PATMOS - worth to visiting? Yes, definitely :)... + eng sub

PATMOS - worth to visiting? Yes, definitely :)... + eng sub

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Good morning. It is 01am. In couple of minutes I will start my journey to the Patmos. The plan is following: Bratislava -Vienna Airport - Athens - Pireaus - Patmos. I will arrive in Patmos in about 25 hours. We want to be famous, in the video. I have just arrived at Syntagma Square. It looks very nice here. And it is quite hot here. Face masks are not mandatory. So I feel better now. I have just arrived at National Garden. So we can take a look at it.

It is very nice place, but not suitable for visitor with heavy luggage, like me. I am in front of Temple of Zeus. It looks very nice, but unfortunatelly I don´t have enough time. Greek people seem very friendly and helpful. I didn´t have enough time in Athens, it is a pity. I have already bought a ticket to Pireus and continue my journey. I have arrived in Pireaus. It looks that Greeks love graffity. Plenty of graffity arts in the city.

I have just arrived at my hotel. The bed looks good, tough. I am going to sleep and I will continue tomorrow. This port is situated close by our hotel. Now, during the morning, it is very silent. Water is calm. I have just received grapes from these local people. And why did I choose Patmos? I visited Sudan 2 years ago. It was my best expedition. But now I´ d like to try more spiritual expedition... ...and Patmos is famous pilgrim place. John the Apostle wrote here The Book of Revelation. And there should be energetic places. Ok. I am lost. Before I left Slovakia I had uninstalled FB, Messenger and Telegram. And I feel very relaxed here, without them. I recommend it to everybody.

I have just arrived at this shop. The owner gave me water. And he wants to tell us something. Lady in the information office was very friendly. She is a teacher with very good English. She showed my places on the map and offer me help in any cases. This is a local community centre. There should be some exhibition, now. So I am going take a look at it. Next to me is the painter of all of these arts.

I have water and coffee. So I am full of energy and ready to handle it. So, I have just seen a snake. He was about 2 metres long. Couple of minutes ago I was warned about snakes. I didn´t think that I would really see any. I have just arrived in Kampos.

I met a group of older men. They told me in Greek ,, Malaka, Malaka". But I had colleague from Greece, so I know what does it mean. They were funny. It is 05pm. I am tired. I am going to eat something and have a rest. I am going to try original Greek beer.

It is not creme de la creme. It is 3 or 4 points out of 10. The dinner is much better. It is 7 points out of 10. This morning we had our first meditation. It took about 2.5 hours. The topic of workshop is ,, freedom in presence". And I really try to apply it. I filled my stomach and I am heading to the south part of the island. Actually, Patmos is a small island. It has about 34 square kilometres. So, It is possible to visit all places on foot. This Petra beach looks very nice.

I have found out that sea urchins live in Greece, too. Some monk lived in this cave. It should be right here. This Petra beach is beautiful place. I ´d like to come here next day to snorkeling. I wanted to visit Psili Amos beach through the mountain. The road is in the map. But locals told me the road doesn´t exist. So I have to go another road. I have been just warned that snakes live also here. I am still quite full of energy. So I am going to visit Hora. It is right there. It is maybe 2 hours on foot.

I missed the last bus. Taxi driver wanted to take me for 8€. I offered him 5€. He refused it. I am going back on foot. Finally, I caught a ride. Thank you, Alexis. This lady had lived many years in San Francisco and then she moved to Patmos. I am again on Psili Ammos beach. Today I will stay here longer and make more videos.

Thanks god, waves are smaller than yesterday. I am in Kampos, again. I am going to eat here and then continue me journey to somewhere. Behind me is a beautiful statue. The lady was very nice. We were talking for about half an hour. She bought one-way ticket and came here from Germany.

This is the end. The end of road. I have to find another one. This Paralia Didimes looks interesting. Nice flora and good shelters are here. I am just going to finish my today´s pilgrimming. I am on the north-east peak of island. It is too late and I am quite far from my hotel. Somebody left here such a luxury chair. I can sit here for a while and go back.

I caught a ride to Kampos. And now I am trying to catch a ride to Skala. We are going again to Profitis Ilias. There should be ceremony today. Ceremony is here only once a year, so we are lucky ones. They applied feminine charm and cought a ride to the city. I am heading to Lampi beach. It looks quite empty. It should be one of the nicest on the island.

I am heading to the north-east part of island. The way is not good. But I want to go there. The way back I caught a ride, again. It was a couple from Italy who work in mass media. I have realised how much money I spend here on water. So we have to be grateful for drinkable water in Slovakia. I am going to the Megalo Mersini. it is north-west part of island. Today is going to be little bit resting afternoon. I am going to lie on a beach and then snorkeling on Petra Beach, there should be amazing underwater world. I was just entitled " gentleman of the year" because ladies carry everything. We are going to the Hora and enjoy the picnic during sunset.

I am in Port of Patmos. In couple of minutes I am going to leave. So, goodbye Patmos. We have just arrived at Airport in Vienna. We missed the last bus, so we are waiting for taxi. See you.

2021-10-20 17:41

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