Old friends and broken bones - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.038)

Old friends and broken bones - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.038)

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Oh no. Oh. Yeah we all go feels like. He's. Rowing today. There's. No. It's. Day two in Catalonia. And, Mike. Who's been here before tells. Us that just. Over there there's. A place where you can get is it called the gyro a gyro. Is, actually like. A kebab but, it's also got chips, in there french fries so. A kebab with, french fries in it and, we've. Decided that we're just going to go there and and. Have. A few. Or. At least one with. Beers. You're, right there girls yeah, yeah somebody. Want to take this. Take. Your Bab shot, well. That sucks doesn't, open till three. It's. Just coming up to two o'clock they're not open till three o'clock we've, got peak coming at 5:00 and we need to have an ANA nap so. We're, gonna find somewhere else. This. Place is open and, it's got what we want. I. Take. You to all the best places. Refueling. Here on the. Island, of Kefalonia, in argostoli. Is. A little bit different from other places you need to call this guy and, get him to bring his truck to you where you're tied up and he, will refill your fuel tank, we've. Had one or two questions from our viewers about, who exactly Mike and Elaine are and I must admit looking, back over the footage I did, not really explain properly. Who they are nor, introduce them properly thirty years ago when I was working as a DJ on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife, Mike, was also working out there too and we met each other and got along quite well and we've kept in touch ever since now. Mike is a 20, year offshore. Yacht-master veteran. So, when, we decided, to cross the Mediterranean we. Thought we'd better have some help so, I called in Mike and of course he brought along his fiancee, Elaine who, has an awful lot of sailing experience herself, so, between those two and us two we. Managed. To get here to Catalonia, and, while we were here in Catalonia I also met up with another, DJ from Tenerife from 30 years ago Pete, Forsythe and his, lovely new wife Sheila. Mr., Forsyte expertly, don't. Ya. This is very much. There's. More of me. And. You're pretty on, candid camera. Yeah. Hey. Walking it gets you to drink here, wine, red or white yes please, okay. Well, yeah mouse everybody is, the. Memories much, although. Pretty. Faded by now, I. Don't think they fade they just, you. Look and we'll see around the edges well. I didn't realize it's gonna take about, 14. Days yeah, I figured, on some weeks between eight and twelve a little, bit of either one will stop. Maybe. You've, got stuff I'll just run write my blog today. It's. About the trip and, the hours and I was looking back the thing we, did we did 23, hours then we stopped for six then we did another 43, hours then we stopped for another eight hours yeah. Lovely. To meet you. We'll see you soon. Get. Down again down. There. Monday. September 29th. I believe it is and today. Is the day that we were doing the radio interview on cosmos. FM in Catalonia, in Greece it. Was meant to be Antron I doing, the interview with Peter, Lee but. And. She had a little bit of a fall yesterday and, we. Spent the morning in the, accident and emergency department, of, the hospital she's. Had an x-ray it doesn't look good, she's, waiting to see a doctor but, I've, got to go and meet. Peter for this radio interview so. It's. Just me being interviewed basically, it's what I'm trying to get across here mines all over the place because I'm running out of time all, right so I'm going to put this camera away in the dry bag I'm, gonna get in the bigge and, I'm gonna go ashore and find. The radio station. Machine. Accident. And emergency in. Kefalonia. Hospital and they've. Been really good and. There. Was a little weight but no longer than you'd expect in any hospital. My. Uncle gave. Way when I was on some uneven, pavement yesterday. And turns. Out I fractured my wrist so whatever me bars. Had to go to, a radio, interview so, he couldn't stay with me so I'm kind of here on my own gonna, walk back to the dinghy, and wait for him to finish the interview. And. Commiserate. Maybe, with a coffee while I'm waiting. Apparently. I've got to keep it on for four to six weeks but. It's gonna be easy to take off because it's just a bandage and a splint. Okay, well, I'm going for some coffee.

Right. We have with us in the studio very noble who, is, on, a yacht at the moment well, he's ain't in the studio at the moment but he's on he got staying. In, kefalonia, harbour and he's. Barry and Ancha together and that's described, in their, Facebook. And information. On their web page as two wet gray nomads, a retired, couple setting, out on a big adventure as they left Australia, to go to Europe and begin a new chapter of, life sailing, the seas good afternoon to Barrett hi Peter thanks for having me on that's a pleasure now. Tell me a little bit more about this trip what inspired, you to start a a yachting trip we became empty nesters, in effect both. Asher and I traveled, extensively worked. In lots of countries throughout, our early lives and. Then when I settle down in Australia, and we, got pregnant we. Decided we'd stay in one place for, the benefit, of our son so. You know once one schooling, one set of friends one house etc. And. Then he. Turned 19, decided. He'd had enough of small-town beer war on the sunshine coast of Queensland, and. He wanted the big bright lights of Brisbane so, he and four. Of his mates got. A rental house down there which basically left and I sitting, in the house going well okay what are we gonna do so. I came up with a crazy idea of cashing, everything in and buying. A yacht even though we didn't know anything at all about sailing, there's a big step well huge you know I mean you're leaving your home country, with no no no, bolt hole to go back into you sold everything. And you've bought this yacht, what type, of yacht it says you know son Odyssey forty five point one so she's 46 foot long and. She. Is 23, years old Wow, so. It sounds like a nice, now I haven't seen it but sounds. Like a nice boat from what he was saying but I mean how did you come to choose that particular one, we. Spend hundreds. Of hours before, coming. Over to the. Mediterranean, to buy about hundreds, of hours just your boats on the Internet. So, it. Was a process of elimination, the ones we didn't like we said okay we don't want that feature we'd, like this feature so, after. Hundreds, of hours you get to feel what you. Do like and what you don't like, and. Then we. Found out that you, can buy the, same boat in Australia, as, you can in the Mediterranean, but in Australia will, cost you fifty thousand dollars extract were because, of the distances, involved so. It, was a no-brainer really, to come over to Spain because. My brother has an apartment that, isn't rented out during the winter so, that was a base for us to start from and.

Then It was just a question of scaring, the the coast of mainland Spain to. Find the right boat and. We. Found this one so, were you looking for a new boat in particular all London Oh No -. Couldn't, we couldn't extend out I mean my brand new but I'm, a bit green when it comes to buying boats how much are we talking about roughly, we'd. Had had, all the work done to it so we had stainless steel, arches. Put on the back and with dab it's from the dinghy and there's a solar array on top of there so, after we've had all the work done on it it it, came out to a rare about a hundred thousand euros, so. Like a small house right oh yeah very much yeah, and, we particularly like this one because the the saloon table is big enough for both of us to work out with, two computers in, the winter and. Then up in the cockpit the game that the table up there is massive, so we just bring our computers up their own work in the back so did you come and look at the boat before you bought it what did you just say no, we just came as a spec okay, yeah it. Was no, that's I mean obviously when. We got. In touch with a broker. He. Said. Oh yeah come down and have a look this boat it's not on the market yet because. The previous owner was upgrading. To a brand new 48. For the hansae. So. This, was never actually put, on market nobody ever knew that it was for sale. So we. We, had a great experience with, with Hossein his team there in Spain and rarely you were you didn't know not, being a sailor you didn't know what to look forward. Again. And go to rely on friends, we were total novices you never ever set foot on, a sailing button before. We did. Our lessons in February, in English a delta so, with incompetent cream and day, skipper and a few other diesel, engine maintenance and stuff like that's courses. So. That's that's how we came, up with the name to. Novices, who have never done any sailing in the life, it, was current we're learning as we went so it was ABC, so. My wife's names and sure my name is Barry right something to see SDA yeah, that's the name of ABC, lever clear combination, yeah so you, must have been very very certain. That you're gonna like it well. Yes. We've. Always looked an enjoy, attention and travel and we, also both scuba dive so, you know this is an opportunity really, to scuba. Dive wherever. You were in the oils off the back end of the boat, so. You, know we haven't had the chance to do much scuba diving yes mostly. Because we've been non-stop, traveling. Just. To get the boat over here so you know if you're in a boat together you're gonna have a pretty good relationship until. You have to yes, put. Up with one another in a small space like when I originally came up with the idea to years ago and. She just said no there's, no way I'm not getting on the boat and. Then we had about six months of very long conversations. Deep. It meaningful conversations, and by. The end of that six months I think as she was more. Enthusiastic about. The idea than, I was and. That was pretty excited, about it so, we're we've. Left Australia, we've come to Spain and you're going to get on the boat how did you plan your trip, are. To hear no from Oakland front make the start I'll get on the boat well what'd you say right we'll go to the Mediterranean, and spend a bit that time there or had you thought, right we're going to go around the world oh yes, well um. Originally. We. Wanted to buy in Australia, but price just made, us move to the Mediterranean - by, $50,000. Goes a long way. And, then. We're. Going to because we're again when obviously so we're gonna spend the first two. Three years just sailing around the Mediterranean. So, that we've got a lot of experience, and miles under our belts, for when we head out into the big ocean, and. Then eventually, we'll. We'll, get the boat back to Australia. It could take 14 15 years we're, not in a hurry we haven't got a real destination there's. No angle because, there's got to be a lot more to it than just sailing.

Away From the Mediterranean because you've got places by Somalia, where you've got to be so careful yes good yeah, tolls are going through the Suez Canal and things, on there so are you gonna research all that before you go yeah I mean that's just gonna go on spec and there's. A rough plan we sail out of med and turn left, it. Sounds like it's very, very technical. Technology. Here how. Did the Strait of Gibraltar Left, head, down to the Canary Islands because. I used. To live there as well so many. Friends to see you never get there then, we'll go down to the Cape Verde Islands, and, then we'll cross the Atlantic. South. Of the equator and, go. To Brazil. Places, like that and then. Eventually up through. Up. Through the. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas, and all that sort of stuff eventually. Through, the. Panama Canal and then down a little bit of, the. West coast of South America so, we want, to go to Peru again we've got a friend there so we're going to visit them, and. Then, just. A zigzag, across the Pacific, checking. Out all of the islands that we can and scuba. Diving as much as we can and then eventually back to Australia so when you were younger did you foresee, that you would ever be doing this. I've. Always been a wonder as soon as I figured out the passport, and airport went together I I left, England yeah. In, fact of. All of the countries I've lived in the, longest I've ever lived in one country was, Australia, just, 20 years I, left, England when I was 19 so so. You might not get back in there after bricks Italy ah what. Into Italy. Well. We're hoping that prexy, gets delayed as long as possible at least another two or three years you know harvest purely selfish purposes, of course because. You know it's easy for us being. Jul nationals, with. Australian, and British passports, so it's easy for us to you travel, so you've got another home that on the other side of the world, is, right you can be opened that's right so let's now a play. A record and. You'll. Probably guess which one I'm going to put on but after this I'm going to ask you about the Nitty Gritty er actually sailing. The boat what, there is to do because I'm not a sailor, I haven't a clue about sailing. And I'm just interested in finding out what else. You have to do on a big trip like that coming. Back to you in just a moment, right. We have with us now very noble and we're talking about Barry's. Trip, from. Australia. To Spain, to buy a yacht he's then got, on this yacht and he sailed it back through, the Mediterranean no, mean feat because, a few, islands in the way and often, believed to the in places, like that and he's, arrived in Kefalonia and, Barry. Tell us a little bit about the. Day-to-day running, of a boat, like that I mean you, you learned how to say that but you didn't learn how to live in it did you know, he didn't we've we've had to. Rethink. A lot of what. People would say are or everyday, things. Water. Usage is one of the main things we have 600, liters of fresh water on board. So. Making, sure that we don't run out of fresh water is something, to be paramount, so it's very carefully yeah yeah is there a way of collecting it when you're at sea we could put, a tarpaulin across. If it's been raining enough and then you just run that through to fill up the tanks as in two separate tanks. The. Other thing of course is is diesel. We've. Got a 205, litre. Diesel tank but. Um you, know sometimes, you expensive, you pull a it is experimental yet several times and you find the fuel cheaper, here than it is in Spain, I think, that what the, highest price we have, paid so far is. One. Euro, 87. Or liter hmm. And it is getting cheaper as week we move further east. But. You know I mean if there's, no wind you've gotta use your engine it's as simple as that it's just a big motor boat. So. Yeah. Fuel has been expensive we. Actually ran up the ran out of fuel. Coming. In to Corfu, coming. Over the northern end of Corfu. Interesting. At night and all of a sudden the engine has been at home but no yeah. We do carry 40, litres of spare. Reserve fuel so, we had to top, off the tank with those two and, we were only 12 miles from our destination where. We ran out of frustration. Again. An interesting experience. Something. That you you. Have to go through to realize, it it's not a big deal there was no wind there was no waves we were good, a couple of miles offshore, so. We have plenty of time to put, those 40 litres into the tank leave, the system are, there and get, the engine running again so have you got a spare engine as well you're good no no the monohull. Only has the single engine of it yeah I, think, originally we we started looking at buying a cation but.

Then We quickly quickly, realize, that we just simply couldn't afford to run it, - and I suppose you've got your tender, and I see I've got a boat, we do yeah perhaps using at. A push the. Outboard, motor on the dinghy could. Pull, pulling, a DC, machine she, weighs nine point six tonnes. So. Getting that started, with a small outboard engine will be difficult and, but. Once it's underway. It's. No. Great pedal, so. If. It's in the sea and you're gonna be several years are you gonna actually go to port two to have it be fouled, yeah and develop ain't ya antifouling. Most. Antifouling, should be applied every, 12 months and, so good to hold it out and have, that done anyway you, did it expensive, to do yes. It can be again. It all depends on which country you're at and what. They have to plan it pretty carefully yeah yeah. And. And, sure is she the, galley slave or no, is coop no we both enjoy, cooking, so. It's not a problem for me to go into the galleon and whip something up but. Generally if we if we know we're going to be on the longer passage we'll, prepare meals in advance and. That way all you got to do is cook some pasta or, some rice and, then heat up the meal and it's just do you find it's it's less of a, chore, to cook. In a galley like that auditive can't, be bothered sort. Of it's, it's the problem the problem is if you're trying to cook on the way and you're down there for you. Know maybe an, hour you, know chopping everything you're cooking, the food you're. Likely to get seasick you know it's. As simple as that so, if you can just get on your meal and then you ever feel like eating at all no so. Yeah. Just. Maybe, I see me first thing you know these. Are things that people don't think about right now not at all, what. Else we have to rethink, internet. Usage for example yeah you know if I was a satellite unit no we can't afford that I mean if, you want satellite. Internet on a boat you're, looking at probably. $10,000, to set, it up for installation, costs, and then, you're looking at five thousand dollars a year for. Your, data it's. Very expensive system isn't according marsett, yeah, because I saw the receivers, in London once and I looked it up and they, worldwide. Route. Your calls and but, it does come at a cost isn't it yeah and it's very impressive when it's working but it's, the, sort of thing you see on these big all. The big crucially, yeah ones those. Guys just turning the engine on yeah you have cost them five grand and we, look in some of the internet, pages at some of these rental. Charter. Yachts, you know. Thousand a week, 20,000, we had this well, we're in Ibiza. We were parked, in a nice little bay there for, a week and this. Big, catamaran. That we've never seen before came, up dropped anchor right next to us and, so we caught, its name looked it up on the internet it, was. Forty. Two thousand. Dollars a, week to. Hire it's staggering is now yeah crazy. Only. For the rich and famous but then you're on having a sample of that yourself written, by my smallest we were, enjoying the same real estate as they were and. You're still getting the same sound, and the same see yeah everything, so anyway. Um, we'd. Love you to come in again before you go okay alright yeah especially. As we got no internet today English shelf is a bit of a shame but we, can't do anything about there but. I wish you all the best and I wish and sure all the best cuz I understand had a little bit of that yeah, problem, with the pavement possible program wrist yeah what it's showing but all the best answer and let's, get that sorted out before you get, on the boat again or at. Least work on the boat and we wish you all the very best were you here you know here and best. People barnacles if people want to follow us on. YouTube. Oh yes I was gonna mention to you about your blogs yeah, well, they can they can just if they go into google or whatever their favorite search engine is, and just type in sailing, a B, C, but, C is spelled se a so sailing, ABC, into your search engine will. Come up at the top of the list you can check the YouTube you can check the website for the blogs that come out every week and, or. Catch up on Facebook which is always. Up-to-date in, real time alright. Self and if you're going into a port and they see you're going into port lead welcomes, and being on the east side there's a nice cup.

Of Tea ice on there. Thank. You very very much indeed for coming in today thanks Peter. Well. Thank you for that covered. Most of what we were yeah I'm thinking, we'll have a repeat performance in, the next week or two depending, on when you can stay just, depends. On that weather yeah cuz we, you know that. Comes in as strong as in the records that's gonna come home. Let's. See where how they get on with Internet and we'll try and get you in either Friday or the following Monday, sure when they do it again I just don't forget everything you told me. Thank. You tears no do you know your way I just go out to the door there and yeah. So. That was Peter leaving. Great. Stuff join us anytime 96.5. Next. Week we secure a VC in an unfinished marina, in Kefalonia, to, hide from Zorba's the freak storm dubbed as a Mediterranean. Hurricane, if, you, liked this video and you want to help us out do, give us a thumbs up and if, you haven't already subscribe. And ding, the bells so that you get notified of, future video. Updates.

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Fantastic videos. There a loads of learning points along the way. As an experienced sailor and RYA Cruising Instructor it would never be a case of having to resort to saying “I told you so” One valuable piece of advice I give out is, always trust your anchor over mooring buoys. But you have learnt that the hard way. The other is, ALWAYS use a kill cord on a power vessel. It may be your editing or camera angle, but all the videos I have seen thus far of you in your tender, you don’t appear to be using a kill cord. I might be mistaken. I can not overstate how important it is to use a kill cord. I would hate for you to become another statistic. Especially as I’m beginning to get into your vlogs.

Great video, hope you heal real fast and properly

Another’s great episode, excellent radio interview Barry. Looking forward to following your journey through the med. my favourite island in Greece is Folegandros, hopefully you get time in the Cyclades Cheers John

Hi John, we're in Turkey now and will be here for at least 3 months, there are some small jobs that we need to do on A B Sea and Aannsha and I will be making a long term plan for sailing back west over a period of 2 years. We'll put Folegandros on the list. Cheers.

Sorry to hear about your injury Aannsha, hope you feeling better. Great radio interview Barry, did you do another? All the best and fair winds.

Hey John, Aannsha's wrist is now 3 weeks into a 6 week healing period. The injury is getting better but it is driving her crazy with itching. There wasn't a second radio interview because the big Mediterranean storm got in the way.

That was so interesting to watch , you looked very relaxed just like old times behind the mic. All the best to Aannsha for a quick recovery.

I loved being back in a radio studio. Aannsha says thank you.

Great video AGAIN

Hahaha yes Wolfgang I think many couples thinking about long term sailing have the same conversations. I (Barry) am 55 and Aannsha is 57.

Hi Barry. I'm glad you both made it to Greece all safe and sound. Barry in the radio interview you mention that you are going to take up to 15 years to sail back to Australia. Does it not concern you that yourself and Aannsha will be in your 80's by then? Do you think you will both be physically able to sail the boat when you're in your 80's? I think you may need electric winches by then. I hope Aannsha is recovering from her fall. All the best. Daryl.

Hahahaha Daryl we're not that old!!! In 15 years I will be 70 years old and I have spoken to many sailors who are still living aboard well into their 70's. I actually looked at electric winches yesterday, wow they are expensive. Cheers.

Gyros is doner not kebab

I have learned something new today. Thank you Andreas.

Chin up A all part of the adventure

Thank you Peter.

Well done Barry

So glad that you enjoyed it Andrew. We were concerned that this episode might be a bit boring for some of our viewers. Cheers.

Hope Annsha is on the mend! The irony of living on a boat with all the daily hazards and then falling on dry land! Makes you want to reach for a cold beer ~ the lengths some people will go to to avoid a radio interview

Hahahaha the irony was not lost on us either. A few weeks on and Aannsha says it's feeling much better, however she has been put on light duties by the Captain.

Hope your wrist is not holding you back. Was great to learn more about you. I joined the channel after seeing your on the rocks video appear on my recommendation list, and have enjoyed sailing along with you both. Thanks for sharing

Hi Bob you are observing correctly. The brand new Mercury outboard kill switch broke off just 2 weeks after purchase and when we questioned if it would be covered under warranty, Mercury (Spain) said no. They wanted 145 Euros for a replacement part that we'd have to fit ourselves. As we were preparing for a passage to Turkey we just moved on. I fully appreciate the importance of a kill switch and when we begin our small jobs list once we arrive in Kas, Turkey we will attend to it. Cheers for the sage advice.

Thank you Sea Travel.

Be careful guys! :) Hope your wrist heals quickly Aannsha!

Hi James, thank you for your comments and for following our journey. If you watch from video #001 you'll get a complete picture of how and why all this began. Cheers.

Thanks Szymon.

Never tell a Greek, that Gyros is a Kebab or whatever else than Gyros. There is a high risk, you'll leave the place hungry. But only if he doesn't shoot first

Just caught up with this episode. Well done on the radio interview, it was very informative. You’ve been so brave doing what you’re doing -it’s something I’m thinking of (yacht ownership and med sailing) so keep the videos coming, I look forward to your updates.

Thank you Strachan100, it's long time viewers like yourself and the encouraging comments that give us the drive to write, film, edit and release our story each week. Cheers.

Not watched for a while ,Good stuff as always and a guest appearance from Pete the beast . Hope you are well soon Annsea :-) x

Hey Freddie, it was good to catch up with Pete. Aannsha is counting the days until the splint can be removed, she's doing OK. Cheers.

Hi +Achosenman that sounds like a more affordable option. Cheers.

Sailing A B Sea You don’t need electric winches. Get an 18v right angle drill and a drill bit to fit the winch...jobs a goodun

Thanks for the link to that website. We try and buy whatever we need from a normal hardware store first, marine chandlers are always expensive.

+Sailing A B Sea Try winchbit.com for the drill bit. Love the vids. You are inspiring wannabe cruisers with your "just do it" attitude. Like you I purchased a Jeanneau for cruising, in my case a 40.3. Then I discovered the astronomically stupid prices for all things nautical... Cheers.

Hi again. I’m still catching up alternating between latest videos and old, but got to say this was one of my favourite so far. First, was your mention of gyros. We loved the gyros when we came to Kefalonia. We visited Argostoli on 12th Sept. Did you see the turtles? We videoed two just along the port where you were as we enjoyed a meal. The only thing we didn’t like was the wasps which were everywhere. We learned about burning coffee though to deter them. Interview was also very good to listen to. He has such a great voice. Love what you are doing and you are very fortunate to have friends with experience to help you with your first big crossings. Interested to see where you head once you finish sitting out the winter months.

Hi Paul, so glad that you're enjoying our story from the beginning. Turtles could be seen daily from where we were anchored and luckily the wasps didn't seem to keen on venturing too far from the shore. Having Mike and Elaine assist us in crossing the Mediterranean was super helpful. We learned a lot. Just before we leave Kas, Turkey we'll be sitting down and videoing what our rough plan is for sailing in 2019. Thanks for watching.

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