side of the map. Whereas. Before the. Fields, over to the right we had there a lot of walkers a lot, of Ramblers, in these parts, and. We. Got the council which is atlas. So. Yeah lots of lot. To me are you gonna rain. But. We won't go up there, leave. That for you to explore. But. All you know yeah pretty amazing map, I'm really, impressed. With it it's he's. Looking, pretty, pretty. Good now, I've been up to date on anyways series lady and this is one I did, want to do a series on. But, they have it. So. You do start off with a hundred grand as well and, there. Might you if you sold all your land you can have even, more money, it. Is, 1.2. Million. 1254. The. Was. It new farmer, I'll tell you what I'm so tired I just can't think at the moment for, the normal mode. And. Yeah that about covers, sort of Wow all our sale points. Basically. We get that we've done of all then, the shop no we haven't we, haven't been up, to. The animal dealer when I went along that road I was thinking there's, something out there really, is and yes, there is. See. You there in a minute. Right. Oh so. Here, is the last point, of interest, for us and. It. Is the animal dealer. Sure. This is all new, or. Being revamped while everything's, new is a new map it, might be an old map but it is a new map in FS. 19. And. You. Can see that all the different ones you actually own like I said these are all in the game so you can't get rid of them they, are there for, good. Part. Of this lot came but. Never mind. Right, so that about covers it full-out field farm, I, hope. You've enjoyed this, little insight. Into oat. Field and, I. Appreciate. If you give me a like that helps.

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