Photographing Prambanan Temple in Indonesia - Post-Processing Tips & Techniques

Photographing Prambanan Temple in Indonesia - Post-Processing Tips & Techniques

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Welcome to the first ever installment, of Ricky's pictures today, we're going to a temple called Chandni promenade, here, near Jogjakarta, Indonesia and we're, going to photograph it so in this series I'm gonna take you along with me teaching you how I set up my shots and then how I go back to the studio and edit those shots to be able to upload them and sell them the, publishers, and social media and everything else so, without, further ado I've already called a grab which is like the Oprah of Southeast Asia so here we go. All. Right I just got here to the. PAS. Whatever. I'm gonna put it right here cuz I don't remember the name of it but uh yeah. So the guy who drove, me here he wanted to take a picture with. Me because, it was the first time probably that he drove a white guy so. I was pretty funny and now, I'm just gonna go pay the entrance fee and go in here and explore for a little bit before I set up my tripod. All. Right so I was just looking over in this direction and, I thought I found the composition, over there that I really liked and then I just came started, kept walking around and now I'm, really loving this so. I think this is what I'm gonna shoot tonight at sunset I'm just gonna stand around and wait around and look, at this temple a little bit more and then at sunset I'm, gonna go ahead and I'm gonna shoot this shoot. This photo right here with all these big blocks in the way and everything so. Let's. Just wait a couple hours for the Sun to go down and we'll get that all. Right so I did another lap around this place just to kill some time and see if I could find another composition. I did, not this is my favorite composition, of them all and I'll. Show you that, through the camera now and so. The things I like about this composition is just that it's got an awesome foreground, element all these big blocks here in foreground and then you can see the entirety of the temple and. A lot of the other compositions. I can only see one two or maybe three of, the buildings so this is really good and I. Also get a lot of the sky from this angle so. I really like this composition so I'm gonna set my timer I'm gonna set one and a half minutes it's gonna take a picture and. I'm. Gonna just keep doing that for about two hours. It. Was starting to rain earlier, so I put this rain, coat on my camera. Just, keep it dry cuz I don't have a weather shield camera but uh so. Far hasn't been a problem there hasn't been any more rain but I don't want to disturb the camera so I'll just leave it on there well it seems like the sky here isn't gonna do much of anything so. I'm gonna wait another 30, minutes bail and then I'm gonna pack it up and call tonight and, hopefully, I can find some Wi-Fi, around here so I can find a ride home, otherwise, we weren't walking maybe two hours tonight. All. Right the light never really did anything and, it's getting pretty late it's. Getting pretty dark and. The. Lights aren't coming on so I'm gonna go ahead and pack this up and head, back to the studio and we're gonna see what we can get out of what I got today all, right guys so I'm back in the studio now and as. You can tell I sprung. For quite the nice studio no. I did not have to spend millions of dollars on this is actually. Just my hotel room so. I'm working right from my bed as I do a lot when there's no desk or anything in my hotel, room and.

Luckily. I have air conditioning, up here so, I'm not too hot I can keep my shirt on for now but. Let's. Go ahead and jump into Lightroom and I'll show you what I got, so, here in Lightroom, I already. Selected as you can see with the green highlights, here, exactly. Which skies, I want, so. I really like these two skies. But. I think I chose I settled on this one so I'm going to go ahead and head down onto blue so. That's gonna be my main sky, so, I really like just. The way that the clouds are in here, and in here and, a. Little, bit of this color down here at the bottom I liked. In the other on these. Little streaks, right here but I didn't feel like it had as much detail. On the, sides here and I thought maybe these streaks actually, took, away from the. Users. I. Thought. Maybe they took away something from the from the temple here so, I'm. Gonna go ahead and sit on this one, it's. Not the type of sky that I wanted when I set out here I wanted a nice sunset with a lot of color and vibrance, behind, the temples but we, didn't get that so sometimes you just have to settle for what you got like we did get is a pretty dramatic sky, so it's not too bad it's got a lot of clouds and some nice, light, the. Lighting wasn't too harsh because of all the clouds so, this is really good now. If you'll notice I, could, get the shadows out here, but, there's a lot of people in the scene and it's really dark so, I actually really like the neutral. Exposures, more so. I'm going to use the neutral, exposure, for, the foreground here, but. The problem with the neutral exposure, is that. You. Lose a lot of these. Detail, here where these these, people are going up and down the stairs there's a lot of tourists in the shot so. I don't want to paint them out because, then I'm gonna lose some of the detail of the steps and things like that I won't, be able to get it exact so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna select, a lot, of the different. Exposures. Here and I'm just gonna go through all the neutral exposures, and try. To get a shot where, everything, is, free.

Of People, so. I'm not going to get one where everything, is for your people what I want is to put them all together and, just color out some. Of the people from some of them so. Do notice here like a lot. Of these people have left from the sides if, I go back to the original. Now. I don't have all of them another one and I also got, rid of some of these people up by the trees and things so. If. I zoom in here. Just. Making sure this is in focus and, what's. It loads here. Yeah. You can see that everything is in focus so I'm just going to want to knock out some of these people so, if I go we're doing an image here like, I'll get some of this back and, if I go to another one. See. Here now, I've gotten rid of all those people so I'm going to go ahead and 5-star, that. And. I'll fun I've started this one so wherever I have people in this I'm going to look for an exposure where you don't have people so. Back. Into these people, now, let's go this other one oh now, you can see all of those people where they were ders they're gone so I can just go ahead and paint them out using this exposure you want to use as a as, a few exposures, as possible, it's just less work so. Let's go back to the original and see where there's some more people you. See. Over. Here by this tree, so let's see what this one gives us we still got a lot of people so I knock out a few of those people but. I still got all these people sitting here. So. I'm gonna have to go. Find, another exposure. Yet, where. I can get rid of those people so they've been sitting there this whole time, not. Moving. See. I can. Find a better one. Still. Over there actually, we're adding more people. Still. There these, pesky, little people these four people are not moving. There. We go all right so we still got their little backs but that'll be easy to color out so I could go ahead and use this explosion I'll get that of five stars too. So. Now let's see what we're left with. We. Go back to the original exposure. Now. I've. Got rid of most people, that's. Of people over here too so, let's see if one of the ones we've already chosen gets them out not. That one. Not. That one either so. Is, there any of these exposures within, those, you. Want to get it as close to the exposure as possible because that's where the lights going to be the most similar so this one is. Almost good, I could paint this guy out. Okay there we go so, go ahead and find, the five star this just give that a zero because. Now this one is completely, free of people over here so. We'll use that one for that section. Now. This is going to be the hardest part this, is where all the tourists like hang out it seems, so. In. That one we've got a bunch of people, and. This one we've got a bunch of people. And. This one we still got a bunch of people so, I think we're gonna have to go pretty far out to start, cutting that down. So. You can see more people are coming. All. Right so this one on this, ledge I got rid of a lot of people so I can go ahead and use this one from the ledge. And. This one doesn't, have many people and I could cut them out I could, paint them out if I need to so I'll go ahead and use this exposure to get rid of the last of the people and that. Should be it for all of the tourists if we've got something left over we can go ahead and just paint them out using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop all, right so now I'm just gonna take all these five star photos that we just got the exposures, that we like I'm gonna go ahead and edit down and, make them all the same. So. If I go ahead and just select all of these. Neutral. Exposures. Doby, five star. All right so, I like the first one that we got next to the sky, the best so. What we're going to do is we're going to edit this a little bit I'm going to apply this basic.

Preset, That I already have and, basically what this does. Should. Apply. All right so what this does is just removes. Chromatic, aberration, and. Enables. The profile correction, for my lens so I have a wide angle on, here I was. Shooting at just, over 18 mill. Let's. See I was shooting at 24mm and, so. I'm gonna get some vignette, and some distortion. On the edges there so this is gonna go ahead and get rid of that and. Then also, here. On the sharpening. Dobby. Does this 25, automatic sharpening. Every, time you do something in Lightroom and I. Like to offset that a little bit I got this from awhile Accardi he does this and so, he just offsets noise that that adds by, doing a little bit of noise reduction I like to do about 15, or so it seems seems, like it keeps to, the this. The, photos original, settings, you. Don't get any extra grain. In there and I like to keep it on Adobe, standard because, it just gives you a very light. Color format, you don't get any extra. Saturation. Or anything like that. Alright. So now I'm just gonna play with the highlights, a little bit let's see what looks good remember, I don't care if the sky gets blown out I only, care, what. Happens in the foreground for this photo because I have this one already for the sky. So. For, the foreground I only care about what's. Going on down here. 19. Your show is good. Shows. I, don't really think I have to do anything with the shadows has it caught it at a good pretty, good time of day. Wise. All right I'm just gonna bring down the blocks just for a little bit of contrast just down to a negative, five let's say and I'm just gonna for easiness, I'll just make this highlights, and then you get into twenty. Let's. See if I'm going to play with the temperature. So, I think I want to, bringing, this up just a hair, not to this I want, to bring this up it was that 50/50, to start so let's see I. Want. To bring it down to. One. So you fifty two hundred. Alright. Yeah I think that looks pretty good it just adds a little bit of length to the rocks here. I. Think, I might have even gone a little bit too far they're gonna stay about 51. Then, if I want to change in your Photoshop later I can always change it in Photoshop that's a great thing about shooting in RAW all. Right I'm. Gonna add a little bit of vibrance, here not too much you when. You go too much you can see what happens I just want to add a tiny little bit maybe seven. Seven. And. See. If we want to add some DJs. Something, I'll just add a little bit of DJ's here maybe you give it a 14. So. I decide 14, and now, we're going to go down here we're going to select the image and say develop, cities copy. Settings. And. We're going to want to do everything, that I already, did so white balance, basic. Tones. And. Gave. A little bit of vibrance, and. Noise reduction. Lens. Corrections. And. We didn't do some D haze. So, just. Copy those settings, and, now you're going to want to select every. Five-star. Or photo that we made. Just like. Them all now right-click, on, any one of them and say develop, settings paste. Settings. So. That's gonna give all of these the same edits that we just did on that one so that they all look very similar and we can smoothly, edit them together, alright, and now for the sky so.

I'm Going to go ahead and take the sky. And. I'm gonna brain I'm gonna first do the basic correction and, that, just gives my lens, Corrections. And, sets. II. Let's. Go ahead and do the change the noise reduction 15. Just like the other one. Alright. So now, the. Sky looks pretty good here I just want to pull down the highlights, a little bit so we get a little bit more detail that's a little bit too much maybe. Go to a. 38. That looks about good I, want, to pull the shadows up just a little bit remember, we don't care about anything that's happening in the floor girl we're only looking at the sky for this one I, just. Chose. A little bit, and. Let's. See. Bring. The vibrance, up just a hair say, 217, now that's a little bit too much I think, let's do about a 12. Now on the lights. Let's. See if I'm doing think the lights I. Think. I like the lights just where they were and. I. Spraying. The color up to, match. The. Other ones at 1/5 100, for the temperature, so. We'll just change the temperature 50, 100 and now we are good to go so now we can take all, of our, exposures. Anything. With 5 stars, just. Kind of select them. I'm, not listening, all right and so now you're gonna right click again on. Any. One of them say. Export. Export. All, right now here's where it's a little bit tricky so, you're gonna want to export. To. Whatever photo whatever, folder. You'd like to put them in I always sort by. The date the. Place and then, what type of file it is so for these these are gonna be PSD, so, I'm gonna select this folder. I'm. Not gonna change anything else I'm gonna go down here to image format, PSD. And, I, already have a preset, for these settings so you can make a preset, after you do this one time so you don't have to do it again. Color, space is prophoto, RGB now, that's going to give you the widest, color space of any of these so. Once. You put it on Instagram or something that's going to automatically convert it down to srgb, you're going to lose some of that color space but, for professional photography. You're going to want to work in the largest color space possible and that's gonna be prophoto, RGB and, then, you're gonna want 16, bits for the highest quality images, now, that's gonna make it run a little bit slower but it's worth it same. Down here the resolution, should always be 300, or greater you don't want to do anything less than 300, if you're planning on going to print with an image if, you ever going to print your image you want to be at least 300, dpi. Otherwise. It's gonna look a bit grainy and things like that and then down here just, go to open, an Adobe. Photoshop, CC, you might not have CC 2018. Whatever. I'm. Going to say export. So. Now we're just gonna wait while all of these files export, here and unless we get another Photoshop we'll pull them up. Alright. So I've got everything in Photoshop, now I have one two three four, five, six seven images, here to work with so. Here's. What we're gonna do we're gonna take all these images and bring them down to one, file, so I just want to take all these and I'm gonna control. A for all control. C for copy control, W, for clothes and control V for paste so. I'm going to do that for each one of these here and I'll, skip this for you so you're not bored. All, right so now I've got all of the images, into one layer, here or one, Photoshop. File here sorry so, I've got all of these layers seven. Layers. And. As, you can see I can just go up one by one so this is my first layer second, layer third. Layer fourth. Later the player six, layers, player. All. Right so. This one here later one is the sky I knew. That if. I push it hold alt and click on the little, eyeball here, that'll just show me that one image so I knew that that's my scarf so, I'm going to name that sky and now I gotta find which. One is my main. Image, so. It was one with all these little girls here at the front of the temple. So. That's gonna be the first image here so. This is my. Main. Layer, and. I wanted this layer just because it's the closest, to the sky. All.

Right. So. Now I'm gonna take that and. Keep. The sky off for now, and. All of these other layers above, it I'm. Just gonna one at a time. Make. One, visible and then black, it out with a mess to block it out with a mess I'm gonna hold the Alt key while, I click the mask so. That's gonna block it out so now it's not visit. Turning, on or off what. I'm gonna want to do is, just see which parts I can pain out so. Actually, if I go. Ahead and delete that mask, right now I can, see that. All. Of these girls here I can paint out with this and maybe. Some, right in here, so, let's go ahead and like that out again real quick. And. So. We're gonna go ahead and zoom in. I'm. Going to take the brush tool and. Make. Sure, that this is switched to white you can switch this with the X key and, so just, set your brush. Let's. See maybe. 72. Size or, a little bit bigger and, I'm gonna set my flow, to, a little flow of maybe 50. Okay. So. Now I can just go ahead and start. Painting these people up. Now, I'm working with the mouse here I highly, recommend, using, a Wacom tablet or, something like that I'm gonna be getting one soon, it's not easy to buy them overseas so. I'm gonna have to wait until somebody comes visits, me so they can bring it to me but right now I'm just working with my little touchpad, and it's a pain so, just bear with me so. I'll just go ahead and keep paying these people out. See. How many of these people I can paint out. What this is here. Now. You're gonna be wanting to look for changes, and the. Backdrop, and you're doing this make, sure nothing, too much changes, but. So far we're looking pretty good as pinouts on this little stuff see. If I can get rid of these people. See. About these. So, right now we're looking pretty good. See. About these people here. Just, get them right how's the picture. So, you're running into a problem if I try to paint that mountain where people are come in so. I'll leave them for now I'll, paint out this one because she goes away a little bit. All right now. Let's see how we can get rid of these people. All. Right so this one changes quite a bit but you can see that the color is also changing, quite a bit so I'm going to lose some of that. Color. And. I'm. Not really liking the way this one was looking, but. I'm. Gonna have to deal with that I don't. Ask you just paint these guys out. Let's. See how much I can do without getting those backpacks. All, right so I really only got this one black back here so I'm just gonna go ahead and dictate this clone stamp tool right now. And. I. Will. And, just cooling that out. So. It's pretty. Hard to tell that anything's changed especially.

When You go ahead and, zoom. Back out. Alright. So we just got these people here. Let's. See if I can paint them out as well. I'm. Gonna select this layer first. Just. Go. That. Water bottle. All. Right. Who. Else do we have here we've got a cat. It. Looks like. The. Cat. And. We still have these people over here let's see if this one will get them out. So. I'm still not taking, them out. Let's. See. So, I'm gonna have to move this layer down, lower. See. So, they've got. So, this one girls still gonna be in that. Let's. See what the sky won't gives us, no. Too many people. Alright. This is gonna be the best one so, let's, put a layer here. So, now I'm gonna get this girl's hand with the selfie stick. And. I'll just clone. Stamp her. A. Smaller. Brush. Just. Like that. Paint. Some rock. All, right let's see. Can't. Tell it all. So. Thinking of someone - this stuff is so small that once. You zoom all the way out and you're looking at it on a screen you can't tell at all so. You don't have to be exactly, perfect, unless. You want to blow this up for a billboard or something like that. Let. Me just have these people over here to get out. So. Let's see if we can get out with this layer. All right. Zoom. Back out. And. Just kind of scroll around and make sure we got everything. This. Is over here this temple. You can see right here. You. Got a little salt in there. I. Can do this two ways I could use the clone stamp or I can try to get him out I think. I'm going to try to get them out the, way we've been doing it. Let. Me just see what I can do with some of these layers. It's first layer just. Alright. Let's keep going. I'm sure, there's nothing else. And I think we're ready to editor image so there's one layer here that we actually never used so I'm just going to go ahead and trash that we, don't need it. Yeah. I'm gonna take the sky and, I'm gonna put it at the top. Just. When I do that you. Can see what happens when I bring a sky in and. I'm actually gonna put this in a folder. And. Then I'm gonna go to channels. I'm. Gonna select our C. Gives. Us the best guy so here. If you go to the blue that's the most white in the sky so I'm gonna go ahead and select that I'm gonna make a copy, then. We will push a control m to, get my. Curves. Up here and, I want to just blow out that sky a little bit because anything that's white it's, gonna be replaced, when I make this, mask. I just. Want to make this dark. So. If I do it too much I. Get. Some. Lines. I just make it dark like this. See, what that does for us so. Now I've got this mat so I can select, it by. Ctrl-clicking, it, and. I can bring it over here to this folder, and. I'll apply it as a mask. All. Right so now this is what it's done, so. See those lines I was talking about we got some of that around, here, so I want to do, throw. This away. And I'm going to.

Go, Back to, the channel and I'm gonna take this I'm gonna throw this away and. Make a new copy, this. Is just trial and error here. We're, gonna do the curves again. Find. A good spot. Let's, try that. So, control-click, that game got a layer, sarkozy. Now. And apply this as a mask to the folder. All right so I'm not getting this line so that's good so we can go ahead and. Zoom. Out and. You're gonna see them start getting some picture some, people, in here because it's not, completely blacked out we're, gonna have to do that manually. But. I've. Got most of the sky here so with the Elvis layer look at the sky and. Now look at it again it's much better. So. That's what that and that's worth much. Much better alright. So. Now what we're gonna do is we're, just going to black, out everything. That's in the temples, I push. This I can go ahead and take a brush and make. It pretty big. Much, bigger. Not, that big. And a. Flow. 100. This. I'm. Just going to pin black all over here. What, to throw that's problem with these touchpad. And. Make this brush a little bigger let's. Make it a thousand. And I'll just paint this out. One, thing I can do is I can all, click on a, mask. Here, and. I can just make. Sure I have black, and. Then I can see exactly. I, just. Want all of this down here to be black I. Don't. Want that sky layer affecting. Anything, from. The foreground. Smaller. Just paint his temples. I just. Don't have to be black because you want it to kind of run into the sky. But. I just don't want to get too much of that dark color in the temples, here. All. Right and I'm going to do the exact, opposite, on the sky here, so, I'm gonna take white, I'm, just gonna paint white. And. Get another big brush. Not. That big. This is why I need to walk from tablet, I'm. Just gonna paint away because I don't want this to be anything from the, foreground, I just want only the sky on this layer, so. Much of this as I can paint white without going under the temples like that. Some. Of this greatness, kind. Of helps it blend to, the foreground so, you don't want to get the, white all the way to the edges. Or. You'll get those white. Edges, of the temples, that I showed you before that we did. Got. Before, here. And. After so we're not getting any of those negative, effects down here not getting any the people in here, they're. Giving me different, coloring we're just getting the, sky up. Above and, that's exactly what we want so now we've got our image so we want to take all of these. What. We're gonna do is I don't. Like to get rid of anything, I just like to put it in folders, even though it makes the file size bigger because. This is already almost a one gigabyte file but I hate, getting rid of things in case I need to go back and change something later so, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take all these merge, it down to one image just on top so, to do that I do a ctrl, shift alt.

E'. And. So that's just gonna make a one-layer, out of all of this if I turn off the folder and you see there's just this one layer. Now. That we've got our layer we can go ahead and start our editing, so, I typically, use Google. And Nick collections, and you can Google download Google in that collection and from online and, it's free download, and. All you have to do is install it put, it in your Adobe folder and, you're, good to go I'm going to be doing a video on that soon so stay tuned for that if you are curious and you're confused by it but, most, of what I'm going to be doing is with Google in that collection I just think that the contrasted, ads far. Superior to even just they'll be Camera Raw now, you can do some great thing as an adobe camera, and if it's all I had I wouldn't be mad but. Since. Google, net collections, is free and it's easy to use I use, that almost every, single, picture that I do, so. Let's go ahead I'm just gonna let this save and I will fast forward to let it save it because it takes forever all. Right it's finish saving or some when I grew up and I'm gonna be select. It on my lair I'm going to go to Google net collection so it's on the filter, unit collection, I'm going to go to color effects, Pro. You. Have to give this some time to load. Now, when you start hearing a Colombian halt I've already selected all my favorites, so you can just pause the video here if, you want and add your own favorites, based on mine but. I'm going to go ahead and start off with this Pro contrast. This, is my favorite. Of all the net collection filters, and. It. Just adds this dynamic, contrast that's really, nice, so, as. I'm scrolling this over here. I'm. Really liking what that's doing. It's, just brightening, up the foreground, and bringing out the background, so. I think somewhere, if you go too far you can tell it looks ridiculous, but. Somewhere, around. 40. Percent is looking good here. See. Would just correct. Us so that's gonna add a little bit of blacks. Bring. Out the blacks a little bit I'm gonna want something bit but not too much just a, 10 maybe. 9. Percent, looks good let's, see what the correct, podcast, does. So. That's trying to add just a little bit, of magenta, into the picture. Like what it's doing here so, I'm just gonna add a little bit of that I, don't. Say okay. Now, you have to wait a while for this Google Nik collection to do its thing especially, if you've got a little bit slower computer, I'm working on a pretty good laptop, but it's a laptop nonetheless, it's, not a professional, desktop computer, so, it takes me a little bit of longer. Alright. And so now it's loaded, and I, really like that's done. Here. So. Let's see what we can do. With. A few more of the collection things so let's go up to color effects program. And. Let's, I. Think. I had someone, walk to this picture. I think, it's a little bit too blue, I'm. Not liking all the blue, so. I just want and. You. Know what I'm gonna do that later well no I'll show you how to do it here so, I, add.

Some Warmth, there I don't, like what it's doing to the sky at all but I do like what it's doing the foreground, if I just add a little bit like that let's, see what that looks like toggle on and off. A. Little. Bit more here. Maybe. 9%. But. I don't want it to affect the sky so, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna take it out of the sky I, can. Do that just. These. I'm just moving out of the sky that. So if you look at my control points. Yeah, all. Right. I'm. Going to add another filter here I'm gonna go to polarization. So. What the polarization, is really gonna be good for the sky, but. As you can see it's also a little color contrast, down below that I like, so. I'm, just gonna bring that up to around. 95%. Hey, okay. Now, my computer's working really hard here it's getting very hot so after, this I'm gonna want to Steve because, as. We all know Photoshop. Does often, crash, and. You. Don't want it to crash and have to redo a lot of the work so make sure you're saving. Consistently. Just like you should be when you're in Word or any other program all. Right I'm just gonna do to morning, your collection, filters here I think and then short than this and I think I'll have a product that I like so let's go ahead and go back to color effects Pro. Wait. For this to load, now. I'm going to add some contrast, color, range so. If. You look at this when it first starts you can tell the it's ridiculous. You never want to keep it like that so what you're gonna do is go ahead just. Slide these all down to zero. Sometimes. You just have to wiggle this brightness just. To get it to reset, and. So, now we're back at zero so, we, can slowly, add, a little, bit of this color contrast. And just see it's really bringing out those colors. To, add a little bit of that. Some. Contrast. Here just a tad. And I think I'm going to bring the brightness down a tad I think it was a little bit too bright especially in the foreground, didn't. Like it so much somebody. Go ahead and bring it down yeah. 3%. Even. -. All. Right I think, that was pretty good, go. Ahead and add another filter and do total, contrast. And. This is the same thing you have to bring all these things down, to zero. Before. You begin I don't know why they stir with them up so high, it looks insane. All. Right so now I've got these highlights, let's, say if, I bring them all the way up you can see the sky gets really crazy a, little. Bit of that but nothing, that much so. I'm gonna say maybe eight percent let's see the difference there it. Just adds a little bit of definition to this guy and that's all I'm trying to get out of this filters just a little bit of definition. All. Right the mid-tones we're gonna play it the most it's gonna affect the most things, if. I bring this all the way up again insane. Pretty. Cool though. Maybe 10%. 10% was pretty good. Shadows. Can. You bring us up all the way it's ridiculous. Maybe. Just. 2%. 2%. That's, enough all. Right so if I turn this on and off you, can just see the difference especially in the sky brings, out this dramatic. Sky I really like that let's. Go ahead okay. On that. I don't, realize this is a little bit more intense, on it to be so, I'm going to go ahead and just, turn down the opacity of, it a little, bit if I go all the way down you can see that's the original I just. Don't like all the shadowing for, real, so. I'm just going to bring it down to about 80%. Like. Yeah. It still like it a lot so I'm gonna go ahead and double, this one under it just. Create. A copy of, this layer that's, right. Here under it and then, I'm gonna merge this, top one that I just made and turn to 80%, just merge that down by pressing ctrl key so, that'll just make one, 100%, opacity. Layer on top and, you can see the, improvement. Alright, so. What. We're gonna do now is some sharpening so we're gonna go ahead and double this later.

Other. High. Pass. And. Here we make this a three, point now, and. What this is gonna do is gonna look really weird at first but if you go ahead and change the blending, mode to overlay. Now. If, you zoom in, here. Zoom. Tool zoom. Rocks. Here you're. Gonna see if I toggle it on and off see. That difference, it just really adds some sharpness. So. If i zoom back, out I. Really. Only want this sharpness, in, the foreground and I want the fade as it goes to the background, that's. Kind of what the eye does. So. I'm gonna add a black mask to this just. Get rid of it everywhere I'm going to take a brush I'm just gonna paint it in. I'm. Gonna use it flow. Let's. Say, let's. Say 100 and. Wherever. I, wherever. You see the red here that's where there's no no, sharpening, so, I'm just gonna add that in I. Don't. Really want it to be on the grass I just. Wanted to be on these rocks a little bit supposed. To paint that. The. Red makes it easy to see exactly what you're doing exactly where your a. Little, bit of black back in there, I. Basically. Just want this sharpening, to lead the eye to. The main focus, which is these big temples. A little, bit in here. And you turn my flow down to maybe 50%, and, I'm, gonna paint some of its back black, I just. Tenace, down even further 20%. Just. A. I'm asking, these temples, a little. Bit. Too. Much. All right let's see how that looks go ahead and turn that mask off so a top of this on and off, you. Can see we're just getting a little bit of sharpening in his temples, and a lot in the foreground and. All. Right I. Think. That's about it for this image we could go in here and toggle some more things if we wanted to I could add some greens and. Changeup, maybe add a little bit of reds but. For now I. Just. Want to start this channel off, with some easier tasks, and so, I think we've got a great image here you could go ahead and post this up on Facebook, on Instagram, or wherever you post your images 500px. And you'd, have a phenomenal, image to share with everybody so, I hope, you like this video if you want to see more videos like that I'm making, a lot more so just go ahead and hit that subscribe button below, thumbs. Up so more people can see this video it'll spread like wildfire. Throughout, that YouTube community hopefully and a, lot more people who want to see videos like this will see this the, reason I'm making these is because I wanted more videos like this and I didn't really see too many out there now, weren't in a high priced tutorial, packs so, I just want to put these out there for free on YouTube, and, share. Them with the world so thank. You very much for watching I know it's been a long video appreciate. You sticking with me and I'll, see you in a few days for the next one.

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