Our $100k Bahamas Luxury Yacht Vacation!

Our $100k Bahamas Luxury Yacht Vacation!

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(mysterious music) - What's up, everybody? It's Enes here. And on today's episode, we're going to spend a week in The Bahamas on this amazing motor yacht, Oculus. Now, this yacht normally charters for $100,000 per week, but we got invited here to stay on this yacht for free, so we can do a full walkthrough of this amazing vessel like we always do. But since we're here for a week, we're going to actually utilize all the amenities and the sea toys that this yacht offers.

That means we're going to have breakfast, lunch, dinner here, enjoy the sea toys like the Jetskis, eFoil, jet board, tender. And as we're doing these activities, you're going to be right there with us sharing the moment. And without further ado, let's begin our tour. (calm upbeat music) I'm literally in the water with sharks here in Bahamas, and it's all for you guys. Literally feels like fine concrete. It's like, it's so powder.

I mean, it's like- - It's like powder. - it's powder. - [Mikey] You've become such an island boy the last few days. - Oh, for sure. Thanks to you guys. - [Jason] Subscribe.

Our trip began in Nassau, the largest town in The Bahamas. We flew in on a small prop plane, and everyone was super excited. We knew right away when we got to The Bahamas that this trip was going to be different than anything we had ever experienced before.

The yacht was docked in a small marina, near the famous Atlantis Hotel. The check-in process for the yacht was extremely simple. You just pull up to the dock, and they load up all your bags and put them in your cabin.

The marina had a lot of really cool shops and restaurants, so we had to spend some time to explore. We are truly out of our comfort zone in the Bahamas. We might be pushing it a little too much. We'll see how everything goes. Here, follow.

Although we wanted to spend some more time and explore the hotel, they had made an incredible meal that was waiting for us back on the yacht. So it's 9:00 PM right now. It's our first night on this yacht, and we just got dinner served. In case you don't know, these charter yachts comes with their own private chefs.

And whether it's your lunch, breakfast, and dinner, you get multiple courses served to you based on the foods that you like. Tonight, we're having steak, mashed potatoes, and few sides. Looks really delicious. And those last two seats at the end of the table is for me and Mikey, and we're gonna join them. (reggae music) - [Mikey] How's the food, Zoe? - It's so good. - [Mikey] Yeah? - I'm a foodie connoisseur, and I give it a 10 out of 10.

- [Mikey] A 10 out of 10. (laughs) - The meal was incredible. And after dinner, we talked in the salon about what we were going to do for the next week.

We wanted to explore the shops and the nightlife surrounding the yacht. But instead, we went to bed early so we could wake up at 5:00 AM and see the vessel leave at sunrise. The next morning, as the sun came up, we left the port in Nassau, heading to our first destination. Our first stop was a small island where we would anchor up for the next two days, which we will explore later in the tour. But before we do that, let's show you around the yacht, so you can see what makes this charter so special. All right, everyone.

Here we are on the aft deck on the main level. Now, before we start our tour, I wanna give a little bit of information about this vessel. This is a 120-foot motor yacht called Oculus. It has five guest state rooms including the owner's cabin.

It can accommodate up to 10 guests, and it has seven crew members that works on board. Now, this yacht is available for charters starting from $100,000 per week. It is also available for sale with a listing price of $6,995,000. And as always, you can find more information about this vessel down in the description of this video. Now, we are currently on the aft deck. We have two side decks leading us to the bow, as well as going down to the lower deck where we have the garage.

We currently have all the toys out right now. That part of the yacht is really exciting, and we're gonna talk about that later in the video. Now, this space is phenomenal, nicely covered. We have recessed lights, built-in seating here, and this is where you get on board, enjoy this yacht before you step inside.

Now, Mikey, let's show some of the details. We have a wet bar here. Door opening up to the side deck. This massive glass assembly here with two doors leading us to the dining area. And we have a small fridge here for your cold drinks. That way, as you get on board, you can grab a drink, enjoy your time here.

Now, Mikey, you ready? We have this door taking us straight to the formal dining room area. Now, this is a great open space off of the entry. We got a beautiful marble table right in the center that sits eight people. Gloss wood panels on the walls.

Two doors opening up to the side decks, and you get a phenomenal view of the backside of the yacht from here. Last night when we were in Nassau, we actually had an awesome dinner here. It is just a phenomenal cozy space in case you wanna dine here rather than dining outside because what's the point of a yacht, right? We are in The Bahamas right now. You can eat or dine outside, but when you have bad weather, you still have a space like this. - [Mikey] Yeah, and there was nothing to complain about. We also had a meal outside this morning, but we'll get there in a little bit.

- In a bit. Now, that's it for the formal dining room area. Right next door, we have the grand salon. Now, this is another open space where people hang out, congregate, watch TV.

Same gloss wood paneling details are also here. Above us, we have the recessed lights and cove ceiling-like detail to set the mood. You have your built-in seating with a marble table right in the center. And the views. We are here in Bahamas and through your windows, you can actually enjoy the crystal clear waters, and it's phenomenal. - [Mikey] Yeah, we are actually at this anchoring site called Shroud Cay.

So we're on a pretty common route that a lot of these mega yachts take through The Bahamas, starting in Nassau and kind of island hopping around. But when you look around, we have just turquoise, crystal clear blue water. We have this awesome island here that actually has this really cool river that runs through it. We're gonna go explore that later on Jet Skis, so make sure to stick around for that. - Absolutely, it's gonna be an awesome day. And couple more details here, Mikey, we have the same hardwood floors goes into the space and this grand salon is divided from the formal dining room area with a built-in cabinetry that also serves as your bar top.

That way, when you serve food, you can actually place all your plates there, all that good stuff. Now, I wanna bring everybody here. We have this door opening up to the galley where the private chef of this yacht prepares the food for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. It's a nice convenient spot for the chef.

And going around the corner, we have this hallway taking us to the day head. And at the end, we have the door opening up to the owner's cabin that we're gonna check out in a bit. Now, I wanna bring everybody here. We have the main staircase going up to the upper deck and taking us down to the guest quarters. Let's check it out.

Lower level starts here, and we have this long hallway that takes us to a few of the guest cabins. This door opens up to the washer and dryer, so it's conveniently located. And we have the first door on my right-hand side opening up to the first guest quarters.

Two single beds here. Same wood paneling throughout. Even the ceilings are nicely clad with this leather finish. You have a small window here looking out the water, and our team members, some of our team members that are actually staying in this room. So everyday, their beds are made up perfectly.

It's nice and cozy. You have carpet floors. It doesn't get much better. And we have this door opening up to a full bathroom dedicated for this guest quarter. You have your toilet setup. Vanity design here.

Walk-in shower with a rain head. And of course, each one of these bathrooms gets a window looking out to sea, which is phenomenal. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the hallway. And right across, we have the second guest quarters. This one comes with a queen bed setup, two side tables, same wood paneling. And I wanna explain something.

The guest quarters that we just toured and this one actually has the TV on the backside of the bed because right across, we have a door leading us to the bathroom. It looks like a piece of art, but push of a button, it's actually a TV. So I had to point that out. - [Mikey] Yeah, and it's actually kind of like a cozy little movie theater experience. Last night, I walked down here and Jason was actually lying down with the pillows on the other side, watching TV in here.

So it makes sense. It was kind of cool. - You just make it work. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Now, this room also has a window and, Mikey, let's go this way. This is where we have the bathroom. This one is a little bit more spacious than the other bathroom that we just toured.

White stone finishes. You have your water closet here with a built-in rack, another window looking at the sea. You have your built-in shades and all that good stuff. And you have your vanity design here, very modern, with a hidden drain, chrome fixtures, LED-lit mirror. You get your walk-in shower on this side with chrome finishes, rain head. And I mean, you even have heated towel racks.

They thought of everything. Now, let's go back to the hallway, Mikey, so we can check out the last guest quarters. We have this door opening up to another room with two single beds. And we also have a full bathroom attached to this cabin.

And that wraps our tour on the lower level, but I wanna take everybody back to the main deck so we can check out the owner's cabin. Before we go check out the owner's cabin, I wanna talk about where we are in The Bahamas. As Mikey said earlier, we are anchored off this small island called Shroud Cay. And later in the day, we got a chance to go explore the island, ride Jet Skis, we had a great time. And I got a chance to ask the owner of the yacht exactly why he wanted to bring us out here to show this to all of you.

We're on this awesome trip right now, and they brought us to this island. We have Max here who is the owner of the yacht. We've got Evan here who's our good friend and he's the nephew of Max. - My son, basically. - There you go.

Fellas, it's just like there are so many things I wanna talk to you about, but tell us what inspired you to get this yacht and why you wanted to put a charter like this together? - Well, when I first came here, I came here with my daughter first. And the reason she wanted to come to The Bahamas was she wanted to see the pigs. And I was like, "You know what? I'll take you wherever you wanna go." We came to see the pigs. We came, and then I thought on the way here, seeing the pigs, I saw this paradise that I'd never seen before in my life.

I was like, "Oh, my God. I wanna spend every moment "I possibly can here." - I totally agree. So here's the thing, before we came onto this trip, I had a chance to look at photos, look at some of the areas that Evan told me, areas that we were gonna visit, and you get a relatively good idea. But once you're here, once you're on the Jet Skis, once you look at this view, once you step on the sand, and this sand literally feels like fine concrete.

It's like, it's so powder. I mean, it's like- - It's like powder. - [Enes] It's powder, this is like- - And this is the reason why the water is so turquoise blue, it's because of the color the sand. The sand is so white that it makes the color of the water the most beautiful aqua.

- Some of the people may say, you know, it's a big price tag for a week to spend, but this experience that we're just going through right now, it's almost hard to explain it. It's almost kind of overwhelming because there are so many things you're feeling. You're getting amazing meals, and you get on a Jet Ski, you visit places like this that are literally no one around.

And it's all for you. All in all, it was an incredible second day on the trip. We spent a few more hours on the island, explored everything we could, and climbed to the top of the hill to watch the sunset over the island. - [Max] On top of the mountain. - There you go. - On top of the world. - You have the recessed plant.

- Exactly. You have your palm trees. Nice ambience. I like the little gravel design on the floor. (people laughing) You know, it's a cozy spot for 10 to 12 people. You can easily see we're comfortable here.

- [Mikey] It's really cool. - It could use a little bit of landscaping but, you know, it's really cool. As you do when you're yachting in The Bahamas, the next day, we had another busy trip planned to another small island.

But before we get there, let's go back and tour the owner's cabin. Now, we're back at the grand salon and we have this hallway here taking us to the owner's cabin. As we walk in, we have the same wood paneling detail throughout. Before we step into the owner's cabin, we have a day head here conveniently located for the main level, and the last door opens up to the owner's cabin. Now, I'm really excited to talk about this space because this is where I stay.

And before I get into what I do in this room throughout the day, I wanna actually talk about some of the details of this yacht. This vessel was built in 1996 by Oceanfast, and it was actually refitted in 2020. What I mean by refitted is basically, it went through a major remodel, both on the interiors and the exterior to bring it up to today's standard.

That's why each one of these rooms or the common areas feel very up-to-date and very sleek. Now, let's cover the owner's cabin. This is a phenomenal space. I love this room.

You have plush carpet on the floors. King-sized bed setup on this side, and this is where I just lay down, watch TV, relax, enjoy the good vibes here. Now, you have the mood lighting above us. Everything is nicely paneled. Four windows looking out the views.

We got a nice seating area off of the entry. And, Mikey, we need a closeup. I love these built-in reading lights, so you can lay down here, read a book, or work on your computer. You have everything you need.

Now, this section, we got a nice built-in desk setup here. This is where I work. And right across from that, you have your built-in closets. You can conveniently pick the clothes that you're gonna wear for your day or night. Awesome space. I love this room. Now, it gets better because it has a phenomenal bathroom.

Off of the entry, you have all these built-ins. Same lighter tone finish pretty much throughout. We have the vanity design here with a big fabricated sink, hidden drain, two faucets, LED-lit mirror. And this is where I get ready for my day, brush my teeth, just get ready for the exciting day that's outside of this amazing yacht. Now, right across from the vanity design, we have the walk-in shower. You have a bookmatched stone right in the center.

Two rain heads above. Very spacious. You have your built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Chrome details, and I really been enjoying these rain heads since we got on board. - [Mikey] Enes, give us a shower review. (water spattering) - I mean, I love this thing. I love the pressure. It's warm. You can't really go wrong with two rain heads.

Just having a good time on this yacht. - [Mikey] Yeah. Enes has underwear on, guys. We're not just doing this like full front. - Everybody, I love really everything.

So this is a rain head review. We've done it all for you guys. At the end, we have the water closet, another window looking out the views.

And that wraps our tour for the owner's cabin bathroom. Now, I wanna take everybody outside to the beach club, so we can check out the garage and all the toys. (relaxing upbeat music) Now, let's talk about the beach club. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest parts of this amazing vessel. We have the platform here. First, I wanna talk about this design.

You can actually lower this and put it underneath the water. That way, you can use it as a swimming platform. You can raise it up, make it flush with the floating island with all the toys, or you can raise it up even more, make it, flush with the garage. Because over here, we have a huge hydraulic door that opens up to a storage area where they store all these Jet Skis and sea toys. And on top of that, that space leads you to the engine room where we have two MTU engines.

And the top speed of this vessel is somewhere around 16 knots, so I wanted to mention that. Now, Mikey, I wanna focus on this side. In fact, I'm gonna get on the floating island because this is super exciting. I mean, look at all the toys we have around us. Seriously. You have eFoil, wakeboarding gear, kite surfing gear, jet board, snorkeling gear, three Jet Skis, massive paddleboard, we have more inflatable paddleboards inside, tender on the side.

And honestly, this is what makes these charters so much fun and exciting. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's pretty incredible. And Enes said that this back area will actually lower into the water or raise up. I really like it if you don't wanna have your toys out here, you can sit out here and have a nice meal or just relax like at water level. So that's really cool. - Absolutely. - [Mikey] But anyway, I think we gotta take one of these out.

Take your pick. Which one's first? - I'm starting with the Jet Skis. - [Mikey] Let's do it. - Of course, the toys this yacht provides were probably my favorite part.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying the Jet Skis, exploring the island using the jet surfboard, and just having as much fun as we possibly could. (peaceful music) Not only do you get to explore your surroundings, you get to ride a Jet Ski, get on an eFoil or get on a jet surfboard. It's so much fun, and we're here in Bahamas right now. Look at this, we're in a lagoon.

Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this, and this is why people pay top dollar to get these charter experiences. So they get the privacy, and they get to enjoy an amazing spot like this. So it's phenomenal, and we're gonna continue. (engine roaring) (water splashing) Overall, the beach club and all the sea toys are my favorite part of this charter experience.

I mean, look at our surroundings here. I just can't get enough of it. And, Mikey, before we leave here, I wanna mention one more thing. Right next to us, we have a 37-foot Axopar tender that comes with this charter. And later in the video, we're gonna actually take this tender around to check out some of the best parts of Bahamas. It's gonna be super exciting.

We're gonna talk about that later in the video. Now, that wraps up our tour on the beach club area. Now, I wanna take everybody back inside, so we can check out the upper level.

(tranquil music) Now, we're on the upper deck and we have this opening taking us to another guest stateroom. Now, think about this room as your junior primary bedroom. It's very spacious. We have the bed situated on this side. But more importantly, this is Mikey's room. In fact, I'm gonna grab the camera from him, so he can show us around. - Hey guys, I'm Mikey.

This is weird. I'm not used to being on camera. But we're gonna switch roles for a minute because people wanted to see Enes behind the camera for a while, but I'm gonna take you around. So this is your queen-sized bed where you sleep, right? Across, we actually have a pop-up TV right here that lifts up. It's probably like a 45-inch TV. It's pretty big. But I don't really wanna use this because you have these massive windows that just look out at this water, and you have this incredible view.

And the water's like, so blue here, it's like almost unbelievably blue. It's really cool. But I'm gonna put on my Enes hat for a second, and take you around the room. We have these gloss paneled walls over here. We have these recessed ceilings, right? And they have these little LED light reveal details around them, so it looks really cool.

Over here, we have these two massive windows. They give you this alternate incredible view of the ocean. I feel like I'm kinda faking this, but I really enjoy staying in this room. And the fact that we get to stay on this yacht for free in The Bahamas... - [Enes] It doesn't get much better.

- We made it. We made it, you know? This is awesome. Give me the camera back. I feel deeply uncomfortable. - All right. (laughs) All right. Well, Mikey said it, it's an awesome room.

And right behind the bed setup, we have the full bathroom. Same stone and lighter tones that we've been seeing throughout, they have it also here. Walk-in shower with a rain head, heated towel rack, water closet, vanity setup, chrome fixtures, everything you need conveniently located on the backside of your bed. - [Mikey] Yeah. Just be grateful we didn't show scenes of me in the shower.

(Enes laughs) - There you go. All right, Mikey, let's take everybody back to the hallway. You have this door opening up to an aft deck on this level. It's another great outdoor space, teak floors, lounge chairs on each side. And right in the center, we have this gorgeous glass table. And, Mikey, we forgot to mention this detail.

On the main level, we have a massive skylight on the floor here, letting natural light from this deck to the deck down below. And it's just a nice contemporary feature, so I wanted to point it out. And this is how your tables and your cutlery looks after the crew sets it up for you. That way, not only can you enjoy your meal, it's even beautiful to look at. I mean they just make you feel so special.

And that's, honestly, one of the important and kinda fun aspects of these charters. Now, right above us, we have this really cool louvre design where you can either have it like the way we have it right now, covered, or you can actually open these louvres and let natural light come into the space if you want. Of course, you have your built-in lighting. Speakers throughout. You have all these chrome features with the railing, poles, columns, everything is nicely polished.

You look down on your beach club area. You have a small fridge here, and this bar top facing the guest stateroom. And this is where they place all your food for you to enjoy. Another great space. I can't get over it. Views are phenomenal.

And this morning, we had an awesome breakfast here. And just the experience of being on this yacht, enjoying the seas, hanging out with your friends, it's truly phenomenal. I love this space. The breakfast was just served. It looks really appetizing.

We're gonna join everyone, so come along with me. Mikey. (refreshing music) And that wraps our tour for this section of the yacht. Now, Mikey, before we go onto the side deck, I wanna mention, we have a staircase here going up to the sun deck that we're gonna check out in a bit. Now, I wanna take everybody this way.

So we have side decks on each side taking you to the bow of this boat. And as you're walking, look at your surroundings. It's phenomenal. We have this door opening up to the wheelhouse. And continuing here, we have two wing stations for you to control the vessel as you're docking or getting close to somewhere.

Now, we're on the bow of this yacht. Now, this is really interesting. This part of the yacht is really well-utilized, and you get so much outdoor space, which is kind of rare.

A lot of the yachts, bows are generally just flat surfaces, maybe a little bit of seating area. But in here, we have so many amenities that we're gonna talk about in a bit. Now, Mikey, let's face this way. Right in front of the wheelhouse, we have the first outdoor seating area.

And before we leave this section, I wanna mention, we have two staircases coming up from the main deck to this level. That way, you have an easy access coming up here. Right in front of this first seating area, we have additional outdoor space, lounging areas.

Retractable awning on top. And, Mikey, look at the space here. You have your built-in speakers and you just lay down, relax, enjoy your amazing views here in Bahamas. And here, we have a really cool feature that I wanna talk about later. But first, I wanna actually take everybody downstairs here to the bow.

Now, these are two inflatable amenities that comes with this yacht. First one is a massive slide that we've been enjoying a lot ever since we got onboard. And the other one is an inflatable rock climbing wall.

And this yacht keeps giving, comes with all these cool amenities and toys. Now, we're at the bow of this yacht, and I wanna briefly talk about the way it looks on the exterior. If you look at the sundeck, you can actually see these spoiler designs, which is kind of a unique look.

Again, it was built in 1996, refitted in 2020, and honestly, with all the upgrades and refitting, yacht looks very sleek and elegant. Now, I wanna bring everybody back this way. Right in the center of the bow, we have a jacuzzi. I think this jacuzzi is one of the best parts of the bow.

It's nicely elevated, so you take advantage of the amazing views around you. It's 6:00 PM right now, and we had a long day where we jet boarded, Jet Skied, wakeboard. We took advantage of the amazing scenery we have here in Bahamas.

And after that, you come here, enjoy the vibes. I mean, what can I say? I love this place, I love this yacht, and I hope you guys are enjoying this video. If you do, make sure to give us a like. And if you haven't already, subscribe to our channel. Now, that's it for the bow.

I wanna take everybody back to the staircase, so we can check out the sundeck. (chill music) Now, as if all the outdoor spaces were not enough, you even have a sundeck. And this space is phenomenal for a couple of reasons. First, as soon as you come up to the landing, you have this awesome bar area, fridges, storage areas, everything you need.

You have your outdoor speakers. And in front of that, we got this awesome seating area with a retractable table right in the center where you can either lower it, that way you can expand this lounging area, or you can raise it up, use it as a table. We have champagne, beers. Right in front, we have this open space perfect for you to work out, relax, enjoy, or watch the sunset. Since you have this open space, you're elevated up. And again, look at the views around us.

It's quiet, it's peaceful, and this is what this charter yacht is all about. I mean, what can I say? Phenomenal yacht. I love the outdoor spaces. And being up here, looking at your surroundings, really inspires you to go explore what's around you.

(peaceful music) One of the coolest parts of charting Oculus is the opportunity to explore all of your surroundings. The tender that comes with the charter is extremely fast, and provided us a way to jump around all the islands and see everything The Bahamas has to offer. One of my favorite stops was at Pig Beach, which is this famous beach that everyone likes to go to that has swimming pigs that will come up to your boat to be fed by you. So not only are we traveling amazing destinations to incredible assets, we do public service. We're feeding the pigs right now on the Pig Island.

We got Evan, Zoe, myself. We went through half of this bucket here. But be careful because the big ones bite. Evan gave me the bag of fruits, and they got so excited, one of 'em actually bit me in the butt so- - [Mikey] Wow.

- I got a souvenir from Bahamas, all right. You guys are like little doggies. Look at this. Yeah, you want some attention too? (Enes talks indistinctly) With so much to do, we had to get back on the boat to go to our next location, another famous spot in The Bahamas, a full-sized whale skeleton that has been stranded on the beach for the last 25 years. - So Max and his crew just took us to this island. It was about 40 minutes to get over here.

This tender they have is incredibly stable. We're going like 60 miles an hour, and you couldn't feel anything. But if you look over here on the beach, they have a massive whale carcass. Enes and I are gonna go explore. - Wow, this is insane.

- [Mikey] Look at the skull. - It's been here since 1995, so imagine how much it's been rotting. It's so massive. This was definitely not something I expected to see on a beautiful beach in The Bahamas. But one of the coolest things about spending a week here is all the diversity in the activities you can do.

We just went to a beach and swam with pigs. We saw a full-sized whale skeleton. But one thing we haven't done yet is actually get in the water, so our next location we're gonna head to is a famous spot for diving and snorkeling.

- All right, so we have the Thunderball Grotto. It's from the movie Thunderball with James Bond. We have here is a little underwater cave. Right now, since it's low tide, you can actually get in fairly easily.

There's like a nice gap there. There's also a big hole in the ceiling, so people sometimes jump through. You're not supposed to, we might be doing that today, I don't know. - [Enes] It might get a little sketch? - [Evan] Yeah.

(water splashing) - We are in Bahamas in this amazing cave. I mean, we've done literally anything possible to bring the best content for you guys. So if you're enjoying it, please subscribe. One thing I maybe didn't mention enough on this tour is the full-service staff and how they're dedicated to making each stop as fun as humanly possible. From planning out all your daily activities to even setting up a tent on the beach so you can eat lunch anywhere you want in The Bahamas.

(air whooshing) All right, so we just got onto this sandbar. This place is phenomenal. I mean, look at the scenery here. It's unreal. The houses, the beaches, the landscaping.

And water is so blue, it's almost hard for us to like comprehend. It's just phenomenal. We are jet boarding here a little bit, sitting under our tent, and just having a good time, you know? That's what you do in The Bahamas.

They even arranged for all of us on our last day to visit a small island called Staniel Cay to get COVID tested, so none of us would have a problem flying out the next day. We realized as we were leaving that the water was full of sharks. So of course, we had to stop and say hello. I'm literally in the water with sharks here in Bahamas, and it's all for you guys. I mean, this is amazing. We're on one of the islands here in the Exumas.

And, I mean, look at this. They just swim around you. They're not even bothered by me. As we headed back to the yacht on our last day, the one thing I have to note is how impressed I was by the ease of the experience overall.

Everything was taken care of. Anything we wanted or needed was provided to us by the staff who was incredible and so friendly. This is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something different with their next vacation. It was an incredible week on Oculus. And before we left to go home the next day, we had to go to the sundeck to experience one last sunset over The Bahamas. This is phenomenal. - Look at the sunset.

(upbeat cool music) - All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video. This is our first time to tour a yacht and live in it, stay in it, and share our entire experience with all of you, and I hope you guys liked this video. If you want us to do more of this kind of videos in the future, just let us know in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed it, of course, make sure to give us a like.

If you haven't already, subscribe to our channel. Now, lastly, if you want more information about this yacht, you can always find the links in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And we'll see you guys next week.

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