Ohio River - Urban Garden | Catlettsburg, Kentucky | Part 4

Ohio River - Urban Garden | Catlettsburg, Kentucky | Part 4

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In. 1937. 22. Feet of water stood. Over these, raised beds, I. Asked. Angie, what. Was that earthen, wall, she. Said it's holding, back the Ohio River I said. I have to see this. Ashland. Was, home to no less than five Native, American, groups when. Scots-irish, settled. There in 1783. Iron. Deposits. Were discovered in, Ashland, in 1800. Which, led to an influx of, industry, over, the next two, centuries. The. Ohio River, is a massive. Waterway, nearly. A thousand, miles long. For. Centuries iron. Coal, and petroleum have. Made their way up nearly 200. Miles of, the Big Sandy and into. The mighty Ohio, bound. For destinations. Across the, eastern, United States in. 1937. Everybody. Along, the Ohio, and, Mississippi rivers. Knew. What was coming, but. They couldn't stop it it's. Been called the Great, Flood the flood. Reached its high point of seventy, four point three feet, On January. 27th. In. 1938. Congress. Authorized. Ashland. For, the Flood Control Act. However. It took, two more floods in 1943. Before. Work began, in 1949. The. Ashland, Catlettsburg. Flood, wall system, features, thirteen thousand, five hundred and thirty feet, of reinforced. Concrete dike. Seven. Hundred and seventy, seven feet of earth levee. Six. Pump stations, and seventeen. Traffic, openings, through the wall it was. Completed, in 1953. Robert. Deferred, one of the most prolific and, successful, muralists. In america, painted. The nine original murals. With. The interconnected. Goals of, historic. Preservation. Education. And economic. Development. Flooding. Along the Ohio it's really not that uncommon. As. We turned to the car I spotted. An amazing, garden, across the road and ran over to investigate. It. Belongs, to Judy, Fannin, locally. Known for, her gardens her, cookbooks, and her. Generosity this. Is a northeaster. And it's. Very it's. The best food I've ever had, no, strings, all you do is take the kids like this, and. You get five or six pieces I mean mm-hmm. Cook them just like half, riders, listen, bacon grease and a ham hock and. Onion. Pepper. And add salt at the end and, they're. Great and I used to grow feathers, and. Three. Ocular. Beans these so. Just these and, why. Did you switch because no, string no. Just cause they're so tasty oh. This. Is a much better feed it tastes like it's. Very hard to find only, I think it's Johnny's selected seeds and, you, have to get a very early good because it's sell out but. Uh keep on being a watch. -. They're. Just not good. At it. These. Are, potatoes. Okay. They're all this. Is a white. White. Sweet potato which is what I love, candy. Sweet potatoes and I have recipe, books I'll. Have to show you my recipe okay. Maybe it could be a plug for those, yeah I've got some daddy I'll give me one so. This is the meter. You've. Heard of Beauregard. Yes. Henry. And. It's. Almost a white woman Beauregard. Is not it's, not a these, are sweet potatoes not, games. This. Will give me and that's, sweet potatoes, for the whole town for. The whole what County. I made, this oh this would be but. We pick these up people, and someone. Will be this bit ghetto. And. What, will you do the is giveaway oh wow one. Year by church the, youth group got these a little bit and. They raised, $400. They. They. Sold, them they, made a sweet potato cookbook, and it's online on Etsy it's, a juke cook of GE fanuc and there's. A sweet potato cookbook. And the. Young people at church. Helped. Me dig a mince ultimate, Church tell me the difference between a white the, white southern. White sweet potato and them is those real. Dark orange, they're. Kind of mealy, I. Don't. Know how they're, starting their fabrice yeah stringy, and. The. White sweet, potato is. Dense, like a, white. Potato really, but. It's a sweet potato and. It's. Marvelous my, mother-in-law. Cooked, them made the candies with the Davis sweet. Potatoes, I know you know this are going all over the world every. Country and. Probably. You're. The best vegetable, that, we could ever eat to. Be honest with you including. The leaves do you eat the leaves oh you can oh yeah they're wonderful yeah but, I didn't know they bloomed it so this year this, women I don't remember member blooming in the past yeah, you put the sweeper the leaves are marvelous, usually. My peppers are not doing this well are we in the season, the leaves fall off but they're doing pretty good, the. Only green, ones I have are here so nobody I don't let anybody else pick them see. I'm getting number this. Is a jalapeno, this, may be its emit this is a Pomona. I've. Got yellow orange. Purple and red I've, already picked some purple. But. I can't pick him yet returned, and I've got about eight, kinds of cucumbers, somebody.

Watered, When I was gone and they got some water on the leaves you cannot use city water to, water vegetables so, I was sick I was out of town for two weeks oh this. Is. Love. Okra. This. Is, regular grow and now had a whole row of the grid open, but only these three, came up so. I didn't, even know those three are coming up so I plant it they put it but, they like to be sheltered, by the open you know nothing, likes potatoes. White. Potatoes have, blue potatoes. So. You can, ever plant, those with anything else or you'll kill them and. This. Is a little flower bed, there. Goes cosmos. Disease, that's, kale, is. It late for kale yeah Morty cook to missus but, I'm just leaving it up for the show know. If this will be good good, yeah ko actually, will survive, the heat pretty well here yeah I was. Gone and, we had planted another wrong there it goes, and the, marigold seeds may come up. Like. This is not fair. Like. Five, or six years you, know if you don't cut, it but it's is high, then. It goes to asparagus, for that it's still coming up inside, one, right I don't have my knife I'd better. Move. The waitress mark and there's two there will cut you. See those two there that, little beef about right by tomorrow here's a note and, you cannot, cut. This phone. Down wait, till the. Last thing. The. Asparagus firm you cannot be trimmed back. You. Can't hit him before. They. Are, finished with their cycle because if you cut them too early then, asparagus, won't come back or if it does it'll be really weak because, it start in. Not. This year no well. It. Takes years to get it goes yellow squash and zucchini I. Just, picked I'll wait till tomorrow so you got some mildew no I do too, late, too. Late to spray some they'll do before it ever appears, and I, fight it with my dahlias and seniors, and. Flocks. In your flower gardens, so, there's a spray can. What's, the name of the spray you use the. Mildew. Nice. Mix of it see it's already hit this is it's too late I told us so. Do you just cut the leaves that have the mildew and and I've never had it this early but, that might be a good idea huh. These. Are my sunflowers. I'm. Gonna plant another row I gotta go out and here's, my boards, now look what what, all the last few years at. My flower gardener that, behind. Lexington, I've grown. The. Gourds, last. Year the deer a everyone. When. They're about this high yep so. I moved them down here and. Because. You've got a fence around this whole thing there's no deer here there's where one tracks over there and then a highway, I've, never seen a deer down here ever they. Couldn't, jump this but they could jump the whole day, this, is Kim Jenkins, I already, told her you're a babysitter. For her family, what. Is your role in this garden, I designed. It originally. Yes she did because, my son wanted to learn how to. So we designed this party, because, my grandfather. Had. Been a farmer, in North Georgia, he raised, peaches. Had a wonderful peach orchard, pigs. Chickens. And vegetables, and. Would go around in his truck and sell to the old-timey. Country, stores and. I was living with him but, my father was in World War two so I would get on the back of the truck they allowed that and, go. In and sell, my granddaddy's. Produce, that's. How I love, a garbage started but. This I'd. Always had. Gardens. Out of the in the country we. Had. A big house out there at several, big gardens, and. Kim, was our babysitter she probably helped to the garden then we moved to town and, I. Told. You that the deer ain't up all the vegetables, at my flower garden so. When. The Sun wanted to learn to garden any on this building, Kim. Designed, it and it had all. These fish. They've. Been replaced. Once. So they probably could be replaced again. I. Think, we had well Kim, has discovered, poison, ivy so, she's, a perfectionist. Wonderful. Landscape, business this, is unusual because we're on the tour, it. Has to be perfect, I mean nearly perfect with each year in the last three years the weeds have gotten progressively worse, and. Worse and worse and so, we fought it and. So. We're fighting it that's we're waiting for about the fifth or sixth time already. Oh Johnson. Grass over here was this was always my lettuce, bed but. Last, year because it really, liked this location, but.

I Took my lettuce and grew it in in, town. In pots and it did great. I had romaine, and big huge. Heads in. Pots so. Everything else I don't, have any corn. One. Year I tried but you had they're supposed to have four rows and, pollination, and I. Don't haven't been as big enough, my. Name is Judy Fannin I've ever national Kentucky. My vegetable, garden in Catlettsburg, because. You cannot grow vegetables. In Ashland, nationally. Or, anywhere, because of all the deer eat. Everything, I thought I saw a hood I plant, everything too much together, usually. Nothing you know only half of it is oh, okay, here's that do. Something that. Will become a okra. I think see that little thing why. I got a plan for this I'll bring it tomorrow so you can see it it's Rapunzel. I love it see them all I knew, this yeah. There's. One day I mean this, is a rudkus tomatoes, heirloom, tomatoes. You. Have to pick before they ride it and, you. Cannot sucker them either so therefore, I don't, know which about tomatoes, are air movement, which. Art so. I'd have it sucker them the tasteful, tomato I, think. That's where I'll order some of my plate this is a wonderful. Sight. In Alabama, it's tasteful. The. Tasteful, garden sorry and they. Have wonderful plants, they're expensive they're like 535. Each but. They have, some, varieties. That are just awesome and they're. Mostly heirlooms, and you do not sucker them I did. Not know that of course they're there just handed down and. Then. The hybrid, tomatoes. You. Can, but I'm not, sure this. Other friends, say yeah see how he's put these and. See that one, back. Here come, back here. You. Said I had to put me in your not miss. These. Little cherry, these small Tomatoes, they, could just get big. This. Is beef master. I. Would. Say 12 or 15 maybe. And. This. One is gorgeous, this plant here can. You see there boy. They're all over it yeah huge I, use. Pantyhose I use, hoes I tied by dahlias, for them and then I think they look well for tomatoes, but it, doesn't rub them that's like wrong wrong just, as like as they come out and, then it can you see how mm-hmm, see, this is what I use on dan from Titleist. Do, we have everything, okay. Yeah. Just kept carrying it around because I didn't know if it start. This. Is the best dirt 2,000, years. River. Flooding, lot area. So. It's like black gold go. Yeah, well how does flooding, make, soil richer. Right. Now it's all dirty. Sand. Abuses, floods it. So. No building, has ever been in this spot, yes. This. Was 800 recipes that's my house it's an avenue yes. This is it's, month-to-month, it's fabulous, took. Recipes, from the other 2,200. And I, organized them in categories like, May, is all Kentucky, recipes, and December. Is all the holiday recipes, and April. Is all seafood, if. You read this forward, it's. Just a story this this, was a gift, to my. Family and friends I send out letters to my Christmas card Nestor gave. Away about $325. I'm. Now on my 19th, printing, of this I mean everybody, just loves, us, Wow they don't cook they read them no my newest. One I did. Not put the people's tonight. There's. Everything. Maggie, is all Kentucky. Kentucky. Derby Bob that's all I'm saying that's. All I'm saying see Marcia Vanover do you know her she she's, an artist local artist yeah so, she did my artwork. From. My HC there's March its, hoops shamrocks. And bunnies st., Patrick's, its theme related. February's. Menus, for those you love five. Menus from each of my kids it's just a fabulous, so. That's the cover, November. Is all new recipes. That. Your people still send recipe, but, this is the last trip. Everything, in, this one I have about 140. Of my recipes, and, this. One I don't have members but. They're 800, here 1,400, and these two these, two go together and. Then. This is my ladies, this tells a story the second one. Okay. I'm 79. And. I'm. Just, kind of run circles around the little whippersnappers. People. Say that no, yeah you seem that way sure they have a lot of energy I'm very thankful and. So. And. I love gardening and my. Husband I used to travel a lot but says. He's passed that. Part. Of me is gone I saw my house in Florida and. The. Florida residents. I'm now back a Kentucky, resident I love that. Life. And Kentucky, income tax. So. I have my Gardens. Behind. My house on Lexington, up in 2008, i decorate.

The Front porch is a wonderful, christmastime one. Of my comes by to take their family, portraits. And. Then they come by for promise. And homecoming, and, weddings. Wow. So I have a wonderful. Place. For pictures wonderful. Garden out back across. The alley, with. Dahlias, and seniors, and. A. Few of mayor goes on a few things that the deer haven't, eaten yet, I love all these vegetables, my cookbooks, have. Tons of, recipes, for, vegetables, because I've been doing this all, my life and, so. There are lots of ways, to fix, eggplant. And zucchini and, it's. Just. It's. Kind of a labor of love and. It. Gets, a little bit harder, it's, harder to get help I need do need some help so, it's. A struggle sometimes it's. Not always fun like everybody thinks, it is because. Really. I have to prepare plant. Weed. Cultivate. Pick, cook. And deliver. It's, what I'm doing. Last. Week I. Delivered. Like, eight. Things of beans two people, already. Cooked, are. You just giving all the so ideas, yeah these are just friends. What. Enjoy them, and. It's. Just kind of a what. Do they call it in church you're, not. A calling, but uh it's. Kind of a calling I call it a cloud as, I used to do flowers, for hospice I'm. A sharer I like. To share. Whatever. God, has given me, people. My houses, have been on tours my gardens are on tours. I. Share. The produce just share all this rice that's, been very good to our, family. All. Right so, you're giving her this, is four different kinds, isn't it yeah. Oh. Thank. You have, this kind but, I have six cards see you have this sticks up aha. That's a goodness called up, well. My chart I have my chart and this is a different kind this is stripe but I don't think this is different, time that. The grace trap what they call great sorrow I have a brain but that's not right. This. Is cook Nick and, strength. Oh. I. Can't get it to spit, okay. You guys. Put. It in the, egg and then in my mix a flour, cornmeal, a pinch. Of sugar and. Salt okay. Rain. Started, to pour and Angie. And I made a run for the car you will, see Judy's, Lexington. Avenue garden, later in the series thanks. For watching and please share, my Kentucky. Roadtrip, with your friends.

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not sure I agree with some of what she says. Ive grown all kinds of potatoes near other crops and they do just fine. Purple potatos dont kill other plants.

I think she meant the potatoes would be killed by growing near other plants. But, I'm glad you haven't had that problem! The volunteer potatoes that come up where I'm growing other stuff usually suffer, but not always. Thanks so much for watching this series!!

Wow...I am so jealous of her energy

Right?? She's already talking about me coming back to Kentucky to give a talk to her garden club.

What a treasure

Such a wonderful lady! I wish I had her energy. ;-)

@ 0:00... Wow 22', that's some serious flood irrigation ;-)... Nice to see the effective productive from an old school garden and such enthusiasm from it's caretaker ;-P

Wow, what a great video, Kaye! Thanks for sharing Judy with us. What a wonderful lady. I pray I'm filled with that much energy at 79 and still enjoying gardening and giving.

Order Judy's cookbooks: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cookwithjudyfannin **YouTube closed caption tool was undergoing maintenance last night, and I've only completed the first three minutes! If you miss some of what Judy said, please revisit tonight when I have a chance to complete it! This was an impromptu garden tour, with rain threatening, and it was all I could do to keep up with this energetic woman!

Yes, I'll get one. My mother likes to cook and we both like American traditions.

Morning Kaye, I must say just when I think you cannot out do yourself, you come up with this wonderful video. Judy Fannin is an amazing woman and her garden was just as amazing. I do not know how she does it at 79 years young. She is so full of energy and passion for what she grows and gives to her community and friends. I do not normally go and buy someone's cookbooks, but I am going to have to get Judy's cookbooks. Thank you for this video. Well, its time to go out and see what last nights storm has left me, we had a tremendous thunderstorm hit us right around dark and continue into the evening. I needed the rain, but not the high winds. I had put off harvesting some more of my beans, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes till this morning, the plants were heavy with their fruits. So now we will see what isn't on the ground. That's gardening though, you take what is offered by the grace of God. You take care Kaye, stay safe out there and God Bless You. Mr. Tom

Wow!!! We have at least (2) buildings downtown Pittsburgh that have a metal plate to commemorate the flood. In upstate New York in the suburbs they can not sell a house without a fence bc of the deer. The deer are so destructive in our gardens that I focus on a butterfly garden. The deer so are cute. We have the same ones so we get to know them and their fawns. One day at our other house my mother saw the fawns playing a game like ring around the rosie. One borough considered birth control for the deer, but it was deemed to be too expensive. Controlling the deer are always a discussion for the boroughs around here. The deer are also in the inner city ghetto areas. We are over run with them. We have to ask our borough to build a fence. The humidity has been 90% on some recent days and others leading up to it. The powdery mildew on my pumpkins is extreme. I am no longer finding Monarch eggs:-( I have a lot of caterpillars in my garage next to my rabbits. I took a round patio table and turned a netted collapsible laundry basket over it and put tulle around it to protect the caterpillars. Some Monarchs are still flying so I guess they don't plan to go to Mexico? Our drought has caused my huge sunflower that I got from Johnny's cover crop section to fall. I planted one seed by our light post and it well exceeded it. It also branched. It was so heavy and became so fibrous that I can see why it fell. Cosmos has not bloomed yet so the nitrogen level is still too high. Some are taller than me. My cardinal/cypress vine is in it's beginning bloom stage so it is less sensitive to high nitrogen than cosmos, which has not even budded. I stationed cosmos at my tunnel ends and they look like little trees. It does provide some privacy since my garden is on a main road. I have yet for my August planted Brussels to germinate. Long Island Improved from Rareseeds that I planted in July is growing slowly. The Georgia collards that I also got from there have been growing all summer and provided a host plant for the cabbage moths. This is ok bc they will stop flying in October and the collards will do just fine. I may go out and plant parsnip seeds today bc I want their spring flowers. This was a wonderful tour. Mrs Fannin and her family brought their Alabama culture to Kentucky. My father is from AL and his mother had a garden to die for, just in the backyard.

Oh my gosh, I just love Judy’s heart. She’s so generous and the salt of the earth! I wanna be like her when I grow up

Well Madam you have outdone yourself. You have found a gym who has crossed the threshold of century. She has been touched by the memories of the old ways. She is in touch with those who are younger. I think it's phenomenal her breath of knowledge and she shares it anyway that's not like sitting in Horticultural class. Which is a wonderful thing. Hats off to you again.

CJ Verde Thank you!! Part 5 tomorrow !

What a beautiful garden. We would have liked to have heard more from her friend, Kim Jenkins. Would love to see Kim's garden and an interview with her.

In fact, when you do it for a living, you often don't have the energy or time to have a great garden of your own.

I'm sorry that didn't happen. Couldn't have happened when I was there, unfortunately. Right as we left we got caught in a downpour and got drenched. We changed and went to an arranged tour of the art deco masterpiece Paramount Theatre, then next day, farmers market, butterfly garden, Judy's house, the Governor's Inn B&B, and Angie's garden. A packed schedule, and she wouldn't have had time anyway as they were frantic to get the gardens ready for the garden tour. Maybe I'll go back one of these days, and I'll be sure to interview her!

Good morning Kaye , trying to catch-up with your videos so I haven't seen the shout out yet.watching your Kentucky video. love the girls in the Kentucky garden. I hope I didn't send you bad luck when I mentioned bad back. You inspired me to start a winter garden.please continue to make such wonderful videos .by for now.Upsman retired local 63 teamsters CAL.

Thank you, Angel! It was a few videos back. Thanks for checking in, and I'm thrilled I inspired you! I'd like to see your garden one of these days, when it looks really good.

I know, right?? She's talking about me coming back and giving a talk to her garden club.

Right?? They are crazy busy for Labor Day celebrations in Ashland, but I'm hoping after Labor Day, Judy and Lori will be commenting here on the series.

Me, too! Though you have a lot! Write me some time!

I've never successfully captured audio for two speakers, except for using a dedicated recorder as a handheld mic... which is pretty intrusive in most situations and still not always successful either :-/

I still have not managed to get the CC done. The YT tool just won't cooperate. I've only finished the first four minutes.

Right? What a find to stumble upon. And I was fighting the drizzling rain, and my good mic battery died and as I was struggling to change it, I could feel the opportunity to interview her slipping away. She was saying to come back tomorrow, but we had a packed schedule, and I just went with my camera mic. Thankfully I have a sound editor and she uses Pro Tools plug-ins to balance levels. For example on Thursday workdays, Erick will be at a distance and speak softly but I will be talking right beside the camera. It sounds terrible without Chriss's expertise!

Me, too! Thanks so much, Tracy!!

Thanks you, Mr. Tom! I knew you would appreciate Judy! I will be curious to see if she sells cookbooks from this video. I think just uses the money to print more. God bless you, too!!!

What a beautiful lady Judy is ..

Indeed!! Thanks so much for watching!

Wow., loved this...very inspiring. I hope I have that much energy at 79. I couldn't catch the name of that bean that she liked so much. Would love to try those next year in my garden.

Yay! YouTube hasn’t been notifying me of your vids, so I went hunting & so glad I did. What an incredible lady! She doesn’t look anywhere close to 79. She’s bringing such joy, kindness & a sense of tradition, history to so many people. It’s evident that she’s got that wisdom of the land that is hard earned through years of growing/farming; passed down thru generations. You meet the most awesome folks! I hope your recent trip went well. Hope you’ve even been able to get a moment of relaxation here & there. Well, I’ve got some more Late Bloomer to watch! Thanks for another superb vlog!

Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show I just checked, unchecked the bell again. It’s weird. Sometimes I have to “refresh” the bell notifications. It’s always something w/the Tube lately!

Thanks, Nia! Is that bell checked for notifications? YT is malfunctioning on the CC tool, and can't get the new vids closed captioned, frustrating!

Order Judy's cookbooks: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cookwithjudyfannin or write to her at: judyfannin@gmail.com (copy the whole address and paste into an email) When YouTube's CC tool is functioning properly, I will CC this video so you can catch every word. This was an impromptu garden tour, with rain threatening, and it was all I could do to keep up with this energetic woman!

wonderful! She said her new cookbook was not on her site as of last week. Hopefully she got it online by now.

I know, right?? It was a Northeaster I'm pretty sure. I tried for hours to CC this video and the YT CC tool was malfunctioning and I gave up. I'll try again tomorrow when I have a little time. I'm in MN at Mayo Clinic with my son getting MRI's. Wish him luck.

YES, it is SO frustrating!!

Love your youtube page. Very informative. I do have a question - Ms. Fannin said you can't use city water to water your garden? Why and what do you use if you don't use city water? Thanks

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