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It. Says going live going, live going live. Dang. Okay, I'm why okay, yes okay now I can really get started thanks for holding on. Hello. Everyone, on YouTube I'm live right now on YouTube and Instagram I am. In Thailand. So, I'm gonna be doing like a first impression. Like. Live right now and, I, went shopping and I wanted to show you guys what. I bought and, then I'm also, gonna give you guys a short little tour, of my Airbnb, so, I just. Got here today and. God. I was on the plane from Switzerland, to here I think the flight was like 10. Hours but, then I had like a layover so, all in total I was. Flying for like I think 12 hours. That. Was a oh, my, gosh I never want to do that thank you guys. So. Then your plane, hey, guys hey Sophia, hey. Dijon, um. So. Yeah I'm in Shanghai, right, now Shanghai. Is so cool, like I can't even explain it like I really really love Shanghai, I. Love. Thailand. And I, just got here but I'm. Not even lying like I can tell like everyone is so warm and. Welcoming. And just like, I don't. Know like everybody's, waving. And, smiling like. I love, Thailand, already, like I really love it. I'll answer questions in, a second, I'll save. That, Andreea answer that in a second, so. Let me just show you guys what I got so today what did i do i got. Here at like i. Take. Three o'clock in the afternoon and I checked into this Airbnb, and, then. I just walked around and, I ate food and. I. Got. Some shopping done I came, back I took a nap I didn't even mean to take a nap and I, woke up at like 10, o'clock and, then, I decided hey I want to go to the night market so, I walked I went out to the night market I ate, again I went shopping and. Now. I'm back here and it's like two o'clock one morning but. Yeah everything it's too like popping, out here so. I went shopping I wanted to show you guys what I got, I just. Got clothes because, I, haven't. Shopped for clothes, in a while because I, knew, I was coming to Thailand and I wanted to buy clothes here. So. I got this cute top. Isn't. This adorable. And. This. Was. I. Think, it came out to three dollars. Who. You're going to Thailand in December you're gonna love it you're gonna love it love it and I, got these shorts. But. They're. Kind of see-through. I don't know how I feel about them I got these elephant.

Shorts. And. Then, I. Got. This dress, all of these items by the way we're probably, three. Dollars or under. Back. And I got this dress, it's. Like it has elephants, on it I just wanted to get all this tight like, style stuff because I feel like did you even go to Thailand, if you don't have this like. Isn't. It so cute and. Then. This last thing is what I was like the most. Excited. About. It's. A skirt. Isn't. It beautiful. It's. Like it's like one of those wraparound skirts, so. Like. You. Just. It's. Like this and then you like wrap it around yourself and then, you like tie it. But. I'm so excited about this I just, want to be styling, and profiling out. Here but. I love all of these this stuff that I bought. Yeah. That's. All that I bought I bought like. Some. Face. Care stuff because, in, like. Asia in general has like amazing. Skin care products, like of course Korea is top but, Thailand. Is awesome too so. I just got a little things a few little things. From the corner store some. Face masks, this I'm. Really excited to try this tonight it's a blackhead, cleaning. Mask. I'm. Really excited I'm gonna try all this stuff today. I, got. These are like tumeric, tablets. Because. First I went to the drugstore, for. Ginger. Tablets because. I'm, gonna, be eating a lot and, it's. Common. To get enough to an upset, stomach from. Food, whenever. You go to a new country or in, Thailand, eating, street food so, I wanted to like be prepared and, then, I went to ask for a ginger tablets, and he's like no try. These I, think, they're like tumeric. Tablets. I think so that these work way, better than. Ginger, tablets for upset stomach, so just. In case I'll give you guys a review on this if it works my stomach hasn't heard yet, okay. And then let me show you the Airbnb real quick and then I'll answer you guys's questions, so. How. Am I gonna do this I'm. Gonna carry around my laptop, and my phone at the same time um, yeah. It's a little messy, in here because. When. I got here I was so tired I just literally threw, everything down so do, not judge me okay. Let's go. Alright. So. Starting at the front. There's. The bad area. And. Then here, is like I guess the living room area not. House. A TV. Like. A sitting, area. So. Here's the bathroom. Let. Me turn on the light hope. That's not the light outside let go. Okay. Here's, the bathroom. Shower. Okay. Here. The kitchen, area, and. The. Best, part is this view you can't really see it right now, I'll have to like show you in the morning but the. View you could see like. Amazing. View of Chiang. Mai and this. Airbnb. Is right in front of a temple so you can see like the temple. Okay. That. Was hard, let me come back and sit down. Okay. So now I want some questions, give me one second I'm gonna scroll up and answer. Questions but yeah I love this Airbnb um. I. Decided. Not to really stay in hostels, that much anymore because I honestly don't need to here, like, I'm gonna use hostels, when needed, but. Apartments. Are so cheap here that it was no, point like for a few dollars.

More I could have privacy. And everything like that this. Place I. Think. It's for its 14 US dollars a night I think 14, or 15 US, dollars a night a. Night okay. Let. Me scroll up I'm going to scroll up on YouTube first. Thank. You guys for the comments I'm really excited to wear all this stuff. Yes. I did get to see my parents in Switzerland, I spent, two weeks with them. The. Food is amazing, I. Had dinner twice, today two, times I had dinner. Hey. Natalie. Hey. Okay. I'm gonna scroll up on. Instagram. You. What. Job did I do in America before I went to Switzerland I was a. Type. Of social, worker I was. A social worker for. Early. Intervention program if you know anything about that in America, it's. For, children. Who have developmental. Delays. Disabilities. Autism. Down. Syndrome. Different. Disabilities. Like that I was like a social worker for that program, so. I would go to their houses and, provide like different, therapies, for them and, help. Them to. Figure. Out what's wrong with their child I would do like assessment on, the, child and stuff, like developmental, assessments, to see if, they were developing. On track or if they were behind ooh. Charcoal, tabs for food poisoning thank you for that I'm gonna need that. Thank. You about the braids so I did these braids myself. I did them the night. Before my flight I, didn't even sleep that night what was that yesterday I just stayed up this took seven, hours they're. Not perfect, because I did them myself but, I think. I did a pretty good job for not sleeping and doing it seven hours I started, at probably like I, started. At probably like. 11. O'clock at night and I finished at 6. O'clock in the morning, so. I'm proud of myself. What. I to be in Thailand permanently, I'm, not sure yet I haven't been here long enough to tell but. I know that I don't want to be anywhere, permanently, right now to, be honest I want to, look. Around and search around hi melody. So. I'm. Not ready to settle down yet. Thanks. Guys thank. You. Hi. Rose King. I. Did. Not blog in Switzerland, my parents, didn't want me to vlog, well they didn't not want me to blog they just didn't want to be on the vlog so, and. I, wanted to spend quality time with them, so. I didn't vlog, anything, oh. Thanks. Michelle, I just. Had to because I knew like when I got here I was stressed, about finding. Like black. Hair products, because like in Greece it was so hard, I couldn't, find any black hair products oh my hair was like hating, me it was so dry so I was like no this time I'm gonna, put them in braids. Um. My. Next destination yes. Well I'm gonna be around, Thailand. For a while I'm in Shanghai for a bit then, I'm gonna go to Shanghai, and. Then I'm gonna go to PI. And, then I'm gonna go down to Bangkok, my bestie, and my other friend are gonna meet me in Bangkok, I'm so excited for that and then, after.

Bangkok. Whenever, they leave I'm gonna go down to the islands, and spend, about a week in the islands. Thailand. Is like. Amazing. So, far everyone's, just so warm and friendly like I was just walking down the street and everybody was like hi. In Thai, of course and like smiling and, if you make eye contact, with them they're gonna smile and, try to talk, to you or something and, just just. Warm, just, warmth, is what. I got from them like not annoyed or, anything like that. Um, I. Didn't, get to do a Q&A with them they wouldn't let me I like, bugs them every single day and they said no they're too shy to, be on camera, uh but. I, don't. Know I thought. That I could because I asked them the questions, though I thought that I could just do the Q&A without. Them but I have the answers to the questions, so I'm really sad about that. Do. You regret getting the tattoo now no I love, my tattoo. If. You, guys don't know I got this tattoo the day I left America. It's. Moody, which, is brave in, German. And I do not regret it at all it's very symbolic I will forever look, down at it and remember how. Brave I was to leave America and actually as. Cliches. It might seem like there's, many, times where like I'm scared to do something, or I and. Are. Like I try to like talk myself out of something and I look down at this tattoo and, I just remember how brave I am for. What I've done and then, I do it like and it sounds really cliche and dumb and, like you. Know but, seriously, I look down at this tattoo often, like if I'm scared to do something I look down at it and I remember brave. Brave brave I'm brave, and, I. Do it. Hi. Rose King yes I do want to go to UM Brazil, on my world trip I'm, a little bit nervous because, I've heard, that. Traveling. Alone there is not the best idea but so. Far I had, one friend who told me that she has friends there that maybe, I could meet up with so if anybody, else lives in Brazil and wants to like help. Me so. I'm not like alone in the streets yeah, if, you, guys are anywhere along, the way on my trip I would love to meet up with anyone. Hey. Val. Thank. You, for the compliment, okay, let me go back to insta, hey, everybody, on Instagram, I'm, in Thailand, so, you can't drink the water here, speaking. Of water I'm so thirsty I haven't, have water like all day. Yeah, there's no water like drinking water you need to go buy. Bottled, water. That's, so cheap, I hate. Bottled, water because of you know the, plastic, but what. Are you gonna do I. Guess. We could talk about food the food here so far is really amazing, when. I first got here at the airport I had a steamed, bun, which. Is like it's, like a bread, bun but they steamed it so it like the dough is kind of like soft and inside I had vegetables, that was really good my, first meal, I had Pad Thai because I'm like okay of course I have to have pad thai as, my first meal. In Thailand, it, was really good I also had spring rolls and it was a vegetarian, Pad Thai I had tofu. Um, and. Then. I had, red, curry, red. Coconut, curry with tofu, for, my first dinner if, then, I had another dinner, there. Was like there's street food is so cheap and good here there was like a street, vendor and I got. Egg. Glass. Noodles, with tofu, and that. Was, amazing. So. I've. Come, to terms that I'm gonna gain weight here and I'm fine with that because this food is amazing. Hello, I would like to know how you're able to travel like you do I'm a veteran of the u.s. Navy and missing. In the travel. Honestly. All I did was save money I'm just. Living. Off of savings so, I'm, not gonna be able to travel forever unfortunately. Once this money runs out, I already. Told my parents that they need to get my room ready because I'm moving, in so. Honestly. It was just a lot of sacrifices, that I made. You. Know what I mean like when I was in Switzerland I could. Have done so, much more I could have bought so, much more I could, have had my own apartment in Switzerland, but I didn't I lived with roommates because I knew I wanted to travel so I think. It's mainly, just. Sacrifices. Saving. Money but. If you move or, if you want to travel in areas like this it's so easy because, it's so cheap here you, don't need to save thousands, and thousands, you.

Know For. Southeast. Asia and stuff, what's. Your favorite cuisine in the world probably. Mexican, hands-down, I love Mexican, food. Yes. Everything, here, is vegan. Friendly. Vegetarian. Friendly, like. Oh oh. My, gosh every place I went I let them know I can't vegetarian, I'm like oh that's fine they, could make everything, anything. That you want they. Can make with tofu, and. Yeah. Oh god, I'm hungry again I'm so hungry. But. I'm feeling really good I'm really, tired now I had. So much energy a little bit of while ago so I went out and, I went to this night, market, and I bought some stuff and, now. I'm kind of tired I. Agree. It is better to spend money on travel. Hey. Honest, oh. Good. What. Am I gonna talk about my last days of work um probably. Not it's, not even worth it to talk about. Maybe. Someday in the future but, no. Do, I have a boyfriend -, no I don't have a boyfriend, no. Time for boyfriend, when you're traveling, the world how. Would I do that. Can't. Fit in my backpack. Yeah. I didn't, eat fries yet they do have fries but. I was too busy eating, noodles. On Prakash I had noodles twice, today. Does. It get lonely travelling alone how do you meet people yes, it does get lonely travelling, alone. You. Meet people I, meet people through, different apps, and, website. There, is a Facebook, group that if you're not in it let, me know and I can add you it's called girls love travel, it's, a huge, community, it has over half a million girls, and it's. Only girls on that group course, we're travelling so like. I could post right now hey I'm in Thailand does anybody want to hang out and like probably a hundred girls would be like yeah I'm here, let's. Hang out so, I'm actually from. That group there's, a girl that I'm meeting up with on, Saturday, we're gonna hang out and. There's. Also apps that. You can use. To, find other, backpackers. Hanging out. So. But. Right now I'm fine I'm. Like I. Think. An omnivore, or, an ambivert I'm in between so, I just. Came from being around my parents 24/7. For, two weeks so I'm so good I'm. Fine. To be alone for like a week, maybe. A little bit more than a week I actually need, to be alone and then, I'll need, people, again like later on but I'm good right now. Thank. You for the recommendation rose I definitely, will. Put. That on the list for Brazil. Yes. Girls. Love travel has a an, Instagram, page go find it if you don't want to get off live all put, it on my story so you guys can follow it it's, really amazing like, I've, met so many girls, through that page and, I'm not, just meeting, girls but also like, learning information, because, people, will, post about their trips. In the group so then you can just see Oh, what. Did this girl do in Thailand and then she says everything, that she did and she post pictures and then you can you, can use it as like a guide. Have. You traveled to other third-world, countries before um Egypt, I guess was the most. Durable, country, I went to. And. Egypt. Was the hardest place I've. Ever traveled, I don't know if I'll ever travel. Anywhere. That's harder than Egypt, Egypt. Was hard, but I have some blogs about that if you want to know about Egypt, Egypt was hard. Do. You ever get lost in the airport yes, I get. Lost in Airport all the time today, actually. Funny. Story it's. Not really funny story, but so I flew, into Bangkok, I had a second, flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai I'm. So, stupid I booked, the second flight at a completely different Airport, so I get to Bangkok, and I'm. Like okay I need to find my next flight it's at a different Airport. In Bangkok. Like, an hour away so I missed my flight actually, I had to buy a new flight, to. Shanghai nari, and, that's my life. That's. Okay stuff like that happens to me all the time my life is like a serious, and unfortunate.

Events. Um Tracey. The, locals, are awesome. Saw, them stare, but in a good way like, they stare and then they catch like I look, at them and they just smile. But. You know I mean what you can tell like you. Can tell between like a stare, of like judgment, and a stare of admiration, those are two different things and in Switzerland it was a stare of judgment, here, it's just a stare of admiration they're probably like oh my gosh the, part of looking at my hair most likely. Or. The. Fact that I'm black there's, not, I saw, one black eye here today. But. No everybody has been so like, great. And welcoming, and nice and sweet to me no. Issues so far I mean I have only been here for a day. Don't. See any American at restaurants, yes they have KFC they, have sizzler, they have. Starbucks. Of course they have. Burger. King McDonald's. Dairy. Queen. Yeah. So far those are in the fast-food places that they have here. But. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways. Yeah so um yeah, I just wanted to give that update, about, Thailand. And let you guys know first of all that I'm here if. You want more like. Updates. Sorry, I'm like so tired I, have. My Facebook page I'll write it right here don't, forget about that, because I know some people don't. Have Instagram. So, they can't follow me there that's cool, but, I have a Facebook, page so. If you want to have updates, of what I'm doing. That's. My Facebook page and, of course my IG. Yeah. You. Know yes, I'm in an Airbnb, it's amazing, if you start this video over I gave a tour of it so whenever I finish going live you. Guys can watch my. Tour. Yeah so you guys too if you are late on my life just started over and I. Have. A tour of this Airbnb, and I showed you all the clothes that I bought today. No. No more hostels, for a while for me they. Just it's not even the hostel, that bugs me it's the people like, the only people that are in there are like children. Who. Don't. Really travel all they want to do is get drunk and like, have. Sex with anything that moves they're, not really traveling, I don't. Know it's very rare to find like an actual traveler. And Airbnb, 'he's at this. So, it's really annoying I'm just annoyed with the people in hostels so. I'm good I'm, an Airbnb. Well. Thank you guys for checking in, with me I. Will. Do blog soon, probably tomorrow I'll do like just like, a random hanging. Out in Thailand, vlog, I'll, just kind of walk around and, just do like a really general, vlog, because I don't have anything planned for tomorrow but. On Friday I'm going to see the elephants. That's. What I'm most excited for, right now on Friday I get to go to, the elephant, sanctuary in. Chiang. Mai if you guys go to Thailand, please do not participate in any of the animal, tourist, attractions, it's all corrupt, and animals. Are abused, and they're drugged so, please don't participate in that. The. Only ethical. Place. In, Thailand. I believe is in Chiang, Mai here. It is the Elephant, Nature Park.

There. Might be another one that's ethical, but that one is very. Very. Popular because, it's ethical, and there's no elephant, writing there's none of that all, you do is hang out with elephants, all day and feed them and just get to learn about them and. Please. Do. That instead. Let me write it down it's, the elephant. Nature. Park and. Shanghai. Please. Do not piss don't go to any, of those Tiger kingdoms. Regardless. Of how many times they tell you oh like, their. Refugee. Tigers know what. They do those Tigers is they drug them so, that you're able to pet them you, just have to think like yep, take a moment to think about it logically, like why. In the world would, anybody let. Tourists. Near, a huge. Tiger, like you just have to think about that they. Wouldn't, the. Only way that they would do that is if the animal was drugged, heavily, drugged to the point where they cannot, attack. You or anything like, that so, just please. An, announcement, do, not participate. Any of, the, animal, tourism, here in Thailand, or anywhere in the world that matter, make sure it's ethical, like the Elephant Nature Park is ethical. In Chiang Mai, okay. Sorry that's my rant it's over. Okay. So. Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow or the next day thank. You for catching up with me and yeah.

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Well, she is taller than me! I'm 5'6". My sister is about 5'8" or 5'9". Somewhere around that height. She is very approachable, kind, and friendly. I'm sure she would be helpful to you. So if you see her, you're more than welcome to say hello to her. And you can tell her you know me! My real name is Camille (no one in my family calls me Cam, except my husband). I'm glad you're enjoying Thailand!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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