PENCE : Sauvetage du tourisme aux USA

PENCE : Sauvetage du tourisme aux USA

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I'd like to welcome you all to Rose and Shingle Creek. We. Are so, pleased that you're able to come during these very difficult times. You. May have noticed if you walked. Around a little bit, that. The resort is eerily. Quiet. Sadly. Like so many other. Hotels. In Central Florida. It. Is now my honor to. Introduce. Governor. Ron de santis, well. Thanks Harris, for for hosting us. Look. Forward coming, back next time when you have those great, events we. Obviously. In Florida, you know we've been moving ahead with, reopening, we've, continued, to to. Do that and and and really expand, as, much as we could in a very smart, safe. Step-by-step. Approach the. You. Know the numbers that we're seeing in terms of, the. Virus, just. To put in perspective we, the last time I think we're about 232. Total, for ideon zoran ventilators, statewide we. Haven't had that few since March if, you look at today's test, results, we got almost. 80,000. Test results, in. And about. 500. For new positive, cases for Floridians which, is about point six four percent and I, think that particularly. Outside, of South East Florida you've, typically, seen as new cases have popped up in anything more than just a smattering, typically. Linked to long-term care facilities. And to prisons and those, are obviously important, and we've had a huge effort with our long-term care facilities we're going to continue that but. Those are discrete. Issues. That need to be addressed I think we've seen other states when they've done draconian, restrictions, against. The general population. But left the nursing homes to fend for themselves, or even sent, sick patients, into the nursing homes it's caused huge outbreaks, and big problems we've. The, vice president and I were able to deliver. Some PPP, to. A nursing home today, we, have over 4,000. Long-term, care facilities, and we got up in Florida we've got about 3,500. Of them who have not had a single infection. Documented. This whole time which, is really something special we've, obviously worked, very hard at, our policy, with that and they're gonna continue to do it going forward but, Orange. County if you look today's test results, point two percent came. Back positive, yesterday was one point two percent I don't, know that you'd have a you, could have a community. Anywhere. In the country in, terms of the millions, of people that live in this metro area in terms of the number of international travelers. And travelers from all over the country, and world that come to Central. Florida and, then, look at how they've. Performed in terms of the virus obviously there's been cases but. The hospitalization, has, been very low fatality, death rate fortunately. Very low so. We, really view this area, as a as, a bright spot and as, a way to really, help launch our return as we look to come back going, forward we have a lot of key. People involved, with some, some key industries, which is great we also have secretary. Gene Scalia Department, of Labor who's, doing a great job and, what. I really. And, obviously thanks, the vice president the last time I did a roundtable with him in Florida was March. 15th, at Port Everglades with. The cruise ship industry and, we, were trying to figure out okay, if you guys are gonna be running these ships are you gonna continue to have people getting sick and all this and eventually they I think realized that that they had that they had had to change some course but now.

We're In a much better spot and I think we have an ability to come back I would note as I was kind, of passing, through and I know we have some great attractions, here, some of the attractions, that are really good are water, parks, well, CDC, just put out something, I think yesterday talking. About that, they haven't seen evidence that this virus is transmissible, and things like pools and, and, in water and so, we already know outdoors, is a better environment in terms of minimizing risk, now, we get the information, about, the water I think, there's gonna be some people going down that slide and Universal, in the Disney parks and some of these other ones hopefully very soon but. I think that. We when we did our most recent, policies. We, said any theme-park can submit, a request to. Reopen, get. Endorsement, from your key local officials so here would be the mayor of Orange County other other parts, it may be a little different, provide, you know kind of your safety plan but, we welcome that and we think that that we can move forward in a way that is, safe and I think that the, parks did a really good job in the lead-up to this because we still had we, had issues there, were a lot of people in town and they did close but they stayed open that last weekend, and I think really, took safety, to the next level and so they should be commended for that so, we want to be able to have a pathway to get some of these good things back. Going I think we do now on the on the restaurants. We're, encouraging. The outdoor dining and then the 50%, I think, that's going well the 25 was tough for people especially if you weren't open now, you have an opportunity to at, least get some folks back in and I think the public has responded very, well with, how they've conducted, themselves understanding. That you, know we want to make sure people are safe so, that's something I think is very very important, to floor, and then you know the hospitality, in terms of people coming down you, know that's just so I'm going to be something that I think if we show that we're doing well as a state, we, show we continue to do well health if we show well you know people will I think that generally have more confidence people, in Florida I think have responded very positively to, these steps so far so we want to continue on that journey but I'm we stand really wet ready willing and able to help I know someone, had mentioned there's like this event that event like look if, there's anything that you guys want to do that's not authorized. Under our set of of structures. Now this, is a work in progress I mean I want, to work with people to, be able to get to yes and that's what I said when the hairdresser's. Came, well actually the mayor here in Orange County came to me and said we, want to get the barbers and hairdressers, and I was like well some of my doctors didn't necessarily have the way, forward on that and I was like but you know what my jobs to get to yes show me what you're going to do now, you go into these barber shops and hair salons it's like an operating, room it's so clean so they're really doing all these things and so I think that's the spirit that we see in Florida, and throughout America, people. Wanting to get back to business but obviously wanting to do it in a way that's safe not only because that's the right thing to do but that's also I think what the customers, want to see they want to feel safe when they're going to these places so, we've got a lot to discuss it's my honor to be able to, introduce the. Vice president, who's really been a good friend of, the state of Florida we have a pretty.

Exciting. Event, later this month, in Central Florida with the launch and I know maybe. You're gonna be there I know I think the big guys gonna be there so I'll certainly be there we're looking forward to doing that he's been a great advocate, for, the. Space industry both. In terms of NASA but also the private sector that's, been a huge driver here in the state of Florida they've continued, to do good things even through this pandemic. And gonna continue, to do it going forward so so thanks for your support for the state of Florida and thanks for all that you guys did through this any time we needed anything. Your, the task force and you guys were there for, folks like me here, in these states and so so we very much appreciate, it well. Thank you very much governor, it is it, is good to be with you and, good. To. Be back in Florida, as. As, this, state. As. This state is really leading the way to. Open up America, again and I want to thank you for your leadership Harris. Thank you for your hospitality for your, your your, long-standing. Leadership. In this community in this state we. Appreciate, you welcoming so many. Men. And women who represent the bulwark of businesses. Here. In Central Florida I want to thank you all for being. With us today I also know that, you. Tapped your lieutenant. Governor to, lead the executive, committee of Florida's. Reopen. Task force and I'm, partial, to number twos governor. I. Want, to give people the chance to thing and I know governor Jeanette Nunez. We've. We've. Had a weave in an inspiring day in Florida. President, Trump wanted me to convey his. Great respect and appreciation, to, the, people of Florida and all the businesses, so well represented, here because, of the. Choices that you, have made and. Since we were lost together in. The middle of March. The. Truth is we've slowed, the spread. We. Flattened the curve. We. Saved lives. Now. All. Of us mourn, with those who mourn we grieve for the loss of more than 90,000. Of our countrymen. Including, several thousand, men. And women here in Florida, but it, is undeniable, because of the sacrifices. That American, families made, in. Implementing. The guidelines. That. Were issued by the coronavirus, task force in Washington. The. Willingness. Of families. To. Be able to adhere to your guidance governor, here. In Florida, really, to implement, the kind of social distancing, which which, is all about putting the health of others. First. We're. Getting there and. We are where. We are today at. A time when, now. All in all 50, states have. Begun the, process of reopening. Their, economies, and beginning. The American, comeback but. It's a testament to the American people and. I want to say to the people of Florida thank you thank. You for the sacrifices, that you have made most especially, as we said today governor, visiting. One of your, wonderful, nursing, home facilities. Here. In Florida, I, want. To especially say, thank you. For. Caring so much for the most vulnerable among, us, I mean. To think you said there's 4,000. Nursing homes roughly. Here room care and long-term, care facilities, here in the state of Florida, and fully, 3500. Had no coronavirus, cases at all that. Is a tribute, to an extraordinary. Group. Of caregivers health. Care workers that I think deserve a big round of applause. But. It's also a tribute to, folks, that have been willing to not go see mom and dad not go, see grandma and grandpa to really really be willing to put. Those principles into practice because. We learned early on after. President, Trump tapped me to lead the White House coronavirus, task force that. Seniors. With serious underlying conditions, were, clearly. Among, those most at risk for, serious health. Outcomes. And people. Responded, and governor, your efforts here your decisive, efforts. Here to. Implement, and enforce new raised, federal. Guidelines, for.

Nursing Homes and long-term care facilities, your. Decision, to restrict access to nursing, homes and, a whole range of. Policies. Including, the surveillance, testing that you've deployed has. Made a tremendous difference so now I want to commend you, among. The citizens, of your state, for. The work that you've done but. In addition to the American people in addition to our incredible health care workers. President. Trump and I feel just as strongly that we actually thank you to American businesses, especially. Those, in the, in. The tourism. And hospitality business. Across. This country and and particularly, here in the. Great state of Florida the. Decisions, that you made. To. Put the health of your employees. To. Put the health of of, people, who come from all over the world to visit this. Great city and these incredible. Attractions. Was commendable, and I know it was unprecedented. But. Your. Willingness to it, adhere, to federal guidance and make those, choices. I think, represented, the. Very best of. What makes American, business, special. So. I want to invite a round of applause for the, leadership represented. At this table and all of the businesses, that were willing to put the, health of your employees the health of the people of Florida and America first thank you very much. And. It was a great cost I was told governor I'm I'm sure you might have touted it that in 2019. Visit. Florida actually estimated. That there was an all-time record, a hundred. And thirty one point four million, visitors. Traveled, to Florida to. Enjoy your beaches, to enjoy the sunshine to enjoy all the great attractions, that. Are represented, here I can. Tell you not too many years went by that the Pence's didn't load the minivan and drive down from Indiana. And. I'll. Tell you your your west coast. Sanibel. Island Fort, Myers almost, feel like a second home to our little family, and. That's why governor. For all the challenges that we've been through I know the people of Florida and the President and I appreciate. The. Steps that you are taking to safely and responsibly reopen. Florida. To, the people of this state and the, people of this country, in. A very real sense. Florida. Is leading the way. Among. A handful. Of states that step forward and. Governor I want to appreciate the fact having been surrounded, by epidemiologists. In my. Current assignment for, the last three months that you did it all on the basis of data thank you for that thank you for an, understanding. That the. Ability, to reopen Florida, could be implemented not. Just on a statewide basis, but also on a county-by-county basis. And I know that your your. Administration, has looked, at those areas that still have challenges, and dealt. With them differently than other areas of Florida where we've seen. Significant. Declines or. Or. A very limited number of of. Coronavirus. Cases to begin with and. And. I'm here really to hear from these great businesses, about about. How we continue to move forward anxious. To hear about about, your plants I brought the Secretary, of Labor with. Me who among his responsibilities. Oversees, OSHA and I want to assure you. That. That OSHA the Labor Department, the, CDC, which recently, published. New, guidance, for the American people and detailed guidance that's. Available now at the CDC, website, we're.

Going To be a full partner, with, your businesses, to. Give you and to give governor. DeSantis your administration, guidance for how we, reopen. These these, great attractions, to, the American people but. Let me let. Me also say I want to thank you through the course of this ordeal with what so many of you have done I was some of the Antonia sheet on the way here I'm, told Walt Disney World donated. 35,000. N95 mass to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, as. Well as, 700,000. Pounds of food to, Florida food banks I think that's worth the round of applause. Over. The past two months I'm also told that SeaWorld, Parks and Resorts collectively. Donated, more than 41,000. Pounds of food to food banks and charities. Across America, and thank you for that generosity this. Truly. An. Universal, Orlando, donated, more than 15,000. Ponchos to the City of Orlando to local, fire departments, it's, critical, PPE for first responders and also donated, 30,000, pounds of food to, Central, Florida, food. Pantries. So let's. Hear it for a universal. And. Because. Of your generosity. Families. Were able to see their way through this challenging, time but. Today is really about opening back up I'm glad the governor mentioned I'm it's. Great to be in Florida and I'm gonna be back here in a week because. Not. Too far from here for, the first time in almost 10 years, we're. Gonna send American, astronauts. Back to space on American. Rocket. From, Kennedy Space. And. I. Know how important, the, space, Enterprise is here. In the history of Florida but I want to tell you that President Trump and I know that the, the. History of space. That will be written is going to be greater still in Florida the play and the Space Coast will play a key role in, that with. That let me let. Me I'd. Like to invite the Secretary, of Labor to maybe make a few thoughts, and then. And. Then governor, I just love to hear from as, many. The leaders here as time permits.

Because. I want, to tell you that I think, there's, there's. No one in America that wants to open up our economy more than President, Donald Trump and. For. All the sacrifices, the American people have made for all the sacrifices, that your, great businesses. Have. Made. We're. Anxious now we're. Anxious now as cases are declining, not only here in Florida but all across the country as positivity, rates, among. The expanded, testing is declining across the country, hospitalizations. Are declining, and. Looking. At seven-day averages. Most. Importantly. Fatalities. Are declining across. The country now now our focus, is. Is, on two missions. Number one is to continue to make sure that, we. That. We provide our health care workers we provide guidance to states across the country to. Continue to confront and. Hasten. The day that we put the coronavirus, in the past but, our. Other mission now working, closely with your governor is to to. Open. Up America. Again and. With. With, that I just again want to thank I want to thank you governor, I want to thank your. Lieutenant, governor I want to thank all the people of Florida for what you've done and have, already begun, to do to. Bring Florida and to help bring America, back so. Thank you very much and with. That I welcome. Some remarks, governor from Secretary. Eugene Scalia our Secretary, of Labor Thank. You mr. vice president pleasure. To be with all of you and governor so good to be here. With you I've known the. Governor since he, first ran for Congress and I. Was introduced to him and was so impressed by his intellect his, commitment. And and, his dedication, of service to the nation and it's. Just a treat to be here with you and to see, the whole nation now recognizing. What a great, leader we, have here. Well. The. The health emergency, that, we've been confronting, in which the vice president, has done such an extraordinary job, together with with the president addressing, has. Had a very. Impact we know on on American workers and on the economy and and particularly. In. This sector of the economy we, put out a very difficult, jobs, report a couple weeks ago, but. More than a third of the twenty point, five million Americans, that we said had gone, off payroll, in. April we're, from this industry from leisure and hospitality so. We appreciate how difficult it. Has been for for, you your businesses, and for your workers. Fortunately. The. President and, vice president and, actually Congress too acted with extraordinary, speed, to. Take. Measures to address some of the impact this was having back in March we had three major pieces of legislation in, March never. Before had there been mandatory. Paid leave for, private. Sector American. Workers but that was enacted signed. By the president, with 100% reimbursement, to. Those small businesses, by the. Treasury Department. We. Got the Paycheck protection program which was loans to small businesses, to. Help keep them afloat but, particularly, importantly, to help, keep those workers connected, to the. Business so that we could get those businesses back up quickly as we reopened. We. Estimated about 50 million workers were able to be, kept on payroll through that program and also, in the Chara's Act the President signed. An unprecedented, unemployment. Compensation benefit, we never had, such. A significant, federally funded unemployment, supplement it was the right thing to do in this context, $600, a week again. Unprecedented. But a very Swift measure, to help. The American people. Now. We're as the vice president said we're pivoting we're, focused on reopening, for. Us at the Labor Department that means even as we help, ensure that people who are entitled to unemployment benefits. Get them we're. Focused, as well on ensuring, that as. We reopen, and jobs become available that people who, can go back to work do, because. It's obviously always our preference to have them back at work as. The vice president said were focused. Too on a safe reopening, and. OSHA. Or the Labor Department, was. The component. Within our department first engaged with. The coronavirus, providing. Guidance, to employers, and workers, how, to go about their jobs, safely we'll continue to do that and as. Concerns arise we'll continue to respond to and make sure that workplaces, are safe I've been so. Impressed with measures. That I see businesses across the country taking to assure. Their customers, and. Their workers of that safety. So. I I look, forward to this discussion I'm pleased. To be here but. You know more importantly, to you there are tens of millions of Americans who would be pleased to be here and. And. I think we can. Have. Confidence that we've got a president, vice president and, governor the, one helped make that happen who want to reopen, as promptly. Safely, as we, can and we also, have. A president, and vice president who understand, the policies, that gave us that extraordinary.

Economy, That we were enjoying until. Early March and know, how to get us back there so. Thank you for having us thank. You so much mr. secretary and. Governor. Do you have a queue. Or you I think, well we well one let me I think, our chief, financial officer. Jimmy Patronus I think that you yeah so he Jimmy's here he's, in the cabinet in Florida so thank you for your service I thought maybe just start off with. We. Have three I think we have three representatives. From three different theme parks obviously. When you think Orlando, you, think the theme parks I as. Obviously. You guys know put, out last week theme. Parks can submit plans for reopening, approved, by the key, local official, and then, then will entertain them as in, the state obviously I want to get the s so I think if you work with your local you're gonna be in pretty good shape so. Why don't we just start with maybe, John sprows from Universal, then we'll go around, Disney. And then SeaWorld, and say what, do you guys I, know you I know you guys have both done some of the outdoor stuff for Disney's doing that today but, in terms of seeing some of these some. Of these parks what are you looking at what what would the safety look like and what. What, are other things we should be thinking about sure. Thank, You governor Thank You mr., vice president for being here and giving us this opportunity. We. Did begin the process with, respect to Universal last week we were able to open part of our city, walk complex, our dining entertainment complex, and we. Hope we were able to prove that it can be done in a very safe responsible, manner, how's it going it's, going extremely, well it. Has been we've. Adopted a number of procedures, in terms of safety in terms of social distancing, and in terms of sanitation we've, asked our our, guests, to participate. In that by doing certain things and we've. Had almost. No. Negative, pushback, from anyone whether it be our team members or our guests, they understand, it they're cooperating, and they're actually. Welcoming. The opportunity, to be able to get out and get. Out have a meal walk around the lagoon and and, start to get, back to normal and what we're hoping is we're, gonna be able to take those learnings and all, the work that we've been doing over the last couple. Of months almost from the time we were closed at some, point we knew we'd be able to reopen and how would that look differently, as we learn more and as we get more. Scientific. Evidence about what we can do John how did you do that the, governor and I just grabbed a burger at Beth's burgers. It's. Pretty good by the way. But. I, do are you you're, the governor's authorized, a.

50%. Occupancy so. You've implemented. That or there are other unique. Things that that, that you're doing it's City Walk that's. That, you're seeing or effective, no I think that's so much unique as putting a number of layers as we've talked to medical. Professionals they've. Talked about the safety issues as sort, of being a number of layers of Swiss cheese and, if you look at any particular slice of Swiss cheese there are holes but, if we can layer in enough of those slices, we, can protect people as much as possible so. We've implemented temperature, checks both for our team members and for, guests we are currently having all our team members and our guests wear masks, we've. Gone through with, each and every venue. And set. Up the social distancing. Markings. So, that people don't have to figure it out we've tried to figure it out for them we, have one thing that we have found that has worked really well is we, brought additional management staff back that weren't specific, to any venue and we have them just acting as ambassadors, throughout the area so, they're helping people understand, here. You know please put your mask on here are what we're trying to do here's, where you can go to wash your hands where these. The. Antiseptic hand, sanitizers. Are we've, done things like entering. And exiting every, restaurant or shop you go in one way and out the other and there's, scent and sanitizer, at the front end and the back end and, we're gonna try to apply that with respect to our rides as well we'll reduce capacity so, that we can maintain social, distancing, and there, are there are some attractions, we're gonna have to change we have interactive play, areas where, children can play we probably won't open those up initially, because, it's just we're. Not able to control it we want to be able to control it so everybody can feel safe cause I think that's probably, the, most important, part as we, open up our industry, both here and the rest of the country if people.

Feel That they're safe if people feel that we're doing it right possibly, they're gonna come are, you open, to I, mean, is Universal, CityWalk open, to. Anyone. At this point or are you limited limited. Geographically. Or to no yridians, City Walk is open to anyone just anyone right in okay really. Great. Insights and thanks again, I I, was. Speaking directly to these great attraction, and resort. Operators when I said just thank thanks for rolling. Your sleeves up and doing the hard thing thank, you I hope you tell tell your whole team how much we, appreciate, him because there was I think governor, when you and I talked. Early. On we recognized, that. People. Come to Florida from all over the world, and. The. People of Florida and these great businesses, recognized, that. Potential, vulnerability. Of having people come here congregate, and then go back across the country and, we, couldn't be more grateful, great. Service we're grateful to you for your support we're grateful to the governor the governor has been terrific through this entire process to communication, and the, expectations. Have been great and we just want to do our part we think it can open safely, and responsibly, throughout. Our industry and get Florida back where it needs I think that I mean the one thing that I've was. Interested. In at the very beginning of this but. I think it's been really proven, is you, know this is a virus that just doesn't transmit, as well outdoors. In. Outdoor open-air environments, it pretty likes the enclosed, spaces that's, why you see like the meatpacking, plants, have major out for prisons, unfortunately. Long-term care facilities, that's why the number, one source of outbreaks, is usually the home because, you're in close sustained, contact with people and if you look at Florida's, tourism, base a lot, of this is link towards outdoor, activity, I mean Beach boating. Fishing even, your parks, and I know you have a mix of things but. A lot of times you know you're walking outside getting, on a ride or whatever and so you, know I think used that to our advantage, I was, really glad to see the CDC, come out with with, the water, guidance. About that not being a source of transmission. I think, Blizzard Beach and these things I mean that to me is probably going to be pretty low risk in ninety degree weather, people, are in water so that's a good thing and and people, can see that and hopefully art can appreciate the science so so with Disney, well and one of the things that I want to commend to your attention I'm sure your team's already have it was the. Department of Homeland Security we. Think completed the first work on the. Impact, of humidity, and sunlight. On, the corona virus and. The. Half-life, on this virus drops to infinitesimally, small. With. With. Humidity in daylight and so I just encourage you to factor that into your, policies, I know that none. Of the governor and his team will be will. Be taking and. I would say throughout this whole thing. We. Always said Gulf all this stuff just just make the basic, accommodations. Not. Had an outbreak that we've been able to determine from, the Gulf not.

Having An outbreak from it related to beach not an outbreak related, to I mean I'm, sure maybe you've had transmission, somewhere, but I mean it's not something, you, would think that if this was something you would see it a lot and we haven't seen it a lot but like the vice-president, with this heat you know people are saying don't touch the flag stick and go and look be safe but like honestly, if I touch it and I have the virus and you're in the group behind me ten minutes later the sun's gonna nuke that I mean like it's gonna be totally gone so but I think that that that was a great study, that they did so. We have you. Know Disney, we've, got George Cala greatest, from Disney, so, what are you guys I know that Disney did Shanghai, already, how's. That going, and then how what are you guys thinking about what you need to do to be back in Central Florida okay, well, first of all thank you governor, and mr., vice president. Shanghai. Opened, on may 11th, and actually. Has had a, great, response. I think he probably heard in the media that the tickets sold, out in the first few minutes for the first day a lot. Of what happens there of course did you limit at all the number of people did yes okay, yes, 20, percent on. The first week and the. Maximum, will be 30 percent, so. You. Know we need to get more, overtime, but I'm a safety perspective from, a guest acceptance, perspective. We. We, really we, had a great launch and so. Those, are the learnings for us that we'll certainly consider, when, we think about opening. Here and as. You said today, we open Disney springs partial. Opening and the rest will open next week and I'm sure tonight we'll have discussions, about water park so thank you for the opportunity. That's. Great news though that CDC. Made. Those changes, so. And I would one thing that I would also like. To just, mention the, secretary, mentioned. The programs, for, employees. Our. Business won't all come back at once this is going to take time and these programs. For the employees, that have. Come, from. The government are really, helpful and we really appreciate, it so I want to thank you for that and the speed at which that, happened, was. Important, and the, message really is that we're gonna need that for a while because everybody's, not going to come back in one, week it's gonna take time so thank you for that George. Thank you thank you I just again, want to commend Disney I remember, the meeting in the Cabinet Room at the White House and I don't. Am, I right in remembering, that Disney. Had never closed, more, than a day. In the history of this company was on 9/11 and we closed two days for a hurricane and that's so. Remarkable. Unprecedented. Well it, was a it, was a. Tremendously. Admirable, decision. That you made and. I hope, you'll convey tell me about the assistance, so Paycheck. Protection. We, also made lending facilities, available for larger companies I'd, love to ask this to of, of. Everybody, what's been most helpful up. To this point I was, on Capitol Hill yesterday governor, were. We're. In early, discussions, about the possibility of another phase. Of. Support, but what's, been most helpful I think for our company, really the unemployment, the, stimulus check and then the unemployment. For. Our company again were much, larger corporation. The other programs, are very important, to other companies so I don't want to you know mislead, you but certainly, for us because. We have such a huge workforce and, most. Of that workforce is impacted, by this so, they're, important for us I got, it of, course there. Was the $1200 stimulus check as well for each, one. Of those workers right. Great. I just finished that maybe the theme parks mark Swanson, SeaWorld, yeah please yeah we were I think I was in SeaWorld, a couple. Months ago maybe, probably come into my February got to look around a little bit see what's going on so what, are you guys thinking about yeah. Well thank you again for for you. And the vice president being here you. Know we represent, SeaWorld, and in Busch, Gardens down in Tampa and oh.

I'll, Echo what my, colleague said you know one thing I like about the industry there's there's not a monopoly, on unsafety, we. All come together very well and I think you're gonna see us employee very, similar safety protocols, I think, we're you, know at SeaWorld and I'm sure the others we're very confident, in our ability to execute on this we are even more an outdoor. Park than probably, anybody that's what I was about to say it so, we're. Looking forward I know your. Announcement on Friday that submit. The plans and we want to get to yes that that, was a real shot in the arm for us and so thank you for that and we, look forward to getting. In front of our local authorities. And then eventually, to you and we're, excited to, move forward mark, what's your timing, on that I, know, the governor's. Opened. The door you all are putting it together yeah, we we've been working you guys have started to open up a little bit yeah so I think from from kind of the the, time we get the approval it's it's a couple weeks two three four weeks to ramp up get, our employees back and, get get everybody in there so we're. Gonna try to get in front of get. Get our things moving as quickly as possible and then get, the approval and move forward but we would probably be obviously. Then sometime in June, yeah. Sometime in June yeah for the indigent yep. All, of, what you're doing is going to be very exciting to an awful lot of P around. The country I promise. You and even more kids. Yeah. If we can get the approval, we. You know and the data keeps moving in the right direction we'll. We'll, be ready. What's. Had. In terms of the federal assistance. Direct. Financing, to families paycheck, protection. Lending. Facilities. That have been available yeah. I would echo I think the. The. The payroll tax credit early on was was helpful for our company, the. Stimulus checks are good the, additional. Unemployment benefits are. Certainly. Welcomed we're, you. Know the the Main Street lending program I think for us with. Our existing, credit, facility may, not work out doesn't, look like it's going to work out and that's. Something we may we may come back with just some comments you know there there's some. There's. Some constraints, in that program just with your existing debt. Facility and having, capacity and things like that we've already access to public markets if. There was a way we could still access the main street lending you, know that's something we would probably certainly look at but. Our read of that is that may not work out just for. Us I'm, sure it'll work out for a lot of others oh okay, great. Got, it so. And. Thanks for what SeaWorld did yeah, and Busch Gardens, really. Incredibly. Hard choices but. It. Was very inspiring in the governor when the president brought everybody together in the Cabinet Room in. The. Tourism. And hospitality. Industry. And. Everybody. Said yes, everybody. Said we'll do it everybody, put safety first. And. In. Your cases it impacted, families. And communities all over the country so thank you and, thank you whole team thank. You thank you we, can, so theme parks important, maybe. Get an update from some of the restaurants about. How that's going so. Carol, Dover, does the restaurant, and Lodging Association, so, she'll probably want to say something about the lodging when we get to that but but the restaurants, how. Are things going, how did it work with we. Actually tried to do I think I told the VP, when, everyone was shutting down the restaurants, and bars we closed bars I wanted to do 50%, in restaurants because I thought that, is distance, that's a low risk if you do rifle what was happening I had people telling, me that the restaurant. Across the street was doing 100%, so. Then we did it but, then we obviously wanted, them to get back so we were a little slow out of the gate but doing the outdoor in 25 now, we have outdoor 150, and, so. How is that going well. First I want to thank you mr. vice president and, governor for allowing, me the opportunity to, talk to you today about hotels, and restaurants in, Florida tourism.

Is The economic, engine of our state we have about 1.5. Million. Hospitality. Employees, but unfortunately. Just under, a million of them have been laid off but. Thanks, to our great governor who was leading, I believe the country and trying to get us open back up with the 50% true, it has begun to really change, the, dynamics, I think at 25 percent we knew it would be hard but at 50 percent we're. Seeing a rebound. And hopefully. Will continue I want, to say thank you very much, was that blunted, Carol we just as, I said we just grab some lunch today. Bathrooms, for, great. Burger places told. Us that she been through delivery, and through pickup right that, she'd still been able to maintain about 20 percent revenues, did you see that at all but because Secretary. Scalia and I just heard, at. The, White House with. Restaurant, operators, from around the country that, did. I hear right like one in four of the job losses in America. Today are people that work and rest it's alone let alone his rails and, hospitality. How. Much were people how much was, the delivery. Pickup, how much did that sustain, huge. We, were incredibly, grateful when our governor said that we could continue. With takeout, curbside, delivery, I've never seen so much creativity, grosser, on started. And we've, seen all kinds of, this governor's been very, effective. In getting local, mayor's to allow the streets, to open so they can roll. People. Would actually the restaurants, could deliver a meal and could deliver alcohol, been, incredibly, helpful I want. To say and and the gut you told me that your emergency, management, team oh yeah. So a Tallahassee restaurants. I would the merchants keel because they have everyone working so they cater in and, I was like you got these these local restaurants, so some of them really, were able to they're, like well yeah so, that made a difference yes I reserve some of the revenue it absolutely, did and what. Really made the difference is what you've hit on with the PPP. And Phase three. If. I may though without. Sounding, at, all ungrateful. Because we are so, appreciative, of what you've done there are a few things that we hope in phase four, that. Will be addressed one of course is liability, protection, and the hold harmless agreement. That would be something. I know that where we're looking and. Hopeful, for. Extending. The loan coverage, from eight weeks to 24, weeks I'm sure these are things that that you've heard before. The. The. Loan ratio of 75, 25, has been incredibly, challenging, for all of our members because they, don't have any staff, so or most of them didn't have a lot of staff so we're hoping that either that goes away or. 5050. But preferably, it, would go away and extending. That that june 30 hire date to, December, 31st would be incredibly. Helpful. There's. A lot of other issues but I just, want to say thank you and I want, to end with. First. Of all kovat, hit this can, I just say in there because I'm sure this is just as relevant. Some, of these great attractions, and and hotel, and resort operators, is the liability, issues I. Tell. You there we're. We're. In discussions, about that right now and. Our. Objective, is to continue. To create, the. Kind of, products. At the federal level CDC, OSHA. That. That, will give businesses. And other enterprises the ability to operate, confidently. But. I want. To assure you that we're very aware of that we want what. I think Senator, McConnell raised. The issue early, on. President. Has our team looking. At it but we understand the challenge that that's faces, but we, the. American people want to get back to business and but we, we want businesses to have. They. Have the kind of guidance that you, can operate, confidently. And and, know, that that. You'll have the kind of liability protection. If. You conform with those labor standards, if you conform with those operating, standards thank, you so. The, last thought I have said, you know kovin obviously, hit all of us severe in sudden like, out of nowhere but. We, have the. Amendment, to will be on the ballot here in Florida to raise our minimum wage to $15. An hour and there will be nothing more. Catastrophic to, an industry that's already been hit as hard as we've been hit to. Have to be faced with an. Increase, in the minimum wage so, know that that is something that we would love any. Assistance. And help but we're going to continue to try to fight.

For Our industry, and hope that we. Can get, our employees back to work but, not, be hit with that in November and thank you very much for the opportunity today, mr. vice president thank you great insights and. Give. Everybody in the. In. The whole, Association, our very best. We. Just heard so many great stories of the White House this week my. First job was as a dishwasher at. Gene's cafeteria, in Columbus Indiana. And you. Know our restaurants, our hotels these are. These. Are where our communities. Happen. And so. Tell. Everybody we appreciate, all the hard. Work sacrifices. That they've made it's. Made a difference. Jean. Lee CEO of Darden, Restaurants so. They have a lot, of great brands including, the Capital, Grille and they're headquartered right here in Central Florida. Vice. President for allowing us to be here today thank you Jim, I'm not gonna reiterate all the safety precautions. That we're taking as our peers. Are taking I would just a few qualitative statements number one our. Employees feel safe doing what they're doing they believe in our processes, and procedures we. Are getting no pushback, from our team members soon they want to come back to work they feel as though the environment is safe for the policy procedures, and practice that we put in place our. Guests, feel comfortable in our restaurants, they. Don't understand. If. Anything they push. Back on the 50%, capacity issues. They don't understand why they can't more people can't come in the places wide open but. They feel safe in our in our environment, because of the practices, and procedures that that, we have put in I. Also. Would say in closed spaces in. Restaurants, like ours there's a we transform, or air any. Other environment, because of our hoods, because. Of the foods, that we use over our kitchen equipment, we're transferring, the air inside, our restaurants, at a much more frequent pace than. What you're seeing in a.

Normal Enclosed, environment which. We believe helps make the indoor space even it's. Even more safe but. One. Comment on on. PPP. And those types of programs were, the best thing. In the programs for us was the employee retention tax credit that. Enabled, me to pay a hundred and fifty thousand people for three weeks. That. Weren't working, and. As something, that has. Got a cap to it that we'd like to see that cap removed, and we, would like to see you we look at that in phase four to. Help us keep, people. That we don't have an opportunity, for today, that. We may be able to keep them connected, to our company, and bring, them back as our, business continues, to grow in the future great, thank you great very helpful very helpful. I appreciate, the insights and. Just. Just thanks for what you've done it's, a great company great restaurants, you guys have a Capital Grille has some patio seating - right some of them do yes yeah yeah, and what about your other brands, your, yard house has some patio. Seating so, we're especially in Florida Bahama Breeze has huge, patio so, those are you, know we've got a restaurant on the water down in Tampa with 300. Patio seats that's doing fantastic, since we've opened it back up, yeah the but. The like the air so CDC did some study I think was a restaurant in China family, came from Wuhan to a different part of China and they. Tried to say like in the direction of the AC but if you look at who got infected it, really didn't, there were people and the opposite, end who got it and then there were people right at the table who didn't and there so I think it was just trying to say in closed environment, but I think, that's a good point about if you have that that does make a make, a big difference in terms of in terms of lowering the risk I think we got another I, think patty news Oh from so I mean this is when. A, restaurant, can't do certain things obviously that has downstream, impacts, and so I think she, can talk to some, of those in. Terms of how that's affected her part of the industry thanks, patty thank, you for having me here today so, we, have a family-owned, restaurant equipment, business and we, sell to restaurants of, every, size, and shape and, we. Have you. Know we've seen a decrease. Of about 65. Percent of our sales and. One. Of the things that was very helpful for us was the PPP, loan we, were able to get it swiftly, we appreciate, the the fact that the government stepped up and created, a program how many employees you have penny we, have about 30 right now okay, and we were able to keep everybody employed we.

Are Fortunate that we do business with a local community bank and, they. Got it funded, right away we put our staff, to work there. They've. Been researching products. That we never thought we would have to know about, our. Buyers have learned about hand sanitizer, and and masks, and you. Know you name it to go containers, and as, they've, as. The restaurant industry has, has kind of evolved, you know from the take out to the 25% to the 50% the. Needs of our customers have have changed, and so, it's allowed us to keep everybody on staff and and it be ready for that you. Know that whether it was in the beginning with ordering, takeout containers, whether it's now with masks, and barriers and things like that so so. I do appreciate you having me here today we are a member of NFIB and, I appreciate you giving small business a voice at the table. The. Customers come back to the restaurants, and are. You selling, a lot of those like party, I've seen different. Restaurants, now just kind of put up like a partition. Yeah. So I saw, the casinos, have done it too they. Have like these because the casinos, I think in Biloxi, or somewhere so. Like there's, just up there's a partition in front of us between the slots and then even the card tables. There's all that so that maybe there, may be a wave of, the future we'll see well a lot of our manufacturers, have started, constructing. Plexiglass, barriers, they have things that are on wheels they, have things that go between the tables. Do. I. Can, ask you or as, Jean or Carol. Do. You expect these some of these changes to remain, are you gonna as. You're retrofitting, some of the restaurant. Environment Steve. Will. You keep some of them over the long haul no I think than anything that we're going, to do will be very temporary, okay, I think that what we're wrestling with is the, expense, to implement, that and then, to think maybe three six eight weeks we're going to take it back down I'm, not sure I can get a return on that in that investment, and so. We're where we've, got plans to be able to retrofit some of our restaurants, to create, some. Social distancing. But. We're we're, hesitant, to make that investment today, right, because. We. We would have we have to be committed that we're going to operate that way for six months it's. Not how we would design, restaurant you wouldn't feel you. Wouldn't feel great in the restaurant, long-term, with the. Yeah. If. You did a hundred percent what. Would be the, spacing. In between I mean would it, four. Feet first of all in a restaurant you never get to 100% yeah on my best day I get to 60 percent of occupancy, because, of the inefficiency of seating right unless it's a bar business you've always got to at four tops so on and so forth so 60. Is a great day for me when I'm at sixty percent occupancy, X, bar, and. So, you'd have like. Four feet and what, I think is interesting and, this is why when we talked earlier in March, when. You're in a restaurant your back is, always to. Anybody, you don't know you come in with your four people you sit around a table you're all facing, in but. Away. From you right where everybody else is sitting there's, no, transmission. Going back and forth so, as we as we think about and we look at our environments, we, believe it as we sit today we could sit every table and we'd, still feel really good about the. Safety of the environment for, the consumer, and for the team member well. And I had patty thank you great, insights again Jean. Yeah. Thank you. The. President will actually be in Michigan tomorrow. And. American. Manufacturing, has stepped all the way up and. Businesses. Large and small around, the country so, done, a great job so.

Thank You oh great. Why. Don't we talk about some of the hotels, and lodging, so yeah mr., Rosen, can can kind of start off I think he had mentioned, some stuff to us backstage but, you obviously are play, host to major. Events I know you've done major political events, and they do weddings I know you do business. Conferences. And then obviously host a lot of a lot of tourists coming in for the park so, what's. The path back. In. Terms of safety if there were no government. Restriction. Just said you you be safe how would you handle it. Spent. A couple of years with Uncle Sam and. Learned. A lot of lessons. One. Of them that. Has guided me for. Much. Of my. Business. Career. Miss, Kay is s. Keep. It simple stupid I. Don't. Think the, answer is very. Complicated. We. Want everybody back to work, right. As. Quickly as possible right. How. Do we do that. Large. Small. Medium-sized. Hotels. Restaurants. Attractions. How. Do we do that. You. Make an announcement that our, goal is to get everyone, back to work quickly. Really. Yes. Two. Provisions. One. Open your restaurant, your. Attraction. Hotel. Screen. Every. Customer. Every client. Every, guest that, comes into your facility. Number. Two. Every. Single, day. Screen. Every. One. Of your, associates, or employees. To. Make sure they're healthy. Wow. Is. It that simple yeah. You. Have a clean environment and, the folks that are coming in to. Your, facility, have. Been screened. What. About restrictions. What. About them. What. About them. First. Example, of restrictions. Universal. Opens. CityWalk. Screening. No. Masks. Disney. Will open. Screening. And, masks. That's. Their choice. That's. Their choice. Right. Now we screen. In the one hotel that. We have opened out of, the eight, we. Screen all of our associates. Every. Day I've. Been screened twice today. And. Every. Guest that walks in is, screened. It. Ain't complicated. It. Will get people back to work so, quickly, and the. Private sector will once again feel, as though. They. Are in command, of their own lives. It. Seems overly simplistic doesn't, it. But. It'll work, and. If we don't get people back to work quickly. It's. All over. It's. All over. Orlando. Is suffering. Orlando. Is struggling, the. Hospitality. Industry is. In. Deep depression. But. There's hope. I spoke. The. Governor, and the vice-president a little bit they, were so kind, they. Let me speak it, can be battle for a while. Said, the Convention Center the. Second, largest in the United States, of America. Cannot. Have. A gathering. To. Use the language that's being used of, more. Than ten people, what. We. Can accommodate 200,000. Sorry. Just. Lost 30,000. AAU volleyball, players. Our. Gatherings, are more than 10 people, so. Governor, my hope and my prayer is. That, as we move into phase 2 the, Convention, Center will be a convention. Center. Not. An arena or a stadium, so. We can get back to business, my. Hope and my prayer is, that. Restrictions. Will. Be for all intents, and purposes. Eliminated. And. Let. The owners. Of the. Establishments. Do. What they believe is appropriate if, they, are, sloppy, and. People. Enter the establishment and, they are concerned, they, will not patronize. That facility. Isn't. That what free enterprise is, all about. Right. So. I apologize, I'm, the least politically. Correct human, being on earth I. Apologized. I, respect. The two of you so much I. Hope. I haven't behaved, too badly. But. That's a dream. Listen. We. Worked. For Disney for a while but things, didn't work out I bought. A little motel, in 1974. For, $20,000. Add all the money I had in the world and. Today. We. Have 7,000 rooms and. We. Don't have a penny of debt that's, the only, reason, I'm able, to keep doing, what I'm doing now, which. Is paying salaries. To. My associates, who are not working, how. Much longer can I do it only, God knows. Though. Thank you for this opportunity I hope. I haven't embarrassed myself. I apologize.

Thank. You Harris thanks so thanks for the stirring, words, thanks. For the generosity your employees, and thanks thank you for your, your. Rugged individualism, we'll get this open up thank, you we'll. Get this open up we'll get Orlando in Florida in America working. Again god. Bless you all. Right Danny Gaekwad, is a big, hotel guy, out. Of Ocala and like. To get him to say a few words about what, he's looking at in terms of the hotels. Thank. You for the great opportunity, and thank you vice president, and also president, and my governor, for. Opening up America, I will start with that and I'll give my little story just like Harry. Rosen story, I came as a immigrant, my, whole family, works in a business my wife is here, my, two sons, are here my. Manager, is here because it does bother us and. And. I. Represent, here, more. Than 20,000. Member of Asian. American, Hotel owners association. Which, are. 99.9. Percent descent from, from. India you know and we all came with the American dream I thought. I have seen a 9/11, then, I thought I seen the worst, recession. In my lifetime, but. I have never seen this and I was never prepared for this and. I don't know what to do with this but I'm going to give some idea that what is happening in my. Associate. World which I am in very much in touch governor. You know very well I brought hundreds. Of people at the Governor's House for, the Diwali function. So. I. Have. Few hotels and one, of the hotel example, I'll give you is a Holiday, Inn, and which, is a typical hotel. My. Occupancy, in. 2019. In. April. Was, 75%, and. This. Is in middle of nowhere I'm not Orlando, I am NOT Miami I'm in Ocala, this. Year 2020. April sir my, occupancy, is 12%, I am. So grateful that, you gave us PPP, money but I have no. Mathematical. Knowledge how to use it because. There is no guest. In my room how. Do I get my employees, to serve them my my, employees, are ready but. But whom would they serve, so. That is our biggest, dilemma, if if. I give you by number-wise like $1 wise it may make you more sensible, governor in. 2019. April I did, three, hundred and forty thousand, dollars in revenue, in. 2020. I did. $38,000. My. Monthly. Installment, with the bank is hundred. And seven thousand, dollars and. And, how how, do I cope up I don't know I'm using, whatever resources and. Will do it and, oh, this, is the same story if you take from Boston, you go to Miami, from Miami, to LA, most. Of the exits, anywhere. You will see Asian. American Hotel owner will receive you and I can guarantee you our, association. Which, I represent, today here will, echo the same thing what I am saying. 50%. Of any hotel, in entire United, States is. Owned by Asian American, hotel owners, association. What. Harry, Rosen said, is, a hundred, percent truth. Like I am telling you sir and, I am going to tell you another thing watching. TV and I am watching this. Pundits. And gurus and talking, about liquidity, in a hospitality, industry, sir. Mr.. Vice president I'm gonna give only one thing and one thing from here if. There, is no guest there. Is no dollar if. There is no dollar, don't. Even think about liquidity. Do, we have a liquidity. Absolutely. Not. We managing. Somehow to go. Somewhere, and scrap it yes, so. Who, is helping us after, 2008, and a 14 the, hotel industry was devastated, with the housing industry and that. Was the fault we, found as a bank because they're giving a little loan so. When, that happened, we learn our lesson, sir and we, went from, 15, we went to see MBS, loan please make. A note of this name this. Is the big bad. Wolf. You, have no idea what. Devastation. CMBS. Will wreak on us. 25%. Of any hotel, in united, states is. Funded, by CMBS. President. Trump wise person to yourself my governor, you, can only save, us by putting some legislation, and have, put that big bad, wolf in the cage if you, won't get in a cage he, will finish us and and. It's a very complicated, loan, we never understood it's a two hundred pages and an, only, good. Part was that that, we don't give guarantee but they can take my hotel so now if that they act so what. Do they do governor. I sent, a letter from the lawyer Truman back that sir please talk to me you. Know my other banks are talking my credit union is starting after. Spending. $10,000, on one hotel only I made a mistake in my life out of all my hotel one CMBS they, will not communicate, with, me they told me no we. Have no reason to communicate with you they, have right to come in my hotel any. Day they want me and my family, is here today, we. Are only worried, about that one loan in. A craziest, way banks. Are very good president, Trump vice. President yourself you guys have given a clear instruction to the banks and a credit union and financial this. Is the only big bad wolf is out there and this can destroy, the families, without. Fail and you can I can, go on forever but I don't want to take everybody's, time. But, that's what I want to tell you thank, you to have and. PPP. Alone I lack o everybody else very clearly, be.

People Own we, need to extend sir there's no way I can spend that money by June I have 12, and 15 15, percent occupancy, and if. You permit look at how we looked at but. I didn't tell you that Carol but we're looking at it the. President, said that this way yeah, and a restaurant, sir my, restaurant, is very famous I win ten time Golden Spoon Award it's not a like, a mom-and-pop, last. Year Mother's, Day I did more than, $20,000. This. Year I did, $2,500. So when. Everybody's, talking about opening, up America, so. Thank, you thank you very much because. We were short I can explain you choking like we were just dying, you. Let us breathe, 25%. So, we are breathing 25%. Governor. Is kind enough to open up 50%, we, will shortly, start, breathing 50%. If you open 75%. Sir, we will breathe 75%. And the god, bless that day when the America as Harry, Rosen says when, they open with the common sense let. Us manage with our common, sense we we. Are not monster, we, do got a cell in coronavirus. We selling your food we're, giving you healthy rooms so, that's my request but this, administration, I command, between, 9/11 and, 2008. And now, this crisis. This is the fastest, quickest. Administration. Has ever acted, in my career of 60, years of my life I have, never seen any presidents, taken this much unprecedented. Decision, popular. Or this popular, and send, money home yes. Now that money is home but please give us a some more rope so, we can just survive so you can understand, you first 100 percent is far away then, please give us a time for far away 400 percent I got it. Loud. And clear and thanks, for being so I saw a lot of people nodding around, it I want you to know I came here to listen and. And, I hope a lot of these people in the media are listening carefully. There's. A look, it's. The, governor's taking some criticism, for the steps that he's taken the lead on. Opening. Up Florida again other, governors, are taking steps I'm happy to report that all 50 states governors. Have begun, to. Open up their, economies, but, I, appreciate. All of, you sharing, the. Hardship, that is this is placed not just on your enterprises, but on your employees, on your families. And. I. Want you to know this is this president, this businessman, turned president, gets it his vice-president gets it and we're. Gonna continue to work our hearts out to. Safely reopen, because we believe in the American people we believe in the collective. Common. Sense and good judgment of, the people of this country to do the right thing you've, all proven that throughout. This pandemic, and we're confident as we open you'll, continue to prove it and thank you for your kind. Words about president, Trump's leadership, I will, tell you it's. We'd. Like bold step taken, not, the executive, sit on a desk and worry about where the air is moving my, governor, was there when, he kept my state open and keeping us alive, truthfully. Because we were wondering really, my god when I get choked up or are we gonna die or what he, kept us alive whatever. Breed is coming we are fine and we are welcoming, and imagine, every day small hotel owner he, is a whole families working right Oh guys it's not that only employee, yeah I. Grew up in a family business so not, so I know, what you're talking about and, I'm taking you on the road yeah. We've. Got to come I get a couple more people yeah Roger Dow US Travel Association so, do you want to. Watching. That this. Has been typically, helpful, well, thank you governor is. My, day job I'm in DC, I live. In Florida so I commute in fact it's easier commute from Tampa to DC that is Potomac. To downtown that's right but. I just, want to put perspective, especially for the. Secretary. Scalia knows this but we're such a labor intensive industry fifteen, point eight million employees, one, in ten in our. In the travel industry eight, point one of those, million are unemployed, and, when, you look at it that's 38%. Of all the workers in America, unemployed. From the travel and restaurant industry but. It gets worse Harris, used the word depression. The. Great Depression. Worst, year was nineteen. Thirty two is twenty, five point five percent the. Travel industry right. Now is at fifty one percent where, twice the depression, so we're in a depression he had nailed it, we're, gonna lose five hundred and twenty billion dollars, this year forty, five percent of all our revenue, for the industry, it's, nine times worse than. 9/11. Is my. Colleague over there said, we. Talked about flattening we need to flatten the recovery we need to get back much, more quickl

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