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by the time it gets to the bottom and  it looks like it just turns into smoke   there are a ton of natural pools forming good morning from a tree house we spent last  night here and we gave you a tour in the last   video so if you didn't get to see that make sure  you watch the last video because this place is   awesome the name of this place is linda's doc we  got to stay in the treehouse which was amazing   they don't just have a tree house here they have  a bunch of other rooms so we're gonna go stay in   one of those for tonight yeah unfortunately  this one was occupied another day we thought   we could stay here longer but uh we're gonna  have to move to another one after we move to   our new place which seems pretty nice we're gonna  have breakfast and then we're gonna go on a hike   goodbye jackfruit growing inside of our room  we're gonna miss this room one of the most   unique places we've ever stayed look  at all these branches coming out this might be the one and only time in  our whole life that we stay in a tree   house so it's kind of sad to leave it's been good this is the way down from the tree it's not  a ladder or a rope like you might expect one last view from the outside see  lindsay up there she doesn't want to leave all right fine i'll leave so this is their breakfast area which is gorgeous   it lets in a ton of natural light you  can see all the plants surrounding us we're hungry we just sat down and already we  have the beginning of our breakfast   we have papaya so one of the seeds coming out  here uh a melon and then this is dried banana   looks good and then we have a lot more coming now  what is this might be strawberry watermelon juice   watermelon juice it's always good now we  just need coffee second plate just arrived   gotta try this looks like a quiche fried egg   cheese and meat chocolate muffin and then i  don't know what this is i'll try this first it's very dry and airy maybe it's like a tapioca  muffin okay we just finished our breakfast   now we're gonna go to our new room we'll show  you that before we go on our hike new room wow pretty good it's huge first thing i'm  noticing we get a jacuzzi tub and a shower wow   look at this countertop keeping the tree house  theme going there's a window from the bathroom   to the other part of the room so it looks  like this would be probably one of the more   deluxe rooms a whole family could fit in  here two twin beds looks like a king-sized   a big tv chairs like a living room  space and there's a patio out here a little bit of luxury after the tree  house weren't expecting this at all now   we're going to get ready for our hike which  is probably the most famous hike in this area   do you know what it's called nope i do the hiker  going on today is cochera de fumasa let's go once again maps has failed us so we had to  ask some ladies on the side of the road for   directions to this place we asked some other  people and they had no idea somehow this is   like the most famous attraction in this area  but maybe they just didn't understand our accent   i don't know i think i said it pretty clearly  but yeah they didn't know so we asked some other   people they said it's close right up here to the  right so but maps is not taking us over here so   it's interesting maps took us to a place where  nobody goes again what we've learned kind of works   is we just keep asking people for directions as  we go closer and closer and hope that it works out   okay we found it you park here for  ten rael estos it's the only minto that means parking lot however you say it there's  only one other car here this barely looks like a   parking lot we had to register our names and  where we're staying and write it down for   them but we didn't have to pay anything and they  recommend a guide but it's not required they say   it should take about five hours round trip it is  six kilometers total the first part is all uphill apparently it flattens out after the first part  of the uphill so yesterday we kind of took a day   off i believe i got food poisoning so i've been  pretty weak stomach really not feeling good at all   i'm very weak and all i want to do is sleep but   we only have one day left here so this is our only  day to do this hike but we're gonna make it happen   luckily it's not as hot in this region  as it is on the coast i would guess it's   probably around 65 to 70 degrees right now  a little cloudy so that's good for this hike hey we've been hiking for probably 10  or 15 minutes and this is our first   little outcrop where we can  see the beginnings of the view   there's a beaut way over there some mountains  vast open space starting to look pretty beautiful   we heard that on a portion of this hike we might  have to kind of swim through water because it's   the rainy season but it still feels really dry  and it hasn't been raining much so hopefully we   don't have to but we brought flip-flops just in  case it's pretty cool that's a real adventure now comes the very steep ascent we have like a staircase of rocks  here so not too bad but it is steep   so it takes your breath away every couple  minutes need a little bit of a break so we finally reached the flat part alex is a  trooper he came on this hike with me even though   he doesn't feel well but we both really wanted to  see this and we think it's going to be worth it   it's supposed to be one of the biggest waterfalls  in brazil something else that makes it unique   is part of the year like during the dry  season sometimes the water doesn't reach   the bottom it kind of evaporates by  the time it gets to the bottom and   it looks like it just turns into smoke and i  think that's maybe where this gets its name so people told us that you need a guide because  sometimes you might not know where to go and   it can be dangerous but so far it's been fairly  straightforward besides one part where you could   take a look to the right take a look to the left  and then we saw a bridge so it's been easy so far   and now this seems pretty obvious so we're glad to  have things like this letting us know we're on the   right path right over the water glad we don't have  to walk through that this is like a red orange   water i think the copper makes up that color we've  been hiking for a good hour i think over an hour   at this point and this is all we see we don't know  exactly where we're going we've seen a few people   walking by so that's always a good sign that means  we're on the right track even without a guide   okay so it looks like we have reached some water  this is what we were telling you about earlier   this is what we've heard about at some points  of the year you have to go through some water   to get to the other side and we see a little  bit here i don't know if we have to take off   our shoes to get through or what some people told  us that during that really rainy season it can   go up to your waist so like right here but this  doesn't look that bad yet the color of that water so so the terrain on this hike really changed  towards the end of this it's like there are   a ton of natural pools forming that are this  orange color and we think it's from the copper   deposits in the water that looks almost black  and then right here it's like a bright orange so accidentally we found this  really cool orange and red   pond here and people have  started even swimming in here do so we just met a local who told us that we  can actually go along these rocks in this red   river here and that will lead directly to the  waterfall we thought that we would go around   this way which is also a way you can go but they  said this might be a more beautiful way to go at   the end of it you'll be like at the waterfall  look it over so usually there's a lot of water   down the waterfall cascading down making the  beautiful pictures you might see but now in   december it's pretty dry so we're not going to  see that much at least that's what they told us   so it's more of the smoky look where only  a little bit of the water is going down   and evaporating should make it easier  to get to than through the water how do we do this well we  finally made it this is the edge we are very high up here so i know we just said that a local told us we  could walk through those rocks and see right over   the waterfall but even though there's not that  much water we are too scared to do that we've   heard one too many horror stories about waterfalls  so it's just not worth the risk so we're gonna   take in the view from up here we are so high  up i didn't realize it was gonna be this high   beautiful landscape so we're sitting at the top of this  thing on the edge and it is an epic view   as you can see from this wow you can see  over here there are people leaning over the   edge and taking pictures doing different  acrobatics and things for their pictures   we haven't really done that but we  have the drone so we got our own   look at people trying to inch a little bit  closer a little bit closer so this waterfall   is one of the tallest in brazil and even in south  america it has a 400 meter free fall going down   crazy it's hard to even see the bottom that  is huge so here a little different perspective   a lot of people are gonna be up  there getting a view of the waterfall   or over there getting a different view  of the waterfall but here you can get   the very top this is right before the edge you  can't even really tell you could probably walk   right over and not even know but that is the  edge where you'll see it goes down 400 meters we've been on our way back for probably 40  minutes longer or longer lindsay says longer   probably about an hour this is our first shade  we just basically we've just basically been   walking through a desert for a while and it  is hot that's what makes this hike tough not   not anything else not gonna lie this is not  the most enjoyable hike the view was cool but   this part is just so hot and we even tried to  leave early in the day we would not recommend   starting the hike at like 11 or noon we started  at 10 and it's still super hot coming back down when we get back down we're gonna get some  acai and juice and water and jackfruit pastel so i don't know if you guys can relate but a  lot of times it seems like hikes on the way back   feel a lot longer than on the way there  this hike seems never ending i'm trying   to cover myself from the sun so i don't  get burnt anything you want to say alex   no he's having a blast too  much energy we are so exhausted we're almost too tired to film right now it's  been two hours and we can finally see the building   where we started oh my goodness and we're not like  in that bad a shape we saw some people as we're   nearing the end going up they're crazy if they  knew english i was gonna say you might want not   want to do that because it's uh it's that hot  where it's not going to be enjoyable to go up   we don't envy them right now we're glad  to be done time to get some refreshments we finally got it wow this is well deserved  massage is already good but when you're   parched and tired and dehydrated it tastes  even better and this is a good kind too this is gonna replace all the electrolytes and the   vitamins and minerals that we  lost through our sweat all day all gone i'm savoring mine slowly one thing that we found really interesting is  that the starter leg you have to register put your   name on a piece of paper and the time that you are  starting the hike and then when you come back down   you go to the same building and you have  to check out what time you came back which   we're not really used to seeing that i've never  been on a hike that does that but it kind of makes   sense because this hike isn't maybe the most safe  because of the huge drop off by the waterfall but   even then in the u.s there's a lot of unsafe hikes  and no one would even know if you never came back i'm taking over the talking because alex is  too tired and he's enjoying his last fight that's his contribution to the video all right  we've had a great day we are going to end this   vlog here and we will see you tomorrow  we are going to be touring the town of   valley doka and then we're going to be taking a  road trip to our next destination any last words i know we already ended the video but we wanted  to show you this pool really quick because it's   beautiful we're about to see the sunset perfect  way to end a long exhausting day just getting in   this pool and chilling out having some juices  oh our juices are actually coming right now   we got a a guava and a  strawberry oh here they come here um or strawberry juice great way to end the day we needed this so as  you guys know we post on youtube as much as   we can but we also have little video clips and  photos that we can't post on youtube so if you   want to see more follow us on instagram lindsay  travel bum and alexander travel bar see you there hey guys thanks for watching this video if  you want to see more videos like this one   click one of these and subscribe  right here because we're traveling   all around the world and we're  sharing the whole thing with you see you in the next one

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