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What do you think. That's cool oh good, hamburgers, they're like little hamburger, cupcakes. Isn't that cool. I love it. Figuring out this gopro. Look at this birthday, boy here, drinking a juice box. Ready to go to the water park. How are you feeling dude. It's gonna be fun, i'm so excited. What's that beautiful thing what is up beautiful, people. What is up what, is, hug. Guys we are headed to the water park today and we're, really excited about this because jude's turning 14, in a couple of days. Dude's way. Back there. Hanging out with his cousin. Yeah. So we have our nephew with us as well because the kids are so excited we're ready to go to the water park it's not just any water park this is the biggest water park, i think i think in america. At least and one of the biggest in the world yeah and it's like 45 minutes from our house i grew up going here every. Summer, dates here yeah but we haven't been in a few years i don't think penelope, lincoln have ever been and so this is gonna be a really really fun way to celebrate, jude's birthday. He was begging to go one last time before we move away to tennessee, so we are really, excited, for today. It's gonna be a lot of fun, yeah, and guys i'm so pumped because i just picked up this gopro, hero8, we've been talking about getting a gopro, for like, years years, yeah and, after all of our ski trips and everything that we do with water sports and all kinds of stuff we've always talked about it but today we're just like we're how are we gonna do this, at a water park, so we decided, that we were gonna go for it so, i'm kind of excited because i have a new toy and we're gonna have fun and she's driving so that i can figure out how to use it. Let's go let's. Go. Oh. They do they smell so chocolatey, quickly, blow them so they freeze. Our cupcakes, are melting. The kids are trying to fan them, should we eat the cupcakes before we go swimming, yes. Yeah. They look so cute. Oh no you guys enjoying your, pupper nickel. Burgers. Yes. Pumpernickel, burger cupcakes. Let's sing happy birthday jude are you ready. Happy, birthday. To. You. Happy. Birthday. To. You. Happy, birthday. Dear, jews. Happy. Birthday. To. You. But does it taste. Good. The best melted cupcake, ever. Best melted. Pumpernickel, burger cupcake. Ever. It's chocolate that's what matters right. Hey jude. Merry christmas buddy, thank you yeah. Merry christmas buddy. Merry christmas. Kid, i got chocolate. It's a christmas, miracle. Hallelujah. They're really good yeah they're really messy they're very messy, okay you guys want to go ride some rides. All right, shall we split up guys and girls. Or, old kids and young kids. Yeah, good kids and young kids here we go. Let's, do it so a couple rules guys, everyone stay together. No one goes off by themselves, okay. Check back in like an hour to over here okay. Stay safe. Don't do drugs. Of course. You see a stranger. Yell stranger. Danger, and run away as fast as you possibly, can. You need to throw your wallet at their face so the distraction. Is there. You can get out of there that's what you're going to do. Yeah if a guy start cat calling you hi high five high five high five, i'm pretty sure. Oh. He goes, high five. Yeah, real high five. Be safe. Have, fun. Have fun storming, the castle. Is it good guys. Good. So we need to eat our lunch before we go. Because unlike the big kids we actually. Really do need to have. Yeah we've just been snacking all day. Time for a real meal. Lincoln's like hey, let's share this. That sounds nice are you guys excited to go down some water slides, yeah, yeah they've got a bunch of little ones over there. Oh. The lazy river. Do you want to go down the lazy river with us. That sounds. Fun. Yeah. Very relaxing, daddy loves the lazy river, i love being lazy in a river. That actually sounds really nice right about now it kind of does actually happen this week, such a crazy week i know, it'd be awesome i'm like floating in a river just real calm, and quiet for a while that sounds delightful.

You Remember when you were a teenager, and you were like, i'm not going to a water park and hang out with my parents the whole time. I always came with my family we loved it we did all the attractions, together i guess i just never went to any part of my, life. You're. Silly. Oh that's nice thank you. So we're going to hang out with the little kids for a while while the big kids get to go off and just ride some of the rides and get all that energy out they're just so excited to go and so, they're going to stay in a group, and we're going to hang out because there's a lot of kid attractions, here, so we're going to take the two little ones, and since they don't like to go on the big step anyways, and we're gonna hang out and, have some fun and i'm just really excited to just relax. And also ride some rides, i'm gonna definitely be riding. The biggest slides. And, taking my new gopro, down it yeah. That's gonna be awesome that's why i bought it yeah. That definitely, should be fun. There's our cousin. Oh that's so. Nice. So. So. So. What did you say. I said i want my own baby, brother. Where nobody, can, play with him, just you, yeah just do it but what did you ask me he said mom are you, right. Are you gonna have another, baby. Do you want me to have another baby, yeah. Baby brother, what what made you think about that. Because, i just really want a baby, brother, to myself. A baby brother for yourself. Like a little tiny baby. Yeah like. A baby, that's the side of becca. Oh littler. Littler than lincoln, that's, basically, my. You mean like a baby that's like a one-year-old. Like a tiny. Baby. A two-year-old. Well babies, are. They start out really tiny and then they get a little bit bigger, and then they, they're one and then they're two and then they're three just like you. Right yeah. I'm about to turn seven. That's. True. Is that fun. Make sure you're doing the white stuff, so you match. Them. So. What just happened, so i went back to the locker to get a couple things, and. Had a buzz on my phone as i opened the locker, and we have two. Not one. But two. Offers. On our house right now oh my gosh we're so excited. Pretty excited we actually have one come in last night, yeah and we we kind of went back to them. And, they revised, their offer, to, pretty much. Full last game, but they both sent a letter. So we're going to read the letters, okay, okay. We can do that this evening oh my gosh, that's so exciting pretty awesome guys you want to. Move. What do you think jude is that a good birthday present. It's the greatest birthday present i've ever heard of this it's awesome, now we have to find another house, yep oh my gosh this is so exciting. We should celebrate with some dippin dots ice cream what do you guys, think. That's amazing. That's really. Fantastic. Oh man i'm so thankful, yeah so we'll give you a call in a couple hours. Okay awesome. No it's so perfect. That's a great interruption, yeah. All right. Really exciting we'll talk more about details because we're celebrating, a birthday right now but this is pretty cool this is really exciting. Go isaac. I mean go read, i mean. Um, um. For himself. Me against you one, two three, go. Oh, you're so. Strong. You got it ethan. Get him get him get him. Hey you can't use two hands, yes i can. You're gonna pop a blood dress on your head, yeah he is. Oh. You got it. I want to save. Daddy. High five well done mario lopez. Birthday. Boy. Dude's like i'm not even trying. Well done. What kind did you get dude. Cookies and cream the best kind, that is your favorite i think i like mint chocolate chip the best but cookies and cream is, up there for sure. He's like share with me. Brother. From. Good job. Swimming. Okay people. We're going to the magic, last year. Before we leave it's a, very short. Line. It was two hours last time and that was no line, at all, all right so, if some of you people haven't gotten the master blaster, we're gonna film it on the gopro, that dad's holding right now.

And, We're gonna go down there really fast and you can hear us screaming. Dad's screaming, not me me screaming. I'm gonna scream like a little girl, and one thing is i'm never going to match splashing, every time you come here i'm like i'm going to the master. Blaster. There's our ride right there. He's got a ticket, to ride. He's. Gotta, you're gonna scream like a little girl i'm gonna scream like a little girl i don't think so i think you're going to, i think that's gonna be you. Whoo. There we go. Here we go. Oh my gosh. Ready, here we go. Oh my gosh. That's nice here we go. Here's the fun. Oh my. God. It's so dark right now. It's so dark right now. Oh my god. I'm, scared. Here we go. Whoa. Well that was a lot. Well that was a lot. Bro what'd you think of that. That was. Awesome. Hey guys. Having fun. Which one did you do. The master blaster. Very. I think i remember that one being really fast. Did daddy go with you. Was he screaming, like a girl. Are you gonna do it jude, yeah i'm totally. You're gonna spin. All right i'm gonna capture it on. Camera. Go. Isaac. Oh. Man. Go. Liam. Wow. You gotta, eat. Them. Right. Go babe. Wow. Oh, man. That's nice. Ethan, tell me, was it fun, yes. Awesome. That was so cool. You're gonna do it. Again. I know ethan was so. Great. Oh. Bro. My legs are killing me. This dude killed me this morning he's a health and fitness coach chiropractor. Around awesome dude. And we got up this morning early and worked out and he kicked my butt. And we've been walking up and down. Really huge flights of stairs today and i'm just like, what did he do to me. But i know i'm gonna be grateful for it tomorrow but you guys need to check out, scott, thank you scott the doctor. Scott, at family, what is it family, chiropractic. Family chiropractic. Of austin. He's the man if you're in the austin area, check it out thank you it's amazing, hey guys. Y'all want to go grab some dinner. What was that. Yeah, you guys are twinkies. Look at this yellow twins. That's, amazing. I love it. I. It actually does yeah absolutely, yeah let's go eat some food, guys i just want to say, that this has been an amazing day not only is the park, totally empty it feels like but also the weather today. Is it a billion degrees it just felt really good. It's shady, there's nobody, here, we got to ride all the rides, with like zero line, it was amazing, i'm sorry. Jude and liam and isaac were so excited. To be able to go back on the ride a few times yeah because literally, there was nobody there, that's awesome it was perfect. I would assume that everyone's, pretty tired right now. From a very busy day. Of water fun are you guys tired. Yeah. I'm trying to figure out where to eat because everything, has, a really, long weight, and we're starving. Hi. Back here. You know we can just wait for here an hour and just take a nap you just want to take a nap instead of have dinner, yeah. Nap sounds good to. Me. Okay. So we didn't have a reservation. And the restaurants. Are like an hour and a half wait, so we are looking at something probably a little bit faster because the kids are so hungry. So we're thinking we might do like a special, dinner in a couple of days on his actual birthday and just do something quick and easy since we're so tired from the water parks does that sound good yeah that's, great yeah something quick and easy tonight and, we'll probably sleep, really good tonight, did you have fun, yeah, so much fun it was a really fun day i'm so tired. We're all so tired, it's safe to say it was a really fun day. Bye. What. It's me. Ethan. I'm vlogging. Myself. What's up. Are you actually what's up. How are you doing beckham. We're going to. Freddie. Yes i am a heavy boy. For, your name's, sake. You, will lead. Me. Back. Home to you. God for your name's. Sake. You will lead. Me, back. Home to you. That's not six feet. Apart. You.

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