Oceanside Tourism District | Cities Skylines | Ep 31

Oceanside Tourism District | Cities Skylines | Ep 31

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hey guys welcome back to city skylines i am sunken  ship and we are back in our city of los cruz.   so last episode we did some city fixes around  the city and episode before that we worked on our   farming district, i'm thinking it's time for us to  get back into our downtown. so let's jump out of   this view so this is the area i'm looking at today  we had the city hall thing down here but i didn't   really like the setup of that so i wanted to put  a like oceanside tourist district right in here   so i've been kind of looking at this area, i'm  pretty sure we unlocked another tile so that   might be something we do next episode  or maybe this episode if we get there.   but down here i'm thinking it needs  to be like a touristy district,   so i'm going to want to stick in another train  station so people can get down here easily.   so let me see, the train line along this road and  it starts to get elevated here so i'm thinking the   train station will probably have to be in this  section so let me pull that out i was liking   the one that we had before but let me just kind of  see what else we have, i mean that's not too bad,   i'm kind of liking the look of that is that  an elevated? or is that on the ground? okay   it looks like it is on the ground so let me  just stick in a road for this real quick. yeah we'll do a two-lane alley actually  i want something nicer than that   yeah we put one-way grass lined so i'll  stick that in here we'll have you come out okay so let's see if this one's big enough okay so i'm going to stick this one in  for now and i think i'm going to use   move it to kind of just adjust this a little bit and just wiggle that in a little bit  more okay so that's a little bit better   i'm gonna have to keep an eye on this because as  of right now we have a level crossing right here,   actually might delete that just for the  time being just so we can get this in actually we're gonna want this to come  out a little bit farther on either side and then i'll use move it to kind of  adjust these ones back i was hoping to   have enough room for train to get in and  out of here without screwing up too much,   but we'll keep an eye on that and  this one too i can kind of scooch in oh the other thing i wanted to tell you guys was,   so i built this little slip road over here and  then i was looking at it i'm like why is no one   using this and i realized all the lane connectors  were set up so no one could actually take that   so i fixed that last episode and this is moving  a lot smoother it's a little backed up right   here but not too bad. let's get back over here  we're gonna have to give you some water aren't we

okay and they're also wanting power so i'm  gonna have to get on that pretty quickly too   okay so now we have a train station  in what i'm gonna do is use our   traffic manager and you can use this to set  up restrictions let me try to remember though   so this one i am only going to want passengers  not any cargo so that's going to be a way to kind   of block stuff from coming this way and then  we'll set up our train line to stop here too but one stop coming each way perfect   okay so now we have a train line on this side  let me just pause because these guys are getting   so angry at me another thing i want to do is  put in a metro station because we have a metro   over here so i'm just going to stick in a  quick metro station do we have anything cuter?   so we're actually going to put this right  along here and then we're gonna have it   be super easy for people to come and get coming  back and forth so we're gonna have a connection you should be underground thank you so it's gonna have to do a really tight  curve when it comes out of this one   curve in here and then curve along to there i'm hoping that works oh sorry  a little jiggly there.i don't want to move you,   i want to create a new line to go to there  and back just to kind of help things move,   i was debating at a connection here because  we have a ton of people using this so   i don't know what do you guys think  should we add a connection?...   as i'm building one in. okay so we're actually  gonna bring along this like tealy line and then  

we can add this one and coming back there we go  okay so now we have a line coming from this one   to this one over to a touristy section so that  should hopefully help people kind of move around,   don't pay attention to this thing, it's  cities skylines, it's not super realistic okay so now we have all of this in i can play  i'm going to add in a walking like pedestrian   bridge real quick. and then i can go home on this  side there we go that's kind of tall not really   as tall as we need that so i'll page you down  a little. okay now people can get around here   okay so let's start adding things in before our  people over here get too mad at us so we are going   to paint in a district this whole section as far  as we can go on here at least down to this is all   going to be our new touristy area. so let me set  that and switch your specialization so that's done   let's start adding in our new area let me okay  so we have some commercial stuff down here i'm   going to want to add in a lot more and let's  see how far we need to have our power to jump maybe we'll just have a line coming across  temporarily just so these guys can start   getting some power and then the rest of this  i will start filling in with commercial,   yeah right there's a good one and  can you go back to the ground please   excuse me you don't need to be elevated okay so this is what i'm kind of wanting a little  bit more some of our more like tall buildings i   didn't really want any short buildings at least  here maybe when we get kind of over to this   side it's going to start going back down to low  density but over here i wanted it nice and tall   we can take out this road and this one's also going to  come out a little bit farther so i'll have you start here and we'll  kind of have you curve around this inlet   and then we'll keep adding in some  water lines and add in a couple more   of our nice touristy buildings okay so we  have some of our low density i'm gonna add   in a little bit more high density i think i might  actually yeah down here can all be high density and then down along here we'll add in some low  density maybe not along this coast right here then i just want to put in  a little bit of landscaping   around here make it look a little bit nicer and of course we need to put in  some of our lovely pink trees we have any kind of gazebos or things we can  add down here i think those would look nice yeah well people are sitting down  here waiting for their trains they   can come hang out maybe sit  at a couple of these benches and then we can definitely add in some of our  more like waterfront stuff so i'm going to add in   the restaurant here does this road need  to come a little bit closer i think so there we go now those will fit in you can  add in maybe our volleyball courts down here,   that's a little kind of not super  flat, so maybe not in that one and i'll add in a marina down here i'm gonna do a fishing tour right there at  the end let's see oh you are a little higher   than what you need to be so we can lower you  down what about you guys you're not too bad   but you do need water line so  let me get those in for you we can add in a little more of a  low density commercial around here is there any other parks or plazas  things we want to add down here i really got to go through and unlock some of  these unique buildings because it's making it   very difficult for us ooh the aquarium is  huge but it does bring in a lot of tourists so maybe let's put that down along here yeah  we'll add in a road for this one here we go   don't really like the colors on  this building i feel like they're um   oh not the cutest of buildings but you'll  do. let's add in a couple more paths around   so people can kind of move around this area  i definitely want to connect up our paths to   our walkable key because that's going to make  it a lot easier for our guys to move around i don't like how far away it is so let  me fix that one and this one there we go you can add in another connection here so i am starting to get a little antsy about  starting a new city guys and i'm gonna do my   best to keep on with this one but i have  so many ideas that i want to kind of start   with a separate city, but i don't want to  give up on this one yet, because i feel like   we're just starting to really see the city  grow and start being able to add stuff in   but the other idea i had i kind of talked about it  before was doing more of like a new england kind   of feel. doing the 81 tile mods we can have like  the whole map and doing a bunch of like smaller  

towns and being able to kind of spread things out  i love this map but like with how it's set up,   and us slowly unlocking tiles, there's so  little, like little buildable area on this map   that it's really making it difficult for  us to be able to kind of build things. so   that's just i'm letting you guys know now that  if all of a sudden i have started a new city,   that's why. i don't know how you guys feel about  it so i kind of want to get your opinion i might   do like two different series at the same time, if  that's okay with you guys. or if you'd rather have   me just focus on one at a time and kind of finish  this one then start a new one just let me know   what you guys kind of prefer. do  not have water down here? oops sorry still didn't give you water okay there  you go that's a little bit better for you   let me do like a park or a  plaza or something next to here ooh the botanical gardens would look nice maybe oh right here would be a perfect spot for  it okay not that high let's lower you down   okay yeah that's a lot better we'll actually  go in and smooth this area out a little bit here we go that's a little bit better i think  we can also use move it and lower this down   more. there we go okay that's so much better  but we were working on a park for our aquarium we have one, not you, not parked with trees maybe a plaza with some picnic table  so people can come to the park and   then go over here and eat their  lunch that seems like a nice idea okay so we can definitely add in a couple more  services over here let's add in a medical clinic   for them because sometimes people do stupid  things when they're in a tourist area, they get   a little tipsy and they make poor decisions, so  they're definitely going to need a medical clinic.  

we can add in a fire department too just  in case. i did turn off fire spreading   and i feel like we have had so many  less, like so many less issues now.   and we might need to add in the  police station down here as well   there we go that should make them a little bit  happier i don't think i need a school or anything   like that because this is going to be more of like  a commercial zone and not really a ton of people.   we can add in a another district down  here and i'm going to add this as our   green cities that we've been kind of talking  about for forever and i just haven't done yet so we're going to have it come around to  this rock because this rock is super cool   and i don't want to destroy it i wanted you  to come in okay so i'll have you come out here and then connect in okay you're a little bit  taller than you need to be so let me raise that up okay that's a little bit better and  then i can add in some roads down here okay so i can add in some i'm gonna do  some high density residential down here,   let me add in some water lines for them first so let me put in i'm gonna do  the green cities like i said   maybe we'll have it come all the way over here  now change out some of this for some residential okay so it's going to be the green  cities the self-sufficient buildings. here we go and we can add in some apartment blocks down here these ones would be a smaller ones and  then on this line i'm gonna do low density and then make sure we add in some walking paths  again before i forget these ones can just be   dirt paths we don't need to have them the real nice ones. that that sounded bad  we'll still want nice paths but you don't  

need to be the ones with the paved, or the  tree lined. you can have them just be dirt.   bring you in and then take out  some of this zoning back here maybe on here we'll keep that but we'll do  high density residential down here because   this is low density commercial it shouldn't be  as loud as high density commercial would be. so   that should be fine okay and then we can touch  in a couple offices because i'm seeing that our   industry demand is high. maybe along here we'll  do some offices so we can give these guys a   second to grow in i'm just going to do a little  bit of detailing around while we let them grow.

there is so many people coming  in and out of this train station   i am loving it like there's just a ton of people  moving through here coming over to our metro stop   let's look to see how many people are kind  of moving around this so for our trains we have a ton of people using all of these i think  we might actually need to move in like add another   train, or might just need another like mass trans  option over here. let's look at our metro though   there we go this teal line we have oh we  only have one vehicle on there yeah we   definitely need to add a second one that  should kind of help people get around.   so i see a dead body issue so let's add in a  crematorium before it comes more of an issue   we can have one down here so i'm going to set this up real quick so  i'm starting to see some issues with this so we can do just give ways throughout here so we'll just have to keep an eye on this kind of  see how it goes maybe we'll have to set up some   timed traffic lights, which i am always really bad  at, so that might be something we kind of have to   work on together. okay so now i have designated  turning lanes down here i think this one   yes this one's already set up so they can go  straight through this one it has a little bit   of backup but we might actually change this from  from one lane to a two-lane highway let me see okay so there is only one there's no nodes  in here. i'm really sorry guys if you hear  

my dog in the background, let me move this  out of the way a little and you can move over then we can just move it to  kind of adjust all of this   so now we have a node in here so i can  go in and upgrade this one to two lane   so we can set this up for one going each  direction, we don't need to worry about   people going straight because if they want to go  straight they should have just stayed on this road scooch this out a little bit farther and i  move this back a little more trying to get this   there we go yeah you're just  got scooch over a little   okay so that looks a little bit better let me play  so they can kind of figure out what's going on there we go that seems to be moving a lot better  this is what was confusing me because we should   not have people parked on this road. i thought  this was a backup for our intersection here,   but no it's just silly people parking on our  road. and we can do designated turning lanes all   down here too this one we can also have it  be so you guys just yield coming in and out this is like so not gridded down here but  actually is seeming to go pretty okay i   don't see a ton of backed up traffic we have some  crime issues but luckily our police are right here   so hopefully they can just scoot  over there and deal with that   let's add in a couple more trees too there's a ton of people using this path   that really makes me happy there's  so many people kind of utilizing this a ton of hotels i wish we had a little bit more  variety with the hotels but that's not too bad i might add in a couple more or zone in a couple  more down here just little two by twos or two by   three so we have these small little ones a little  more of like the pool kind of stuff is always nice   okay so we have a connection with the underpass  right here for people and we have another   connection for our overpass for pedestrians so  they seem to be using both pretty much the same   or not at all the same so this one is not really  getting any use which makes sense because there's   not much down here you can kind of fill this in  with a little more commercial though to help them   want to live down here or want to come down here so next episode i'm thinking we are going  to look at unlocking another tile and we   built this bus station over here and i think  we will only put one bus line through here to   our ore industry so we definitely need to look at  that. oh you also need a power didn't you okay so maybe i'll add in a little bit commercial yeah commercial is not going to help the power  jump so we're just going to add in a power line   i really want to look at getting ooh we can add in maybe a earthquake sensor to  kind of help the power jump   there we go perfect okay the other thing i  realized i forgot is when we redid our farming   industry we never put back in a helicopter  depot, so we definitely need to get on that.  

we can add that maybe in this area let me  jump out of that view we can just add this   maybe right there and i also wanted to adjust  this because you don't really need to be   straight and then curved you can just be curved  there we go that's looks a little bit nicer and we're still needing more industry so i can  add them or give them a little bit more out here okay so that is going to be the end of today's  episode thank you guys so much for watching   if you have any ideas for our new area or  if you have any ideas about what you guys   want to see next definitely leave them  in the comments below but yeah thank you   guys so much for watching i'll see you next  time, have a good rest your day, thanks bye

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