Parpale Gudda gavi ಪರ್ಪಲೆ ಗುಡ್ಡ ಗವಿ Parpalegiri ಪರ್ಪಲೆ ಗಿರಿ Attur Karkala Udupi Karnataka tourism

Parpale Gudda gavi ಪರ್ಪಲೆ ಗುಡ್ಡ ಗವಿ Parpalegiri ಪರ್ಪಲೆ ಗಿರಿ Attur Karkala  Udupi Karnataka tourism

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notice the water level has risen up till here this is a first of its kind of experience , for me too i have rarely come here during this season among my various visits here, i can say that this is my best experience here now we are inside the Parpale gudde cave now we are at Parpala gudde we are on top of Karkalas Parpala gudde on hill we on top of has a lot of significance today with us we have Subramanya he is a resident of this place at present he is working in a cooperate company he is also very interested in acting he participates in dramas and stage shows he is also into social work He has a team along with whom they do social work their team name is swatcha Karkala Brigade Now he will let us know about the significance of this Parpale gudde here a small temple on top of the hill there a cave here as well we are going to see the cave that cave too has a lot of history subramanya will educate us all about it along with Subramanya come let us see the speciality of parpala gudde along the small way next to the Attur St Lawrence Church through that way we can go we can go up the parpale hill Udupi districts Karkala taluks Parpala gudde is located near Attur village parpala gudde is also known as Parpala giri Parpala gudde is around 5 kilometers from Karkala bus stand from Udupi it is around 55 kilometers away from Manglaore it is around 50 kilometres from Nitte it is around 7 kilometers if we are going up this hill by a vehicle then we can climb up in 4 minutes if you intend to come by walk then there is another way if you are coming by that way then you can first see the papale cave there after on the same route forward we can climb the Parpale giri or peak Namaskara i am Subramanya our sudeesh is out here to introduce you all to our Karkala now we are on top of a hill at Karkala How Karkala got its Name is because this is a place with abundance of Black rock every where you see, you will find a lot of black rocks amongst it all here is a hill which has red stone it is made up of red rock, this is named as parpale it is also called as Parpale giri why did this place get the name as Parpale, when we enquired about it with our elders then they said that preciously Paale or Paale tree during aati amavasya, the bark of the tree is used for making Kashaya here was a old giant tree of it as per what our elders say hence Para(old) pale (tree name), the meaning comes out to be the old Pale tree hence it got the name of Parpale not just that, many people also that lots of medicinal plants were here but now it is not available, no one has saved it let us talk about it all later now we are at the western side of the Parpale guve from the western peak if you see towards Karkala you can see the Nakre rocks there if you look around you can see the range of Karkala we can see the sea beyond this all around you can see coconut and areca nut trees it if fully green land on this side we can see the range of mountains now we are looking towards Moodabidire this is our southern side then let us cover that side now recently we got to know a thing that there was an ancient Daiva place pooje has been started there and a small temple has been constructed and work for it has begun if we go on that side then we can see the entire range of Kudremukha there we can see the belt of Western ghats if you see this top is around a stretch of 200 meters just imagine how far its base would be on this side, its base starts from anekere and it reaches till nitte it is such a big mountain since it is so spread out i am not sure if people will be able to identify it that is how large the parpale mountain is now let us go to the other corner see as we mentioned earlier this is a small daiva temple the temple is yet to be constructed the work has started this is the divine place of Kalkuda, a daiva place in our tulunadu also known as Parashuramas place just like how we pray and worship god similarly as much importance we give to god equal importance we give to Daivas as well among those Daivas, this daivas is one Kalkuda, Kalurti and thukathari daiva these are three powers Daivas refer to super powers we worship them too Kalkuda is a place here, temple there is a history to that too our Karkalas monolithic Gommateshwara statue which is there, it was carved by him he was a sculptor but he later due to his super power, became a super hero then people identify his greatness and thereafter he is being worshipped in one situation, after he had finished carving that gommata statue the King did not want any another such statue to be carved, so that king gets that sculptors one hand and one leg chopped off this is mentioned in our Paadana Padana refers to telling of history in the form of a song as per that his story begins there and from there he shows his superpower there after he was worshipped and pooje was being offered mainly after here, he has gone to many other places here recently Kola too was conducted here Kalkuda, Kalurti and thukathari , these are the three powers here now they have kept it in a small temple when we stand here and see we can notice we are one step above from the place where we were previously in this place the temple will be coming up now we saw the speciality of the place above now from here let us go towards the cave now subramanya is leading us towards the cave let us go there and see as i mentioned earlier this whole mountain is red rock on the top the place is plain on the sides they have planted acacia, Nilgiri and all such plants when we were school kids, we used to come here by cycling we used to come and see the cave from there we used to come to the peak and sit there back then the peak was not so flat it was like a proper mountain back then this was one of our outing points because if we sit here we get to see on either sides as i mentioned earlier, we get to see the western ghat on the padubidri side we can see the sea as well in the evening good wind blows here hence frequently we used to come here then we used to carry one pack of puffed rice, one packet of groundnut that was our time pass this was such a place then a lot of cashew nut trees were here now it has decreased now which tree is more here now acacia is there now it is butterfly season, so we can see alot of butterflies here now due to decrease in the movement of people here, the shrubs have grown all over the place during rainy season no one usually goes inside the cave they do not come to such places now after some development here they have grown some Mahagony and more such trees are being planted here last time when the temple programme was conducted here around ten to fifteen thousand people had come here then many people came and visited the caves, that is when most people got to know about the caves many got to know that there is a cave here and that there is such a big mountain here prior to that we could count the number of people who used to visit here here at the base history says that there was a vishnumoorthy temple but we have not been able to find its trace there is a little trace but it owner and related details are not available related to it is another Eshawara temple it is very old it is a uma maheshwari temple where is it? a little ahead of here the speciality of that temple is the big lake near it previously it was very small now after renovation it has become better, they have done up the place well that is a very powerful temple now annually is there a plan of celebration of festival now yes celebration here refers to Bhoota kola annually when is it conducted it is generally conducted in the month of March and for every sankranti there will be pooje there is more than one cave here isnt it? yes there is more than one cave here there are 2-3 caves here when we used to come here during our childhood then we could go a little inside the case we could see the way through which water used to flow now i am not sure what has happened to it , it is a little deep we will not be able to continue further but even now inside the cave there is around 1200 square feet of open space steps are here we need to climb down it the cave is dome shaped, it is very nice now water will be dripping from the roof ok if we come from the base of the mountain there is the uma maheshwari temple which i had mentioned about near to it, on the upper side if we take a right, there is Krishna giri Krishna giri is the vishnumoorthy which i had mentioned earlier its other name is krishnagiri if we come from the base then it is very near now we saw the top view and then we are climbing down if we come from there then we can see the cave first and then climb up to see only the cave then we can come from that side are there wild animals here? there are only small one like rabbits, peacocks only those kind can be seen what about leopards? leopards may not be there because other than this mountain rest of the surrounding place are houses only rabbits and birds can be found here many peacocks are there peacocks, mangoose such small one are there wild cats are also there till date very few would have fully explored this place some would have only seen the peak or top some would have only visited the cave- if they see fully then they can make out from where it comes out or if there is any other exit but there is deficit of written documentry here they have put a board mentioning the shakthi peeta there is a shakthi peeta mentioning that guru used to do tapas there this is one side of the cave this has collapsed it continues from there but it has collapsed here and has got closed the cave should have continued til here but it has collapsed will we be able to see the shakthi peeta? yes we will be able to see it all the caves are connected to each other what has happened is, now trees are there previously there were no trees here hence the caves were not damaged then people who came here thinking that is mountain is empty they planted the plants so its roots got in the openings got closed each structure has its own importance where there is a cave there should not have been plants and trees it is difficult for us to understand now we are able to see the other side the other side of the cave is it? we have come to the other side of the cave here too is a board they have put a board here water sound can be heard here? water is flowing inside we cannot go inside it is it? we can go inside let us go and see we can only go up to this point leave your footwear here earlier i had mentioned to you that here the water will be dripping from the roof during this season we have hardly visited here during September December we rarely visit this place in December when we used to come then water used to drip down now if you notice the water spring is flowing here there is sound of the water flowing down isnt it? the water is flowing down from the top from here where does the water go to? it goes down but its exist point no one has tried to find its exit points when we used to visit earlier there was a exit point there from there but that has got closed by now even now if you notice, that is the point where the water exists some people say that Tippu used this cave to hide here it is also said that there was exists from here connecting it to other forts that is recent history of 200 years ago if we go to the history prior to that then rishis and munis used to come here to meditate because notice here it is so cool we will have to go inside now we can go inside to around 200 feet look there you can see there yes, let us see if we can go till there water is there, it is slippery here can we go there? one second let me see the water is very cold we can go till there can we go ? yes we can go till there notice water has come up to this point for me also this is a first time experience first time isnt it i have hardly visited here during this season among my visits here, i can say this is the best experience similarly as i mentioned earlier at Pune there is a place like this to see it we went from here to there there to it is like a table top this is the guru peeta guru peeta previously here were step kind of structure leading to inside now all that has collapsed hence we cannot go much further inside we can go only up till there that is it we can go up till there we can go til there if you see here now there is no other sound than that of the water even now does any one use it for meditation purpose? now no one as such is there we once again need that kind of yogis isnt it? yes that is the area which has collapsed isnt it? that one is the entry from then till here was the exit that was the upward movement and this was the down ward movement flow here water is flowing quite fast this is hundred percent pure water pure water with the benefits of the medicinal plants around we can directly drink it, it is so pure he is showing us by drinking the water no need of any bisleri or any other packed water very true since this is a very cool place, they say that there are chances of snakes being here but we have come here many a times but we have not seen anything but each time we need to proceed with caution we need to cautious nice we can go behind this it is a little slippery here it is very slippery here this is slippery since it is very slippery let us not go there we have gone till there but have gone during summer season we need to come in summer if not summer even December will be fine in December it will even be cool notice how the mud is here if you want we can go up to that place over there, there is a small stream flowing from there let us go from down come Please lead when we first came here in excitement they run and many have fallen down there is a board here mentioning Naga Sannidhi in nature the simple rule is do not disturb yes we should not disturb if we do not cause destruction if we do not cause disturbance then none of them will do any harm to us it is filled with bats inside it is so dark inside, since we flashed the light we are able to see inside notice how much inside the cave we are notice the entrance is so far from us for anything if there are no inheritor then there will be many who will miss use it here too they used to use like that they used to use this place for having fun and liquor party now all that has stopped now it is a clear, spiritual place bats are waking up due to the light all are small ones there was a special frog there ok now we are inside the parpale hill cave i am conveying a special thanks to our Subramanya for getting us here that too in this season, in spite of the rain he got us inside the cave on behalf of all our viewers i am conveying a special thanks thank you thank you , it is not difficult to show to those who want to see, our nature has so much and so much more to learn how much ever we see, there are so many more places which we can see yes many are there one life time is not sufficient only to see this malnad region one day is just not sufficient come this side it is best to go back in the route we came oh that over there nothing happened i just slipped that is like a well over there it is very deep we need to take precaution when we come here it is beautiful we had spoken about the temple that the temple restoration and construction work is under progress that is not a single persons property it is a combined effort of all devotees and all people if you are interested to donate we will give you the details in the description you can contribute to it or personally you can contact us too. what ever provisions needs to be done that we will do one more request to all who come here is those who want to come here, you all are welcome when you visit here, what ever plastic you get with you here, kindly take it back with you let us keep our surrounding clean this is a free opportunity for all to enjoy the beauty of nature come visit Karkala's Parpala giri and enjoy it, thank you

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