Outnumbered 01/23/18 12PM | January 23, 2018 Breaking News

Outnumbered 01/23/18 12PM | January 23, 2018 Breaking News

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No more touring, for one of America's favorite singers, 77. Year old Neil Diamond announced, yes Parkinson's, disease makes it hard for him to travel and perform but. He does plan to continue composing, and recording. We. Wish him well yeah absolutely all, right thank you so much for joining us outnumbered, starts, right now. Fox. News Alert new developments, in the Russia investigation. Justice, Department officials confirming, to Fox News Special. Counsel Robert, molars team questioned. Attorney General Jeff sessions for, several, hours last week this, is outnumbered I'm Sandra Smith and here today harris. Faulkner the, editor of townhall.com, Katie, Pavlich former. Deputy spokesperson for the State Department Marie, harf and joining us on the couch today Republican. Political strategist, and former chief of staff to, senator Mitch McConnell, Josh Holmes is here and, he is outnumbered, a named your former boss one, that has been in, a. Good, week so what's Tuesdays, already, had a great all. Right well we have a lot to get to so we're gonna begin good to have you here Josh welcome, all right well then Attorney Attorney General Jeff Sessions the first member of president, Trump's cabinet, known, to be interviewed, by molars team last March sessions, recused, himself in the Russia investigation. And eventually. His deputy rod Rosenstein, appointed. Muller to oversee, the probe chief, White House correspondent John, Roberts joins us live with, more John. Sander. Good afternoon, to you good noon-hour to everybody out there this is the highest ranking member of the Trump administration who, has been interviewed by, the special, counsels office so far for, the most part it's all been staff, current. And former but this now takes it up to the cabinet, level we're, told that the interview took place sometime, within the last week to 10 days lasted. Several hours among the topics that Robert Muller would have been interested, in investigating, clearly. That whether or not there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during, the election, and you remember Jeff Sessions was one of then candidate, Donald Trump's closest, advisors and then the other thing that Muller is looking into is whether, or not there was obstruction, of justice in. The firing of the former FBI director, James, Comey White. House officials, will not weigh in on the substance, of the interview, that was short time ago on Fox News. Ha the principal deputy press secretary said. That he believes that the Muller investigation. Will, soon wrap up and there will be no finding, of any wrongdoing between, the Trump campaign and, Russia in terms of colluding, to influence, the American election listen here the White House's view is that it. Will, be wrapping up in short order we want it to be done, thoroughly, and aboveboard but, we have confidence, that the special counsel again is going to find what we've known all along. There's been no collusion, and, no findings, of wrongdoing, now. For his part Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that he is vowing to get to the bottom of why, there are six months worth of missing, text, messages, numbering. Potentially, as many as 50,000. That went between Peter. Struck who was one of Muller's chief investigators. And the, woman that he was having an affair with lisa page who, was an attorney at the FBI, these came to light as part, of an inspector general's, report that, the IG of the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz, is putting together on all, of this that.

Horowitz, Report, untold, may. Be coming up sometime in the next few, weeks maybe a couple of months in that when it finally lands, sources close to the investigation say, it, is going to have they, believe a significant. Impact because this, will speak right to the heart of some, of the people who were involved in that Muller investigation. Sources, close to the investigation also. Believe, that the. Devon, Nunez, four-page, memo which, may be released sources say sometime, within, the next couple of weeks will have a significant, impact as, well, and but all of this as well particularly the horowitz. Investigation. Sandra haven't having an impact on the, special counsel's office in that sources. Close to the investigation believe. It it may delay the wrap-up of the, Muller investigation. They, were hopeful, that he might be done by the end of this month but the, investigation. Continues, and nobody. Is quite sure when, it will end senator just. Changing, by the hour John Roberts thanks for all the updates on that and your reporting, and Josh. I'd go to you on this but this is this is big news this is the first member, of the president's, cabinet to. Be interviewed, by robert muller several, hours there was yeah. I mean it's significant, but I think it was inevitable right, both because, of, general's role as Attorney General and with. The dismissal of Comey but but also his role on a campaign and so. You know clearly he was a key figure that, that the mother team needed to speak to I think, you, know this is not out of the ordinary in any form, or fashion and, honestly I think Raja. Probably, said it best from, the White House's perspective I, think, this is an indication that they're getting to the end of this investigation. Really. Do you see it that way Murray well there are some key things that have to happen first though and we've talked about the fact that President Trump very, well may have to be interviewed by Bob Muller until. That happens this is not wrapping, up I think so. We'll see there are other key officials who have not been spoken to yet I think vice president Pence will probably, have to as well this, will go on for many months I think at this point these things take time Jeff. Sessions is at the middle of a lot of this and as we all have talked about when he went before Congress. Several. Times now he, has missed remembered, some things he's had to clarify some, statements, about conversations. With Russians so it is not at all surprising that Bob Mulder would have had hours, and hours of questions, for Jeff Sessions given his role given, what he said publicly about this but the entire reason why there's been a lot of controversy surrounding Jeff Sessions recusal, of himself from the Russian investigation, he's been heavily criticized, by the president, for doing so the, entire reason why he did, that is precisely, because of this he did not believe he could be in charge of a Russia investigation. And also, be a witness at the same time so it's, important to point that, out in terms of when this is going to be over we don't know I mean six months ago the White House was saying that it's almost over it's wrapping up I think that's probably their way of trying to say we want it to wrap up soon but none of us actually know who they're still going to interview what, exactly goings is going to happen what, charges may or may not be filed, we, just don't know Katie's.

Lap Earlier strategic. Communications. For the White House and. She. Didn't, seem to hint that it was at the end she, could only respond, that they're fully cooperating. And continuing, on with the MSD yeah if the White House is playing. Its cards the way it has been and so far it's been a neutral, deck which is where they want to be they don't want to make news on what they think that's, right they really don't want to jump the shark on this and Muller. Is helping them out by, digging. Deeper and talking with people because if it takes forever, to get to the bottom of this it only hurts the White House no matter what the endgame is because you want to be able to focus on different things yeah you know look I think clearly. In any investigation, you don't start with the big fish right you probably wait for the Attorney. General in the president United States until you get to the towards the end of it so I think look, we don't know I think you're right we don't know exactly when it all wraps up but I do think it's a probably an encouraging, sign that they're now into the big fish right Jeff Sessions is clearly a central. Player in a lot of these and if, they can answer those questions, they probably. Can. Be complicated, because the president was not happy about that yeah you know and and the fact that if he was avoiding things to get to this point how did he know he was going in this way how does he suddenly you know I mean only the person who knew all of the facts would know that those facts would collide with, the investigation, well Jeff, Sessions would argue at least the Justice Department, would argue that he knew as. Soon as this investigation or the Russia that, the surrounding, investigations. In Congress that came before the special counsel the. Specific, questions, were about the campaign, and he was one of the very first senators, to jump on to the top campaign so inevitably, all of, the questions surrounding the, campaign if you'd have to answer and being in that position legally. Ethically, he, believed that he had to recuse himself and couldn't be a witness in, the case if he hadn't had a collision though of his. Memory and what happened with meetings so on and so forth and in that very first hearing, how could he have even known where we would be today that's the unfortunate part that's the part that I believe probably. Chides, the White House and the president as they've said they're not happy about the fact that he had to do that refusal, well and that was his own doing, I mean you're right Harris I remember you know there wasn't a big push for recusal until. It came out that he had not remembered fully, when he testified, before Congress but the special counsel is basically looking at two things one is whether there was collision with Russia and one is whether there was obstruction, of justice and, firing Jim Comey sessions. Is really at the center of both of those and he's unique in that because, he was part of the campaign and part, of the decision-making when. They got rid of you know what's ironic though, what they're saying look at the situation where Muller is with his employees. Around him, having I know we're gonna talk about this a little bit later having, a goodness gracious what did I do with those thousands, of text messages. Same. Thing that you were maybe accusing. You know back. In the day of the secret server with Hillary Clinton I mean it's very troubling, for Muller right now he's, in kind of an awkward position so it's interesting to see that juxtaposed. With you. Know the AG now going to talk with nobody just an observation the way that the questions, were asked during the hearings with Jeff sessions he, was accused, of meeting, with, the Russian ambassador, when we dug a little deeper we found out he actually was meeting with multiple, people at an event, at the RNC, convention it doesn't count as a private, meeting and so the way the question is said that thing but, the questions were framed as you, know did you meet with so-and-so and, he said no and then it was framed in the narrative as well you did meet with him because you happened to have a quick, conversation with, him at a random RNC, convention meeting, and so the, definition, of what exactly the meeting was has been changed there was more than there was more than one meeting there was one before President Trump's foreign policy, speech that he hated there.

Was What which was private, there was one at the RNC and there were other conversations. So again. To. Do a collusion. Shows. That, it has nothing to do with collusion, but when somebody asks you you do have. Did. You meet, him at all I mean I've met with multiple people in a group setting that I maybe wouldn't remember if you're asking specifically about meeting. With the Russian ambassador, and that's different last, word - well look I think all of this the fact that we don't have this all even sorted out I mean how much probably is is uncomfortable. As it is I think Jeff Sessions made the right decision to recuse himself in here and I think he's probably in a position today to, clear this all up and actually for, the betterment of the Trump administration as, a result of it hmm all right you do get final word and by the way did you know the shutdown is over well, now that it is there, is growing liberal backlash, against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer whether he should have held out for a, better, deal, or was ending the shutdown more important than appeasing progressives, and House, Republicans are hoping a memo. Allegedly, containing, what some, called jaw-dropping. Revelations, about government, surveillance abuses, will soon be made public. Whether we'll see, it and whether, Americans, will be as shocked as lawmakers say they will be. Fox, News Alert on what could be a growing, divide in the Democratic, Party now that the government shutdown is over President, Trump last night signed the temporary, spending bill into law after Senate, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reached, a deal now. Schumer, is coming under fire progressives. Say he caved to protect vulnerable Democrats up, for, re-election in red states they, say the deal he, made does, not guarantee any protections, for dreamers, there's immigrants, who came here illegally as children Senator. Dianne Feinstein says, this quote it's a great disappointment to me and it's a great disappointment, to more than a $300,000. Young people in the state of California, the strategy, was to keep it fixed to a must-pass. Vehicle. Because. There was great worry that the house was, not going to pass it I'm just very disappointed some. Are reportedly threatening primary, challenges, one activist, telling the New York Times this the, grass roots are rightly furious, with a slew of elected, Democrats, in the Obama years Republicans, learn to be more afraid, of primary, challenges, than general, elections, but Democrats are still operating, as though the Tea Party is more powerful than the, resistance, in quote more, moderate, Democrats are defending, Schumer including. Senator, Claire McCaskill of, Missouri watch I. Understand. What the leadership did I respect, it and I do think we got a result and that is the. Promises, that have been made and by the way as. Has been said earlier on, your show today what. Happened, here was the trust of the Republicans, that, were part of this deal not the trust of mr. McConnell, so to all the progressives, that say why, would you trust Mitch McConnell, he didn't we trusted, the 12 Republicans, that could make his life, miserable. Meanwhile. Josh. You're laughing. There. Might be more president. Trump tweeted, big win for Republicans, as Democrats cave, on shutdown now I want a big win for everyone including Republicans, Democrats and daca but especially for our great military of border security should. Be able to get there see you at the negotiating, table exclamation, point excitement, I think that's what that conveys gosh. Ryan. Over there yeah well there's no greater defender. Than Chuck of Chuck Schumer than Claire McCaskill, and she's been. Look. I think Chuck Schumer got a real les in legislative, politics in real time and it was it frankly, played out and in kind of an embarrassing, fashion. The. Way that he went into this is they they were very responsive to a liberal base that wanted him to shut down the government and once he got to the precipice of doing that he couldn't turn back and, once, he couldn't turn back he got over the ledge and all of your negotiating, power goes away right I mean at the end of the day that.

Discussion. Was about whether, or not it was appropriate to take away the government services, for all of the Americans, across. The country defense. Children's. Health care you name it in, order to deal with an issue of illegal immigration, that dealt with people who would like to become Americans, right so what. Is the American. Americans. Okay because this issue is more about the illegality of things new I mean that's a hard argument. To make in the midst of a shutdown you can make it across the aisle and that's what they say they can do in a bipartisan, manner outside, of that yeah I mean Dianne Feinstein argues that they attached it to this so it would be a must, pass but again Democrats, are completely out of touch with the American people on how to get this done in a legitimate, legal way the, majority of Americans according to a Harvard poll yesterday say look we want Dock at a pass we think that those people should be able to stay but we do not believe we should shut down the government in favor of people who were brought here illegally. It's pretty fair and simple and my concern and I think a lot of people feel this way is we, only have a few days before we could go through all this again and. What is that show about the chaos surrounding these, kinds of issues they want it done by what February, 8th and, yet again it doesn't expire until March, and Democrats have to figure out where the goal posts are here are we just talking about daca we heard from the Homeland, Security Secretary during, testimony last week that there has been an increase, in the last three months as daca talk has gone on of unaccompanied. Minors and their parents coming across the border do they get to stay -. They're. Brought here illegally by their parents account, I think Republicans also, have to decide where the goalposts are because I give Mitch McConnell a lot of credit he gave Democrats, something that was important, to us by, making that commitment to have this discussion the. Problem, I think now is House Republicans, who have been very clear and saying we don't care what the Republicans, in the Senate do so, the Republican, Party and the White House need to get on the same page but what I would say to progressives, who are mad at Chuck Schumer guys, elections, have consequences we're. Not in the majority as much as you wish in some fantasy land we, could control, things and force, daca through a shutdown but, that is not how govern or if you're good and if you're gonna go vote for someone else who are you going to look forward to better defend that's a great question, better than Maria possibly, one you could answer well that's I would make the argument that two, progressives, that there are two parties who run in elections and the only party I would argue who, has made daca a priority. Is Democrats. Nube me mad at Chuck Schumer but unfortunately, governing, is much harder than carrying, signs and protesting, czar welcome. To the wonderful world of, primary, politics. Crime. It's uh I actually think this is a, momentary. Blip, I actually don't think you're gonna see a lot of primaries. Before 2018 the, midterms it's almost too late whether I wanted, to see Chuck Schumer hold, out no more I on, Friday I think on the show said if we get an explicit commitment, from Mitch McConnell, to take up daca then. We, should not shut the government down I I think Josh what we're and again that's pretty much out they had on Friday and and so my question Josh, is did we have to see a government shutdown to get with Chuck Schumer just, not no no I mean everything was we were on this path this, was what was happening they were currently negotiating the, President had met with him on absolutely, all of this was happening they decided to throw the government in this why. Why. You know you'll have to ask them I don't think it turned out quickly one of these days all. Right. Republicans. Sounding off on the anti-trump, FBI agent, who. Once worked on the Muller investigation. What. We are learning about the eye-popping, number, of text messages he. Exchanged, with that other agent you know trey. Gowdy has called her a paramour. Plus. The. Explosive. Memo making, the rounds on Capitol, Hill said to show the Obama administration. Spied on the Trump campaign, the shocking allegations, leaving some lawmakers nearly. Speechless. Termination. Would be the least of these, people's worries once they get to see the documents. Well, the Justice Department, investigating, after the revelation, that the FBI quote, failed, to preserve, five. Months. Of text messages, between those. Two Peter Peter struck and Lisa page the, missing messages, span a crucial, window between, the presidential, transition and, the, launch of robert molars Russia probe, Attorney, General Jeff Sessions saying quote we will leave no stone unturned to.

Confirm With certainty why, these text, messages are now not available to be produced and will use every, technology, available to determine whether the missing messages, are recoverable. From another, source if any, wrongdoing, were to have been found to have caused this gap, appropriate. Legal disciplinary. Action, measures will be taken House, Oversight Committee Chairman trey Gowdy weighing in earlier today. We. Were missing, five months worth attack so god only knows what, else was said yeah, that's a really important, time period sessions. Has recused, himself Bob, Muller is is, coming on board I happen, to like him I respect. Him I think he's going to do a good job, but. If he's picking guys like Peter strong and Lisa pays to be on his team and they're only interested. And being, on the team if they can quote get the president, they have no interest in clearing him then. He had some hiring failures. Of epic, proportion, in, one, message struck sent Paige back in May 2017. The FBI agent, debates whether he should join Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe saying. In it quote you and I both know the odds are nothing if I thought it was likely I'd be, there no question, I hesitate. In part because of my gut sense and concerned. There's no big there there some. Believe he is talking about evidence, of collusion, of course, and to Trey Gowdy's point Josh, who knows what, else is in those text messages that can't be found now, I know you know I was always taught that anything, you do on the Internet is automatically, preserved, forever it, is. Like. There's an exception in the rule when it comes to high-ranking Liberal officials, because, in, this case and then if you think back obviously, the Hillary Clinton email case and the IRS, investigation. All of these emails went missing. I mean they've got a secret here the rest of us need to get in on cuz I don't know how the heck and as the president points out this is during that crucial, period. Making this potentially. Huge, news free and potentially, not, huge news we'll see right I think the way. Text messages, are missing, honestly. Of all, the things that concern me this, is not in like the top 20, of what's, happening in the world today and in our country I I've always, said we need to hear from these, two individuals, because there's been so much speculation about. What their text messages meant and if anyone read our text messages who knows what people would think right I suggest, why they might not want that because one of them is married. No. No no I'm just I'm talking, honestly. Here it's, complicated, but if there were 50,000. Of these that are missing that's not no 50,000, the total number the FBI looked at we don't know how many are.

15. Years I wouldn't. Be pressed to know well texting hasn't been around as popular, as it is now my entire marriage but, that's a lot of messages between two people that some of them were work-related, of antitrust. Is. It that would be important, right why are we paying these, people to sit and text a hundred times the data we did. Paying. Their salaries. By. You know by the yearly, salary to, be doing that the second thing is I find, it amazing that liberals are now stuck on this idea because they don't, have any evidence of collusion so, now they're going to well it's all about obstruction of justice but. 50,000. Emails in a case a criminal, case surrounding. A criminal case and a special counsel about whether the. President. Of the United States was. Colluding. With Russians, now that the sudden the fifty thousand emails or text messages that are gone don't, really matter much when it comes to obstruction, of justice I'm not saying they don't matter much I'm just saying that I think what is happening on the right is that people, are taking huge, leaps of assumption. About things that they don't have evidence. For. Us to just look the other way on this let. Me just finish though that I think we have the right has put so much power in the hands of these two people and forgotten. The fact that they were high ranking, at the is fatal to the moment so are many high-ranking FBI officials who work on the Muller investigation, who like. Goes. Missing at the FBI and. They can't find it for an investigation, let's just pretend like it's not even in this case I mean, it's the FBI what seems impossible right, but, I mean look you no matter what government's not impossible. Finding. Stuff to your point in you, know we've put too much faith and trust that these two were kind of all-powerful, well. Look liberals would have you believe that this George papadopolis, guy who nobody's, ever heard of and definitely, had no power within the construct, of a campaign somehow. Constructed. This elaborate, scheme to collude with the Russian government elect, Ahnold trump president, if you want to start about weird, schemes, and bizarre, corn have kind of witch hunts it doesn't get any better than that so, can you imagine anybody, who's, being investigated, by the Special Counsel or the FBI saying, sorry, I lost fifty thousand of my text messages from the period of time that you need for your criminal you need them because. They are referring, to on, company. Time on, government, taxpayer time, taking. Out a presidential, candidate in a way of a secret society or, meeting in the. Offices of the FBI to talk about an insurance policy just in case the president wins making, sure that Hillary Clinton maybe doesn't, face charges Loretta, Lynch knew about the fact that she wasn't going to face charges when she met with Bill Clinton on that, tarmac and secret and then got caught these things actually matter because it's about corruption, a lot of people want to say the government is just incompetent, wouldn't be the first thing I think of is corruption and this is just another example of that we wouldn't be talking about it if they didn't have really senior, positions, in both investigations.

Right So my, point has always been I've, never defended. Their behavior, or what they said my point is always to, say they had bad behavior, and then because of that the Moller investigation. Is total crap or what, the FBI decided. To. Take that big leap I think it's unfair you said why these particular text. Messages, and and I know you guys I don't know I think we talked about it's not fifty thousand that are missing but there's some in that realm it has to do with the timing that Sandra was pointing to the, timing of these conversations. They're looking for bias by the FBI it, that that's what it has to do with as well probably quite, sick sniffing we, don't know, coincidence. Do you really think it's, that crucial time period between the transition honestly, I think the federal government does. Things all the time that look like on the outside like maybe there's some big conspiracy and it's just incompetence, and we find out later that it largely a deliberate, deletion or maybe. Hopeful. That memo they say shows the Obama White House spied on the Trump campaign will, soon be public Dave Joyce the Republican, from Ohio says the Intelligence Committee plans. To work on releasing the four-page document but. Warns, that once, Americans, see it they'll be surprised, how bad it is I, read. It twice just, to make sure I read properly, and it, was deeply disturbing, as anybody. Who's been in law enforcement and any American will find out once they have the opportunity, to review it termination. Would be the least of these people's worries once they get to see the documents. Sources. Telling Fox News that Republicans, by gelec, Devon Nunez and trey Gowdy are moving ahead as quickly as they can to. Get the memo into the public domain and according to sources, Republican. House until leaders have so far denied. The FBI access, to the memo citing, concerns of, Bureau has not been an honest. Broker and sharing, information Adam. Schiff ranking Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, slamming. The memo saying it is quote rife. With factual inaccuracies and, referencing. Highly, classified materials.

That, Most republican intelligence committee members were, forced to acknowledge they, had never read this, is meant only to give Republican, House members a distorted, view of the, FBI this, may help carry White House water but is a deep disservice, to our law-enforcement professionals. Josh. Yeah, they've sure made a big deal out of this memo it seems like they have to deliver at this point yeah, they, definitely have, to we have to see the contents, of this memo let me just preface it by that but. Let me just say something that's gonna irritate some of my conservative friends I'm. Deeply, disturbed by the classification, of, any, classified, information in, any form whatsoever. I. Think, perhaps. The congressman, felt as though the only way they could get this information, out would, be to go public and if that's the case I underst, what. I troubles. Me is having, this public discourse, where. Congressman, by the hundreds, are going out and reviewing, something that the rest of the American public cannot, and then, providing, a take that. Formula. It's a view of what this actually says, without anybody actually having, the, ability to fact-check, that and it's classified, and now, we're in a situation and I think where we have to declassify, have. To get it out there and I don't know what's in that kind you know you have, any unmasking, concerns here oh I have concerns about all of it you know what you know what a pox on both our houses cuz, see Rand, Paul tried to get everybody to understand, where we were with the collection of this information and, if Americans, get scooped up on and this this, was a conversation that we could have had two weeks ago and maybe maybe. Made, a road forward, a lot smoother in terms of not being able to harm Americans, damage them you're right we don't know what's in it but. But it's interesting to have this conversation after, the physis, section 702, was. Just renewed but, I also think there's a there should be a bipartisan, way to look, at FISA to, look at the unmasking, process, which has had you know been around for a long time both administration's, of both parties have used it I actually, think there's a way to look at this issue and maybe make some reforms but. Devon Nunez, and Andrews, need warrants we could have done it less than to wait, but let me let me just let me just finish I was gonna say trey, Gowdy and Devon Nunez writing, this in secret using very highly classified material. You know josh is right then talking about it I'm not sure this can all actually be declassified, and keep, sources and methods safe so I think there's a way to do it Devon Union is trying to you know cherry-pick. Information, not bring in Democrats, who care about this not bringing people like Rand Paul that, does do a disservice to the conversation, with Sandra what about that because if Republicans, are going to be using this and taking highly classified information, and, making it public on behalf. Of the American people as they say but, they're still going to pass through FISA, without, any reforms, isn't, this going to prompt calls for reforms, and is that something that's going to be on the agenda so. Go from classified to draw dropper dropping, which is being used to describe this, what, we would potentially see I would, have to know and I think everybody, else would have to know is it, actually, going to be the jaw-dropping.

Information. And revelations. That everyone's. Expecting at this point yeah I mean that's the big question, and honestly, we don't even know with, respect to 702 whether than whether or not this is something that is significant. In terms of, its application for, this for this collection will be anybody. Caught up on this and if there is any unmasked I don't know we don't know 702, is an important program it has kept us safe for a lot. Of years and so I even. That I don't want to jump to the conclusion that we're somehow in a situation, where people are misusing it because we just don't know but unfortunately now we're in a situation where, we have to know yeah yeah well, and if warrants are issued we won't have to worry about it yeah we'll have to see all right well all eyes on immigration reform is Democrats, demand protections. For, the dreamers by the new February 8th spending, bill deadline how, much will each speech side give-and-take who, has the upper hand and could we end up right back where we started. All, eyes on immigration reform after, Democrats voted to pass yet another stopgap, spending bill, yesterday to. Fund the government through February, a the. Move came after Republicans, said the Senate would negotiate, a dreamers, deal as long as the government was reopened Democratic. Senator Richard Blumenthal says he's, hopeful Republicans, will keep that promise. The. Promise made by majority leader is very. Important, and the. Principle. That was established, that we believe. That the dreamers, deserve. This protection I think, highlighted. It for, the, whole nation, opening. The government was. A common, goal and we, have common goals now going forward of holding the. Majority. Leader accountable. He, must keep his promise. That was made on the floor of the Senate in everybody's. View several. Times and that. Provides a basis for going for yeah some. Democrats though, were more critical of the decision to trust Republicans. And in the shut down without protections. For dreamers he. Just said that they, were talking about putting, that in place senator. Kamla, Harris who opposed, the stopgap, bill says. Of Majority Leader McConnell quote, I don't believe he made any commitment, whatsoever, and I think it would be foolhardy to believe that he made a commitment in quote meanwhile, President Trump tweeted this nobody. Knows for sure that the Republicans, and Democrats will be able to reach, a deal on daca by faith but, everyone, will be trying with, a big additional focus put on military, strength and border security the, dims have just learned that a shutdown is not the answer and then this is making news now Josh so talk. About your broken promises, I don't know does this fit in that category Senator. Chuck Schumer now says that he is taking his spending boost for. The president's, border wall off the table, the, Senate Minority Leader through, an aide has informed the White House that, he was retracting. The offer he made last week to give the president well north of the 1.6 billion dollars in wall funding that previously, was promised, yeah. Taken. I'm reclaiming, my money for the wall basically yeah you know he what he did there was sort of a bait and switch anyway what he offered. Was an authorization. An appropriation. An authorization. In fact, that, has existed since 2006. When Chuck Schumer himself along. With Senate Democrats in a bipartisan, group of Republicans.

Voted To put the wall. Well. That's the whole point right this has all been kind, of a bait-and-switch type. Effort, from the very beginning and I think there is a common goal the common goal is they'd like I think there is a broad, bipartisan, view that you should do something about the daca situation. But, there, is also Republican. Priorities, dealing, with chain migration the. Family based merit-based system and border. Security namely a wall those, three things are not unreasonable, in fact if they'd everyone cites poll numbers about daca nobody's, decides poll numbers about those, three things together, they, make a heck of a deal and I don't understand why Chuck Schumer and everybody else can't get to the, that. There was an actual 1.6. Billion on the table there were some talk like right around there. You know remember Chuck, Schumer was on the floor and he was talking about this issue that there might even be more money what happened, Larry well both, side but I mean Donald Trump also put a bunch of things on the table and then decided they weren't good, enough for him so both sides here doing a little bait-and-switch that's how this so often works in Washington I actually. Have a little more faith that the Senate can, get to something like you're talking about I think, the senators on, both sides of the aisle have made clear that they are negotiating. In good faith what. I have much, less faith in is the, house and you. Know we heard House Republicans, say even this morning that, they're not even going to look at what the Senate does and and, said on the record their base won't support it so maybe there's a scenario where, you can get honestly say that they're negotiating in good faith Katie with Lindsey. Graham and Dick Durbin showed up at the White House with, this apparent. Right deal, for the president, that didn't look anything like they discussed at that lovely, Bible. Like. What they do. I. Think you could get a bill that passes the Senate in the house Katie where you lose like the freedom caucus but you get Democrats yesterday Chuck, Schumer as soon as he was, announcing. That he was reopening the government he's tweeted. Out a warning to Republicans, said you have 17 days to come up with a daca fix, Democrats. By tying daca again, to, the spending bill had, put put. Dokka into a position where is going to fail because it is being treated as an add-on and not as a serious, issue as it should be and Democrats, are doing it for political reasons because they will never allow, a Republican. To take credit for the. Amnesty, that will come with daca because they are the ones who want credit for it when the president asked for things like chain migration to me and he's doing it for good reason we've had a number of terrorists, in this country who have killed American, citizens, on our soil who have come here as a result. Of chain migration or the diversity, Visa, Lottery program, he's putting national security, on the table in exchange for something that everybody supports, and they have to be able to get to it but Democrats because of the timeline that they've set up are setting. It up to fail as they did the first time around so. Interesting. I know we, will revisit this topic many times at, least over the next 17 days by the way they don't have that many legislative, days left right only got like six mm-hmm, so good luck. Hours. Like we do some yes to get our jobs I know shocking while thousands, of women took to the streets to protest president. Trump's one-year anniversary, anniversary, in office on Saturday a new, poll finds the president's, approval rating. Is rising, among men will, talk about the effect of this apparent, gender, gap and what, it tells us about the midterm elections, in 2020, stay close. More. Out number two just a moment but first let's go to Harris, she's got what's coming up and outnumbered over time in just a few minutes and iris is working on the next one White House deputy press secretary Hogan. Gidley will join me I'm going to ask him what. Does the White House make of the special council Muller, interviewing. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Russia investigation. This, is the first known time that Muller's investigation, has gone inside, the president's, cabinet also, joining, me next our house judiciary chair.

Bob, Goodlatte on jeff, sessions vowing to get to the bottom of those months, worth of missing text messages between the two FBI officials. Who were having that affair who, exchanged, anti-trump, messages, will, we get answers on it will anybody be held accountable that, and more on overtime oh gee baby top of the hour saying looking forward to it Harris Thank You Marie. Well, there's new signs of a gender gap in support for President Trump over the weekend thousands, of women marking, the president's, first anniversary, in office by marching in protest Saturday, in cities like New York City and Washington, and while, surveys show the president has struggled, with women the latest CNN poll put his disapproval, among, the group at 65%, it's, a much different story among, men that same, poll shows the president's, approval among that group jumping, to 49%, an, eight point rise the. Poll also found the president's, approval improved. Approval. Improved, 10 points among conservatives, and seven points among independents. But, mostly among those independents. Who leaned toward the Republican Party already, so. Josh. There's. Also been reports that RNC, chairwoman, has told the White House she's worried, about their. Support, with women particularly in the midterms what. Do you think does, the Republican Party, have a women problem yeah, I'm clearly, the least qualified in, this case why I went to you on it I, will. Say I will say this Democrats. Have at least for the last decade, made. A centerpiece, of every political campaign, a concerted. Effort to try to drive, a wedge in identity politics, and one of them is gender and so you see all the marches that happen over the weekend, you saw all the marches after the inauguration, the, goal of all of that is to somehow try, to represent that this president, doesn't, represent. Women, and it's, a concerted effort it's a huge campaign, it's funded by millions, and millions of dollars so. To the extent that there is a gender gap that is growing, look campaigns, work well, I would also say the president's, own words give a lot of fodder to people who think maybe he could treat women a little better we've had the story recently, about the, porn stars for me Daniel I. Don't. Think that that's fair I mean I think, it's something you see in polls that a story people are saying wait a second as people directly, could a president. Choose different language of course people are going to say okay yeah well it does do you think that will impact how women vote but I'm saying, what what, women, care, about is their families, their, pocketbook. The economy. And if. A strong economy. Is, a direct reflection of the party, in power women. Will continue to vote that direction right now, the. Talk you know I'm around young families all the time and, people, feel good about the current situation they, feel good about the economy, unemployment, is down jobs. Are growing they like what they're seeing and feeling I can't I don't dig, deeper, into who they're gonna vote for in the next election.

But. The economy is huge, when it comes to women and taking care of their think it's important to get back to the, things that matter and president. Trump has more women in his cabinet that I think any other president, ever has he has nikki Haley at the UN front and center taking on the rest of the world, Kellyanne, Conway is the first female. Woman Republican, woman to, ever run a successful presidential campaign, she doesn't get any credit for that and yet all we can focus is a focus, on are these women who, went out in the streets dressed in female, body, parts and they, claim to represent women, and what they care about I think it's disrespectful, to women to represent, them that way and by the way it's not about women it's about being anti Trump and Pro progressive, policies, because people like me aren't welcome at that March because I believe differently so when they claim they're representing, all women it's about victimhood it's about identity politics, and it's about making sure that women feel like they have to vote for Democrats because the government's going to take care of them when their families are concerned, about the poll numbers I mean in Virginia, in Alabama, women, particularly, independent, women say, they're voting less for Republicans. Depends, on I think it depends on who you look at the single women tend to go, up against. Number. Two jumping on it.

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