Ortisei, Italy - Walking Tour (4K Ultra HD 60fps)

Ortisei, Italy - Walking Tour (4K Ultra HD 60fps)

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Sculpted in wood by Johann Baptist Moroder (in 1904) and then fused in bronze, this giant statue stands in front of Villa Venezia which was once the workshop of this talented sculptor. He also carved a monument of his father, the painter Josef Moroder-Lusenberg, now situated in the garden of Villa Sonnenburg in Ortisei. This walking tour of Ortisei begins at one end of the picturesque main street and heads towards the parish church of St Ulrich along the Strada Rezia. This leisurely traffic-free stroll provides an insight into this pretty town in the Val Gardena including the Alpine architecture, shops and hotels that have welcomed tourists for over 200 years. Along the way, there are many interesting landmarks and artworks to pause and admire. You’ll see one of Europe’s top spa hotels and learn about some of the public artworks dotted around the town.

Leading out of the town into the hills is a hiking path where our tour will end with the best panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and the dramatic Dolomites. Ortisei is a thriving alpine village located in the beautiful Val Gardena valley, right at the foot of the most impressive peaks in the Dolomites. The german name of Ortisei, "St. Ulrich", goes back to the patron saint of the place, Saint Ulrich, to whom the Roman Catholic vicarage has been dedicated. Wooden houses together with the well-maintained streets and the mountains in the backdrop, make Ortisei the prettiest village in South Tyrol. Tourism services in Val Gardena/South Tyrol are very well organized.

There are plenty of local buses for visiting the nearby towns (Brixen, Bolzano and Chiusa) and gondola rides up Seceda Peak for skiing and summer hikes with amazing views. If you plan to visit South Tyrol, you should absolutely not miss a day trip to Chiusa. It is about 40 minutes from Ortisei, and it has an abundance of impressive views that will leave visitors amazed. You can reach Chiusa by taking the 350 bus that leaves from St. Anthony Square (this one you see) in the direction of Klausen - Fraghes.

The walking tour of Chiusa is also available on our channel, just click the link that pops up above. The traffic-free main square of Ortisei is lined with pretty buildings and shops. Browse the souvenir shops displaying beautiful wood carved projects. It's a great place to shop for ski-wear or relax and watch the world go by from one of the delightful pavement cafés: Café Corso. The Chapel of St Anthony is one of the main landmark of Ortisei, it has has an onion-domed tower which contains three bells.

This church was built around 1673 in Renaissance style and dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padova, patron saint of bakers, swineherds and travellers! His life is depicted in 12 oil paintings. Other highlights include the painted High Altar by Melchior Paul von Deschwanden, the colourful painted windows and the 19th century rose window. Stroll down the main thoroughfare, the Strada Rezia, and breathe in the fresh mountain air and fascinating surroundings. Strada Rezia is said to be “the most beautiful shopping street in the Dolomites”. The cobblestone streets are laid in a decorative fan pattern with tinkling fountains, trees and flower boxes enhancing the pretty town centre. Ortisei is famous for its woodcarving which started over two centuries ago. With the arrival of the railroad and tourism, the industry exploded from 1860 to 1914.

The village attracted many talented carvers and the skills are kept alive today with carvings around the village. Many souvenir shops sell quality hand-carved gifts such as nativity scenes. One of the most thought-provoking public artworks in Ortisei is a larger-than-life wood carving by Canadian artist Myfanwy MacLeod.

The carving is entitled “Fallen” with two wooden statues (the biblical figures of Adam and Eve) turned towards each other and a pile of fallen apples at their feet. The artist plays on the various meanings of the word “fallen”. Check out the grand facade of the Cavallino Bianco. Voted 5th Best Hotel in Europe for Family and Kids, this spa resort is also listed as Trip Advisor’s “Best of the Best Travellers Choice”. It has 104 luxury suites devoted to families and the hotel employs 20 staff to amuse children. The large mouse mascot outside the entrance is called Lino and he entertains young guests with fun games and jokes.

These four sculptures are by Hans Josephsohn (1920 –2012) and represent a human head, a half figure, a standing figure and a reclining figure, raising questions about man’s existential conditional. Cast in bronze, they have a rough texture with the appearance of being carved from volcanic rock or tree bark. Josephsohn’s works are well known and can be found all over Europe, including here in Ortisei. Josephsohn was a Jewish sculptor who trained in Florence before fleeing to Zurich. He is considered one of the great sculptors of the 20th century and much of his work was influenced by the devastation caused by WW2. Nearby, on Piazza San Durich, the grand building is home to the local library (bibliothek). It is open daily for visitors to browse newspapers, magazines, books and DVDs. If you are enjoying this guided tour, make sure to leave a Like to this video. It would help this channel immensely.

This will also allow us to publish more tours like this one. Cross the bridge and look down on the Rio Gardena River that runs through the town in a rocky ravine. Ortisei Parish Church with its bulbous Baroque tower and portico entrance dates back to the 18th century.

It was enlarged to reflect the growing population in the 19th century and is dedicated to Epiphany (Jan 6th) and St Ulrich. The interior is well worth a look around with ceiling frescoes, numerous paintings and of course some beautiful wood carvings. Heading out of town on our walking tour, the Luis Trenker promenade is a hiking path that climbs gently up the hillside. It’s a very relaxing walk that offers scenic viewpoints over the rooftops of Ortisei. The tree-covered hills are beautiful in autumn with the turning leaves and distant mountains peaks are snow-capped even in summer. Have you ever visited Ortisei? Where's your favorite town in South Tyrol? Let us know in the comments below.

Luis Trenker was a famous local actor, film producer and mountaineer. This sculpture was commissioned by the town in 1992 to commemorate the centennial of his birth. It shows him dressed as a mountaineer, pointing at the Langkofel, a mountain he loved to climb The view extends to take in the surrounding hills with its vineyards, chestnut groves and fir trees. Feel free to stop and admire this unique lookout point in Ortisei.

This is a beautiful spot to rest and enjoy the panoramic views in all directions. Look down over the rooftops of the town in the valley and admire the majestic mountains surrounding this hidden gem. It’s a stunning backdrop to this pretty Alpine village which is well worth visiting in real life.

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