Pantelleria, Italy | travel vlog (sottotitoli italiano)

Pantelleria, Italy | travel vlog (sottotitoli italiano)

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Ciao. Guys I'm a little, sweaty I'm gonna take this hat off, man. It's a hot one. So. We. Are we. Right now we, just, arrived to. Punk. The AVM which, is island. Off. The coast of Sicily it's. About like, southwest. Of, Sicily, and north. East, of Tunisia. So really. Remote. Island. We. Are in we're staying in a place called a dumb Musel, which. Is like this stone. Structure. You're so excited to be here we've been wanting to come to Punta Lydia for two. Years now I don't know if you've ever seen the movie a bigger splash but. We fell in love with it ever since we saw that movie and we found, out that that movie. Was filmed here and ever, since we saw it we were like we have to go we have to go one day so we finally we, were in Cissy, diffuser or Syracuse, for. Two. Days for a wedding and, we. Are. Taking advantage of being over here and so we took a flight this morning from. Catania, to Pont idea there's. Only a few flights a week so. We. Took. A flight over today, and, we just, got. Into our room but I want to show you the, view. See. These little guys these are dumb see, I guess dumb and, they're these, stone. Hut's. That a really popular in, this area. Is. The. Vegetation. Here is insane. So. We finally, have made it to Punta Lydia I am so excited to take you along with me. Emilio. My husband did all the planning um. I was. Like I trust you I don't. I didn't want to do any research about the island like I wanted to arrive it'd be completely surprised. So we're. Gonna be here for about a week and. I. Can't wait to bring you guys along to, see what we get up to and explore this beautiful island I'm already in love with it and we, just drove from the airport here we rented a car because, I would. Totally recommend to rent a car. Because. Everything's, kind of far, away from everything, and. The. The, water, looks beautiful, hotel. That we're staying at has. A. Pool. So. I think. We're. Going to just explore, the grounds and, maybe go lay out by the pool and have dinner at the hotel restaurant tonight before I'm. Gonna stay staying, here and. Check. In with you guys a little later. Hey. Guys so, we, just got back from dinner and we decided to go to. Dinner without without. Our cell phones without cameras, and, just enjoy the moment and it was so nice, this. Afternoon we laid out by the pool I started. A new book and we just relaxed, and. It was perfect, we're. Pretty exhausted, from the, wedding so, we. Just came back to our little porch, area. And, there, are no lights out here guys so the. Stars are.

Unbelievable. So. I'm gonna I'm using my phone. Of, light so you guys could see me because without it let me just show you. This. Is what it looks like. So. We're just chilling, having a glass of wine. And, enjoying, the the stars so. We're gonna just enjoy, the rest of the evening and, see. You tomorrow. Good. Morning, from. Our, demo. So it. Is a beautiful, day today we just had breakfast, and now we are getting ready to go explore. The island a little bit maybe go into town I have to go get. Some sunscreen, because I forgot, my sunscreen, what. I can't, believe it and it's so sunny and hot so uh. So, yeah we're gonna go to town look for pharmacy, and, kind. Of explore maybe go to the beach this, island doesn't have like sand beach it's all rocky so. We're gonna kind of try to find a place maybe to go swim. And we're. Gonna just. Kind of see where the day takes us, we. Can't wait all. Right. It was a hunt but we found it we went to three different places we finally found it today's, Saturday so a, lot of things are closed and as you could, see, everything. Is very rustic here I love it we love it it's very very, rustic. And a lot of things are closed and it's like I'd, only going back in time a little bit it's. Really neat you. Guys how cool. We're. Gonna go take, a dip. In the water right, there oh, cool. Okay. Swimming. Fish incomplete, and now we are off to have, them watch. Look. You guys is my mom's with us everywhere, jealous, idea Katya, is so cute, I. Think. We're. Going to. Have. Lunch at this bar up. Here okay, we just sat down and, look at the view oh. My. God. Yes. It. Was called. You. Can kind of see you. Can tell in the video but it looks like an elephant's trunk. It's. Kind of like an arch over the water. Guys. We just went for a swim, it's. A saltwater lake and it's. Very salty and, it's very warm the water is very warm, it. Is so. Quiet. And not crowded, at all. Wow. We're. At a place called. Kya, kya having, a little mojito. And. A petit t-bone. Which. Will probably be dinner for me Ellie's. And. The. Sun is setting check it out. Love. It, good morning. Amelio, brought me breakfast. So. Just good heed, here. And. We are off to add a boat. Excursion. Around. The island, of self I can't. Wait I'm gonna have, some breakfast, and then put. On my swimsuit and then we, are out the door. When. I'm sanna good. Evening guys we. Got. Back from the boat showered. Real quick got ready and now, we. Spruced. Ourselves, up a little bit and we are headed to a nice dinner, I'm so excited this place looks beautiful, and. It's, a place that we've been wanting to go to ever, since we heard. About Punta Lydia and ever since we found out about month of it yeah so. Anyways. We, are in the car it's, been very hot out as you can tell I'm. Glistening, from the sweat, from the sweat, and. Today, was such a nice, day. It. Was hot the, water was beautiful, as you guys saw. And it, was perfect perfect, perfect. I'm, a starving. It's, a winery too right so. The restaurant we're going to is also a winery. I'm sure we'll also drink some delicious, local wine. As well. See you guys there, you, guys we arrived and, just. Look. At this view these, are all. Vineyards. So. This. Place is literally. Like. Weak in, the middle of nowhere. I'm. On it cheers. All. Right guys and look this, is the restaurant this, is where one sitting outside. I'm. Thinking. Our. Wine which they produce here they produce two different types of bottle and. The owner yeah, she's, a really cool. Chillin. Enjoying this beautiful evening it's, pitch black so. You the. Stars are, literally, right above us, now. We're just enjoying it chillin maybe we'll get some dessert. Majestic. Rustic. Paradise. Oh, we. Just had a, quick, coffee after. We woke up and. Now we are having another, boat, day and on, the way to the, port we. Are going to stop at a bakery, to get some. Stuff for, lunch, that way we can have lunch on the boat, as, well, so. Another. Sunny, hot, day can't wait to jump in the water. Alright, we, got the good now, off, to the boat we got on the boat and here's, our captain, just up there, charges have been. In. A cave or. In. It get, off righto, and, in. A bathrobe. Look. How pretty this is. Wow. Look how clear this water is it's like. Indescribable.

It's Like pool water. Just. This, really cute quaint, local place. Having. A little spritz and we, are waiting for this, sunset, check. It out I don't know if you can see it's all like exposed, behind me but that's all, the. See the. Water and, the. Sun is up there so I'll, show you the sunset once, the Sun actually sets in. The meantime I'm sweating, I. Don't. Know if you can tell are. You a fan of. The. Aperol spritz I want to know let me know down below in the comments I. Love. It to me it's like summer, in Italy oh it's so refreshing. Okay, the, sunset. Is, starting. It. Offered us a little bit of Prosecco. A, little. Bit. Literally. Is all they gave us their like compliments. Of the house and really, thanks. Literally. A step. Everybody. We. Are back for, another beautiful. Hot, day and, what. Is his coffee. Display. Oh God. Beard idea. We, are, in. A new, place that we discovered today for. A swimming, session, really. Cute quaint, like, that's what I picture old. Styles. In Italy like check, this out. Chuckling. Position, of a sausage. Is a good idea, no, no - ah just gonna granita. Mmm. Ciao. Guys Buon Giorno today. Is a new day, yesterday. We, went, to do a wine tasting not. One of the wineries, here and, now we're doing a little mini hike. To. A place, called Lago that I don't intend you can't access it. Alright, mission aborted. We. Ended, up see like there was way too many in like, steep. Cliff, rocks and, there, was too many people not. Enough water everyone was like having just like their feet in the water and it just at the end of the day we said it wasn't worth it we, had a nice little hike got some good views. Things, and now we are headed, to, take a dip in, the. Water. In the sea. Much, needed I'm like drenched. In sweat O's trying. To soak up every last, every. Minute of our last day. We. Will be back that. Is for sure. Just. Swim. The. Water is beautiful, crystal-clear. You. Guys we are leaving and, I'm so sad but. It's been the perfect time, I think, they said they were supposed to rain today so. And, I feel like six, days is just, right if it's your first time on the island but next time we would love to stay like, probably. At least I don't know, definitely.

More Gotta. Get my hat. Alright. It's time to go.

2019-07-27 09:34

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Beautiful vlog dear Sofie, my parents were Sicilian from Caltanissetta and in my mom's hometown they also had Dammusi houses but back in the day mom would say they were the homes where even big families lived.

Molto bello ! Grazie a te... Bacio le mani...

Ciao Sophie. Bellissima viaggio. Mi piace molto la lingua Italiano subtitles. We are planning a Settembre vacanza a Firenze, Sorrento/Amalfi è poi bella Puglia. So nice to see your new video. Cin cin a voi. :)

Mi spiace è più bella la sardegna

@Emilio Cardamone lo so

Magister Artium Exyl0n non era una competizione sulle isole d’Italia...

oddio ho bisogno di andarci anche io, è molto sottovalutata come isola ♥️

Looked magical! That water....heavenly!

Beautiful Vlog ❤️

Ciao Sofie, ti ho conosciuta qualche giorno fa e gia da subito mi sei piaciuta troppo, hai dei modi di fare e di parlare troppo dolci e carini! Comunque da quanti anni studi italiano che lo sai gia molto bene? Ciao baci da Vicenza

I love an Aperol Spritz!

Beautiful video!! Looks like an amazing place!

You've turned into a mermaid!

che belezza naturale!


A spritz can make any day better!!

This is paradise

This island has me written all over it.... literally!!!! Beautiful vlog... I felt like I was there with you!

this place looks AMAZING!!! also yes, aperol spritz's for life :)))

Great video. The scenery and the water looks so amazing!

AMORE WOW! Absolutely incredible

What’s the first song you used in this video?

Grazie del tour Sofia, sono siciliana e non sono mai stata a Pantelleria!

Love this

Yes, love the aperol spritz. We had them Montecanti last fall when we were there. They were delicious. I tried to replicate the taste at home here in the states, and they came out bitter. I feel like I missed an ingredient.

Lovely... I just want to jump in that ocean. ;)

Lo sai chi ha la villa a Pantelleria ? Re Giorgio Armani !! Vive lì in estate

Glad to see your posting again!!! Love your vids I’m definitely going to have to go back to Italy!! :)

I always feel like I’m exploring these wonderful Italian cities with you (guys)

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never clicked one of your videos so quickly.!!

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A beautiful place.And your husband looks like Bradley Cooper~~~~

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Great video Sofie - thanks for taking us along with you!!! Looks beautiful!!

If a Greek dwelling and a Mayan dwelling had a baby, it would be a Dammuso. Beautiful

Aperol should hire you as a Spritz testimonial.

pile333 Aperol doesn't really need any promotion. It's been the Italy's most popular drink since pretty much the dawn of time. Go to any bar at the end of the day and you'll see a sea of orange. Maybe for the rest of the world.... xx

It's almost on the same level of the Maldives of your honeymoon.

Giuseppe in the speedo mama mia

What a paradise. Perfect place to get social and smartphone free for a while. P.s. the Passito!

Sofieeeee your skin is glowing!

Cool video!

Yeaaah, a video!

Katrina Bond pistachio rice ball aka arancino al pistacchio

I'm halfway into the video and I can't take it anymooooreeee!!! It's so beautifulllllll

Live for your vids!!! Keep going

una bella isola! molto buon video. Sembri bellissima al vigneto

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Sei bellissima Sofie

Next time go to Panarea! It's not far and beautiful#

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Giulia grazie. My community contributions are turned on so anyone can edit/add subtitles. Feel free... un bacio.

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Wow it is absolutely beautiful there holy can't get over that crystal clear water and those amazing vineyards !!cant wait to go back to my home Italy ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful video Sofie

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Thank you for watching

I’ve never been to Sardegna! I hear it’s absolutely beautiful... I love Sicily. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one but my only recommendation would be to rent a car!

Busy with a move! It’s hard filming when I’m not in my own home or space....

Yes, of course. I like to change it up depending on location and weather

Sofie's World Always a pleasure

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Thanks for watching!

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Thanks so much for watching!

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Thanks for watching!


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really extravagant place and so lovely enjoy it teacher

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Omg absolutely beautiful sights.. it’s winter here in New Zealand and I wish I were there bathing in the hot sun, that crystal clear water stunning!! I loved this video thank you ❤️❤️ Sending love from NZ

Awww thanks so much! I love NZ! Cheers☕️

This island used to be a part of Tunisia untill 1800 something, that s the explanation why they still use Tunisian language somehow, food also you find the seafood couscous, Tunisians can't visit or enjoy it because it belongs to Italy and we need a visa to visit a place that is ours. It is beautiful, thx for sharing this vlog, added to my bucket list now if i get the visa of course

Everyone thought they were going to see bikini

aw thanks so much for watching! xx

Lo sai chi ha la villa a Pantelleria ? Re Giorgio Armani !! Vive lì in estate:)

I live in Sicily and have visited Pantelleria at least thirty times, I will never cease to explore it and be madly in love with it .. Next time, go to the natural saunas on the mountain

This is Tunisia

non in agosto ;-)

It’s one of our new favorite places! Thank you for the recommendation’

LeTns you wish....ah ah ah!

When visiting Italia, I must always indulge in a spritz! It's not my favorite, but it takes me back to my Italian roots of my father's family who are from Torre del Lago del Puccini and Viareggio (near Lucca and Pisa). I can not wait to visit Pantelleria! Thanks for this video. I recently fell in love with Taormina and the east coast of Sicilia, so I will need to visit both places now!


Ciao Sofie bellissimo Vlog e arriva con un tempismo perfetto visto che sarò a Pantelleria questa settimana. Perfavore indica i nomi dei posti in cui hai pranzato/cenato! È sempre un piacere seguirti :*

Sometimes you should ask someone to take a video of you. Seriously ☺️

Io abito a pantelleria

Can somebody tell me what is the name of the restaurant in the countryside? That's cause I will visit Pantelleria with my parents and I want to eat in that rastaurant

Beata teeee

@Sofie's World sono maschio....

E pensare che ci abitavo fino a giorni fa :(

Sardinia best place in the World and amalfi coast capri positano.

beh non direi proprio anzi è una delle isole siciliane più costose. Sicuramente e per fortuna non è fatta per il turismo di massa..

Hi!! Can you tell me the name of your dammuso?

Amazing video, brava

Meravigliosa Pantelleria delle mie vacanze Anno 1998. Probabile anzi chiaro sia cambiato qualcosa in tutti questi anni ma i ricordi stupendi "dell'isola di Calipso" sono per me più che mai vivi . l'architettura con i suoi dammusi e i recinti degli orti e dei frutteti,i profumi della vegetazione in particolare il rosmarino selvatico , Il lago di Venere, i siti archeologici, le vasche termali,il laghetto delle ondine e ancora, ancora tante altre zone da visitare. Il cibo con i mitici ed unici capperi sottosale,Ill cous-cous di pesce del mitico ristorante "il dammuso "lin centro .Il passito. Cara Pantelleria spero di tornare a Salutarti e viverti ancora . Grazie per questo video!

@Adam Kadmon nothing Like Sicily :)

Hahaha, I actually live there!

I'm second time in Pantelleria Why do not try Forno Terremoto " for a lovely pizza " and Gadir swimminfpg pool

ciao, io parto domenica per pantelleria , vorrei gentilmente sapere il nome del ristorante che si vede in mezzo alla campagna

come si chiama il ristorante in mezzo alla campagna , è bellissimo ci vado sicuramente

Non potresti fare meno gridolini del tipo " i loovve it" e atteggiarti un po' meno!

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non è un lago di acqua salata, ma dato che è di origine vulcanica contiene la soda caustica.

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Welcome in Tunisia Distance between pontalaria and Klibia 68 km

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Are you crazy? Is Sicily.

Viva la Sicilia

Certo certo

The stelle desserts look so gnam, what were they? Mini waffles with panna? Love your pinstripe number. So bright / fresh and carina.

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