Osina Map tour Out Now fs19 maps osina map fs19 farming simulator #fs19modsreview

Osina Map tour Out Now fs19 maps osina map fs19 farming simulator  #fs19modsreview

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map tours and, today. We, are at OC now. This. Is a new, Polish, map by, died Dec, 96. And. First. Looks of it it's bloody. Awesome nice. Detail, very, light. Shading. Where you need it. Animated. Gates. So. We start off in the my main, farm, area. Now this, is where I was sleeping. And. This. Is our main farmyard. And, I thought this is a water tank but wasn't, able to fill up from it and. Also. Tried water at, the road but we'll go into that later, so. This is your, main the farm area, and you've, got quite a few sheds, low, loads, of storage. Starting. Off. You. Have too, far, it's the, five one five and the five one one, and. All. Brand-new and, we got the TX 32, new holland. Trailer. Had, a. Plan. That's. Called fader sorry then got, apply, cedar. And. The. Water tank air I got that myself, you don't get that but, we do have a muddy, decay, pasture. And, a. Modded picking, closure. Going. Solo. Bunker. Solo small, and, farm. Ace. Which. Is. I've. Seen that one before somewhere, I'm sure that's. What came up there not too bad at all pretty good 497. So. There is loads of slots to, play, with, but. That's what you start off with you don't Annie, yeah that's what I leased so. Yeah the slot height is less, than that because I've got. What. - line there and -. One so. That's taking ten off 487. That that's. What the swap game is is pretty, pretty. Up so. While, we're let's go into, the, map and have, a look what we've got going, on so, as. You can see Dana, this, side is where, all the. Sale, points, are and, there are that is a few, it what I've been your. Brain for about an hour trying to work out what's what, I still, see a couple, on and sure. On but this. Is a first look anyway just give you an idea of what. These maps all about, so. That starting. Off as, because, you made a little bit and show you what fields we own so. We're in this field here which is a, little. Field on the end here and the. Rest is the. Farm, yard basically. And then further up the road you've, got the biogas, plant and we own these small. Fields. Here well, it's one section, but as. Split. Costs. Aren't too bad seventy-five, thousand, for. That. 1557. And. Some. Of these you know they're some. More more than others but. Not too, expensive. And. That's one of the biggest fields, there and there. You go it's four hundred and ninety thousand, three, hundred and twenty two and then, all the other little bit stunts it runs three, hundred and thirty six and then. We move down six, hundred and five. So. We do get smaller. Pockets. Of land, and. 4350. And then. We can also almost the, map where you can buy up these areas of art well, there's that shot land there is only twenty. Three thousand, one hundred seventy, eight and. You. Know that 113. So, yeah lots. Of different, fields to go on. Now. The red markers, they. I, think. The red was the. Was. The tracks. Under. The orange was, the. Tarmac. Or any of the way we'll, have a look at that you. Know minute, now. Over this, side we, have our wood. Area they, have five, hundred ninety, one thousand, but, there was a huge selection, of trees, in there loads. Of trees and. That's. A nice flat area as well there. There. Was quite a bit of terrain on this but. They. This section. Here is a whopping. 2.7, million, and, it. Is huge we go up and have a look about it is a massive. Massive. Field. There's. A mad dog dreaming. Away. So. Yeah we start off with these fields anyway and it, so you can generate a bit money be those but it's good to have these fields on that new fob farmer. So. Moving over to the, seven, points, and. We've. Got your grain central. Grain elevator, and grain, elevator. No. Sorry last night and they didn't do everything yeah, grain elevators and grain mill. No. Those ones do year a couple of commodities, those to sell the main ones and then. The grain elevator, east as a few of the others. With. The milk as well and. Then. We've got the spinner II was. A price on the wall and the cotton, barrel is. Wallet. Seven six two, and. Cotton. At two and seven nine so, not loads, of money but not not. Too bad exit. What. 2967. And they're, at. 3175. Especially. Now we've got the egg, pallet, that mod which, if you haven't seen that go and check out the video arches done it's an awesome mod. For. Sorting. You're excited, for chicken because it used to be a complete pain in the ass. So. Supermarket. What. Do they buy I think yeah they only buy a few items it. Was just the eggs that, is all they're, gonna have. Then. Spinner a sawmill, what was the price on the wood. Chips. 167. And. Then. We didn't. Look at the cost of bonus, there's. A bar guest plant. That. Is three hundred and twenty eight thousand, nine hundred and forty four, so.

We're Buy that and. The prices are. They're. Not extortionate, at all is a. Little. Bit less than what it it's nice when throwing the six hundred thousand, at least. But. It is what, it is it's. Another, sell point basically, isn't it so. So. There you have it. That. Is what, you're getting on Oh, Cena, I kept, calling it Oh see any in my, new mods but. Nevermind. So. Let's have a look right in the yard. On. A detailing, of everything, is, awesome. All, the doors I've opened everything, up just so we can see what's, what and what. You've got you've got more storage there and then we got another double. Gates coming, in to. The other bit that's where the. Pickup is down there and then. We own this field not. That one there it's this one over the back this. Section, because we own this this bit of land. With. The farmyard on and. Then we come down now. That layer I think, that I'm not sure on that one I think, it might be I tried. Water there and it was an hour there, but. There. You go or, perhaps that no it was it were water we didn't try water they are see I'll. Go we'll try that a lawyer by doing anyway. There's the soy low and, it's. Good what got when what you can fill up at the top so this is great to TMR, making. Machine once. You've got stuff in his solos I did. A little video on that I think I love tea and. This, I wasn't sure if it was a sour point as it didn't come up on the map, as a sell point, but. A little bit it is it's, all the same on a new map you're not sure completely. What's what, but. We've got, the pig pigs. In here you, got the manure for them there and then. The feeding trough and. Straw. And. Then. We can buy them in. Was. It nice. Yeah. That's the market area there so. Let's get a pig in there, there. He is he's in there lay and then. We got our slurry point just there for the, pigs and then. More, double gates. There. We go. It. Takes you that truck goes away in the yard. So. Yeah that's it for dyeing that bit that. Brings. Your background. Basically. So you have got a fair, sized area. Not massive. No. None of this can be removed. I'm. Sure it's in been, built, to the game. So, let's head on up, to. Biogas. First. And. You see you look across them up you, can see a lot of what's going, on. Got. A load of wooden turbines, over on the right hand side and. Yeah. It is the the. Orange is the. Tarmac. Roads, and then, when we go off is the red roads. So. This is coming up to a. Biogas. Plant. And. I think, that is it is that I feel there I but, I'm using, that fuel yet. Nope. I. Think. That one's just for show got, a little shelter there for. A bit of storage, and.

Then. There it is a. Digester. Which, is up in the air so, I doubt you'll be able to drop on the floor with that one so, it looks like it is a load in one. And. It's. Got a strange shape. Dome, on, this, one. You're. Getting out there yes. Not. Sure what that quite, looks like. But. Isn't quite the same as that, one the. Normal shape, there. You go. That's, nice to see a new. New. BJ, I haven't seen this one setup, before. To, annoy, sighs huge, bunkers. And. We. Own the fields just outside, Celeste, I tried, to get, some water, out, of here, it wasn't having any of it. Whatsoever. But. I, did find somewhere, else further, down on the map. So. We go and check that I oh what, about the slurry point. Where. Was the slurry point. She, got you don't yet where, isn't. It's. Not gonna be right there that's. Why I didn't see it because it's not, surely. It's there. You. Got some tanks. Was. No. That, isn't it. Normally. There's something, to show it. So. That's a mystery. Let. Me know in the comments, if here you, know where it where it's at. Strange. So, we go up to the top first of all leave. That there we don't need to take that all the way up we'll. Be back. We. Go heading down that tall, - wowza and, was, an, old man sat. There just chillin late minding. His own business doing. His own thing and. Lovin. The detail in the. Textures, on this map that's. Got new textures, it says. And. That's. Pretty cool. So. There he is. Sat. Down doing. His thing, and. This, marked as a, local. Limes well, a lot of lime station, it does say that was a and. Then, it's got this here and. I was like whoa what. The hell is that is. That your water station, and, I. Didn't bring the, tanker, up here did, I. Water, point. Wiser. See. I say to my dogs do you wanna was and. That means a P water. Same. Thing, well not quite the same thing but. That's. When it clicked I thought was a water. So. That is where we get our water from I don't, want to fill that all the way up cuz, excuse my voice at, the moment it's very, creepy.

About. This cold crap, for a while so. Bear. With me. Right. We, will see. You down at. The. Gas station. Right, so what have we thought going on here. So, this is obviously a Bobby, point or. Is. It. Good. Thing is we can go into the, map. Click. On gas station, wrong button our three gas. Station. So, that is the, gas station, right there, and. Then. Rained here. Is. Your milk point. And. Then this one here it looked like another water, point just. There. Now, also here, we, have this, is one of the, modded. I. Think. This one is pigs, isn't it come. On let's open there, we go. Nice. Nice. Mod. So. Where are they coming in there they are it's cows. So. We've got Kings going, on we'll have a couple of them. And. Then. You got another entrance, going eight all that way by the looks of things. We've, got a strong point and, our. Feeding, trough, area, will. Be in the middle order thought, is. That there, is the milk point. We. Got the slurry. So. Where is the manure, there, is the manyara, there's, not Liza bunker solo. Mystery. Where, the manure is so. It was a mystery where the mini all goes. There. It is. It, looks like anyway must, be yeah. It's. Got to be where else would it be. So. This is another farm. Area you can buy. A few, sheds and stuff but a lot of this can't be modified, to built into the game. Right, moving on we, have the. Supermarket. South. Point and this, is for selling, your milk. Basically. So you'll have to be aware of what. Vehicle, you come up in because. I did this on the new mods and, I come up in the big flatbed and it was like right. Yeah, on the wrong sir I put it on the wrong side. And, I had trouble getting enough but. The shops just saying the roads was not that much of an issue now. We're going on into, here where this, is all the. Sale points, and going. Through him was still like right. What's, what. So. We will go through it one more time hopefully. So. We drive into the, one that I didn't know about at the moment he. Got one on the left there is this, one just, here. This. One here I cannot, work, at eight because I've tried tagging, it to, find out where it is because. Why did, get, let's go into the menus, give. It to yourself so. You got your bar let's, tag the bar first, so, where's the bar is over here, that. Is your bar sour, point that, one there. Then. We go on to a, lot, of bioglass central, grain elevator, tag. That one. That. Is over here. And. Then we go to central. Grain elevator, east. And. That one's over here so. There's cell. Points right, the way. From. Over there up though that one doesn't, show up yet so. That's. The elevator East and then. You go to the grain mill. Which. Was was that what there that, one over here, which. Is a drive through, one. Just. There. And then, after, the grain mill we've got the sawmill. Which. That's closed where is that. Here's, a sawmill here so. This is all new new. Stuff haven't, seen any of this before. Nice. Look, in this mod. Nice. Modded, map oh I don't know, right. So this is your sell point for your wood so. At least you can drive in. You. Are going to get a truck in yeah you're gonna get a truck in there just, abate. And. Where. Are the wood chips. Or. Is that the wood chips no we've got wood chips down here there, it is passed it on the way and there's. The wood chip so a point just. There. So, when we go back onto this you've only got the spinner II left, which. Will tag, the spinner II and. The spinner is just over. There. So. There's the spin rate Selborne. I'm. Not leave the supermarket. Well we know where the supermarket, is because I showed you that, just. Before we turned in so. The supermarket, is that one over there so. What. The bloody hell is this, one I. Can't. Work it out. If. You, find out let me know in the comments. And if, I find out in that time I will put it in the comments. All right so moving on. Come. Back out of this area. And. We've, got the shop, just, down on the left hand, side here. And.

We've Got a cash point. Shot. Boy point and then. The workshop. Chevron. Market, hazard. Markers there. And. Then we also have the animal dealer. It's. Just their. Pig. Includes your cow pasture. There, we are more or less right at the bottom of them up here where you can't well. Sure you would go down this way, you. See it's blocked off. So. That is the edge of the map. And, that is about your law isn't it. You. Didn't the gas station, done the shop. Yeah. Didn't, pretty, much all of it well it will have a spin over. To. The, wood area. The. Wood the forest, area. Alright. So here we go we've, got field, this is number what, 53. Is that yep this is v fruit this, is the error I said where. You got a flattish, area, and then, you've got all these trees. Just. Get me orientation. Right yeah all these trees dating this way and. There is an absolute ton of trees nice, little track running through. Lots. Of different sized trees, in there they. All look like pines. Some. Giants in there and then we come across it into the huge. Huge. Mega, field, this. Is that two, thousand, two million, seven. Hundred. Massive. Field huge. And, there's lots of these tracks running down there, is a stream there I'm trying to get water out of there at all I did. Try. Here's. Another little, pond here here's, what I didn't see that that's just in the map I think yet light is. Overall. Loving, the map and. See the contours, they're not all over the place but there's not many flat areas, you. Can want some horsepower work, in these fields which. Is what is all about picking. Those Roy tractors. For. The right job. To. Do a proper, job. Right, well that's, about it for. Escena. Map. Tour I think, we've pretty much covered everything. If, you've enjoyed this episode. Then. Smash, that like button for, me and if. You want to see more content and haven't, already subscribed. Hit the subscribe. Well. You've got to leave he's just gonna get see a great, content. Uploaded. All the time they. Subscribe, doesn't mean any, additional. Costs, it's. A view. I just want you to have a look at my videos if, it's what you're interested in have a look. Right. Oh well if you are new to the channel then go, and check out some of my other videos, and coming up for about. 300, name so. There's quite a lot to see so, thanks. For watching until, the next time goodbye.

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