Our First Visit in Hopewell Rocks - New Brunswick, Canada

Our First Visit in Hopewell Rocks - New Brunswick, Canada

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So. We're here right now so. Helpful, rocks. Yeah. I. Gotta. Get not like oh. Hi. Karen. Yup. A. So. They leave a cute I. I. Didn't. Ever have one. For. Training. For again. So. The doorman use I. Hope. You. Hope they, all. Get. Any higher. Sites but, my gloat idea. Didn't. You. Kwanza. Telemeters 47. 47. Kilometers again someone. You. Can't. So. So. Let me doing it - ice the worst per. Family. Hey. Let, me go as a family. Know. That yet, is. Their first thing. Yeah. We're. Here but we. Never get. Inside. We. Went back to our house. You. Just got here two weeks ago. Is. That for free already. No. No this shut. Up it's. Per person, okay. Just. Walk. So. Let's, go in the boat, agua. Plantations, I know you need, yes. Also. Today. Engineers. And area. Imam. Hong. Kong. Any, cat opossite Asia next. A bidet. Nagamma ha ha. Here, at Masada yet. All. Right keep the. Very. Kid. There's. A good shot. Come. On. Yeah. You, are here mom. Come on is. That the one. Shuttle. Service, flower. Where. Are we going. Oh, God. Where. Is the way, to, go down. Is. Right there. Okay. Thank you thank you so much I. Know. No. Yeah. Oh. Scary. Scary. Little. Like do I not look your I. Know. Our. Geeta. When. I meet and, Sabah but no, thanks. Abed. I. Sing. Again but, low-paid no sir. So. Time England. My. MIDI. Driver's. License, so. Bye yeah, boom I can be, one. Our for. 45, minutes Paula the spell it none of my pero. Along. The way I know. Pop, on top of Eden time in my head. An oncoming garage sale, so. My mother Billy got me my. Ball. Joyce, know more about. Chikara. Inertia. The. Among cops, bunam. Pendulum. In a yard sale. Worth. $25. Sunshine. My. Toys Natomas. 20. Pesos sign up a Bennigan's alumni, 3d. Printing, dollars our pizza. Burrito. That's. Behind. A small bridge people. You. Know you. Know. He. Likes. Again, see. Ya see ya. Yet. The drama drama queen of. Forbidden. Gates I mean and five dollars. For. Selena, Linda fabulous Anya during. A stop in and I'm in my. Microwave. More. Bites an editor, somehow. Bridge, you. Know, you. Microwave. Abdullah. Saleh, olijavi, Micra bhai yeah yeah. My. Binos. Don's our Facebook. As hey gingy barber. Channel 40 to 50 so. Molecular. Insipid, occupant. Militia, okay. Oh there's. Baby in the loose. Okay. I thought, some baby, in the lease. Yeah. So. Time check. Six. O clock my eye on one at, 6:05. Dana. Walking, like I belong Rock Tito. Now. Go look. No no go cha mom no. Can I record inaudible Organic Valley key. Wow, I might know, someone. An addressable but. Not. For me to be here. Sign. Oh. Jesse. And span the rocks motel, and, movie little again dragon here. Honey. In shine lobster. Pull. Up stir. And. Then you need I'm good, oh. This. Wave in the Lewis. Happy. Canada Day. My. Bong. Foreigner. Steen philosopher continent, Ababa. I'm. Box akka and the uncap we. Are. You get more pockets, a kettle Tommy huh. So. Phony hmm. Forest. Elega. There's. A lot of forest in Canada. Especially. New, Brunswick. Aiello. Move to your courses, at the ritual Edo and. Come. On a large scale more than the detour now that I. Say. My. Feeling is a like a young moment, you. Were. Feeling you know your. Money born. Human. And. Among. The. Whole. And. Seven. Bang. Mount yeah. So. Five o'clock. Walking, to. Get, attack now. I'm. A water but in. Ha. It's, good. So. You into big butcher Jen's at us, pokémon. Site I'd. Throw. My own delegation. So, let's go. Without.

Money. Give. It weight. They. Can. Let, it go but. I want you that. No. Drones don't know. About. What you enjoy. From. Powerful. Germ DITA. Bubble. Intro yeah, almost allowing, funny oh. This. Is it. Well. Picture magenta tosser, yeah, come on. MOBA. Yeah. Up doing. Yeah. Ready yeah. One. Two smile. Okay. Down only. What. Whoa. Let. Them load. One. Case of a. Maputo. Genesect Oh big man man heat agony huh. By. Little without me. Let's. Burn some, gas. Okay. So. Padma, hated, ha. Ha. A. Lot. On naming a. Potato. Neva. So. Far. We know having a on. Day. My. Closeness, in the eight of blackness, 8. Oclock mangabey. My. Arrow. Okay. So. Close. Now, welcoming the lobotomy, never know either. So. I still live today on. And. By n, okay. I. Know. No. Tammy katana Nikita Oh. Wendy. National park. And. Sybilla penis. Where, can I go out. Then. I'm Elaine handling. ándele. Nobody's. Okay. Probably not a me. 816. 816. Come in late you get the cultico Padre. You.

2018-10-02 09:14

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Ilan hours po papunta dyan moncton to there??

Mga 40 mins from our house to Hopewell.

do you speak English

Yes but my videos so far are in Tagalog

talk english pls man

We put subtitles in our videos so we may be understood.

nkakaexcite to see that place

makakavisit din kayu dito soon :)

we look forward also to see u n ur family sir

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