Oberkrebach map fs19 map tour farming simulator #fs19modsreview ls19

Oberkrebach map fs19 map tour farming simulator #fs19modsreview ls19

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Ho. And welcome. To farming, simulator 19. Map, tools and today we, are over. Crap over. Krei back I think. That's about right and this, is by rich, IEF. And. This. Is the first look at all so, let's go and I would like to see what we got we start off in the menu and go, into. The. Map so. There's the overall, map it's got 20, fields. That. Is what you start off with, now. The cost of the fields, that. 112,000. And what's. The biggest field number. 19. Say. 1910. So. We're talking hundred and fifty nine thousand, and, I was one hundred and ninety four thousand. And then, we have got the wooded areas, which at two hundred and forty six which is a bargain, a bit. More wooded areas there and. Last. 189. Days and so not too expensive. Really. There's, that are you can't buy nor, any, of that you can buy that so. You don't own all of the map. But. You do have some of these sell points yeah that won't click on. There. Number, nine thousand, and sixty seven and that, one is for, a playable area, so. We'll have a look at that on the way around and we'll have a look at all these other places there's. Not loads but, there's enough now biogas. Is. A hundred, and four thousand, eight hundred and eighty, pounds. So. Not too extortionate. Going. On to the prices. So. We have a three. Main, dealers. For, wheat barley oats, canola. Blah blah blah and then, we. Also have. Three. Buy points, for cotton, was pretty, cool and sugarcane. And also. We've, got one, 4x1, wool. And. Then. You've. Got obviously yo, barn, there, with, a, biogas. And biogas. Pretty, nice price that's nine hundred on, the. Thousand liter now, I'll just run some through so hopefully, we'll be able to see if it's working making some money should. All be good. Like. The boy points the, sale points we've got our I agree, our B. And they, they take just you straw and you, mean your and. Then you got the agate Murray I grow. Em a which. Is that's your straw and. Also. All of those as. Well and. Then you got your barn which is your straw and your silage in your grass and, we. All know about those and. Then the biogas we've just seen and then the grain mill the.

Same Thing really they they're so, you, have got a few and. Remember you can always use your extra. Place walls there's, some in the mod hub there's, an extra strong point and there's. A few other there's a nother, small bio gas if you want that and. There's more coming out all the time so keep, your eye on it. So. We start off at the main farm, area, and, like. I said you do own that area, and. If you sell it as, 353,000. To it and drew an 84 that bit and it's 130, mm. And 72, for that wait for those two fields. Now. I've started on a new a farmer, so. The one fields ready to, be harvested. And, the one is, cultivated. And. You do start off with all brand, new equipment and you have got quite a bit of kit. I'll. Go into that in a minute and then, we move over we've. Got animal pens but no animals now there are missions, but, they're not gonna be loads of money because they're, not big fields but then they won't take very long, is. He advantage, with it. So. That is the map. So. Let's go and have a look around. So. You start off in a farmyard, and is. Our sleeping, house. You're. Not tired I'll, tell you what let's go into the garage first and let's have a look in there, to, see what you start off with they. That we, didn't start off with I. Bought. That so you got your farm ice as a vehicle workshop, the small solo, multi. Fill your multi fruits and it. Does take quite a few Liam your, stuff and, then, it always part of a large. Sheep pasture large. Pig included, large K pasture. Sb-700. Weight a. Head. Of trailer and, then the zealand. Loaded, wagon see. They're, told. To Vater prime. Header. Trailer. Rostral. Mush. Harvester. We've got a John Deere, we've. Also got an armored, truck and a, vulture, that's. What you start off with. So. Here's the rest of the farm and, we got a little eight building, right. Here. Which. You aren't gonna get some stuff, in here. We. Got our - I've. Outgrown the, omelet Ryker start there don't, everything you know that don't know. So. Yeah there's a garage next to the. Farmhouse. And. Then we have our John, Deere. Then. Sorry, little area over this way then. You come on over to, our, chickens. Over this way. And. Then Diana over here. Is. She. So. Slightly different pattern I think well. The front is isn't it or I, just. Got mad now. I probably just sitting in a different light nobody's, the same. So. You got sheep in your chickens there which he comes by and. Then. It what's that either. What. Is that. It. Doesn't say farms, I know I. Don't. Know not, sure I would put it in the comments it might not be oh I tell you that's. A bloody lamppost I thought that was a discharge out of this tank because I think it more wise out there when, you got this over here, I. Though. Losing. The plot it is late, it's 20. Past 1:00, in the morning, anyway. Let's crack on. So. We've got a nice little storage, sheds, I do like these old style she. Had pretty cool. So. You don't have everything looking brand new. And. Yet. More storage. So. We've got more storage over here. With. Looks, like we've got our fuel here that might be let's, put the out when I won't, show up anyway, will it or. Will it, I can't remember no, won't show up unless I'm in our vehicle, with. Our more. Storage and. Then, we go right to the gate in the field over this way. Well. This is the one you, start off with and, then. The other one is dying away, which. Is cultivated, at the moment. So, that's the basic and farmyard the farmhouse then. We come out this way and you got the pond on. The right-hand side there and, I do like this dis bit this rump. To. Get in to. Fill it up and we can bring water out. Of here, so. That's pretty cool so you can normally issue if, you got water out of one you can get water out of anywhere, that's. How it normally works. Especially. Our main ponds next to your farm anyway, so. We come over to, the pig, enclosure. Which. Is yeah we've, seen these, ones I think monkeys. It's slightly different I dunno I've taught them really tired Tamils anyway. So. That's the pigs. And. We got another old school style, shed. And. We got winding lane up to the top here and, we've. Got the Ches. And then, you got the W one with. Your, grass. I suppose it yep I think. It's four seasons I'm not too sure I looked anything. On seasons, yeah now. Have we got crazy ins yes we got cuisines on. Fences. So, let's get back eight of the, farm will come out game this week. And. It opens a twas nice. Quite. A flat map. But. It's nice to have different Maps. Well. I stay on the road. And. We can whatsit yep this one the, animal, dealer.

So. Where, is it here it is he just here. Yeah. Horse paddock large, K past your chicken coop logic. Pic includes you and our sheep pasture. They're. All there. So. That is the, animal. Dealer alas. The top right, and side. Of the map so I. Head our way over, to bio, gas and, we actually sell, that. But. What I like about this map is you can actually look over, and, see. See, it'll well you can't see it all but bio gas is over there. It's. Behind them, up trees. Let's. Get back on the road. I'll. Put the lights on because I'm driving terribly, tonight, and. He's bio, gas. Turns. Out discharged for a slurry. Digestate. Not slurry, slurry. Goes in, here, and I, set up the. Boise, station. And. We. Sold some. Silage. So I bought it and sold it straight away we've got a load going, through 27,000. So. Let's go, and sell it a minute, go. Into the finances, first and it. Should be on other oh, there. Is how much we spent on it so we spent eight thousand, two hundred and, thirty nine and the, price currently, is nine hundred, so. We shall see let's, sell, it. Sell. It so. That sold and. We got an income of. Thirty-four. Thousand, nine hundred and, twenty. Why. That was a. Quite. Good so. Yeah by gas is working new problem. Then. On the map you can see the orange areas, they were showing you, where. There's some tracks and there's quite a few tracks. Leading. Up to fields, and going through, some of the forestry. Areas. Another, storage shed that's quite a few of these Dottie arraigned. So. Our work Otway dane and there's a wooded, area on the right-hand side here. Not. Hugely, dense. But. I do like overall. Detailing, on this part it looks pretty, nice, suppose. She'll be the mountains in the backdrop, they're. Pretty. Cool. Well. So we have got quite. A big, little track just running it along here. And. Yeah. There is a bit more contour, and I thought I thought it was completely flat but, it's not we.

Got A tree nursery. So. We're coming over to the sell point and this one was the, agro. Ma and. We got the barn as, well. Coming. Up. Mice. Were heading on down this, way. Well. I think, this is the. Horse. De no it's not the horse dealer so the horse pasture. There. It is it's have a great. There. Is. And, there's a soul point here that's all. The. Bond as. Bond. Sale point. Anyway. Moving on and driving. On the right side, of the road there, was this little crack where is it yeah it's not there it's down there a little bit first. Well, let's go to that cell, point. Which, is the sawmill. So. Wood. Lumber in, that point and. There's. The button and. Then. Wood. Chips I was going to say sawdust, and wood, chips is just her. And, let's just have a quick go down. Here. We go through, the forest. Those. Just collapse on the floor tired, so, hot. Pretty. Cool. There's. A lot of money in here. I'm, not huge forest, areas, but. Places. You can go in and clear right let me take you an hour zone. Alright. Let's get back on the track. And. We've. Missed the shop, haven't. We. Is. That water is it deep oh. It. Could be deep Oh. Unbelievable. Anyhow. We're, down at the shop. So. There's a shop and the. Shop boy, point just there and then, the sell point, or. The. Customization. We can get, fuel from here. So, I head back down the road and. We, get on the right side of the road cuz yeah he's not stopping. He. Hasn't got a care and. I, forgotten which one this was a. Spinner. II. That's, not the spinner there's, this penury that's, what I thought, it's. Like no the spinner II and the. Grain. Mill. And, we'll throw in the back end nothing right, No. So, there is the spinner II I thought. Well that one didn't look like spinner II it's not the spinner really there it is. Alright. Servite is the spinner, II and, we've. Got one more point all orbs. I need. A steering wheel already do. All. My sensitivity. I've, got said that's wrong. But. We've got a nice pond area, over, there, left. Hand side there. I'm. Gonna, little. River, stream, on the right with. A bridge. So. One day into our next South Point but, make sure you don't hit the bridge it. Is pretty solid. Shut. Up. And. This was the angry, one wasn't it the yeah, I agree, I'll be. There. As a sell point now for that one, quite. A big old building there's, a lime station, at the back. Would. You believe it. And. We also have, this, abandoned, car I came across. But. All the traffic avoids it. Here. Comes one night. They. Got, any. A. Let's. Go onto the map and I think we pretty much covered. Everything. Well. All the sale points and the, places, of interest. We. Didn't have a look at the h2, there I forgot, to have a look at that let's. Have a look on the. The. Overview. On that, one where. All he hates to brilliant, this next to it. So. This is your place of alaria basically, which is nice flat area. You. Know I didn't notice that when we came past for. The bio gas which is right next to buy gas. See. I've got quite a few field, surrounded by a gas as well and. The. Little forestry, area. Cool. I. Like. It a lot. Big. Mouth small maps doesn't, matter it's nice to have that bit of variety, where. It is. Rhino. Well if you've enjoyed this, map, tour then, always appreciate. You smashing that like button for me and if, you're new to the channel why not go and check out one of my hundreds. Of other videos. I'd. Like to thank all the subscribers. And. All the viewers which, currently. Show. An interest, in the channel and it's absolutely, amazing it is growing at a tremendous. Rate, I'm very, very pleased with it but. It's all down to you guys, if you don't watch then, I want, produce, stuff there's no point, anyhow. Thanks. For watching and all. You we'll see you next. Time. You.

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Awesome little map . Well laid out .ideal for the small farmer. Thumbs up to the map maker he made a real nice job of creating the look and feel of the countryside.

@Chris Andrews not sure at the moment as mods in testing,new mods takes up most of my time but I did plan on squeezing in let's play somehow using seasons when it's released for console

Will you be doing a let's play on this map

Morning yes I agree it's nice to get a variety of maps thanks for your feedback

My 2 year old son absolutely loves the intro music he started dancing immediately when he heard it

Brilliant that put a smile on my face thanks for your support

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