Our Campsite Bookings 2022 | January 2022 Update [CC]

Our Campsite Bookings 2022 | January 2022 Update [CC]

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Right, so in this update, video is what we're going to be covering, is the problems with the brakes we saw on previous video what we've booked up to about November of this year for 2022. And what we need to do before the end of January, and I'll also mention some of the upcoming videos I've got, I think I said nothing. I say, Yeah, I think that's what you said. Should we get on with it? Yeah.

Yes, we had some problems with the ABS brakes. What a daft name for a car. The VW up. Thanks. Yes, exclamation marks. That's what forget the explanation mark to the out. Yeah, you probably saw in Friday's video when we set off the handbrake was seemed to still be on and you can move it backwards and forwards.

And eventually it releases, but not ideal. And it seems to be when it's been sitting in the wet for ages. I think it almost like it, but the brakes are rusted on. So I'm going to take you into the into the garage and they're going to have look at the brakes slipping and overall it can't be doing that.

But even even worse than that is when we set off back home from trial back. I could not unfree the brakes. No, no, no. The only way I could do it was a drag paid off the pitch and left a sort of a trail where where the wind was dragging.

And so I got onto the tarmac and eventually after about five minutes, it released. So I think that's the reason for the problem we had with the car going one way and my time going the other. Yeah.

It's anything to do with the steering lock on or anything to do with the A-frame. I felt, you know, we had that problem setting off from here that it was like something it was pulling it back Yeah, yeah. So yes, I mean, if one wheels still locked in, the other one wasn't.

It might well be get pulled over to one side. Yeah, yeah. So anyway, they're going to look on Monday and let me know what the damage is going to be . An expensive little car. So it's been an expensive little car. Well, it gets to that stage, you know? Cars get to about seven years old.

So, yeah, it's getting to seven years old, you know, you to start getting also niggles like that, you spend more time fixing it than driving it. Yeah. So it was nice, actually when we we met someone on the last day who had a VW up GTI. Yeah, right. Oh, look at that. Yep. So, yeah, so onwards.

Then onwards. So what we have been doing mainly. Yeah, I've been sort of I don't know what I've been doing, really.

No, I don't know either is booking sites and for our upcoming trips, we've actually got to the stage now where we've booked most of our trips and tours for the whole year. Yeah, that might be. A few tweaks might add a bit. So the starting off the end of the month, we're going to Eye Kettleby. OK, so it's a Melton Mowbray meeting up with Sue and Trev Yeah.

Then February and the moment. Yeah, we've never been Eye Kettleby. No, no. And it's apparently very, very popular.

So right, OK, so looking forward to that should be interesting. That's right. Well, it was nice that you could actually look at the site plan and you could actually pick your own pitch. So we've done that and Trev and Sue have done the same. Yeah, well, back miles apart. Yeah, we've gone down on it as they've gone way over the other end.

Yeah, now I think we've got adjoining pitches, but yeah. Yeah, OK, OK. So that should be good. Yeah, but we're trying to do this year is go to someplace that we've not been to before because we will be going to some places we have been before because we like go in there, which is a nice segue. Way into the next one is to say well done! It isn't rehearsed The next one, it will be Somers Wood in February.

Fingers crossed for the NEC show. So booked to go there with Aileen and Bob, because Aileen hopefully has her stall at the NEC and we will be looking at as many vans as we possibly can. Yeah, we're not going to look at hundreds. No, no. nearly looked at 101 one year! That was too much.

No, we can't do. You can't do that. Excuse me. Right. So then before you go on there, I just wanted to say one of the troubles you have with Somers Wood is you spend a lot of time in the van getting bored.

Yeah, because often you go in sort of most days. Yeah, because you obviously can't take poppy and Tara the dog. So sometimes I'm dog sitting for Aileen's Bob and things aren't that so, but probably will get out a couple of days. Make some friends go and see Alison, you know, with the camp with a camper van? Yeah, and I'll try and I try not to go in every day into the show because I don't think I need to.

I think I need to probably go in about three times. Yeah, yeah. If I'm getting early in the morning, I can film most, most vans and get the filming done. And then it's down to getting the editing done. But getting back into the swing of it because it's two years will be two years since the last show. We did like that.

So I mean, I forget how to film vans as well. The other thing is, having to re-learn, what you know, what you need to say and what you need to look at. That's right. Yeah, yeah. The Gross Vehicle Weight and the length and the height.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, the bathroom. And yeah, whether the bed drops down. Yeah. Well, I'm quite looking forward to it really well. I don't think you're you're quite so keen on it, but you will be coming with we'll come in with you all day , so I possibly can.

Yeah. Yep. So coming up after that is the Harrogate show. Yeah, a similar sort of thing applies to that.

I mean, probably less so because it's only on for three days at Harrogate Show. But yeah, we're coming in and we will be dog sitting. And yes, yeah, I mean, the Harrogate show is a lot of it's outside and particularly last year, a lot of it was, yeah, and there's a lot more sort of accessories and older vans on there.

Yeah, I would say NEC tends to be a showcase for all the new vehicles. I'm sorry. Every time someone mentions older vans, I think of the low emission, so it sort of popped into my head.

Yeah. So after we've been to Harrogate I've booked us nights at Cayton Village, yeah, we know we went there when the Caravan Motorhome Club just taken it over. Yeah.

And so therefore it was like it was originally with the original toilet block. So we filmed that. So now we're going back again to see what improvements, how different it is. And hopefully Sam and Claire from next stop everywhere will still be there as the wardens so we can ask to catch up with them.

So I said we'll do a bit filming with them. So it should be. Yeah, yeah. So then after that, you've booked a CL near Dewsbury. Yeah. And why? We don't do CLs. You know, a lot of people are aware, but there is a site at Dewsbury and it's where my ancestors had a pub, the Jockey Inn.

It was here, Dewsbury, so I'm going to go back and retrace some of my family history. I know some of you may know the Earnshaws is a very old Yorkshire name. Yeah, yeah. And your grandad Maxwell Earnshaw? Yeah, he was born in Dewsbury. Yeah, yeah.

And he got married to your grandma. Yeah. So that would be interesting because I've never been to Dewsbury. So yeah, so that's what planning to do on Holmfirth as well. And Holmfirth? Well, actually Upper Thong. Yes, yes. That's a name to conjurn with! We need the up to be fully working by then.

But yes, we would never get the van up there. I've looked at it on Google Maps and it is up a narrow, steep road. And I think even even at Holmfirth, it would seem pretty narrow. Yes, Northerners on tour went there and we were quite interested when they were filming a Holmfirth.

They stayed at a pub just outside Holmfirth and they call the bus end and they have some of that. Come on. Yeah, I think they did. Yeah, yeah. Or took their car because they told us, Oh yeah, OK, not sure what they did, but they had a good look around Holmfirth, didn't they? So. So that's the reason for staying on the CL in Dewsbury, so that should be good and tell them about the family history. And the interesting thing in the moment is that the Find My Past website has got access to the 1921 census.

You know credible, isn't it? Yeah, that's over 100 years ago now. Yeah, that's right. Your parents and grandparents are appearing on that one. Yeah, yeah.

Maxwell is by that time, is moved to Burnley. Maxwell Earnshaw, Maxwell and was moved to Burnley by then. You know, I found my grandparents both lived in Wheathampstead in Hertfordshire.

Yeah. And this was the year before they got married. They got married in 100 years ago. Yeah, 1922. Yeah.

So this time when I see my grandma is 19, age 19 and eleven months in June 1921, so that nicely brings me on. Yes. Really? Well, yes. So April, when we're going back to Ashwell again, as we did last, but as we did last April, meet up with friends and et cetera.

And one of the things I really want to do this time is to go to Wheathampstead. Yeah, because we briefly went, didn't we? When we were doing that all round of St Alnbans and everything? Well, yeah, that was one that in 2018 when we were on our way to Europe and it was a sort of whilst we're here sort of things. So we'll spend a bit more effort and actually looking at some of the places in. We tested and see if we can retrace the railway line where, yeah, the great grandmother used to catch the train and someone worked on the railway line. Yeah. And the granddad's brother was, I thought he was tragically killed, falling backwards from a single signal box there.

But a great, great granddad. So he he worked on the railways as well. So there's quite a few family history linked to that. Obviously, the station isn't there, line is no longer there, but they've restored the platform other than I've never seen that. Okay, so I want to spend a bit of time in the St Albans. So that's in April.

And after that we go to Ferry Meadows. Yeah, for the for the Motorhome show. Yeah, the National Motorhome Show.

Yeah, and we're going to Ferry Meadows because we're meeting up with Alison. She's bringing over her van. Yeah. Yes.

Which unfortunately, she hasn't been able to use very much. No, no, no. We're encouraging her to to meet up there. She had a problem with a flat battery on that van.

And one thing we found out was the van wasn't charged and the vehicle battery the the she had it plugged in in the garage and we discovered it's not wired up. So unlike ours, it doesn't charge the vehicle battery. Yeah. The Travel Trolls had that problem, didn't they? Yeah, I'll just assumed they all did like ours that, yeah, the charge both, but sort of proves that we don't know everything right? But I proves I don't know everything. So then we've got May is just, uh, well it's a meet up isn't it? Yeah, it's a meet up.It's a meet up with Trevor, Sue and Glyn and Sharon, but it's organized by the caravan.

nut? No, not that one. Oh, right, which one am I moving onto? Oh, right to June to June one. What's happened here? May's not in here, just on the wall because I don't know where the rally is at the moment. You will won't tell me.

So I've just merely puts it up , oh Trev and Sue's rally. OK, sorry, That's in May. Trev and Sue's rally in May. Yeah,

yeah, planning. So I can't put anything in because I don't know where it is. Do I know where it is? I don't know. It was going to send you the details. I think I do know where it is so and so you just haven't left one of those things that go along here. Yes.

Well, you need to tell me all. As you say, it's not. So we're not it doesn't go in a book or on a day to day basis to say, No, no, it's good to have someone record things. Yeah. So speaking of June.

Speaking of June, which you have told me about, yeah, we've got a couple of meet ups in June and we've got the caravan nuts. Donkey Creek. Yes, So Martin The Caravan Nut is having a meet up at Donkey Creek Farm, which is just up the road from us at Freckleton. I think it worked out take about an hour half an hour to an hour to get there. I think about 40 minutes right about, I guess, yes or something like that.

So that should be good. Then after that, hang on a minute. Oh no. Sorry. Yeah. And after that, we've got a really long tour of 26 days. Yeah. And this isn't the big tour.

Yeah, June and July. Yeah, I'd planned June, June, June. I'd planned that we were going to go sort of Hastings, Brighton and down there and then Ads and Zoe announced their Hermanfest.

Yeah, so I've added that on to the beginning. So that's why it's ended up as 26 days because I'd already planned everything else. So that's problem we have is that we plan everything like almost a year in advance. Yeah. And there's some that says we're having this or the way we're having a meetup next week. Yeah.

So for next week? Right. So obviuosly we'll just have come back from Donkey Creek and then we're off again, so we've booked an overnight stop at Cirencester. Then we've got the Hermanfest. We've been to Cirencester. So that's just an overnight start. Yeah, it's going to take us about three hours to get there. And then we're going to Herman hits the Roads Hermanfest at Roundhill Campsite again.

We've been there before, but we haven't been in this van before. The last time we went was in the Little Bailey to the Little Bailey 59-2. Yeah, this is at least two to three years I missed last year the eight before it was canceled. Yeah, so yeah, so it'll be two years since we've been there and then we're just going just up the road and staying in the new forest, then Roxbury Park.

No, no new forest centenary site. Yeah, because couldn't get in at Black Knowl. No, no. It's already a very good site. Yeah, yeah. Then we go into some sites haven't been to before going to Rooksbury Park.

Brighton Fairlight wood, Hastings, we went there years and years ago, so we've never filmed it. Then we're going to Daleacres which we went to years ago and we went on the little railway from the Romney, Dymchurch and Hythe railway. And it was long ago it was we took Katie and Bonnie Yeah, it's actually down to the nuclear power station. That's right. You filmed on the little Sony.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then we're coming back from Kent and I've put a couple of caravan and camping club sites one at Oldbury Hill and one at Theobalds Park. Oh yeah, Theobalds Park, never been there. We never been there. So so you can see the theme here.

Yeah, the theme is places we've never been. Yes, we have been to some, but yeah, right. Then this is what you were doing yesterday was been doing this most this week and it's doing head in that's what you told me me a couple of times it was doing my head in and we decided in August we'd try and go to adult only sites, because, you know, free them up for families because it's a big holiday. Yeah, yeah. So in England, anyway, we did a tranquil parks tour a couple of summers ago. Yeah, which was quite good now, obviously, because it is adults only not because we want to get away from kids, but obviously freeze it out for free on the other side.

So, yeah, yeah. So so I spent a couple of days trying to find tranquil parks, Premiere parks searching, doing a Google search for Adult only sites in Wales. Some of them one of them we'll be too long for that was one of them, one. Yeah, yeah, and other ones I got page not available and all those sort of things, so slightly doing my head in. Proves to us how difficult it is to book non club sites.

Yeah, if you're doing a tour. Yeah, it's all right, if you're going for a week or so, you could just ring them up and say I'm coming for a week. Have you got a pitch? Yeah, yeah, that's right. But trying to do so based on specific dates adult only, in Wales. Yeah, yeah.

And not too far away from each other. So what do we end up with?o. We ended up with, was starting at Red Kite Touring Park. Where's that?. Now you're asking me. Well, it's a Shropshire, isn't it? No. No, it's in Wales.

It's it's a name with a lot of "Ls" in it. We'll put a map up, and then you better say this, oh I've a practiced this. And I think it's. "Arurlon." Yeah. Uh, caravan and camping site.

Yeah, and that's just on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, so Red Kite is sort of mid-Wales, that's the Brecon Beacons. Then after that, we're going up to and you better say this one again. Well, this is the easy one is a mini i don.

Now, that isn't an adult only site because I really struggled to find any in that area that were, yeah, and I didn't think we could go back to Cody.... "Coed Y llwyn" All right, That's it. Yeah, again, although I love that site, so we're trying Min Y Don. Yeah, because we've seen and we just think the castle in the background, everything the bay.

I suppose you want me to have a go in the next one and the final one is, I think, I think it should Ru Alt (Rhuallt) but that's in North East Wales, isn't it? So right at the very top. So that's sort of on their way by now. Looks very nice. That is adult only. And all of these I've been able to book a service page.

So that's one thing you tend to find with private sites. There are a lot more service pitches, serviced pitches. That means we're having water, electric and sometimes a waste disposal as well on on the pitch. Yeah, some some of them actually have for their own showers and toilets and they well.

Yeah. Yeah, here. Yeah, OK, so nicely brings us around to September. Yeah.

And as regular viewers will probably remember, that was it 2020, we were meant to go to Northern Ireland. Yeah, yeah. And we had to cancel it for obvious reasons. So the ferry people have kept a credit, haven't they? Yeah, yeah. For the ferry crossing, yeah. We booked the ferry crossing through the Caravan Motorhome Club with P and O and they kept a credit for the ferry crossing and I think it was the original ferry crossing was 388.

I think it was. Yeah, and we rang them up a couple of days ago and the new ferry crossing, which is the same crossing, perhaps it's because it's different time was 320. I think the things 388, but oh, it was just about £30, £40 saving. Yeah, so we still got a credit with them for that.

Yeah. So we could probably use that if we went on another ferry, perhaps to the Isle of Wight or something like that, which we haven't booked yet, which is another story. That's another story. We're following it so far. Yes. Think everybody's gone.

So I'm absolutely thrilled to bits. To be going to Northern Ireland is our only trip. It's not really a trip abroad, obviously, because still in the UK, but it is a trip off the mainland, if you like. So yeah, I'm thrilled to be doing that. We haven't booked anything in Europe this year at all.

So no, no, because, well, we're not sure if we can go, It's just whether we can go with.. Yeah, yeah. So basically, I've planned we've got the ferries booked have'nt we? So the trip takes us up to New England Bay. Yeah, and we're going to stay there for two nights.

Yeah, we've got the ferry crossing and that's from Cairnryan to Larne. Yeah, yeah. And then we're staying at the Curren caravan park at Larne just for one night.

That's just sort of right around the corner from the port. So just in case I'm not feeling too good and Poppy's is going to stay in the van in a crate because that was the thing that was putting you off. Let me be perfectly honest, it's the ferry crossing for me and feeling sick and for poppy that I'm not 100% happy her staying in the crate in the van on the ferry day. She will be in a travel crate. So at least she's somewhere familiar, you know, with familiar smells, if you like. Yeah, but the trouble with these car ferry decks is people forget to disable their alarms and car alarms are going off all the time.

I think she'll be alright. Yeah, yeah. I don't think she'd be too bothered by that because she, like I say, she's in a familiar place and she's safe in the van. Yeah, but so that will took a bit of convincing to to get, yeah, that's why I wanted to be close to the port.

It's about half an hour from New England Bay so that she hasn't got a big journey before we get there or after or after. Yeah, yeah. So so just sort of so we can just relax a little bit when we get here rather than rushing off somewhere else. Yeah, and after that, we're going to have booked this. We're looking forward to this last time. Yeah.

The that's Bushmills Mill Mills, is it called Bushmills? Yeah, and yeah, so it's all the sort of the places round there, you know, Giant's Causeway, oh, you run the Game of Thrones friends sites and that sort of. Yeah. So I'm looking forward to that. Some of the highlights of the for the tour, I think.

Yeah. Plus, obviously, then we were moving on to Delemont? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because we've got this gap before. That's for four nights that I haven't booked anything yet. At the moment, the Animal Health Certificate requirement to go to Northern Ireland is suspended.

Whether it will still be suspended in September, we don't know, but we won't be able to do anything about that until ten days before anyway. No, no. And that's that's 400 and something pounds, isn't it? Yeah, to get that. So obviously, we need to know whether we need an animal health certificate. And if so, there's also the question of whether we can go into Ireland as well.

So I'm tempted to say let's get an animal health certificate. We could go into Ireland anyway, but I don't I don't honestly know if you need a animalhealth certificate to get get into Ireland. I think you do the tests. Yeah, I think you do, because then you are entering the EU.

So if anyone's traveled to Ireland, please let us know. Yeah, it seems sort of up in the air. I mean, the thing about that is people have been paying £300, anything between £90 and £300. Yeah, and it's up to the vets. What they charge, it goes, Yeah, it is.

There's no there's no set fees for it. No. The worst thing is it goes to the vets have to do all the training for filling out this massive flaming thirteen page, apparently. Yeah. Yeah.

So I don't know what you think about the whole arrangement, but I just think it's a complete idiocy. Yeah, it's because we're part two listed, not part one, the part one, then we wouldn't need to do that. But you're going to the vet on you with Poppy for our annual renewal on the 18th, on the 18th. So she's really looking forward to what she doesn't know yet. Don't tell her! No I won't tell her, but at least then we can ask the vet, You know, what's the current situation? Of course, when we get to September, that could all change and could all change. Yeah, and we might find that we need to do something to get into Northern Ireland, right? Yeah.

So I've left enough gap between the Wales and the Northern Ireland trip. Yeah, for the ten days, if we need to go get one. So we've got this four days in between which we may go into and we may go into Ireland or if we don't go into Ireland, I found a site called Castle Arch Caravan Park. OK, yeah, seems to be in a country park and it seems to be a massive site and it's near the County Donegal border, right? So I thought we could stay there and we could go across, but I'm going to visit Donegal because, yeah, Brother-in-law's got family ties in Donegal.

Yes, right? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Now I've just raided the Abbey in Assassin's Creed. Oh, sorry, yeah. So after these four days that we're not sure what we do.

Yeah, we're going to Delamont Country Park, which is a caravan camping and caravanning club site. Yeah, it's the only club site for either of the clubs that's in Northern Ireland. So yeah, I know that Caravan and Motorhome Club haven't got any. No, no. But the it's only one for an affiliated site.

OK, OK, OK, Sam, say, but couldn't find anything else. Just come up with one site. Yeah, and then we're going to get the ferry to come back.

That's at 8:00 in the morning, so we need to be in there. We need to be near to the ferry. So I've got it at the moment going to book Carnfunnock Country Park, but I can't book it yet because a book is not open.

So that's right, that's up in the air that one of. Then we're coming back on the ferry, going to Garliston then.. Yeah, I thought, Well, that's a little bit further than New England Day. Yeah, but it was 10:00 in the morning, so we couldn't get in the site any over come off the ferry. And then if Poppy and I are not great we can just sit in the van and come and back via Braithwaite Village Caravan and Camp Camping and Caravanning Club.

So that's why I really want to go that brand new site with a minimum of three nights. Is this the one that just taken over? So you it's a completely reconstructed new site. Oh, right, okay. Yeah. So I've wanted to go.

I wanted to sink to go in the new year, but I realized it was near a town, near Kewsick. No, no, that's not. So brings us right around to it. It's right around to October, October. There's probably another NEC show. So I've just booked Somers Wood again two nights at Somers Wood.

Oh no, yeah, we will try and get out a bit more as well. I I'd say, Yeah, I know, I go to the show and I think and I see all that stands do this tour, do that tour and I'm thinking, and I'm sitting here, I really want to go. So yeah, I mean, we love Somers Wood, don't get us wrong, but sitting in one place for any length of time is not a good idea. So. We'll try and get out a bit more, visit some of the places

we always say when we go to someone's will, we'll should visit, for instance, the National Motorcycle Museum. That's right. To guide and possibly there's the Motor National Motor Car Museum, I think, as well as Kenilworth Castle. Yeah, all sort of places we could be visiting when we're there.

Yeah. Well, the trouble is you you're doing a lot of editing, you have to do it then, don't you? Yeah, yeah, that's what. Sometimes it's about time. Yeah. But I mean, if we make some time and we don't try and film everything that's there or every van that's there, then hopefully we can make some time to do a little bit of touring while we were there. So that's that's all I've got for October.

Yeah. Then we've got the fireworks annual firework escape. Yeah, with Tara. Yeah.

So back for, bonfire, Troutbeck for Halloween. So just to try to get into Meathop Fell didn't we? No, no. That's for New Year. I booked Meathop Fell for New Year.

Just wondering if anybody was there this last new year? Was it OK? Firework wise, because I think we've said somebody in the glamping part and we did say, actually, it was really quiet Troutbeck. I don't know, don't get this wrong, but right on midnight, someone set some fireworks off in and they were from, we know there was someone in the glamping pods up the top by the service pictures, and I don't think they realize you're not supposed to set fire on the campsites. No, no. So that was a bit of a shock and poor Tara was shaking, shaking for half an hour. So yeah, she calmed down and was alright afterwards.

I think the wardens went out with a torch trying to find out how was doing it, and then obviously found them and told them they shouldn't be doing it. So it stopped fairly quickly. But please, if you if you're planning on going to glamping, if there's anyone who does glamping pods, watching ourvideos about motorhomes, please don't set fireworks off at campsites. We went there to to have peace and quiet, not to watch a firework display. If you want to watch a fireworks display, we could have stayed in Southport and they do and say, Yeah, we've sister said. It started early evening, so we could have the whole evening.

Yeah, that's right. I think in Crosby, the fireworks start sort of beginning of October and go on to the end of the February. Tara was really shaken up.

Poppy just barks.Yeah, yeah. So I don't know whether it helps Tara to have her run round barking. So Poppy just seems to enjoy herself barking at the fireworks. Yeah, she doesn't seem to be worried about it. She just barks at them. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So so that's more or less. That's it. So yeah, yeah. And then I've got all my stuff.

I printed out what to do with it. That's what I also find with a lot of these other different sites that I need to print out. You know, when we go into what deposit we've got to pay and whether we've paid a deposit, yeah, some of them wanted 50%, some of them wanted all the money and all this sort of thing. So it will sort of remains. What to say is what we've got to do is not so what we've got left to do for January. So yeah, I mean, we've got with Christmas and everything else.

We came back Monday, didn't we? So we haven't yet washed the van. I haven't washed the things that are in, you know, the beds or covers or anything. So I've got that to do.

I've got to sanitize the water tank. Yeah, I've done that for a while. I'll have a look at the toilet. I've just had a new delivery of Solbio. out, so I actually want to do a video on how we get on with that Solbio.

So that's something else we'll be doing. We do. We need to do our plans for the February and see what vans are going to look at.

Yeah, yeah. And otherwise, if I don't do unless we just end up overwhelmed, don't we don't know where to start now. So I've tried to before the, you know, a list of vanswe want to go and see. And I think what works well when we go and look at vans again is doing them in various categories, our family vans or yeah, yeah, camper vans or who do that videos I've got planned.

The other thing I wanted to mention, I want to redo a video I did in 2017 about motorhome electrics. Just the basics on electrics, what works when you're on campsite, doesn't work, when you're off grid and that sort of thing. And I know I did a video in 2013 and I'll just watch it earlier, and it was a good video, but it was a bit unstructured.

So yeah, you're editing skills, weren't that's good. Then you would do a lot of wandering about one. Yeah, well, that's not editing. Filming, yeah, no, but now you do a lot talk over voiceovers, is that voiceover just a voiceover voiceover comes along and helps.

Yeah. You can show people what you're looking at rather than on the camera. Yeah, that's right.

So it's easier to film what you're looking at and talk about it. So I want to redo that because I'm still seeing posts on Facebook. I suppose it would never end because people come a new to Motorhomes. And you know, it's the classic one is I've just picked up this new van. We're on our first trip out, popped up in the lab. I put the kettle on sockets and lots of things don't work.

So so really sort of cover cover off some of those. I like it. It was prompted really by Alison's experience of a vehicle battery, not charging as well.

So, you know, there's some good content I can do there, which will be helpful to people new to my times. Yeah. The other thing I want to redo, and it's been one of the most popular videos and I always hesitate to redo a really popular video is our essential accessories for Motorhomes.

Hmm. And look, I look at that and some of the things I mentioned on there. We don't use anymore. No, no. So on that, I suggested that you go back and look at that list to make sure we're still using, yeah, because you still buy them or whatever. Yeah, that's right. I mean, I think I mean, I said somewhere essential there and I think I don't think I've ever used it since I said they were essential, but so I really need to redo that video Yeah. So that's something you can be doing. Yeah.

And then you was talking about your camera equipment. You haven't done an update. No, no. I mentioned obviously, the bought the Hero ten, this camera here. Yeah. And said I will get on with. I want to do a little bit more about the Hero 10.

Quite a few people are using the Hero 10 use in their are so perhaps give you an idea how we're get on with the The Hero 10. And also, I don't think I've really covered how using the microphones, these are all things that we've got here, the wireless microphones. Hmm. So I want to do that when we go along or what we're using to record when we go along filming, people often think we use it a dash cam and whatnot.

No, I don't use dash cams, really, because, I'm probably going to go into my video. Yeah, but yeah, don't use dash cams because they don't give you the same quality of footage. Yeah, that a proper camera or at least a hero GoPro Hero can give you when you go along. And what what we use for the sound, because obviously, when we first started making videos, you couldn't you couldn't hear what we were saying.

No. So. So hopefully we've improved the sound there, not without its technical issues sometimes. No, no.

We're not immune to that. No, no. We haven't got a sound director. But what he's just over there, is he? And the person with the clapperboard, yeah, and I've got my production assist makeup assistant over there.

Yeah, I'm when I used to do database for somebody who analyzed making commercials when advertising and the crew and how much they cost. And you'd have a production manager with the production manager to the production manager's assistant, you know, and on and on and on. Yeah, the production managers brow wiping assistant, right? Yeah. You only have to look at film to see how many people involved making a film.

It's just us two and Poppy and occasional Tara just us and a couple of cameras. Yes. So I think that about it. I think this videos gone on long enough, it's on for about 40 minutes, you're kidding! Yeah, about 40 minutes, Wow. Yeah, it's amazing, really.

Yeah, we didn't know what we're going to talk about when we start it, you know? So if you've watched this far, congratulations. Well, well done. I hope you found it interesting if you did give us a thumbs up. Don't bother giving us thumbs down because we never look at that, you know, because it doesn't show.

We just I just look at the nice thing that says, you know, the video is between, yeah, 99.9% in says it. And I absolutely love reading your comments, so please do leave a comment. Let us know what you're up to in the coming year.

We booked everything on you. Wait and see how things pan out or are you just going to go for it? So I think that's it. I think that's it, yeah. We'll see you soon.

Yes. Bye then!

2022-01-13 02:44

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