Okinawa japan motovlog Spanish guy speaking fluent japanese!?

Okinawa japan motovlog Spanish guy speaking fluent japanese!?

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Today, as expected, I received a comment and asked me to make the same video in Japanese. I'd like to make a video in Japanese all the time today. I 've just started working recently, but the uniform is white I didn't have white trousers, so I bought ones in a pinch, but after all, those trousers were insanely hot.

My balls were becoming meat buns, so I would like to buy a lighter trousers. And ... many people don't know I am ...

Spanish I'm not Japanese For the longest time I've been longing for Japan ... I did Aikido and I love anime So I had the desire to have an adventure in Japan. So about two and a half years ago, I received a working holiday visa , and since then I've been in Japan I wanted to do a little adventure for a year ... and then go to Australia and New Zealand, but in the end the adventure was really long! The Company that I have been working with told me to get a regular visa with thema. So that's pretty much it ...

I'm doing my best here. Well basically I ... yes! I love photos and videos, so ... I've been doing Instagram all the time and got a lot of people following me ... So I started thinking about making YT videos and here I am My japanese is kind of weird. I haven't done proper studies with a teacher... I've been learning Japanese while watching anime all the time, so my Japanese is a little ...

May be a little dirty Right now It's the first video in Japanese, so ... I'm using honorifics Regularly I sound like an anime character like Naruto I use a little bit dirty Japanese, sorry The reason why I didn't make a video in Japanese before it's because is tiring. It's usually very difficult to make subtitles ... I'm a little sloppy ... So I don't want to make subtitles too much That's right! I've been doing a lot of translations so I don't really want to make subtitules xD Well... Let's come with me to buy some trousers!

Hmmm, I'd like to show you where I live in Okinawa Today is pretty much a dayly life video (^ ω ^) ... This video may not be of interest to Japanese people But for people that are not used to japanese shopping malls... Speacially shops that we don't have overseas So I would like to introduce you to this shopping mall Oops! mistook! U Turn Let's make it U Turn! It is pretty much like any other shopping mall you can find in your country but I want to show you shops that we don't have overseas like GU or UNIQLO looking forward to it ... Let's go! This is Okinawa, Itoman.

The south is really nice! The south is the best! The beaches are beautiful! Life here is not so inconvenient, there are various things, such as shopping malls There are no buses or trains Must have My Car or motorcycle That's just the only inconvenient thing But I lived in kind of the same place in Spain, so I had to have a My Car or My bike, so I don't find it bothering. On the contrary, I feel nostalgic If you have My bike and My car, you will have freedom it's so good the only thing that bothers me is that I spent a lot of money in the bike xD Well, it's fun This is Ashibina's shopping mall ... It is an Outlet, a brand-like shopping mall not what I'm aiming for today. I don't care about brands so I'm not interested in it at all I need to find thouse trousers today! My balls are becoming steamed buns. Sorry for the perverted joke My humor is dirty ... it's like an old man

Well,I'm an old man already 32 Hey, I came to this country being 29, it's already 32 ... cruelty ... despair, isn't it? XD! I'm becoming an old man, but I still don't lose to the young people at all, so I'm still doing my best! I will not lose! definitely! Close is Sun Beach, which is the best spot to see an airplane landing Or Senagajima If you go to Okinawa Rental car Please take it. If you don't, you won't see anything The best place is in the south or north. Only visiting Naha is kind of a waste. Nago is a very nice place, so please do it.

If you love nature Nago is where you should take your hotel Naha isn't interesting If you want to go to a party or an izakaya, Naha is a good place, but it's not that great compared to Tokyo or Osaka . So I think traveling for nature is more fun. Go north ... Tataki Falls, Churaumi ... It ’s a very nice place, so you should go. Yoshh arrived, parking is a little delicate here. Yoshh I bought these pants, so today's schedule is over, let's go to the sea It's really nice today, the weather is really good! There is no wind, superb! oh jeez Forgot your sunglasses I can't see anything, I'm too dazzling and probably have a strange look Let's go! Spartan ... maybe a challenge Run? who knows? It's nice weather It's a really nice beach Maybe in the summer this is super crowded How was this beach? good right? Okinawa's standard is to take food out and eat lunch at places like this So many people orders food to go free parking for bikes and look what I found...

Look at this Super cub Isn't it cool! ?? My bike is cooler though I'm thinking of eating lunch I want to eat sushi today, so it will be the same as the previous video so... Please forgive me I won't be filming the inside of the store so much so it won't get boring... Let's move on while talking. Look, the plane is amazing.

A lot of wind right now, maybe the sound is quite crappy And here is Kura Sushi, but ... what should I do? Let's go to Kura Sushi! The udon there is delicious hahaha, anyone who likes to eat udon at curry restaurants? Is it just me? It's a little weird right? xD I love udon, but just going to a proper shop to eat only udon... I don't want to eat only udon, I always feel like eating various things Barely safe.... completely out *_*! I've never been to this oulet mall...

I'm not interested, I don't buy a lot of clothes ... I'm a Minimalist so I always wearing the same pants Actually, I bought these pants recently. I retired the other ones because they ripped everywhere xD I haven't thrown them away yet, I will use them as pinch pants When I wash this and doesn't dry you know So I don't have much clothes because I'm a Minimalist who always uses the same pants and T-shirts I'm washing every day, but it is quite cool when you can move houses one week notice That's better for foreigners. It is the fourth time I've moved in this country At first it was 2 months in Kyoto and then I moved to Suginami. After Suginami, Takenotsuka.

And then Shirokane in Tokyo and once in the summer 2 months back to Spain Lastly Itoman in Okinawa -Is it live? No, it's not live, it's a video It's not a live video -I thought it was one of those things to record accidents Ah ah I'm doing YT so ... while doing touring ... -I see, you're shooting videos while you ride. Well, while I ride I speak to the camera... -what about the battery? The battery is probably okay for about 3 hours, and after that I connect it to the electricity of this bike. No problem at all That's how I keep recording -Do you keep recording all the time? No, only when I have stories to tell... It is hard to speak all the time in english or japanese so I keep stopping the recording...

-Thank you, I will go inside now Yeah me too, thank you very good person, super friendly. From Okinawa probably I am frikin' full I would like to finish it here today. Hit subscribe Press the like button and see you again Peace!

2021-03-24 11:14

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