Pastor Jamal Bryant - Pray for Bishop McKissick (July 20, 2018)

Pastor Jamal Bryant - Pray for Bishop McKissick (July 20, 2018)

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And glad. To be sharing. This. Message with all of you want. You to please, share. With. As many people as you possibly can. I am. Coming, to you live from the global. Prayer, convocation. Here. In Baltimore, Maryland under the direction and. Auspice, of my. Mother, Reverend. Dr. Cecilia, Bryan when I take the glory of God. Medicine. A powerful, in a profound, way tonight. It. Is what, Paul calls that. Indescribable. Gift. Last. Night they, commenced, and kicked off, with. Apostle. Matthew Stephens and, I'm. Telling you it just a bone-crushing. Revelation. Dealing, Jesus simply on the. Principle, of groaning. And. While it is that they've come from Uganda. From Kenya, from. The Caribbean, from, Paris. From. Canada. From. Across the length and breadth of the United, States. Last. Night when they opened, I, was. Nowhere. To be found I was. In Jacksonville, Florida. Rest. Of our covenant, brothers have already gone I'm. The last make. It but. I went to Jacksonville. Florida to check on. My. Brother Bishop, Rudolph of a kissing and. Not. Since he went in initially, for. His procedure, have not discussed, him because I didn't have all, of the information, but. I want you to have it, tonight, and, I. Need your, prayers. Pointed. In his direction. Because. We really need it, his. Spirits, are high, his. Church is, resolved. His. Faith is lifted. But, his body is completely. Under. The will and the direction, of the Holy Spirit. For. Those of you that know the words of Prayer I need. You to call him by name. Bishop. Rudolph. McKissack. Bishop. Rudolph. McKissack. He's. In Jacksonville. Florida is. The esteemed, proud. Productive. Pastor, of. The Bethel, Church. There in Jacksonville, the oldest, church in the. City of Florida, of Jacksonville. And the largest, one and, just. Coming out, of I want you, all to know. Why. It is that we're praying in that direction and, what. Is needed. Bishop. McKissack for. Those of you who do not know was. A vocal, major, and. On the vocal major he is, astute. In voice. Music. Theory. And. It was his intention. Before. Accepting, the call to carry the gospel it. Was his intention to. Be, a professional opera, singer, and as. The chops to do it as a. Consequence. In, every. Critical, point, of his life, the. Enemy, only targets, him in one area and, that. One area, is his voice. Has. Never had a problem with his eyes never, had a problem with his hands, it's, always his voice that is under attack, so. The surgery in which he has just come out of is. His second, time you. Not gonna believe it, undergoing. The. Exact, same. Procedure. He's. Developed, polyps, or, one. Of his vocal cords and the. Other vocal, port is. Completely. Paralyzed. It's. Completely, paralyzed the doctors, are astounded. And amazed. Because. They don't believe out. Of the natural, that. He should even be talking, but. Through the grace of God. Even. After he went through that the first time they. Were to sing recorded another album, touring. All over the world preaching, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and. To give you evidence that, the enemy lacks imagination. He. Comes back. And attacks, the exact same area. When. They went in for the procedure the doctor. Completely. Miffed discovered. That. There's severe, scarring, on his vocal cords.

They've. Had to in fact perform. An operating, procedure on. Their vocal cord and miraculously. It's. Able to come through it. However. The scarring, is so profound. So. Pervasive. That. Dome. They've. Put him on vocal rest on what should have been just four weeks, it. Has gone into six weeks and now. Well under observation. We. Serve a prayer answering, God, can. You imagine being a preacher. Being. A bishop in the Lord's Church and the. Doctor telling you that. You are limited, to. Just say two words, a day. Do. I hear that two. Words. A, day I. Said. To him when I talk to him if, you gonna say two words those two words better be thank you. Thank. You that you're alive thank, you that you're breathing, thank. You that you still got a loving, family thank, you that you got friends, thank. You that you've got a, support. Mechanism in place thank, you that. You able to even afford the surgery that some of us can't even take for granted. And. They said once it is that they're able to put him under observation, he's. Then going to have to go through a process. Going. From two words a day, to. A day of talking, and. Then progress to a day of silence. Day. Of talking. Then. A day of silence just the emotional. Psychological. And spiritual, trauma of. Having to go through that when. Your livelihood, a joke your, sum total, has, been in your voice and then you're regulated. To. That he's already, been out for two months. Our. Brothers have gone. In. To help, and support, this. Coming Sunday of you're in Jacksonville, Reverend Al Sharpton is, standing, in. For, him he's. Hoping Bishop, mckissick is. Hoping, to return in, ensuing. Weeks and. Amazingly. They said that his voice is so fragile. Is. So vulnerable that. His, to services, that are already at capacity. Are. Gonna have to converge, into, one. You're. Gonna have to converge, into, one, they don't even know where. They gonna seat the people, but. His voice cannot, sustain. Being. Able to do two services, because the, more he talks the more his throat dries up. To. Add insult, to injury. The. Doctor, has now curbed, his, travel. He. Can only now move. Under. The doctor's advisement, in terms of flying. I'm. Asking, you this is not. My friend this is my brother, I'm. Asking, those of you that know the words of prayer that. You, got to pray for this man of God, pray. For complete, healing for, complete restoration. For. Complete turnaround, I need. You to please pray for him that a miracle happen. Because. He's on a travel, restriction. Our. Brothers, came together, beshte Antonio, Matthews. Bishop. William Murphy. Fisher. Marvin said, myself. And. The appropriate, spouses. And. Said I don't know how it is that we can in good conscience. Call. This a brother's retreat. And. One of our brothers may not be able to fly and if fly. Will. Not be able to share, when. All of us way but we're going to scheduled. To. Give impartation, about our testimony. And. About. Our. Own journey, into. Wholeness and into balance. When. We found out the reality, of the situation. That. The truth be told he, may not be able to fly in August. And. Will not have. Possibly, possibly. Will. Not have full capacity. We. Came together as brothers and said we, came into this as one. Unit. It'll. Be broken, hypocritical. To. Leave our brother band. As. A consequence. After. Much prayer and consideration. We. Went to Caesar's Palace, told.

Them About, our brother that this is beyond our control and. Let. Me show you how the hand of God works. Caesar's. Palace, doesn't, know Jamal. Bryant Marvin, said William, Murphy Antonio, Matthews. Said. It because we understand. And hear the passion, of your plea. We'll. Do it whenever it is that he's healthy enough and strong enough to do it. And. We'll hold it for you, and. For that we thank God. The. Reality, is a trip or conference or retreat, an, engagement, is not more important. Than your. Authentic, relationships. And, your. Health, at. Some, point, you. Got to keep the main thing the main thing and. I. Hope that this is a wake up call if, we're really gonna have balance, have, balance, in prioritizing. What is important. What. Is valuable, and what, can be dismissed. And. So at midnight, we. Send out a letter. To. The throngs of you that were pointed. Towards. Las Vegas. That. We gotta wait for, our brother to be completely, healed. Healthy. And restored. Because. We're not gonna let the enemy get in this, we're. Not gonna let him tear. Up what it is that God has built, up. And. So I realized this is for, many of you last minute I know, it's gonna cause. You to have to reevaluate plans. And. Strategies. And I tenor, Aires, but. I wanted you to hear from me. That. I need you more than anything. More. Than anything I, need. Your prayers pointed, towards Jacksonville, Florida, I began. Declaring, aloud tonight. We. Serve. A. Prayer. Answering. God. We. Serve a. Prayer. Answering. God if. You don't believe it let me say it for me I serve. A. Prayer. Answering. God, I'm. Getting ready to pray tonight, in just one minute, before. I pray. It's. Not just Bishop McKissack you've got a loved one a family member a friend that you worried about you're concerned about your. Thoughts are pointed towards, whoever. That friend that family, that loved one that spells that offspring, that, you're praying for, would. You type that name for me very quickly please, I'm. Getting ready to pray in just 60, seconds, but. I want you to put the name of who it is that you're standing in the gap for, our. Brotherhood. Is standing, in the gap for Bishop McKissack but. Whoever it is that you're standing in the gap for I want to lift them up come. On lift in my pad and Anthony. White. Kia thank. You so very much, kiona, Carolyn, we're, gonna be lifting, all of you write those names on the screen Ronald. And Clifton Davis. Anastacia. Come. On we were praying indeed, Catina Bishop. Christine Reeves, Jillian. And Angela, Thomas priests code. Areas, Coleman, Melvin, toy, Spencer. Ken, Quintus. Daisy. James, we're. Praying for all of them tonight come on keep it coming, while. It is that you're putting those names on the screen and I am releasing, angels. To be a sign every, name put on that screen would. You do me a favor very quickly would you share. This pulse with as many people as possible we've, got over a thousand, of you on now, the. Glory is getting ready to, descend. On, to wherever it is that you're located wherever it is that you're seated wherever. It is that you're driving glory, is coming right there, Bishop. Talbot. And Samantha listen, to me if. You are anywhere in, a, driving, distance, of. Baltimore. Maryland I need. You to meet me at the altar Thank, You Bishop Paige I love you to the moment I want, you to meet me to the altar. Tomorrow. Morning, at 10:30. My. Other brother is here. Pastor. John Hannah he's. Gonna be at the altar we're gonna be travailing, together at 10:30, if you, can get to the Baltimore, Convention Center. Tomorrow I, need, you to shift everything, around on your schedule and join me this. Prayer conference has been so intimate, it's, been so heavy been so profound that, I, haven't streamed any of it but tomorrow morning, at 10:30 I need. God so, bad. So. Desperately. So earnestly, I am, dehydrated. Without his glory I can't. Function, without. His glory I cannot, move, without. His glory and. I want it not just for me not just for Bishop McKissack but, even for Gwen for Sheila for Salem for, Tanisha for, Brenda ladarius. For James, all. Of you I'm telling, you God's glorious getting ready to come. He's. A prayer. Answering. God. He. Is a, prayer. Answering. God. I'm, telling, you that God has given me do something in the life, a bishop, McKissack but not just in the life of Bishop mckissick but, every name that has been printed on that screen for all of you that didn't even type it but, you talked to that screen. I'm, compelling, and commanding, angels to move in that direction the, family, of Charles, Robinson Tracy thank you for reminding me of that I'm. Appreciative, so very much, come, on let's pray. Hallelujah. A. Van. Is the kingdom, and. The. Power and. The. Glory and. You. Reign forever. Lord. We lift your name on. God. We celebrate, you we salute, you, we, magnify.

You We extol, you we. Enlarge, your name God we give you glory we. Humble ourselves we, tremble we. Pause, we. In fact moan, in, this hour just to, shudder to, know that we occupied. The same space, of oxygen, in which, you are moving God we give your glory, we. Thank you that you were wounded for our transgressions. Bruised for our. Iniquities. The chastisement. Of our peace is. Upon your shoulders, God we give you glory then. When you arise our enemies, are scattered we give you glory, because, when our mother and our Father forsake. Us that's. When you show up God we give you glory because. There is nothing that you have ever attacked, that you failed in we give you glory, because, even satanic, imps have got to ask you permission, before. It is that they can move we give you glory that. Chair of films and seraphim's, are now bowing. Down around your throne we give you glory because, in the fullness of time even, Donald Trump, will have to bow down we. Give you glory that, you will in fact pull the covers, of every. Demonic, and diabolical. Steam and block and working. Of the enemy, in the spirit, of manipulation. And gross, anxiety. We give you glory that. Everything that we've been through this year was, in fact just a running. Head start, for what we get ready to go into for the rest of the year we give you glory thank. You dear Lord for the nails that were pierced in your hand and we still got functionality. To be able to work thank you for, the nails that were pierced in your feet and we still got activity, of our limbs thank you for, the activity, of our capacity to be able to breathe on our own without, being connected, to innocent, we give you glory and, we give you praise and we give you honor and we give you thanks giving God thank, you we only ask you because we know that you're able if we didn't think you're good we, wouldn't even be up this lake but because we've, seen you do everything. But fail, tonight. God I petition. You on. Behalf Rodolphe, Waldo. Kissick jr. and, he gloried, the same bomb they're saying giving it pour, it down his throat I fight you so, the blood that reaches, to the highest mountain, and flows to, the lowest Valley, I'm now needed, to be wrapped around the throat of Bishop mckissick even. In this hour thank you that you're gonna embarrass the, doctors the specialist, and even, the nurses thank, you for, speedy, recovery, thank you dear Lord that what you've said to David, I now, release it in the bishop McKissack he, shall, recover. All, thank. You holy God not, just him but every name that's popped up on that screen they, shall, recover. All. Every. Dam they lost every, moment, they lost every. Year that they lost for, every member that they lost for every memory that, they lost for every child that, they lost they shall, recover. Oh thank. You God my faith is of such and I'm joined now with 2,000, intercessors. To, declare, that I do not, wait to the battle is over but, I shout, right now that, he's gonna be singing, dance and Sheldon celebrating. Preaching, and teaching, imparting. And prophesy, everything. That you put in his bosom is that, to be released into the earth realm make, the devil into the lie of any years I cancel. The spirit, of depression and death and anxiety. And worry and apprehension. And low, self-esteem and resignation. I rebuke. Every devour. That would give entire ears, and our subconscious to, make a second, guess what it is that you promise and what it is that you said thank, you dear Lord that I declare is going to happen and it's going to happen immediately I, speak, a swift. And a fast, recovery, into. The life of every, person that was praying for, somebody else, thank, God while they lifted up somebody, else's name do, something, for them will. Be promised, to. Give your name glory give. Your name praise, to. Give your name Thanksgiving. Bishop. Mckissick if you're watching I'm praying for you I love you brother, and, you shall, recover. All. You're. Not going to balance in August, without Bishop. Mckissick. Imma, stand right here, i'ma. Stand, right here. When. You get off that plane bro Marvin. Said William, Murphy and Tonio Matthews, we're. Gonna be standing right there with you, you. Gonna preach the opening night, about. What God did for you I don't. Care who has to lose what don't. Care who's man who got an attitude we. Ain't moving until, you ready until. Did that releases, you I love. Y'all I'm, at the global prayer convocation. I don't know I prayed with y'all for a minute but. I'm telling you something going, on just, global prayer convocation. If. In fact you want to register we got two days left global. Prayer, conference. I think is calm, global, prayer conference Bishop, McKissack has joined us thank you so very much global.

Prayer. Conference. Dot-com. If your register. I want, you to come in these last two days Saturday. I'm telling you it's gonna blow your mind I'm, taking. 1,000. Men did. You hear me. 1,000. Men and we, walked in through the city and the streets of Baltimore to. The hot spot prime areas. To. Call for glory and divine intervention. The. Church militaristic, is getting ready to rise I see y'all tomorrow morning, 10:30, me. The, Holy Ghost John. Hannah reven see and. Intercessors. From around the world Thank, You global, prayer convocation, org, I appreciate, you love you I'll see you in the morning, Oh, Bishop Seth thank you so very much we, in agreement pastor. Matthews I saw you thank, you so very much the only one of our brothers it's not on tonight is Bishop Murphy who I think is sharing the gospel in, Houston, Texas tonight, but, we're standing with touching and we're and God, bless you.

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Dear Pastor Bryant as we approach The End Of This Age, it seems that we are all now in The Healing Ministry. As I'm sure you well know it's not about receiving healing from God, but rather it's about 'keeping your healing and maintaining your health.' Because of the current health situation in our country and the introduction of Trans-humanism and new diseases, I personally believe we will all need The Whole Amor of God and The Gifts of Healings in order to survive in these last days. Pastor Bryant tell Bishop Mckissick and all the other Pastors and Bishops to ask God for The Baptism of The Holy Spirit and for The Whole Amor of God and also The Gifts of Healings. Fast for 24 hours, NEITHER EAT NOR DRINK ANYTHING. Then go to God The Father and ask him for THEĀ  BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Luke 11:9-13) and THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) and also THE GIFTS OF HEALINGS (1 Corinthians 12:1-[9]-11, 31; 14:1). God will surely give them to you (Matthew 7:7-8; Mark 11:24; John 15:7). After you receive them, begin fasting and praying in the Spirit on a regular basis (Matthew 17:21; 1 Corinthians 7:5; Jude 20). Good bless and carry on.

We Curse This Terrible Sickness in Jesus Name!! Bishop McKissick needs his HEALTH back #1!!

Need a extra Income so that can move into my own apartment

I'm praying for bishop Rudolph Mckissick and my sister need healing from diabetics and I need healing in my right leg to healed have a wound

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I agree with pastor Jamal Bryant believe and receive it thank you Jesus for answering prayers Alana Tremaine Tamara Quentin Holmes are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ

I lift him up in prayer to the great physician Jesus Christ, Jesus touch the doctors and surgeons hands ,Jesus be with you bishop Rudolph Mckissick in the name of Jesus

Covered and Healed in His Blood healing done in Bishop Mc Kissick body and every person that stands in the need of a miraculous fervent prayer including me. Reveal yourself strong Father this is a 911 request God we ask in the name of Jesus and we call upon your Kingdom for Devine Speedy Supernatural Healing In Jesus name.

Shanina in Arizona

Tia leroy Ronald Helen Sherry Eugenia

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It is a spirit of python that is on his vocal cords.

Which McKissik. Sr or Jr?

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