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What's. In a crate shut, oh shut. Up I got your promo oh my god you're crying. What's. Up everybody, so you know what you guys hit the like oh I promise these guys that I would find another overnight that doesn't require that much work and. Also we have a friend here the second team by open you before. I. Hate. Feeling. Behind just trying to peer pressure us into doing shy I never seen these two together for, this long your. Drugs. Away from him you just said drugs whoa. Back up. We've. Learned from a lot of our mistakes in the past we tend to try and do overnight videos where we just like show up and just like try and figure it out in ten minutes notice you're gonna go play a round of mini-golf, I, think to, basically use that to like scout the location I, promise you we are going to figure out a way to say that night here tonight let's go let's get it. All. You are recording, Elson no, yes, no look. Hellmuth. Fills me a flight to Hawaii and I didn't forget, all, right you guys know the drill anyplace with a good hiding spot you're, always buying our tickets right, now for. Mini foot and then can I get three, for the laser tag, there's. Five of us. Can. I get five for, the Mini Putt, you. Have your grab your fighters grab your balls Wow Wow. A bunch of buddies just a spread your legs okay hey picture picture put it. Hey, can I get another ball that, litter was this close so I'm, bouncing, back at me Cory, what, remember New Zealand on that ride we went on you know how much you hated that ride look. Up look, up going. Back look up look. Up this. Is the exact ride no this is much higher than the spend a lot faster, let Jake operate it Oh operator, yeah you guys will be sued guy he's never been on one that, is way higher the literally the control panels right there how hard is it to put on a seat belt it can't be that hard brother I've got heartburn a seat belt right brother. I got this you got pull the operator I'll, buckle you and I got everything okay, I believe, it I'm hiding. Spots up here clothing. Can, you can you get the ladder you think you can reach it fine. I don't know if I'm supposed to do this after our situation.

Just Happened. Well. It's just Steve it's possible, okay, it's barking okay, okay. Okay. That's. Option one I mean it's really obvious, burrito knock, see if anyone's home first you don't, wanna disturb him other sleeping. No. There's no one in there no one in there okay. Block. Block. Damn. Okay so if we pull this off not only do we have mini-golf and that. Crazy, thing go-karts. Bumper, boats slide. Over there batting. Cages of, the weird ride, no. Where do we keep, looking I've got right here. Right. Right there no he's actually right there's a power plant. Boy. How's it look how's that look oh dude we all can. That's step that's the man booth day okay this might be better I didn't, know, in it in, it in it I bet you can just get in it you think it's gonna break wait I wait Sam Sam to kill look Sammy look you Cathy hold on wait. Wait wait, take a look there's a ball up there, go. Get your ball. He's. Just getting his ball. Yeah. He's it's. Cool, oh dude. It's like is, it actually, that's. It, yeah. We could get all people, inside look at that dude that's even better guys would be easy this, is way better. Hundred. Percent to know and here's the better thing look. We. Know there's a worker damn, you find the ball yet. Oh you, got it okay cool cool cool cool, cool. Cool. Did she just walk by shaking here yeah he's. A really bad golfer, I'm sorry, there. We go oops. Missed. In the top right Oh hop in wonder you didn't like step foot here. We go. Okay. Can you grab that for me okay, can you grab that still go. The only thing is we got to figure out do we want to go inside we gotta fire I do in cyber-land go inside how long do we have to hide for usually we, say 20, minutes but when we're at the ice-skating rink, it took an hour a half okay, well I'm sorry things. Went wrong and Corey goodnight he's, hides inside okay. Alright. Let's find a place inside for you to hide them okay Corey. What, do you know you looking for your ball. Are. We ready to go on that. Okay. Are you ready well you ready nah, you, sure about. It we can just go hear something yeah, yeah overnight, yeah I heard. Jay. Could you fit there. Yeah. There we go put this right here. See. Actually. They actually like, look. Yeah, there's how that single chance you get caught, so.

You Trying to take it out like you could. Hey. Guys. Hey. Guys another perfect spot right here it's, fine it's fine I don't want to come out put, the guns down put the guns down we can talk about this we. Can talk about this. Don't, know we can we can talk about it's fine it's. Fine I'm sorry I cut out the gate at the house and I didn't put it back in. Hang. Out we're just gonna find, you there sorry guys dude that's so funny. Ten. Minutes - no, way. The exum, lights are off, no. No yes. We are do. Us a favor in, case this all goes to hell and we all get in trouble I don't know hit the like button right now hits, a bunch that I do the but I want you to break the like button spank you I just baked it oh. My. God, they're, still up there this guy's, happen I really have to good it's been about 30 minutes. All. Right go do your thing let's go sighs hi bro. Okay. Okay, they close in about 10 minutes so okay. That was sketchy it's all the employees, I. Think they're getting real close on whether we go back there because they're right around the corner yeah they'll see you if you try and get under the table. How, about it yes Rebecca. Do you think you can you didn't. Turn it off. Even. Still they'll ever see you know, they won't turn this off right there's no reason to come back here no. We'll get back okay. Hater deck off dude there's no. Oh. Yeah. Let's. Go around whoa Jake. This. Looks kind of sketchy I know it's here think we should we, should leave the property wait. A couple minutes and then go around and pop that thing. There's. No one else out here right now no. Jake. The, thing is it is gonna lock on the inside I. Just saw the employee, walk towards the door he's probably locking it right now cuz, we were probably the last people in. Yeah. He's have the door okay. Well, hopefully you can unlock us on the inside right. Yes. What if the alarm goes off winged him no it was just a bolt lock it is before ya got okay. Let, me see that much but I think we need to treat, the situation properly we. Only get to do this once let's. Do like an action movie let's, do it still like it there, we go I can't. See a damn thing. Turn. On the light action movies have lights right dude, this is owner that's no smart. Yeah, cuz he can't have copyrighted. Music so we'll have to do a forum I, know. That'll get copyrighted. Don't. Even hum it. Thank. You all, on your hands and knees when you do it first no no you know if you do if no I have a camera, I can't, crawl on my hands when I'm holding a camera get. On your knees I didn't, know yeah in Action Hero we're sneaking in your like agency, ID okay. We are not gonna break in with that attitude okay, sit. Down on your hands and knees crawl. Better. And. Much better. Lady. Off to our left, oh yeah. This is it there, we go can. You get in the castle yeah. Easy okay it's, not sketchy. No. Right here don't do it him right. Here. We go. Come. On. We're, good we're good okay here Colby can take this. How. Did you definite faster than cool okay Cory it's. Already, hot ball well this is close story we're all in dude. Okay. We're. Doing it down a little bit come over here and go over luck I'll be up dude, that's good court action movie that's break, up that is not like an action movie star. Singing. Music music. Okay. Yep I got. It okay get them careful get. The castle watch. Out there's nails on very fiddly. Oh. Okay. You. Storm. It stormy. Faster there's an 8-pound or real storm, the capital you just got hit right you. Hit the nail nail didn't hit you no I'm gonna sit on the nail now it feels good here we go.

Let's. Make out. So. Just crawl, down my hoodie. And. We actually yeah no, okay. I honestly, don't know what to do I know. They're gonna come here. We're, selling, one thing right here this. Is it I wouldn't feel safe I were perfect oh shit. Oh god alright splinters. Even. If they look in the castle, I can't look again yeah. Look. At my fingers. Brothers. But, Oh alright. Let's hide it. But. It is only one guy long. I. Don't. Know was he only. 20, minutes 45 minutes we've been here don't worry I think it's safe to say that the staff is already gone pop our heads out see if there's anyone out there and then let's make our way over to Jake. Trim their work and then we can text, him and tell him like k2. Lows it's clear come come let us in okay yeah let's just make sure there's no in here I'm scared oh my. God actually there's actually member guy oh I gotta kill my light you want light where'd he go where'd he go good he go. Okay. Don't ride the bumper all right. Okay. Didn't. Like do, this to the blue, doors so. He must have already locked do. You think he's going after the metal gate yeah yeah actually he. Probably locked the entire inside which. Is awesome, if Jake's still inside but should they just have a sliding snack window oh they do they. Have a sliding snack window the mini-golf thing oh my. God, which is guaranteed he can open that pry the top out. Let's, go. Bro. This place is a sauna, it. Is, hot oh oh. The sauna just kicked into it it. Is, happy it is, really, hot. Think. That guy who left. The. Other thing no one here parking. Lots completely, oh. My. God look at this look. At this view Scottie's. Do, fine yeah. Alright. Well look dude we just we just saw the last guy leave so I think you're good so, stay there for like two more minutes we'll, make sure it's clear and then we'll get you out. Yeah. But I think, it is. So. There must be it's. Still the dubious still hope, don't. Be have sons in, there they, would have locked that. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Doing somebody still isn't that she's doing someone's either walking around or they're in there cuz they would have lost that they left. I. Hear. Someone what. I just, heard a huge bang think.

That Guy who oh. My. God is there a lot. I just, locked it locked the door. We, should not be here. Should. I call Jake. Don't. Go that way stop stop you walk that way there's. Windows right there you just walk that way how can we get good I do was he right next door. What. Is he doing. You, must have seen her on camera then you already. Know to go to that machine unit I see, him. What. Do you the guy the guy he's looking he's looking, right by look. For the basketball court thing that's, right I think. That's, right next to jail no no I think you got him no I'm not even kidding no, no no I'm being there for you what did he see one a camera then you see that. All, right, go. Take a seat just wait here until the cops get here right I take. A seat. Mate. Then. What has occurred though if then we need to go to, the front, no. The front hit locked I remember when we both know that doesn't matter I don't want to get caught if he's already gone. Get. Him out what would you say we can get. Him out leave maybe we all we can just like say like yeah we're gonna leave him like just leave, him in there yeah. When we do either, call him right now or just go, hey. Dude sorry dumb, thing please don't hurt our friend. Man. I don't know what you're trying to do here what you're trying to do trying to steal the place or some, items here you. Just got caught by I don't know sorry. I need you to fill out a form real quick right I. Just. Did it for a day right, there yeah. Yeah, I wasn't trying to do anything yeah you know. Yeah. Okay. Remember. When I had to go to the bathroom yeah. I rented, the place out and. I talked. To the manager and okay can you and it's, just stupid more don't know, well no like we're gonna stay overnight yeah, but, we're gonna stay overnight but also Jake. Doesn't know that so Jake. Thinks he's in a holding cell in an office about to get arrested. I. Thought. We were like getting, him. No. No Toby look behind you oh. Why. The hell you wouldn't be like yeah this'll run, he. Still doesn't know anything no, no he doesn't I was gonna like Arjun get his shit out of them should. We act like cops I'd actually like crap, his pants yeah we did all that all. That sneaky, crap huh, just, to prank Jake and. Us. Bags, bro, tell. You guys the roll Arella you're in an action movie if we're actually trying, to break in summer. Because, it looks cool right. Already, I'm a bang you gotta go for it, I've. Always wanted to be a cop. It's. A boy. Hey. Hey. What's. Wrong. Look. Really comfortable right now can I just say that yeah, why do you look so comfortable somebody's about to get arrested. Reed, is accepting, that you were getting arrested. Yeah. Are. You I can't tell what you are everything, at once so, what's, going on all. Right doesn't actually. So. Before, we left I went in here and I just tried talking to the manager and then it from there I was able to talk to the owner and I was actually able to just rent it out over the night so.

How, Long did you know that they. Didn't know until about we found out about fire that's about 35 minutes ago yeah I've known the entire time obviously. So. Mega. Mega mega oh, wait he was never part of that when I was in there was he she, this is Jake's first prank. We. Can do anything. Go. Punch bumper, boats batting, cages mini golf arcade. We. Got it all to ourselves to, the whole night oh this feels so much different don't, we can actually be here like legally decided first thing we're doing is, lube I am the, new Bellino right there yeah Cory. Oh no, Cory. Last. Time we wrote a ride like that together was probably one of the funniest two minutes of my entire life I think, it is long overdue for, a, part two yeah. I think everyone, wants a part to it I hope you guys get stuck up there yeah don't you dare say that back don't you dare say that there's no boat before and it could get really tough eat chili-cheese fries, like two. Hours ago I think I'm good on this one. My. Watch no. We. Actually figured, out how to pull this off I was like hey Jay can you just like strap us in and operationalize, me no. We're. Good it, would be two youtubers. That catapulted. Two hundred feet across the freeway. Let. Me shove you up brother no you're fine bro you're good do my god dude there's, a bimbo actually, yeah you guys could go first actually come on Jake is not Jake, is not never after what I just put him through I think I might have to give him that honor, do. You would you actually want us to die what, no. What. I'm taking care of you guys that bro, I don't. I do, it I don't want to do I believe in him yeah. No I don't steady. Ah. Yes. Show everyone what, I had to build kind. Of anticipating, this oh my it's a GoPro and they'll have a light for it so I took another light and then I taped it all together so that way we can hold this out. How. Do you guys feel I'm the ghost around 50 miles an hour.

I. Hope. I don't leave this GoPro so what, do we got here. So. How many people have flown off this I. Don't. Like that okay, so Elton's chopped in not you you're just gonna want to hold onto this. Let's. Start it up this is what I got and you just like if you just brought really yeah you're gonna hang tight as you can okay. Thanks. Oh. So, which one should I press first red or blue which one I'm. Gonna go with blue good red in the color okay what about you I'm, definitely gonna say blue okay rock paper scissors I'll press whichever one wins, what. Was the point of asking ready blue. Oh stop. Elton, I'm gonna need you stop. Tightening. My feet bill well. Ready give a big shout out to God for, letting me live for 23 years it was cool it, was super dope Oh. Goodbye. Oh. My, god oh my. God. Okay. That, was fast. Hold. On right there stop. It oh. Shit. Oh, shit, who. Elton, Elton, I. Don't like that what is he gonna do oh boy I don't even arrest my feet on your feet so I feel like I'm on top of something I'm gonna puke oh. You're. Gonna make me pass out I can't fucking breathe if it drops under puke I'm really gonna need you to come if it draw a minute I'm gonna be ready to calm the fuck down. Listen. Listen to me count, to 10 with me why I really actually hate this a genuine here to die gentlemen old sin just count 3 come, on we can do it 4 5. Look. Is. There any way to just keep them up there for hours I could probably keep them up to, three minutes yeah, perfect. Perfect stay, there next - we. Don't have, been, should, we go on the save tired I'm scared here Jacob take this we're going with what we're, going for it - we're. Going for Jake I'm gonna I'm gonna throw up I sort of got it is actually stuck I think it's actually starting shut the fuck up I think it's actually stuck Elson are you shitting, me. You. Do not see that it is, not stuck, we. Are having fun broken, up. That stuck it's broken this is our entire overnight video stop, 24. Hours/overnight on, top of a thing in 24, hours on an amusement park ride are, you serious if we're still up here is this Jake is Jake doing this. God, have fun boys. Jake what, I don't. Want to do this anymore okay, why are we. Oh. They're. So. Scary, where's risk for you Cory is, puking. Puking. I am. Shaking. Shaking. So. I don't like this. So. Look up, look. Up see. Who's up there. There's. Every way to like lock, this up yeah. I mean like just we just like close it, we. Just lock it up right. Look. I'm gonna saying I wanna play mini golf and Sam's gonna beat me but. He can't if. He's out there dude. I can't feel my face, but. I love it. I. Was, crying Oh guys I'm not gonna lie this ride. Sucks, it's. Scary, it's not fun I have a massive headache we should look around in circles, while this goes in circles, ah. Okay. What. Could they be doing do, you think Jake and Nelson are getting on, no. Did. You see that I know. No. Seth. Says bye. What he would buy. I'm. So confused, I can't. We can't even see down. Yeah. Look lucky me cell phone service up there other, phones aren't in the pockets, so. That's. Your stuff actually yeah just locked it no yeah that's locked and that's. Next. Go-karting. Can we order a pizza and then the notes be like the table. Guys. Get some rides in huh. Yeah. What do you think they're talking about wait who sam, and colby those guys lilies fill up. Oh. Hey. It is. It going No, if you, quit oh oh. Your, God and then it doesn't oh. Fuck. It's, shaking - it oh my oh oh. Oh. Rushed, of all it. Crushed the ball yeah balls of steel bro, are being balling right now. There's nothing. Fun. About this experience. You, know. It's vibrating what wow that was my leg. God. Why. Is it taking so long I know I didn't even take this long last hey, hey look what. Is this thing. Jake, pick off new cars man. Alright fine I'll go save Sam Colby oh. My. Fucking, god. Hurry. Up there boy, are we done why did you make us feel we done, are. We done what oh please, be done oh. Fuck. Weird, no, one got on we're, just sitting here okay. We're done. Okay. We, went to go karting what. We. Did a couple laps on the go-karts, oh we. Completely, locked it up and went go-karting, what. What. God. Is instructing, me, city. Elephant. It was so cold. Huh. I might throw up later with cheese fries, hey dick grab, a bat and grab a helmet some thing one thing and run back yep. Yep there yes what. This is cool yeah really have no idea how this work Duffy he. Doesn't know. How to play one more thing, turn your helmet around. Jimmy. Wait. Here. In. Your hand sweetie. Oh. He's. Blindfolded, blindfolded. Okay. Oh. Dude. You're so close to chipping your thumb. Are. You okay. Elton. Are. You okay they came out with a bat we're going into the fast pitch, baseball, which is like 80 miles an hour bro level ten pitches each whoever, hits the most bear, wins, winner.

Gets. To go inside, and make, a slushy that the other person has to drink let's do it get them between you two between us up to here. Oh. That's. Water that's one pitch. 5s pitch five oh. It's. Not looking good now do pretend. See. If he's any better first, one right here one. Hurt. He just beat you instantly he just beat your son he. Just beat you inside. He. Do. He. Does. Right. My. Order Jake, you named go look up cutie smaller. If. You named, your poop - Oh God. Todd why isn't that code put. In there and it turned purple. Oh my. God. Yeah. We're good yeah, no. No we're good no it's not those damn stop Sam stop what you're doing oh yeah. That's. Great thank. You else no it's not. Dude. It looks like a. Good. Theory. Oh God, there's no way never, taken, information I had no idea that this is what we were doing this this is exciting I'm right okay. Safety, first. Hey. Feelin I got my skateboard, in my baseball helmet and, I kind, of feel safer now huh what drive yeah sure. Right. Now would you say you think there's not a good skater oh gee I'm about to die. Not, going his way. Let's, go. Okay. That was scary them. Ruin. My bun going. On your bus hi, bro let's go. Cody. Guys. It's Superman. Oh. Shit. Oh. Laughter, long time he did cry. No. No. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. My. God, dad, to say shut, up Danny, he's, been he's, in the jet yeah he's been helping us out he, we all forgot our math he's bringing them all up. Job. Job. So. He. Get. Your YouTube channel, you have, to manage this amusement park I'm, okay, with that I'm. Okay. With that bro let's do. You. Guys, are all settled up ready to go it's our last thing. Oh. I. Go. To the bathroom for. Five minutes, connected. Good. Guys. We, don't actually have to sleep here you know that I think. It's like 5:00 in the morning, oh, so. We're just staying here until 5:00 I mean. We. Don't actually have the sleeper we, can you know get a hotel yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah we can do that. Unless. It you guys that are you guys actually trying it. Is fucking. Like 50 degrees I was gonna say wait is if, if the managers still here we should just go inside. I mean. Hungies. Okay. We can go there food first. Danny. I assume you want to go home too, kinda. Yeah okay. Yeah. I mean we did it did it I. Might. Possibly be my favorite and our most. Fun yeah. Overnight, video we've ever done I think all the viewers gonna agree, that this was a really fun video yes, right and we, rebel right. Well the worst at Cana was to me hey if having this much fun so legal then locked me up. Hey. Brady oh. Hey. You really Tom, Brady's the one who's gonna be throwing attaching, it right what's enough huh Tom Brady's the quarterback he's the one who throws here he comes that's Tom right there no, you just here he comes you wouldn't throw it at Tom Brady you wouldn't. Throw don't watch baseball Olson we did it safely, properly although I have some fun, sorry Deborah we didn't know either you fucking, oh. Yeah. There's like 5:00 in the morning we're completely. I don't know how they still have energy I they were literally just asleep 30, seconds, ago I don't understand I'm, gonna go get at the hotel so we gotta stay for like five hours we're gonna continue this, on guys, I hope you enjoyed, this video it, wasn't a per, se illegal by, any means we want to try and do things a little bit safer so I hope you guys enjoyed it hit the like button if you guys are new here which is very possible hit the subscribe samara, - all of their channel descriptions, and links and everything instruments are down below also. Tea fil has a second channel we make documentaries, I actually have my own nonprofit now. All. That's in the description check it out we make videos every other week there so, guys do me a favor leave us adjusting where you'd want us to see it's like takeover, next and we want to do it properly and maybe bring some more friends next time you, had a mean like maybe not enough for you else I'm just saying like how much fun would it be if we took over a trampoline park, and cream I'm gonna miss the bus. Hey. Jake I'm just saying like the idea we pick over a trampoline park maybe we get like 10 12 your ends together create a bunch of. Take. It over like, bubble soccer and, a trampoline play saying like laser tag stuff, like that like make like three more friends then make it more fun, also we still have more trips coming up do you bounce back Wow okay thank you guys so much for watching like. Button subscribe share, this video I hope you really enjoyed it glad, to be back love, you guys. Goodnight. By the way it was really expensive to rent this place house if you guys want to support the channels in society calm all your merch helps us do more videos like this.

It's Gonna be a good day god. Gonna go your ways all, the bad way, you date from. Your path.

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Corey: oh I'm going to sit on a nail Also Corey: ooh it feels good

more Jake

Corey: If you choke on me I am gonna pass out

the background music in 9:15 reminds me of that old utah vlog with the snowball fight

7:05 i thought it was finnished

Yoooo!! Scandia actually recently got shut down!! i live right near it!! Ontario PD dont play either so im glad no cops were involved lmao

more more more jake please please thank you uncle elton

yes, most fun and legal

Is colby quit you tube ( someone answer me !!

*OMG ITS VIABRATING* ...no that was just my leg

More jake lol

Sam ans Colby: "bye guys.." Me: *clicks tongue* "Goddammit Sam and Colby"

Coolest shit ever

Sending love and affection towards Sam and Colby

i liked the qwean meary

Screw demons, let’s ride this thing!

Love u guys!

So funny how when jake gets caught Colby’s all “we gotta get outa here” while sams all “we gotta get our friend outa here.” Sammy’s so brave

Did I see a little tear on Corey’s eye when the first ride was on motion??

more motherfricken jake

The fear on Elton's face was the greatest thing ever

i love it like sam and colby on their channel be like bye guys then 3 week's latter on TFIL where's the logic ????????

Hi Elton, the next video you should go to Disney or SeaWorld overnight in Florida.in sea world you could walk around or watch the animals and in Disney you walk could walk around or go on the rides and the friends you should bring is Colby Sam Corey Jake Katrina Kevin and Devyn Ps. You guys are amazing and I LOVE YOU guys

Elton sounds like a crazy maniacal serial killer

Elton’s crazy laugh

less Jake

TFIL please do another fun video that can make me smile like the last one and more jake

And Colby looks like he’s on crack

Elton and Corey sounded like the devil when they were on crazy ride


u should take over a paintball place

Overnight at a rock climbing place

overnight in an mansion

40:52 I can not stop laughing "guys it's superman!"

Honestly, I feel bad for Sam and Colby. Elton and Corey were terrified being on that ride and it's so fucked that Elton,knowing what the feels like, decided to leave them up there. That's fucked up mann.

Overnight behind a police station OR Overnight in a random playground *i feel like they already did one of these already*

More Trap House Crew!

six flags

Moree jakeee

you guys had such a blast :O

Why didn't the just text instead of call

We want more jake , Corey, Sam and Colby :)

Oh is anyone scared if being on rides like that one that was hanging upside down or ones that go in circles upside down because we're so tiny that we start to fall out of the ride or is that just me? Pry just me but I hope I'm not alone

Whats that red and black striped shirt that guy is wearing it looks dope

Why did you leave the one person who has never done an overnight. Choose Corey or Elton but not Jake.

MORE JAKE!! And I'm so glad TFIL is back!

I missed these videos and all the boys together!

Sam and colby:I'm sry were done with YouTube it's to stressful Tfil:you want to be in a youtube vid? Sam and colby:oh hells to the yes

I’m 11 and went on that with my older sister I screamed more than Sam and Colby

Nvm yes

corey: “shoutout to god for letting me live for 23 years” us: shoutout to god for letting the guys comeback and continue TFIL


bro I forgot Elton was such a big ass prankster I was so scared for jake XD

You'd think Corey wouldn't have a fear of heights now considering what they put him through

Take over Disney land or Disney world!

'I'd rather jump at this point!!!' Ha ha! Too funny!!

Come back guys

i miss sam and colby

More jake❤️❤️❤️

Listen to 34:32 with your eyes closed

3:02 I thought they were gonna say something about big nik XD

MORE JAKEEEE, They brought Jake like I asked


14:58 there is a guy in all black

More Jake!!! Also I was laughing through this whole thing and smiling like if you agree

you should go to trap house

The scaryest thjng i relized from this video is hos big eltons mouth is



I’ve not laughed so hard in ages

29:10,Jake was having the time of his life

come back to Australia!!!!!

More jakeeeee

I have that same belt that Colby is wearing!


Colby: There was nothing fun in this experience.. Me: Oh no Not my colby Bae!!


More Jake ofc, he is babybubba haha


elton sounded like a manman on the ride

more jake!

31:34 AWWWWW

Added to my favorites. ❤️❤️

Rawlins Wyoming (haunted house) Old Abandon prison. There is a movie on it. They say its haunted.

Over 250 people died there. Being hung, suicide, or by the gas chamber. It's now a museum. The movie about it is called "prison"

Should check it out, and maybe stay there overnight.

colby : i dont wanna get caught! He's already did!! me : what a good friend you are, colby, i thought you would save him ;-;

More jake more jake more jake more jake more jake more jake. Yeahhhh tfil is BACKKKKKKK

I miss Sam and colby brock

Hey I love the idea BUT honestly it would have made it a lot cooler if ya'll actually had to sneak in, not like renting out the place but ACTUALLY sneaking in. The risk is what takes in some of the viewers, ya know? That's just what I'd like to see more of personally, but hey you do you I'm still gonna keep watching

Elton is super calm and wants Corey to go on the ride but Corey really doesn’t want to go Elton and Corey get stuck up the top Elton: “I don’t like this. No seriously I’m going to throw up” Corey: “it’s okay Elton. 1...2...3...”

Love this video !!! Im so happy tfil is back. I look so forward to these. Corey, Sam and Colby always make it so funny and it’s great when you add more people but don’t ever let them leave

yo Elton looks like my biology teacher

That solby moment tho ❤️

"more jake"


Colby with black airforces on? IM HERE FOR IT

28:07 "we are having fun!" he says as he clings onto the straps of his seat

I'm hungeez

You guys should stay over at six Flags

*wheezes intensify*

I would love to have friends this ballsy lmao

Hey, I know that place

Jake laughing while filming them on the ride

The video is cool

What's up Sam and Cody I like your video

But i thought sam and colby left the channel

Anyone know what song that was at the end???


I felt bad for Sam and colby tbh Elton did them bad :/

When Jake got caught I just kept saying oh my God Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake no I was literally having a heart attack

We literally locked this up and the three of us went gokarting Sam&colby: what?

U should do overnight in a cinema/movie theatre


The fact that elton and corey are like the same on the ride cause elton was like scared about to cry and about to vomit and corey was like scared and and was about to cry and they were both laughing too

Friends are such assholes... I love it

Me: Nobody: I mean nobody: Corey: I WANT A MC DOUBLE

more jake lmao

More Jake ngl

Jake has to be part of TFIL like its so much funnier with him

Legit so happy to see Sam and Colby

No more jake

28:02 my last brain cells fighting

Thumbs up for bringing back Sam and Colby

Elton’s evil laugh tho lmao

Yo Elton when are you going to the Aokigahara Suicide Forest

Sam: the front lock tho Colby: NOTHATDOESNTMATTERIDONTWANNAGETCAUGHT LMAO love you guys ❤️❤️

Where exactly is this?!?! It looks so fun

WHY DIDN'T YOU GO BACK FOR JAKE!?! I would never leave a friend behind! If one of us goes down, we all go down! Wait nvm i should probably comment before i get to the end of the video lmoa

More Jake please !!!!!

That part when they were all on the giant stick-swingy-thing you can just hear a constent "oh SHiT! OH FuCK


Those belts look so old lol

This is the funniest video by far

“It is not stuck!! We are having fun” I cackled. When they started going fast on the ride I started feeling sick for them

AHAHAH corey’s scream bc jake is operating the ride and then saying yes made me die

Can I join you guys on one of your adventures in the future? I'm a really bug fan and I love climbing things all the time!!

More Jake I love these guys

It's Australia 2.0 with Elton and Corey


I am sooo happy that they r posting again

You know what would be cool if they had a vote/giveaway like had one of us go on a overnight challenge with them


Does anyone know what amusement they were at?


i fucking lost my shit when the video started playing. Like WTF?! Why do you need to put such a loud background music at the start?! rip

elton took jake's mega prank war virginity lol


More Jake!!

Corey: we did all that sneaky crap just to prank Jake and us ... fans: umm...and me ,hello?


Hello! I know this sounds really spammy and will pROBABLY get lost in the comments like all he others.. TwT. But I need to inform some people that I just opened my YouTube channel! It would be really nice if you could help me out a bit by subscribing or giving me some suggestions in the comments of the one video clip I have so far. I can basically do everything because I have proper equipment and cameras. Tysm for reading this and I hope you have a nice day

They cant operate rides, so they probably just... rented the park overnight.

Corey: Why don't we just go in and say "Hey d-dude s-sorry d-dumb - thing please don't hurt our friend" Awww


More Jake

Yay.... Tfil is back babyyy!!

More Jake, I love all of you together


On the death ride: Corey: *holds onto the seat belt for dear life* Elton: *holds onto the Go Pro for dear life*

can you guys try to sneak into a water park plssssssss


Elton, plz come here. This place is in Toronto and there is an amusement park name Canada's wonderland! It's really super fun! The fastest and fun ride is the laviaton! There is also a water park and 50+ different rides! I would love to see you guys do an video there! Btw i wiuld recommend going on my fav ride the Vortex! Please go Uncle Elton!

Go to the abandoned mall that you hit like 2 or 3 times

The guy at the beginning:"Fucking ass....." He was driving by because you guys where in the way.

Bring Brennen Taylor !!!!

30:00 I lost my shit

1 like = 100 prayers for Sam and Colby

(More jake) plzzzzz❤❤❤❤

MORE JAKE Way more jake

This place is 30 min away from my house

"More jake"

sam and colby always make me laugh. at 30.05 i was crying from laughter

I just wanna give a hug at Jake Sam and Colby

i chocked in my own saliva laughing watching them shit for the whole video.

Where is this amusement park, what country? And what town?


chucky cheeze

MORE JAKE ...........please


Indoor wall climbing

Mooooooore of this please! I miss Sam & Colby. I love you guys.

This might sound crazy but maybe you could either stay over night in a 0 gravity place or over night at a zoo PLEASE!!!!


i like how they said that the New Zealand ride broke they just didn't pull the cord hard enough XD

the best videos are the ones with you, sam, Colby and Corey

Elton is the KING of PRANK WARS!

Watching this @ 2am was a bad idea




corey is such a mood honestly

More jake more corey more sam more colby & more n more elton

I love how there not scared of staying over night but there scared of spiders

More Jake though. Seriously


Bitch tf.....

Hey, idea for your video to kinda give back to fans. Maybe hold a contest or something to bring luck winning fans with you to like, over night bowling, overnight trampoline, ( or for the brave ... like me) join in one of your ghost videos.

More jake pweese

I try to forget that I got friend zoned and then I watch this video that the guy was talking about because I found out he knew Sam and colby aka my fave youtubers and he was talking about this video

Why didn't Jake say that his friends locked him up...????? Edit:ohh okay

Plz come back sam and colby. Ps love your videos jake

I was there when you guys came, I was like wtf are they doing in small little Victorville. It was awesome to see you guys there

18:05 look in the door

Well, another overnight video coming

less Jake More Sam & Colby Jk❤️


28:00 Cory: it is not stuck, were having fun Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA

go to a skate/trampoline park

this was a really good video!

Moreeee videossss with this group( colby,sam,corey, and jake)

I love how Elton goes through the process of hiding and letting a friend think they've been caught then telling them he's rented it and it's all legal

28:52 when Elton and Corey get so excited about saying the same thing


Elton and Corey: *coughing and screaming* OH MY GOD OH MY GOD *start laughing and clapping* *immediately back to gagging and screaming*

Elton: Are you serious that were still up here??? Is this Jake?! Is Jake doing this??? Elton and Corey: ......

Sam at 45:41

*I’m taking care of you guys tonight.*



Omg I started dying when they were on the ride

I love it♡ pls do more together♡

Elton looks like one of my ex boyfriend. Lol. Hehehe.


This is the first time I have felt empathy for people lmao


Lol i love the outro where sam is jusy dancing

All of this was giving me anxiety

2:00 Mr.Brightside playing on the speaker :)

Wow I live 10 mins away from there. I could’ve seen y’all

I don’t think you know how much I love overnight videos



elton you look so cute in this video

When the police arrived Sam and Colby: THEY ASK ME HOW you are you just have to say you are fine when you are not fine----------

9:36 **Me when someone wakes me up**

why does Colby at 1:14 look depressed

Idea: over night in perth wa bounce trampoline park

I laughed till I cried, I love you guys so much! You need to come back to Australia but this time come to Perth!! We have adventure world, where you could stay over night? Idk but you guys NEED to come to Perth in Western Australia

Lilly has the same shirt as me lol

Elton....i know it was from an old video but you said you and the gang will go back to the wailey house....so when is that video.....like this comment if you want to see this

Sam I really miss your scary videos. Even though this was scary for you, I mean hosting game and midnight man stuff. Could you please try to play a ritual soon, I request the ghost blanket game that jay station did

The Funniest youtube video this year.


My cat farted at the same time they smelled the drink and that in my mind it smells like lol




You guys keep me smiling. Best video I've seen in a long time but any YouTuber

More jakeeee❤️❤️

"I'm hungies". Such a mood


I felt sooo bad for Sam and Colby

this was the BEST video i have EVER SEEN!!! i love ur reactions on that ride XD LMAO!!! omg love yall so much :3

Duuuuude this is like one of the best videos on YouTube


Me: Should be sleeping cause it’s 3 am Also me: Ah sleep is for the weak I’m gonna binge watch YouTube videos

I love when all you guys get together it makes me happy

Employee of the month goes to Jake

Elton! i'm gonna need you to calm the fuck down"

You know this is good content when there is 141k likes and 500 hate likes

30:33 - 30:38 “imma be quiet , imma be quiet, imma be quiet

I need a friend like elton none of my friends down to be trespassing places over night

It is not Stuck.. where having funn

That place is like 10 min from my house and I herd it is going out of Business

I fuckn Love Elton man I was dying laughing

27:02 had me in tears

I feel bad for laughing at the four grown men almost crying it was the funniest thing ever

thank y'all for bringing me happiness

i hate all of you exsept for sam and colby

tbh leaving Sam and Colby up there was a real shit move

Me before watching the video: Not this again. This is stupid. I'm not doing this. Me after watching: Okay, I might need to do this.

This almost gave me a heart attack

Omg!! Poor Sam and Colby

i don't have like this sydney , it make me depressed not things like that :(


Grrr I know exactly where this is I live so close anddd I know where tifl’s first amusement park was to I lived by there to ......:( why can’t I be in the right place right time

When Elton and Corey started going up on the ride it gave me BAD anxiety

U SHOULD DO A OVER NIGHT AT A MOVIE THEATER Like if u think they should

Lol I wish I could do this with you btw your AWESOME!!!

elton and corey looks high on drugs haha

25:10 elton's reaction HAHAHAHAHA evil laughing

Psa y’all that big ride isn’t scary it’s about 150ft tall

But the fact I live 2 miles away from here and I was there 2 weeks ago makes me so mad

More jake!!

24:09 wth is that elton haha

Bru the guy entered into the room to talk to jake and he puts his feet up like what a savage

Damn it I saw the time length of this video but I have to go to bed :’(

“I’m not crying ..ITS RAINING “

They should do 24 hours in a McDonald’s

I can’t believe you guys were at this Scandia that’s the city I’m from

This whole video is just one long Mega Mega Elton Prank!



Colby saying i cant feel my mouth

I love the long vids thanks

Do an overnight at a place called the Whitehouse retreat it's in St. Louis, mo. One of the rooms there is where a boy stayed who was later exorcised

I love the song that is at the end of the video

Corey sliding down standing up remains me of princess diaries two when her grandma goes down on the slide during the “sleepover bridal shower” part. Anyone else?

Why did their voices sound like they were in a tunnel when they got to the top og the swing ride? 29:18

When Elton and Corey were on the ride, I couldn’t stop laughing!!!!

More jake more jake more jake more jake more jake more jake more jake more jake

More jakeeeeee

Cory 'its ok i just cant breathe!'

Most of the time when Elton and Corey are on that ride Elton sounds like a demon is coming out of him

More Jake More Jake More Jake More Jake More Jake

Do another but you 5 only no other

tfil is back for real including sam and colby

More JAKE!!!!!!!

I was crying of laughter then I saw them screaming at each other but then I felt bad because they were scared

Rip all in castle

HI sam hi colby hi Aroon hi Jake hi Elton i am you biggest fan my coputer back round is of all of you guys when i get a new rooom the poster is ganna be of you i love you guys you are my idols i don't no what i will do without you love you guys

is this in victorville lol


Has ANYONE thought.....dont these places ahve security cameras.....how

Okay so I think Elton’s and Corey’s reaction to the first ride was fucking hilarious

Elton: you don’t throw to Tom brady he throws to you he is the quarterback Corey: what Elton: you don’t throw to Tom brady he throws to you he is the quarterback Corey: sorry Elton I don’t watch baseball Me: dying


If I break the like button I’ll break my iPad!!!

Wait Jake is taller then Elton

Two words. *MORE. JAKE. PLEASE.*

Corey: N-no i didnt cry, im not crying! Sam: IM CRYING IM CRYING

me doing my homework in silece also me screaming along to all of the loud shit going on also me SAM AND COLBY ARE BACK BITCHES


11:10 Like princess;)

Sam and Colby: *looks at each other** *looks at the others* Sam and Colby: “*WHAT”*

What does TFIL mean *The F**k It List* *Or* *The Fun In Life* Also *more Jake* *More Corey* *More Sam and Colby and Elton* THEY SHOULD DO OVERNIGHT AT A WATER PARK!!?!! LIKE IF U AGREE

How does Elton know everyone

27:06 Corey's scream


You there

"I'd rather just jump at this point"

This was posted on my birthday ... I feel special

this shit was so funny

What's great about this, is I legit live not too far from this Scandia. Omfg. I couldve been there while yall were there. Now I'm SAD.

This Jake dude ruined the whole video, that dude is weird af

11:20 bro did I just here sucker by the Jonas brothers

Y’all make my life boring

Anyone else thinking sam and Colby going back to jail soon

No way!!!!! You guys were so close to me . That place is near my house !

Omg i havent been to scandia for the longest time, nostalgic feels

U guys should come to australia and take over my school. Actually that'd DEFINETLY work but it won't be thatuch fun unless u dome to my class

This is literally the best thing I've ever watched in my life.. Especially having fuckin water and spiting water all over my dang bed. This is the best seriously❤❤❤❤

omg i live in new zealand


Awesome video guys!

I'm freakin dying all the videos and all the heights and they are screaming like babies omgggggg lmfaooooooooooooo

Oh my lol this is fun....

yes you guys are back

Okay but I love that Jake wasn't about to snitch, he said it was a dare instead of ratting out the rest of them

This was right by where I live

oVeRnIghT oN tOp oF A tHinGy

26:03 “you can’t hold on right there stop it!”

OMG OMG Sam and Colby were near my house

Jake dying in a hot closet thingy Sam,Colby,Corey,Elton....weeeeee so fun A few minutes later Sam and Colby scared out of their minds Jake Corey Elton wee yeah

11:14 has me rolling hehehe

I don’t think uncle Elton likes Aron

It was actually kind of fun to watch when it was not a prank and kept me entertained

Corey on a roller coaster is hilarious I’m literally laughing out loud

what’s this park called

" *YOU* hit the nail, the nail did'nt hit you."

35:17 When my crush says they like me back...

Isn’t that boomers

Why does Elton remind me of a crazy ass 60 year old man or something while he's riding that ride with Corey lol

OMG I live 2 minutes away from there. You're at Scandia in VictorVille, California right?

They would hate me on a rollar coaster all i do is laugh lol and scream and laugh more i love them lol

Does anyone know what the name of this place is?

I love how you guys are so loud :D

i love you guys and everything but i just noticed it’s a bunch of kids watching reckless middle aged adults

This video brought tears to my eyes it was so funny!

more jake!!

I’m literally Corey on rides

hi you prob dont know me butt i allwased wanted to do the stuph u do

Why is this a start to a teenager movie?

Did you guys go to jail

Stay overnight in a baseball park

Thad thumbnail tho’

haha i know where exactly were they are. thats pretty coolio

When Colby said “ w o a h” I felt that

and they only have 2.3 mil wtf

Keep him

Bring people only if their funny

U guys should do a extreme prank war

no more jake only the original 4

i am scared for you. i feel like i am in there with you guys (edit: like always Elton pranks them by renting the place beforehand)

brjkhghuegohthogj'ghjghagerahkgjhdsjfhauhfajwkhfugffGRN HHRMHG325 2 2 23 235545455555ii8575857867+85-486-345986-948653-86-3498655-9486-349865-04865-9486--394863-8546-9486035986-4863

that was the best 40 min of my life thx

Pussy's wahhhhhhhhh they cried lol it is not that scary lol

Watching them on the tall ride (the first one) made me really scared. Like I just want to go to my boyfriend's house and make him hold me


jake is honestly such a fucking dumbass

My freaking anxiety when Jake got caught

In the background the song Wake me up was playing

More jake!!!!!

Did no one see the hickey on jakes neck at 2:33??

Is this scanda fun center

45:40 whatcha lookin at colby? xD

28:45 your welcome

38:02 what the heck


at 14:57 i freaked out bc i thot corey was a worker

Missed y'all bro's

More jake❤

Dude let me come with you guys X3 I wanna do this so bad X3 I don't got friends to do this with lol




Møre Jake !!! || \/

3:06 *corey knocks on door* Yeah Corey it’s like Big Nick is going to open the door and be like “ hey guys, do you deliver my mail now?”

I’d love to go to an amusement park with the boys!

The biggest rollercoaster was everyone’s emotions on that first ride

Can u just imagine them all grow old and tell their own grandkids how fucking cool of a youth they have had. Ghost story's, exploring EVERYTHING, skating in an amusement park AT NIGHT. Like they would be sooo cool grandparents.


*Sam and Colby is stuck on 500ft or more amusement park ride* : theres nothing fun about this experience *cuts to Elton, Corey and Jake playing go kart and having the time of their life*

Elton n Corey at the top was my fave part

i love corey

Go to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. If you do go...hopefully I am there on the same day as y’all.

11:16 "Okay lets make out"

im crying of happynes :))

haha can we take a second to appreciate Eltons laugh.



Hey if I'm not retarded enough to do it, then might as well watch them try to put wut little brains that they have together and pull it off so, entertainment


Imagine if you guys went to Knotts Berry farm or AIR ZONE


Omg I'm so sad that I didn't know you were in Victorville, dang it haha still love you though



Next Overnight at a abandoned waterpark or just overenight at a Trampoline park...

Omg you guys were right next to my house and heard you guys screaming lol no lily

Elton goes from monkey to demon in like two seconds WORLD RECORD

Also Jake,please stay with the group next time

I love Colby but he's starting to dress like the boy who every girl claimed to date in Middle school. The emo boy photo. . . You know who I'm speaking of

I love you guys so much you guys always put a smile on my face everytime I watch your videos

They were in my city yay

More jake!

Elton and Corey looked like they just got in the cave with the green air in the movie ice age

scandia low key lit

Colby looked like Freddie Krueger crawling into the castle

Does Sam always have to wear a bright colored shirt in sneak in videos????

Who’s that in the window at 18:04

Nvm I just saw that Elton rented it out

I thoungt this was Morgz

All I got a say is... Oof.


Wait Sam and Colby are okay???!?!???

This is the best TFIL over night video.

Poor jake

Please tell me when you go back!!! I know that’s the victorville scandia :)))

Fucking colby “Idc If he got caught, I don’t wanna get caught.” Fuckin mood tbh

i love it when elton just absalutly loses his S***

why does Corey sound like a worried mother when her son missed the ball.....or got hit in the top of the head

Urban air

Fun town Splash town Saco Maine

I'm a girl BTW lol just my brothers phone

I love u guys I missed Sam and Colby love youuuu

Sam and colby come back please @Sam And Colby

Corey if I had your confidence, I would die

Help me!!!!


MoRe JaKe PlS !

18:04 look in the window

I feel like I just watched Corey and Elton slowly go insane at the top of that ride

24 hours overnight on top of a thingy

More Jake!

Low-key thought my cinnamon roll was gonna jail

27:06 It's refreshing to know that two grown men scream louder than me when on a ride like that


just saying the high ride you went on in nz was called the fear fall

SAM, COLBY, COREY, AARON, JAY, AND BRENNEN Please maybe at a paint ball place or something

Corey: Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnna Elton: hahahahah Me: lol I’m dieing

Perfect screaming faces at 29:58

That was amazing

Look at all my sons!!

“More Jake”

Is it possible to get second hand stress? Cuz oh ma gosh.

I'm so much like Corey. . . I HATE frickin rides like that. . . XD I would cry and have a panic attack before even walking up the stairs. It would be a legit fight and me beating up whoever is trying to get me on the ride.


MMMMOOORRREEEER JJJJJJAAAAAAKKKKE Omg this was posted on my birthday thx

Do overnight in movie theater

More jake pls


Corey: It's like f**king 50 degrees outside! Me: When has that ever qualified as cold? (lol)

Elton & Corey Stuck On The Ride: *SCREAMING & INSANE* Sam & Colby Stuck: *HIGH AF*

In that intro I thought hat was chad tepper

More Jake!!!!!!!!!

More Haunting Places please xD

When i was like 8 i went onto the sling shot and it broke and Corey is scared af and it wasnt that scary

When Jake ran I think that killed me

this is right by my house


Hell yah do an over night in a movie theater

They sounding hyenas

30:00 poor Sam and Colby

This got me laugh out like hell

More Jakeee

I'm 11 and I didn't cry

24:08 bruh he's so nervous

Elton “CORY Get down on your knees now” Cory “ ok dnn dnn du du “ Elton “


45:31 LOL What Is Sam Doing,

Yoooooooo, this is in Victorville....





Elton and Corey from 25:53 to 28:39 are my last two brains cells during an Exam.

did anybody else cry laughing at 11:00

28:55 laughs and claps for 5 second then screams his *ss off

Did anyone realise that their helmet was the wrong way round

Ok I recall in an other video Corey said he cries when he scared or nervous

At 29:00 elton looks possessed

I love how Corey didn't want to go the ride because Jake was securing them and it looked like Corey was thinking "omg Jake is gonna kill us"

Do one of those aquariums where you can swim with sharks

1:16 .. colby :) spotted dick Iykyk

My favourite part was when Colby and Sam went into that big spinny death machine and you just hear Sam scream “I THINK I HAVE WHIPLASH” fading into the distance as he goes past

omg these videos are the BEST.

i actually think Sam and Colby were gonna have an anxiety attack. Honestly, i don't think that was the right thing to do

That first ride looks hella fun


how much do they pay them to go into the park at night.... im asking for a friend

When ppl throw up easily from rides and say they are it had me realize.... I have a *STRONG* tolerance cuz i never threw up on a ride like I can have a lot of food and go on a ride and not puke...DAMN I HAVE A STOMACH OF STEEL

The fucking demon came into elton


Colby's face in 41:40 sums up a mood.

why u bully cory

i stan colby's scene/emo lookin style bye

Am I the only one who ships Elton and Corey together then san and colby like it fills me with SO MUCH FUCKING JOY THERE SO CUTE

"lemme drive da boat" was all i could think of broooooo

How they got the manager with them like that dont count lmao u supposed to be on a secret mission type shiz lol

Sam and Colby it’s ok if you die best friends die together

colby needs to stop touching his nipple

Elton got a dad bod now and im living for it

Bro over night at a movie theater please that would be crazy

Rent my school Not rlly

We are not stuck.. We are having fun

At 13:30 I live that song

I just love seein peoples terror on roller costers or scarys high rides



if it didn't sway it would be fun

Oh and Sam and Colby I got your faces on my text screen

Classic Scandia, Rides breaking all day every day

More Jake MoRe JaKe MORE JAKE

RIP SCANDIA that place is my childhood

...jake is cool and all...but i kinda just want the original squad

Colby doing the woah is VERY ACCEPTABLE

Y’all should do more videos with Corbin

11:16 corey "ok lets make out" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Less less less jake

JAKE ❤❤❤❤

Yaaaaa Sam and Colby

me personally, I love the kind of rides that have flips, loops, and turns

1:58 they were playing mr. bright side in the back whoever controlled the music is now my friend

Finally someone noticed colbys invisible watch

This whole video was so funny. I was having the worst day and this made me smile the whole time

Lol I just saw at 2.32 Jake has a hickey

Take over a trampoline park and have a special guest?

More Sam and Colby!!

“Let’s all wear black pants and not tell Sam”

Good job




Typical Elton just always renting the place out

doeS jaKe haVe a MysteRioUs bRuisE on hiS nEcK ????

I live right by this Scandia

I will come

hey!! if you like turtles y’all should check out my recent video where i baptize my turtle!! leave a like and subscribe too!

corey overreacting at 12:08 is so me lmao

9:39 LMFAO


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life

I live right next to their

28:41 "FUCK YOU GUYS...DAMN IT" lol

Omg love these and y’all

is it sad that i cursed more than them when i was in a ride like that and was inclosed but too be fair my head was hitting against the metal at the top because there was no seat belt and the door was undstable and my hands were slipping from the bar on the door and it was like 70 or 80 mph and im 10

These videos legit make me excited for life

E: "I have a camera I c-" C: "GET ON YOUR KNEES"


Eletom on the first ride get on freaks out


we all want more jake and u know it

You guys really need to invest in some night vision cameras.

At the end of the video the lights behind you are turning on and off

Corey’s face when he lost on the slip and slide

Corey: I sat on the nail *hops in* Let's make out Elton: ..


Was this park in Sacramento

43:18 l e m m e d r i v e t h e b o a t

The funniest thing that I've ever seen. I'm in tears

This ride that Elton and Corey go on, we legit have the same ride at the waterfront where I live


Best vir

Am I the only one that sang along to the music “dun dun dun nun nun dun dun dunun

I laughed so hard when corey kept at elton nearly being sick

I think they should take over a zoo. That would very interesting

#MoreJake and also why do I ship Jake and Colby?? Like if you ship them too

Hey Guys I would love to see you take over Disneyland from 8am-8am

more jake. In fact, more traphouse❤

30:09 Sam: IM CRYING !!! IM CRYING!!!

Those couple of minutes without Jake was the best part of the video




whole video is now my favorite thing ever for the 5 minutes that they were stuck on the ride

ngl i don’t like elton

WTF!!!!!! This is the Scandia in Victorville, CA Ughhh wish I would’ve known when you guys were there

Lol, Thumbs up if you know this ghetto amusement park.

That’s scandia

It’s like 5 minutes from my house

I’ve been there



Elton: We literally locked this up and went go karting.. Sam and Colby: **looks at Elton** **looks at each other and says nothing** **looks back at Elton** "WHAT?" Lemme tell y'all how much I love them

Just me or is jake fine as fuck

The amount of stress and anxiety I feel while watching these videos is insane


I love these videos until their is even remotely something dealing with puke and no disclaimer it scares me so much I actually have to stop watching which I don't want to do.... thanks emetophobia

so you guys went to victorville just to do this

Ouu do an overnight at like YMCA!! That would be so coollllll!


46:52 is no one gonna talk how adorable colby just hit the woah

Poor jack he didn’t deserve this they set him up. Elton is a terrible friend

this is so fun to watch

watching them on the ride gives me so much anxiety

wait is that...BOOMERZ

Why is jake has his own surname on the title lol

Bby you have 20 subs




dude at 29:05 elton and cory sound like a get when they screamed

More Jake!! I'm 9 just my dad's phone picture

LOL that was... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Sucks that Scandina is permanently closed

I have been there

Does anyone else notice the hickey on jakes neck

Idk why but...Colby gives me major f-boy vibes! Lmao

if elton knows he’s gonna throw up on like any and every ride they do which he always almost does or even does why do he even ride them (not. a. hate. comment.)

Movie theater all nighter

y'all were literally in the city I live in . wow.


They were literally in the high desert and I missed them being up here 0.0 this makes me really sad

wheres this at?

Applevalley/Hesperia California?


That is the coolest operated everrrrr

More Jake for sure !!!

At 38:11 , I didn't know we were watching fear factor

Elton and Corey- Screaming and absolute death noises Sam and Colby- crisis mode engaged

Me: *man i need friends like that* Them: *traps them on a ride* Me: *you know what, never mind*

What amusement park is this?

24:18 - 32:32 never laughed so hard for so long before

Corey:she just walked by shaking her head. Looks behind Sam seeing Colby legs spread wide open looking weird af

28:57 in slowmo your welcome

29:52 I had the same reaction when I was at that ride a few days ago xD I was only scared of going forward HAHAHAH but It was lit

No Elton no. I’m not crying I’m fine im fine IM FFID)DNDJSIAJSISOAJXNCNDJSIFJFHDHIWISKXMXNDJSIWOWOSMSMNAJAUWUEUDIOSFINE! Meanwhile jake and them are checking they’re rists like: * cough cough* how uh long are they gonna be up there? Sam: MY TURN!

The fact that there are spider webs shows that nobody has been in there fo a long while...then again........I doubt many people have “BROKE” IN TO THAT AMUSEMENT PARK!!!!

More Jake, of course.

So fucking bad at sneaking

And it's a prank no wonder Elton gave no shits for the sneaking skills

Elton: "What emotion are you?? I can't tell what you are." Jake: "I'm everything at once." *Mood*

was that a few seconds of Mr. Brightside

Can we just take moment with the fact that when Jake thought he was getting arrested he didn't try to do anything he didn't rat anyone out and he was cool about it, I think Jake goes underappreciated because he is so cool, when he was in some of the past prank wars he was really good and he didn't Freak out when Colby super glued Jake's hand to Jake of any of the other pranks. TFIL is amazing but Jake needs a lot more praise if Elton didn't pay the manager Jake probably would have texted Elton and the guys to get out of there and then continued to tell the cops that it was a dare and never rat them out. This is friendship. Get yourself a friend like Jake LIKE FOR JAKE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JAKE (also sam and Colby

Do a overnight challenge in the movie theater

How to get Corey to let go of the straps holding him into the ride. Say the same thing at the same time. Proceed with screaming. 28:53

I am in tears omg this is everything

Jake's face at 17:51


It’s toxic to have Jake and Cory in the same place at the same time 0:32

more jake!!!! i love jake

“More jake”


Sam and Colby are pussy’s.

34:33 um What did I just witness

elton became a hyena

Take over a friends house

If you named your poop -kori 2019 38:00

Holy shit!!! Read more.

Poor Jake

did anyone else go "YOOOOOO" 'NO WAY" when jake got put in the office

Go to six flags and get on the iron ratler


I don’t think ANYONE likes those rides. They had it at the New York State fair and I went on it and when they left us at the top for like 3 minutes I was literally crying cause it’s the WORST. 100% would not recommend

I’m not crying it’s raining

i cant believe theyre shutting down scandia :,(

Overnight in movie theater

Don’t worry if I went on that ride I would of reacted so much worse x3

Best moment of this entire video. When Elton and Corey both scream OOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDD at the same time in the same tone. And then stop and look at each other and burst out laughing. Amazing. Rewatched that moment like 6 times!

I've never laughed so hard in my life!!

Dude u guys r so close to my house like I can’t believe u guys were at Scandia

Elton laughing at Corey crying... ...while crying

More Jake pleaseeeeeeseeeeee

Elton almost throwing up is a mood

pouse at1:44 Corey looks so mad

This vid is crazy

ignore this. 28:54

When Jake got caught, it gave me anxiety to see my boi in that position

JK more Jake

Oh my gosh

More Jake

Love the ride shots

Elton: now get on your knees Me: that's gay... Elton: and craw!! Me: still gay

On this episode of jackass

MORE JAKKKEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More jake❣️

Lol this is so funny and cute at the same time

Oh my god I go there all the time

these videos give me ANXIETY


iT iS nOt sTuCk. We aRe hAvInG fUN

1:56 Y'all hear mr. brightside playing in the background

I will never ride a ride that Elton is scared of

Love how Elton goes from almost puking to “omg your crying”

Jakes cute laugh at 36:32

close your eyes and listen at 34:27 XD

THIS VIDEO IS CRAZY! I kinda felt like I was there, Lmaooo. Hope I get to do this with my friends, lol

A lot more Jake

I like the little song Jake sang XD “It is hot.. It is really hot!”

Ummm... I think that Sam and Colby shouldn’t do this

Jake is a total savage putting his feet up while the worker is telling that the cops were coming, LOL

I love how the guys are running around the golf course while Jake is making a song about how the box he was in, is like a sauna.

This is definitely one of the best videos I’ve seen from TFIL in a long time! Great job guys!

we need this whole squad together more

I need a friend group like this


Ye go overnight at a trampoline park but not legally

Rock music: Woo-hoo!!!!!! Silence/Colby: There is nothing fun about this

At 30:50 did anyone else notice Colbys panic attack

Y’all needed to go back to your cars

Corey: Why are we still up here?!?!? Me: I don’t know but you better figure out a way to get down

M O R E. J A K E ! !

i thought sam and colby weren’t doing these videos? i mean i love these vids but now i’m confused

38:04 if u named ur poop

I was scared asf for jake

LMFAO this too funny but Kool at the same time

41:00 hahahah that made me laugh

more stuff with sam, colby, jake and corey!

18:04 guy walks past

Is it cool if I operate it? Corey: NO NO NO NO NO NO .. No


more sam more colby more corey more elton

Colby’s face going backwards on the slide

My anxiety goes up smh I’m not even on the ride

Corey freaking out when Elton said he was going to throw up was literally the best part of the whole video! XD

This is good cause it doesn't say got caught it has a twist you don't know if he's going to find him or not so it's like what's going to happen not oh hes going to get caught so good job it was amazing

Love Corey

You guys are legends your the best YouTube channel ever

Travel to Thorpe park in England


MORE JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


broo I live like 5 mins away

Definitely MORE JAKE!!!!

27:02 Coreys laugh is hilarious omg hahahahah

I hat you

Tell me why this place is where I live


40:15 Colby having a heart attack.. nobody cares.... Poor baby.

Elton’s laugh is iconic


“ It is not stuck, we are having fun!”

when jake got caught they could have come in and 'explained' why he was back there. MAKING UP A STORY: They were playing hide and seek and they couldnt find jake and Jake didnt know that they were done. so Jake was left inside hiding while they got kicked out. then when he got caught they could have got purposely caught and said 'we're waiting on our friend and we think he still inside hiding because we were playing hide and seek.'


Welcome to the MEGA PRANK WAR

159k ;))

Elton! come to utah and go to lagoon!

WaIt ThAtS iLlgEaL

Fucking love Jake

i love elton and corey together

obviously we want more jake.

ELTON what an absolute dickhead my hands are sweaty as fuck i was so nervous for y'all oh mah gah


Man i would love to join yall on a trip

29:01 the rotating screams is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Elton sounds like a demon when he screams

More Jake more Jake!!!!

i wish i had friends to do this with

If you pause at 41:40 or 41:41 Colby’s face is HILARIOUS

I have a really bad cough and it hurts every time I laugh so watching this video was painful but enjoyable :) :(

Instead of breaking the like button I broke my phone (not really I just cracked it a little)

Like the legal route, way more fun when I'm not worrying about you all.

Sam’s dance moves

When Jake sees you guys were playing on a slide instead of going to him

More Jake!!!!!


Here comes another overnight there is 158k likes



more jake

you guys give me so much anxiety with your freaking hiding i can't lol

I love watching them and when I watch their vids I feel like it’s only 10 mins I’m watching then it’s actually 40 mins lmao

*Get on your knees Elton


the ride and the screaming starts at 24:16

17:41 when you fail your most important exam XD

27:06 when there stuck I would be scared off my shoes falling of

All I heard was 'if u could name ur poop' XD

I'm sorry but watching 5 adults have the time of their lives in an amusement park is actually the best thing i've seen on the internet... these guys are living my dreams

When you low key start having a panic attack when jake “almost” gets arrested

More Jake xx xxx

why is this even a question , OF COURSE I WANT MORE JAKE IN THE TFIL VIDS....plz

More Jake

did i just hear corey say "if u named ur poop"? HAHAHAHAH

18:01 there's the worker at the door for a second how did he not see them. My Questions have been answered by watching more

18:04 a man is inside the amusement park gamehouse

11:17 ok now let’s make out

I love you all

Lol Jake thinking of an escape plan

Like if downs different emoji

Like if found 2 different emojis

yall give me such good vibes

Elton learned the secrets of the death metal growl 25:33

Corey's reaction at 11:58-12:13

not trying to kill the mood but leaving Sam and Colby up there was a dick move. I understand that they wanted to have fun with Elton and Corey but they only did an extra TWO MINUTES and then they left them up there for MUCH longer. At 30:50 it looks and sounds like Colby had a panic attack and then you can tell by the way they are acting after that they did NOT want to be up there anymore. Corey, Jake, and Elton shouldn't have left them and the worker shouldn't of let them leave them up there.

the ride sam and colby went on and got left on i have the same ride at an amusement park where i live and we were on a trip today with my class and i went on it just cause sam and colby did

corey is such a good dancer tf ahhh

Sam:"OH NO IT'S VIBRATING!" Colby: "Nope that's my leg twitching" Sam: "Oh"


be a man

People on an app called Sam and Colby fuck boys but I said that your not and that’s mean

does anyone else here 7 rings playing at 4:55-5:01

MORE JAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE. Jake is one of my favourites

0:32 more Jake!

The best part is that I know where you are, it’s decently close to where I live. I’ve been on the super tall ride that spins and honestly I love it.

Moreeee jake

Tell him I want them digits

I love jake

This is great

Just broke the like button ☹️

Less jake

The intro when Elton says what's up guys you can see sam and colby mouth their names lmao they couldn't help themselves.

Worker:Hey I'm going to need you to fill out some forms Me: Dude how many people sneak in here at night its already been literally 3 mins since you said the cops are coming in 30 sec

Elton's soul literally left his body at 26:34.


This is the funniest video I’ve ever fucking seen, I love you all

I love how Elton wanted to go on that ride, and Corey didn’t, and Elton was more freaked out than Corey was


Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake

Omg its skandia right next to meee

((More jake))

I think they were on drugs the whole time they were on the ride.

25:16 Elton becomes a monkey

All this time I was thought TFIL was “The Fun In Life” found out yesterday it was “The Fuck It List” great video and Jake got real comfy in the office..

37:21 sorry gotta keep it where I am

yo i didn't know Elton, Sam, Colby, and Corey were together again...damn its been a long time since ive watched this channel

14 year old girls immediately liking the video when they hear mr. brightside during the vid

“Elton, I’m fine.”

My name is jake. LMAO

more jake

Sam at 0:30 and Sam and the end

I noticed today that Sam has blue eyes!!

Elton and Corey switched emotions once it stopped. Corey became the calm one.

NO more jake

*if you do slip aim for the water* Ok *laughs awkwardly/weirdly

do more fun overnight videos

26:57 me everyday :(

Really wish you could all come to the UK. We have some theme parks here that are pretty good that you could take over for the night ☺️

Colby: i cant feel my head Also why dont the workers go on the rides with them

I am so sad

30:50-30:55 colby is an accurate representation of me when i start to get a panic attack

Go to a water park or trampoline park!

0:38-0:58 Corey and Jake literally acting like crackheads while saying the don't want drugs

That really tall ride feel down in the free way once and killed a work

Indoor parkour is legit.

I hope everyone knows this is fake cause this is park is called Scandia it's open 24/7 for people in the hotel so yea if your gonna make a fake ass video make sure you know someone who hasn't been there for a long time not only that you have broke 5 laws in the California Victor vill 1 stayed over in Scandia for a long time without premission I should show my brother this cause he works there? 2 I'm acting like this cause I was there when you guys were there and you guys were talking shit about my dog so yea 3 you guys are just fucking dumb

26:20-26:31 i am crying ftom laughing to hard

i love this video.#dyingoflaughfter


Bruh , I’m probably the only one tearing up when they locked up the ride and Sam and Colby was at the top


you should stay the night at the whaley house like you promised Elton


26:38 that whole time with Elton and Corey was so funny “Imma need you to calm the fuck down”

22:11 Colby’s invisible watch

Jake the whole video :**panic attack **

Omg they pranked Jake so bad omg


More Jake.

this was in my city and if I decided to go i would have seen them;(


Colby’s scream though


U guys should a Overnight in a Movie therta

I knew Elton had bought the place out!! Kinda like how he tipped the guy at the last park they were in over night at!!

I can’t believe that they left my baby bois up there.

I can’t believe that they left my bois up there.


I felt bad that they sacrificed Jake...

MORE JAKE He is soooooo funny

lEt mE dRiVe Da BoAt

The flight to Hawaii omg I remember that

Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake

You never did say what part of Cali you were in, ELTON. But those of us in the desert know exactly where you were.

I’m twelve and I’ve rode it without our screaming XD

Wait I was ten

More jake plzzzzz

I love their screaming from Jake's point of view


what park is this?

Elton's "sorry!" as they get pulled backwards. lol

Yo did anyone see the dud in the window at 18:03. Idk if that was Corey or what.

U can't jest leave. Colby and Sam up there. Ther the best and HOTIS

25:24 i felt like i was watching an exorcism

Dose Sam and Colby have a tik tok

Am I the only one who is wondering how much did Elton pay to actually rent the whole amusement park for a night?! I mean they can play everything?!


I find it hard to believe they actually left Sam and Colby up there the whole time

Corey is literally me when I’m high

More jakeeee

More Sam -w-

Fucking lit!!!! Savages baby!

25:21 can we just appreciates elton's laugh :)



Oml I was crying by the end of the video. Corey, Elton, Jake,Sam and Colby are so funny. This is wot I watch to cure my saddness

Can we please be friends,???

18:03 look at the door


More Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake more Jake

I wish i could be in their crew, so much fun

tell me im not the only one that fell for that. i really thought jake got caught and theyre going to jail myghod.

Watch Colby at the very end of the video



Omg I use to go to that exact Scandia all the time before I moved!

lmao but shoutout to the employee for being such a good actor and patient guy :)hope he had fun as much as the guys did



If I was at the top of that ride for that long I would have literally had an absolute panic attack.

where is this???

bro ... when they are on that ride elton’s mouth looks big asf



At 14 :17 the way Elton says okay

31:34 I really wish I had a friend like colby

The winchester mystery house for sure


More jake not

25:35 so wait, the 60mph ride has straps to hold you?

19:21 omg

0:33 look at Sam

Elton sounds like the joker


Wait what amusement park is this

Tbh if my ‘friends’ left me up there on that ride I would completely freak out and have a hugggeee panic attack :/


more jake duh

Damn when they were trying to sneak in and jake was trying to hide, I was getting so mad because they were soo loud and weren’t really being sneaky but it was funny at the same time lol

Oh my god thats legendary

27:05 corey looks like a terrified chipmunk LMFAO

These videos give me so much anxiety, but I seriously can't stop watching them.

More Jakeeeee please

this is why I don't trust Elton with his jokes he has done this so many times sam and Colby if you see this how have you guys not got the idea when he says to do some thing silly it is normally a joke and he has gotten the ok to do the video from a person that works at the place?

Yo, if anyone wants to watch the mental overnight in trampoline park- check my vid

These overnight vids are poorly planed.

I went on that same ride when i was 10 i dont ever cry

I couldn’t stop laughing

You guys make me laugh

Am I the only one who is wondering why Sam and Colby are doing this (which is illegal) after you know what happened? Btw I luv TFIL and Sam and Colby! And jake and Corey

Omg we need more with Jake in them ❤️❤️❤️


COREY FROM 26:18 is a moood ahahahahah


Who else loves Corey's smile

How many people have a crush on Colby

More Jake

Sam and Colby are so cute at 30:07 but *the winner of the worst face award goes to Sam* sorry Colby you lose and *the scaredy cat award goes to Corey* (Just playing don't take it seriously)


Did anybody see corey cry


I’m scared of heights, so this is freaking me out.

More jakeipoo


i almost died laughing

The moment that Elton and Corey said oh my god at the same time then laughed. WHO ELSE MISSES THEM?

Who else thinks that ride looks fun

Still remember the last time you spent overnight at an amusement park. ThAt WeNt WeLl DiDn’T iT?

If I was Sam and Colby I’d hurt someone when I got down tbh


how tf does colby still look decent while screaming like a mad man bro...i wanna know!


does anyone know the name of the theme park

27:05 is my favorite part

Elton became a maniac at this point in time 25:06


The video was fun and all , but most importantly yalls bond is just something else . I want dat bond ☹️❤️

0:49 corey hit that so hard

more jake bitchass

Corey looks like a babbyyy when he is maddd aweee

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