Pacific northwest 19 map fs19 1st look tour farming simulator19 fs19 maps

Pacific northwest 19 map fs19 1st look tour farming simulator19 fs19 maps

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tools today, we're. At the, Pacific. North, West. 19. And. This. Is by. Epi. Death. Now. Let's. Just have a quick look at the overall, before, we start and you see it's quite. A big map. Huge. Map in fact. You've. Got the top plateau, area which is this bit around here which is quite. Difficult, terrain. Makes. A bit more interesting and then they. Are mid mid, sized. Small. To mid-size, fields, and then the larger. Fields are on the this is all flat open area, so ideal, for major. Major, harvests. Like all these fields can be linked up quite. Easily, I. Would. Go over to, the, cost of the fields, you. Got biogas. It's. Three, nine, one two. Nine, six. So let's buy that anyway. Because we're gonna need that and then you look at the biggest field there, it's. 1.4. Million and. Then. These are like 500. 600. So. They're not cheap, there are small little bits of land. Well. Other top was the smallest field about. 15 16. Yeah. 50 mm, so you can buy smaller once you have got three. Green. Areas. Which. They're dedicated. Grass anyway, and there, are, 35. Missions 30. 35. Fields, with, missions. Basically. There. And we've got quite a few contracts, going on now, we, did have some prices earlier which, were quite high there as 65, thousand forest, and, fertilizing. 13,000. So. You get nice decent, prices. Now. Go over to. The. Vehicles everything, is brand new and you. Do own quite. A few seed, bag pallets. Liquid. Fertilizer tanks, as well so. There is quite quite. A few items and. Then. Going over to the prices, of everything now the prices aren't extremely. High this is all settings, on normal, at the moment. So. They're not, extortionate. But, eggs are getting a fair old decent, price they're 3xl, points. To wool, 3. Milk to. Wood chip and then. You've got the three for the silage with the biogas, is only at 360. On the silage. Which is that. On. Most maps are around, the 600, from normal.

But. If you want 600, it could go up to six. I think it was was, 600, if you put it on, easy. And. Yeah. The other thing I noticed was the. Digestate. You can actually sell. At that at, the, garden, center. To. Slurry points, garden, centre and, biogas. So. All your main commodities. You have got the, well, stuff all there is a net pay something you've got the four different. Plants. Agro. Wholesales, bakery. And then. The restaurant, and. The timber line flour, mill, he. Got Western, sugar plant which is just for sugar cane and sugar, beet. And. Then. The enormous, sawmill. Spinner II which. They saw me yeah. Price on woodchips 1 5 2 so not loads. Of money same, with wool. 2210. Sorry not wool cotton. Wool. Least yeah that's quite low as well. So, yeah quite a few different. Places, of. Interest, now. You do start off with 200,000. In. Your. Silo, but, we do have trained, silos, and we, go into that a little bit later there's, 400,000. On that so you have got hops you have got storage for. 600,000. Liters, on this. Map which, is pretty, good going, the. Slot cake is. Quite. AI. There. We go there's the slot, cane you got at the moment is six to four so. It's, not too bad really you're on about half and you doing quite a few buildings. You. Start off with a massive 56. 10 and the, John Deere 6.35. Em and. We. Have a John Deere combine. As well the t 560. And then. We got the agro trailer, headers, ply. Cedars. Fertilizers. Water for, to, get going with it your sheep and then. Your front loader attachments. Had a trailer so, you've got a sheep pasture, you're. Great in solo. Which. That is the. 200,000. At the moment you can have and then there are quite a few sheds. Which. Do take up a few, slots. But. There was nothing. What. Was extortionate. Slots. Yeah. They were all put, it pretty low so a. Good, map for modification. As you've, only used half is half you swap ok I thought it was more than that that was here the map I was looking at earlier so. Pretty, cool. So. That's what you've got to start off with maybe I've got the. Then. Hercules, or the c-130. Flying, over and it does fly over, run. Them as well where it comes over one way then comes back another way so put, this little map on and you see we're starting off right in the middle we've got the farmhouse, when. You load in you do start off directly, outside the farm ace so that's where you're gonna get go and sleep we've. Got one. Of the easy, sheds. With. Our Massie, and then. This building, really is pretty. Much, waste. Of time because it all right it looks nice and why, have you but you can't go in there and do anything with it so it, takes up a big chunk of, this land. That's. What we didn't go through either what, land you out there yeah that's. To land you have food on the start. Which. 11 12 and 22 and all, these fields, are ready, to.

Go. I think that we at 22 is ready to harvest because the harvesters, set up with, the trailer with. The John Deere and he's got a trailer ready to harvest, that. And. Fuels, number 11, and 12, as well which, they're not ready, yet ones cultivated. And what the other one is growing whatever got in there I. Would. His grass so. We have got a grass field next to our sheep. So. Yeah, overall that. Might. As well go let's just, do. That night. -. One slot on, 36. Grand. Yeah. Much better. As. That was right on the Main Roads about where this would make a nice entrance. It. Would have been nice to put an entrance over here but I don't think you can remove these, fences. Now. I think now so know that you might get a remove that no I don't think you're. Probably having me about then we've got a couple more easy sheds with our equipment, down. Here a. Solo. Drop-off. Point there and then, the Phillip. Right. In the side there and we go across the road to the. Other part of the farm here where we've got another, storage shed with. More implements, and then we also have a workshop. So. That's, where we are at, the. At. The farm. Where. You start off with and this is on the plateau. So, let's current, jump in the, vehicle, and have, a look round we're gonna have a look at the cell points and some. Places, of interest. So. I think first, off we will make our way down. To. B G a. But. First we've got to show you where the. Sheep are here's. The sheep so. That's where you sheep pasture is and this. Is the bit of land you own isn't it yeah it's just on the edge of the bit. Of land you own now. Because. On here actually we've got let's, just make our way north first. And. We've got a couple of boys stations, now, there are quite a few trees. Dotted, around where. That's not making nice little harvest trees, going through there and, then, you see the others up on the left-hand side there. And. Here's, the plane coming over. Overall. Detailing. On this map is awesome. It looks very similar, to. Raven, port, and. Got the fuel station, just. Here. Where, is it gone I. Don't. Know. So. This must be oh it's. Another workshop. So. We've got workshop another workshop at the garage as well yep. And. Obviously we can fill up with fuel, as well yeah this. Now. There are quite a few water. Points. And they're, not in the, in your, garage as well so they're actually built into the map where you've, got like a well there and then. We've got water, nice, little place herbal area just. Just. There. Let's. Go up to our first. Sour. Points and. See the terrain is all over the place is a bit lower down there and then it's higher up down here, I've. Just gone past one, of them.

I Think. This was the. Yeah, Northside, Oh. On. The dairy station, which. Dairy station, was right in the back here I, think. That was the north, oh. Yeah. That is the dairy station. I suppose. It is where the, tanks, are you, don't expect to have a drop, great. At. The dairy station, but. That's. That one, then. This is one of your first solos. As, well. So. You can dump into here and it has got, 400,000. I think. It's 200,000. Per solo, because you got the. The north one and it. Is the port when is it yeah port solo, and North solo. And. You. Can also fill up drop it off for the trade there, to. Fill it fill, your cider up or empty. To. Go and sell it all. Right. Well let's just jump on the train. Where. Is the trade name right, it's coming down past. Just. Don't pass the farm knife. Just. Get where we can see what's going on. So, here we have the, port. Silo. Which. Is exactly the same as the North one. But. You can actually drop steffeff, by trailer as well right in the front you've got the drop. The. Drop in great. And. Then this train it says is your friend you can use it for many. Moving, a lot, of, commodities. But. There is only a few sell points, you. Can see agro wholesales, we, pick that up on the way round and then. You've got the timber line flour, mill, on the opposite. Side, as. A Derringer, station you can't use the train for that there the to drop. Off points for the Train. But. The terrain is absolutely. Awesome, it really is got, biogas, down, over to the right will go down and, I will quick look there and shortly. Now, this map it is a fictional. Map and. It. Is based, however. It is based on. Lewiston. Idaho and. Eastern. Washington where. The snake and the clearway walk. Where. The snake and the Clearwater rivers, meet. That's. What it says in on the mod hub. And. I'll show you that in a bit so, that's the one you. Can drop off that's the wholesales, Agri. Wholesalers, see is the one sale point and that, takes, most of your commodities. And. Then, we go up to this next, bit here, where. The tracks going to bend around and, we have our tree, nursery. Farm. You. Can see we got the different stages of growth there, and. Drop. Drop, off point for the Train you've got a ramp so you can load straight log straight onto the train if you want to sell them that way. More. Trees on the left, so. There are quite a few trees, on this map but they seem to be condensed. Where, you can still look across them out and and. See what's going on you see trees but you can see other stuff. So. Here's the, back, when we were earlier, at the North silo. Yep. North so low and then, we've then, got. Coming. Up to Timberline, flower, mill. We've, got another play scible area on the right hand side there is. Another. Couple, of these I think, there's two all in all two or three. It's. Got water they're, ready to go as well. And. We missed the timber line flour, mill but. That was where it was anyway, you can drop use the train to drop everything off there. And. This, plane does keep flying around. Alright, well that's it for the Train then basically.

But, The terrain is challenging. It did say so and it is, you're. Gonna need some extra horsepower, for, working, these fields, so. Let's. Just go up to the flour. Mill. And. Yet. I should have come in on the road because it's all, it's. Got a wall around it. Timberline. Yeah. Nice you drop off point and you see your water over. At your place ability, Rhea oh. Where. Are we we will work our way down. I. Think. Right. Now we do have some barbed. Wire barbed. Wire fences. And these can be removed. Get. Your change alright. Of. Course I don't own the land. All, right so I bought that land now if the other thing, is on, this, map you can, buy all this area, and this is all free so this is all the river area and, a lot of the road so if you want to do any modification. You, can do because you own it and you own it all the edge of the map and to, buy that it's just as simple easy click on buy, it and, you buy it that's it you own all that night, which. Is pretty cool. However. It wasn't that bit as well was it so. We buy that as well just so it lets, us cut, these down. So. The same as on mercury farms basically, they said you come up to it and there. Would be an arrow there. And. That doesn't seem to be showing. Up anything. Because. It definitely said in, the mod herb barbed-wire, fences, can be removed and it, will show you which direction they. Will. It. Will take 8 that. There seems to be a glitch with that, a bit of barbed. Wire. So. That's not gonna work. So. Hopefully an update I saw that I or, is just this fence, here. I, just. Don't know. Right. We need to get down on the lower. Plateau. All, right so here's the road going it down, you. See this quite a drop. In elevation. Nice, bit of hillclimb. Then. We go around the bend under the bridge. And. Then. Down again. And dramatic. Love, it. And, I think this is the spinner, isn't it, yep. This is the spinner II so there's you drop-off point quite a large spinner II. Know. I've got fuel. There well there you can fill. Up from there though I, might. Bowl do. All, right we need to get across the, river, which. The bridge is just down, this. Way. Very. Nice-looking Matt loving it. It's. Got that Raven port, vibe going, on but. It's got a bit more as well. So, coming up on the, sawmill. Which. Is, just. There to, the left-hand side of the map so. There's our would drop. Off point. And. Our. Wood chips around, the bar here. Fair, old sighs you're not gonna have trouble getting. Trucks. In here. So. We move on down. And. We have a horse, exercise. Yard. And. Water. Storage on, the water. Tank. On the left-hand side there and. Then. We come to the, animal. Dealer. Yep. There's. A cash point. But, I'd love the look in this map. Pretty. Awesome. Right, so they're not letting us in there I. Was. That way eight. What. Is this. The, Western, sugar. Plant. That's. Why because it's one way in. So. There's you drop off for you sugar beet and. Your. Sugar cane I, thought. That one might have been would. Have been nice if that was by the training as well because there's a one commodity you get, lots of so, you want to shift lots of items. Well. Lots, of bulk. So, moving on down you can see look at the vast, flat. Flatlands. There that is pretty pretty, awesome.

Now. This one here is the barn. So. The actual sale point is in the barn itself, as well. And, then where your head will stay this, way. We. Will follow this road down because, we have another. Placeable. Area. Down. At the bottom here. It's. Quite a huge area is. Water. Ready, to go. And, we need to get back across the river. So. Here we've got the garden. Center I think it is yep this is the garden center and. Then. You have your. Bakery. Now. That's the garden center. Drop-off just there, the. Bakery, is over the other side today's. Year Bakery, drop-off a, godsend. A drop-off point and they're just shows. You there for your slurry as well it. Did take slurry I think it did, garden. Center. Yeah. It does slurry, yesterday. And then we come right in the back to the bakery. It, would be go all the way round one that yep and, it's just in there. We've. Also got the restaurant. And then we got the shop. I was, pretty cool. Huge. Whatever, it is. And, here we go for, the restaurant. They. Take most year at commodities there. Nice we just need to work our way back, up towards, the shop. So, here's the shot quite large open. Area. And. We have our cardboard cutouts, of machinery. But. Nice, big carpark, if you're going on a spending spree, it. Does otherwise, it gets annoying Wednesday, there's no more room. So. Buying icon. Is inside, and then your. Customization. Is on the outside just there. No. The traffic when it comes, up two junctions let's follow this car you, see he actually starts slowing down, and. Then. He pulls out which. Is a pretty cool. Where's, another car. I'm. Not good as well they actually do go on different paths so it Carl came from a different way you see start slowing down. And. Then he accelerates, off I. Love. That as a pretty. Cool. So. You do travel I think it was 20 year 26. Oh. Now. Here this one is the port. Solo which. This is the other bit we were on the train and then look at it earlier. So. This is where you can drop into. So, basically for. Those who don't know you just use this as a solo. As. An extra solo and then. To a load back up you bring, your trailers into that point there. Or. Load, it directly onto, the train. As. The. Train does take the I, think it's 400,000, so. You can, even, if you feel use your solos, up you can put it on the train and leave it on the train if you waiting to sell it. Extra. Storage. And, they're doing about 27. Mile an hour. So, coming up on BGA. Same. Again wrong, way. It. Des I've signed. Some. Large. Soy. Those bunkers. Water. We got our slurry point, just, there. That's. Where the drop off is. And, again quite a nice-sized lot. Of room for driving. Around storage. I. Don't. Like it when there they, get quite condensed. But. Overall it's, a pretty amazing. That I. Do. Like maps, with all the different train, this. Is one of them. Loving. The train. Right. There's quite a bit more to show, you but, I'm not going to show you it all you've got to explore for yourself it's, always better to see a few things what, you haven't seen before, there, is boat traffic is well on this map but. This is another nice little Hill Climb. Right. The way up to, the top on the plateau. Nice. Quick little road out for getting back on top especially. If you want to get down to boil gas. Right. Well I think we've pretty much covered, everything, you've. Gone through. Yeah. I think we've been on everything. Yeah I. Know. So that is it for, the. Map tour today. Pacific. Northwest, map. Awesome. But, and that was by epi, Death. Done. A bloody good job at Fair Play that's a lime station, over on the just. Past there, but. Loving, this map absolutely. Awesome up it's got that little bit of Raven port there but. So, much more. Right. Oh well if you've enjoyed this map tool then, don't, forget to smash, that like button for, me and if. You want to see more content then hit, that subscribe button and then you won't miss any future content. Thanks. For watching til, next time, with.

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