Places To Go - London, England (S1E5)

Places To Go - London, England (S1E5)

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I'm Matt Griffith and we're, in London, England. So. While we're in London we're gonna check out several things we're going to check out some museums, as, well as some iconic. Landmarks. That you've seen over the years and, in. Addition to that we're going to finish up our war, of the fish and chips. I'm. Here with Sangeeta, I met Sangeeta, almost. A year ago and Pinewood, Studios and. She, has, agreed to help us out with some, of London so, where are we think, EDA we're outside a Natural History Museum in London or in South Kensington and, this is one of the main big, three museums all, along, exhibition, Ray's the. Natural History Museum has, like it covers about five different areas of science. Which. Is there. Are sue ology which is like animals, entomology. Which is insects, including butterflies, who not just creepy crawlies and botany. Which is plants if you're into that I'm not ready but also mineralogy. Said that see if you don't want to spend a lot of money, trying, to go. Around a diamond shop there's loads and loads of different beautiful, gems upstairs and there's. A full cast you okay ontology that's the most the, one that gets the most people here that's that's not just dinosaurs we, used to have the Diplodocus skeleton. In the main hall but now it's it's um the blue whale skeleton, in the main hall which is like the main hall when you get in there it's like a cathedral, someone's call it like the Cathedral, of Natural History which. Is pretty, impressive even if you don't go much further in now. One of the big things is is price. What's this cost. This. Is free mate. Nearly everything in here is free and there's 80 million items in this building there, are a few bits where you. Can't pay, to see them so they have special exhibitions. They'll vary throughout the year one thing they do every year is the natural is the wildlife photographer. For the year exhibition, so then you get beautiful pictures of all sorts of different wildlife but, you have to pay see that exhibition and, sometimes they have other paid, exhibitions, as well but. Most of it is free and, free, is awesome. I think. My favorite part was the interactive volcanoes, and earthquakes exhibit. Where they have a mock grocery, store that you can enter and it begins shaking, just as if an earthquake we're, taking place at that moment. So. We're getting ready go across the street what are we getting ready to see that's, the Science Museum that. Is totally, free as well except for key exhibitions. Like. Like a Natural History Museum if you're interested in engineering or medicine or, how the Industrial, Revolution change, the world like this is the museum, it's, got and a replica.

Of The DNA model that Francis Crick and James Watson discovered, it's, got a whole wing you for the welcome wing which, is dedicated to you by science, and how he should be scared of superbugs but I was just one bit of it there's, the end of their engine hall which has like the first jet engine, and all, sorts of fun steam. Engines locomotives, as well for you change leaks it's, got the space hall which has this giant. Sphere that lights up with it and she's all the different planets and means keeps on a journey through space it's, cut back because of various, pieces of equipment on, into space like the moon lander that the launch that. Went on and landed on and on the mean and, Wow. People, have gone into space at the first Russian and first dogs it's. Pretty, amazing it kind of mind-blowing, but. There's a lot of interactive stuff as well like, there's a giant. Oh in, the energy section and if any if you touch the middle that gives. You small electric shock do you have to like wet your finger first or. Your. Hands because it is live electricity city people sounds. Fun, let's go check it out. The. East Hall is the first area that most visitors see as they enter the building stretching. Up through three floors filled with iconic steam engines of various sorts. Next. Up is the exploring, space gallery, filled, with rockets, and exhibits, that tell the story of human space exploration and. The benefits that space exploration has, brought us. Making. The modern world is a relatively, new gallery, in which some of the museum's most iconic, objects, including. Stephenson's, rocket and, an, Apollo spacecraft are, on display. Flight. Is another long-standing gallery, up towards the western end of the third floor contained. In the gallery are several full-size airplanes, and helicopters as, well as a cross-section, of a Boeing 747, the. Information, Age gallery explores, the six networks, that have transformed, global, communications. The. Cable the, telephone, exchange. Broadcast. The. Constellation. The, cell and the. Web, it. Was opened, on October 2014. By Queen Elizabeth who sent her first tweet. So I have Sam with me now and so I also have met Sam at Pinewood, Studios about, a year ago and so Sam where, are we going where we checking out today but we're coming to the Victoria, and Albert Museum otherwise. Known, as the, VNA and that's conveniently, located to, South Kensington station, it is actually, the, leading museum. For Art and Design in, the world so. What is there to do here there there's lots of rare artifacts. For you to come and check out also, if you're into fashion then that's right up your street so. You've got 1930s. Evening. Gowns you've got post-war. Couture and not just that you've got some exhibitions, that you can come and take a look at I was down here just a few months ago for, the Phoebe English collection, and what they did was they were modeled, on rotating, catwalks. And they were holding topics, that actually resembled. The models themselves, okay. But not if you fancy, you could actually come along and do, some course here as well courses here there's. Family events, and if, you're part, of a Schools program you might be able to actually come in and try, on some of the outfits that.

Sounds Really good let's. Go check it out. The. VNA covers 12 and a half acres and 145. Galleries, its, collection, spans 5000, years of art from ancient times, to the present day from, cultures of Europe North. America Asia and North Africa, their, collection, of ceramics, glass textiles. Costumes, silver, ironwork jewelry, furniture, medieval. Objects sculpture, prints, and printmaking drawings. And photographs are among, the largest and, most comprehensive, in, the world. So. We're at Wetherspoons that's. At Victoria Station and, it's a restaurant. In the station and I'm. Here with a, few. People that I have met I was fortunate to meet about, almost a year ago at Pinewood, Studios I've, got Dan over here over. To my right is. Sam. Dawn. And. Sangeeta. So. We're here in London and we're going to finish up our fish. And chip challenge. With. The war of the fish and chips here, it hung drawn and quartered, so. We're gonna check it out and see what if England, wins. I've. Just finished the fish and chip set hung, drawn, and quartered. Yes. Interesting name and so. They were great by the way and. The restaurant is great it's. Got a neat atmosphere. It's. Near the London Tower or the Tower of London if I'm going to be correct. But. I have to say. Scotland. Wins right, now that was the best fish and chips so. Sam. What's. This marvelous bridge we have here we are here at Tower Bridge, which was built in, 1886. And, in. The US we, we, have this nursery round which is London. Bridge is falling down, but. That's not really London Bridge is it no it's not isn't, that it over there there it is just over there and it's a pretty. Normal. Mediocre, bridge, at best where, this is actually a kick-butt. Bridge, absolutely. It's absolutely. Stunning, and it's in the prime location of, Tower, Hill and obviously you've got Berman C over that side and you've got some cattle in stock over the other side just behind it so it's nice proximity. Got, great restaurants around absolutely. What's up stuff to do right through here yeah absolutely and, if you take in the Crown we've got the chard, absolutely. Outstanding views. All around us so everybody, should check this out. You. Want to get drunk in London let's get drunk in London boom. The. Beer mile in London's Berman's II neighborhood, is home to no fewer than 10 breweries, within a mile of each other we spent most of our time at Southwark.

London. As the city is the perfect merger of the old and the new and Southwark exemplifies, this thinking as well by making ales in a traditional, process but with modern recipes. The. Bar has fairly limited hours and they offer tours on Thursdays and Saturdays so. Make sure and check their website before heading over but, since they regularly rotate, their selections, of hand-pulled cask ales it's, definitely worth a return trip any time you're in London. So. Their kiss comprised of the small team of experts and drinking. Buddies and their tasting room has a definitively, laid back field which provides an ideal respite. From the hustle and bustle of the metropolis that surrounds, it I personally. Found it very easy to lose track of time while enjoying some of their innovative new takes on a traditional, style. That's. Good, it's. Like a taste of history. All-in-all the beer mile is a fantastic, opportunity for any beer loving traveler who wants to get a taste of some of that old-world style but. Since there are so many breweries so close together, remember. To pace yourself so you don't just come off as an. Obnoxious, drunken tourist. Also. Since so many things are walkable and ride-sharing is readily available in, London it's best to play it on the safe side and get an uber to it from the area and, I definitely suggest starting, or ending your call with my favorite primary on the strip. Over. My shoulder is Big Ben and the. All. The contraption that you see around it is scaffolding. Because they're they've started a renovation, project that will last for years that, started on August the 21st of 2017. Which. Unfortunately. Also includes, the chimes so. Those iconic, chimes, that you are used to hearing for Big Ben you. Will not hear for four years. So. Dan low give me the lowdown on this bridge right so this is the South Bank area it's now it's the heart, of London's cultural, scene it, was, originally open in 1951. To, demonstrate Britain's recovery after World War Two this, the area itself is 21, acres from Waterloo, Bridge all the way to the Great Hall and as, you can see behind me there's lots going on from C performers to delicious, foods the street food spots from restaurants and pubs there, is lots going on in South Bank area and there's a great place to come on a nice warm Saturday I. Have. Dog Briggs with me and. Studios. Almost. A year ago and Don. Where are we located at right now the Sea Life Aquarium which, is just right, by Big Ben near, the house of parliament and quite, opposite the London Eye as well so easy to get to it as well as all the other attractions, nearby, exactly, you've got the nearest tube stations, are Westminster and, Waterloo, as well so really easy, to get to and so what kind of things are inside there's, so many parts of this program to explore you've got the sharp walk to begin with you go through the tunnel when you can see the Sharks underneath your feet you've, also got Atlantic. Coast where you've got this coral reefs with the clownfish, the puffer fish you've, got some spiny lobster, and so many more creatures in there as well continue. Forward you've got the Ray Lagoon you've got different types of rays you'd have a look at them swimming, above and also, have a look through the glass so you can see their mouths and gills - you've, got ocean invaders, with the jellyfish you've got the sharks, you've got even in rockfalls where you can touch the starfish, and you've, also got penguin, point too so. It sounds like there's a lot for kids.

As Well as all of us snacks, in your chrome suits all ages. Okay. Let's. Go check it out all right. I. Did. Not that, is actually way full. Jellyfish. Produced, light called bioluminescence. And this natural, chemical, reaction, makes, these displays. Mesmerizing. The. Rainforest, adventure makes you forget that you are actually in the heart of London just a stone's throw away from the London Eye. The. Aquarium, is involved in several breeding, programs, including, the Cuban crocodile seahorses. And jellyfish. And works. With many conservation. Organizations. Including. Whale and dolphin Conservation, Society. Save, our seas and shark, trust. So. Sangeeta were in Trafalgar, Square tell. Me about this, neat place. Trafalgar. Square, is built, to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which, is major victory, in the. Napoleonic, Wars so, right over there, that. Is Nelson's column which is 52 metres high and at the top is Lord Nelson, who is instrumental in, winning that battle, fancy. Rounds, there are statues, of various, people who had, important parts to play in that in that battle, is ours and we have before put in favor that which is kept for contemporary, art installations. So, there's always something new with, different, they're a bit quirky and. Of course right here we have the National, Gallery yeah, looking quite, Greek in style the National, Gallery is free, and what's, inside there lots, of really good art and art is like, vases and bosses it's really nice art, so it's, not just art its art so. I'm gonna get that British accent down she's gonna teach me I love the accent, you. Are sound more intelligent than us. British, villains are better for Hollywood, casting and. They're also found since down here as well you can even throw a penny in and make a wish do not climb in the fountain though there are specific signs saying no entry and also. There are pigeons around there's, all those three with pigeons which I went boy with but basically do not feed them because. They were overtaking, the square there. If you're lucky or perhaps, I'm lucky you might come to the square find us big, event going on there have been protests, here but they've also been big. Celebration, events as well and. Then there's. Also a lot of street, performers it looks like yeah yeah. Yeah we've, got I didn't, even know what that is I think that's the grim reaper right there. I hope nice. Yeah. So yeah. So there's there's, a lot of neat things here yeah. So. Sangeeta, now. Where are we we're, outside Buckingham Palace, this is the official, residence, of the British monarch since 1837. When Queen Victoria ceded. The throne Buckingham. Palace was originally, built in 1783, for the Duke of Buckingham as a private, house and then, in 1917. 61, George 2/3 purchased, it as a private, home his Queen Queen, Charlotte's who is called the Queen's house and then, in 1837. It, was taken by Queen. Victoria as, the official, residence of the royal monarch since, then it was expanded, out by principally. John Nash and Edward, floor and so. They built the three wings around the main courtyard which is what you see today and it, is the focal, point for big royal celebrations. For instance and, royal weddings they typically stand out on the balcony up, there and and. Wave to the crowds that fills the whole of the pal mile which is just here it's, pretty special is like Union flags waving everywhere, and if you want to visit there you can only you can't actually go inside until. Unless they open, it and during the summer usually, like July, August for about ten weeks and then you can, pay to go in and you look around the state room it's like the throne room so. Pretty so, the changing, of the guard what time does that happen that's usually, 11:00 a.m. on, Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays and, Saturdays but you should check the website, just in case because it can change okay, and I've got I've been able to see that before and that's, really. Something. To see it's a the, it's literally, it's the changing the guard so the Queen's Guard changes, and the.

New Guard marches, down from Wellington Barracks down the road there and there's music and it's like, it's a spectacle. We've. Had a great time in London and our, trip is now coming to an end and it's. Given me a chance to, reconnect, with some friends I made almost a year ago at Pinewood Studios. We've. Also enjoyed. Some iconic. Landmarks, as well as some great food and culture I hope you've enjoyed it as well.

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