Our Last 3 Glorious Disney Days | Days 5-7 | Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019

Our Last 3 Glorious Disney Days | Days 5-7 | Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019

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It is currently, about, 10:00 p.m. on the, Thursday, night so this vlog which. Is Ford Friday is actually being, started, the night before on Thursday night so, today on Thursday, I didn't, film basically, at all all day. Partially. I just kind of didn't feel like it and this, is my actual real vacation I'm, not being sponsored by Disney, or anyone, else to. Film. This I just film it because I really love filming, but today I just didn't really feel like it so I didn't. Really feel much also. It wasn't a great day for filming because. This. Morning we had a tour. In. The Magic Kingdom we had the tour that is called the Marceline. To Magic, Kingdom, Kingdom, tour. Forgive. Me it's late I'm tired we've been up since 6:00 a.m. and just got, home just now our tour was from about 8:00, to. About from 8 to like 11:30, or Newton something like that, and. The, tour is very focused on Walt, Disney, less. On like the operations, of the park which is more what the keys to the kingdom tour focuses, on if you've heard of that tour that's, one that we'd like to do but we didn't want to set aside quite, that much time on this trip before a tour so, this tour is definitely shorter. The one that we did today which is the Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour and basically. You just the. Tour guide walked us all through the park we got to get on a couple, of different attractions, we. Got to go behind the scenes of the, Haunted Mansion which was super cool Riley love dick that's his favorite ride and we. Just learned a lot about Walt, and his family, and stories, and what inspired, him. And his, legacy and it was just like a really touching really interesting. Tour. We both both, my husband and I just really really enjoyed ourselves we. Were in a group with. A. Group, of 20 total, including our tour guides our tour guide and in 19 of us, guests, and I felt like it was a really nice manageable, size and, we were able to navigate through the parks learned, a whole like. A whole bunch a whole lot about several, different attractions. It was just really really interesting so you can totally go look that up on the Disney website and learn more about it or if you starch Marceline. To Magic Kingdom tour review, on Google that's what I always do when I'm interested. In something for Disney as I put the name of it and then put review, and search it on google you. Will find endless, blog posts, about it so that would be my review is that yes we think it was worth it it was really fun I felt like it was very doable because it wasn't like 8 hours long or something like that we just did in the morning from 8 to 11:30, or noon and then after that we were able to kind of do our own thing so for the afternoon and evening we went to we were in Magic Kingdom obviously for the tour so, the craft lunch in Magic Kingdom just sent a quick service, we. Wrote a few rides and. Things that we wanted to ride and then, we got the monorail, and went over to Epcot for the evening walked, around the world showcased did some shopping and eat dinner at beer garden which is in the Germany pavilion, this, is a restaurant that we have been interested in checking. Out for a long time for like two years now and just haven't haven't. Made it there so we finally made it there tonight. We, had a really nice time going, to beer garden tonight for dinner it's like I said somewhere that we've been wanting to go so we really liked it that's my recap of. Today. Of Thursday. Really. Good day, all. Around really fun and we're looking forward to tomorrow tomorrow, is our, last full, day and since. This obviously, this portion, of recording. Will be combined with tomorrow's, footage. Good. Morning, we are in 1900. Park Fair here in the Grand Floridian it's, quite loud in here we, wanted to try to try as many restaurants. At the grand as possible, for this trip so. We decided to book breakfast, here at the last minute and it is a breakfast, buffet so.

We Just have some coffee and I'm gonna get some fog juice for sure and then after that we'll go and choose. Our food good, morning everyone. We're. Here at Magic Kingdom now and we. Have. Just been walking around the park enjoying it's pretty low crowds since it's still pretty lovely early Riley. Just rode spout Splash Mountain for, the first time how was it. He. Really didn't get very wet and I would have ridden it if there was a guarantee that I wasn't gonna get very wet but it's too chilly it's too chilly for for. Me if it's good if we're gonna get wet but anyway, we have a few fast passes here at Magic Kingdom today we had breakfast, at, 1900. Park Fair this morning, it, was pretty good the food was definitely good, it's very very, loud. Very. Very loud in there so I think it would be great for people with kids it's not somewhere that will return, anytime. Soon but with, little kids I think we would go back anyway. We are heading over to. Whitney. The Pooh move a fast pass for that we haven't done that one yet so. Let me go do that and then, we have I think Buzz Lightyear, and. Something. Else we. Have a lunch reservation at be our guest so we're gonna eat lunch. There, so. It's gonna be this is our last full day sadly, so we're just trying to make the most of it I, have. To say the Grand Floridian is. Amazing. When it comes to coming to Magic Kingdom I mean, it takes like 10 minutes door to door to do the whole thing so we're. Really really enjoying that we can just pop over here any old time. And that's the update, here's. Riley in his natural habitat. Haunted. Mansion and memento mori we'll have to show you the the. Souvenir. He got from memento mori they had a he had a picture made where. When you tilt it it turns him into. Like. A ghosty. Skeleton. Now. We are walking into Fantasyland, I love a Fantasyland. Especially. This tangled, area over here I, really. Wish they would make a tangled, ride or. Some kind of tangled attraction because I it's just one of my very favorite movies.

But. You can see the part is still pretty empty it's about 10 o'clock no parks. Been open for an hour there's certainly people here but it is not nowhere. Near as crowded as we've, seen it so it's pretty good morning so far Peter. Pan is closed right now for refurbishment, which. Is sad it's such a sweet ride but. It's closed so we can't ride it but there's. The, barricades, and there's the entrance. We're, walking through Fantasyland, and we see this Peter Pan float, a lot of people have been telling me to try it it's lime soft served with sprite and a chocolate feather we're. Gonna have to try that later because. It's. A new snack since the last time we came oh. Yeah. Well. It's good too. All, right auntie Liu it winnie-the-pooh. Here, we go. This, line always has. A pretty long wait but. The queue the, regular queue is super interactive for kids so I think the kids have fun there's like a honey wall and there's these vegetables, you can pop up and down and all kinds of fun stuff. We. Are in the queue for enchanted. Tales with Belle and if you look through the trees there you can see beast castle way, well, it's, really there you go right. There. Anyway. This queue is so precious and just peaceful, and cute and if. The ride is basically like a show or they, involve the kids and Belle comes out and the Wardrobe, sings and anyway it's really sweet we. Always try to do it if we have the time and the line is quite short right now so we're going to do it. Yeah. She. Asked me to start, they. Didn't she said like a nigga job. We're. Riding Dumbo. Not. A thrilling, ride but a really good view. We're. Back at storybook treats to try that Peter pamphlet, I was talking about earlier. All. Right we got the Peter Pan float, it's a lot more bright green in person than it's showing up on camera but it's lime. Soft-serve. With sprite on the bottom and a chocolate feather so we will let you know what we think well, it's twice to say we loved it that was super, delicious, if you like lime, you will absolutely. Love it we're. In be our guest for the lime we, didn't think we're gonna get there on this trip but we found a last-minute reservation. For this afternoon, so it's like one o'clock on Friday. And we're waiting in line to place our order but this is the coolest castle. We just love it we're really excited to be able to get down here this trip, we're.

Eating In Bianca so we've never eaten this room before it's. Kind of like creepy, and dark. But. Riley's always wanted to be in here so we decided to eat here for today's. Lunch. For. Lunch we both got the same thing we got the prime rib on a bike gap with, french fries and this is all shoe to dip at him and. Then I wanted to try the French onions well I think I've had it before I wonder the French onion soup because I absolutely love French onion soup probably. Got the same thing and then of course we excuse. Me of course we got a great stuff cupcake so that's our lunch today you. Happy we're eating in this room. It. Is really cool. Here's. The enchanted, rose in the corner of this room. So. Here is the West Wing, Oh. West. Wing is a TV show. The. East Wing. We're. Sitting over in that corner there and then, in here is the ballroom. I love, it in here. Our. Own space Rangers spin and I'm useless, at this game but Riley maxed his score. We. Are sitting in Liberty Square behind, the Christmas shop here and the festival fantasy parade is gonna go right over you know the bridge and everything so we'll get to see it, obviously. You, know this isn't the best seat in the house because you can't you, know you're not right up close but, we've already seen this parade yesterday, we saw it right up close here. You can see the dancers. Are starting to come down line the, line so it's not important to us to be able to see all the little details that we just like we you know hearing the music and seeing some of the big floats so if you're the same this is a really good spot there's no one back here, it's, a really clear view you'll, see in a second once the float comes you really can see everything, really well and, it's. Cool. There's. Ample seating and you're not like clustered, with, 60,000. Other people so just a little thought, here comes, the float so you can totally see it from back here and like, these people even have a better seat than us but we're just kind of chillin because we've already seen it I love.

This Parade every single time I see it it makes me cry watching, all the little girls see, their prince at their favorite princesses, waving. Them like oh it's, the sweetest sweetest thing. So, there you go. We're. Having such a fun day. Melissa. Was removed from the parade for a while there because of some malfunctions, and she. Is back but, she was not in the parade yesterday so we're excited to see her today. This. Is actually such a good spot because the bridge you can see the bridge right here obviously, no one can line up on the bridge so if you're standing where like all these people are standing against the railing, here in Liberty, Square you, get like a coolant. Crystal-clear view of the floats which is pretty awesome so. I stand by that this is a good place to watch the parade from if you don't need. To be right up close. Hey. Guys it's about 505, or so and we are actually about to go and meet, up with a husband. And wife team who do, stunning. Videography. And photography, and. Their, company name is hey team Kelly and I originally, found them, on Instagram, and. We've kind of gone back and forth and we. Ended up booking, a, 30-minute. Session. With him here at the Grand Floridian while we're here so I just put on a. Dress, and I'm, sure I'll share pictures when. We, receive, them back obviously we have to go take the pictures now and then you, know they have to edit. Them and all that but, we are just really looking forward to it so I'm going to leave their information below, I'll leave their website link below as well as their Instagram, page below. From, the communication, that I've had so far with them they have been just superb. Very. Very professional, very easy to work with very clear, it's been really nice so we just want to get some photos of the, two of us we, got photos, taken, during like a little very short like 20 minute mini session in December for, Christmas cards but we were and they were adorable we really liked them but we were in like full-out christmas heavy clothing and so i'm really excited to get some not only just to get some photos taking at disney so, i'm taking it the quran since this has been a long, time coming this kind of trip is just we've been dreaming about it for a long time and also just in like. More. Less. Seasonal, outfits let's say that so anyway we're gonna go meet up with them and. Get. A few pictures taken. Around the, grounds. Of the grand floridian and then. New plans for this evening and we're gonna go jump in and do this. Hello. From space I just looked super blue why. Am I in Avatar right now um. So, we just finished up taking photos, with hey. Team Kellee they. Are the sweetest, best. People, ever you. Will absolutely, love them if you want to get photos. Taken, of you and your, spouse or you and your family, or, if you want a video created. Or both, you. Need to call these wonderful. People they were so fun to work with they had us cracking, up we, laughed the whole time we were completely, comfortable they helped pose us we, walked all around the grand and took photos just like truly, joyful, people to be around and I. Just, highly, highly highly recommend, you. Guys booking. We haven't even gotten our photos back yet but just the experience, was amazing this, is not sponsored this was something, that I set up on my own and. Just. Wonderful. People you will love working. With them and I, can't wait to share the photos that they took of us once.

They Come back it was just a really really good experience a, really positive experience so and. I felt like their rates, were very reasonable, because, photography. Is something that takes a long time I mean they're coming out to location, helping. Pose us all of that and then they're also editing so if you want more information and pricing dates everything, like that again, their website will be linked below and you, can send them a contact, inquiry, form and their, but. Great. People to work with we had so much fun literally we had to take smile breaks because they were making we were just laughing laughing laughing and. So we had to stop so that our cheeks, could rest because we were like getting into that smile, where it looks super fake so anyway. So tonight, we have a reservation, at. Narcosis, which is a stunning. Restaurant, here at the Grand Floridian. And it's a place that we have really wanted to try and we've been really looking forward to trying however. We. Have, eaten so much food on this trip and to be honest with you neither of us art we're. Just not interested in sitting down and having another. Meal we. Really just want to go and be in the parks walking around and. Yeah. So. We're. Gonna cancel our reservation as. Counterintuitive, as that might sound and hopefully. We'll go to Newark Lucy's on our next trip I'm almost positive that last year we had by maybe. A california, grill reservation, on our last night I'm pretty sure last year we canceled it as well, because by the last night it's like you even so much in Disney and you really just want to be in the parks for last night so I need to note, to self don't book, dining. On the final, night just go eaten that in the parks, so. Think we're going to go back over to Magic Kingdom for the evening and spend, some time there and watch happily ever after but hey. Team Kellee, fabulous. People so fun to work with just, really, easy to get along with and be around highly recommend them if you're interested in getting some photos taken of you and your family while, you're on your Disney World vacation.

We, Are heading out a Magic Kingdom now after a wonderful, night we, didn't do anything spectacular. Or different, really or crazy we, just wrote a couple rides we loved and walked around the park we got. Do--it. Floats. Yeah, she's, been like such a nice last evening, very very relaxing, so we're. Gonna head back to our resort now after so much fun this is my main street at night it's like one of my very favorite things in the world the park just closed so there's like a mass of people coming out but, it's just so cozy to walk around shop. And everything else so. Sad. To be leaving tomorrow, but it has been such a fantastic trip, that I can hardly complain. Good. Morning, guys it's Saturday, February 2nd, it is our final, day here in Disney we depart, this, evening, at 7:25. P.m., we. Just finished, packing. I don't. Know where our suitcases there's one well, or just we're like 98% finished, packing we're just gonna do one final sweep of the room and then, put everything else, away. It's, a sad morning, but you, know it's been nice on the previous two trips, maybe. Even the previous three trips we, have booked a, 8. A.m. pre, park opening breakfast, reservation, on our, final day just to get the maximum amount of time but, it has left us it makes it's just exhausting, because you get up we're getting up at like 6:00 a.m. on those days getting, completely, packed completely, ready checking, our bags and going into the parks almost all day and then flying. Home and then once we get home we have about an hour drive home and so, after that we're like let's not do that this trip this. Trip overall has definitely, been more restful, and just, more relaxing, because that's really what we needed this time, we. Still had all the fun at Disney but just a little bit a little bit less, craziness, so it. Is about 10:30, a.m. right now we've been up for a couple of hours I'm. Just kind of packing getting ready pulling, ourselves together. I'm wearing, my new Disney, spirit, jersey which I love but I wanted to show you what I had planned to wear, today because, it's available in my Etsy shop and I thought some of you might want to go snag one so, this is. One. Of my, airplane, mode tees that I sell in my Etsy shop it is embroidered to say airplane, mode and it. Is a long-sleeved. Comfort. Colors, t-shirt. And it comes in some, really gorgeous colors it comes in like a beautiful, purple and like a grey a, variety. Of color so you can go and check those out if you want but I wanted to share that with, you in case. In. Case you were interested and, I. Will put a coupon, code up, across, the bottom here for. You to use if you decide to purchase that or anything else from, my Etsy shop make sure you just go check it out there's always a link in the description box below but it's also just blurry I'm design calm so there's, a little shameless plug from me to you I was planning on wearing that today for, our airplane, trip home but I got my spirit jersey and so I wanted to wear that instead for our last day I showed. A little bit of footage of the beginning of the vlog of this giant, beautiful crane, that's, right outside our window can, you see him he's. Been out there for hours, I mean ever since we woke up he's been out there so it's been really cool we've just been watching him all morning while. We're getting packed up and. Thankfully. Disney's doing this reusable, bag thing do you see those reusable bags, thankfully. Because we need one, so we're stuffing that with all of our shopping, that we have gotten done on this trip and then from there we're going to. Check. Them in with Bell services, until, our flight later today so our plan today is to, head, into Magic Kingdom we have to get on the magical Express at 4:00 p.m. but, that's still quite a long day so well, we're hoping to be in the magical Inn in. Magic, Kingdom in the next hour or so and then we'll have another about five-ish hours, to. Spend there riding rides doing whatever you want before, we have to take. The monorail or the boat back over to the Grand Floridian so that we can board our magical Express bus at 4:00. That's. The story that's what's going on I'll check in with you guys later, as. We kind of make our way through this last final day departure, day is always a little bit sad but it's been such a great trip that I just can't complain all, right we got all our bags checked in with airline, Resort check-in and now we are in Tomorrowland, and Magic Kingdom at, the Geoffrey's, here this is by far our favorite, chain.

Coffee Company, it's just so delicious so. We're gonna grab some coffee before, we start. Our last day, here we just got a notification that our, flight, was delayed by 20 minutes because of weather. So we'll have to keep, in on that and see kind of how that turns out but before, it is so excited to be here the weather today is the best it's been all week long, it. Is beautiful. 75, degrees breezy, and warm I wish. We could have this for some other days but I'm grateful we get it today so. We, got our coffee I got an iced lovestruck, cloud tonight it seems like it's a Valentine's, Day special but it. Has dark, chocolate caramel, and. Um. Coconut. Super, delicious I'm Riley got the shake, in Jamaican, cold room he's. Super happy with that so we're just sitting. Here in the shade in Tomorrowland, and kind of planning out our day there's nothing that we have to do well obviously there's, nothing that we have to do there's nothing it's like all the other tippy top of our bucket list we've done everything else so it's just kind of about. Enjoying the day and enjoying the atmosphere and, we're, gonna try some snacks and things like that for. Lunch I popped over to Sleepy Hollow I've always wanted to try this it's spicy chicken and coleslaw on a waffle and then they have homemade chips and Riley went to Casey's corner and he's gonna meet me here so, we're sitting on the hub grass eating lunch and I, unfortunately do, not care for this, spicy. Chicken coleslaw waffle, I've, always wanted to try it so I'm glad I tried it but it's not for me I just don't care for it Riley. Got a big hot dog from Casey's which he absolutely, cares for her. Along he. Loves it and someone, just got engaged a couple just got engaged on Main Street so it's a good day. I love, sitting on the hub grass it's so such a nice place to just chill and people watch and eat and, everyone's. Just kind of doing their thing, the. Dapper Dan's are singing down here, and we're, having our last look we're about to head back to our resort, to. Leave, but. It's been such a beautiful, trip in such a nice date last day today here Magic Kingdom. We're. Saying goodbye to the grande right now about to board the magical Express bus is the most stunning a beautiful day I so wish we could stay for another I don't, know I could be here for another while longer but we're just so grateful this trip has been so good this hotel, and this staff have treated us so so. Well it's. Just beautiful, so good bye Grand Floridian we'll see you again later.

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I too wish they’d add a Tangled attraction...such a great movie

Guess what? Just bought 2 of the airplane mode.. hahaha couldn’t help myself

Why am I crying at the final slide?! I’m so glad you guys had a good time!

Great trip. And what special photos. Loved them So since you ended up getting the dining package for free and didn’t find out until a couple days into the trip did you use all the credits?

I’m with you! Tangled is probably my favorite Disney movie (tied with many others haha) and I am dying for a ride or attraction!


Lovely pictures!

The photos turned out beautiful! Thank you for all your effort into the vlogs. Love seeing all that you do :-)

Those photos of the two of you are so cute and lovely! Could really feel the love.

Love you and your videos !! And you were initially right, beasts side of the castle is the west wing !!!

Riley after helping Belle...

This was an awesome vlog. Great advice and wonderful footage. ❤️

Thank you for sharing ! I enjoyed your vacation

My husband proposed to me in front of the Haunted Mansion and was able to capture it with photo pass! :)

I love watching these vlogs Blair! Thank you so much for sharing!

So sweet I love you vlogs. ❤️♥️

Loved watching your trip vlogs! Disney is just so magical and staying at the Grand Floridian is just the best! Glad you guys had a great time :) one of my good friends is a dapper dan as well...glad you got to hear him!

My bf was picked as the same part as Riley was in Enchanted tales with Belle! Too funny.

Omg Riley getting chosen for the b&tb show

We flew in on February 3rd and stayed at the Yacht club. My first visit to Disney in 19 years!!! Loved it!!!

Thank you. Great vlog.!

Im a new member to the family and i love watching your vid's. Have been watching your old ones x

I was in Magic Kingdom for my birthday the same day as your tour! So glad to hear you had a good time!

Happy belated birthday Sarah!

did we break your etsy page?

Blair, thanks for sharing your entire trip with us! Isn't Biergarten awesome?! We love it there & have a reservation for our upcoming trip. Your professional pics are gorgeous! Riley definitely stole the Beauty & the Beast show, such a sport! :-) I'm so happy that you & Riley had such a magical time. You have wonderful pics & memories that will last forever!

Oh my Gosh! Absolutely loved these vlogs. You guys looked great in those photos! My very last day, I had a reservation for breakfast at be our guest and actually woke up with kidney stones...had NO idea I was prone to them..my Disney world trip turned into a nightmare. I ended up having to miss my flight and come back home the day after..lol! Its so crazy to see how different both of our last days were!!! I also just noticed how beautiful you eyes are OMG!

Such sweet pictures!!

The Peter Pan Float is my favorite snack in MK right now :) I can’t wait to try all the new dole whip cones though!!

Dole whip was SOooo much better when they had the vanilla ice cream.  Now they just have pineapple ice cream with pineapple juice, just too pineappley for me.

Aw we were at MK the same exact day, and in WDW the same week as you guys! Already have our trip booked for January next year - hopefully a bit sunnier weather this time!

I can see myself in the video!  HA---too funny!  It was nice meeting you there that morning!

im so sad its over! you must do more trips!! lol

I know the feeling. I get several annual passes over the years.  After I go there several times I do get tired of it after a while.  But after my pass runs out & I haven't been back in a while I start really missing it again LOL.  I wish I could just get a LIFE TIME PASS so I could simply go whenever I felt like it.  Problem with annual passes is you want to get the most out of it & end up going too much in a year.  While a life time pass I could go from time to time I never get tired of it :)

Gahhh! I've been dying for the final Disney vlog

Riley - was so proud with Belle! He’s the best! His s’s at the end of words so succinct ... all his opinions on things are much appreciated! Great pics!

I had the tinkerbell cone when i was there. Lime and cotton candy...delightful! :)

I recently found your channel and have been truly enjoying your vlogs. You have such a soothing voice and love listening to you. Riley in Enchanted Tales with Belle was great! So looking forward to that experience with Belle! Your picture shoot was wonderful. Such a cute couple! Curious, do you ever use Mobile Order?

Thank you for another great video! I hope you do a recap I would love to know if you think you saved any money by not doing the Dining Plan this trip:)

I was wondering that too. Pros and cons to having the DP vs not paying for it.

Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing

What sweet pictures!! Did you rent dvc points to stay at the Grand? Have you ever stayed at the other monorail resorts?

Thanks for the Disney fix and making me miss it more then ever

What a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing it with us I really enjoyed watching x

I started crying when you showed the professional photos y’all had done. I’m just so in love with the both of you. A true, honest and loving couple. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now (your first Disney vlog is where it began for me). I hope new viewers have come along as a result of these Disney vlogs, because you are such a safe haven channel. A place where I often go to relax, unwind and enjoy your magical journey together. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to making these videos. It is truly appreciated and has helped me in more ways than one.

Utah Stevens Well I can confirm myself as one new viewer for these Disney vlogs. Completely agree with your comment.

Did y’all get to use all your food credits? Or were there any left over? I love these vlogs so much!!! I miss being a cast member

Loved the photos! You guys are such a cute couple.

Those are beautiful pictures you took at the Grand! Definitely living through your Disney vlogs right now ❤️ hoping to be there in April!

Okay like Riley Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride. That souvenir picture that changes you to a ghost, I may need one next month when we go. That’s awesome!

You were right, it is the west wing

Haha I love Riley in the Beauty and the Beast show

I’m going through a rough season right now and your videos have cheered me up so much, thank you

I love your videos xxxx

I am from Canada( British Columbia) and going to Texas for my very first time ever end of June. We are staying in Austin Texas. Any Texas activities or restaurant recommendations?

Love love your videos a favourite way to start my day

Thank you so much for having us, Blair! We loved hanging out with you guys and can't wait to do it again!

I finally got to watch this video, because I just got back from Disney world

What sweet pictures! And a special memento of your magical stay at the Grand!

I agree with the chicken waffle. I did not like it either.

Love all the teamkelly photos but, my favorite is the one with Riley twirling you in a dance move.

Thank you again for sharing your trip with us .

I've been binge watching your videos and I can't remember what video you mentioned the ETSY promo code for your shop. I had it loaded in my cart and now it's gone. I must get an airplane mode shirt!

New subscriber xx from UK

Best park in Disney world? Looking for something fun for all of us..the youngest of us is 14 and oldest is 70’s.

Epcot is best -Riley

I wanted you to know that I recently found your channel and the only thing I am upset about is not finding it sooner!!

Yay. Peter Pan ride under refurbishment. Long time waiting for that.

Blair we miss you

Oh my heart was hurting on that last day! All those last looks. I felt that, our family only goes every couple of years so it’s a long time in between. Which makes our time there so much sweeter.... and last looks so much harder. ♥️

It was ama zing I loved your way of doing these videos

A few years ago we ate in the be our guest restaurant, and I highly recommend it. The food is delicious but the best part is you really feel like your in the belle castle. We’re going in a couple weeks but we’re not eating there, but still really excited

This might sound odd but your videos make me feel so at ease lol. Idk if it’s your voice or how relaxed your videos are but i love all of them so much❤️ Also shoutout to my home liberty square and the christmas shoppe!!

You guys should try eating at the castle.Its called Cinderellas Royal Table and Blair you would love it! You have to make reservations in like 2 months in advanced but it is definitely worth it.I went with my mom for my birthday and everyone there is so nice.(try getting a window spot its so amazing and superb$

The photos made me cry. They were so beautiful!

Thank you so much. ❤️

We ate at CRT in 2016. I cried! We loved it. ❤️

I really wanted to like it!

I learn something new every day! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! ❤️

I do ship internationally, yes!

That would be so sweet ❤️❤️

What a kind comment. Thank you!


It’s a photopass photo opportunity in the evening!

Yeah that HM picture is swiftly going to live in Riley’s studio. It’s a little freaky to me too

Haha, apparently it’s not!

Yes we did use all the credits

Blair Lamb I cant belive you actually replied to me❤️

Thank you for sharing your trip! We will be heading to Disney in a few weeks. :) Can't wait for some fun in the sun!

now that we all know that you are pregnant, when you mentioned the crane...it kind of was another sign that you were pregnant. God sent that crane to sit outside your hotel room!! how amazing!! congrats!!

Awww, I hadn't thought about that!

Aww and you had a professional photo shoot the first week of your pregnancy! Precious

omg i loved this !

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