October Bushcraft All dayer - water filtration, pot hanger, fire-starting, cooking, bushcraft chair

October Bushcraft All dayer - water filtration, pot hanger, fire-starting, cooking, bushcraft chair

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Hi. Folks I'm Craig Taylor and as always, a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel the, bushcraft, Padawan, regular. Viewers and subscribers will, know that I like to get out for at least one full day every. Month into the woods doing, bushcraft, e-type things and this, video is October's, bushcraft, Aldea, when. I come out into the woods I always like to have a plan, in mind I want to have a list of things that I want to try and try, for the first time or or refine. Or revisit, and this month no exception, in no particular order, I want, to revisit some, of my previous miserable, attempts, at using the brown bag water. Filter, I think I've got a process in mind now I think I've got a way of Suns, in my eyes I think I've got a way of doing. This I think I've seen what the problem is on previous, attempts. I want to revisit that I also, want, to start a fire using, a spark from my Ferro rod onto dal, dénia concentric. Ax King Alfred's case of cramp balls and also, use some dead dry ferns, as the, tinder source once that's going I want, to make a simple, one pot meal, it's, a nice meal that I enjoy having out in the woods very simple to make sure I'll show you how, I do that I'd, like to make an adjustable, pot hanger today, practice. Some oats and more finer carving, skills and if, certain allows I want to steal an idea that I've seen elsewhere on YouTube I want to put together using a simple, rectangle. Of material, a bushcraft. Chair, for, want of a better phrase in my old age I'm fed up of sitting on the ground or on my day sack, of being all hunched, up a package of something a little, bit more comfortable, for, my weary bones so those are the things that I want to look at today let's see how I'll get on so. Here I am folks at the fragrant. Smelling watering, hole the noise you can hear in the background is, my Labrador, willow who, is not, happy I've, tied it to a tree you, can imagine what's going to happen if I try and record a video here, by. This pond with, hair off the lead it's gonna be a nightmare so she's tied up for, the moment I'm. Going to use my brown bag now to, filter, some of this water from here it, is soaking, where I've submerged, I've soaked, I even kept it in water as I was driving here today to eliminate, that factor here's. My think I went wrong last time I used the bag and. Scoops. The water out. Of the pond with this bag while, I was doing that I was clearly agitating. The water a lot and, I was probably getting a lot of debris into, the bag now that's what it's for is to filter that debris out and it did it did its job just. Took a bloody. Long time to do it so, I'm thinking this time I'm gonna use my metal mug just skim, the water off and pour it into here, so, this. Isn't going to go anywhere near the water yes, of course I'll still be some debris in this but I'm hoping because he sees a gentler, action, that, I will agitate less. Of that debris they'll, be less in here it, will filter quicker now I'm going to drink out of this later so clearly there's a contamination, problem, here what, I'm going to do is I'm going to invert, this over, the flames once I get my fire going to sterilize it, and of course the inside, will be sterilized, anyway, by, the rolling, boil the our chief so let me, there. She is right on cue so let me start scooping somewhat well let me get it into here and then as I did in the last video I'm not going to stand on ceremony I'm gonna give it straight back over to, my my camp area so, that I can start the year I can start the water flowing. And filtering, here we go. For. Those of you are watching this and thinking go on Craig just just. Lean a little more just lean out a little further just a little bit more. You're. Cruel. So. This bag is absolutely. Top as well. It's. Not a good background eyes yet this bag is absolutely, stoppers now so I'm gonna rush over to my camp area let, it filter. Down again to the stitch land the safe filter. Line then, I can start collecting the water off of that third. Time look you keep your fingers first for me. Here's, the first part of my adjustable. Pots hanger created. I've, got a length. Of wood, you. Can see the TIC there. At. The end of it over, that will go my pot, handle, so you can imagine where my hand is now is where, my pot will be hanging and then, making the way up the stick you notice I've carved in these. Food. That's focusing, well I've, carved in one notch there and. One. Notch there, a beak and then. What I will do I'll just stand back slightly is our, have a piece of wood which I'll show very shortly that.

Will Be driven into the ground at an angle and that beak will. Hang off that piece of wood and. If I wish to adjust it the. Wood stays in the ground. Now, clearly that's flopping about of it because there's no way on the end of it but you can imagine you'll see in a few minutes time with some weight on the end of that it's a nice quick easily, adjustable. Pot. Now let's. Get on with the rest of it. Although. It only seems like literally. A few seconds, since you last saw me on camera because it was in. Reality it's, been a good, couple of hours been, very very busy wanting to get things done, and show. You the finished product rather than necessarily, keep. Stopping, filming. Restarting. Stopping, filming, restarting. So does something a bit different this month is I've kind of jumped, to, the end product. Or the almost, end product so it's been probably. About an hour and a half or so since then since I last came on camera let me show you what I've been up so. I'm. Still. Filtering. That, damn water, let me have a look how much we've got. I probably. Said, don't yet well I probably got a black metal mugful, and it's been an hour and I. Went. 40, minutes, yeah but an hour and 40 minutes there's clearly. Something, wrong either, with the brown bag but they wouldn't be successful as they were if, they weren't any good or my. Technique, with using them I can't, do anything more than stick, to the the instructions, that are on the bag or. The. Water that I know that they pond I'm collecting it from is so. Full, of debris even. When I was scooping it with my mug there. Was no. Large. Chunks, floating in there and if they were I took them out but, the water itself, you could just see the tiny particles. And obviously when that all congest. S-- at the bottom. Of the bag here, that's. Going to slow things. Down so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong I don't think the bag is at fault I simply, think that my water source is so. Dirty. And, are such small pieces of debris. And dirt in there that when it comes to filtering it is just gonna take a long time so, there, we go just enter stage left she's, been keeping me on my toes what, else have I been up to well I finished, the adjustable, pot hanger that you can see there I've, got my black metal mug hanging off it at the moment just so we're just so you can see how, that would work I, just. Get myself. The. Port is very close to the fire. The. Potty slightly, higher and, three. And the. Pot is even higher, again, so those three settings they're my, adjustable pot here, what. Else haven't been up so I think, you're gonna like ghost take a look at this. I've. Made myself a chair. Look. At that bad boy there, we, Pat my ass in it. There. We go yes I've made myself a chair it's nothing, more than a tripod. A. Cross. Member on the. Back of my thighs and, my knees back of my thighs. As. Well and. A. Piece of rectangular fabric. With. A. Channel. A loop. Of one end for, the cross member to going and a, very small loop at the other end for me sir -, and she's. Just stealing my hearty from my favorite leave it willow leave. It come, back here. And. A simple power cord loop at the top to suspend, it at my head height here I'm enjoyed making this it. Was about 15, times the length of this originally, I was perched, on my legs dangling in the air but surely. But surely trimming down each leg at a time its buttocks were a nice comfortable position. Now, I'm. Gonna make a video in the future on how I actually made, this and the fabric that I used and so on and I even think that if I could persuade the, long haired colonel indoors to dig out the sewing machine I mean, even, create some of these chairs and sell, them on eBay for anybody's interested, in it and experimenting. For themselves. So yeah catch me back in a few. Minutes Sam I don't have a fire going I'll, take you through that warm pop meal I just, goes down and then you can sit. And watch me sit in the lap of luxury. And fill my face. By. The dog no doubt. Alright. Let's get this fire going I've, got a dal dinner consent, sugar as I mentioned at the beginning of the video here I've. Just sliced it in half because I don't think there's gonna be any need to use, the whole thing. I've. Got my new Ferro rod here, from. Jamie at Hull bushcraft, thanks. Jamie, let's. Drop us back on sit here and, let's get this blown into flame fingers, crossed. So. The great thing about using this is there isn't necessarily the, rush. There. Isn't necessarily the, rush to when to. Stop piling your, kindling, tinder and kindling on top, of this because it's such slow, burning, you. Can imagine if that was. Silver. Birch shavings. It would have disappeared, by now and ever to be very quick but. You. Notice with this I've, got a little bit more luxury so I'm gonna pop that in there put.

Those. Dried. Phones. I mentioned earlier on, gather. It round and. Get. This blender Flynn. You, know what I started to go lightheaded, here so what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna reduce the camera, that's. Still gonna carry on. Smoldering. Away there very nicely then, I'll just the camera, and, I'm just gonna hold, it and what it's it's so long. Burning. Data, and I'm figured if I just keep blowing into it I'm gonna hyperventilate, and, fall over and burst into flames we'll, get a fire one way or the other but out thing if I just pick the phone's up and waft, them get. The air circulating something like that let's, see if that works never tried that be interesting. So. Video consent you is still smoldering. As. You can see there, let's. Try this theory. Obviously it works. What. Do I look like to any passerby. Well. This is interesting folks. He's. Entrusting. It's. Not working, and I, was sure it would have all the things I was doing today I thought to myself this is day this. Is the safe bet because, I no doubt didn't you concentric it takes us back very. Easily I know it's smolders for long time I know that his tummy there's gonna be a lot of, dead. And dry. Ferns. Knocking. About and there are all of those things, just. Can't get them to come together stick. With me. Luckily. While I'm doing this the dog is stealing all the branches, and twigs that I've got for the Firestone that's, not gonna be a problem is it. My. Head crackling. Did. I see a flame then. Whilst. I'm bringing that filtered. Water to, a rolling boil, for. A minimum of two minutes let me just talk you through this one pot meal, that, that I enjoy making up sighs so all I've got here is a normal, bog, standard ziploc, bag, in. Here I've got two. Decent, handfuls. Of pasta. Dried, pasta. I've. Also got a couple of decent handfuls. Of cooked, chicken. It was simply taken off a roast chicken that we ate and for. Tea yesterday evening and I've, got a handful, of mushrooms. If, she's, so simple it's unbelievable, all I'm going to do is bring that water to a boil I'm gonna. Drop the pasta, into. That water and then tail the boil / simmer for. About 10 minutes in other words I'm gonna cook the pasta, once. The pastas, cooked I'm gonna, add in a. Sachet. Of Cooper, soup because let's be perfectly honest what is Cooper soup other than. A sauce so I'm gonna drop that into there and I'm gonna let that constitute. With the pasta, and the water that's in there it's. A chicken and vegetable flavor so I've now got pasta with a chicken and vegetable, sauce. I'm then. Going to add in the cooked chicken and the mushrooms, all I'm gonna do is leave them in there for two or three minutes just to warm them through and at the end of it we've got chicken, pasta. Mushrooms. With a chicken and vegetable, sauce it's so simple to make it's unbelievable, all cooks, in one pot you can bring the whole thing out in one, sip, lock bag like I've done there takes up next to no space and in a normal 14. Or 16 centimeter. Zebra. Billy pan you, can quite easily fix old possibly, three, of these, ready. Meals for want of a better word in. There with a little bit of room still to spare so a good few days of decent meals, all.

In A ziplock back now one pot male. To. Hell with it I'm throwing the whole inch for a very good reason I could be bothered picking the pasta, out of, their sub mix the whole damn. Thing in, there. We. Mix it with my, new. Wooden spoon calves by yours truly, that. Sauce. Is going in for the cup of soup see, you and I. And. I'll get that back, over the fire. For. That pasta to cook off. And. To. Well. Here we are the. Proof is in the chicken pasta and mushroom one pot meal as they say it's. Really taste like I know, what it tastes like it tastes like chicken, mushroom. And, pasta, in. A pot. Yet. I can confirm that is what it tastes like. Like. I said a few seconds ago it's, a really really simple meal to cook you. Can package it all up in and just about to watch the dog's tail go up in flames if he gets any backside. Any closer to the fire that'll, be fun, yeah. You realize I'm here where. Was I really, simple meal to cook all condenses. Down into. A simple. Ziplock, bag, you can carry lots, of them there's, plenty of carbohydrate. And protein and, all that other good stuff that some people worry about packed, into there it's filling, it's quick to cook it's, not quick to filter, the water to, cook it that's another matter but if you're carrying your water with you then, very very simple to cook indeed not bad at all and yes for anybody that's watching thinking is, he going to keep the dog and he really given it I will give us some at the end I promise not a lot cuz she's on two meals a day now breakfast, in there but, for us an evening meal but I sneak a little something, into. My Billy canning set alright I want it to cool down no, worries. Well. Should. We try that again. Here. I am at the end of another one of my monthly, all days really. Enjoyed, today, and it's. The, middle. Of August of 2019, 19th, of October, and I'm still in a t-shirt and I still not felt the temperature, at all very, very mouse still late. Into October let's have a look at what I've covered off then but, pot hanger which I think you can just see and shot here where, it's very very well indeed very pleased with that I'm very pleased that I remembered. The. The. Knot cheese and the beaks and which side of the the tick to carve them up it's the same size as the, tick so pleased about that one, pot meal went well as it always does, that. Bloody, brown bag I. Know. What, I need to do is I need to get myself into, an area that has some. Clean. And I used the way they clean loosely but some some. Debris. Free, water. That, needs filtering. Because the stuff that I'm filtering now is, is. Very heavy with dirt and it's not I don't think it's showing the bag up in the best light because clearly the bag is doing, its job it's filtering, it out but. Of course that's slowing the water right down so maybe I've got one fair in, fact it is it's an unfair, expectation. In the bag of course isn't it what, else have we got on one of course the chair the, chair itself, enjoyed, making this, few. Things I'm going to change in the future I'm. Going to make the tripod, higher it was originally, about, another foot. Two, foot longer. Than the main day at the Manor price than it went than it was now but, my legs were dangling in the air what. I realized I should have done and I didn't have enough cordage, on me was, instead, of keeping, the the top, of it tethered. Right, at the top of the apex, I should, have lengthened, the amount of cordage, that, I was using can, you actually see me there through the smoke I should have lengthened, the amount of cordage, that, I was using to drop, the top of it further, down that way, I wouldn't have had to lose any height and as you can see at the moment I sit back, these. Are price are, in the way of my massive, shoulders so. I the kind of weave. Myself, in and, then what I want to get out I have to weave. Myself, back out again trust, me it's not the end of the world and it's a damn sight more comfortable, and relaxing than sitting on my day sucker on the floor, just. Next time I come out and actually make the video on how I made this I'm, gonna where we're. Going to use new new use, new. MIDI. Dog I'm gonna use new timbers, and new or price start from scratch and, learn a lesson from, today which of course what all this is about isn't it thank.

You As always for watching if, you've enjoyed the video please do, consider giving, it a thumbs up share it, wherever it is that you share these sorts of things if you're not yet a subscriber you'll. Have noticed throughout, the video now there's, been a subscribe, button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen as you, look at it thank, you as always for watching, really appreciate it I'll see you next time Cheers.

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Hi Craig, once you've cleaned it out for your next trip, have a play with it in the back garden to get a feel and technique going. I know you soaked it so great move there, but try reversing it in hot water in the sink and scrubbing in the bottom corner where the water would come through with a nail brush to get into the weave and get the dirt out... then turn it back the correct way and fill with clean water once again, about half way, pinch at the top (as if you were decorating a cake) And squeeze until the water is pushed through. Try this a few times. This should work mate. I've never used a brown bag from Rupert but I use the military ones all the time when out. And yes occasionally they need 'back flushing' to cleanse them.

Hi Danny and thanks for dropping by. I'm a stickler for cleaning my kit on return home so I know that the bag was clean (inside and out) from my previous trip, but I do like the idea of squuuuuueezing the bag to help flush anything through.... that's my Sunday morning sorted

Great video , I would have put a rock or something behind to stop it moving but good to see you left that part in for-our amusement. Dogs are great but are always looking to wind you up pinching your wood lol.

Hi Tim, lessons learned eh?

Maybe pour the cup water through a bandana into the brown bag as initial filter. Cheers from New Orleans

It's a good idea Scott although I don't fancy trying to juggle all 3 objects on the side of that steep pond - a recipe for disaster!!!

Great video Craig. I’m really glad that you persevered with the fire lighting, it’s never as easy as it looks when you’re watching and learning from someone who’s done it dozens of times. I liked the idea of using powdered soup to make the sauce, spot on that. How about putting a piece of cloth over the Brown Bag to act as a kind of pre-filter, when filling from that pond? Have you timed the bag with clean water to get a baseline? I like the idea of the chair that you made. I’ve previously thought of making one, but then got to thinking about which fabric to use. Yeah, I could go traditional and use cotton, but also maybe use a ripstop nylon as a lightweight alternative and one of those backed survival blankets for a winter version? Not sure whether the stitching would hold out on the latter though.

Hi Luke and thanks for dropping by and commenting, it's really appreciated

Great video craig always good to see the mistakes left in so funny so many people would only share the most perfect parts thumbs up buddy

Hi Lawrence glad you found the video useful - including the bloopers!!!

Enjoyed the outing and thanks for sharing.

And thank *you* for watching and commenting Scott, I'm glad you enjoyed it

Yes probably I just thought you have the option to squeeze and force the flow rather than gravity it's fun at the end of the day stay safe Un

Great video Craig as always the brown bag is bushcrafty traditional and fun maybe that's why mini sawyers were invented lol stay safe

A Sawyer will still clog with the amount of debris in that pool John

Hi. Well done with the fire starting. Have you well soaked and scrunched up your Brown Bag at home to prep it? It seems to still be very stiff. "To break in a Brown Bag, you need to: (i) saturate it in water and (ii) then be rough with it - scrunch it up, massage and squeeze it. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times allowing the bag to dry in between. You can also put the bag in the washing machine." from Frontier Bushcraft :)

Angela is correct it needs the whole process repeating before using is it not allowed to lightly massage the water thru just a thought won't be able to use below freezing at that rate and be evaporating in summer stay safe

Fair enough - ours just looks softer :)

Hi Angela and thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment. I have owned that Brown Bag for a little under 11 months now and it has been soaked, wrung out, dried, soaked, wrung out etc well into double figures. I genuinely think that the water is so debris-heavy from that pool that it is simply clogging the bag up. Once we've had some sustained rain several clearer, fast flowing streams appear in that area so I'll reattempt at that point.

As ever a great informative video....be good to see the seat construction from start to finish. Possibly some cordage on route to you

Very interesting as usual, perhaps if you dig a hole about eighteen inches deep and twelve wide, close to the pond and let it fill with seepage, then empty it out twice, the next time it fills the water should be clearer

Hi Sean, one of my friends has also suggested digging a gypsy well in the vicinity of that pool, I just need to remember to take a digging tool with me (which I always forget to do!). Thanks as always for dropping by and commenting Sean, it's really appreciated

Hi Sel and thanks for taking some time out of your Saturday evening to drop by and comment, it's really appreciated

Lol, my Rusty started barking when Willow was crying and yelping, and it never crossed my mind that you'd fall into the pond haha. Great video Craig, the scoff looked good, really simple, I think I'll use it in the future. Nice one on the Cramp Ball fire, mate. All in a successful all-dayer, thanks for sharing, take care.

Hi Andy, I'd have loved to have seen Rusty's reaction! The cramp-ball fire was tricky. With hindsight I should have broken the fungi into smaller pieces and dropped multiple sparks onto the pieces, thus increasing the surface are of the heat - you live and learn! Thanks as always for watching and commenting.

How to use a mill bank. Your doing it wrong

I followed the instructions on it to the letter. Admittedly the camera didn't see me submerging the bag and wringing it out under water, but I did! Honest!

Great video, i really enjoyed watching it. SurvivalAustria

Thank you for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great video as usual. I'm a little late watching as I've just come back from my own adventure.. I like your new chair, it reminds me of one I use quite a bit but I'd buy one of yours just the same, they are comfy and only take a minute to build. I was going to suggest something for your filter but saw someone had already made that suggestion. Keep up the good work. :-)

Hey Craig. Put the brown bag through the washing machine and it will speed up the filtration time. Thanks for the video!

Hi craig i heard an interview with the owner of the brown bag water filter. Its on paul kirtley podcast number 23 rupert brown. He suggested that in some cases the weave is sometimes to tight. So he said put it though a washing machine before you first use it. If you listen it may help you. Keep up the great vids atb lee

Hi Lee, yeah I heard the same podcast, it was a good listen wasn't it? I've held off on putting it through the washing machine due to being nervous about any lingering detergent in the machine, but I think the time has come to give it a go .... I still think it's down to the water being very debris heavy, time will tell!! Thanks for watching and commenting it's really appreciated

Man those thumbnails are very off putting Craig...but content is informative and good.

Interesting feedback, thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'd be very interested in knowing more about what's 'off putting' about the thumbnails? I was following advice from some YouTube gurus and although I was a little hesitant/dubious at first, my dashboard data shows that my 'impressions to clicks' (largely down to the correlation of people viewing the thumbnail and then clicking on it to view the video) has gone up and is gradually increasing.

craig you did get fire in those ferns good, but.. if you balled up some of those ferns to a little smaller then a cricket ball may be 3/4 size and used some of the other ferns around it (kind of like a handle) hollow out the (cricket ball) center as the nest part then your ember in that.. you will ignite faster, ( turn back inside out)i would try washing the inside of your brown bag.. i of course assume that you may have annoyed the "long haired colonel inside" and used the bag over the kitchen sink,,,,,,, if it runs good there it will run good in the woods, Love the chair... you gave me a good idea of making the chair with a tarp over it as a great shelter to just rest in .. i bet if you get the detentions tweaked and down you can fall asleep in that chair too. ;may be a plow point behind the chair or something . i am going to give that a try .. Nice spoon by the way here is where i learned to make the chair... pay attention to the lashing, if you lash your tripod right it wont give way.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOsre-yNv58 it is great to see you out and about going for broke, sharing your experience you are in it and THAT is better than most of us.. oh yea if you have your Basha try this too, the jungle bed..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk_Vxqq591U&t=5s J

Hi Craig! Great All dayer, as always! I like your camp chair. I'm also not in my teens, so I think I will sew myself one. There must be a leftover piece of cordura somewhere.... I really don't understand what is wrong with your brown bag. Have you tried it at home with some fresh, clean water? Is it also dripping so slow? I'm curious to see you try it on another water source. ATB André

Hi Craig , I think the problem with your Brown bag is , it's too "new" , it needs roughing up a bit like "A JOURNEY INTO BUSHCRAFT" said turn it inside out and scrub it with a nail brush. Great video .

Thanks Andrew,the bag has been "roughed up" many times since I bought it. I'm convinced it's down the to the amount of debris in the water. Time will tell ..! I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

Hey Craig, I always learn something from you and get a laugh because you are so real. Keep making these videos.

Nice one Craig. More good bushcraft/camping skills practiced, and succeeded. Look forward to next months episode of "Craig vs The Brown Bag"

make a digging stick, primitive but works rather well

think the dog wants her own channel

I think you might be right Kaylynn!!

Hi Colin, that's going to be my last resort. I've been reluctant to do so to date as I'm concerned about any lingering detergent damaging the bag.

Hi Andre, good to hear from you, thanks for dropping by. I'm planning on doing a tap water test very shortly. A lot of people have suggested that the bag hasn't been prepped sufficiently but I genuinely think it's down to the debris heavy water as opposed to the bag/conditioning of the bag. Only one way to find out...

I'm glad my misfortune amuses you

Thanks for your support Mike, I really appreciate it. I'm hoping I can bring my Brown Bag saga to a close very soon...

Yeah fair point on the 'bottom corner' observation. As I said elsewhere in the comments a 'home timed test' is definitely on the cards....

Clean water ... yep, comes out of a TAP ... test it at home ;-) then you'll know how long it REALLY takes. - oh and it doesn't filter out of the bottom corner, it filters through ALL the fabric, the bag is that shape to give it somewhere to run off, the initial "discard until it reaches the stitching line" is to clean off the outside of the bag. Must dig my old green one out this weekend & see how long it takes for you.

Great video as always Craig! Loving the methodical approach. thanks for the mention with the firesteel :) the orange paint job looks brilliant. We used the same method of firelighting during the canoe trip we hosted last week, even after substantial rain in the night the crampballs burn long enough to dry out the bracken. keep the videos coming

Hi Craig check out Paul kirtleys blog on how to use the filtration bag I think your solution is there straight away in the article it needs really soaking not just wetting and should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete stay safe

Hi John, thanks for dropping by and commenting, it's really appreciated

Hi and thank you as always for dropping by my channel, watching and commenting. You mention that you've been on your own adventure recently, anywhere nice/exciting?

+The Bushcraft Padawan anytime mate, as always, great videos

+A JOURNEY INTO BUSHCRAFT cheers Danny, any plans afoot for new t-shirt designs? Folks will start to think I live in that t-shirt

+The Bushcraft Padawan there certainly are Craig it's coming soon.

Good channel!

Thanks Jamie, I'm glad you enjoy the video and appreciate you support my channel by watching and commenting. The next time I use Daldinia Concentrica I'm going to try breaking the fungi up into smaller pieces and showering them all with sparks in the hope that the increased surface area will lead to swifter combustion of the tinder bundle - that's the theory anyway!!!

I sure will you too stay safe

Yes I saw that great result at least we know it's the swamp that's the problem lol stay safe

Fingers crossed with the wetter weather approaching that some small streams will start to pop up. Have a great weekend

Hi eXplorer and many thanks for taking the time to drop by my channel, watch and comment, it's really appreciated. Was there anything specific that you liked about the channel?

+The Bushcraft Padawan I love this stuff... i am glad i have someone to discuss it with, and share some of the other YTV's that i have seen and follow. Yea i liked your total brown bag approach thing.. I get a kick out of your openness and honest approach.. I get stuff wrong all the time, every time i take one little short cut it makes things harder. So now i take my time and try not to take any short cuts... thanks for sharing you took the time to make the video you deserve a good response. right on man J

Hi Jeff, I'm glad you enjoyed watching the video. If you check out a more recent video on my channel you'll see that I got to the bottom of the 'brown bag quandary'! Thanks also for posting those YT links, I (and am sure anybody reading this thread) have found them very useful. Thanks as always for supporting my channel by taking the time to watch and comment, it's really appreciated.

Hi John, if you check out one of my more recent videos you'll see that I appear to have got to the bottom of the 'brown bag mystery'.

It's certainly my plan to put together a more detailed video on that seat.... I may even try and create one that doesn't dump me on my ass!!

I have been searching amazon & e-bay I cannot find the water bag you are using to give one a try myslef, is there a link you can share?

Hi there and thanks for taking some time out of your weekend to watch and comment, it's really appreciated. You'll be able to find the Brown Bag filter in the 'Water' section here > https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/thebushcraftpadawan

I've seen a lot of people carrying more than one fire starting system's and have questioned it. Now after seeing what you went through I'm convinced that despite the w8 and bulk I will definitely make room for some backup sources for fire. That seemed like it took a lot of calories

+The Bushcraft Padawan I am a subscriber and do like your channel very much and thank you for your response. I hope you didn't regard my comment as a dig it was a observation that its good to have more than one fire starting option

I can verify that there was a lot of huffing and puffing involved, sure I could've turned to my lighter or ferro rod, but where's the fun in that

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