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Ocean Isle Oasis  Beachfront Bargain Hunt

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The. Sand the Sun the surf. From. Ocean swims to, sunset strolls, this. Is, beachfront living. And it's only for the rich or so you thought. What's the price of the house. $300,000. Today. We're beachfront bargain hunting along the mid-atlantic coast in and around Ocean Isle Beach North, Carolina, known. For its sugar fine sandy, beaches fresh, seafood, and premier, fishing, and crabbing ocean, Isle Beach has been a family vacation hot, spot for generations. Can we talk about the view Wow look at that houses, in this area of the North Carolina coast, can climb well north of 2 million dollars the, view is amazing to be right on the beach is just awesome, but we're slashing these high prices trying, to land a deal for under. $350,000. And we want to be right, on the water I could live right here this. Is this will be my area get, ready to beachfront bargain, hunt. There they go there they go. That's away, hi. I'm Heidi Tucker and this, is my wonderful husband, Sam we've been married 26, wonderful, years we live in Chantilly, Virginia I, work, in water management and Heidi works for our church we, have two sons Trey is 21, and Noah, is 18, we, are looking to buy a home in North Carolina almost. To the South Carolina border, there's a line. Of islands, just off the coast Sunset. Beach Ocean, Isle Holden, Beach we. Found out about this area because we have friends. Down here and each time we come down Heidi, will say I feel more relaxed, here than any other place on earth. The. Boys are getting ready to leave in the fall we're gonna have an empty nest it will just be the two of us at that point so, we, are buying a beach house because, we're hoping that it is really a house that the boys will want to come spend time with us. Looks. Like a good time it's a bribe however. You want to phrase it you're. Trying to get the boys to, mulatto come spend time with us. Welcome. Wow, check this out, yeah every room has a balcony out with a great view when. We go out window shopping for homes it ends up being kind. Of led by the boys I like the yellow house it looks so bright give, me anything that size I don't care what color you paint it and, then we have to have a reality check and remember wait a minute wait a minute our budget we're not even coming close to this to, get this process started we've, got to have a real estate agent give us a hand, we need someone that really knows the area that can take us to the homes that are within our budget, and meet, the requirements that we have all right so tell me again what exactly are you looking for well, I definitely want, enough, space so that we're not on top of each other three bedrooms so that we can have at least the boys there and company. As well I would love to have a yard and then move-in-ready also. Okay. Yeah I don't want to come down on vacation, and be fixing up a house okay, ultimately. Our goal is to get the boys down here so that really, does mean being on the water for them what is your budget right now about 350, is where we're comfortable all right it's gonna be tough to do, it at 350 we're looking 600 and up okay, we'll be open-minded and, go look at what, we can get for our money but yeah just getting the boys down here and being on the water is the priority. The first house I'll be taking salmon Haida to is oceanfront. Cottage it's right here at Ocean Isle Beach it's been there since 1968. And it's, right smack on the ocean, wow. I can't believe we're, actually on the beach that's, right and this is it this is oceanfront. Cottage Wow very nice yeah one, of the original, beach cottages, on Ocean Isle it's a three-bedroom, two-bath, we've got 1,100, square feet so, you have room the, view is amazing. I mean that'd be just so wide it's, just the perfect, dream, location, that everybody, wants at the ocean Laura, what's the price of the house. $300,000. Oh. That's. Awesome. Well. It's a nice deck but, can we talk about the view yeah, I mean wow wow. That, is amazing I. Mean I didn't think we even could. Look at any place that was along, the ocean and had a view like this. Wow. Wood. Paneling lots. Of it, well. But you know what you could paint it white and, it would make a lot and make it a lot brighter cuz it's actually kind of dark in here you know there's a lot of room in here definitely usable I'm feeling, right away that we need some new appliances, so with the cost of the house I think we know the first place we're gonna spend some money if we were to go with it you know there's no there's, not a dishwasher here does that make me the designate dishwasher, well there's three of you you can alternate. You. Can take turns I, mean, the good thing is there's plenty of space it, is the beach we're not gonna be making gourmet meals. Has. Our lovely paneling, again. Well. They got a lot of furniture in here yeah there's a lot in here and, well.

If We have a nice twin size bed this, chairs, Wow. Which. Half is yours. Right. Then I get the one foot you get the other foot. Yep clearly, we'd have to get a bigger bed but we, took some of this other furniture home I think it would be okay. All. Righty. Well, this little throwback amen. Buddies share the room share, the room oh my god slept in the same room as you in a long time but it's been a while maybe you think think we could buck these okay, yeah with that he'll yeah, don't, we funk these but maybe some other beds we could bunk bedrooms, are pretty small I'm, pretty dark we. Would clearly, have to spend some time updating, carpeting, updating, paint and and. Really trying to figure out how to optimally, place beds in them everybody, satisfied, absolutely, okay let's move on. So. What did you think of the house well. I like the house a lot. It's definitely we're gonna have to spend some time updating, it but the view is amazing to, be right on the beach is just awesome, I think the friends would love it just being so close to the beach. Laura. I have. Always dreamed of owning a boat and this. Might, be my opportunity if. I had a place that had, water. Access, I can't, put a boat in here, well it just so happens there's some wonderful canal, homes on Ocean Isle and there's one that I can show you right, now, Wow. Guys check, this out look. At the dock. Wow. Is. This spot alright day I think so gonna, catch our first crab we. Started crabbing as a family, just, because it was something new that we could try all together and, none of us had ever done it before so, what kind of crabs are we getting there's. Gonna be blues the, waters here are great for crabbing the water is, the right temperature you've, got fresh and saltwater mixing, together how, many we need to catch for dinner that depends on how hungry you are. It. Does require some patience. Okay guys we've been here like a half an hour let's try it bring it up slow, come. On come on come on come on. There's. One in there it. Brings the family together they're, surprised. All. Right, congratulations. Definitely, a reason to come down here. The, second place I be taking Sam and Heidi to is the, Concord, it's a canal house in the center of the island 3-bedroom. 2bath all, right so it's enough room 1,200, square feet it's, cute like the landscaping. I like the color, it's got good curb, appeal and if you look behind you there's about two blocks right to the ocean Wow it's yeah look easy access right there, and then your backyard, that's where you're gonna keep your boat excellent. Go right out the canal, goes directly to the intercostal, waterway I could, get my boat in launch, it it's all ready to go I could be spontaneous. This one is a little higher we're. At 369. Oh going, up there push. Little scary I know I'm pushing you up a little bit but I'm keeping you on the island the other house is in this neighborhood, they're up there up with $7.99, this, is the lower spectrum. Right here okay it's a very good investment. Okay. So come. Right into the kitchen a lot, of natural light in this room and I get to have that view all the way through I think that would be really nice I agree, the wall color is bright that's good, so. It's very doable. Wow. All right got, my room I don't. Know man this is a great room it is very nice and dad and I will very much enjoy it, when we are in here so we'll chill don't even go there okay.

Well, This is bigger, this. Is better what do you guys think of this one this is yeah definitely, usable space here, I can. Work with this for sure oh I like this one you can get more beds in here we could do a couple twins if we want it sure, I think this will work yes, I like it it's two thumbs up. Wow. Guys check, this out look. At the dock I got a dog oh wow this. Would, give the boys something. That, that always wanted to give them is a chance to get out in the water Wow. Look at that my. Dock right there, that's. All mine baby it's, nice it's really nice, I could, live right here this. Is this will be my area, you're gonna put little pop-up tent out here and just live out here that. Solves a small bedroom issue I think, this is perfect put a couple of crab traps in here Oh. So. What did you think of the house overall, I like the house I like the openness the the, light and. It just draws you out to, my boat here. We. Really love this house I mean Sam, clearly. Loves the dock and the boat option I think the boys do as well where I I, would love to see something that's a, little more in our budget well I've got a great house for you over at Holden Beach let's, go. The. Next place I'm taking Heidi and Sam is to cool than be Holden. Beach was voted the number, one family beach in the United States really, very, popular, beach and I thought you might like this little cottage because, you're ideally, located the, beach is just a block away wow, that's awesome, it's a three-bedroom. Two-bath you've. Got a thousand, square feet and the, price is just three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, dollar I like that you still have the canal and right, behind us is the intercostal, waterway so. When, you do get your boat you have a place to keep it in the back yard I like that you've. Got a wonderful covered, porch this. Is awesome yeah I like that you could be under there and protected, from the weather and have a barbecue or whatever and all something like this even better to come on down to the stock this. Is perfect, you know right on the water ready to go I don't think you could ask for really much more. Okay. Well. It's a small space you definitely, don't get the square feet with this one I mean it's very open, I love the high ceilings, everybody. Is gonna be able to see and talk to everybody because it's all open like this so so. There's benefits, as well. All. Right here we have the lavender room. Um. Pretty, small, but. You got a big bed in here I mean that that works yeah, it's. Not that big but yeah, I don't think you could go any bigger and. Now. We have, the green bedroom, I think, we can fit a couple twin beds in here that's, all you can fit in here yeah but I think it would work yeah. Wow. Decent-sized. Kitchen right yeah, I love, the island and I love the bar I think that the kitchen is said I think I would, be very happy in here and the next I guess this is the last bedroom yeah.

That. Is a small. Bedroom, guys. We couldn't even really put a bed in here for, guests. Come unless it was just a single we, would just definitely, have to figure out how to make it work. What. Do you think of this house well. It's a it's a cute little house Laura I think that the layout is a little awkward if we wanted guests, to come over I couldn't. See us fitting a lot of people in there a lot of awkward spaces, but you know the view here, is wonderful. I love this view and my boat is right, there ready to go I like that I think. We'd like to maybe see something a little bigger, all right then well then I've got a house you need to see. Wow. I, could, get used to a view like this. All. Right it's for one try let's extend this leave oh. There's. A pretty shot we love bocce ball our boys have always been into sports since they were little, they've always been competitive, the, best bocce, player, in the group, is probably three. Oh. That's. What I'm talking about. The last place, I'm going to take the Tucker's to is the calabash, acres, house we're, taking them off the island and on the mainland, because this is where I can afford to put them in a nicer, house with more square footage yet, not give up the fact that they're gonna have a dock in their backyard so. We, are nowhere close to the beach now. You're, at calabash, acres this, is a three-bedroom, two-bath and I've got some more space for you you've got 2,200. Square feet Wow, that's almost double what we've been looking at right so, how far away we flew the beach we're. About five miles okay, this. Is the. Calabash, river and there's, also a dock back there for a boat yes, I can, handle that what. Is the price of the house three, hundred and nineteen thousand, dollars yes, that's a bigger boat Wow. Wow. That definitely, makes it worth checking, out oh. My. Goodness Wow. This. Is definitely different from anything else that was seen so John just the size of this room right and that view wow. That. Is gorgeous. Plenty of space to hang out on the porch and watch you guys out here in this amazing, yard look. At all the space oh my, goodness, the, water so calm I could, get used to a view like this. Well. You know it's it's a great dock the, problem is we, need a lift, to get the boat out of the water here okay so that's not gonna happen cuz then we're back over budget, again. This. Really is nice I like the staircase there's, actually an upstairs so we can still check out yeah that's awesome there's definitely enough room in here for. People to hang out and to have a good time so I like that about this room well. I can, see there's definitely, some wallpaper, that would have to come down but, it's nice I like the brightness of it I like the white cabinets there's, plenty, of cabinets, the appliances.

All Look relatively, new it looks like it's been taken well care of so I just think that once, we got the wallpaper down it, would be very doable. Well. I think we found mom's retreat, this, is awesome. I love, the, view can. You imagine waking up every morning to that this. This room rocks I like it, Wow. Check out the room and oh my goodness Wow it's huge, you, guys jealous of this this. Is nice I mean, we were talking bunk beds maybe twin beds to check these beds out yeah it's much more relaxing, and comfortable up here I don't feel like we're crammed up in this small loft, room this, is awesome. Well. I love the house it's so big and spacious compared, to the others we've seen the room. Sizes are awesome, it's nice and bright I love, that there's an actual yard to hang out in you. Know we've got the dock, wonderful. But to, get the boat up we need a lift and that's gonna be another 35, or 40 thousand, so it's, back, over our budget again the distance from the beach is, huge. I think just because we're. Gonna have to drive down there it's not something you can just walk out the back so there's trade-offs to to all the homes and we've got a lot of think about talk, together take, some time out and we can meet again okay, great yeah call. If. We were at that location that would be the ultimate beach, lifestyle. You. Okay. Perfect line there, somebody's got to drain it it's gonna be me. Whoa. All. Right guys we've, got to make a decision and, there's a lot to think about so what, do you think about oceanfront. Cottage you, know I think, that's the perfect location the. Beach life is right there you'll walk out you're on the beach and, the beach was beautiful, it was so wide but, that house was small and, remember how dark it was with that paneling, so we would have to put some work into it to get it livable, for us but if we were at that location that would be the ultimate beach, lifestyle, and Trey and I would love to come down to that house okay. Well, that's something to think about so what did you think about Concord. Right on the, canal, that you liked you could have your boat there it's exciting, to, have that boat ready, to go right, at the dock how about the budget yeah that one definitely pushed. Us past our budgets I think what you really be paying for there was the location, right, on the right by the beach and then right on the canal well. Then let's talk about the Holden Beach because that was a very similar type of location. But. Remember it had that view out to the marshlands I love that that is the best place to put the boat just down the canal is, intercostal, we've, got access to the beach is close by, everything.

Is Set up at that house perfect, for the boat but that inside, was teeny tiny I think that we might be spending a little too much time together in that house, yeah. And that brings us to calabash. Acres on the mainland, Wow I I did, not think we'd be looking for a house over there. But, you know it's on the water it's got gorgeous. Views and I'm, sorry the size of the house you can't beat that size of that house for that money that's amazing. It's in perfect, condition, you can walk right in yeah but it's just so tough when I've envisioned, a beach house my whole life and then once. We finally go to get one it's not even on an island that's not a beach house in mind, dictionary. Hey. I'm so glad you called me what do you think we should do today well we think we've made a decision, yeah. Yeah. It's, gonna be. Calabash. Acres. You. Guys that's exciting I just. Love the house I love, the size of the house I love that you know everybody. Has space I love, that it is wholly. And completely move-in. Ready we do have a dog we, are five minutes away from the beach we, all ended up deciding it was the right choice for us I think it's the wise decision, I really think it's a beautiful house and the idea on what you're thinking of going in at I think 310 is a solid, offer for this this house I'll write it up and give you a call thanks. Laura. Let's. See it oh. That's. Close the. House was listed for. $319. And we settled. At three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars yeah. You brought the hooks right yeah, of course I didn't. Bring the hooks. The. Boys have been down several times now and they. Are actually very happy and think we made the best choice for them as well even though they wanted the ocean to get Trey she's got a nibble we're, gonna eat well tonight it's. Really changed our lives so it's been a great great, experience having, this house does, it get any better than this I don't think so mom this. Is. Awesome.

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