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Because. Your way is flying. Off to Paris. With. Manager, there's. Going to be mirror up here my friend. Tonight. Will be fine because. My dad offered, to drive me insane. Hello, big boobs. The mood fillies, forget. Us in a premier aviation fuel, deficits, or see my. Savonarola. Me. Say France Belgium too much valise ago by to neutralize. Superman. To, Hunico, the. Jump 11, Sofia, Sofia -, ah Clark. Och. WaMu. Who is paid. Neutral, on touch with. Phillies parodies, booty. Massage, approve. A table stretch KO, first moment, here. Say K Africa. By story. Nobody. Yet. So. Now I just read the day alright. Off. An hour ago, and I'm sure that my factory. Currently. However. Inflamed, arrived just ahead, so we can you. Know. Setup, observer and then just a, breakfast. I am starving, right. Right. Away. That. Is for everyone, Padma. Gamma-sphere so, many of these sports ice, here have a really. Nice garage oh I. See. It long holidays. Beverly. 13.9. Yeah. Wet. Rainy. Cold. By. The day a game. Are. You not gonna get myself. Yo, I just paid I just, wore robes to pubs any a I've, got a the conversion to pound 28 and I'll get it again my dream Paris your console, that's. Better. Because, what. No. Way. Size. Of you that's. Very nice for you what. Okay. Right now I'm. Here. The seats. Well. The UK had City, Haven city and. Then Haven idea but this right here if. The city's somehow seems, I thought so much. In. Subway, with this feel like. So. - don't mind if we do don't, mind if we do I. Have. To be mugged off man oh, do. You are water but, it's very thing go, a sandwich, for 20. Years but, anyways we're gonna see Livi. I am. Finished. So I bought a sandwich today, which. They. Said, mangle, me, thinking, that the bread is like mango, flavor and. It's basically is mango. Like. Cream, cheese type of thing and a. Salmon, with. Spinach. Tell. Me why is a whole piece of mango inside, of this a. Whole. Piece of mango. This. Is my outfit, for today it's, just regular but. Jeans not issues for sure and. This. Jumper, by, one good I. Am. Exhausted, right now but, you know what all is well it's. Really docking in Paris. Paris. Why. Are you reading. Goose. We. Weren't just a little bit late cause you purchased, a ticket to go up to the top floor the summit, let me pull it a little. Bit late but she'll. Be okay rainy. Some way but. You know what we live let's. Go the road were so way the road is doesn't make a lot of sense because. Literally. Like. That way the, road there's. Trees covering, the whole Haven. And you can't go for this mud everywhere. Mickiewicz, s men make it make sense. Just. Two nights. Wait. Do we need wait. You do indeed. Cynical. I get a chocolate. Materia, romana, and a, caramel. And this.

Jeannette. This, is a family. Came. Here to a local grocery store I just. Walk by here try. To find some bowls. And my cutlery, Sohini. Chowdhury missiles knows this. High burner. On. This, yeah. For fun. And. This. Cop. Still get houses are. Six. Ep-1. Chickens. Chicken salad, sandwich. In, abigai that I love this baguette is amazing. -. Idiot. Is. That current here, thank. You God for this amazing day. Gotta. Be fine before this day man. Took a turn on you. What. About it you, don't. See the hype. Well. And there's so many options. So. Many voucher. Codes. I got. Some but. Big Mac with. My flurry and ice-t. Decided. To dig into this and. Relax once a day because, my. Food is gonna mean I just, want to be in a wall. Trying. To fall let's listen her today, Bob occurs, so. Long in cover. There we. Just give it up. Silly. Old me yeah, for. What turn off my work alarm which of the six a.m. and. We. Usually work here with us was about seventy so my layoff and I said Broadway this wake up this vote good, shower and how HR. And. Downstairs. I'm. It's. So funny I realize. We. Here. Today. We're. Going into on an oboe tried to. Deny vocations, nine famous, tourist locations, in aji, and, this is my over ta for today. So. I'm wearing a tunic and. Some. Jeans, check. The jeans I was, gonna go with white shoes these, ones however. It's. Absolutely, pointless because we're gonna go in the boat and I'm scared of this thing come back come caused, by black so. Just. Grab sacrifice, things. Now. What three pairs of shoes a time only one one can you imagine. That's. A company recording for battle. Bus I think. It's here I mean that's a cliche that's, a bird, area I mean. Say something butter bus over there right there, not. Sure. Honey. Well you're right hello. Utilities, available 24 hours until tomorrow. Yes. Sure I don't forget one board you have no your guy no restroom and the big luggage is forbidden, we, have about every 25 minutes okay. Pleasure. Safety. Rattle, me God. Are. We all ready to tell me. That's, right oh wow. Wow. That. Is gorgeous. And. That's alright gone. We're. Gonna go up here and, we're, gonna go and check out musee, d'orsay. Really. Cool man there's. So much police say what's going on paris, guys. Mughlai oh yeah the police sirens and average sound sounds fancy. It, sounds very fancy like, feed only, it's. Not like a wave enters. You it is I mean Hertz and rings Wow. Yeah. Yes. -, no go they order the. Lion single sport. Days. As. We're walking into this displace but don't know what it is it says per se is per lap Palais du Louvre don't. Know what it is but that's what we're gonna do bout to find out sigh.

Looks Like this gorgeous oh. Look. A salon. And I guess. What we. Are delivery now, this. Place is amazing, I, just. Looked so beautiful that look. Where. Is bushy garden, which. Basically, has streets but they're all symmetrically, cut oh they're all like the. Same type of shape all, around, but. They start to do this lady here and guy. Is like this is just gorgeous. Here. Next, to the. Noted I'm gonna. Render out some dots. Some. Of these skiers so, you can go like, this like it's booted off you know so with that you just going to add this. Kind thing and that's it. Guys. Hopefully, in love right in the discus, so I'm now gonna go to this obligingly, I'm. Not gonna get some macaroons, let's. See what they are. Just. Relaxing, just. Sooner we paid for this I better. Take you to it right. Last. Day actually, last day last. Two hours in Paris for the leaving like cut off with six, new. Country. Brussels. Hirako. Time. For me to cry. Haha. Listerine. So. What if it good defense. Okay. It's just my truffle you know skincare, routine this, and. This. Simple. I'm, going for a Toyota, I. Know. What I do need. It's. Not for this box time but. Guess what we. Live. Guys. Don't, have a back believe. You know finally. We're gonna, wake the boss, in the new country nog laughing this looks a bit again a bit too expensive so. I'm gonna cut it here thanks. And watch the flooding go, along this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you. Yeah. She doesn't see that what you got the next episode we're gonna make a list see. You.

2019-12-30 14:24

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