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OSA 2 - Kaldoaivin Erämaan Walloitus polkupyörällä (Bikepacking)  -  4K

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Good morning! The day looks rather gray Perhaps it'll get clear today It's about 9 o'clock I slept until seven Having some headache, I feel somewhat dizzy Perhaps it'll get better after a cup of coffee and some breakfast Yesterday, when going to bed, I had hopes for this morning that it'd be nice, bright morning with sunshine That'd have been perfect for a small morning swim There's a beautiful sand beach here The lake is crystal clear, scenic fells around Oh well, what would stop me to take a swim even now I suppose it would be a bit too cold Not in the mood at the moment There's only one thing to do: start making breakfast and coffee Ok, finally got you up I'm not sure if I awake yet I'd say our pace is just perfect for this trip Waking a bit earlier that I'm used to doesn't matter, though It is a good morning moment to just sit down and relax Viewing these scenes Generally I haven't slept enough recently it is so nice to sleep here, in the wilderness I've been sleeping surprisingly well in this tent I wasn't sure how it would go, as I am so used to go with a hammock Looks like it is ok It helps when you can set yourself on a pad 9 cm thick I've kept warm the sleeping bag has just been used as a blanket no need to zip it up I also had my sleeping bag open most of the night I slept very well It's about 11 o'clock lets have a cup of coffee and perhaps a morning swim Having a bath and changing some clothes Lets go them That's all from this location! What a heavy ascension Lot of ascension ahead at the times it feels hard and at the times is goes so easily Anyway, we've been enjoying the weather is so nice How it is going? Very well! It really puts you to work these steep uphills I can feel them too One has to admin that its hard with all this extra gear on the bike Extra load truly makes a difference Ascensions are pretty hard but so we are travelling and we are not busy been having a leisure time on the top of a fell, we took a break for one hour, just admiring the view On the other side it was raining and the other, a beautiful sunshine What's going on on our way? It looks like well, looks like it might be that it'll be raining We might get wet again We will see Lets go! I had to dismount and start pushing A piece from the back tray got broken I have to carry one of the bags Walking the bike for a couple of km's Joonas went ahead to scout for a suitable place ashore the lake I've been pushing for 1 km already Soon I'll reach the camp site and can start building up the camp and fixing the bike. Luckily I'm not alone here There's always something when you travel I'll continue the walking to reach the site. Oh boy What an adventurous day Didn't go that well this time There's the bike It started to rain fixing will be postponed on tomorrow we'll see it with Joonas at the morning We'll see how to get it fixed to be able to get out from the wilderness Welcome to the Fillaripäiväkirja kitchen What's on the menu? How about neo pasta carbonara Meat by Kuivaliha kundi garlic-flavoured ham and Wilk Jerky These will make up pasta carbonara Here goes. Eggs, parmesan salt pepper and onion. Preparing the pasta lets see how it goes.

Joonas, come to work on the pasta! Can you do that? Sure thing! Perfect! We'll get this done faster. What's your hourly rate? I work for food. That suites us perfectly here in the wild Is the pasta ready? Not yet Lets sort this out then I'll pour these the meat and some spices pepper salt the parmesan and the eggs.

I'll stir this until the egg is done all together with the pasta. The result of our cooperation. And now it shall be eaten I've noted your wooden spatula True I've got a friend in Karkkila, Ari Ari made this for me to pay back some favour you've done so many favours that you don't even remember them anymore no, I can't - perhaps Ari would Then, will enjoy a sip of this wine We shall have some wine Thank you Heikki our friend once said is it 12 or 16 cl of wine or are you an alcoholic Cheers and bon appetit Cheers and bon appetit This was the very first tryout with this Kuivaliha meat to use it as an ingredient This is great! I agree This is especially great after a hard day like this so, very good indeed! I was a bit in hurry when making this because it is almost half past ten already it would have been better with a bit more effort. Now we just made it on go This was the meal this time Very good Perhaps I was on it more than Joonas Not at all. I have to say, that this was really good Nothing bad to say Well yes We drove today about 20 km Was it so much? Compared to yesterday I'm not sure Yes! The views are incredible The path was easier in times Also, there were some challenges We were pushing and working on the bikes There were some bogs to cross On those one just couldn't bike Also some ascensions Which I couldn't drive up The route goes here, doesn't it? Do you disagree? Is it going up there? Surely we kept good breaks, too Took a lot of shots There went the day Incredible scenery Especially the last part descension from the top of the fell Yes, the place I called Forbidden valley Wonderful valley full of bogs and ponds It was one of the greatest sights so far.

It was raining a few times but that was mostly just a quick flush didn't even have to put on raincoats We were lucky! As we were on the summit we saw the dark clouds afar and saw them going past us Sunshine on the other side dark clouds on the other side We heard even some thunder And when reaching the camp site it started to rain I'm so happy we have this tarp It's saving us again We were cooking in cover so... this day was full of everything some mishaps at the end But tomorrow, we'll go again Forward! Yet again we did not get to fish there on the lake The day is not yet over Perhaps we can still give it a try Anyway I'm going to power off the camera now Good night and thanks for following We'll see tomorrow The following was not so easy at the end with the accident, but here we are. We'll see you tomorrow! Good morning Woke up just before 7 o'clock it was raining the rain was making quite a noise At 7 I had to go to toilet Doesn't rain anymore, nice Going to start to work on the bike the carcass to see what could be done Last night it came to me that Vaude front bags have three stripes Three sturdy fixing threads I removed the middle one on both lets try to sort this out with these we'll see if this would work there not bad it gives support from below and side like, what more could you wish for? I have to re-pack a bit Perhaps the sleeping bag and tent here Heavier stuff to someplace else I think this will work out I'll wake up Joonas soon Perhaps we'd fish this morning as we have the equipment and all Well good morning Morning! Rise and shine! We went fishing Actually wet the rods and everything Didn't catch a fish though Yeah, got one nod, that's all Just a small one a pike, looked nice but well, that'd would had been would have been sweet but it got itself going stayed there to get bigger How about a cup of coffee? porridge party Oh yeah, thanks! I've got a spider in my porridge This would be the last day of out trip What a view! so nice Today we're about to cover what? Ten kilometres of Kaldoaivi ten-fifteen Until Pulmankijärvi From there, its paved road to Nuorgam Is it good? Salami is so crisp the scrambled egg with parmesan from yesterday so good Good! To say no more I'd call the coffee to be rather good, too I must say, yes, good coffee that was not a paid advertisement I was somewhat skeptic regarding Woikahvi but this ground coffee it is very good I like especially dark roasts this is Super Dark works to me I have to say, for a coffee made in a pot this is really good When you make coffee in a pot usually it tastes like peasoup, charred ok - can't say that on this this is not bitter That's about all we'll have the breakfast and camp up to the bikes I fixed the rack It's secure enough I think it'll be alright It looks like you'd fix it with a wrist watch two wrist watches You made the fix with watches ok you could say that Yeah, see you later Lets take a tour in this accommodation Vaude Lizard, tent for two Ultralight tent plenty of space to sleep and to read also your kit fits in I've dressed up in merino while sleeping haven't got a need for socks the sleeping bag I've used is Vaude Rotstein 450 Comfort -2 C Limit -8 C and Extreme -26 C those extreme values are quite wild down sleeping bag goes in very small container although being this big when open this pad then this has been so good inflating and 8 cm thick I should check the actual details over all the gear I have here also to show how this builds up That's for a video in future Now I'm going to pack things up Off we go, litt--blash-- Got a mosquito in your lungs? Off we go, it's going well Or what do you say, Joonas? Yes, can't disagree on that slow but steady Downhill route 5,5 km so far It takes about the same, going up or down How is that possible? You've got to keep it slow downhill the track is so rocky it's really taking on you also the equipment is shaking heavily at least would you come down full speed Here are we again, jaws open, wondering On the far-off fell, there's heavy rain it's not that far away I'd say it is rather close How it is going to go? I'm sure it won't hit us Although, you never know Like yesterday, the rain started with no warning It's not going to hit us It'll go off that sunny side will follow us Isn't it? Ok, we were caught by the rain We made a small shelter took the tarp up between the branches Weren't fast enough We got somewhat wet It's a break, time for snacks Actually, it's lunchtime Lets start cooking What do we have today? Make the pasta do the sauce I've got tomato-chili sauce Add Makuliha cognac salami and Sriracha by Koh-Kaen What is the neighbour having? Pea soup. It's Thursday Have you got any mustard? No, also no onion Blimey! No putting your trust on Jaska anymore How about adding some peas? Whaaat, peas? There are already peas in here! It's nothing but peas! For some extra punch? The rain is getting on me We have another problem, too we have no ingredients for crepes we have no oven for pancake, either Poor us Wasn't planning to eat this cold if I could make this work So this time we'll eating in the same kitchen, different courses I'd like to have a taste of this Do you dare to try it? Yes, I'm going to oh dear An actual chili eater would say give me something to taste but I'm not an enthusiastic It's taking on me, heavily certainly an warm vibe to be perceived to not to forget adding Koh-Kean peas Doesn't look that bad, huh? Let's try this out Ok, no need to be shy about it This is fantastic Are you shy about your food in general? No Although, aren't they saying one should catch the big fish for once so you wouldn't need to lie so much Ok, I've seen these meals on this trip, make by Jaska and I have to say that he is skilled Meals have been very good oh, stop it, you! So the reason why I'm not eating that is not that I wouldn't appreciate it I just happened to have a pea soup and, it is Thursday anyway It's an alliance, primordial It just goes like that Going every time save the time it does not We'll be enjoying our meals and taking a break from the rain Then, we'll go on Let me clean the lens This is quite a sight! I hope the camera can show it for at least for a tiny part to see how it really is in here How great is this? That's that.

We are getting near the border of the park Yes, feels weird Pulmankijärvi is now visible The road starts from there It's like 100 m left to the road I feel like going through a wilderness Well, that is literally true although we got just a sip of it Kaldoaivi is vast three days with a bike is just a small trip around the corner But what a trip! This place is so diverse and interesting everything we saw It's like your thought go along with the huge emptiness just a tiny dwarf birch here and there Thinking about that, we got quite a variety of different flavors of that You are speaking the truth There are many kinds of sights all the vastness so little elements to build the whole view that's what this wilderness is about Initially I feel like being out of breath out of breath, mentally like having experienced so much It's like that often just when you finish a trip. Lots of stuff behind so much to see and feel Always the same story But it is true. What had I wished for this trip? At least to be able to spend one more day or two days One to just have a day off no travelling, just camping fishing, taking your time Would not have to do so long daily routes With our bikes our bicycle mules going on gets rather slow on these technically demanding tracks Take our word, bikepackers, coming here Plan enough time for your trip We hit the path at Tuesday morning or Tuesday noon it is now Thursday about quarter past five making our final steps Even yesterday, full day of traveling It was about 9 hours on move and we only covered about 20 km that including breaks, of course and they were not that small breaks But the traveling is not so easy here I'd say it is easy to estimate how long it'll take to do this considering 80-90 percentage is just rocky path Really more or less very difficult rocky track More like dakka dakka instead of going smooth There were few downhill parts where you could go without breaking I'd say it'd been like 10 km with clean path I can feel it in my hands not at the legs so much How's your kit? I've got everything surprisingly fine I had brand new hiking trousers These are very thin made for biking Surprisingly good stuff It is barely +15 C It's cold or warm, whatever you like works pretty well even when wet as long as you can crawl in a tent to change dry clothes Not fun to have wet clothes all the time Bike has been working with no problem just some basic stuff lack of greasing here and there but nothing special, really I've been very happy with my gear The bike is very, very good It is Dude nothing bad to say about that Also, these bags by Vaude They've kept everything dry also they are very sturdy Even now, when fixed only with two straps Special mention for the handlebar bag You can detach it from it's frame that makes is super easy to fill By the way, something to pay attention to Being a bit surprised myself, too At Tuesday, it was raining all the time we were on the move I had some issues with my rain jacket it was leaking from the seams Below the jacket, I had KELI merino longsleeve and KELI merino T-shirt They dried without taking them off Didn't have to change dry clothes even when being soaking wet from sleeves while camping and sitting my body heat dried merino up it happened quite fast didn't feel cold at all Merino wool and KELI I'm counting on them! I agree, KELI merino is so good I've had KELI on me many times They are my to-go stuff Mine, too.

Also I was going to bring up that what is come to bike maintenance during a trip one shouldn't pack up the whole garage with you on the wild but you should give it a thought some useful and compact tools for fixing like duct tape and some wire In this bag I have some wire some duct tape I thought to use them to fix Jaska's rack Didn't have to do that it would've been questionable But it would have been done Would I have basic front fork bags those Ortlibes, if I would have had those I'd been unable to do this fix You could come up with a creative solution Otherwise we would have to do it with wire and duct tape About the thing having a comrade with it is so nice to travel with someone If I'd been alone in there without these bags haven't been able to get this fix done I would have had such a long way to push the bike all the way up here, 15 km Not a task impossible, but that'd mean pushing all day That's about maintenance Interesting and really nice trip! I'd say the weather was on spot some rain, some sunshine, everything we saw it all Didn't feel sorry for a moment it is relatively warm not too cold If it would have been +3 C and raining slush the feelings might be a bit different This morning we had a rare moment not so usual herearound it was rather warm no wind to speak of no raining some sunshine and no mosquitos or alike no flying annoyances making holes on your skin There were no insects yet it was very nice weather. Usually, when the conditions are nice the weather is perfect it means a billion flying insect flying around you eating you alive We could take our time and fish Perhaps, after a cold night the insects where frozen and we could be in peace No complaining It was such a nice trip I am so happy we did this a big thanks from my side for a longest time It was so nice oh boy We were already planning for future trips This wilderness is waiting for us The wild calls, hard! We'll answer that call in the future I'm living up north nowdays so it's not too far away for me Had some home field advantage but these are unknown places to me as well It was my first time here, save the trip I made to the other side of Teno river Was fantastic to see these sublime views We'll do this again with more time About a week would be good Who would we recommend this for? For what kind of a bike? I'd say wide tires are needed There are wetlands and rocks, wide tyre will save you I wouldn't consider this for first or second bikepacking trip One has to have some experience It was a hard trip for me Even with more time if you don't have experience what does it take to go with full kit in this, hard path it could really take you down as it is not going as easily as what you've might thought of such a bumping, so often Had to say that I've seen many videos about Kaldoaivi But it is not the same when you see it with your own eyes. I doubt my camera has either been able to catch it all One must see for themself The camera can't see it the same way Also, worth to note that It's not obligatory to do 85 km Why not to just come here to Pulmankijärvi and do smaller trips from here on like 15 km to your last camp site and back it was so beautiful, that part There were many, varied forms of different kind of fell biomes with dwarf birches also some pines and spruces I could have used my hammock! Yes! Brilliant So, you came up all the way on my rack, to the end Please come to see my videos again and if you haven't please subscribe the channel from this button. Check out Kokovartalokommando channel, too Thank you so much Have a great autumn Thanks for my part, too have a great trips and a lot! Or one the level that suites you We'll call this off on these views and past feelings and the feelings to come Bloody good! I forgot to bring up something I'm about to do tomorrow this same route again Tomorrow, it's Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail so, tomorrow then I'll do the whole thing in one day If I can get some sleep so for my part, I'm not done yet Let's drop a small set at the end here, from Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail 2021 Hello, fellows! How's it going? It's going good Not shit-scared anymore, like yesterday The first are leaving the start is back there Here we'll go then all together cheer up It'll be a hard ride Everything is set Welcome, soon it's Kaldoaivi time Well hello! Soon it'll be done, finishing Nuorgam, Utsjoki, Kaldoaivi My journey is about to end after all, it went so that Didn't take part on Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail I was too worn off might be the rain at the start did it I didn't make it but actually, I was just too tired It wasn't the easiest trip what we did with Joonas in Kaldoaivi It worn me off I decided it's better to skip the race But, while skipping the race it brought a host of new opportunities I thought to film the race But actually, now I can focus on it, better I've been doing shootings with Antti Korhola He's a genius with a camera It's brilliant what he does It's been interesting to follow the race There are so many kinds of people all ages, all sizes, everything grannies doing trail running MTB 85 km race gathered some riders Like I've always said It's not the length it's the speed These are heavy rides people have done here I have to give my respects my respects to them Great event, sublime scenes these views, these are incredible Would you have a city bike or here in the wilderness it is so beautiful such a sublime vastness As far as you can see Let's drop in an interview by mister Kurko He's the one to blame for making up such an event Matkalla pohjoiseen Where are we going? We are going to make Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail 2021 heading toward Utsjoki Still some distance to cover quite some stuff with A special vehicle required This ship is loaded with eBikes and poles for the goal structure and flags and t-shirts Where did you got the idea? About taking all this to the wilderness? Making a multi sport event? Based on Vantaa, I was scouting something nearest place was in Utsjoki then in 2017 I had a break took some training in this trade for guide and sports I got a chance to take a training position up north There is happened then, together with a local events company to build this race up Kaldoaivi wilderness was new to me I spent a month in with a fatbike and a tent To put it down simply: It got me I started to plan the routes the first one was now, the classic 130 km route From Nuorgam to Utsjoki there's everything to find during the route now, for the third time last year, we had to skip because of covid so we didn't have the race but now it feels great.

We are going to build it up again At Friday, it'll be MTB for 85 km route at Saturday there's a lot going on three routes: at morning, the MTB's for 130 km classic route then the road bicyclists from Utsjoki Road cycling is now for the first time? Yes, it is the first time The route is such a beautiful, up on that latitude, it's 260 km trip Suites the name of the event Not our intention to make it too easy Threshold to take part is high When you see the Finisher sign you truly deserve it There might be some ascension? It should be 2500 m to ascend. It is fine for such a short burst Yep, just warming up your legs Then there is the trail running starting at morning Mieraslompolo to Utsjoki Partly on the same route as the MTB for the day. How many are coming? The list has over 300 names now It's a record Double for the previous year Getting in position in time We'll start at Monday to drive there At Monday, to go there, still means busy to get everything done Friday morning all has to be set up and to open the first race. At morning it means getting on the bike 200 km to go to mark the routes Doing it with a bike No need to use ATV So, Canyon bikes are good for you? Brilliant. Although they are eBikes It will be of big help I'm a first-timer with a bike, on the fells, with Joonas Tonight we should find a camp site somewhere in Nuorgam fells Any tips for a bikepacker? The views will be magnificient! With a fatbike, take a lot of stuff with also some stuff that you wouldn't normally take with in South What would that be then? You have to be prepared the weather can change quickly If you are crossing any bodies of water you'll find your shoes all wet Even if it is not raining you should set up a tent You might be unable to use a hammock If something happens you have to have first aid with Taxi won't pick you up just like that That's all true The wilderness will be very big The preparations have been quite different than on an ordinary hammock trip I'm excited to go on We'll stay in touch Yes! See you on the fells! Now then, it is time to finish this up and thank you for keeping with me and remember to subscribe Fillaripäiväkirja, if you feel so I'll keep on staring the view just for a moment still and will say bye-bye to Kaldoaivi for now We'll see on the next video Hi!

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