Pimping Our Evergreen Girlfriend Despite Her Fears Of Rejection | ZULA Makeovers | EP2

Pimping Our Evergreen Girlfriend Despite Her Fears Of Rejection | ZULA Makeovers | EP2

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Each of y’all can just share with me why you feel like she should go through this makeover? Her personality is like, very, very outgoing, but her dressing is not, as match as her personality, you know. And we want to create Tinder profile for her already. She don’t have? - She don’t have. - She don’t dare. She say she don’t have nice pictures, she don’t have nice clothes.

Why does she not want to dress up for herself? She doesn’t feel like, she fits into the whole- mould of being beautiful in this society. So like, we hope that this will be like, the chance for her to really like, know that she is beautiful la. Chiara, did you watch Maverick’s video? Oh my gosh, I did. And you know, I’ve got a little update. Maverick managed to ask the girl he was interested in out for a date, and- Wait! For real, for reah ah? For real.

Oh my god wait, we must be like, some miracle workers eh. I know right? Ya, so I think it makes us very prepared for today’s makeover candidate, Shirley. Shirley’s girl friends nominated her because they wanted us to help give her- a little confidence boost so that we can help to maybe break her evergreen streak. So my name is Shirley, and I’m currently 21 years old this year.

And I’m currently studying at Wee Kim Wee. I like to spend time with my family, my friends and my dog. I sing in my free time. It’s something I enjoy doing a lot.

Oh ya, that can be a hobby I think. Anyway all I know is that we’ve got a couple of things planned for her to overhaul her look, and who knows, we might have a little blind date for her at the end of the video. Wow! We’re making things happen eh. I’m so excited. Shall we go find her house first? Okay, let's go! Shirley! Wah, big house ah.

Hello! Welcome. So this is my friend Angel, she’s the one who nominated me for this, and behind her is my younger sister, Charmaine. Later we'll grill her more with some questions, but first, can we see your room please? Okay, this way here. I think Chiara, I'll leave you to that, I’m going to kaypo at other places of the house. The first thing I see… BTS! Uh ya, I do like them quite a bit. So you know her style a lot right? Yes, class tees. You want to see?

Wait, wait. Yes, that is all. Okay wait, but the drawer. Oh...

She always wears this. School t-shirts. So you wear this to go where? To go school lor. Go school. Okay, if you’re not going school? I will be going to my tuition, so I will wear something like cartoon shirt so my kids will feel more relatable ah. What do you wear these t-shirts with? These are my only pair of outside shorts I would say. I feel like, if I going somewhere near my house, then I’ll wear FBTs.

I want to ask Angel, what do you hope to see her in? She’s going to- No! Dress. I can already see her mouth! Maybe like, midi dress. Huh? Like, longer dresses.

I hope it’s something that I can wear when I go out with my friends, so nothing too formal. So versatile, casual clothes. Yes, please.

PD: Do you think that she needs a makeover? Definitely. She needs all the help she can get. Why? I think it’s about time that she has got to learn how to dress herself up, because she needs to be working pretty soon. I hope that with the makeover, it will make her more aware of what is available for her. And maybe change her hair colour also, because it’s been the same for the past few years.

Maybe try more daring colours. Okay, let’s move on to the other parts of the room. Who else is in your close friends group? The other girl who nominated me, Hui Wen, and the last girl, Tini. So these 3 are the sabo-kias (nominators) la. Yes.

Who have to start wearing dresses because of you. - Oh yes, yes. - Right? We gladly would. Okay, nice. Shall we go find Fauzi? I think he’s been snooping around a bit too much. One of the things I heard is that you’re ready to enter the dating world.

Is this true or not? It’s kind of true. Okay, you say yes very tentatively, but Angel is like, ‘yes!’ She takes care of people well, so I feel like, she also needs to be pampered. You once tried to approach a guy, and obviously it didn’t work out.

What’s that story? I noticed that he likes to drink soya milk. Aiyo! So I just bought a soya milk and then I wrote like, a post-it [note]. I just wanted to let him know that I think you’re a very smart person, very charming. - So I wrote something like that on the note. - So cute!

Ya, it’s nothing like, “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” No, it’s really not like that. How did he react to that? I think he was just very shocked, but he was quite happy also. Aw. But the sad part was that he gave the soya milk away to his other friend.

After that, I was a bit like- Maybe I want to find out, what is your ideal type? Honestly, I really don’t think I have. Based on my crushes on previous few people right, like, they’re all very, very different. That’s cool. I think she’s a very positive person, so like, whenever there’s a guy, she looks at the positive things. I feel like we need to find someone who is willing to give to you. Really eh. I want to like, sayang (pamper) you eh.

Can la. By the way, do you guys know she sings really well? Serious? Sing, sing, sing. Whoo! The star of the episode is you.

Top to toe, we’re going to overhaul your entire image. Wow. And we’re going to hope you get some extra confidence… Because at the end of this episode, we are going to set you up on a blind date.

Yes! See you tomorrow? Yes. See you! Bye bye! I would definitely hope for my friends and for my mum to feel more proud of me when I dress up. I think definitely like, confidence is a very big factor that I feel like I also have a lot of room for improvement. And I think although it stems from within, but if I can find clothes that I find make me look better, I feel like that will definitely help as well.

Chiara, are you ready for today? Of course la. Shirley is our first female participant after Maverick, so hopefully she’ll be just as successful. I hope so too, I hope so too. Hi, good morning.

Hi Shirley. Loving this whole We Bare Bears look you have. Very coordinated. Yes, I tried my best. Today we’re at Funan because there’s many youthful, fashionable brands here, so hopefully that’s right up your alley, okay. We want to turn you from We Bare Bears into We Dare Dare. Wow.

You dare or not? Very good. Love your confidence. Ya, I like that, I like that. Funan is a mall with many different entertainment options.

We’ve got rock climbing, we’ve got VR gaming. A lot of activities that a lot of young people can enjoy right here. These activities could also be the romantic activities you will be taking part in with your blind date. After the makeover? After the makeover. Yes. She sounds very excited. I know, I know.

But for now I’m going to leave you in the capable hands of Chiara and our stylist Leah, who’re going to take over and overhaul your look. Bye! - Hey! - Leah. Hello! She's going to style you today. - Hi! Nice to meet you! - Hello. So we’re here at Love, Bonito which I love. Because they’re affordable, fashionable, and I love that their pieces right, they are very body shape-friendly Are you ready to take a look at the store? Okay.

Come on, let’s go! I know you like to wear shorts, but I cannot only give you things you’re comfortable with right? So if you pair this, you’ll probably wear it with a t-shirt right? Yes. I was thinking something along these lines. So this is a one-shoulder top.

Okay, her face. She looks very scared. How to wear? I will give you something outside to wear. Is there anything that catches your eye so far? It’s all very flowery and very like, loud. You don’t like flowers? No, I’m okay with them, I’m just scared they’re too bold. What is your favourite colour? I like green a lot. She very stress already.

I would never pick this up on my own, but since today is we dare dare, I think- Whoo! Daebak (awesome)! I have grabbed this. It has this wrap front like that so it looks like a skirt. It really does. But then actually it’s pants.

If you really want to wear your other t-shirts, maybe try and find something that’s a bit more smart-casual for the bottom, so the shirt doesn’t look too casual. Let’s try a few of your outfits first to see how they look like on you. Nice leh. She shy, Don’t shy. Really, really. Don't shy. - Oh my goodness. - Don't stress.

Do you like this outerwear? I feel like, ya, it’s nice ah. It’s not too thick or anything, and it adds a nice style to it. I feel very cool. She gave you basic stuff on the inside, but outside she matched it with something with prints.

- Oh... - Ya. It’s a bit too flowy. And really long. I think we can find something a bit more fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom for her. I think that might be nicer for you.

Okay, come. Oh my god, it’s cute. It’s very sweet. Have you really worn dresses like this before? No eh, and some more so long. I think adding this top inside, it’s good because if you feel like, very conscious about your arms or anything, this one will help cover up a bit.

And I think it makes it look more casual. But um, I think we’ve looked through quite a lot of options for you already, I’m excited to see what you choose for the final look. Pain au chocolat. While we have some food, let’s chit chat a bit about you la. Do you trust your friends’ taste in boys for you? The immediate answer that comes to my head is no. Why not? I feel like our taste is very different.

Okay, but I feel like theoretically, they would know you the best. And they would potentially know the kind of boys you might potentially match with. Yes, I think they definitely know ah. You better drink first, before I tell you more about this guy that we’re going to set you up with. Later I- Y’all got common interest. He got IGTVs of him singing.

Yeah, yeah. He’s a fan of Eric Chou. Oh! I like! *Squealing* I really like his songs. I think all I really want you to achieve is that by the end of the makeover right, you can look at yourself, be like, “Wow, this is a brand new person, and I’m going to have a little more confidence to put myself out there.” I think her attitude is very on point eh.

I know! You’re very positive, and that’s a very good thing to have. Keep holding on to that. Now we’re just going to match whatever’s inside with the outside. Okay? Don’t cry, don’t cry. - Oh my gosh, I look at her- - I'm crying. Oh my gosh, don’t cry.

You can do it okay, we really believe in you, alright. How about we stop crying and start eating, because we’re going to have a really fun activity next, and that is your hair makeover. Yay! Okay, Shirley, we’re here to get you your hair makeover.

Are you nervous? I am. Would you like to untie your hair? Now ah? Yes. Now. This is the grand reveal. I have a professional here. We’ve got Kenji here.

Kenji, come over. This is Kenji. Hello. So handsome, you see his hair so stylish. Kenji, what are some of the things you think you can do with her hair? Change the colour, okay. So like bangs ah? Oh! I’m going to leave you here, I’m very excited. Okay, Kenji, I’m going to leave her to you.

- Good luck! - Thank you, bye bye! Shirley, Shirley, Shirley. Before we put on the final colour, we’re going to take a commercial break for now, because we’re going to bring someone in to help you with your makeup. She’s done makeup for different people, for shoots as well, so you’re definitely in good hands alright. Sangee, come on in. Come on. Well hello, I am here.

Hello! You see her, so beautiful, her face. You’re definitely going to have a great experience. Bye! Bye! What’s your experience with makeup? It’s honestly zero. Like, I’ve never tried it, my friends have never tried it on me before. But I do watch VOGUE Beauty Secrets.

So what is like, your aim for today? A bit more presentable, less red. Ah, okay. Do you know what’s a primer? Primes the skin lor. Yes, a primer primes the skin. Yes, correct.

Whatever you put on will last a bit longer, and then we’ll put on the foundation. We’re going for a very natural, light look. You want to try wearing your glasses then you can see a bit of the difference. Wow, like no pimples already. The next thing we’re going to do is put some loose powder. It’s just to set your wet foundation.

The next one I’m going to do is eyebrows. The strokes right, is always from bottom up. And don’t need to put in a lot of pressure. We’ve framed your face already, now we’re going to go with eyeshadow. Pat it in. Don’t rub. Just pat it in. Last one.

Last but not least is your lipstick. Yes. So I actually chose this matte lipstick because it will last a bit longer, and won’t smudge all over.

Oh… So you put on your glasses. Is it okay? No longer xmm (small girl) anymore. Okay so I’m going to pass your back to your stylist to finish up your hair.

Later he don’t recognise already. Okay, okay. - Can I just say the transformation is incredible? - Huge? Oh! I think it complements the face. Maybe Kenji you can help her with the bangs a bit? - Wow, the colour. - Fix the bangs for you. Only he can do the bangs leh.

Wow, I feel like it makes my brows look nice. Thank you. So this is what you’re going to try and recreate as well for the final reveal.

But we’ve got some help for you okay. Makeup kit, well prepared for you, as well as the different clothes from Love, Bonito that they picked out for you. From just now. You’re going to do this to show your friends that you can do it okay. Try to be confident about creating that beautiful look of yours.

Okay? Okay. Hello, hello, hello. Good morning! You’re obviously here to see Shirley’s final reveal. Are you guys psyched to see the new Shirley? Yes. Very excited. Y’all have any expectations of what Shirley 2.0 will look like?

For her to glow up. Better hair, better dressing. Ya, hair.

And maybe like, being more confident in her appearance. Y’all have reasons to be proud of her later. Correct. There’s no better time than now to finally reveal Shirley. 3, 2, 1, Shirley! Where is she ah? Oh my gosh your hair is down.

*chaos ensues* Oh my god, I didn’t really expect this at all, like- Wow, I think it really suits her to be honest. Like, it gives her a bit more of a professional, but like classy look. And oh my god the bangs. - Ya, the bangs. - I like her fringe.

Her hair is green, it’s her favourite colour. - Actually the colour's nice. - Ya, green is her favourite colour. I really like the pair of pants, ‘cause I feel pants I can feel more comfortable in.

Y’know not jump into a full-on dress yet, maybe. Especially for the date coming soon. I feel like pants I can try to be more myself first, more authentic first. Oh! Did y’all notice my face? Like the ‘she woke up like this’. But I didn’t, I woke up at 6 to get ready.

This was definitely a very interesting experience for me. And the best part ah? I would say it’s the putting of everything together, like seeing how I could have been, but now I am that person. So it's a bit like, "Wow, good job Shirley." I don't know. I genuinely like my new look a lot.

I feel like it gives me a new level of confidence I’ve never really felt before, and ya, I’m excited to see what is to come. To the friends that sabo-ed me, I don’t think at the end of the makeover I can use the word sabo anymore. I feel like I should say thank you to them. Such friends that understand me and know what I need, even though I don’t see the need so clearly, so very thankful for them. So Shirley as you know, we picked out someone for you for a little blind date. And here in Funan, there are actually a lot of activities, things that you’ll never expect to see in a mall.

So we have planned something really fun for you. You’ll start off with a terrarium workshop, followed by a sweet little picnic date at their urban rooftop farm- and that’s not it you know, you’re going to end it off with a baking session. Wow! Eating session for me.

Eating session. Ya! I hope that she will maintain this style and not go back to like, tying her hair and wearing t-shirt and jeans and shorts and slides. Yes. She’s very confident when she talks and all, but when it comes to appearance, she’s not the person you would think of.

So like, through this experience, we just wanted her to understand that- she’s amazing and she can look amazing as well if she really just tries. Hi my name is Zong Hua, I’m 24 this year, I’m from NTU (National Technological University) studying business. When Angel first asked me about this, all she sent was a text saying, “Hey, do you want to go out with a girl?” So I was quite shocked in the moment, because I didn’t know what to expect, and like, why. Why did she send me this? So after that she told me about today’s event, and I was at and ease and I was more excited for today's programme. I’m very nervous. Actually really super nervous, but also a bit excited for the activities today.

Of course, I’m a bit scared as well because I personally don’t have many guy friends to begin with, so I hope we’ll be able to click and at least have a smooth flowing conversation. But with all the cameras, I don’t know ah. Hello.

Uh, good afternoon. My name is Shirley. My name is Zong Hua. Nice to meet you. Thank you.

I was uh... Aiyo, later I get hate comments. No, I was just a little bit shocked at his height, a little bit. Other than the height part, he’s very nice. Very cute, his hairstyle bangs, that I couldn’t keep throughout the video because it’s very high maintenance. Oh, and he also shook my hand first so that’s very nice of him.

Are you Angel’s friend? Yes, I’m Angel’s friend. Like, from NTU? Ya, are you from NTU as well? Ya I am, I’m studying at Wee Kim Wee. Oh! I’m from Nanyang Business School.

Only? Or are you doing like, double degree? Just single degree. Oh, okay nice. I’m usually very nervous when meeting people for the first time. But with her, it felt less- anxiety ah. She started the conversation going ah, which was good, if not I would have not known what to talk to her about. So my first impression of her was quite good.

Hello! Welcome to The Green Capsule. Ricky here. Nice to meet you. Which way are you doing? The one layer one layer ah? Yes! That one will look like the tiramisu cake ah. Is that how it looks like? What made you choose business? I didn’t want to deal with a lot of math, ‘cause engineering is a lot of math. Then business is a lot of presentations lor.

Which one you want? This one is it? Ya, I'll take the red one. Okay. This one has the- 金針菇 (enoki mushroom) vibes.

But it's green. It’s not going in. Um. Seek the professional’s help. Yay, we’re done! Wah, bubble tea! Oh my god I want. Thank you! It’s upsized some more. Do you have any CCAs in school now? This year I’m joining the community service where we go to visit elderlies.

In year one it was more exciting ah, ‘cause I went to international service, so we went overseas to do the community service. Oh! Actually I got selected for this overseas volunteering programme also, then circuit-breaker lockdown. So like, okay, bye bye. I never knew that Funan Mall has this kind of like sky garden kind of thing eh. It’s so cool eh this place, it’s very cosy.

And got swing some more, wah. It looks like a very nice place to take Instagram photos. I can help you take some? No la, I not Insta-girl one. Oh, I heard you have covers is it, on your Instagram. Is it you got singing account ah? Ya, usually I sing Chinese songs. Do you like Chinese songs?

I do! I can feel it more you know. - Yes. Got more feels right? - It's like so deep. Isn’t it very intimidating to just sing with the melody? Yes, at first it is.

Oh... We realised that we both like singing, and we both like to do community service. So I feel that that was what we could share our experiences with each other.

We had a lot of things to talk about, and that was really fun. And I really admire that he has the courage to post his covers up. ‘Cause for me, I really do enjoy singing but I don’t even dare to post it on my story for 24 hours kind. - Hello! - Hello everyone. My name is Chui Mun. Welcome to ABC Cooking Studio.

Today I’ll be teaching you how to do a Gateau Au Chocolat, which is a chocolate cake, almost to a flourless one, so it's very, very= Flourless? Yes! I love chocolate cakes. Yes. So good choice to come today. Yeah.

This is going to take a while. It's a competition right? It’s a competition? Wait, since when? Faster, faster. Okay, I think it’s about there. Winner? Yes, we have a winner.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a competition. I thought it was going to be a very chill session where we just bake a cake together, but end up we have to bake separate cakes, and then it was a competition. We forgot one important thing, do you know what it is? Is it something to protect my clothes? Yes! You get another very stylish one. Can put it on. Thank you! Rest it over the small bowl, let all the flour and powder fall back into the sift. Everything is going to fall on the table.

It’s okay, nevermind. No worries, no worries. I help you hold this one first.

It’s okay, it’s okay. There’s a very interesting thing you can do with it is that you can put it over your head and it doesn’t drop on to your head. No I don’t- You want to try? You don’t believe? 1, 2, 3! See. Wah! Okay, so this is called stiff peak okay. I really enjoyed the baking portion.

Because I think I don't really bake at all. I always expected baking to be a very dirty process, but I really like it here. Because the measurements part, everything is well-measured already.

So it’s very easy, it’s just mixing together. I really enjoyed the baking experience and I think the instructor was very fun also. So these are your cakes. Wow! - Thank you. - Smelling good? The end product.

Yes, the end product. Okay. Dig in. Nice? - So good! - Nice.

So I hope you enjoyed the lesson. Thank you for coming. - You’re a very good teacher. - Thank you. Welcome.

And welcome to ABC again. Thank you! I think what I like most is the top part, it's like crispy. It’s crispy, and then like when you bite into it, it’s soft. Yes. So you get the best of both worlds.

Exactly, yes. Ya. So Zong Hua I think we’re almost at the end of our date already, and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so game to do this. And thank you for being so vocal and so proactive.

You always try and continue the story, and you always ask me about me also, so thank you. - Takes two hands to clap. - Thank you. What I like most about her personality is that she’s very vocal, so she’s not afraid to share more about herself, which made the whole process more comfortable for me. Since we have a lot of common interests, maybe we can get to know each other more as a friend first before anything.

I think definitely we can go out together again to sing karaoke. I would like to get to know him better as a friend. So Chiara we’ve got one more makeover done and dusted. How do you feel about Shirley’s makeover? I’m so proud of not only us, but Shirley as well, ‘cause she seems so confident, she seems so comfortable with who she is, even though we gave her a top-to-toe makeover. Right, right, right. Honestly when we started this series, I didn’t even really expect this much.

Ya.. But I feel like we’ve exceeded expectations eh. Right? So I’m very excited to see the two other people we’re going go makeover in the next two episodes.

So if you guys want more ZULA Makeovers, you’ve got to stay tuned! Oh my gosh. Now I give you a makeover. Please. Yes please. Piak. Just kidding.

I feel that I don’t really have that a lot of self-confidence in a way. I was being bullied for four years, and it really affected my self-esteem in a way, yeah.

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