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Hello everyone, welcome back to our channel. Your daily dose of fun and travel. In this video, we will bring you along with us to penang. Where we'll be staying. At shangri-la. Rasa sayang, resort and spa. We will show you the new norm, of the breakfast buffet. In spice market cafe. And some of the highlights, during our stay. There will also be a room tour, of our junior suite, and we'll also, show you some of the privileges, that comes along, with staying at the russell wing. As usual, if you are new to this channel. Please subscribe. And give this video a. Like. And. This time around our room is room two three three five. Which is the junior, suite. Here, at the restless, lane. Let's. Open it. Up. To the right, there is the, place where you, leave your shoes and your luggage, and everything else. And over here. We actually, have a connecting. Room for the. Kids. So here we are. This is of course the year 2020. And everyone knows, it's a special, kind of year. We're not gonna get to the details, but everyone's. Extra, cautious, nowadays. So, uh here we are. Supporting. Local, tourism. Uh this is the mini. Bar and it of course you have your kettle. Stuff like that you have drinking, water, which comes in bottles, nice touch, they even got the. Expiry. Date and it's nicely, sealed. And of course. The. Fridge itself. Which is absolutely, empty because we, devoured, everything and. Some of it's actually. On top of it oh yeah, by the way, if you stay at the rasa, wing, they do give you free. Drinks. Uh, per state, i do believe it's not per night yeah but it's birthday. So you get a couple of soft drinks like sprite. And you get coca-cola. And. Kitkat yeah you get cats and beers, as well so. Yeah that's a nice touch from the hotel. Show them the boiler, first, the bathroom. You got nice. Private. Doors. To the bathroom, and here it is. That's what it looks like you can actually. Open this up and you can have view outside. Now this is not the newest of hotels, but. Let me just say this. They have done a, fantastic, job. Upkeeping, the place, and everything. Uh. Looks. And feels, nice, yeah. It's well aged. So to speak so it's a very very. Nice hotel, still a very beautiful result so these are, the double sinks that you get at the junior suite. This is the. Shower. When you come to the shower it's really really unique. Because it's, huge. Check this out. Guys. Rain shower. You get, the. Special. Body, massage. Kind of shower. And, you can on it all, at once, okay and so. It's like a, water. Work. Display. In here, once you shower and, this is one of the best showers. I've, ever had that i could spend. Minutes and minutes in here. Okay and just enjoying, the shower, like that, yeah. Check that out baby. Yes, and. You can uh. On that as well. So, it's. Multi-directional. You can, choose to look to ya you can. Choose whatever style you like whatever suits your fancy. And, just. Shower yourself. Today. Very good. Pass. This is uh, i'm not sure if i'm pronouncing, it right lost tom. Loxaton. Uh you got. Puff gel you got. Shampoo, and plus you got. Conditioners. And, very nice smelling.

This Is where. You conduct, business. And. It comes with a, special, bidet. Thingy over there you twist it and, it will. Light up your life. Okay, and we put extra bits here for the kids. Because as i mentioned early on we uh the day the night earlier we had the, connecting, room. And, the room is not as big as this but it's uh. More than, enough, for the kids yeah. And for, the the second night they wanted, to sleep, with us. One's for shah, and one's for ben. And this is the huge. Super king-size, bed which is super, comfortable. The pillows are excellent. Well, if you're not happy with the pillows you can always uh. Just, dial. Zero. And get yourself some extra. Special, pillows, this is the one of the highlights of the junior suite here, at rastasyam. Uh, once you open. The. What's this door, shutter. Sliding sliding door. The, ac. Actually, turns off automatically. Yeah. And, this is the highlight. Of, the room. Outdoor, bathtub. Right here on the balcony. So this is. Absolutely. Fantastic, the kids just love, this. And, for tall. Families, like us. Sasha is only 11, by the way. And she's. Almost my heist. This tub. Fits a six footer. Easily. Okay. No worries, at all. And it's wide as well. I think i measured it about, five, five feet eleven or something like. But the length is about six foot six foot plus so it's huge. It has, hot cold water. Uh it is not a jacuzzi, here guys it's a bathtub. So you can soak in here just plain, here. Just relax. And you also, of course you can enjoy the view we got a nice. Lounge area over there where you can sit chill watch the kids read a book. That's the pool. Area. A private garden. With direct, access, to the pool. Coffee. House. Captioning not. If you don't want to available, other guests and you want some privacy. Just bring them down the. Shutters. Yep so, bye guys say bye bye bye. Okay. So that's the end of the room. Tour. This is another chung family holiday. The date. Is, the 10th, of july. 2020.. And this is of course the recovery, period here in. Malaysia. So. Good morning, good morning. We've got three lovely ladies, greeting, us in the morning and uh we're gonna do our. Temperature. Check. Okay. And it's my turn. Hello. Morning, how are you, i'm good thank you. 36.1. Yeah. There you go thank you very much thank you, so this is the norm we got access on the floor.

So That everybody keeps their distance. And this is, spice, market. Cafe. It's a beautiful, cafe. Located. On the first floor. Yeah. This is. Wonderful. Beautiful, decorations. And of course i do believe, this is why. They call it the spice market. They're supposed to be racks of spice. And. Names of spices. Very cool if you're going to be. Taking pictures. For your instagram. Or. Facebook. So let's go for a round around the buffet this is the new norm. It's a spice market cafe. So we got, as you can see earlier on we got uh. As it come in. Noodles. The beautiful noodle station. And then you got dim sum. All sorts of, dim. Sum. Yogurt. Very friendly stuff. Always happy to help you out. Always smiling. I think i think you're smiling. We need the mask. Uh yeah yes please this is the egg station. I'm gonna wear everything. I know i'll have a scrambled egg with cheese today. And. Maybe. Mushrooms. And of. Course. This is where, you picked out. What do you want. To choices. For kids. And. You just, let him know what you want, and. Uh. So the sample looks something like. This. The breakfast, selection, is good. Lots and lots of different choices. Moving on. This is. Our. Yummy. Indian corner. Uh we got. Jose. We got, something called bendy, doom. It's a vegetarian, right i think, lots of lady fingers in there. What, they have. Today. As usual everyone's very friendly. Here. Morning. And this is the fruits corner. Morning. This is where they will cut. The fruits for you just choose whatever food you want. And they will cut it up for. You. So you've got queues. This is where you come out. Square. Stands. And everyone's trying their best to of course do their part. Which i believe, every country should do. In order to overcome this. Or, at least make it. Better. Going. Nuts. Cinnamon, greenish. Do they have. Strawberries. With. Hash browns. And. Mushrooms. And. Gym rats beware. Don't, watch this, video. Scrambled, eggs and cheese. Oh gosh. Okay. Enjoy. Wow. The other. Side. Okay. Wow look, yeah this is the same one this is. Bobby. He's so. Clever. Okay guys we're besides. Oh god he's coming. He has determination. He's a big boy. Oh my. God. Oh my god i'm running first. Oh my god my bags are there. No not at my. Back. So pretty and. Huge. So. You.

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