Oaxacan Mole Negro - THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!

Oaxacan Mole Negro - THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!

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There. Must be 30 different ingredients. In this molar recipe. Muy. Bueno I can tell you certainly there's. Nothing, like, this in. The world. Good. Morning I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Oaxaca, Mexico okay, hold on we've got to back up I need to tell you the full story so, at this point in the morning when I started this video I desperately, wanted, to eat some homemade, Oaxacan, molé an egg roll the, only problem, was I had, no clue yet how, it was going to happen our, full plan for the day was to number one hire, a van and driver for the day which we had already arranged. The night before so we can cross that one off the list number, two drive, to a local, Oaxacan, village number, three go, directly, to the fresh market and number, four walk, around and find a grandmother, or Aunty to cook us some Molay. From. Scratch. Yes. We were going to wing it and I knew very well the risk of failing the Oaxacan, molé a Negro mission was very likely but, sometimes, when you travel without a plan you end up having the most memorable. Experiences. Of your life. We're. Now in the van and we are on our way to a place called do deal and Olivier and that's, when things took a turn for the best. We're. Quickly stopping to get some gas but I just gotta fill you in what's happening when we started off today we had nut we didn't really have a plan of what we were gonna do we just wanted to go to TL Caitlyn then via and we wanted to find especially Molly because, they're known for molly around that region of oaxaca but. We were talking to the driver our van driver who's a awesome, guy and he. Mentioned, that he's actually from, a village which is very close to definitely, atitlan. Del Valle and he, called his mom he, asked if she could make Molly, for us and she, agreed, so. We're on our way we're all there stopping for gas right now but we're on our way to go pick up his mom then. We're gonna go to the market we're gonna buy all the ingredients for Molly and she's gonna home cook us mullet, this is gonna turn into a Oaxacan, food male adventure. Yes. This. Could not be a more perfect location. The house is beautiful the countryside, here is gorgeous the family, is so generous, and so inviting we're. On our way to the market now. The. Actual, town that we're in is called plac Oh Lula de matamoros and, this, is a Zapotec, a town so that's the that's, the culture that Missa tee okay, and we have just arrived to the market now. And we're stopping first to buy the chili small man so many different types of chilies that's a big bag of chilies right there. Were. Two they noise. Vegetable. Section now we're buying some some, Tomatoes some onions some. Peppers. Green. Tomatoes. And. They even put bread inside, Oaxacan, molé a. Yes. A. Bomb. Or a. Possible. Suspect. We're. Getting a full chicken to go with that more, less sauce. Her. Recipe uh. While. We're at the chicken stall we met the grandmother. Who is recipe. We'll be making its her mullet recipe, and she. She definitely, knows what she's doing when it comes to more that things just even got better. Yeah. My, scene since in a second a. Second pervert, gracias. Muchas. Gracias, cuando cuando customs, Cinco. Face fighting mice. This. Is called cafe, and it's a traditional, drink she uses there's corn in here and there is chocolate, I'm not sure what all else but as we were entering the market she was making it and she was whipping it up with our hands it was like a thick paste but, now she added more water so it's turned into a liquid. Beverage, but there's still some like chunkiness. On top, this is very interesting I got wait to try it. Hmm oh and. I asked her first with no sugar she said you could have sugar or no sugar however much sugar you want it's really good with no sugar it's you can taste the corn in there you can taste the chocolate, it's, a little bit starchy. It tastes like kind of a cross. Between a beverage, and a porridge. Which. Is. -. Yes. Okay. We made it back to the house it's, time to start cooking I. Wanted. To just explain that this entire area and this city is known for its. Zapotec, population. Which is the indigenous, people.

Of This region of Oaxaca, commonness, Oaxaca knows. She's. Getting started making the molle by just first starting off with the chiles those are pretty large chili-cheese emptying, out the seeds scraping out the seeds and in. The meantime. We. Have gotten lucky and she she, made without knowing, she made some some tamales and Lokoja Kineo, tamales, steamed. In corn husk let me empty this out, let. Me just break up this tamale, family date tamale the king, the. Chapel Oh Jeff. It is David. I'm. Not totally sure what that is you. Know. There's. A tub of salsa, that our driver by the way his name is Javier he said this is his favorite salsa that his mom makes and. He said it's big and it's spicy. I'm. Gonna add on some of this salsa he said it's spicy. Okay. Looks. Amazing. Oh. That's. Amazing it's it's corn but it's not it's, not like finely ground it's kind of course you can taste that unique vegetable in there it's, more like a herb I think you're, like a wild herb. It's. Delicious with that salsa oh it's, incredible it's. Also has a little bit spicy but just perfect with that time. Eyelashes. Yay. The rokkes, phonetic. The morning. That. First step of chilli is already we're moving into the kitchen now they're gonna light the fire, and we're, gonna get started cooking, this moly and they're making it purely, from scratch all, the raw ingredients are. The dried chilies the dry ingredients but. Everything is from scratch this. Is the, this. Is it's such a privilege to have this opportunity. So. She's roasting, the chilies now are just heating them over that coma which is the clay. Pan. Over, fire and they're, they're not spicy, topic. To me they almost have like a sweet, almost tomatoey, aroma, to them. If. The. So. She's roasting the chilies until for a few minutes until they shrivel up then they look like a kind of like a sure old piece of leather but. The aroma, coming out they're slightly charred, I'm already starting to sense that complexity. Of aromas, and flavors. That will be part of this male. What. Commissariat. Know. They can make. You. Kilo, de ciências bastante como, tres kilos, cuatro. Kilos Nascimento. Network. Honesty, McCamey, money. This. Is patent or do see a plaque. Are no macho macho. A dual. Thing it's. A plantain, banana she's a little bit sweet. I'm. Still. Unsure how all of this is gonna fit together, Chava can. I'm. In I'm, in drag. Okay. So for the almonds she, put in some oil into the clay pot and then she's just frying, the. Almonds. It's. Amazing. She. Just pulled the almonds out of the oil and now she dropped in the walnuts. I. Never. Would have guessed, the next ingredient in, this molar recipe, they're like kind of like cookie biscuits, and again she's just tossing them into the oil deep frying them just for about 10. Seconds or so that's an ingredient, I wasn't expecting. There's also bread, in the Millea and it's a special, type of bread there's some chocolate in the bread and. Something. Something. Else oh is, that gonna be fried too oh yes. Yes it is. As. The. Bread and as the ingredients are being fried and prepared, something. To know about Molay is that it's it's, one, it's a very very well known dish it's one of the ultimate dishes. Of Oaxaca as well as in Puebla and. They're. Mixed. Theories. Of how it was invented. Or how it came about, but. One. Thing is for sure is that it is a combination, of, both the local. Indigenous ingredients, and. Cooking, techniques. Combined. With, the, European. Colonial. Influence. To, create this truly unique blend. Of flavors and tastes. And it's. An incredibly. Complex. Dish, using. So many ingredients I mean if you were trying to even come up with a dish like this it would be impossible because there are so many random, ingredients, in it and it's such a complex, dish. Pimienta. This, is some type of pepper that I've never seen before, next. Spice is cloves going in.

This. Is when things are getting more and more complex when they're adding the spices now so now she's frying, some, cinnamon sticks and then, we also counted, out some. Some. Kind of peppercorns and then cloves there's, gonna be some sesame seeds that, go in. Close. And pepper. Pepper go in the oil. Oh. That's. Not a really good being stir-fried, in that oil. As. The ingredients are still being prepared for the molasses, where they're now preparing the chicken so. The chicken has all been cleaned and cut up and, she's, dead I think she's just boiling it straight up in water. Si, mucho, trabajo. Mola, is such a complex, dish and there's so many ingredients involved, and each each, ingredient you have to prepare separately, i and. It's very time intensive and. It's such a it, takes a lot of work to prepare and so it's such a it's. It's so cool to be able to watch the whole process and, just anticipate. The Moller that we're gonna be able to eat very soon. Plums. I, think. Sent up a plum dried plum and then deep-fried, also. Yes. They yell victory or loss. It's. Oregano, and some kind of other herb so basically, the. Chiles get, blackened. Or roasted, but everything, else is fried, in oil chicken is coming along nicely nice, and slow. Except. Should just tossed in some onions and garlic right, into the fire to. Roast. Its. White sesame seeds that also goes into the oil to fry, man. She has fried like. At, least like 15 ingredients so far. Separately. In the chicken pot after. Just boiling the chicken in water then she added in some onions and some garlic and. Also a type, of leaf called ojas antha and that's gonna create a chicken broth that they're also gonna use for, the male these are all of the ingredients, so far look at it's an entire bucket, of ingredients. The. Onions and garlic finished, roasting in the fire and then they're just peeling out that outer blackened. Glare and revealing. Just that juicy, flesh underneath and then for the tomatoes, there's. Two kinds of Tomatoes the green tomatoes and the red tomatoes and she's. Again just frying, it in the clay, pot for a little while. Nikrif. I pick up my hey that. Took about two hours to prepare everything, it's now time to start grinding everything. Together to make the sauce I. Love. The sound of that rock, on rock but. Then with the like squishing. Sound of those chilies in between the rocks and she's, such an expert and you can even smell you can really vibrantly, smell the aroma off those chilies in there to. The. Stone grinder like this is called I met that that it's very very, time-intensive, it. Would take hours and hours to grind up this, entire, bucket. Full. Of ingredients for the moley they're gonna take it to the market where they have a bigger grinder. Called a Molina. And. They're gonna grind everything, on that so it'll be a lot faster. So. It doesn't it would, probably take until tomorrow if they tried to grind all of that by hand and we don't have that much time so. They're gonna do that but, in the meantime we're gonna go to a waterfall. Which, is near to this area because then after that the paste it has to, cook. For a while and, then. We're gonna come back to eat this just sensational, moly. The. Drive to get here was gorgeous, we came, really, high into the mountains it's, the views the. Rugged, landscape is incredible. And we've, arrived here the place it's called here Vidal alwah it's, beautiful, here yo. It. Feels like you're on the edge of the earth here and this is where the water is bubbling but. The water is not hot it's just kind of like fizzing. It's just room temperature water. Do. We now hiked over to the main swimming, pools it's. Quite a unique landscape, it's almost like a moonscape. Those, are some pretty interesting, and very unique moonscapes, but. I am very, very hungry now my. Excitement. For eating mola is at an all-time high. Over. Here this is the paste and so, that was all wow you can smell, it so you can see the shimmering, oil on it. I'm. Just gonna taste the paste. For, walk, that's. Like unexplainable, it's almost like foamy, in texture. You. Can taste the spices the of the hint of clove the pepper in there. So. They already added the chocolate in there so we didn't see them add that but they added chocolate in there it's almost time.

See. It. Took, like, five hours to, make this male they made everything, from scratch starting with the Chili's there, must be 30 different ingredients. In this mother recipe, and what, I love is that the family they just kindly. Invited us into their house and into their compound, into their home like we are family here so what's interesting about mole is that they don't cook the chicken with in the sauce, but, rather the chicken is cooked separately and then the sauce is prepared, separately and then they combine the two for. The final process right before you eat it. Wow. Oh, well. I can. Tell you certainly, there's. Nothing, like, this in the, world it, is, it's. So unique it's. So. It's. Such like an impossible, mixture. Of ingredients you don't even know actually, and, it's true that they don't know exactly how more they was invented, it's like uh it's. A very mysterious. Amazing. Flavor you can taste the chocolate you can taste the chilies you can taste the nuts in there it has a nutty taste it's, it's, really rich, well. It's it's it's it's phenomenal, oh. This. Ah it's really all about the sauce but chicken is just like a is. Just the the. The second ingredient in this dish I have to taste the bite of chicken before I even move on to any any, carb form. Stunning. And. Again the sauce I mean, the, sauce is so incredibly flavorful that all it needs to do is coat the chicken it doesn't need to like permeate, into the center of the chicken I. Got. To get a bit more sauce though on there. That's, remarkable. You wanna be on Carlos, Internet has the male. On. It. Delicious. Unique. Special. Very. Different than, any more than I've tried before very, good. By. Oh a she she, refilled. My sauce. Mother. Sauce is just blowing my mind right now they've also made us a plate of chopped wiliness which are grasshoppers, and grasshoppers are, very very common in Oaxaca you'll.

Find Them at the market they. Said they get they harvest, these grasshoppers sometime, in November October, or November when, that's, grasshopper, season but then they save them all, so. They have a continual. Supply of, grasshoppers, throughout the year. Although, they're just and. Have to all. Have to an entire mouth full of grasshoppers, they're, kind of crunchy, they. Have I think. They're cooked with some salt and lime because the, flavor is amazing all, those are beautiful, I love, it Oh with, that sauce, moly. Couple. Venus oh yeah. Look at that. I'm. Gonna add on a little more, more. Than sauce onto this grasshopper. That's. An outstanding combination do I like it with the grasshoppers that gives it a crunch that, chicken just falls off the bone oh look, at that I'm, gonna add this to my rice and I've got one combination that I need to try I mean, I love it with the tortillas but with rice I mean. I am I am Asia and I love rice it's so good with rice. This. Sauce is just insane. Okay they. Also have, one, of mom's homemade, salsa cereal and I've seen Javier he, is adding some of the salsa to his mother so I'm gonna I'm gonna follow. Wow. There's. Nothing better than adding sauce to sauce okay. And then finally I got, to go in for some of those chopped woodiness, sprinkle. Those on top. Well. Let. Me add one more grasshopper. For, the final topping and there. It is that is possibly, the greatest, single, bite of male in the. Entire world. And that, completes, the Moller. That. Was an absolutely, stunning, meal, I'll. Have any grasshoppers, stuck in my teeth I don't. Think so I just have a chocolate mustache a molar, mustache, oh man. That was so. Incredibly. Good. I love. The moly I love. This entire experience. And when we set off this morning we had no idea what we were gonna do actually we had we didn't have plans all we wanted to do was eat but, wanted to find and search out some of the best mullet and it, was an incredible, success, but. Thanks to the family here I want to say a huge thank you to Xavier who is our driver because. He graciously. Thought. Of this idea and then he called his mom his mom agreed, and they, graciously invited, us into their home which is it's. Incredible, I've said it many times before but this is another, one, of those experiences, that is worth traveling, across the world there's, nothing, like an experience, like this when.

It Comes to food and travel and I'm, extremely grateful to have this opportunity so, again huge thank you to the family we're, all very happy and full of more than now and we're they're gonna give us some of that mall that pays to bring home with us ok I'm, gonna before, I, am. A little bit under the influence of mullet right now so I'm gonna quit talking and I, want to say a huge thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below if you're not already subscribed click. Subscribe now I'm gonna be sharing lots more videos like this and food tours and travel videos, and. Also click that little bell icon so that you don't miss the next video that I publish thank, you so much for watching and I will see you on the next video.

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Love it... I remember watching this channel when it was below 200k subscribers.  1.6M subs now and still growing!   Good job!  Mark Wiens got true passion for food.

go to Poland

Hey Mark, the large peppercorns were pimento peppercorns, usually called cloves pepper or pimento. :) Take care, I love your Videos!! Please show a bit more of Micah, she is soooo adorable! My son turned 2 last month

Wow what an experience Mark that was awesome thanks for sharing

Mothers are God sent. the love that went into this is so tangible it has me crying because I miss my mum. And the kindness! OMG the kindness this family has will see them blessed forever. loved this episode to bits.

Have'nt even finished the video yet and i'm loving it alot. Thanks!!

Deve ser uma delícia

Cooked with love, second to none

thks to go the ingenous Mexican food to world cooking with beautiful people from Oaxaca Mexique

Hye Mark.where is your origin actually?

I love mole, my family prepares differently because I’m from Chihuahua, so proud to see my country being so welcoming & nice.

this time the story format is very different from any other previous works, i like this more as there is excitement building up to it instead of the regular predictable patterns. the word 'serendipity' comes to my mind watching this story. two big thumps up. I wish u did drone footage at the fall, no worries

"That's Re-MARK-able"

Mark’s videos make you forget that there’s any bad in the world. You can watch them and get lost in the pure joy that is love for people, culture and food.

Plllzzz we really want that u come to Pakistan.... I hope u will consider our request...

Mark plzzz plzzz come into Pakistan..... U will really enjoy food here.... Pakistan have some amazing and traditional food stuff.... And u'll really like it..... Plzz plzz, try to come Pakistan...

Great video as always Mark. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome personality as well.

mole mania

Am asian rice is everything hehehe

You complain too much

mole + rice + salsa + grasshoppers = wowww Mexico is such a great place to visit

Favorite episode....by far.

always good to have a "Mother" besides you, she can handle everything.

Wooo indigenous peoples

Good to see tradition carrying on ❤️❤️

My Mexican coworkers laughed at me when I said I wanted some grasshoppers tacos, I guess they don't know what they 're missing out. Good Lord, that mole is insanely like a work of art .. Viva Mecico

Mark Wiens hey bro you should definitely travel and do a video of my hometown Acapulco Guerrero Mexico, they have delicious cuisine and the seafood is the best of the whole of Mexico, plus you will next to the beautiful beach while eating the best sea food in Mexico, the people are amazingly nice and caring as well, maybe you won't reply to my comment but I know you get the notification and at least take my advice in consideration and while you're in Mexico give it a try before you leave, you will have the best time of your life bro do it for us that live in the U.S. and can't go to Mexico, my mother watches your videos with me and whay better present for her would be if you do a video of her hometown, you should do visit Acapulco ad your last video before you leave Mexico to put the cherry on the top of the cake.

Loved loved loved this!!! I'm so happy you got to try out Mole Negro Oaxaqueño

Lovely Mexican family! ;)

Que rrrrrrriiiicoooo I want mole too What a great family they made the mole just like my gramma and mom used to make it we would go to MX every summer Mole is Bomb Thanks for sharing just suscribed to ur channel I love your happy and positive attitude Vivaaa Mexiicoo Cabronesss♥️

Congrats on another fantastic video Mark! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. Cheers

This lady was awesome. Gracias señora Augelia (?) por su hospitalidad.

One of the best videos of your entire channel! Just wow!

btw I hope the lady and her husband got to eat plenty of that mole too!

Well, you had me until you started eating those bugs ! Ewwwww! Yucky !

This is the most complex food preparation I have ever seen.

I'm so made I'm fasting otherwise I'd make homemade mole, that grinding process is very labor intensive. I remember doing that as a child in my family's restaurant, I miss home cooked meals like thatm.

Amazing love home cooked meals the best.....

Glad to see u had the opportunity to get such a traditional experience of mole, u also have to taste mole verde, it's not sweet at all it's actually pretty spicy and also has many ingredients. Also try to find salsa de chapulines (grasshopper sauce) delicious with a simple tortilla o and d'Or desert u HAVE TO TRY chongos zamoranos it's best in ice cream, I love it but I don't really know what it is, it's something made out of milk like a cheese but a dessert! Hope u love all of our food

Hello good video just a little correction they where pecans not walnuts the lady threw in the oil.

Hey Mark! Are you coming to Mexico City__

cmonBruh chu say?

I will have to find place and eat some mole asap .

That is our people and our country. Thank you, Mark

wow... what a great experience you got there mark wiens! not only the food, places but the people... it's a very worth it trip to get to socialize with local people. The family is very hospitable that's great aaaw :)

Love this!!! There’s always kind people everywhere! ❤️

This way of presenting is amazing. Loved the episode..

Now i want some mole

Looks like poop...

Looks so Delicious!!! Lucky you!

That looked so delicious, I’ve never been more jealous of any food travel YouTubed than I am now

I love those old fire ways of cooking.

You are living my dream. I love watching you, the food ranger, and strictly dumplings. It has always been my dream to travel and immerse myself in other cultures and eat the food unfortunately it costs money but threw you guys I get glimpses into that life. I also love how into the foods you are I share your passion for good food and it's wonderful seeing people with the same passion. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

Should be spelt more like Cafe', Mole'? maybe?


the only thing is not traditional is the cookies, they are an ad on by her own, but im sure it was just as good.

ln the mole preparation.

Nothing beats mom's cooking! That mole looks so good, I would've paid a hefty price just to taste a home cooked meal.

Simply beautiful!!

Brother, I am green! I've only had mole' twice in my life! And my daughter went to culinary school in Pasadena, who came home to Ohio and made it for us once. The other time, I think? was a Mexican restaurant??? Been far too long! I need another mole' fix!!!

Holy Moli


Looks like rendang

I love mole... you guys are so lucky to have that deliciousness of homemade mole! Ole!!!

Oh Mark, I love your vids and the mole was mouth watering until you ate the grasshoppers...

Omg so exciting, I love these food adventures so so so much

Absolutely great! Have you asked for the Recipe of the home made salsa?

Wait until you go to Mexico City!!! The food is outstanding!!!!!

Ur just unbelievable how can u learn languages quickly

I earlier was in an assumption that only Asian recipes have full spices & different ingredients. This Mole negro convinced me that Mexican recipes too have ample of spices & ingredients. Hats off ; Mark ! For sharing such a recipe :)

I am so ridiculously envious of you. That looks to me to be the best thing you’ve eaten, hands down. It’s also the first time I’ve ever actually desired to eat an insect. Amazing Mark and thank you Mama. If she could bottle that she’d be a rich woman.

Been watching Mark for a few years now and you can tell when he doesn't like something but says it's nice to be respectful. He does this fake "mmmmmm" and has his eyes wide open then goes straight to the point on how it tastes 6:50. Hilarious! Keep up the good work!


Wow!!!!Now I wanna go to Mexico

Wow ..mole...look really good .great job mark

Mark thank you for all that you do!!!  Really man you are an inspiration!  You even sound a bit under the weather but still push on with an amazing amount of hustle bro!  I can only hope to be as spiritually successful as you are.  You work from the heart and that is the most inspirational thing that you have given me.  ~Much love to you, Mika and Ying.❤️❤️❤️


I was going to ask where the chocolate was.

That looks so good! I love mole.

Now I'm craving mole and those grasshoppers look delicious!!

That looks so delicious.

Beautiful people Indeed and that mole is something so special to watch

Nothing better than adding sauce to sauce. - sure right mark sure right bout that.

I love this.

28:59... there is your real thumbnail

More quality than food ranger ahahaha

14:30 Pretty sure that is allspice

JAJAJ tipica mama mexicana, ''me hubieras dicho con tiempo eh ir a comprar los ingredientes....pero como no me dijiste'' jajaj

Te acabas de ganar el cielo Mark. Saludos desde Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Mark your just amazing. I live to watch your videos. Every time i watch your new videos i am more excited for the next one.

Do you know Spanish?

That's waaay too much work...

It is but typically you should end up with lots of paste that you can keep using for a long time you see all that paste left? no doubt this lady will be eating mole for a while!

Looks extremely delicious

Mark weins can eat anything without saying "NO" even with his heart ♥ Love his dedication!!

This guy right here is the most likable guy in the World, who would dislike his videos ?

I wanna go in that pool so bad

Okay you lost me with the grasshoppers

is this a casey neistat homage? anyway amazing video good job!

after watching all the Mexican travel adventure videos, its actually a nice place to visit..mic work Mark.

Mark you and your family are so amazing! I love the way your editing and putting together, you should have your own show on TV ! Honestly so entertaining and educational and real! Sending you love from BOSTON!

That chupaline is the cherry on top

He is totally me. Like combining all of the food together

Wow! Such kind people! Amazing experience!

GGX GANG GANG TriHard 7 The name of the plate Is Mole Negro... Negro is the color black hence the Chiles used in the recipe nothing to do with the African Americans, Moreno is the word used for a darker skin color. Not offensive. Plus the pronunciation is different.

And not only that but every FAMILY has their own way of making it

Volkan Kizilkaya Every region has their own way of making it.

ì hate you Mark......but i love you.... the mole is stuck in my head!!!!

Would have loved to see the molina process

You make me want to try grasshoppers

Awesome video yet again Mark! There can’t be anything better than experiencing this kind of food from its origin! It’s been many years since I last visited Mexico City.. the people there are truly warm and friendly! Please don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the best tacos in Old Town section of Mexico City.. Did you feel safe driving around town though?

Omg takes me back I actually tasted what you are eating I'm from tlacolula Like this episode

How does this guy's face not cramp up from smiling 24/7?

I am Iraqi and I love rice too :)

2:55........is a good thing "Los Zetas" are interested in the village!!!, or you would be up the $hit creek without a paddle!!

I would love to have a mole experience like that!!!!! Your face is so expressive also! So cool.

Mark. Mark, Mark......please do not mess up the mole. The mole looks awesome by itself doesn't need grasshopper in it. I am Asian and grasshopper looks disgusting, but I also know it is a part of other country's delicacy. But don't mess up the mole please.......

How many language do you know? Its amazingv

muchas gracias Mark por haber venido a nuesto pais es un honor haberte visto en nuestro pais por este medio gracias me gustan un chingo tus videos y me abren el apetito jajajaj hahahaha gracias amigooooo

Mark, Amazing video!!! Made feel just like home. Making miss my Mexico Lindo

I love the moleeee lol

Hi I like your video go try pulque at las palmas

.. the traditional Mexican dish for mole has always been the Poblano one, with turkey.. my favorite. Mole is a delicious dish. Lots of ingredients and hard work. You're lucky to have good friends willing to prepare it for you.

Haahahahahahahahahajajajaauauauauaua pa que vea lo que es Weno!!

6:53 (Oh God the sh** I eat for my channel...) "Mmmmm"

Fantastic video yet again Mark! I have to say, it's a pretty interesting experience watching a recipe being made that looks amazing and yet having no idea whatsoever what it tastes like. I've never been to Mexico, and Mexican food is not really available where I live so I can't even begin to imagine what the flavours combined in that sauce would be like. I guess that's one more country on the list to visit..

So lucky!

Mark: that 'pepper' is a pimento(n)/pimenta(grande) or Allspice. It resembles a large pepeppercorn but tastes of a mixture of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon.

I jal trpaš oće ti oči ispast

Bro you make me want to go travel with you

Wonderful video Mark. Not only do I get to view a favorite dish of mine but rarely get to experience as I live in Cincinnati but just to see the local culture was amazing. Thanks - great work here.

Except the grasshopper part, everthing looks awesome

Mexicans are spoilt for choice in ingredients I wish I could have a sack of each

There are hundreds of mole recipes (sweet, salty, spicy, all colors and no, they don't all have chocolate) depending on location and available ingredients, there are also many recipes online on how to make. Mole means a sauce made from a combinations of chiles and spices and then thickened, sometimes using tortillas or masa but you can also use other things like peanut butter, bananas, etc. as natural thickeners if you want another flavor. It's not hard to make just takes many ingredients processing them as you go. Try it, you'll love it.

Also, for anyone unfamiliar with mole DON’T wear white because that stain will never come out.

Me encanta mamasita mexicana

That is so much work, I got tired just watching them cook...whew

What an adventure. Travel done right.

Allspice. That was allspice.

I can't believe some people want to build walls to keep these people out. I'd love to taste that molé.

pasas...raisins...the other ingredient in the bread...so it was a chocolate-raisin bread

What truly beautiful people to do that for you guys! Lovely mother indeed. I must try traditional molé one day.

really great production value in this one

omggggg I want mole now .... I looooved this video

That sauce together with the rice looked incredible. Real comfort food. Thanks for sharing.

Man, you are making me hungry.......but nowhere to find Mole:-(

Wow! Thanks for that! When life gets me down and I'm mad at the world. I have found some refuge and relief in your kindness and overall positive personality. The fact that your truly as happy and excited as you are just spreads to everyone around you Mark. I've only discovered you in the last few months and I look forward to every moment that you share with us. Bless your heart buddy. Your one of a kind.

What a nice and generous family. I now need to try some mole sauce for myself something I've never had.

The green tomatoes are actually tomatillos a relative of the gooseberry

One of you best Mark. The quality of your videos just keeps getting better and better!

Hi mark I'm one of your first 35k subscribers and I think I have already watched 96% of your videos ?and until now i dont see any reason to stop on watching.Food, travel, and culture these are the things that completely satisfies me a lot when I'm watching your videos. Great Job! How much for the cap? I always wish I could have one.

My favorite episode :-)

I love the new video style!

Wish our wet market here in the Philippinee is similar to Mexico, looks very neat and clean and the food is assuring that it does not sell fake or double dead food

Love mole thanks for the video mark

I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide the translations for the Spanish (at markets & with the family), as Mark doesn't directly translate a lot of what is said, and here in Australia we don't learn Spanish as a second language ☹❤

Hi Mark! Trevor James was there too. Have you not bumped each other? You almost ate the same thing. I miss your colab Vlog

But Trevor ate Mole from the market.

Mark, I love your show but when you went to the drivers house so they can make you mole and then you panned to the emaciated dog I couldn't watch anymore... not sure if I can watch your show again... I am an animal lover and to walk away from a dog with those ribs showing is a shame.


Have your mole with a tortilla, mix in some aroz and an ice cold bottle coke. Welcome to Mexico!

Mole has no Spanish colonial influences at all, it's a prehispanic dish. Each state or area of Mexico has their own version, color and favored tastes, protein, etc. There are hundreds of different moles to be discovered.

Love the preparation vidoe. Best video!

Mark, this is really an awesome experience...

That peppercorn thing around 15:00 minutes may be allspice!

What a beautiful experience :)

I love the mum and dad's kitchen harmony. That mole looked amazing!!!!

Mark Wiens when u said you were going to Teotitlan del valle I was so damn exited that's my home town I haven't been there in like 26 years but then you changed it up on me Anyways great video keep them coming

Considering that Xavier told his mom on a really short notice (lmao), it's really heartwarming to see how everyone work together to prepare a tedious meal with such sincerity and love. Immense respect for the Mexican people. (:

And Mole will be in my list of Things to Try Before I Die

Mark, thank you so much for recording the process of making Mole! My mother and grandmother make it a little bit different but both do definitely have their complexity when it comes to its flavor. Love your video! Keep it up. #Subscribed

laughing in foreign language I'm dead HAHA!!!

Tbh, it looked like he didn't really like it.


Wow that was eye most amazing looking food ever. Wish I was ther to try it.

These videos make me so emotional!

I want you in Brazil Mark Please go to Brazil

I had to comment again, because the way you are so respectful and embrace Mexican culture without hesitation, makes me so happy. Thank you again for the great video.

Another great video. Thank you for embracing my Mexican culture. It makes me feel so good seeing others enjoy everything Mexico has to offer.

This is the best satisfying vedio i have ever seen in my entire life

What can I Mark accept awesome my man keep up the good work

An amazing video! What a great family!

Food Ranger is also in Oaxaca, you guys should do a collab!

Interesting the Oaxacan Mole Negro. Great one Mark and Ying.

I love u

Mark, where to even begin. I've watched dozens of your videos, and this is by far my favorite. It's really one of my favorite videos of any type that I've seen for years. I'm a huge fan of mole, and I'm now in a state of jealousy bordering on envy toward your adventure in Oaxaca. I've made several from-scratch batches of mole, and they have turned out wonderfully, but the deep, glossy mole your Oaxacan friends made for you is truly special. I can only imagine the taste. It looks luxurious. One small story, I set out to make my first batch of mole several years ago, and went to a local Mexican grocery here in Athens, GA. I had many of the necessary ingredients in my basket, but a lady (an "auntie" as you say) stopped me in the aisle. She could not speak English well, but with my rudimentary Spanish, I let her know what I was up to. She was very pleased with the ingredients I had chosen, but she went off and came back with a sleeve of the Mexican "shortbread" style cookies that you noted in your video. My moles have changed over the years as I've tried different recipes, but the Mexican cookies have always been my "secret" ingredient. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Holy Mole! What a great episode :)

Not sure why, I don't like husband & wife Mark travel with! Especially wife when asked how the food, she was so pretentious !!@###@! Maybe "delicious" is the only English word she can say !!!!

The drone and hand held camerawork made this real for me. One of your better productions.

Por favor mark para la gente latina traducelo al español muy buenos videos de la gastronomía mexicana y los estados plis



7:45 what a rare treat to catch a glimpse of the fabled annual Running of the Goats festival.

great video, one of the best

My mouth is watering so bad ! Thank you mark for letting us follow you through this wonderful adventure! Mexico has such humble people they make you feel at home❤️

my grandma would take two days to make mole this video brings me so many memories thank you

people in the US dont see us like this they think we are all drug dealers etc...

Such a cooool experience! Loved this video!

i've never had mole in my life. GOALS!

Mark, thank you again. Just Amazing!

Mark felt like an Aztec o Zapotec King

This video makes me want to book a fight to Mexico. I really love how authentic and down to earth you are. Sending many blessing to your family Mark!!

Awesome editing!!

Did you come together with The Food Ranger? Cause i know he was/is there now?

Every of Mark's adventure is not just food trip but a cultural link that connect different parts of the world together. No big media name, no big film crew, just a big heart, probably a big stomach, for food and a warm kindness for every body he meets. Thanks Mark !

This guy is blessed :)

Mark you got lucky to have such a great dish prepared for you. Mole is one of the most labor intensive dishes and is so complex. If its made by scratch and depending where you have it, the ingredients can vary. In the end, the taste of mole is just so delicious it leaves you in awe that so many ingredients were used to create such wonderful dish. It is one of my most favorite meals to eat and would like to take the time to learn how to make it myself. Thanks for posting this video. I really enjoyed watching it and your adventure with such a hospitable family and how well they welcomed you into their home. Your friendly kind hearted nature is very wonderful to see and watching you, watching them create this dish for you was nice to see. Thank you and God Bless you on your food travels.

Do you know Spanish? Or learn for this trip??

This is an amazing video Mark. Do you know there are like a twenty kinds of mole? :)

Mole poblano is better...... Just kidding........ This video is Amazing..... Thank you for make this kind of videos Mr. Mark wiens....... You're Always Welcome to Mexico...........!!

even if she gave her son a bit of a hard time (as all mothers do) I'm not surprised at how kind they are, its so nice to see such sweetness from people unlike how others are nowadays. I've tried Mole once and I didn't like it all that much, it was gritty and tasted almost like dirt, I'd love to try it again some day because this looked delicious.

Looks delicious mmmm

I love the respect you show the locals and how open you are to trying new things! I Subscribed!!

Mark you suppose to remove the legs from the chapuling before eating it lol

This is Absolutely Perfect up until those grasshoppers!! NO! Just Chicken and Mole please!!! }; )~

this man is insane

I think that pepper might be allspice.

I wish I could experience this Mole in ATL, GA. with such a large Latino population.

Beautiful video!! Getting better as the years go by. Blessings to your family specially Micah who is growing so fast.

WOW. Now I understand why are Latino families are so so close. It take a family to make a meal. As a senior I remember those days in our family. This bring me to tears. Thanks Mark.

going to cook Mole tomorrow. (I have only 4 chillies Mulatos) So Will have downscale quite a bit.

I love how the entire family pitched in to help! Viva La Oxaca!!!

This video just made me miss my grandma

I'm 50% from Oaxaca and This is the real thing!

'some kind of peppercorn' = allspice.

That small round pepper is a type of spice which you find only in the Caribbean and South America it is called pimento they uses it as a special type of spice especially here in Jamaica

The pure joy in Marks eye as these lovely ladies are preparing the Mole is fantastic.

That was Beautiful!

The chicken with Mole sauce is my all time favorite. I knew the process was detailed and intense, but now after watching this video, I have an even deeper appreciation for it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Lmao "you should've told me they were coming. I could've bought all the ingredients yesterday"

30:34 Yep , Under the Influnce of Mole !

Anyone one know the song or banda playing when he leaves the moonscapes @ 21:40

Amasing Video !

As a Texan, I have many friends that are both from Mexico, and many who are the descendants of Mexican immigrants. I've never met a kinder, more family-oriented bunch. Mark, this is a stellar video. Thanks for posting it! The food looks amazing, and the people are even more amazing!

Hi I'm a new subscriber, I'm Oaxacan but Iive in the USA , good video by the way!

A dirty Sanchez...

I appreciate you daring heart...

Lucky guy

Oh hi Mark!

Rice mole rice but noo beans

Best video ever

nomames quien fuera tu para comer tan rico

se ve muy rico ese mole

Your videos are so informative and a delight to watch! I've made mole before and it takes some work, but, it is so well worth it, as you know! What a kind and wonderful family!

Orgasm face in mexico

14:34 It is Allspice.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allspice - its a great addition to every spice rack :)

Te Amo México!❤

Here in the US ,people think you need these huge ,elaborate kitchens...this is proof that the magic is in the tradition,not the equipment!

Well done that’s the way todo it. This is the only way to experience the real ethnic food from mother’s heart accompanied by family. That’s what Mexican culture advocates.

One of the best episodes ever!

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food ranger is cool but TBH mark gets its so much better....

Mexico could be the next a must travel destination in the very very near future.


I've always wanted to try mole...and this is the mole I really want to try.!!!..Such a humble and beautiful family too... The mother's mole looks out of this world!..it's probably the BEST mole mark would ever have the experience to taste

That was an amazing looking mole Mark - WAUW!! - I would love to taste that someday - very sure one of the things you have to try if you love food :)

I'm from México City and duuude, you're so lucky and privileged to have this done from scratch, most of us just buy the mole paste from the market, mix it with a little bit of chicken stock and you can have good mole... but this, wow. Great video, as always!

Quiero Mole!

Yes you Right .Mark Wiens when you say its wild herbs chipil is a wild herbs .

Mark thanks for sharing your experience what a blessing..I try to make Oaxaca mole but mine can never compare.

Mark, no olvides que cada ciudad de éste hermoso país tiene especialidades típicas. Ojalá tengas tiempo de conocer muchos lugares ricos. Bienvenido a mi país, México.

Absolutely loved everything about this video!!! It just makes my heart burst with pride to see our heritage and customs showcased through their core, which is the people. Gracias Mark por compartir esta experiencia con todos nosotros!!!

MARK! You inspire me! I recently graduated from Arizona State and live in Phoenix ! The only difference between me and you is that I’m from Oaxaca and was born in Tlacolula !! Thank you for doing this video ! I hope to meet you someday(:

Mark, anímate a venir al estado de Puebla (MX), y probar la riqueza culinaria que va desde una cemita, hasta el chile en nogada, pasando por los tacos árabes y el verdadero mole. :D

Apa mungkin kfc chicken yg cokelat awalnya dr resep ini?

Wow Im so proud to be mexican :D ive never been to oaxaca, but wow oaxacans are a very humble and friendly people. What a treat.

how could you eat everything??

I can't even imagine what that tastes like. Never seen such a delicacy.

There is not two kinds of tomatoes the red ones are called jitomate 100%mexican originally and the green ones are called tomate.100%mexican originally and the reen small is called tomatillo or tomatillo de monte.

The "Chepil" or "Chipilin" from the tamales is this plant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crotalaria_longirostrata

Chile poblano dry is called chile ancho.is almost like mole poblano.

I've been watching you in 1.5x speed for so long when I listen to you normally it's such a crazy difference!

"Tejate" ¡hace tanto que no lo bebo! Mi bebida natural tradicional favorita

i want to go on a holiday with Mark Wiens and his wife.

Awesome video!!! and that's how Mole should be finished, you gotta clean the plate completely with the tortilla. Get every ounce of that amazing sauce

Wow, that's alot of ingredients. Totally unexpected ! Lovely, lovely scenery also.

OMG I'm so jealous, I really miss the food so much! What a great Vid!

I haven't had chapulines in so long! I miss them.

Chepil is the green herb in the tamal.

My grandma also makes traditional Puebla mole from scratch. I seen her countless times make it. Some how I smelled the ingredients when I watched them getting fried! What a coincidence that I had mole enchiladas a couple hours ago!!

Increíbles tus vídeos!!! Increíbles!!!!!!!!! Eres el mejor!!!!

I think is very interesting how foreign people surprise because in Mexico we make food "from scratch", that´s the rule. In modern time is weird to see someone making food with ingredients from a can.

I, like a good mexican, love mole, but Oxacan home made mole is out of this world!! Thanks for coming to México and show our superb cusine to the world!! You are welcome here anytime you want to eat wonderful food!!!

The number 4 so easy because you in Mexico this means family...

Truly blessed to have family close like this.. Home made food everynight. I love mum granmas and Auntys who cook like home.

Use to help my mama make mole. She used to fry all those ingredientes in one pan. I learn today that platano macho can be added. If the mole turn too liquid, she add pan molido (toasted-crumble bread)


I haven't even made it through the whole vid and I had to comment on how special this Woman making the mole is.

Love the drone shots! Such a beautiful place!

i love mole

loved it !

That grasshoppers look so good

please visit the state of tlaxcala also have good food

Hi Mark, Love your food adventures around the globe!!! I'm surprise to learn from this video that you're Asian. Specifically? Anyhow, keep up the good work. Enjoy watching your videos. Bless you and your family. Thank you.

Good food nice atmosphere and great family.. I love Mexico!


Javier`s family is awesome. Such warm and generous people . My heart is filled with joy watching this video. Thank you Mark for a wonderful and extremely positive feeling you gave me by sharing this video with us.

and that's the reason why Mexican cuisne is an intangible heritage of humanity

Great video. I remember eating mole in Oaxaca in 2009. A great experience and such sweet people. Viva Mexico.


He said he is asian, but i don’t see any asian looking face

Que rico

Made the original way

Great video Mark!!! It is always a pleasure to watch your work...

My blood. Oaxacan food is the best. I miss Oaxaca all the way from NYC!

Hermosa Señora cocinera, Dios la bendiga.

This video is over the top! I love it so much. When the sprinkling of grasshoppers begins at 27:42 it's surreal from there on out!


*Beautiful video*

Your spanish pronunciation is very good!

Chocolate and raisins in the bread


i love how the family takes effort. what a lovely family. godbless :)

This sauce looks so insane.

another level of moole!

Mark, I am pretty sure those green tomato were tomatillo. Not the same thing. Also the large peppercorns were probably allspice.

In my family, we have mole with dry soup (sopa seca).

Mole is my favorite

(How the mom is scolding the son while driving the van)...

I think the "pepper" they're putting into the mole is whole allspice. Looks like it anyway.


Micah is enjoying the wheelbarrow!

What an awesome experience, you were so lucky to have the driver have his mom cook such a traditional meal for you and your family.  Love the cultural touches, and traditional foods does take time, and to make. Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for sharing us this experience! Its always wonderfull to see you enjoy the food and its make me smile all the time. Also i love all you're videos been watching it nonstop. Thanks for everything and wish you the best my friend.

I can't watch any other food reviewer the same amount as how much I've watched mark.

Me encanta tu visita a Mexico

Thanks for came to visit México Mark.. Im happy that you like the mexican food. And also you can find nice people every where.God bless you and your family...

I love this! I know many people make mole a simple way because it's such a long process but I'm really happy you were able to experience the full on mole style. Reminded me of my grandma and mom!

I love they way you enjoy our food muy friend. I just love they faces they smile and they words that you said when taste our mexican food . Te ganaste mi suscripción y like. Saludos

Thats Truth...he looks si honest

Wow, amazing video, thank you Mark, I am going to Oaxaca in ten days from Beijing! So excited when watching your video ;)

He said "we were going to wing it"

holleh mole!!!!

Mole is my favorite food in the world.

Best show !!!!! Real Mexican food and hospitality!!!! Food made with love and enthusiasm thank you!

Love it

What did the guy tell him at 7:20

This video is a wonderful piece of art and culture! it's simply Fantastic!!!

Que ricoooo...yo quiero Moleee!!

My grandmom use pan amarillo ( she is from Etla) and she toast or roast some ingredients. And an Herb that honestly i don't now how to find is called almoraduz

Imagine after all that work it ends up being disgusting haha

Most satisfying video to watch!

I luv you Mark, You are so humble and courteous and gets right down on the ground with the local people. Appreciate your sharing! I luv your warm smile too!

That looks fantastic

Does he ever not like a food?

Tejate it's a drink of zapotecas gods

I can watch you travel and eat all this cuisine all day long!!!

Your videos are amazing!! thanks for sharing.

Mark, how lucky you guys are to meet this generous family. There hospitality are amazing. THANK YOU for sharing this video.

Love your videos ❤️

This is so beautiful authentic. Love it! I used to travel so much and I missed it so much. Wonderful people this are.

Oh yes my Mexican mole ... my Grandma was from Oaxaca and she used to make it from scratch too ... my wife is from New York and she loves when I cook Mexican food . Mark you should try the (pulque) Pulque About this sound ['pulke] (occasionally referred to as agave wine[citation needed]) is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. It is traditional to central Mexico, where it has been produced for millennia. It has the color of milk, somewhat viscous consistency and a sour yeast-like taste.

LOL I was good, till I saw the hoppers goin in the mix

Those walnuts look just like pecans.

wow , Amazing.....!

I really love this aerial footage?

Bienvenido a México Mark!!! / Welcome to Mexico Mark!!!

I love your videos this mole video is amazing you captured the most important thing family and food god bless you and your family keep up the good work

One of my favorite videos from Mark Weins. Feeling very proud of mexican cuisine and my mexican people. The lady did an awesome job cooking that authentic mole negro. Blessings.

Have you ever gotten sick from something you have eaten

You are amazing and love how things at your age still amazing you. You are very humble man.

Esta es la verdadero gente México, ricura un sus comidas, viva México!! Y las mejores comidas de las abuelas

the bread had chocolate and raisins!(:

I love how friendly and welcoming they are

21:51 they had the goats legs tied while herding them ...L's

I just recently discovered your videos and love them! Keep making amazing videos and stay well!

This is an especially amazing video :D thank you for sharing that experience.


He speaks spanish?

NOOOOOOO @ 27:37 NOT!!!! You LOST me when you started garnishing everything with cock roaches!!! Grasshopper, cock Roach what's the difference?

AmaZing!I'm sharing this on FB with my friends here in Nashville Tn, who are from Oaxaca in the hope that one of them can whip me up a batch!

Ohhw man best video so far. THANK YOU!

*Oh, Look at that..*

Great job. Your videos just get better and better. I enjoy every single one in Mexico you’ve made so far

Best dish I have ever seen in any food channel.. Thanks

How lucky were you all to be able to experience such authentic Mexican Mole and share it with beautiful local family ! Priceless

Not the insects yukkkkkkkkkk

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm We love you so much your a lovely sweet man I could queeze your cheeks

wonderful place

Wow am so going to Mexico for my honeymoon,wow so precious

hey mark how you are so fit despite having so unhealthy food...

I’m from Oaxaca and not comment,hands down ❤️❤️ Oaxaqueño so proud

The only issue about him is He has not table maners .

I love what you do

Love the way you enjoy every bite!!! Thank you for loving ourmexican food

You are so lucky! What a beatiful experience :) i love how you show us the people, the travel and the food, in all the places that you visit here in México. I hope you'll make this tipe of videos for a very Long time. Blessings!

I'm so glad I didn't miss this! I now know what goes into mole! I love what there mole I've tasted but this you have shared in this video looks really really delicious! I don't think I could bring myself to eat bugs but maybe..... Thank you so much for sharing!

Wow, great video

I have running to pick up same tacos

Hang on.. those bananas look so good and yellow the bananas we have is almost white

No manches, la gente que menos tiene es la que mas da, neta que chingona es la gente de mi país.

God bless you.

Omg I just can't believe how humble you are mark you are such a great inspiration for me to become and treasure more what I have lots of love

Esto es México

The lady added epazote with the oregano. Epazote is easy to find in the states along the border, it grows wild. IF you find it, use only a small amount as you might over season easily. The "green tomatoes" were not tomatoes, they were tomatillos. Tomatillos are a type of goose berry with a citrus flavor they also make the sauce smooth. Pronounced tOH mah tee OHS. Grinding on the molina at the market cannot be substituted, some flavor is picked up from the 40 previous moles that went thru the grind stone. When Mark said it had an almost "foam" texture, that only comes from a grind stone. What an amazing video!!! Once in a life time experience!

I love mole!! Thank you for your trip to my country, my respect to that lady javier's mom!!... You got a new suscriber

Thank you Thank you! My heart is full of Love and Gratitude ❤️ I love that you speak Spanish. Blessings to you and your beautiful family ❤️

Sabes que estuvo poca madre el mole cuando un extranjero limpia el plato con una tortilla

Hope you got the family something for creating that amazing meal for you x

I was not surprise that u said u felt privileged to try mole..I will always remember the first time i tried mole and it was from a good friend who offered his lunch for me to try. It's not everyday that u run into these kind of rare dishes since not a lot of people can make it.

Mark - I only recently stumbled upon you while watching your collab with Strictly Dumpling and it seems that I found you at the perfect time while you are touring Mexico. I am Mexican and no words can express how special mole is to me and how beautiful this video is. My late grandmother who passed away two years ago was the single most important person in my life - after all, she was the person who raised me - and her mole was not only the best I have ever eaten but served as a common bond that she and I shared. It is such a labor intensive dish to make that she only ever made it once a year and it was always her gift to me on my birthday. I have fond memories of waking up and leaving for school early in the morning while she was busy in the kitchen getting all the ingredients ready, then coming home in the afternoon to the beautifully sweet and spicy pungent smell of my favorite dish simmering away with my grandmother standing over it and stirring it and hearing her say "ya mero esta, mija" ("it's almost ready, my daughter"). This dish is how my grandmother expressed her love to me, and watching this video has brought back so many wonderful memories. It's bittersweet. Thank you so much for this video and for taking the time to learn about my food and culture and respecting it, Mark. Thank you.

this family, especially mom must of been super happy and excited. thanks for visiting

Holy mole! Amazing. What a humbling experience.

I will pay $50 For that mole with grasshopper. Looks so delicious.

Mole truly is a unique dish. Nothing like it. One of my favorites

Man, I really appreciate you for showing over and over what Mexico has to offer. Mark you are doing a great job and I cant wait until you go to chapala, Located in Jalisco which is the biggest sweet water lake in Mexico. I hope that you continue to travel mexico, and that the people there continue to show their hospitality to you and your family. Great Job!

those waterfalls were majestic OO

The lady was complaining because she got yo maje the mole and go to the market and buy everything she needs

WOW how many languages do you speak?! Awesome!

That was Amazing. Mole from scratch. I am in New Orleans, La I will find a good mole down here

Loving the drone footage Mark! What kind of drone do you have? I probably missed it in some video

Go to my uncles business in sonora Mexico its called los mariscos de el Kora

6:08 'uhhh ไม่' lol that happens to me, too. Came back to San Antonio from being in Thailand 9 years, and my Spanish was something strange, funny, and downright weird.

OMG!!!! This Video!!!! WOW!!!! this family!!!! what a blessing!!!! this is real living life!!! thank you Mark!!! love from PUERTO RICO!

This video made me so happy that my people have the best food in the WORLD

Now that is real mole. I want some!

My Mexican friend named Maribel made me Mole Negro from scratch one time and yes it’s a lot of ingredients and a lot of work.When she was done almost 4-5 hours later.. The results,OMG. One of the best sauces I ever had on top of chicken. Finger licking good.I almost licked the plate. It was fantastic..

“i am asian, i love rice.” Jajajajaja that made me laugh. I think everybody is a little asian on the inside because rice is ALWAYS essential. Amazing video mark

love the video

You need to try my mom's "tostadas de tinga" when you comeback to Mexico.

Great video and I am so jealous!!! I love mole it’s my favorite. I make homemade mole as well, doesn’t have as many ingredients but it is very very very very delicious

When wiped your plate clean, i laughed. That’s what i do!!

Omg, you would not believe how I dream of Mole being made that way. Thank you so much. I will try this recipe.

Watching here from philippines, watched almost of your videos, japanese sushi and kobe beef are the best

Mexican hospitality is unique, Mexican people open they hearts

i hope u give some money for his mother.

soundtrack please

When you put the grasshoppers on you lost me

wonderful people

This is so interesting!

The black round spice next to the clove is Pimento or All Spice, the herb they fried after the Plantain is Thyme.

awesome work Mark! This was one of your "bestest" video. It was warm and homey. Congratulations!

Que ricoooooo , la familia es tan amable , mucho trabajo para preparar el mole. Sabe mejor al siguiente dia!!

Mole an rice is the best combo

The best so far!!! Thanks Mark

Las pasas ..... oh raisins okay


Thank you Mark, for remind me how I used to eat at my hometown!!! ☹️

Lovely people and lovely experience. You rock Mark!!!

when you are México you are at home!

The food look good and make me hungry! Thanks for your great video!

Reported for saying "negro"

here drinking water

Marks certainly had some exotic substances passing though his colon.

Under the influence of Mole lol

This is my favorite video from your channel, I love mole and wish I could have eaten that mole. ❤️

Holy Mole

I wouldn't call it "mysterious". It's more like "very complicated and delicious"

the something else is raisons

It's an entire fucket of ingredients

That unknown spice is Allspice.

Oh yea. I miss my grandma cooking in Mexico. it sad she can't come to the US anymore.

Hi Mark ! did you bring the mole paste back to Thailand ? Have you tried cooking mole too ? :) just curious on what happened to the mole paste they gave u :)

Good show.. You have great energy..✌

Who invented this recipe? My goodness

"im asian,i love rice" im romanian and i love rice,does it make me asian?

This one is really special and I love this whole video... it’s amazing .. thanks Mark.. well done..

Yum! That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing

03:24 Classic mexican mom scolding their children What a Lady, truly amazing process, and it looked delightful

I’ve never even heard of that before, I can’t wait to try it

jajaja quien hable ingles y espanol? mi guesta que este senor respecta todo que nosotros tienemos a offerer.


What a guy! ❤️ so simple so kind and he travels for food!!! Omg love it

jajajaja. solo por este cabron estoy conociendo mas mis tierras......haaaaa con el buen sentido de la palabra ha y saludos a la doñita y ha ti aden(;-)

Hello mark I enjoyed watching this video of yours very informative. Anyway, Is Spanish and Mexican language the same? Mole...looks muy delicioso. Buenos diaz also to their tour guide Javier and to Javier's mama y papa.

Beautiful place

Now you all understand why we only eat mole on special occasions I remember when my grandma and aunts would make mole it would take like a dozen people just to make the process faster

Mark, Pecans not Walnuts in mole!!!

Looks like it taste amazing, love when families invite you into their home and cook for you

some kind of other herb, mmm do you mean cannabis? :)

21:50 that white goat was definitely on something

I'm from Oaxaca, i've seen all ur Oaxaca related videos, and there's a lot of stuff u missed , i hope u have the time to come again, and try so many different stuffs u didnt eat like Garnachas, or salchichas de ejutla, tamales de chapulin, salsa de chicatan, man, and so many things, hope to see you again in my city

AmaZing sauce

Do you know trevel james?

Thank you for for the excellent Oaxaca videos!!!!!!

Oaxaca was my home for 20 years , it's great that you've could visit this beautiful city and it's delicious food! I miss it so much.

Mole means sauce in nahuatl language spoke by the Aztecs and other ethnic groups! So it's a pre European dish!

Wow!amazing foods

Si no se embarran chido con el mole , es por qué no lo comieron como debe de ser .... Jajajaja

I'm from Mexico and I enjoyed your video, you were so excited, you're really nice and they're humble. My mouth started watering with the mole, I've never tried insects though, maybe someday. Good video man!

Best video ever!!!

What a beautiful, welcoming person the mom is. How kind of her to make a mole for Mark without even knowing him. It was cute how she told her son "If you had told me sooner, I would have gone to buy all of the ingredients!" And her son is all, "I didn't know this was going to happen!"

Mark tamale of cilantro . Is tamale de verdura...

Gonna try out this recipe based off the vid one day

Mi abuelita cocinaba así

There's nothing like this in the world, it is so unique, is such an impossible mixture of ingredientes, the best!

The second set of nuts roasted were pecans, not walnuts.

you eat mole like mexican cleanig the plate with the tortilla

Everything was going so good until he add the grasshoppers

my house is your house es lo que decimos los mexicanos


Mole isn't a sauce!

that was not peppercorn it was allspice

Funny he said walnuts but they were pecans bahahaha

wow, where u learn spanish mark?

So u can speak thai english and mexican?

Im mexicano and love Asian food just like you love our

Mark I never thought that grasshoppers would look so delicious. You certainly know how to get people to want to try new things in life. I love this.


Everything about your videos is great.....love watching your journeys across the world.....except for the way you stuff your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!.It just puts me off mate!

So proud of my Mexican culture. Always very friendly and humble. I love mole too!

Yes ... Now Im pretty sure your experience with food was way better than the food ranger's experience. :)

So is mole spicy? Or the chocolate and all the other ingredients kind of like numbs the chiles?

Where can I buy that in the philippines?

that mole effect on him...

hello mark i always watching your videos, so interesting. i just ask how TO make your TITLE SCREEN ON YOUR video title design....THANK YOU MARK....

The mole looks awesome I'm getting hungry.

Dont know why people always make fun of oaxaca its just a beautiful place

Eso es comer mole; cuando el mole es muy bueno hasta se limpia el plato con la tortilla

What an awesome family!!!

Mike can make me want to eat grasshoppers with chicken and choclate pepper sauce, amazing

Around 3:24 the mom says, “That’s all. If you told me yesterday, I would have already bought everything.

Can you mail me some mole please!!!

“Type of leaf called hoja santa” is hierba santa... in my family we usually eat in eggs like an omelette, you don’t need to add oil.

One of your best videos! I love it!

Me encanta mi país , la comida es exquisita en cualquier parte de México

16:48 that looks like weed

The bread was chocolate and raisins

It's just an extraordinary vídeo and Adventure! I watched the whole vídeo as excited as a kid :) and I completely felt as I was there, I loved this woman and her amazing family!!! Thank you Mark for sharing with us this memorable experience... You transmit so much positive emotions and good vibes! Bravo! :)

Thank you for visit my city

Nice Video


Lol, at 3:35 the drivers mom was scolding him for not calling a day in advance because she said she would've gone to the market and bought everything to make the mole. Such nice lady.

One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever watched...it actually brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this experience...trust me, not every Mexican has this kind of privilege and it’s so great to feel as if we were there. Thanks, Mark.

Respect to the wife for making the complex meal , she is talented and very gracious

Le fueron a poner chamba a la señora jajaja, Ojalá le hayan pagado bien. Nice video, i hope you remunerated that lady handsomely because mole making is a lot of work.

I'm from Oaxaca and mole negro omg the best me encanta tus videos de Oaxaca mi tierra Hermosa bendiciones

Anita y dana why you said look insane explain?

Omg i want one the flavor is unique!!

The tasty is amazing!!

Iovet chapulines the flavor is unique!!

Great video i lovet is amazing wow

Your so lucky

One of my favourite videos from you Mark, really wonderful to watch and you could almost taste the mole!!! :)

I love México

I need to eat that mole

Mark, what you have experienced in Oaxaca is the true spirit of mankind -love and care for each other- There are 7 types of moles all of them labor intensive, the effort and the love poured into making the mole is a ceremony (as everything else) this kind of dish is mainly prepared on special dates ---like birthdays, family reunions, primeras comuniones, etc. Being from Oaxaca i can tell you is the best keep secret of Mexico, the reason people from all over the world love to go there is because the state, the city and the different villages and towns makes you a grounding effect with the earth thru the flavor, aromas, colors and all those sensations you can only experience in Oaxaca, it is like being bombarded with sensorial experiences at every corner and the only result it is the elevation of your spirit and your well being.

The shine and consistency of that mole is amazing. It’s so shiny! I need to stop by Oaxaca!

WOW! This video has everything. The market, people, experience, hospitality, culture, food, views, the process of typical home made food, friendship, great narration, beginning and ending. Awesome. Now I want some real mole.

How did you learn mexican?

Everything is amazing for this dude....I want see you try monkey balls or rat on a stick...hey you wanna go all out rino penis....see if its aaaammazing then i trust you...

I like mole but grasshoppers..... ewww

Thank you for your visit in May country Oaxaca and welcome México city

I was just there

That was one of my favourite Videos you did. That was such an unique food

Hi Mark . How are you doing ? We live in U.S. my kids like your video and they want to see you.

I love his shirt

100% zapoteca but I don’t even eat chapulines

Mark I’m so jealous you got to experience this. I’m planning a trip to Mexico City and Oaxaca this summer, I can’t wait to eat. Love your Mexico videos



tu hablas espanol mark?

When my wife makes mole my children come over all the time no left overs.

Aguascalietes grocery has the real mole la cubeta 15.00 bucks

mole is Mesoamerican from the mexicas . And of course its Mexico's national dish

Totally a great job, you did an amazing job by showing our traditional dish of mole. I recommend you to go to Santa Catarina noltepec , juxtlahuaca,Oaxaca they may the best mole too.

Bro you cant just toss around the n word like that, callin that poor woman a negro

Mole Negro Its a dish of the Gods! Cooking mole starting from cero? Its a big "desmadre" (nightmare) Its very complicated and only for cooking experts like the "abuelita" (granma) in the video 5:08 Thanks for sharing!

"You should've told me last night and I would've gone get the ingredients already. But I didn't know... Yeah but..." That was a little conversation of the guy with his mom.

I'm I the only one that feels like he almost fakes his reactions to the food ? He has the same reaction to every single food he tries

I am going to be offering trips to Puerto Vallarta All included. Please visit my new Web Page https://www.facebook.com/Lets-Go-Vamonos-164788014229719/

Love the editing in this video!!!

Mark, im a mexican girl and we mexican are famous for our friendly and welcoming maners. We love that other cultures enjoy ours, but the fact that a oxacan family shares whit you there recipe and welcome your family to the most sacred place in a mexican house, the kitchen, is a total honor. I'm glad you share this with the world.

I’m not from Oaxaca but damn this is making me hungry and even we’re my fam from Michoacán indigenes food is soo good to but you have to go sooo high and up in the mountains but the food was worth drive delicious

I suppose his wife is a good cook as well? How else did he fall in love with her :)

Sr.Mark no probó la aguas frescas en Oaxaca y las frutas en vinagre muy rico.

in mexican indigenous communities a woman must prove to the husband to be family that she can grind ingredients on the lava rock :D

This video warms my heart so much, I love it

I didnt know mexicans eat grasshoppers

dude looks like Quico from chavo del 8

Yak !!! Grass hopper


3:22 Mom: You would have told me to buy things, at this time it is more complicated hahaha.... classic mexican mom scolding the son regardless of age or company, is great, hahaha

You need to visit celaya Guanajuato Mexico .I just love your videos ...

You just gives to all Mexican moms the secret recipe XD

Mole Negro Oaxaqueño

This foo has “chocolate stew” in the thumbnail!! Come-on my boy simply mole that’s it nothing more nothing less don’t change the fucken name!! MOLE

This is one ofe the best mexican food, my favorite plate Beautiful place my Oaxaca❤

You need your own tv show channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️new sub!!!

I loved your plan

Guy : Hey Mark Mark : YO!!!!!!

If you guys want authentic mole let me know have some for sale and will ship it

That's crazy how I started watching you vids and found out you went to my home country and ate the best dish mole I suggest you to go to Guadalupe etla in Oaxaca during December theres something called posada's where you go outside in the town and theres little stand of people's best foods and it's all free and it all taste great!

Thanks for showing this incredible part of our country!

Greetings from Oaxaca de chilapa de diaz they have the best food

Mark you need to go during November, December or January when people in Oaxaca do parties for those months holidays

Chipil is not a veggie are leafs. Just leafs with nutrients, i love those with cheese. :) i am from guerrero next to oaxaca!

Realy good video Mark, i'm from Tabasco in México, you're always welcome, thanks for enjoying and sharing my Culture, keep moving forward, doing pretty good!

Im happy my mom knows how to make mole from scratch ^^ greeting from someone born in Atlixco, puebla Mexico

Thanks mark for showing the people our wonderful culture Oaxaca doesn't get much credit

I've been eating mole all my life but never knew it was this labor intensive wow!

Arroz , mole tortillas y gente autentica .. Eso es Mx..

This is my Mexico this is the beauty and hospitality of my people.

The peppercorns are pimentos aka all spice. she said pimentos.

Looks delicious but wheres the rice and tortillas

That so old school bro love it day look like the real food


I like how you’re staying away from touristy areas, that’s in my opinion, the best way to experience a country and their TRUE cultural roots, untouched by mainstream influence.

Fantastic video and new suscriber from Oaxaca!

This is just an epic video. Congrats. It combines all the ingredients of an instant classic. And the food is amazing. Thanks!

Sounds like my mom scolding me for telling her something i didnt know was gonna happen yet

Mamá Mexicana que se respeta regaña al posible hijo por no avisarle un día antes xD jajajaja La amo

my mouth and eyes were watering at the same time.. nice food and fantastic story behind it..

I like Mexican people a lot ❤

Nice video, great job.

Sr.Mark no probó las aguas frescas en Oaxaca y las frutas en vinagre muy rico.

Yo dude my family is from around that area. Just another 20-30 minutes of a drive my family(well my dads side) is from Santiago matatlan. That village from my dads is know for mezcal which is a type of liquor. You should check it out if you are ever in Oaxaca. My mom is also from Oaxaca from a Pueblo near zaachila. It’s about a 90 minute drive from where you are in tlacolula. I haven’t been to Mexico in about to years. Can’t wait to go back


that was a easy way to steal the mole recipe!

First time here. Oh it looks so good. You really had me until the grasshoppers came into view. LOL Otherwise, I would love to try that mole sauce

Damn, that mole seems so legit

M D aparte nuestra gastronomía es patrimonio de la humanidad

just had Oaxacan Mole Negro for lunch at the hospital i work in (not the same as homemade Mole but good enough).

taco bell is better

Go to Nayarit the Seafood is the best. Get a Pescado Sarandiado


Eh compa vente a Celaya gto para que pruebes las tostadas de la alameda, con eso si te vienes dentro del pantalón viejo!

Beautiful!!! I want to thank you for visiting SMALL village and showing the TRUE indigenous roots of Mexico. It is important to acknowledge the indigenous people from Oaxaca as they are constantly being erased even by the own Mexican people.

dude mouthwatering.

My mouth is watering! I make mole but that one is so different than mine. Love your videos.

I love your happy face whenever you eat

your video is amazing

Awesome adventure but grasshoppers yuck!

I Just love watching you put so much thought into arranging what goes onto your spoon/fork with a little bit of everything, to create the perfect bite. Its Awesome. PS, Hello from South Africa. I'm LOVING your chanel.

I love my people

He can also speak Spanish

Are you related to Trevor James? You have a similar passionate way of talking about food.

This is exactly what my trips to Zacatecas are like. The mercados, homemade food from scratch. I need to go baaaack!!!

At 8:40 that was one dry looking tamale. It just crumbled into pieces.

Marc i love your kidness , mole is my favorite and this is the real deal !!!! Thank you so much for your vidéos !

Amazing documentary, thanks for sharing it.

Que bonita gente!!

love all your food vids keep them coming

Mole is the best ❤️, Viva Mexico ❤️❤️!!

She said you should have told her in advance so she can get all the inheritance with out a rush


That looks incredible!

Go to brasil and eat there

Awww how adorable is the lady who prepared this delicious dish I wish I was there to try it salutations from New Jersey

Mmm those tamales look good with that salsa.

Muy buen video del mole

Exquisito is a very acceptable term to use when the food is beyond good.

I'm lucky to know that kind of food, like the mole because my dad is from Oaxaca, the best state from Mexico.

I love this video, mostly how you were able to call an on the fly audible and visit this family so spontaneously. This lady is extremely generous and so good to see this good hearted side of people. The restaurant visits are great, but there's something truly special about being invited into someone's home with such love. Thank you for this.

Like a good Mexican mother, she kept scolding her son for not telling her they wanted mole a day before, so she could’ve bought the ingredients ahead of time

Your narration was so interesting in this video...different from the usual.... loved it!!

mole is mo le ,lol not the animal

My mouth is watering!

When he put the sauce on top of sauce i was done ✔ amazing!

Wow i am really hating wish I was there having some of that

my mom uses a little less of the ingredients but still delicious!!!

Eso es la auténtica comida mexicana si en realidad quieres probar la comida original necesitas ir a Mexico , porque eso de chimichanga, taco loco etc etc , no sé quién les dijo que eso es comida mexicana

Your vlog is really worth watching. You have raken us to places we have never been. Experience exciting things we haven't. Watching your vlog is like journeying with you. Keep on vlogging and we are just as excited to watch you eating! More power and God bless.

Hi Mark great videos, I was wondering how much of PEPTO BYSMOL are you carrying inside your backpack?!

Great video. The Mole looks delicious.

Love this episode! What a great experience


Que orgullo ser mexicana. .. bienvenidos todos pero advertencia ...Se van a enamorar aquí

Oaxacan Black Mole and Mole Poblano are, even though they share many similar ingredients, completely different dishes. In taste and preparation. One born in the indigenous kitchens of the ancient Zapotec People of Oaxaca, and the other within the Walls of Santa Rosa Convent in the majestic Puebla City in the 17th Century. Both delicious, both unique and according to the UNESCO, 'Intangible Cultural Patrimony of Humanity'. You're so lucky to be learning from the original master indigenous cooks. Thank you for sharing the experience. Cheers.

Leave it to Mexicans to put sauce on their sauce :)

I'm jeleous.

interesting and amazing food! ❤️ God bless you Mark, Ying and cutie Micah!

i want that mole recipe pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee!!!!!

The naciste people of Mexico are the best in the world so welcoming so hard working so kind they always smile at you and they’re so hostile!!

Mark Wiens I absolutely *love this experience and your kindness*

The original MOLE is from Puebla Mexico.

You are revealing our ancient secrets to the worls... Jk.. I love your videos

"I'm already under the influence of mole" best channel line.

Wow!!! u know thailand language and then spanish and you speak really good english. What the! Awesome! Hats off to you sir

was he about to cry? OMG so much joy with this video..

thats looks so nice and tats full

Incredible video Mark!!

Why do I feel like every time he talks about the Mole he sounds like he’s about to bust a nut?

Mole de tlacolula mm.. The best of all

Those are pecans, not walnuts.

Thank you for showing us the real deal Mark, it doesn't get better than that.

This must be crazy and insanely yummy dish. Wish I was a non vegetarian.

Que feo es cojone

I love this video so much! I don't think, unless you're Mexican, people understand the complexity of this dish and how lucky you are to have lived this experience! When I try to explain mole to foreign friends I can never do it, I guess it's just a dish everyone should try for themselves. Gracias por compartir Mark!

Would be cool if u surprised her by mailing her a blender. Lol

El mole de verdad es algo tan especial y único, no hay nada que se le parezca, recuerdo que mi abuelita lo hacía así desde el principio, ahora me tengo que conformar con el mole preparado, igual me sigue encantando, (y faltaron unas enmoladas rellenas de queso oaxaca)

Gracias Javier por invitarlo . Nos agrado mucho conocer Oaxaca. La gente con sonrisas y alegres. Bendiciones.

hey mark! did they grind all the ingredients with the tomatoes or did they add the tomatoes after they ground it... like does the paste have ground tomatoe in it or is it added after_ thank you!!!

U should come and eat at my house one day

we get it quit repeating the name over and over.

Todo lo que conlleva hacer el mole, ingredientes, tecnicas, etc... Por algo la cocina mexicana es patrimonio intangible de la humanidad...

You just made me remember when me and my brother used to catch chapulines :'( memories that will never come back

She is funny! Hello from Puerto Rico

I see from you videos south americans are nice people.

Delicious Food

Don't say 'tamale', the singular word is tamal, the plural is 'tamales'

I have no words to describe how admired I am with your humanity, kindness and appreciation for my culture. You are amazing Mark. God bless you and your family!

Loved your video

I love your video

In mexico everybody knows what's mole (there's a lot of different moles) maybe lot people doesn't likes mole but everybody knows what's mole...it's delicious but lot people can't eat it because it has lot condiments.

LOVED this video, left my mouth watering. shes a wonderful lady!!

She got mad at him

Que señora tan linda

Hi , and thank you for sharing your journey , you'r smile makes me happy , and the food looked Amazing till you put the lil bugs on it lol :)

O how I love this video

Looks delicious

I left all of this for jimmy dean sausage biscuits

soy de oaxaca me encanta que personas les agrada nuetra comida y nuestra gente un saludo

Mark, you sir, are my hero!! Love you

How did I JUST found your channel ?? No worries though, Ill have a mark marathon

My family makes the mole a bit different. Instead of frying everything like the lady did, mine roasts them just like she did the chiles.

His Spanish is better than mine omg

This was your best video ever. nice job

Oh, I so want to do this, Mark!

That's it! I'm subscribing to your channel. Great videos Mark

Those fucken oaxacans live in paradise man

New subscriber my mouth just watered lol mole is delicious please now try Honduras I would love to see you try food from there

Those "peppers" were pimento, otherwise called 'allspice'.

I’m so jealous mole is the best especially when it’s sweet

What's the name of the black peppers used in that recipe? I want to start growing them, they look tasty

This guys so weird.

And to think that President Trump believes that a taco salad is a traditional Mexican food. For shame...

they have a blender, but its part of our culture to make mole like this.

you can try mole with enchiladas de nopal jeje

Damn! I need to get some More now. It truly is so amazing.

You’re videos are incredible you are so humble and the videos make me so hungry

My wife make that type of mole and its so good. You can eat the mole with out the chicken and eat it with rice and tortillas and its so good. The chicken is not important.

Your videos have me hooked! And your Spanish is very good!

Bro the was some good looking mole!!! Real talk

Wow mi mama me platicaba ella molia todo en el metate nistamal y todo que delicia

My mom can make mole here in Los Angeles, Ca. We are from Puebla. It is my favorite food. I love it. I love it with the rice.  Except we don't use chapulines.

Everything looks great and delicious...but no Chapulines for me, thanks.

That was legitness My mom makes this kind of mole (she's from Puebla) with rice and chicken/turkey and I love the fact that it has an entire tab of abuelita chocolate in it ;D

What nice humble people ❤️

Such beautiful people and culture. beautiful country mexico..

A este hombre como le encanta el picante, le puso salsa al mole

Mole makes you do crazy things, like eating grasshoppers.

3:19 nice plants !!!420!

I tried the recipe in my kitchen with what I had and it was unbelievably good.

What an amazing experience... and the people seems very nice and welcoming, I have to make my goal in life to visit Oaxaca

Nothing like natural delicious food.


My grandma used to make the best mole from scatch before she got Alzheimers. This video brings back beautiful memories of watching her make it and how delicious it tasted. Amazing video!

People in Mexico, specially in villages/rural areas/small towns, always go the extra mile to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. They want you to leave with a good impression and leave satisfied. Even if they are of very low income-$, they would cook a lot of food, tasty and fresh from scratch. Cooking from scratch it is an art and takes skills, it is a lot of work but all ingredients put together and the end result it is amazing, full of flavor. They just treat guests/strangers/foreigners very nice, they want you to leave happy. That is very appreciative.

I had no idea Mexican food was so much more then the American type! We American miss out on the best food.

just loved your video, u have a new subscriber n_n

what is it about Mexican food? Looks wrong, smells wrong, tastes wrong but after the first week you can't get enough of the stuff and when you get home you spend the rest of the year trying to recreate it, lol.

I hope you paid those women. That metate workout seemed to be energy consuming.

No sean gachos enviten.

I want mole now.

chu say white boy

This Made me appreciate culture much more. What a beautiful culture it is

That final spoonful set it off, great videos keep it coming


Zapotec Women are so lovely!

I just came here to say that the host is just an exemplary human being.

This video was soooooo cool Mark! Amazing video. I want to try this exact recipe. I am smiling because you are smiling and also because it is crazy cool to see all the seemingly random ingredients get fried. Its like a food adventure

So jealous, I love mole. Enjoyed the video.

If it’s not spicy Mark is not eating.

Did anyone notice at 9:26 how the older gentleman, likely the woman's husband, sat down with his wife and helped prepare the chilies. If folks would like a "top 5 things" to a long lasting marriage - that is definitely one of them. It warmed my heart to see it.

It’s a joy watching you, your charisma and passion for food is unparalleled. Loved this episode! It was recently “mole fest” in Chicago and none of the moles come close to a home cooked mole like you experienced in Oaxaca

Oh WOW but what kind of chocolate

Mark, I was in surgery having my elbow repaired after a violent assault from a stranger the day you made this - but catching up on this, it is a gift. My wife lived for a time growing up in Mexico with part of our family in the more northern area around Saltillo. Between many, many business trips across Mexico, trips with my kids for fun, and trips with my wife for family we feel like we've seen a lot of Mexico. But this whole trip you took really made me realize how little we yet know, and how much more there is yet to see in this wonderful country. And expecially Oaxaca! Anyway, mole always makes me think of my beautiful bride - she adores it!

Wow what an experience!! I’m Mexican and I was so jealous of your experience with mole haha

The 2nd batch of nuts she fried were pecans, not walnuts.

Hahaha the mom nagging her son. That was adorable. "You shouldve told me *yesterday* "

I havent seen my family in years and I miss Mexico dearly. Just seeing the streets makes me tear up. Guess im making mole today

That Mole looks exquisite!

I just have to ask, is this your job or hobbie?

I ate taco

After watching this, I am determined to learn to make mole! I love mole and my mouth watered through the entire episode.

Just discovered your videos.... you bring so much happiness to people who are not able to travel the world, it’s an unforgettable experience... I feel like I am right there with you with your travels and your meals... never stop, you make us simple people feel like we are rich with food, flavors and travel.... stay safe

Mmmmm missing my tia’s mole

That was stunning and then came along the grasshoppers


Thank you for sharing your travel experiences! The family is so lovely and kind! So cute how her husband was helping her with meal prep. God bless you all!

I wasn't able to watch this vlog in the day it was posted. I only watched it now and I can say that this vlog is different from other vlogs that you made, Mark! Specially the first part of it! The way you edited it is just soooo cool! I love it! Oh, I would love to visit Mexico as much I wanted to visit Thailand! Thanks Mark, Ying, and Mika for this amazing food tour! All the best! Good vibes from Manila, Philippines!

hahaha u are there again it's ok I wanna see u eating spicy food yummy

I am an avid fan of u mark u are so coolly very much respected person

You left so that they could add a secret ingredient!!

My grandma use to make it from scratch

Las delicias de nuestro México lindo y querido, ojala lo hayas disfrutado.

Mole looks so damn delicious

I Love Mole

Are those spicy grasshoppers lol I want them

Well I found your channel today and watched at least a dozen videos me mainly Thailand and Palestine idk I love those 2 food cultures and I feel bad you don't get cherries where your from :( I'm too in love with cherries

3:25 nags in Mexican lol

Que bonito es oaxaca

I don't know about the galletas Marias and the bread with chocolate in there, that's new for me, my grandma made it with tons and tons of ingredients but not those... mainly natural and the chocolate discs.

Es un pienche gringo lol bilingual speak Spanish lol

chocolate in the bread and raisins. 13:25

Mmm mole with res

Thank you so much, Mark, for sharing that with us. That...was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Watching this as I eat mole that my grandmother made.

looks like she made you buy more than needed so she can have her own pot full of mole paste XD


I'm from Zamora Michoacan and they are knows for their hamburgers, and my Uncle is knows for his restaurant "Carnitas Alejandro" u have to be their early because he sales out before 12!!!!! amazing Carnitas tacos & they have unique snacks at night in the CENTRO they sale Salchitacos & enchiladas and a lot of amazing stuff I could go on and on !!! U should make a trip there !

you need to go to Mexico and try their hand made candy including CHONGOS !!!

does mole is the same type as guacamole

rictor, boby , jamaica, rebecca, delila. por pavor!

Enamorada de mi bello Mexico!

Your videos makes me miss home. I am originally from Belize but a part of my family is from Mexico, I live in London and my mom and sister lives in la cuidad de Merida... I am totally feeling nostalgic after bingeing on your Mexican food videos.. Its so mouth watering I am craving all types of Mexican dishes now.

Wow great video

I do not think the Europeans have to be with the delicious food , Europeans hardly eat peppers lol lmao ugh!

Great video. Where can I get the Recipe write down?


Is there anything that you don't like?

This is my favorite dish! I love it when my mom cooks it


Thank you and the wonderful families involved. Beautiful countryside!

Comer mole..es ir al paraiso..delicioso..

it is such a process !!

lost me@the grasshoppers {=[

Que rica es la comida mexicana desde Mérida hasta Tijuana

Oh that's an entire mouthful of grasshoppers

I literally cried when you tasted the first bite of mole. Yes I’m going to Oaxaca asap. What a beautiful place.

Damn, that made me hungry!

I want mole!!!

Dam you

Just ruined the mole by sprinkling grasshoppers on top...

more than three thousand years cooking that gives Mexican women a huge advantage in history and at least three hundred years perfecting this recipe that is the queen of all sauces.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh young grasshopper..." I am sssssoooooo hungry now!

I'm Mexican and I can't stand Mole

love ur smile thank yu for sharing ur food adventures with us blessed

Amazing Episode! Fantastic Place and a truly unique experience!

Black and Mexican moms and grannys should all come together so they can bring us a culinary, homemade experience out of this world.

Hi.Mark im from Costa Rica and i love how you eat .....you make me hungri jajajajajajaj

Hermosisimo video, M O L E

And that Mole looks delicious!!!!! A lot of Mexican foods known in the world but not this one. I wonder why?

Oaxacan nutella

I like the green mole too... pumpkin seeds

When that music came on at 21:47 I started dancing banda

I love mole!

The best youtuber , how did you get to be a traveler? I really want to travel the world after college but I want to know what type of career would allow me to do this. You look so happy doing this and you’re living the life I hope to live when I’m older. Please let me know how you got to live this way .

I wish I knew what she was saying, captions would have been real nice

New subscriber here. You have one of the most enjoyable and informative channels. Thank you for all that you do. Peace and be well my friend ✌

That looks good

Mark, your so respectful towards all the unique cultures you’ve come across. I hope you get your own traveling eating show on TV someday

I love how he learns a little bit of every language he knows he’ll be around

I'm heading to Oaxaca for a wife who coming with me.

I can't believe she agreed to make that for you! She spent the entire day cooking...wow what an amazing family. So kind and generous. Really enjoyed the video.

I grew up on those cookies

lo matastes con los malditos insectos xD

14:29 Allspice is actually native to the Americas, used in cooking and the Mayans used it to embalm the dead.

Nothing like this in the world. It is so unique

Love your videos! Theyre so fun and so expressive of food! This looked so good untill the grasshoppers. Buuuut I havent actually ever tried it so hey, maybe someday!!

here is another rick bailes with a lot of carisma and stealing recepice and taking advantage of good people ...

You did a great job. I had always wanted to try traditional oaxacan mole. Ok, I had to taste it through your buds. I will one day have this experience. We have invested in Brasil, Chile, and Portugal. We had a house in the Yucatan 18 years ago. Thanks for re-sparking my desire for this experience. Respectfully, Nelson

This is most likely the single best video I've ever seen on youtube.

One of the BEST videos on Mexican cooking I have ever seen!

Me uviera gustado verte aquí en oaxaca y también te ubieramos dado un tour... Pero espero que ayas disfrutado de mi lindo oaxaca. Y sus riquezas.

okay, yeah... but the grashoppers?

That looks so delicious! I grew up with my mom making Mole and I hated it... I feel bad cause my mother would slave over the stove all day and when dinner was ready she was so excited to see our delight but I couldn’t. I was just young and I feel bad now.. watching this vid makes me want to find a good Mole place...Mexican Moms put so much love into the food... enjoy it when you can. My mom passed when I was young. I’d give anything to taste her mole again..

TLACOLULA!!!! That’s where my mom is from This vlog is giving me major withdrawals

I love to eat grasshoppers and I'm not even from Mexico!

Oh god nothing is better than fresh food from Mexico

Chicken in mole is so spicy, so sweet and so amazing!!!

Haha! Great, I love my mother's mole (i'm mexican) So you had a MOLE ADVENTURE! Mexican food is like the best thing in the entire world, my mouth is watering a lot now! haha!

7:20 he is definitely having a diarrhea later

New sub here! You are so lucky!! Mole.. at least for our family is a dish for celebrations. And... for all the job it takes most of abuelas and mothers that prepare this buys the ingredients the week before the event. The day before they start frying all the "menester" (that is how you call all the ingredients in general) and they got up at 4am the day of the celebration to go to "el molino" where they grind up all the ingredients together... While this happens the ladies that helps in the kitchen are preparing the meat from scratch... this means that weeks before the celebration day they have chosen some chickens or turkeys and they feed them specially for being cooked that day. So, while the mole is in "el molino", those ladies kill the chickens or turkeys, pluck them and cook them to have the meat and the broth ready when the mole arrives. They put the mole in a huge clay crockpot and combine it with the broth and when it boils is time to PARTY!!!! THE MAIN CELEBRATIONS THAT (AT LEAST IN MY TOWN) WE PREPARE MOLE FOR ARE WEDDINGS, QUINCE AÑOS (ALSO KNOWN AS "QUINCEAÑERAS" IN THE US), DIA DE MUERTOS, CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAYS. The mole goes with side dishes like rice (mexican way of course) and tamales (natural salted flavor). Is so good! I love my country!

MOLE!!! Yo quero MOLE!!!!

Mark's in foodie blogger nirvana right there. It doesn't get much more authentic than that, does it?

Forget about how good is the food the people are just awesome, generous and happy. Mark you are one lucky dude.

how many languages do you speak ?

the nutrients in the Mole , you will be healthy if you eat that regularly, good for your brain and your skin too

i ate grass hopper its nice , i liked the nutty almost prawn taste

pimento is allspice

Oaxacan food gives me the diarrhea!

Hope you got to try mole tamales from Oaxaca they’re the best tamales in my opinion!

Oaxaca doesn’t know anything about mole, go to Puebla. Puebla has the original mole

Oaxacan mole is well known in the southern or southeastern part of Texas. Just like a lot of recipes handed down generational, not everyone makes it the same but again there is always a basic foundation. Anyway, a restuarant around 30 miles from Galveston, Texas called Mellys sponsors kids from Oaxaca to work and seek education and the best part is each brings a unique and vibrant perspective of mole. Negro means dark. So the language is just plain mole, either vegan based, chicken or chocolate vs cacao or peanut vs peanut oil. Ok...ok..xoxoxo

Listening and watching that mother cook and speak reminds me so much of my abuela

wow that looks so interesting!

Despite modern life is changing homes, my best memories was around my grandma's traditional kitchen, yes she a normal full of tech one, but all family loves to cook in her other traditional kitchen using a molcajete and the metate that was built like these one and then sit on the garden and eat all together. At first I hate when my aunts told me that a real good woman knows how to cook and make handmade tortillas and mole, and they teach me how to. Now living by my own I miss them so much, but I can make all that they teach me to do just for myself. And Mark is right, the real homemade mole is unique.

Mexico = India

Su esposo como la ayuda

Jajahaja the driver got in trouble lol why you didn't told me they were coming lol that was so funny I didn't know

I'm so glad you loved mole. I'm from Oaxaca and when I see videos from there I get so happy.

I hope he gave her a donation or something. That was a lot of work. Mexicans are very welcoming.

Am I the only one who just moved to Oaxaca cause my moms family lives there and cant speak Spanish?

When I read chocolate stew I was like, ummm you mean Mole... **sees actual title** oh :/

You need to come to Veracruz, I you do I could receive you at my grandma’s house, you could go to the river to catch some “mojarras”, then come home and we would fry them :D, then for the night my grandma would make you some “hojuelas” with sugar :3, please come someday

Those Mexican women laughing in the background was one of the best parts, lol!!

I like how homeboy is all exited makes me think of how really speacial an authentic Mexican meal like more really is awesome video bro one of my favorites.

You need to come to argentina if you are looking for great food! i can give you a tour!

I’m from Oaxaca

mmmm my favorite

love the hospitality, but good luck with your cholesterol level

I love your perfect broken spanish. ♡

This is awesome

So Jealous!!!

Now I want mole

He looks like the kid from liv and maddie

Oh my! I LOL at 3:30 with the mother scolding the van driver. Mexican here BTW.

seem like guangzhou chee qiong fun sauce,but more thick and flavor due to full set of ingredient put together to cook.

Hahahaha... The mom asked to her son how to say if you want more to give you more mole.

this guy gassed it up lmaoooooooo

I’m so proud to be Mexican right now

I’ve watched a few vids of his and wow this one really shows how nice ,open and respectful he is towards others (:

Use a fork

That's a lot of work.

Never tired grasshoppers but shoot! I’d just about try anything covered in mole

I like this guys videos. And commentary. And I want to like HIM. But there’s something about his face that I can’t get past. His mouth is too tight for his face. It looks like it’s painful for him to talk or chew. It’s like it’s pulling his chin upwards. I’m gonna get so much hate for this but I can’t be the only one. And like I said. I love the content. And the commentary.

Hermoso trabajo realizas!! Yo como mexicana de Guadalajara, agradezco y valoro lo que haces para que el mundo conozca no sólo la gastronomía, sino su gente y su cultura!! Sobre todo con el respeto y alegría con que lo haces junto a tú familia!! FELICIDADES Y CONTINÚA HACIÉNDOLO POR FAVOR!! UN ABRAZO!!

I was totally hooked and drooling till the crickets came out

Nice !

I give it 1 too many "hoh oh wow"'s out of 10

Im super proud of who this guy is as a person ! & What a friendly communal place in Oaxaca that was!!

Esto es genial, pero por favor no sonrías tanto.

That molé is bullshit, come to my house for the


Varios dicen que es muy laborioso y que es mejor comprar el mole de bote ya hecho, pero el esfuerzo vale mucho más la pena

Ughhh omg I want some now! GRANDMA!

He looks like sexy vegan... sorry.


Just one last piece of advice... Next time you eat mole, you MUST have some mezcal if you are not having it, its consider a grastronomical blasphemy!!!

HAHAHA ohhh mexican grandmas and their foul language. Classic... ...I didnt expect the grasshoppers lol...

Mark... You´re the man!!! I am drweling just watching this video, I am from México and your video and anotherone from the unforgetable Anthony Bourdain are the best about mole. Nice to have you here in my country. If any time you are in Mexico City again, there still another tour missing... Cantinas and pulquerias, hope to be your host.

your attitude and amazing efforts to understand my culture and our food is amazing!!! i’m so glad you enjoyed everything, it truly excites me seeing people so open to new foods and cultures. viva mexico!

So lucky that the awesome lady agreed to do mole for him on such short notice; it looks like a lot of work to do it!

Lol that’s an extremely strange name for a town

Hola M, deliciosa comida, ve a el estado Jalisco y busca por una birria, la comida tradicional o una torta ahogada, en un pan crujiente, te encantarán

You are so lucky to have experiences such a unique experience in the world. Be always blessed.


Where to find good Mole in Los Angeles go to Guelaguezta

I love all your videos, but my favorites are the engravings in Mexico and its cities.

@ 13:28 the bread had chocolate and RAISINS inside it

The "pimienta" is actually allspice. In German it's called "Piment" aswell, because it was sold as pepper to europe during colonial times.

Dude nobody makes mole like my mom does. When my family or nabore hood hears my mom making her mole it's like a block party

why didn't u follow them into the market and show us how they grind everything up into that paste! You went to a dumb waterfall and missed the most interesting part of the preparation! WTF!

Ayyy Dios mío que delicioso se ve!!!que buen video del mole negro oaxaqueño.

Chocolate stew feels a bit exaggerated but awesome video

Your high energy and emotion made me stay on your video. I love the excitement you had. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Mexican slogan.. "My house is your house"

3:45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Craving Mole now lol looks very good

try to get in for Anthony Bourdain's job

This video is the best!

What a grand story and wonderful food and cultural adventure.

would love to eat some too. the texture of the mole is so smooth.

What an amazing video! It was so neat to see the market and the whole process !!!


Pinche Guedo

Gracias por estos videos de mi tierra querida.. Años sin ir pero cada vez que veo un video tuyo sobre la gastronomía mexicana viajo contigo.

Great video, lovely recipe, I love mole. A mistake in your video : those were nuts yeah, but pecans, not walnuts.The pepper you've never seen was allspice. And these are NOT green tomatoes. They're tomatillos which are not related to tomatoes. Completely different thing.

I would kick a puppy in the nuts just to have a taste of that mole

That mole thing is amazing ;_; I waaaaannnntttt

I am mexican. Love nexican food mmm

Man. Im envious. I have indeed tried mole in different occasions though.... I bet that one was certainly a one of a kind.

Her smile is out of this world

The best food is not found on the most expensive restaurants the best food it’s cooked at home

No estaría mal si subtituladas tus vídeos porfis, me encantó tu vídeo

would be nice if there was a spanish to english in the Closed Captions, but I think this is a good video. He gives his own opinions and say into the dish that's rarely seen on Youtube (in my opinion) and he convinced me to give it a go at my own kitchen

Ponle subtitulos en español a tus videos... Nada te cuesta y ganas muchos más subs


El metate es el procesador Azteca Las casuelas de barro le da un sabor exquisito ala comida

Esas recetas pasan de generación a generación desde la bisabuela asta nuestras madres así lo hacen en mi familia .

Mimmmm que Rico

Daam i got scared .i thought it was my mom yelling at me again !!

just to add. i hope you payed her for the grocery's . she was so good for doing that for you

i hate mole, it doesnt taste good to me. my favourite thing is tamale oaxacan style

Part of me just wishes that the majority of humans were like you Mark. Someone who is brave and open-minded, being able to open your eyes and connect with other human beings can bring one so much peace and love and really, that is what humanity needs. Of course, it is only part of me that wishes this because the other part knows that wishing doesn't help. The people of Mexico and Central America are beautiful people who are suffering so much. I myself am from Honduras which I recommend you definitely visit!!!

Hello! African American here. Love u mexicans! Best food ever. And the indigneous native foods are extremely good too!

Mark, according to the (one of many) legend, the mole was invented by some nuns of a cloister convent (Santa Rosa) in a monastery located in the city of Puebla, this because as the king of Spain had appointed a new viceroy for the new spain (colonial name of mexico), he arrived too quickly because his entourage sailed from spain in a fast vessel and not in the typical slow and heavy warship (a galleon), then he landed on the city-port of Veracruz (main harbor of the realm) a pair of days prior the scheduled official welcome, then in matter of few days, he was heading to the capital, Mexico city in a week-long travel, and the mid point between those cities, was the city of Puebla wich was a mandatory stopover to enter the Valley of Mexico which encircled the capital city, and had to prepare to cross the difficult roads of that mountain range, the problem was that the monastery headmaster had not yet been informed of the arrival of the new Viceroy, due bad communications, and in the last moment the monastery received the scouts of his personal guard, the headmaster bishop entrusted some nuns to receive and attend the viceroy and his entourage, but they informed to the headmaster that at that moment, the kitchen of the monastery had run-out the main ingredients, that the Spaniards and the Creoles (whites born in new world) ate normally, so the nuns took all the simple ingredients that they had at hand, and prepared a sauce over boiled chicken with spices, and rice, after the dinner, the viceroy was absolutely enchanted and the dish was so popular, that spreaded very quick through the country.

I cannot watch you because your laugh creeeepps me out!

That’s rooster NoT chicken... ROOSTER You were eating Rooster...

Id love to have them pots !!

I would have smoKed a phat Joint before eating all this...

Mark speaks Spanish?

holy mole'

The mole looked so delicious

❤❤❤❤ amazing video the lady was so humble and nice

He seems like he puffs the magic dragon...

I wish you hadn't left in the middle to go to a waterfall for no reason.

Amazing. Watching this video makes me feel very bland.

She said: the more you insist the less you can resist

She is 100% old school.

I can't believe you ate grasshoppers.

Thank you for appreciating our food and country!

Your kindness deserves 5million subs

Visit Michoacan.

Wonderful and amazing.

This dish is a 8 course meal in one!

Yeah, you really need the chocolate, you can put all kinds of stuff. I put cinnamon and vanilla in mine.

I like the way he headbutts his words at you when he gets excited.

Oaxaca Mole negro is Amazing!!!!!!!! Yum

Never heard it called chocolate stew. I like the video

Lol its not her mother its just someone they know tht concider them as her children

True, what a privilege Mark!!! Lucky man

Mark, what a glorious video. I second Je S. Your love and passion for food, permeates your love of people, their culture and viceversa. I love seeing your videos and what you bring to us and it also awakens the desire to go to these places and know more about the food and therefore their culture. You have a unique way of putting that forth to your viewers. God bless you indeed.

You can get it at the store and add some of your own chocolate and others stuff and its pretty damn good, add some grilled chiicken in towards the end and cook it in the sauce, it's good af. Serve with mexican rice.

Are you team red or green chicken enchiladas though?

At 16:00 I am starting to think that they are just trolling you Mark. Let's see how it ends up.

Wow this is so humbling how they took in strangers & treat them like family hats off

Hopefully you guys paid them for all that work and the ingredients!

I want to thank you for paying homage to my beautiful Mexico. Great work

Thanks for this Mark!

You need to click very fast to laugh 27:30

I am sad

Never mind

Aww I miss going to my parents hometown in Oaxaca

I love how fresh all the food is in Mexico.

Bloody hell that looks amazing!

Pleasee Mark, come to Brazilll, we have a lot of food here hahaha

those were pecans, not walnuts.

How old is he?

There is no mole negro in this video!

My mom puts spicy chiles so when I try sweet mole it feels off to me kek

She is fantastic mom. ^^ The mole have many ingredients, it takes much time to making it, and there are several types of mole. My mom also has their recipe for poblano mole.

Go to Jalisco, to a small town in Arandas called La Trinidad, and experience mole ranchero. If you go in December, I will personally make it for you

Nuestra cultura, comida, musica, todo de Mexico es hermoso.

i don't see scraps.

Mark i'm so happy you made this video. It gives a glimpse to the plant diversity in Mexico which has influenced the food and is still to be taken advantage of. Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and I believe 4th in flowers. That diversity is reflected in the making of mole. So many different chiles are used to make this dish. When people choose not to eat mexican food without salsa or sauces.....well ask a french person how important sauces are to their food.

Your hideous neck strings shows that you take lots of pills and you almost talkin out of breath out of excitement really sucks too.

May God keep giving you the grace and the strength to keep doing more videos! Love the humbleness that you and your wife and child have.

It just reminds me of my mother’s sambal sauce

Thanks for sharing such amazing video

Bigotes de mole

I wish i had the recipe!!!!!

My mom does this once a year, every year, it definitely takes a long, long time to make, its a labor of love.

Ren both ❤️❤️❤️

Yummy mole!

That Mole was mas authentica!! It just made me so very hungry for some!, it is my ultimate favorite dish!, only you have to have some Tecate Cerveza too! Oh dear I gotta quit, I'm just torturing myself!.

My grandma make the the best mole

Like si eres Oaxaqueño y Mexicano de corazón y te encantó esta pieza magistral de vídeo y obviamente el Mole. Actualmente estoy fuera de mí bella Tierra Oaxaqueña y me sentí como en casa mientras lo veía. Bello muy bello! Thanks Mark, you are such a great person and youtuber.

Where have you been all my life!? Amazing video, thank you for being so kind to my people in Oaxaca ♥️ I can’t believe I haven’t seen your videos until now, I’m a fan!

3:24 I can relate.

OMG that looks amazing i would def devour that just like he did.. i am starving to check out Mexico one day soon.. Greetings from Sydney Australia.. keep up the gr8 work mate ✌

Just to let everyone know this will give you intense diarrhea for several weeks

You really struck Gold Mark! ... not many people even in Mexico have seen Mole done from scratch... awesome vid, congratulations. My aunt who is also from Oaxaca makes mole this same way, and it's soooo goooood.


Are you from mexico

Love your expression I can tell it is genuine. Thank you. Now I want to have some mole..

this is the first time I have been on this channel and I love Marks smile and enthusiasm and kindness and curiosity. it's like watching the happiest kid playing with its favorite toy in the entire world. So much positivity and joy. I love it!!! thank you so much for doing this.

No pues la señora si se la rifo

3:23 typical Mexican mom regañándolo por no avisar por algo que no sabía

Did you get sick from drinking the water no hate it's a serious? I heard that our stomachs are different

its interesting how the sauce had the same colors as the landscape of the waterfall

My God!!! It is sooooo gooood!!! I love mole and I wish I could eat some day one with such a recipe and procedure..... Absolutely a high cousine dish!!!

I am soooo jelly right now ...i want some tooooo

I’m from Oaxaca and I cried watching this video!! I’m so far from my roots

This is one of the best videos I have ever watched. Great job. What an amazing experience!


My favorite Mexican dish!!!! It's delicious!!! In Puebla, you can eat it with bean tamales and it's very tasty.

Those were not green tomatoes, they were tomatillos--related to tomatoes, but not the stuff we put on BLTs; used in various salsas.

Thank you Mark, there's not a single ounce of prejudice displaced by you unlike the CNN and food/travel channels nimrods. Thanks for this brutally honest experience. Love it.

I travel the world thru your experiences with your foods travel

I would avoid Mexico until the police and the government put some actual effort in curbing the cartel.

Hola se puede hacer más sano el mole si asas todo y no lo fríes y le quitas el pan , yo así lo preparo y es delicioso

Are you sure she’s not over adding ingredients for your benefit

Mark they looked like pecans to me, rather than walnuts. That sauce looked amazing. Also I can't believe it but I want to try the grasshoppers :O

Where’s the sink to wash hands?

No no chilies not spicy

If the base is chocolate it’s great

Thanks to my Mom and Grandmother I learned how to make it from scratch

Por eso mi querido Mark la comida mexicana fue declarada patrimonio inmaterial de la humanidad. Te falta probar los chiles en nogada. XD

I remember this one time my older sister brought her friend from the US to stay with us for like a week. She wanted to eat mole before leaving, so ,of course, my mom had to make it, because that's what moms do. Anyway, every mole has different ingredients in every region and the type of mole. My mom loves mole dulce (sweet mole) and it has oranges. The girl was so confused when she saw the ingredients. It was slightly funny seeing her being so confused, because I've grown up with that, and I am honestly so grateful and proud of my culture

You got lucky; I think it’s pretty presumptuous to just go to a different country and ask to be invited to dinner and ask for a specific dish.

the mom be like *so he buying the food? Well i better do my weekly shopping too*

mem-more-able >< try: mem-rah-bull


Its 4am, I cant sleep, I have my hours turned around. I was going to play a video game but now I'm going to study spanish, something I've been telling myself I'm going to learn for years now. Seeing / hearing this Asian man conversing in Spanish has inspired me! I'm half Hispanic so I feel I should know it anyway.

Nothing is more American than Mexican food.

I want to cook with these ladies


i want some negros too

That's true art.... The ultimate expression of "a work of art "

What a wholesome extraordinary experience. What sweet and amazing people and culture!

“Ayer me hubieras dicho y hubiera ido a comprar todo” the amount of times I’ve heard my mom say that to me when we’re both surprised by guests

Alex Rosil Gurl i can relate

wow striking simlarities between philippines and mexico???

Now try Mole Poblano.

Vaya; es increíble que los extranjeros valoren más nuestra comida que los propios mexicanos.

MI MEXICO LINDO! Our hospitality is truly one of a kind. No matter where in the world a Mexican is we will always show true hospitality. We will try our best to make you feel at home! love this!

By far your best video

I’m Mexican and I’m proud to be one! I love my amazing people because they treat others like if they were you’re family.

I wish I had someone to make me this dish, SAD !

Mark, the tamales where veggie tamales

Hi Mark, I have a question why don't you have your wife give her opinion on how the food taste? I am asking you this question with a lot of respect. I love all your video's. God bless you and the family

Thank you for taking me bacķ to Oaxaca. I could taste the mole from Boulder Colorado! Starting my day with very fond memories from Oaxaca and pueblo.

I’m pretty sure there’s a chinese version of this too

Ya thank GOD for Don Maria Mole ! YUM !

MARK the last time I saw you being that YOU are Asian, is YOU were in ASIA ! Now You are in Mexico ! What happened to ASIA ! Asian and you speak spanish ? what's up with that ? Pensé que eras asiático-americano? Me estas poniendo nervioso ! Borracho !

This looks so goooood... uhp now I am hungry. >:(

what a beautiful and blessed experience

Omg. I’ve been craving mole since 2007 when I had it for the first time and I’ve never been able to have ever again. Yum. Looks incredible

Mucho bieno

Great video! I really like your enthusiasm.

Chabacano is apricot

Thanks for an amazing video. Made me miss christmas in Mexico (didn't go last year), where my family cooks together like this all the time. It was interesting to see how they made their mole. Every town and family has their own recipe and it was fun to campare what we do the same and what we do different in ingredients. Even though my mom can cook it from scratch, she likes to go to the market before she comes back to America and buy half a kilo each of mole paste from different regions (they sell different mole paste in the same stall). Its delicious to taste the different flavors for the "same" food item. Plus its an easy way to have the same flavor with out the 5hr work. You just add chicken brought to the mole paste and maybe chocolate (depends on your liking. I like mine sweet, the rest of my family likes theirs less sweet and more spicy). Great job on the video!!

Dude. You look native, a mix of that blood line and Spanish blood. Amazing.

27:40 BRUH!!!!!!!!! smh

At the 14:30-ish point, it's allspice (pimienta de Jamaica) that she's using, not a type of pepper. I could be wrong, but I'm not :)

I'm really curious how it taste. Is there anyone out there can describe it for us who never taste mole in our life before?

Mark, How many languages do you speak?

Now, you know how can be the mexican hospitality!! It's awesome to see how you delight with the mexican food!

I like that the thumbnail makes it look like she is in a pool of chocolate stew.

I love how u want tried everything in a good way and commented it in a good way even u dont like it that much

So what kind of chocolate do they add? I would think that is the most important part of chocolate mole.

its beautiful how you meet people and how the universe provides you with these encounters. cheers to your travels

nah, not green tomatoes, tomatillos. still a nightshade but very tart and different.

When we went over this city in spanish class some kid said wakanda and did the salute everytime the teacher said oaxaca

Can't eat my mola without rice

You just need the rice

Been there twice in a year! Also to those waters. Everything about Oaxaca is BEAUTIFUL. You forgot to mention how CLEAN the streets are!

5:44 she actualy told you that the old woman is not from their family but since is a very close friend they treat her like it was her grandmother.

Mark Ty for come to mexico!!, :3 I hope you have had a great time

The mom getting after the son around the 3:24 mark is hilarious. She's telling him "you should've told me yesterday and I could have gone and bought everything." The son's like "I didn't know!". lol

I love mole mmmmmmm I make with doña Maria but add more Chiles and chocolate....Oaxaca people are so humble my tios are from Oaxaca they’re food and horchata is ssssooooo ggggooooddddd

Wow...that mole looked incredible!!

I need a taste

Under the influence of mole !

"Oh is that going to be fried too? Oh YES! yes it is!" haha!

Very nice video man

That's a lot of oil but this looks so good

Lady in the back "como le digo que si quiere mas??"

Que rica salsita roja se mira

Fantastic video!

i want the recipe

She remains me of my abuelita

por un momento creí ver a benshorts xD 5:05

I love understanding both languages

Go to Zamora in mexico! Its full of culture and great street food! Ecpesially the main plaza


I have eaten mole, andin every ocasion, it is always the same experience, it has somany ingredients it tastes like nothing, itis overrated.

Oh my God super delicious. I saw two times the video, I want to try for next week.

I will make 2019 a Oaxacan holiday.

If you ever get the chance to go back to oaxaca, try the Mixtecs version of mole. Mixtec is also an indigenous native group in Oaxaca. You should’ve had her teach you some Zapotec !!!!! Lol this was a fun video to watch

Can't believe Mark lost words after tasting the mole...

I ate mole today

My home town of Oaxaca, how I miss it. Hope you enjoyed it!!

My mouth is watering! It looked so good!

Could you please translate what they are saying to English in the captions?

Mark, i'm not sure if this'll mean anything, but I've been lurking your channel hard for a while. This video got me subscribed.

(Speaking in foreign language)

Mark te invito a comer Quelites en Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca!!

I've always wanted to learn how to make mole negro from scratch!!! Also, once invited as the plus one of my cousin, the host offered us chapulines. Internally, I wanted to die!!! But as a guest, i dug right in. I had them in a taco w/tortilla de maiz & salsa fresca. I was surprised how they really don't have a flavor, just a good crunch. I love your video. It really reflects the beauty of Mexico. Took me back to my great grandparent's ranch & warmed my heart.

Maravillosa mujer ♥♥♥

I watched this entire video only because it was interesting to hear your.. what I would assume is a Northern Central US accent, used in conjunction with this Mexican Spanish accent you use all in the same sentence. Polar opposites. Very jarring.

I would be jumping up and down from excitement!! Like...is it ready yet?! Is it ready now?!! Almost?!!! ❤❤

Such a beautiful family.

3:03 the old guy with the cap is my grandfather also the dog is his

One like for my grandfather at 3:03 with the cap

I love watching your videos of food around the world. You are very respectful of people and their life. You do these videos with the biggest smile!!!

3:03 the old guy with hat is my grandfather

Se ve bien.

Ay ahora quiero mole :(

And your smile

I hate your face man

Mark Wiens for President!!!

Can someone please tell me why boiled chicken is used instead of roasted chicken? Wouldn't roasted chicken taste a lot better with molé, especially if the mole combines with the crispness of the semi-burnt chicken skin? Just curious.

Ungloved unregulated meat handling makes me nervous...........I’m weird:/

That looks so good! I hope I can try it someday

Mole is truly the most mysterious dish depending on where you’re from! My mom puts chocolate in our recipe and I have a friend who’s family puts Coca Cola. Amazing.

hi's almost in tears...

OMG! These ladies talk like my grandmother, I never realized that's the oaxacan accent. I would say they were in a hurry making the mole, if I remember correctly my grandma starter making mole several days before being served.

Recipe plse!!

I don’t like mole when it sweet. It’s just not good when it’s sweet. It’s better when it’s more savory

you make eating grasshoppers look amazing... I want some now.

I'm starving and this guy succeeded in tripling it. Damn

The most complicated recipe and the enthusiasm of this guy makes me want to taste it badly

This is one of the most complex recipe i've ever seen lol

Go to Santa maria CA a lot of people from Oaxaca are from there I always eat mole when I go there Reason why is because my aunt says it takes a lot of time and spices, basically too much work to make mole Tamales with mole are sooooo good!!!! Try it when you get the chance

The spice at 14:30 is allspice ('pimento')

Great episode! I have watched your channel for a while but it was this series and this episode in particular that has finally got me subscribed. Keep up the excellent work!

I’m Mexican, born and raised here all my life, and I really thank you for your respect for our culture. The way you handled yourself was beautiful. Your interest for not only the food, but our people, language and our culture is very emotional for me to see. This is the first video of yours I’ve ever watched and I’m sure I’ll be a regular watcher. Thank you

I really appreciate your kindness, openness and enthusiasm. you are so open, and grateful, and I really enjoyed this video

I love you videos but please start adding subtitles for your viewers who don’t speak Spanish ;)

At 14:26 that's pimenta, in Jamaica, we call it pimento http://wwwchem.uwimona.edu.jm/lectures/pimento.html , it's similar to All Spice

You forgot to add, "avoid a beheading" to that to-do list.

wait, is this fool Canadian ? that might esplain everythin..

can't stand the fake upbeatness.

The women are so friendly and beautiful. I love how they all join in to cook for Mark. Great episode. You are so lucky to meet such a lovely family.

I just recently discovered mole and fell in love with the flavors but I'm sure it does not compare to the homemade mole you just had. I ordered mine off a whim @ a local restaurant.

We mexicans know the very definition of redundancy in our cuisine. Sauce on top of sauce, corn on top of corn, carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs, chicharron on top of... you got the drill...

The whole video is amazing

BTW Nueces are pecans not walnuts

Love your travels. Your enjoyment of food, culture and people is palatable. You do eat, what must be the biggest spoonfuls in the world!

So delicious !! The family was so sweet especially the mom

The best mole is from puebla and the the oaxacas burn the chiles then the name mole negro

"molemolemolemolemolemole" -Austin Powers

I want to visit this place

Is there anyone who could provide a recipe based on this video? This is just insane and something I would love to try and replicate at my home.

“Chocolate stew”

Seeing these places all over again gives me nostalgia and makes me want to go again. I truly my culture and glad to see you enjoy it :) You should've gone to a town nearby called San Mateo Macquilxhochitl

Idk anything about mole, but damn I WANNA TRY

You should go to San Miguel del ville

This has to be one of my fav videos from you Mark!!! I have watched this many times!!!!!!! I hope one day i get to taste this wonderful mole!!!!!!!!!!!

That looks absolutely amazing. I'm allergic to chocolate but I think I would willingly plan and set aside a "migraine day" so that I could feast on that dish. :-9

Oaxaca es una de las zonas donde más rico se hace de comer en especial el mole negro, una verdadera delicia para casi cualquier paladar.

So good

When you understand EVERYTHING they're saying.

Ok.... voy al refrigerador a recalentar las tostadas con mole que hice hoy jajajajaja Amo ser Mexicana ❤️

When people said this video brought them to tears, I can clearly see why. It made me nostalgic, homesick, hungry and overall proud to be part of such an amazing culture and people. There is nothing like gathering with your family to make the food of your people. Buen provecho :)

damn i have only had mole from a jar...i am sad now :(

sauce on sauce on grasshoppers. ......

The mole making process was amazing and then.. the grasshopers arrived. It was so unexpected haha

Mexico deserves a lot better than it gets from it's neighbors north.

For a guy that likes food he sure looks like a skeleton

Question: Do you pay the family to do this?

I always get beer and sugar mixed up so I thought she offered beer in the chocolate

watching your videos makes me happy :)


You brought me a great experience. Great video! You made me wanna go to mexico.

Viva Mexico

Que Gente Tan Humilde, amo a mi pais

I love how you embrace every adventure. I love food and people as well. Some people will just never understand. I thoroughly enjoy watching you and your family.

nueces are butter pecans


This most be the best video about autentic mole recipe ever! Amazing!

Oaxaca’s sounds like you just cough up a lougy when you say it

You’re brave. I’m Mexican but tecate is a no go for me lol

New sub here

I love how @ 3:24 the mom scolds him for not telling him the day before so she can be prepared. And he says yes, well I didn't know. hahaha

Se antoja un mole con pollo y arroz :v

alguien mas que hable español noto que en el minuto 3:22 la señora regaña a su hijo por no avisarle que comprara las cosas un día antes para la elaboración del mole jajajjajajajajaa...

Such an Amazing Mole experience!!! The way you enjoy the food makes you feel there tasting too!!! You are an amazing person! God bless you wherever you go!

oaxaca is known for their seven moles, i love oaxacan cuisine and also the food from guerrero is great. i love it

Pre-hispanic foods are very complex. You are very lucky my friend. This is a meal to die for.

OMG! Holy Mole sauce = Mother of all Sauce!

What a beautiful place. Interesting combination of fried things. Something I would try

SIIII Asi se limpia el plato cuando comes un RICO MOLE!! :)


i like mole but not that one it doesnt look good michoacan mole better 100%

I want to go here, Mark - to these people. Such sweet people! This awesome meal was created like nothing I have seen before! To hear Trump speak disparagingly about Mexicans is an absolute travesty. Neither he nor his kind would have opened their storehouses and their hearts and treated you like a king like this lovely Mexican family nor the equally sweet people from Ghana.

Mark those "some kind of pepper seeds" look like what is called pimento seeds in the Caribbean or 'all spice' in the States.

The guys said that the starchy drink was made for the Zapotecan Gods.

Awee the mom said “you should have told me yesterday, I would of buy all the ingredients myself” Mexicans are so generous!

very cool!

Wow that's the best mole I seen in my life even tho I didn't taste it good job brotha

Oh mothers! “Me hubieras dicho ayer!”

Try a new facial expression

I demand a subtitle on this one, haha, looks amazing as always

My beautiful country and the amazing food and people.... I love mole but I've never tried Oaxacan mole, my grandmas mole though is bomb even though there is many ways to make it, but it looks amazing even with the grasshoppers though ive never have tried them it made me hungry!!....Thanks for sharing mark.

Mole is my favorite dish

You have such respect for all cultures. God bless you! This was a great video!! Not a fan of the grasshoppers but, mole looked out of this world. BTW , the drink you had at the market was referred to as a “beverage of the Gods” by the man next to you while you drank it. FY I .

Mole is nasty tho

You just lived my food dream! Something like this is on my bucket list!

wow once in a life type food experience

Let me tell you something although Oaxaca state has so many different types of mole the Mexican state that has the most different types of mole is....Tlaxcala !!!

really captions, "(speaking foreign language)"???

I have made mole from scratch, and everyone makes a different version. What you call pepper is actually allspice. They are not walnuts but pecans (walnuts may work too), and the dried herb is thyme. I make these clarification in case anyone tries to make it. I really enjoyed this clip.

Mole is one of my favorite dishes. Mole arroz and some tortillas with limon and salsa and a coca cola on the side.

Bruuuh so many washing up after

esta aprovechando para comprar todo el mandado ;) jajajaja.

Mark! Thank you for sharing this video! It reminds me of Mexico and I can almost smell the mole here in Canada :D I love your work xx oh and also, anything you have with mole just serves as a vehicule to bring more mole to your mouth :) I used to eat only rice and tortillas with mole because I only wanted the sauce haha

"There's nothing better than adding sauce to sauce" such an amazing tour! Thanks for the trip!!

the aRoMa

not walnuts, pecans

At around 20:00 he says they are going to take the ingredients to the market where they have a grinder called a Molina. That's a brand of food processor - so when you are making this at home, don't feel obliged to use a mortar and pestle. A food processor is the preferred method even in Oaxaca!

Everyone helping that’s nice and i love the kitchen i miss Mexico soooo much and the people over there the best

you’re the greatest love how you show some much love and appreciation for my country!!!!

This was awesome, I'd love to try this one day! The peppers you weren't sure about are Allspice berries & the green tomatoes (not actually tomatoes) are called tomatillos.

Omg my mouth is watering! Looks so good!!

I’m Mexican and I don’t even like mole. But watching this made me consider eat this again until I like it lol

he definitely knows how to eat..

does anyone know the name of the song he used for this video? sounds amazing.

[Speaking foreign language] Hahaha if you need help, I can translate it, I think it could be a more special video if everyone understands what the locals are saying!

I’m from Brazil!!!! But Mexico has my heart! I love this country

I'm so jealous! I'm a Texan and I want to go on a Mexican food tour soooo bad. Mole is especially my favorite. My mouth waters and my heart aches for mole like this, you are a lucky man.

la cantidad d ingredientes me sorprendio

I think that was allspice

This is an amazing dish I really appreciate watching this, thank you

What a great day ur all having, great home cooked

I hope they paid her well !

I love cooking a lot and this really inspired me to make mole like her's I just love traditional, raw made food. But since I'm vegan, I think ill have to use tofu or something. I love the video, thanks!

is it like an enchilada sauce?

Wow, so amazing!

We make Mole at home in California and my Kids love it, it's one of their favorite foods. We us my grandmothers recipe. You have to eat it with Mexican rice and Freshly Make Corn tortillas. It's glorious. The grass hoppers 'Chapulines' are kinda gross though, LOL

Mark is such a sport. They fried Goya crackers and he was like, ok... interesting you haven't lost me yet ... LOL. Seriously I'm addicted to this channel

It is the first time that I watch your videos and now you have a new subscriber. ❤️ I loved how you show the culture and gastronomy of my country, and your face while eating is simply amazing... I want some mole right now!!! Un orgullo ser mexicana. ❤️❤️❤️

You're videos are Awesome

the unknown peppercorns is called allspice in english.

I sure hope you tipped the chef $50-100 bucks

legitimately one of the best videos about mole on the internet, you could watch a million recipes online but this really shows you how its done

I know very little about Mexican fare, but at 12:42, those are not walnuts - they are pecans. Then, the tomatoes they use are not 2 kinds of tomatoes. The green are the tomatillos (gooseberry family). Thought a foodie would know those basics...

Plot twist, the family hated you and had to put up with you shoving the camera in their food for 5hrs, they only reason you were let into there home, was so that they could get onto your youtube. :p

Mark, you speak thai, spanish and English?? What more can you do

Javier's mom is beautiful.

That is just awesome , some of us just cant travel over there but thanks for the trip , my dad is from Oaxaca , i taste chapulines , mole , and other things from there but i was 5 years old , i am 37 and i never been there , so lucky you man

It is so good that you traveled all that way just to taste Mole

Send me the recipe please

I’m just happy cause I now have a video to prove Oaxacano are short

How did I not know about you?

Your videos are on point... amazed by your talent to bring out the best in your videos! Best mole video ever

Thank you for this video!!!

Mark, your Spanish pronunciation is perfect...Quite astonishing,in fact. How is that?

He’s so excited ! I love mi Oaxaca !!

My grandma has a mole negro on her face. It was benign.

That stew has everything in it! Lol!

Sorry I wouldn't drink anything someone mixed with their hands without boiling it afterwards! Nope!

Please hurry and get this gentleman some mole, before his face completely warps! thanks for the video, I learned a lot.

These people are so beautiful and warm. This is by far the best vlog I have seen on your channel.

Not chocolate stew...more like cocoa curry.

My culture is not your content.

I think i recognize the round biscuits\cookies. Are those marie cookies?

I need a Oaxacan wife

Mark you need to make a kulinarisches resort..for international dishes.get cook from each part of the continent.omg

Watchin mark first thing after waking Up.ima gunna make dis a routine #kenyaborn

Can I have your life lol my dream to go travel and try new food

Dude. Why the bugs. Why. Why.

Omg!! I love your videos

Dang, that mole with some Mexican rice, yes please!

Mexican moto...mi casa es su casa. My beautiful mama is from Sinaloa Mexico and throughout our lives we’ve visited many different parts of Mexico but my dream is to go to Oaxaca. My husband is from Michoacán and I was recently there for a few weeks and it was AMAZING! Hopefully Oaxaca is next

I want that sauce !!!

How I wish I can taste and eat that mole!

Wow my mind is blown

OMG!!! I need to find Javier's mom!! LOL this was awesome.

That is a priceless cultural document. Award-worthy. Oaxaca is one of my favorite places in the world. I haven’t been there since 1972, and I’m glad to see it’s still wonderful.

Y el aroz primo?

Enjoyed but you lost me at the grasshoppers lol urgh!

3:21 omg his mom is scolding him even though he's a grown man

Love these kinds of cooking videos, you actually get to see the country and the people and traditional methods of cooking with fresh local produce...

When Mexico lost 0-3 to Sweden and you need some consoling so you go to your abuela for mole!

Oh i wish i wish i wish i could try that amazing mole sauce

you are really making me go to Mexico

The town is just beautiful

Go crazy or go home

I’m not trying to be rude, but don’t chew and smack with your mouth open on camera. Cool video though. :)

Insanely cool. Subbed. Grateful you were able to experience this and share it with us.

For people who live in the tropical reagion and see them not eating any vegetable is surprising to me.

Mark your comment can be behind the camera.We really don't need to see your face every freaking second.

Mexico is a state which whites failed to make part of USA and enslave it's people as an entire population. Since it was too hard to eradicate the Mexicans, they were too many to murder and poison and kill like the native American tribes, and the Australian tribes who were ethnically cleansed mercilessly.. That's why Trump supporters hate Mexico and Mexicans.

Mark you are a very lucky man and a man with kindness. This video got me very hungry for real mole.

Did you pay them?

It’s not a chocolate stew, chocolate is part of the ingredient but that’s it

Your such sweet and delightful young man! Thank you for all the amazing sweet recipes with your dulce personality!!! Thank you!!!

There life style don't look all that bad why do they keep sneaking to the us

Mark, you are the best, why? You glow with love for humanity and your family! That means God is with you in my book my friend. You are blessed!


Mark @14:36 those are dried pimento berries

Mark @12:42 those look more like pecans than walnuts

Awww they all seem to kind and warm-hearted, I want to visit one day

No you should have made a taco with that last bite.

You lucky Dogs!!!!

Wow this is so OG with a metate

This video brought tears to my eyes because this is so amazingly bringing me all these beautiful memories with my mom grama and just tradition. And this is only the biggening to Mexico and it's delicious dishes.

Host does not sit well with me at all lol luckily these amazing cooks made up for it! Love mole reminds me of my grandmothers

YO Mark, how many languages can you speak?????

Found a recipe on Food Network for this, looks like it's all the same ingredients, 29 plus water, almost five hours between prep and cook, and makes 12 servings, which looks like how much that bowl is. I want to try this sometime, but I'm the only one in the house who likes mole, and I'd never eat through that much mole before it goes bad.

my grandma just makes the mole sauce and makes tamales de frijol negro with epazote so instead of chicken we drenched the tamal in mole! it’s the best!

The cookies are called Maria’s and they are the best with coffee

you know what? that mole is so delicious with chicken meat


You are the best!!

Im so jelous, wish I was the one having that plate of mole. Looked so delicious

say "Memorable" again

Thank you.

JAJAJA the mom complaining like a typical mom about doing things ahead instead of that moment: "you should have told me!" "but I didn't know mom, until know!" "EITHER WAY, I COULD HAVE BOUGHT EVERYTHING ALREADY" jajajaja oww #moms

5 hours? "farmer life"

la diferencia entre el mole negro oaxaqueno y el poblano es el ajonjoli arriba del mole nosotros lo tostamos y molemos no lo ponemos arriba bonito video anyway

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