Paul and Tammie Limoges: Traveling the World with Teenagers

Paul and Tammie Limoges: Traveling the World with Teenagers

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Hi. I'm Shay Oliver, welcome to the priority, paradigm, I'm sharing, stories of amazing. People who've made radical. Changes in their lives for, something more important, today, I'm joined by Paul and Tammy Limoge, and they. Have a truly. Amazing story to tell you so without further ado take. It away. Well. I'm Tammy so. I would say that our story starts actually more, than 20 years ago I'm. From, Arkansas, Falls, from, Quebec, Canada and somehow, the two of us met up with an, international, group traveling. The world and together. We really both had this passion, for, learning. About cultures. And seeing. Places from around the world fast-forward. More than 20 years we, are now. Have three teenagers. And. Have been. Working. For 20. Years, in non-profit, executive, positions. And so. One. Day one. Of our teenage, daughters, brought to our attention a really, cool video they saw online and it, was a gentleman. Who was talking, about life changes, and how we, all get caught up in, the. The. Expected. Thing. That you're supposed to do living, the American, Dream and. Working. Until you retire, and, saving, your money and, you. Know the really typical, things nothing, wrong with it but. We realized, that we, had been. Married for 20 years had, three. Kids, that were growing up a little faster, than but, we had thought would happen and it. Was a really inspirational video, that that talked about seeing the world and experiencing. Things and dreaming, beyond. What. Your sort of expected, to do and so. From there that video prompt. Did a, conversation. Among. Our family of five and. We have this really awesome picture. Of us actually in our our, office, all, gathered, around the couch because just hanging over the couch was, this beautiful world map and we're, all standing there looking at different countries and having this discussion, about where, would you want to go where would you want to go well if we could do something what, would you do and so. The, story began and, that was about a year and a half ago yeah, a year and a half ago and in France what was important, with with our family, is because, we. Love our kids and we love our family, and we always said when we got married that we want to travel with our kids right, and life, got in the way and for, some reason you know we have small travels, here and there and, we said for us to travel is not to be a tourist but to, understand. Better a culture, and be involved with and engage in the culture that were in sure. And, also. What was very important is that everyone, for. Everyone in our family to be on board and, if. Someone, wanted the kids are now I don't want to miss my high school year and I want to stay with my friends well would. Not have forced it so, for one. Of our daughters she said yes right away I don't care I'm going I want to go for. The other one is I, need, to think, more about this and, it, took her about a month to. Talk with her sister, with friends, with us as parents and, once. Everyone, was on board and we really solidify. Our plans to to. Move forward, with the project and our oldest our teenage son who's, very easygoing. Was, whatever. Happens, we're, good it's fine see what happens so we said okay before. All when we finally got to the point, we. Said okay here's what we want to do we want to really. Change. To shake up our lifestyle, big-time, so, sell. The house. Potentially. Change the jobs that we're currently working in work. Out a budget of how could we live in a different way and. We. Want to see the world and we want to do it with. Our kids before they're grown up and moved out and doing. Their. Thing with their own family so, that. Started. The. Ball rolling we. Put our house on the market we've. Started of course I started putting together, budgets. Of what, if we did this if we went to these countries if, we spent. This much time here, where would we stay how would we make this happen, how. Much money do we need to have coming in how much do we have saved up or would we get from the cell of our house one. Of the different things that we could do to make money while we're traveling. Around so. A lot of different things that really over, about. A year's time we, started. Writing. Those dreams out putting it all on paper making, it all start making a little more sense. There. Were certainly, moments, along the way where there, were a lot, of butterflies in the stomach and, one. Of us. Would. Say oh my god what are we thinking and. The. Other would have to sort of talk.

Him Off the ledge and go that's fear talking it's, like force. That away and, keep thinking like you keep the ideas flowing of what could happen and so in, I. Guess, March this. Year we. Put, our house on the market, and. Was. That the first time second time second, time the second time the first time we put the house on the market and it, didn't sell and, we had only left it on about maybe. Eight weeks and. At. That point we said you know um, maybe. It's not time, and so. We took the house off the market we. Realized later, how, much, more prep, we really needed so. It was sort of the universe talking to us that we really weren't we were not ready but. When we put it on the market the second time. Literally. The first two, couples, who came to look at it both brought offers and so. The, very. First people who looked at our house bought it um. And. So suddenly, you're like oh my god we have to know what we're doing now no. It's real because and, before, that I mean we reorganize. A lot of things in the house we minimalized. And sold a lot of things getting. Rid of things so that's one of the process, for us. Painting. The energy, and and making sure that we're ready because, the. Question, is also, after this great project. How. Do we what, do we want to do when we come back you want to come back as we were and it's a big long extended, occasion, or, are we changing for, will. We come, back where, we come back we don't know and who. Knows so, and the. Other thing for me is like to have a great conversation and, be excited about doing something is one thing but then when, things. Become real. It's. Uncharted, territory, you know for us to say and for, everyone so it's not just us as a couple we, have three kids you know and so on so but. So, essentially, where we are now is. That a, few days ago we returned from, Central. America we spent the summer with. All three teenagers, actually, our son went to Thailand, and Japan for a, month. We. Let him go without us on that. Expensive. Little. Tour because it was a dream area for him and then. After. He returned six days later the five of us flew. To Mexico spent. Some time there then went down to Guatemala and, Belize, and. Basically. Spent the summer we returned a few days ago and we are, at my sister's house, spending. This. Last week before we go to Virginia which is where we used to live where our, the, remaining, of the things that we owner in a storage building there.

And. We. Will get his college, stuff take him to Canada he decided to go to university, in Canada and then. The, four of us my husband and I on our two daughters fly, to Europe so, in Europe we have currently. Planned it is, right. Now August we will be there all of September, October November December. In. Lots, of different countries and. That's. As far as we planned we really only know through 2018. And we. Will see what happens, when 2019. Comes, in we, may decide, to, move. Back to the US we may decide to move somewhere else we. Really want to explore. Different, and for, me I'm doing I, had, been doing contract, work for, about. The past year in. Nonprofits. And I can do that work from a distance so that lends itself to this type of work Paul. Had to leave a job that he had been at for four. Years five years through, next four, years of plus four and, he's now gotten a contract, as well and, he'll be doing, while. We're traveling, we're. Planning to stay we rent homes for. Anywhere, from two weeks to four weeks at a time and then. We can move to a different place and really get a chance to explore, a. Lot. Of different places right now we know, that we're going to be in. Czech. Republic Hungary. Croatia, Poland. Italy. And, then we'll, see, after. At. The end of the year how it goes and. And, then the other thing else so it's the coordination. For our daughters that they are starting, eleven, grades so now they just started, last, week, online. School oh. Yeah. So then as we travel, which would be a great learning experience but, it can continue their high school and maybe. Finish earlier, and, plan. To go to university. Right now in Canada as well. To. Explore the different culture, that. I belong. To and, and. Maybe. In Ontario, in Ottawa, area. So. We have. Done a lot of different things we worked for, different organizations we've, lived in several. Different states, North. Carolina Virginia Arkansas, Colorado, we've, moved around we've explored different places in the United States we, also have worked for others and we have owned a couple of businesses ourselves. Again. Just kind, of trying to find what's that thing that feels right um. Long-term, and we found several things that felt really good for the short term but. We. You, know a year would go by maybe two years would go by and, you, just get that itch of there's, something more out there and I'm not feeling, like I'm getting. It I haven't found it yet so what does that thing so. We you, know we owned we. Start. Up businesses, we've. Tried. A lot of different types of professional, things that we've done and we. Love working in nonprofits and, we love helping people and we want to do things that make a difference. Professionally, but also personally, they're, going to that, into our lives, sure and for. Us for me my philosophy, in this type of project, is that it's not a long term I think it's kind of shift gear so, I can be working five five, six years being in one place and then when I look at their me and was saying well. Maybe it's time for a different adventure, and. So. You, know and then we let, life help, us with that so if I start applying for, jobs and in, a specific state that we want to discover. And things, happen then, we follow that and and we make things happen and for example our trip moving, to Virginia. I have family there and we. Did we open the business or two of, things that we've never done before, but we said we look at each other and we said why not and there. Was a wine, store and craft, beer and, gourmet. Food and and, and, we, all would always find a way to have the community in the nonprofit so we had a program called wine for a cause where we were doing, wine tasting, that would benefit the nonprofit, in the community, where we were so, even though it was a for-profit. Wine, business. We, tried. To incorporate. Element, that will help the community that, we're in very. Cool now we're just seeing where life takes us. Very. Cool so. How. Many people said are you guys crazy when. You were, getting ready to head to South America. Well. I can I can start because when, I had to quit my job in talking with with my, boss. There, and then the board of director, everyone. In the staff they all look and say oh my gosh I want to do this. Everyone. We talked talked, with they all want to do it but they're. In a place in their life where they can not but that's their well. That's that's what's not true yes everyone, Thanks they can't do it because we, find reasons, why we can't do it there's, never, going to be enough money and there's never going to be enough time there's.

Never Going to be that time when it's comfortable. It, really, should do something like this is to. Go outside of what you know as comfort, and be, okay with things being a little bit uncomfortable, and. Not. Really, being sure what's. Gonna happen, or where you're gonna be or where, our family's going to be next year we'll, be together somewhere, our, girls are gonna be doing school online we're. Gonna be working, making, some type of income, and we're willing to, do whatever that is to live the lifestyle, that we want to have the experiences. So. We were willing to sell half of our furniture and to sell our house and to, get rid of all kinds, of things that, we. Really don't need to. Do something we, want to experience, uh-huh. So. As you you ran up to that point of getting, on that airplane to head to, South America. You. Had each other so, that when one of you in said, oh no I don't know about this insane plan the, other one could say oh here's, why we're doing it and pick each other up did you ever both go down at the same time I. Don't. Know that we have I think that quite often it's that one. Starts. Going that way and so automatically, the other one like, sort of fills. That my time to be the cheerleader and, you know and figure this out and, so you sort of lift it back up and, I think that happens with our daughters too so if, we both started, feeling that they were sort of the voice. Of reason to kind of remind. Well. But here's why we're doing this this is think, about where we're going to be next year think about we were going to be next month or whatever. But it kind of brings you back to that oh yeah we get, to have that experience. Together and, then we'll see from there but I do think you know more people said as Paul said, not. That many said you're, crazy what are you doing but almost everyone. Has said oh I. So, envy, you I could, never do that or how how do you do that it's, just really going outside, of the box that most people sort of I don't know we've put ourselves in, we. Do, I. Agree, so um what's. Usually a response to when somebody says I'm envious how can. You possibly, do, this aren't you afraid you're not gonna retire. I'm. Absolutely afraid. But, the, fear is like you. Just push it aside you know because. We could we, could live the traditional. American. Lifestyle, and we, could both have you know our two incomes, decent. Incomes, and save, money and. When. We retire we go, and travel and do things for one we won't have that experience then with our kids which was really important, to us to have that experience. With them and to show them the world. But. I think also it there's. Never a guarantee that you make it to retirement, you, know we all just seem to think that we're invincible and, it's going to be, you. Know you get to live to be a hundred and, when, you're 60. You're retiring and hanging out at the beach and going and most. People I know that are 60 or more haven't. Retired and they're. Not sure when they're gonna retire and they've been saving but they never get comfortable with, the. Amount of money they've saved up that's gonna last them the rest of their lives if. They even live to that point and so, we. Just decided we're not waiting or, someone, gets sick and then you cannot go because you're not healthy enough the, type of travel, is. Yeah. So it's not the tourist route but it's not the hardcore, backpacking. It's kind of in-between as, a fellow deified, and trying. To speak the language where we are but. I think I think. We are I feel. It an inspiration. To a lot of folks. What. To. Do something like this and we're really. Willing to help out and sometimes we toyed with the idea well, maybe we should coach, or, you know they've, loved some coaching. Strategies, to help people to get there because, to get there there's a lot of things that needs to happen before, in. The mind and in the heart and.

There's, More things internally, than externally, that you have to prepare, actually. Internally, it's, just this. Getting. Your your emotions right you, know and. And fighting, some. Of the logical, you need to have some logical, in there and budget and understand what you're doing but. You also have to also lead with what feels right and not just what's in your head sure. So what's your what's your biggest fear about going and doing something like you're doing. Well. Not, having the funds to do everything we want to do or getting, to a point where we have left, secure. Jobs and then the money gets to, a point where we say oh we, we, have to go back and we have to just take any job and we have to, you. Know come, back to the what. Would be expected, of us a respectable. American, family. For. Me that's that's probably a biggest fear I'm I'm really excited about, the. Change, that we've made and we're already, feeling. So much freer in so many ways, some, of the things that you stress about you. Really realize are they're silly. Just. Well. You. Worry when. When, are you gonna get the vacation when are you gonna actually reach that magical, number in your bank account that you're gonna start feeling secure, I just, think it never happens, and. So you. Start letting some of that go and not. Throwing, all caution, to the wind I mean we still want to take care of our family, and make sure we're all healthy and we're planning, accordingly. But, we. Also want, to just enjoy, life. And really. Enjoy our time together. In, all stages not just after. We're a certain age and our kids are older and they've got their own kids, and, we. Want to enjoy, this whole process and. And, speaking, of process, the. Kids have been involved, in it. As well from, the, packing, and cleaning, their their room of getting, rid of stuff to sell or to donate to. Even, moving I mean packing, boxes. Carrying, boxes within, the u-haul truck and and things like that but. They were so, motivated in doing it and oftentimes it, gave us the the. Courage to pursue. And to continue, and to because like. Tammy said is is the travel, together and it's not all rosy. And, gray, always. Challenges. But that's part of the experience for. Example you know in in South America in Central America. Don't, travel day from Guatemala, to southern. Mexico. And Tammy was sick and so that, means kids, need to take leadership and helping out which they had the border and when. You wait for hours there's no air conditioning, and the bring. Water to mom and do take care of you know and things like that and these, are the type of experience. That that, brings us you know again, together that. I. Think. As a family, unit you know could this happen in a regular, setting and us when we both work but, we're not as much there then the kids each have their room and they leave, it you know video game on their phone or things like that here. When a small Airbnb. It's a one-bedroom, and we're all together and, you know so it's. Learning to respect each other when someone, needs time. Alone to, take, that time and to respect that and you, know it's not always working, but for the most part I think we grow, as a family, with this. We. I, think. It's important, that that, I, state, that we, are in no way wealthy, at, all. Nonprofit. Organizations. And. For. Almost you know the great majority of both of our careers have been in nonprofits. So, we, don't have a lot of wealth, that's not where. We come from so, this is I think also something people think is oh wow, did you win the lottery and, that's. Not at all the kind of travel. Or experience, that we're having we're. Taking, buses we took an overnight bus from Mexico, down to Belize it. Was not glamorous. When. You know he talks about me. Being sick there. Where, you. Know sometimes, you can't drink water in some areas which we all know but, then I had some ice in one of my drinks so I was, violently. Ill and, unfortunately. That fell on a travel, day where we were going to be spending a solid, 12 hours on several buses and going. Through hours. Through immigration at, two different countries during. That day so. You. Know it's not all easy and glamorous, and.

We Laugh a little bit about that because of course we post pictures on Facebook of our travels and different places that. We go and things we're seeing and what. You don't post is when, you're vomiting, in a bus with 80, people watching, you or. You're. Soaking, wet from sweat from the moment that you walk outside and you, know, or you're sleeping with mosquito, nets over you you know there's a lot of things that are not glamorous about what we're doing but. They're amazing. Experiences. That you, laugh about later sure. Sure, so how what. Do you say to people I think it's fantastic that you shared, that you're not wealthy I think that that's really important a lot of people do have this wow, I need, seven. Figures or more in my bank account before I can they can, do this what so, you've. Made the choice then to head to places. That are you're not staying in London you're not in Paris you're not in pieces that are more expensive what, do you say to people that are like wow. Isn't. That terribly, dangerous I. Think. It's such a myth. People. Are scared on what they don't know and. So you, know there's, some common sense that. You have to put into play there are parts, of, Detroit. Or, New York City or wherever big, cities that I won't go to at, night alone, especially and, you have to incorporate that same thing into. Everywhere. You go there is a lot of common, sense that has to be used but essentially. People, are amazing, all over the world and if, you try just a little bit to incorporate, a little of their language, or a little bit of the cultural, things that they, want to show you you, know they want you to experience, what they do and and if we think as American. They're Canadians, of someone. From another country coming, to visit you, know you want to show them what it's like to be here you want them to have a little experience of that and people are the same wherever you go if. You ask, for a little help and you try, just. A little bit to you know say hello in their language, to ask a question, to introduce yourself, learn, just a little bit they, always really, try to, help you out and to, welcome you there so.

You. Know there are some cultural norms that you have to be aware of so certain, places you go pickpocketing. Is really. Common and. You. Just have to be careful and use, your common sense and part of the common sense is you know dress modestly don't. Put all your jewelry that, you own you, know and things like that but as as, you, engage in this type of travel, hopefully, some. Research, are being made and for. Me as a dad as a parent, as a husband, I don't want to put my family in harm's. Way but. It's to balance the right place. To visit at the, level also that the kids are and then you tell me kept saying we're, not going to do hardcore. Backpacking. Or things I'm, not interested, I said okay I understand, and so, we balance each other of what, we want because it's, we. Want it we want to have fun and and, it's not again. All the glamour but it's not all the. Challenges. That goes, what is the. Right balance of, of things and I think we found, it in our conversation. Together. As a couple but also as a family about what are your goals and in the. Preparation, I think it is important, before. You go there and how, do we and are, you interested to learn about their culture so, then you're engaged in open and for, me I speak a little bit of Spanish which is very helpful and had a chance to really. Improve, it because I have people were. Speaking Spanish, to me and you know I said if you don't understand sometimes you just found CC. And. I did that learning English and. Sure. Certainly, so, with with, teenagers. Um I know. I've read from different people that have traveled and stuff they often travel, with young children and, then. Come, back to the US when they get the kids get to high school age and. One of the things I've often heard is they. Don't want to, steal. Their children's, high school experience. I don't know if you've heard that or not but, yes have, you did you have any sense as you're heading. Into this that. You, might be doing that. We. Talked a lot about that we talked to our teenagers, a lot about that our, son was. As. It turned out it worked out for us him to finish his senior year but.

For Our girls they, just finished their sophomore year so, so. Now they've started their 11th grade year, and a. Lot. Of discussions, happen about you. Know that this may mean well, it definitely will mean probably not going to homecomings, these. Last few years of your high school probably. Not going to prom for the two, years of your high school there, are your. Friend groups that are going, and hanging out one football games and doing all these things and you're gonna see it on social media and you're, not going to be there but. What you are going to be doing is, going. To this country, staying in this place having, these experiences, seeing, some of those things that you. That. You learn about in your history class but, you're gonna actually be standing there looking at it and so. They. Were completely, on board honestly. Our our, girls. Preferred. To have that experience of, really. Seeing. It and living it and. Just learning about it in. A. Book or online and so, big, for them you know of course they miss. Their friends and they want to be. Able to do some of the normal teenage things and we hope that in some of the places that we are, able to you, know short term live that. They'll be able to meet people their age and have some of that fun experience. Because. We really don't want to go places and just be a tourist we want to go and stay. There and be a part of the community for a short time. So they'll, guess don't get a chance to see and do some of those things just not exactly, the way that it would have been if we had stayed in the same spot, we ran and, and, just to add to this on our daughters our and. Son I think they're taking more leadership, so one of our daughters but. Video. Camera, and she's starting, to do vlogging. What's all new turns for me but she, knows what she's doing and. And. I. Think it's wonderful bit, that she's recording. Some of the experience, that we're having and, sharing with her, group. Of peers you know her age that are all in tune with these these things and right, and, when, I look at the video so it's it's fun all so far for, us because for me it was the old picture, you know in China. But. Also that the, other part is I just realized about it listening, to Tomita. Is always. Been involving our profit with that, has to do with global education, and experiential. Education. On. The concept, of getting out of your comfort zone and in. Being. With people that, speak a language that you don't understand. But you're still involved, with with. Them because we both travel with up with people's I don't know if we mentioned before before. That that. Organization that's, how we met so that's why a small town french-canadian. And small town are and met. But, so these values, always been there, for us and and like we said just to, relate to your question, our goal was to take the kids and travel like this when they were younger but. The opportunity, didn't come which now I really, appreciate because we have adult conversation. Mountings. Yes about traveling. And but, we talk about women's. Issues we. Talk about political issue. Happening. In the different countries that that we visit and especially. When we were in Guatemala, and we. Stayed in a place where it's called mondo. Maya and a. Lot of good experience. And conversation. About, the, world of the Maya in the history, and the present how they tried to conserve, the language I mean. There's no book. That could explain, as. As what, they had experienced. Being. Surrounded by. The. Ruins in, tikal guatemala, but. Also where we were staying and being involved, with the people. There. That didn't speak English. That, much. So we have to translate, with my you, know halfway. Spanish. And so on but, then they were researching on their computer, also their. Translation. Of things and so all, this you know it makes. It that is it. Confirms. That all the decision that we've made so. Far I've been I've been great very very. Cool, so, as, you. Guys have done this what. Has, been the biggest surprise, to you about how, you've changed. We've. Changed or. No yeah. I don't feel that we have changed other than. You. Know. Realizing. The things that are important, and not. Fretting. About, some. Of the. Insignificant. Things it's, funny how in. Just a normal life, you. Think about I forgot, to put gas in my car and now I'm gonna be two minutes late, to get to that it's, just one. Thing after another living. That, there's. A freeing. Part. Of this that. We still have to worry about catching, that bus or that plane or you know how we're gonna get to the next place or is the check-in gonna go okay with this Airbnb can we find the key, whatever, it is there are always things there's responsibilities, but.

Really. Not. Sweating. The small stuff I, guess and. We're working, on it it's not perfect, we moments. Where there's. Just something. So trivial. That. One of us gets uptight. About and we have to work that out I think for our. For. Our girls probably. More so than for me at least I think, they're having more meditation. They're. Reading, more and, focusing. More on how they feel and. Their emotions, and being in tune with that moment. And. So, I thought that I haven't. Gotten there yet I hope that I do, but. They. Have really. Been. Conscious. Of. Each. Moment each place what. They're experiencing. So far well. And and in fact while you're talking I'm trying to get the girls to come. Well. Let's talk about them since now I know that they're there so. You've. Already you've talked about some of the changes you've seen in them do you think those changes, would. Have been happening, had you stayed in the United States. No. And, I think that I mean when I think about what they're doing now. With. Reading. More, meditative. Type of focused, books, just. Being a little bit more present in the moment I think that there are typical teenagers, you know they really are there's, a big friend group they all go hang out at each others house our. Typical, house, weekend. Would be eight, or nine girls all filling. Our basement, with you know movies, and football games and laughing. It you know so. There's a typical thing they are very very typical teenagers. But I think that this experience um. Planning. For it ahead of time there's, that there's a maturity of. Knowing. What you're about to do and being a part of the responsibility, for what you're about to do so, where are we going, why. Should we go there what, is there to see or do is it, a safe environment, for us now, all those things they, really got to be a part of, that. Research and so, now. As we start to actually do it not. Only do they see that. Planning. Come to life but. They're. They're. Just more more. Centered, I think well. And for, me and I guess two examples, so when. I was we, rented a car and some place in Mexico and, then my daughter came, when my daughter came with me to get the tickets for the bus station. And that helps. A lot because. My. Limited Spanish they tell me the prize in, you know in pesos. What's the conversion to make sure that it's the right thing so she does the research. Right. Beside me and tells me it's. Kind of a team approach and that. Did, that a few times during, the trip and then converting, them with the money in in. Belize. Dollars, or, Guatemala. It's a land and so on so that that was helpful and my. Other daughter the, last day that we, became, we had booked a shuttle, to take us to the airport the. Shuttle never showed up or, it showed up an hour late, of, distress, of. So. We're literally, standing, out on the street corner with our luggage waiting. To. Take us the. 45-minute. Drive to the airport in, hopes of getting our plane in time and she's. Here, and and then she said that what did we do I think we need to find it mode. Of transportation, and, so, we talked it out to each other and then I think she suggested, that I go talk to the security, guard, to borrow his phone and, to. Call and, try to call the shuttle company, and and and so on so I mean, that these are experiences. That she helped me to stay calm and focus. In so okay what do we do now if it doesn't show up and you know it, and so on so then these are lean small example, but that I, have, not seen before in. Our daily life so there's you know so it makes me in tune with them I mean they have their leadership in. Inside. Of them but as a, parent to see it, being. Fulfilled. So. Not to put words in your mouth but are. You more confident. Now of your girls being able to manage their own futures, and take care of themselves than you were when you're living. The traditional, life we've. Actually said, so they are just. Sixteen, two. Or three months ago they, haven't been sixteen for very long and just. In the last month we've. Had this conversation that. I swear they could move out and live on their own and be fine right, now, they really, are at a place of their, so mature and understanding. And they'll, make they would make mistakes just, like anyone would but. Honestly, at 16, barely. 16 they. Have a maturity. And an understanding about what's going on around them that, I don't think that they would have if they were in sort. Of the comfort, of suburban. Life and, going. To school with all their friends. And there's. There is a difference, there's a maturity and a learning and a growth that happens that just, naturally happens that you don't even plan for mm-hmm.

Mm-hmm. Very cool, so what has been the most. Surprising. Thing, well let me let, me ask something first has, your perception. Of life in the United States. Changed. Since, you since, you left the United States I, think. Our perception, of life in the United States changed, before we left I think that um that, had something to do with our our, leaving, I think the culture, has um there's, a lot of divide and of course a lot of its political and. It's. Changed. The way people treat each other and what's acceptable behavior. But. It also has, made us have a lot more conversations. And do a lot more research on you, know with things. That are. Supposed. To be family, values for instance are kind of a big American, trait we you, know we we. Say that. We. Have a really, strong. Value. In families, but yet, when. We really start talking more about that it's, funny if you compare, that because. So. Many American families don't have health insurance so, do we really care about those families, so. Many people have a lot of economic. Issues. Can't find jobs or. The. Little, little, man's being eaten up by the big corporations so. Do, we really value them. And. Then you, know there are so many different things with health care, having. I had, three, babies in the, United States so I'd gone through, the, six-week, leave, that you get from your job after. Giving. Birth and, it's. Not paid, except. It's all your vacation, time, which. By the way you really. Need a vacation after having a baby but that's not really considered a vacation, when you use that time to try. And. You. Compare that to other countries you, know if you look at Finland or Germany or France, or Canada, so, many places um that. Really. Do value and. That. Value the, family and want to offer, maternity leave, and paternity leave and and really, give. More support to those family, units so that they can still can, still work and have. A family, and, so many. Of those conversations came, up in that year. Prior, to us saying it's, time for a change for us. Interesting. Very. Interesting, so so, let's shift gears just a little bit so you guys have done it, you're. And you're doing it. Is. It frightening to say that I'm seeing you smile. Yeah. Well you. Never find, like. No. It's. Not funny because we have a good support, of a family, now. At, any sister, and then we're going to go down my brother's house and therefore, before. We go to Canada but. I. Think. It's not as practical as, it could be because now which address, do we put when we. Request, something so, you. Know because if, you say oh we don't have at home so we won't have be. Granted, some of the things that may, be needed especially, if we pre prepare. Our transition. Back in finding a job or something like that you know they always what, to do what's your current, address right. But I think we smile because we know we're not in the hardship. Homelessness. Right. Of. Chora in getting, experience, and it's, interesting that you mentioned that as Danny, has a contract, with a homeless, shelter or, organization. Right now working, so she's more. In tune with the. Reality, and the soundness of sonde stories. You're. Not without a home you're without a physical, house. Literally. Have our stuff in a storage unit we're fine with that we. We. Have what we need with us right now and. We. Will see what happens we really are keeping it very open and we keep we. Don't know that we will come, back to the United States but we might, maybe. We'll come back and get a regular, nine-to-five, job. Eventually, we're. Not close to that at all but, we. Know, that that's not where we are right now and we, need to have this experience, and. And. Really. Figure out what. Do we want next. Maybe. We will end up somewhere that we just love so much that we want, to find jobs there and do. Something really, be stable, there right now online. Work is the. Way to go for us until. We figure that out very cool. Very, cool so with, people, that are. Looking. At you guys um. And saying, wow you. Guys are doing it I mean you're I'm so jealous, of you I wish. I could do that what. Do you tell them you. Can. Not. Special. We, are we are nothing, special we have nothing different than anyone else, has.

But, You definitely need, to plan, a little bit for it um, figure. Out what your budget is or if you can find. Some, type of income. That will support you in some way doesn't, have to be a lot I mean, it's really a fraction, of what we're used to but. You. Can do it you just have to take, the leap of faith well. And for me also I would you, know and we're willing to happen, to, help coach or to share, our experience. And thank you for you. But. Also to answer. Some questions so, why. Would, you like to do this what's. Your purpose and you know and sometimes it's and what's. The right length of time and what's the right experience. For you to have. To achieve in order to accomplish, what you you want to accomplish so. For us it's the, family is it's important, for someone else maybe it's to go solo. For a month alone. And something. To get on stuck or or. For. Whatever, reason sometimes. You just need a vacation you just need a vacation, not, an American, vacation, a real vacation. No. Cell phone no email a, real vacation a way to figure out what you want someone, who really wants to experience it I think, that it's it's about a little bit of planning and. Letting. Not, letting fear get in your way well. And I think you trust life if. It feels good, in. Your in staying you you. Go with it and I. Mean. That's my belief even though it's scary because. Society. And our culture says none of this is what you should be feeling and then but. Now and and for us I mean so far I mean, when the house sold, we. Got that offer the first weekend. Then. We knew that it was happening and everything. Worked, out I mean at a fast pace that, the kids had we had to find. An air B&B - so they finish school so, we started our, trip basically. In our tendon. Town we were living in we had to stay for for. Several weeks and it never being me just to finish the school year out, and. That started the adventure. Yeah. So was there um you, know as you, began. To conceptualize. What, this. Was gonna be do. You recall any like major, step, or major change, inside, of you that finally. Was the accelerant. Or the thing that said I'm doing. Well. First. Of all that video that Tammy mentioned at the beginning so, there was one question in. In that that the guy said he said we interviewed. A hundred. Older. People, on their deathbed to say, what's your biggest regret in life and. A hundred percent said. Not, spending more time with family and not, to travel, more you know wish, I would travel more and this, for me was the trigger to say something, is about to happen and I look, at our family and we presented this idea and, and had that that those conversation. That's. Where it's you know I feel, like it was a trigger. Inside. Needed, to happen inside, of me, or us for the. External, to materialize, right so, the first time that the house did not sell. We. Were not you know we were disappointed, a little bit but we also well it was not meant to be there's more there's something we're not ready for and. We. Realized that we were not too happy go to the. Radian ask for the kids to finish school or, whatever. Reason. It is and and. We. We go through life with that type of feeling I mean if we have each other and we're healthy, and if. It feels good in our heart that means it's the direction that we need to. Go so, very. Cool right. What. About for you Tammy was there like a trigger. A sudden, I'm, changing, direction doing, this was, it that video or. Well. The video is really what started at all we all kind of stood. Around in our study. With our mouths open watching the video going oh my that's, that's, how I feel that was the thing that I you. Know we always wanted to travel and with the kids and we always wanted to do this and all of a sudden they're. 16. And 18 years old and where did those years ago that just flew by all of a sudden and so, you. Know watching that video inspired, us and then. For. Me it was probably a little bit more practical, that I i. Sat, down and started working through budgeting, and, so I, kind of took. The. Six. Or seven month period of, time and said okay if we sold. The house now and I planned through the rest of 2018. What. Could we do you know how much, would we need to survive. To. Be able to pay for a place to stay the food that we have the travel that we would need to do. To. Still do some fun things how. Much per person could. We spend on you know each meal and so I kind, of put the numbers to paper and after, I did that.

Then. I was able to say okay. We. Could do this we can make this happen and so, then, it was like oh we're doing it you know. We're. Doing. Very. Cool, so. We. Keep talking about this video what is this video. Do. You recall the name of it. Because. It. Was very influential, so other than the video were there any. People. Resources, heroes. That you guys you. Know began to follow or read about or you know read blogs or books or anything like that that kind of got you even. Further over the hump and said let's do it I think. Online. Following. Minimalism. Sites. And so on Facebook there, are a couple. Of minimalism, sites, and, really, realizing. That. You get caught up in thinking that you need a lot of material. Things that you don't need and so. More. More. And more we would share you. Know one of us would see something about minimalism, and share it to the other one see, they watch this watch this and, and. Then you start realizing how, much stuff you have and, then when. You start cleaning. Out and selling, stuff or giving. Away stuff donating. Stuff didn't. You really realize you like I just cleaned all that out and I still have you. Know six, more sets, of dishes why do I have this. I think the minimalism, part, was. Something, that you, know of course there are the the, TV. Shows that you see tiny, house hunters or, people, living you know abroad, there's, different TV, shows. For. Minimalism, and for international, turn. The. Things we got more and more inspired by watching, people's stories and actually it just reminded, me at one point. There. Was a international. House hunters TV show and there was a couple. That. We. Saw on there that he, was French and she. Was. From Denver, and they, had lived in Denver and we used to live in Denver and they. Had moved, to Uruguay, and. Bought, a house on the International, House centrist television, show and it. Was seven, years later and the show had done a follow up and they were still there and so. I went on a line and found them and started. Conversing with them by email and they, had decided after, they, had gone there to visit and they loved it and then they bought this place. And then they decided, to stay long term and they had had a couple of kids there, and just.

Loved The style but, the culture. Fit. Them, more. Even. Though you. Know she was American, he was French and we, just thought it I I thought it was kind of a funny coincidence French, speaker, American, we were both living in you know Colorado, and and so, we. Considered, your way at one point as a place to go we still, haven't made it there maybe we will on this trip we'll see. Certainly. Certainly. So if you were, given. An opportunity to tell somebody. Who's hasn't. Seen the video yet who's, thinking, I need to make a big change I want to go travel, I want to do something different with my life and you can only tell them one thing what. Would you tell them. It. Can be a quest. Yes. Of course it can. Well. For. Me that what's. Important, to you in your life, because. For. Us it's travel, maybe for someone else it's not about travel, but, they can still do something drastic, that will, make. Them happy and. So. I think for us you know like I said we utilize the vehicle, of traveling. And and exploring. Other culture, because that's important, but maybe for someone else it's writing. A book or, you. Know running, a marathon is, I think asking those the question, you know what what's important to you what are your dreams, sometimes. I realized that that question is very hard to, answer people. Don't have time so Who am I dream you. Telling me yeah. If you can do whatever you want in your life money, is no object time. Is not yet what what would it be most. People cannot answer that question. So. It's hard to make. Plans to, focus. On something that is important to you if you don't, take time to introspect. And. Realize. What your dreams are so, that I will research more that or coach. Or, explore. To in order to help the person to say yes you can do it you, know hmm. We've. Um we. All have bucket lists in our family, and. We. Try to check. A few things off of those bucket, lists.

You. Know every every couple, of years you know you kind of go back to them and say, are. We living the life that we, wanted are we are we checking off those things on our list things to do before you kick the bucket. You. Know and so. For. Us it's, traveling, internationally. It's, living abroad it's, having the experience. Not. Just together, which is very important, and we've done that, over. The, years but really having our our kids. Grow up and have, that same, passion. And kind, of the zest for life you know to to. Want to experience, things outside of the norm, nothing. Wrong with someone who grows, up in a small town and, in the small town and they love where they are and they love what they're doing and um, that's, great as long, as that's what really makes them happy but. If there are some other, internal. Dreams. That you have not. Letting fear get in the way of pursuing. Them. Very. Very nice so, out, that you're in the middle of doing it. Do. You have any regrets. Not. For me no. Not at all because I'm still excited and for me I go with what, I mentioned before is that if. It feels good that means the right thing and all, the way to in, this, process. It felt good for me and now it still feels good like. Our month abroad was great and it was also great to come back because now we're getting ready for another transition, to put, our son to university. And us, to travel to Eastern Europe for the next four months, or. Longer and then we will, see what what's next for us and I, think we're open, and we'll go with what feels right, at the time and, whatever. It is I really, for, me it's important, to. Be. Excited, about any, plans that we're making or any transitional, plan if it's to come back either in the US or somewhere else to have a regular, job because. For me one of my goals I want to go back in the executive, non-profit. Job. And if my a. Big. Boom may be now and I'm refreshing, myself cannabis. I said. To my employer. And I mean the staff I was working with let them it's. Kind of a reset, little. Bit them ready, for, something. Different and I'm, gonna miss you guys and, you know and send, pictures and people who are envious. Little. Bit, but. When. We come back it's going to be as exciting than what, we're doing right now because we see this as a project as an adventure, together, as a family or as a couple, another when the girls go to university.

It's. A it's, an adventure for them as well so I think, living, life without regret, that's a great question. Since. I'm an older, teenager or. Young adult. To. Ever say oh I regret, something. In our life and we, remind each other often, time and, you. Know and it, goes back to it's not always rosy mm-hmm. Everything, you do is not always rosy and you, might look at Facebook and, think that everybody's, life is perfect, it's not whether. You're living. In the suburbs or or traveling. The world there. Are challenges everywhere, but it's really embracing, those. Challenges. The ups and downs and sometimes you. Know if you don't have the downs then you don't realize. How special the ups are so, kind. Of going with the flow of that and saying okay. Today. Might not be fantastic. But it's, leading to tomorrow which is where, you. Know we're going in the direction that we want to go in. So. Has. This experience, that you've had, made. You more confident. And I'm. Feeling. More empowered about, living. Your lives. Yes. Yes, yeah. So you're not living it on with someone else's plan you. Know I just think we all I, feel, that way you grow, up and there's a certain expectation so. By, the time you hit your your, 20s you should be like finishing up college, and maybe you've met that special someone, and, then you start getting pressured, you get married and then you start getting pressured to have babies and then when are you gonna work your way up the ladder to that executive, role and then and I, think. That that's sort of a general cultural. Thing that. Not every, person experiences but, generally, that's kind of the way things are and when you kind, of go against, that a little bit and do something a little different there's, some some. Fear and doubt that can come into play but. You. Also have this sense of your you're controlling your own life and your own destiny and and, living. Out the things that you. Maybe, had only dreamt of before and that others maybe, will only ever dream of so. Well. And for me it's a yes also, because it's. Is it's. The gut feeling, I think it's trusting, that instinct, that that, God that I knew, that something needed to change and. Happen, I didn't know what or, when. And. I think when I made peace with the web but. I was new a new for sure that something, will be happening. Then. That's where I think it trigger things to make things happen you know sometimes, being, patient is important, and so from a spiritual, standpoint if, you.

Want It now and right now and you change, it you, never. I, don't know it's don't, be your own obstacle, exactly. So we, get in our own way most of the time it's not really other, people stopping, us we stop ourselves from, doing things that we want to do or taking. Chances. Again. It goes back to fear for me it, usually is just a fear of something that's unknown, mm-hmm. Very cool. Well, I really. Appreciate you, guys taking so much time here and chatting with me today I've got a couple of questions to kind of wrap up with the first one is, there a way are, you guys blogging, at all or is there a way people can get ahold of you or all your adventures. We. Haven't started that for. For us I actually am hoping, to do that I've been writing, and taking some notes and things but our daughter, has. Started, her blogging, and so said, okay if I give that so Kennedy. Rae K, E and n EG, i ra. Ye. She. Started, on. Youtube so she. Started her vlogs got a couple of a couple of videos up she's still working on some editing so that'll continue and and should. Be able to follow all the adventures, and fun things that we do great. No. I'm. Sorry we have that thing to video. Video. Sorry, can you just look at the, name of it is. We. Have. I. Know. But I was trying to figure out what the. Travel. Inspiration, video that will give you goosebumps. So. If. People want to get ahold of you de to ask questions, would that be okay. So. My. Email is probably the best way or, Facebook. Of course but my email Tammy dot, Limoge, at Certainly. Welcome anyone to do that or friend. Or follow us on Facebook, awesome. Awesome awesome. So. I always, end with this. Question. Um. What. Question, did, I forget to ask you guys. I. Didn't, that's okay too but oh yeah, there's, some there's, a piece of your story and piece of this whole thing that we didn't get to what so, what question, should I have asked you. Do. You guys think of anything. Well. I really. Really really appreciate your time sharing. Your inspirational. Story with with, us this. Has been fantastic and, I wish you guys only, the best of luck in your travels, and I. Hope you and your family continue. To, go out there and live the lives you want to live well. Thank you very much and thanks for sharing our story I hope that we can stay in touch I'd, love to see what all um is, out there I know there's some really interesting people, doing so it's just interesting things, indeed. There are thank. You thank. You.

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