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Salwa Arsanti , we wish you a good night and welcome to the Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu city and of course for those of you who have registered, we invite you to enjoy dinner in the place provided after that to return to Bolroum from Golden Tulip hotels and resorts and of course I remind you again to adhere to health protocols by wearing masks, washing hands and also keeping your distance, thank you and enjoy with Arsanti Welcome to the mayor rock Dewanti Rumpoko at Golden Tulip Holland Resort audience please stand Once again we ask the audience Dimohon to stand up to sing Indonesia Raya Indonesia homeland ku ground Tumpa my blood there was I standing so scout mom Indonesia kebangsaanku nation and my homeland, let us exclaim Indonesia united live my land there lived my country my people, my people everything bagunlah soul up his body to Indonesia raya Indonesia highway independence independent of my land my country which I love Indonesia highway independence independent lived Indonesia raya Indonesia highway independence independent of my land my country which I love Indonesia highway independence independent lived Indonesia highway Singing mars shining rock city In the middle of the valley, the slopes of the mountain shine, the city is shining, the people are virtuous, faithful and devoted. The air is cool and fresh. The agriculture is environmentally friendly. Education is always competitive. World

-wide tourism. Look, look at the horizon in the east, it is ready and coming soon. welcome to a new life Hand in hand unite together forward Build my city let's work forward With holy intentions determined as hard as steel towards a prosperous society Ready to immediately contribute all your roles and energies honestly and sincerely loyal always for the glory of the stone city Look, see the horizon in the east is ready and soon welcome new life Joining hands united together developed wake up wake up my cities let the work go ahead with nitat holy determined steely toward prosperous society Ready prepared immediately discordant all the roles and dayamu with creativity and inofasimu for the glory of rock city with creativity and inofasimu for the glory of stone town Ladies in Please sit back in a moment, the event will start soon. Dear Mayor of Batu, Dr. Hj Dewanti Rumpoko, MSI . We respect the Head of Bakorwil 3 Malang, who we respect, Study Batu City, Dr. Supriyanto SH MH . We respect the Chief of Police of Batu City or his representative . We respect the liaison officer of the Kodim 0818 we h ormati the Regional Secretary of Batu City and our respected mother , the head of the National Development Planning Agency, Mrs. Wivi punjul Santosa,

who we respect the Head of the Batu City Tourism Office and of course all the happy invited guests tonight assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Shalom Om Swastiastu namo buddhaya greetings of virtue Welcome to Godong Tulip Holland resort in the event Ayers tourism award in 2021 an award and a valuable opportunity for us i ning Mas Galoh Pandu, accompanied by colleagues I kang Mas Kiki Rizki we both can lead the program stone tourism awards in 2021 one with the theme of revival of tourism achieve greatness began to say not only see in the evening and of course Mr. Mom as an information that the event is an annual event of the Batu city supergram tourism Office organized promotion in Hybrid to increase brand product marketing Batu city tourism industry in the national arena and also International in a pickle In this case, the Batu City Government also gives awards to the cultural tourism industry and also the creative economy that contributes significantly to the development of Batu Tourism City , both to calm the atmosphere at night, we will work together for the jargon first, Mr. Mrs. We have a jargon, the first is if we say greetings, tourism can be answered with Wonderful Indonesia by opening his arms wide, otherwise saying greetings Batu City tourism can be answered with Shining batu with a smaller circle, we can try hi greetings, tourism, caves, Darfur Indonesia, prayer, Tourism, Bandung City, Shining batu, may actually ask lively tonight Hai Dong, we are very happy that both of us are finished and of course to start the event tonight let us start with a prayer reading which will be led by Mr.

Ahmad Jazuli from the office of the Ministry of Religion of Batu city to Mr. Ahmad Jazuli, we invite Indonesia the lounge Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Paul Billahi minas syaiton nirojim Bismillahirrohmanirrohim Alhamdulillahirobbil Alamin washolatu Wassalamu asrofil ala alihi Ambiya Iwal Mursalin wa'ala washohbihi ajma'in O Allah our Lord, we glorify all Asmah Kebesaranmu because you are precious substances that we tadahkan hand Hai kehadiratmu because thou Essence who has granted all of Your servant's requests. Hi, tonight we are present together at the 2021 tourism board rock event with the theme of tourism revival to achieve glory. Hi for that, O Allah, Rahman, yes, make this event that we carry out as an event that you are pleased with that brings Blessings of grace Taufik and your guidance Hi Allahumma Ya Allah Ya Robbana Ya Karim make all the activities we carry out as one of our efforts in order to advance tourism in Batu City, increase prosperity, prosperity and economic improvement for our community, shine a light on our hearts with your Nur Hidayah bestow your favors and gifts so that we can arrange a better tomorrow more beautiful than today Oh God Almighty God Hi, instill in us the nature of your Rohman and spirit to all of us a sense of unity and brotherhood, love, ukhuwah islamiyah ukhuwah Insaniyah and ukhuwah Wathoniyah so that we remain intact Oh Allah, the most forgiving Lord, forgive our sins and mistakes, forgive the sins and mistakes of our parents and forgive the sins and mistakes of our leaders, O Allah, accept our prayers and supplications Rabbana Atina Fiddunya Hasanah wafil Akhiroti hassanah wa qina Adza Bannar wa Shallallahu Ala Sayyidina Muhammad walhamdulillahi rabbil alamin wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi, thank you to Mr. Ahmad Jazuli from the Ministry of Religion office phone number for sitting back in Indonesia Indonesia Hwang Hai Dimas Garuda also ladies and gentlemen who are happy of course to open the event on m today's nature has also been opened by a very kipmart prayer, of course we will also give an extraordinary performance, namely the semromong dance which will be brought together by the Ngaglik flower image studio for us to practice asking men This is reckless curry Hi Duo butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly Purple Teguh nyentuh bring qualified du-du-du want you may first may possibly perhaps maybe nyum Goddess traces may smile I'm waiting maybe full I'm not Kyuhyun Hai touch me I want Hi I forgive you in the middle of touching your heart you I Hey maybe you Hey maybe Smile ageng or stop ku ku ku for the sake of the Prophet SAW Hi touch the soul huh huh huh huh Hi, taken to take it once again may Give a big round of applause to pay for the performance of the Torism Bromo photo tour still has and is also rich in the potential of traditional arts l one of which is a traditional art bull braid of studio Barata people Rejo audience happy Let's welcome with a rousing applause he traditional art bull braid MP3 Hi Nagina correct it to pause tap ya Puput Puput Puput itunya enough to enough to the touch hai hi pretty Wow candidate textured performance yes if still family socialism of one of the traditional arts of Batu blend of Java braid with a challenge that should be preserved exactly once Mas Galuh this is the cultural heritage is certainly the one city that is rich in culture course in addition to the tourism correct Let's check the spirit, yes, Darfur cave tourism, Indonesia, wrong tourism. Wow, that's really cool. Applause for us and whatever in Batutulis 2021, there is someone here

who is the person in charge, of course, from the implementation of the battery, my friend in 2021, who will later give a speech on the occasion n night is forgotten Head of Tourism Batu doctorate Arif acidic MH Before I invite him to join dec and giving a speech I will deliver a poem by the charge with saucy so yes Okay ready Hai saw this while eating glutinous Drakel to Mr. day love bro we invite Hai Mau dikirimin participate sweating see long braids extraordinary two distinctive art Batu which is recognized by the ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia extraordinary should we preserve Hai assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi goodnight best wishes and greetings travel unhealthy for us all We respect the news of death, together with the Mayor of Batu, Mrs. Hajah Dewanti Rumpoko, whom we greatly respect, Mr. Head of Bakorwil 3 Malang, whom we greatly respect, Mr. Kajari Batu, Mr. Doctor Suprianto, whom we greatly respect, Mrs. Head of BNN in

Batu City. The stone that greatly respects i Mrs. Head of the PKK Motivator Team for the City of Batik as well as the Head of the Dekranasda of Batu City who greatly respects the Head of the Police or who represents Mr. Dandim 0818. Finally, we are the liaison officers who have great respect for Mr. Regional Secretary of Batu City, Mrs. Chairman of the PKK Mobilization Team for City of Batu

Hai and who is very helpful. you respect eh Mr. staff assistant chief expert UPTD city Government Batu Hai head BPJS Employment Batu Gentlemen Hai very camera die anyway Hai artists and cultural officials of exceptional depleted gas among us fathers village chiefs and heads of village se Batu is also chairman the chairman of the tourism industry association who is almost entirely present in our midst, the chairman of the Batu City arts and culture organization, if it is finally us and we respect the owner of the extraordinary Golden Tulip Holland Resort, we thank you for the extraordinary facilitation and ladies and gentlemen which we really respect, we respect and We thank you very much for having the space and time to be able to be in our midst, Ladies and gentlemen, respect only because of the grace of Allah ta'ala, even though we are in Migofit 19, we have the opportunity to be present in good health to attend one event, namely the pig this year. 2021 Hopefully our good intentions, yogs, to accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector in the city of Batu will bring benefits to all of us, ladies and gentlemen, the ladies and gentlemen of the audience, whom we greatly respect here. The mayor of the Batu city government through the Tourism Office, together with tourism industry players, cultural actors and creative economy players , strive for strategic sectors. who experienced a severe downturn due to the v19 pandemic trying to get back up to become the main pillar and support for the economy of Batu Hai City. Of course, this has its roots in us getting back to the Prosecutor's Office for the glory of tourism, such as before the shower hit We were visited by 7.4 million tourists in 2019 this heart, we must

keep on op Timis course to be able to achieve the feat we had to fight must continue the spirit and work together to realize achievement once we realize we may safely Hi Capital of the very office dead and audience happy for the year 2021 was an appreciation outstanding against fighters and major contributors to the development of Batu city, especially in the cultural tourism sector and the creative economy, several figures of institutions and agencies that have made a big and real contribution to the development and assistance of tourism in Batu city to continue to grow and develop competitively and conducively, it is necessary to give an award. Hereby, the details are as follows: the first is the agency category, three people, Hi, the tourist village and tourist village category, 13 people, the creative economy category, three people, the cultural category, and the five people in the tourism industry category, which we honor on the other hand. accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector through the promotion strategy of sustainable municipal government stone house of tourism for the first time the establishment of a tourism promotion area that plays a role in the effectiveness and development of programs promoting tourism Batu nationally and globally to it at a very good chance it please deign failure by carried out the inauguration of limbs promotion of tourism in the Batu city area for the period 2025 2021 2021 2021, our highly respected mother, furthermore, to provide a means of navigator for Batu city tourism event activities that make it easier to access support and community participation and see tourists to be present to enjoy various events and why for the next year it is necessary to launch a calendar tourism in 2022. Of course, the spirit is so that everyone coughs up the agenda. Besides that, the spirit of capacity building through the stone in 2001 is also expected to stimulate the motivation of tourism and culture business actors Good celebrations are more creative to increase the marketing of creative economy tourism products as well as UGM and culture so that they are known and can attract both domestic and foreign tourists . Ladies and gentlemen, we respect, we are from the Batu City Tourism Office as the responsible element in the recovery programs. The economy in the tourism sector conveys a sense of pride and is of course even more excited because ladies and gentlemen in particular , the mayor, the head of Bakorwil 3 Malang and the entire line of forkopimda and the audience, lastly and witness how excited we are all because we present culture as well as show the potentials of the City Batu Tourism to rise to the fore to achieve the glory that yesterday had slumped for the progress and welfare of the people of Batu City We will thank you and feel proud of appreciation to all of us , hopefully Batu city will believe more and more, these are some things that need to be done. ami like to

apologize if there is a shortage and we gear Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Salam Pesona Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia Batu Shining greeting stone thank yo yo Hi thanks Mr. Stone Head of Tourism Mr. privacy above report Mas wow yes absolutely right when earlier that had us close together that a dingo in 2019 before going on his mecofed 7.4 million tourists yes yes come true father and present enjoy the potential of tourism in the town of Batu yes, but unfortunately even though he knew before the 2011 to 2020 after city continue to work together with the perpetrators tourism to continue to advance from cultural infrastructure facilities as well as the creative economy and for that there are dynamics of ups and downs What it looks like Now everything will be summarized in a tourist attraction video Let's see together a tourist attraction video Welcome to watch hey hey hey where is oh hey you're sick here, really sad, really really really really really right here Indonesia hey hey Munich is said Hai heart might hey hey hey hey Hi bye news of the queen's videos tourist attraction a dynamic trips infrastructure development and others in the tourism industry and creative economy Batu remarkable and of course the audience that we honored shortly again we will witness the inauguration procession of local tourism agency officials Batu period 2021-2026 which will begin with the reading of the decree by the Head of tourism Department's tourism marketing Batu Mrs. Dwi Andriani SH memata2i Nova Nova Bu Dwi Andriani we invite decree number 402 188.45 crisp crisp decision garing 42 2.0 12 garing 2021 regarding the appointment of policy-making elements of the Batu City regional tourism promotion agency for the 2021 2021 term of service. The mayor of Batu considers that in order to implement the provisions of Article 8 paragraph

2 of the Batu Mayor Regulation Number 47 of 2002 one concerning work procedures, requirements and procedures for the appointment and dismissal of the policy-making elements of the Batu city tourism promotion agency and paying attention to the results of the fit and proper test of the policy-making elements of the Batu city tourism promotion agency for the 2021-2021 term of office on 2021, it is necessary to stipulate the Mayor's decision regarding the appointment of the policy-making elements of the Batu city regional tourism promotion agency for the term of office years 2001-2002 5 reminded so on, decided to determine the 1st to appoint the policy-making elements of the Batu city regional tourism promotion agency for the 2021 2021 membership composition as stated in the annex which is an integral part of this decision the two elements determining the policy of the city tourism promotion agency Batu as referred to in the first dictum of this decision has the following tasks: 1 to improve the tourism image of Batu city and Indonesian tourism and so on, and thirdly to carry out its duties as the policy-making element of the regional tourism promotion agency. h The city of Batu as referred to in the first dictum of this decision forms an implementing element in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. These four decisions of the Mayor shall come into force on the date of stipulation with the stipulation that if in the future there are errors, corrections will be made as it should be set out in Batu on December 13, 2012 the city Batu was signed by Dewanti rumpoko, a copy of which was respected, one Governor of East Java, two Heads of the Culture and Tourism Office of East Java Province, 3 chairman of the DPRD of Batu City, 4 Inspector of Batu Lima, the Head of the Tourism Office of Batu City, attachment to the decision of the Mayor of Batu number 188.45 crisp 402 crisp decision 42.0 12.2 Garing 2021 dated December 13, 2007 nivana got a policy-making element for the tourism promotion agency for the Batu city area , serving from 2021 to 2000 251 chairperson Professor Doctor wijiastuti mcpm expert element, academia, two deputy chair doctors Cahyo Budi Irawan SSI mm element of the stingray professional association tourism three secretary point Haryanto effects tourism association element four Members of one type of media addgene studio adipradana aviation association element two edriana Pangestuti smf IDP concert expert crisp academics three Didik Rocky Wahyono element of tourism association 4 Muhammad Dadi element of tourism association 5 finally Fauzi element of tourism professional association six Moses rainforest rock elements Mayor tourism association signed Dewanti Rumpoko Hi well we will invite to all official tourism promotion agency the town of Batu in 2021-2026 can take place e-blue please say Hi to the next stone pleasing to the Mayoress Mrs. Dewanti Rumpoko to

deign inaugurated the management of the Batu City tourism promotion agency for the period 2021-2026 Hi invitation, Please stand up Hi by giving thanks to the presence of God Almighty for Taufik and his guidance, so today Monday 13-09-2018 one I am the Mayor of Batu as P fostering the policy-making elements of the Batu city tourism promotion body for the 2021-2026 period officially inaugurates the members of the policy-making elements of the Batu city tourism promotion agency Based on the Batu Mayor's Decree number 188.45 slashes 40 2/3 kep slash 422 points 012 slashes Hi regarding the appointment of elements policy makers of the Batu city tourism promotion agency I believe that brothers and sisters will carry out their duties as well as possible in accordance with the responsibilities given in order to achieve the objectives of the policy determining elements of the Batu city tourism promotion agency May God Almighty always give his blessings to all of us Batu 13 December 2020 one Mayor of stone signed Hajah your doctor Dewanti rumpoko MSC completed Thank you for the inauguration completed for the next please please mother to take a photo together first with all the management of the tourism promotion agency for the Batu city period 2021-2026 Hi, we invite you to a Mrs. Batu Mayor Ms. Dewanti Rumpoko and administrators from the regional tourism promotion agency to return to their seats may say with her it's lively once again Hi audience, please sit back Hi well Mas Galuh one of the processions we are waiting for of course tonight's event has gone well already confirming the management of the Batu city tourism promotion agency in the period 2021 to 2025 later has been officially inaugurated today and this Mas Galuh tonight of course we will also give an extraordinary show that is a form of our mutual appreciation on the commemoration of the international day of disability right on December 3 , internationally, namely Mas Galuh, yes, and of course this mime will be presented directly by the Shining deaf community, of course collaborating with the appearance of Batu city batik fashion in the East Java Raka Raki event by Kangmas Nimas, Batu City , ladies and gentlemen who attended the event. happy let's welcome together with this he is a mime performance with Kang Mas Dimas, Batu city and the lively middle Shining deaf Boy community who is a masturyono for the youth This is the time of Feby Salsabila in the best graphic of Batu Wisata City that was brought in the event for the selection of flavors only Timur hai hi hi amazing holography between each of which rotates here and there, the city of Batu Wow is amused. Behind a deficiency there is always an advantage. Hopefully we can copy the talents displayed by the Community from Shining Toyota Batu and Ladies and Gentlemen. We can give appreciation for the

International Day of Disability with a big round of applause tonight and Limas Galuh, apart from the commemoration of the Day of Disability Batik, which was brought to you by our colleague, the scene also means that when it was Batik Batu City, a competition was once held, of course, called Batik Tresno Kutho Batu Wow and this is one of the best batiks, yes, in Pocong, keep it up, I can give it especially also for batik made by residents and currently rek batu is very true and of course Dimas Galuh before we enter a core event, yes, tonight's event is of course we will see how the journey and also what is behind the stone tourism Award in a video show that we will watch the stone tourism video Hello, welcome to watch hi Hi, Noah AS , ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, may we once again give a big round of applause for all the offroad winners in the new Solo 2021. Only congratulations to all the winners who will later be given awards to the entire family of the tutorial competition to make 2021 for that please please potassium and returned to Batu Mayor Eddy rumpoko accompanied by all cities of Batu Bakorwil 3 nights Head of Batu City Tourism Office to please Nike Stitch

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