On the receiving end of TURKISH Hospitality in DATCA TURKEY

On the receiving end of TURKISH Hospitality in DATCA TURKEY

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I'm looking forward to Datça Everyone's just so lovely! But somehow he's come up trumps again! It always makes it so much  better when the sun is out! I don't know which one's which, or my left  or right, but it's somewhere around here! Yeah you can't go down there! We're Marianne and Chris and we've been  traveling full time since May 2018. We must be insane! Whilst attempting to drive around the world  in Trudy our home on wheels this happened! All British travellers abroad are  advised, advised to return now. As borders closed around us we  decided to wait it out in Turkey   until we were able to continue our adventure East We're just arriving at Datça and the landscape is  a lot more different than i would have thought, it looks very jurassic and mountainous,   I don't know if you can see in the background  over there but it's beautiful blue skies and then it completely disappears  where the rain clouds are.

We had quite a lot of rain whilst we are on  the boat, we're just going to go down to Trudy and look how pretty this is,  there's a rainbow over there! And there's a windmill over there  we're just coming into the port now. I'm looking forward to Datça, are you  looking forward to Datça? it looks amazing! Right we need to reverse off the boat, Oh there's a motorbike there, isn't there ? thats very tricky, can you watch  that motorbike? you're fine. The motorbike you've cleared. pull it around, yeah So we're going to try and find a campsite  for the weekend just because of the curfew,   it just makes life a little bit easier.

So we've found one about 20 minutes drive  away that we're going to go and check out. So we've just pulled up to this hotel which  apparently has a campsite on the side so   Marianne's just popped in to see if that's open,  because the gates are closed and it looks closed   that is the problem we say it time and time  again. Most places, hotels, campsites are closed. We've been lucky enough to  find a few that are open   but it is just easier at the  weekends with the curfew,   just waiting because the police they'll probably  ask you what you're doing out and about parked up, so it just saves explaining it. I just thought i'd try my luck  really and i just asked obviously   for the curfew purposes we sort  of try and get off the main road and i just went in and i said "look i  know your closed, but could you tell   me somewhere for camping? and they said,  "come in we'll open the gate for you"! Oh amazing, there you go! He's waiting for you, opening the gate, oh he's  moving the car, yeah he's going to move the car ! How amazing is that? literally  amazing! Everyone's just so lovely! That's the point isn't it?  Just everyone is so lovely! And he said that all the land here is his,   so if we need we can walk around  and just stay and use all the area! Ah and he said you can park anywhere here! So  i said we'll park in the sun if that's okay? And he said park wherever you need to park! So this is our little spot for the weekend, we're  just going to hang out here for the weekend.  

The weather is terrible this weekend and  there's a curfew, so it's perfect for us   just to catch up on our editing and  answering all your comments before we   explore this area and head a  little bit further south next week. It's funny actually before I came to Turkey  i thought the weather was going to be warm   all year round, Hey? Me too! And it's not! they lied!! It does get quite chilly here at night time, the  further south we're getting the warmer it is, I mean i'm still in a t-shirt you know but it's  probably about 16 degrees today i would guess, it didn't take long for us to get a few  furry friends coming to visit did it?   oh we got a cat! They're lovely  now we've got happy cats! We are struggling a little bit  for power but we've managed   to plug in to the building over there  they very kindly let us plug in. I can't wait to get our power oak  batterybank, we've run out of power   it's our second day we've really  struggled we've been idling the engine, which I know everyone's messaging  saying it's bad, so we're going the   day after tomorrow we're arranging to meet the  company that got it shipped over here for us.

So we're super excited and  yeah we'll share that with you. It's Tuesday morning we had a  fab weekend here at this hotel, and uh it's so nice of them to let us  stay here for the curfew last weekend. We were going to go out filming on  Monday but unfortunately the heavens   opened and the weather over the weekend  and yesterday was absolutely terrible, but the sun today is shining behind  us it's come out we've got amazing   blue skies so this morning we're going  to go and explore the little area around   Datça which everyone's told  us is absolutely amazing. So let's go to Datça! Thank you very much! Wow what a lovely lovely family, amazing! So this is the hotel that looked  after us for the weekend the Palm Bay   Beach Hotel and we want to say a massive thank you  to Elkin and the family here for letting us stay. And another example of true Turkish hospitality! Right let's go to Datça! Okay look at that view there ! If you like hiking and walking whilst  you're here, you have to come up. It's amazing, i'm looking forward to  having a little look around today.

When we're static on quarantine weekends working  we need the internet and it's always a concern but   we had a really good one because  there's two massive antennas   literally 2 or 3 roads down behind the hotel here. We're just getting little glimpses of Datça   in the distance at the bottom of  these mountains and next to the sea. It's got a beautiful backdrop it's a really really  lovely area with the sun shining this morning. We haven't checked the tire pressures for a while,  so we thought best just give them a checkover.

The glasses are there my sweetness!   Marianne and glasses! she needs a rope around  her neck, because she's always looses them !! I've got two pairs, in fact i've  got a couple of spares, but i've got   reading like close-up and then the tv far away and I literally juggle ! She  does lose them all the time,   oh there's a tractor going past! Massey Ferguson! There you go, so the tyres are all  topped up, they were a little bit low,   so we've just given them a bit more  and right let's carry on to Datça! I'm going that way? That way! So when we visit these towns  that we've never been to   we just kind of pick a point on google  maps that's somewhere near the seafront and we just try and figure it out as we get  there, and sometimes you end up in the most   beautiful spot and sometimes you end up  in a residential estate or wasteland!   So today i've just put it in  and we'll see where we end up!! So the the town names here in Turkey they always  put the population, so Datça has 20,800 residents. So we have to stop by the side of the road here  because there's this amazing view over Datça here, that's where we're heading that  looks like the main sort of seafront,   so we're going to be driving around and  heading sort of down in that direction. So we found this little parking spot,  I think it's probably a pretty good   location, because i can see the coast behind me  and i can see the blue sea behind me that way,   which means we haven't got far to go and where  there's blue sea there's a seafront and that is   normally pretty nice so we're going to go and  have a little look around this lovely town. I love it Chris always says "i'm not sure where  we're going" but somehow he's come up trumps   again! Look at this place it's lovely we're  right by the sea front this is the coast this   must be a bar in the high season because  there's like loads of tables and benches, but look at that view! Datça is gorgeous! I think we've i think we've actually  arrived on that little peninsula bit   that was sticking out that we saw  up on the hill, yeah very nice! You know when you're a full-time van lifer   is when you see a hose pipe and  a tap and think I need water!! That's the thing i think that's the weirdest   is you don't just turn taps on or you don't  just flush toilets like normal people, you   suddenly start to think about all the resources  that you're using and how to conserve water and   how to like be really really frugal with all your  services whether it's electric or water or gas, it's a very strange existence! I've noticed a lot of van lifers are  taking a break and going into houses   and i think it's something  that's really important actually,   just going to touch on this in another  video but i've started talking now! When we decided to become  full-time travel bloggers   we already decided that we would be in our van   or with a backpack visiting every country. So i  don't feel like my entire existence is in the van,

I feel as though we're going  to shake it up a bit, so   i don't know but i'm thinking we  won't get tired of van life because   for us it's like going on a little holiday, even  if it is for a year or two years or three years, but we know that when we finish this  adventure of driving around the world   we're going to be picking our rucksacks  up and going backpacking for like   six six to eight months and doing  places that we can't take a van, like little islands, peninsulas and islands, maybe  Indonesia and dotting through all the islands, which would be impossible to take Trudy,  so yeah resources really important! I'm liking the look of this, look at this! So looking this way they've got this beach  area i'm sure that's really busy in the summer and all the way along here they've  got electric points so normally i   think this must be filled with boats  all the way along the seafront here. And this area looks like it's probably used  for food and there's a pizza restaurant and   it's just absolutely lovely. We've come down to the front  and I've just noticed all this   decking, this metal decking, I'm  assuming because it's got ridges   that it will be filled with lovely wooden  decking, so people can sit by the water! But i'm looking underneath  there's so many baby fish,   it's just gorgeous, i can completely see  why people come here and live and stay here. So we're just walking out  on this little peninsula, So you got the water there and the water there,   and I'm curious to see the town,  what's around the corner here? Oh this is lovely, so it goes all the way  around. We actually slept down the coastline,   where we spent the weekend was  sort of on the mainland here. So this peninsula goes round and down to Marmaris  this way, it's nice isn't it? it's beautiful.

It always makes it so much  better when the sun is out!   Yeah so I think we're going to have a little  wander along the seafront, see what we find and   see if we can find somewhere to get a little  bit of breakfast, lunch or as i say Blunch ! Oh we love scuba diving and in fact   had this trip carried on we should be  somewhere like Baja California Mexico! Uh we should also have spent five  weeks scuba diving in Malaysia, So uh i've seen these boats and i'm feeling  incredibly nostalgic to going back to dive with   our friends at Scuba Junkie in Borneo and Malaysia  and Indonesia, seeing these boats I really want   to get some diving in Turkey but obviously  with Covid i'm not even sure what's running? Uh but we'll look into that as we go  down the coast a little bit further.   It's funny, we've literally  just walked around the corner   and it's suddenly gone really windy where  we were was definitely much more sheltered. The boat behind us has actually got a wind turbine   on it which is flying around! I want a  wind turbine! Can you imagine the power   if we have one of those on each side of  Trudy and some of the places we stayed? I think we would have taken off! Some of you have been asking how we're getting  footage without it sounding really windy,   so i'm just going to put  this little thing that we got   off the amazon - i think the  link's on on our support us page. It's just a little, it's just basically a little  wind cover that slips over, it's just raw and   ready, it just slips on and the holes aren't  necessarily always in the right place when you   get these things. our one the on buttons is on the  wrong side to the the power button, but it works! So Datça is a quiet fishing town and is  located about 75 kms West of Marmaris   and this is where the Aegean and  the Mediterranean seas meet ....

I don't know which one's which, or my left  or right but it's somewhere around here! So we're just walking along and  we saw this notice board here   and it's basically saying that they have a  blue flag award for this beach and bay here and that's a sign that the marine life,  everything is clean, well looked after,   no pollution, no sewage, that's really  ... nice good job Datça, Good job Datça! How nice is this building  here? it's actually a bar,   it's be closed now but normally  it would sell raki and fish. We've noticed along this pedestrian  walkway on top of these seating areas here   they've got little dove cotes at the top and  uh that is a very cool looking birdbath statue! oh look at that because it looks so delicious and this one! Do you want one of those as well? just  one ..... the breakfast is amazing!

This bakery is called Nokta and it was 40  TL for all of that! how delicious is that I know it's out of season  and I know it's Covid times,   but these little streets are  just lovely they're cobbled, they've got lovely tiling in the floor and then  of course there's beautiful little boutiques,   patisseries, estate agents and there's  loads of cool shops, loads of cool shops! Walking around I always get lost  Chris said that Trudy's just up here   so we've just walked up all  those stairs and I'm right! You're always right ! Just there  ... you're always right! look Oh wow yeah you did it again! We have a joke in the family because I always  get lost, so I drive and Chris navigates! That i have a homing pigeon .... but it's dead! I think it's a little mean!! Look at this! breakfast is sorted! I'm so hungry, what are you doing love? I'm messaging the power bank guy to ask him if he  can print out our Van insurance! yes good plan! When we ask and when Ersel sorted the insurance  out for us we had no way of printing it,   so we're meeting the the gentleman from the  company who's bringing the power bank tomorrow, and how excited are we because the last few  days we've run out of power so many times! It's been a real battle during the curfew,  if it's raining and we don't go anywhere,   so for us that's a priority for us tomorrow.

Which is why our time is cut short here, yeah  priorities is power, power is priority, anyway   this breakfast looks lovely! Okay sorry time to eat ! We finished lunch and we're going to start  making our way to Akyaka which is probably   nearly two hours from Datça, it's past Marmaras  because that is where we're meeting our contact, who is Racep who very kindly, his  company is the company that we used   to send the power bank over, so we're going to  go and he's driving up from Fetihiye to Izmir and we'll be passing through that town  tomorrow, so if we want it before Christmas   we need to get it tomorrow, so I know we want  it so we want it so we're going to Akyaka. It didn't take long for us to take a wrong turn! I can see windmills, can you see them?   oh yeah, i think it's like a tractor  road .. yeah, you can't go down there ! You can see the old windmills but  i don't know how to get to them. So we're just driving actually the view of the  windmills is better here from the main road,   there's lots of old windmills and you can see  in the distance there's also lots of new modern   wind turbines because this region just outside  of Datça is the windiest part of this peninsula. So if you do find yourself in  Marmaris and you have access to a car,   or transport or get to do a day trip, I would  definitely recommend coming down to Datça,   it's an absolutely lovely little town by the sea, um and the whole peninsula looks amazing,  uh it's unfortunate we don't actually have   more time on our hands to go and explore because  there are lots of beaches and little coves, and the sort of roads turned to dirt  tracks further down the peninsula   and it would have been great to go  and explore that area but for us   today the power bank is the priority  because that we need for the world trip, and as we're driving down the  turquoise coast i have no doubt   there is going to be some lovely beautiful coves, oh yeah we've got a couple  of months of lovely blue seas   we won't get bored of sharing  them that's for sure!! It makes all the difference having a blue  sky though, doesn't it? it really does,   i just feel better after four days of  heavy rain being in the van working it is   lovely to get out and about and just move.

You know when it's raining and you're in the  van for those of you with a camper van and   you have a week's holiday and it's raining you  know what it's like, no fun! no fun whatsoever! so we've noticed at the top of this ...  uh what is it? yeah what's it called? Just in case anybody was wondering  whether Chris had wings .... yes he does! he does today! There you go we can finally see  the windmills look right there they're literally just  behind that shed!! Sorry ...

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