Places You NEED to visit in West of Japan (with Food Tour!)

Places You NEED to visit in West of Japan (with Food Tour!)

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Hi. We're. Back now, we're 30 explore the fun young pop yeah now. We are going to the Sun being which means shadow, of the mountain, us. Actually. Going to see money and young yes. Which is known, to be not that some urban area, yes, we kind of need more people more, press for, plan try, to try to shelter things about the culture. Money. A Russian Museum. The guidance right have four different outfits, one, for spring summer. Autumn, and winter is, really, a children, Wow. Yes what we've got office XP so, I say, sexy, you make a man get a tough Lester factor. So. This is the main guidance, of this entire, place and a six guidance, this, is the main one, yes, it's quite nicely because ah you actually see the garden in, a corn I. Like. It this way right, but, I think that is very likely, looks very nice only because of one thing because, few months can go even that is finite, it, is beautifully manicured Oh totally. Like my hand well I totally, dress, up for this moment, it's the very rich moment. Look. Oh so rich you came a bit of a Medicare card alright I'm. So rich. I. Guess. That book. Hey. Hey. Now. Every time we are not an original you wanna see our I owe them it's, an opportunity. For me to close, like this. I. Am inside. Rancic. So. I. Johanna, there's Brittany praying for a husband, every, single trip. Now this is a monster, a castle, is built centuries. Ago untouched. Almost, interesting is it's very sinister. Shape, and all its I agree, stone. Foundation. Displaces. Go. But. It's so fine. Your, face on your well. You're very. Right. Now we are here come on, so Bob other specialty, is the vassal okay they don't soften so so like most of the place if tempura, together. With much, higher powder and, yeah, a specialty will be is. Amal Sabha nurse that's. My favorite, favorite, kind, of model in the world, I love the lunchbox look if you're skinny and you eat one plate if it, means it, should play if your I see all three. Customizable. Wow. Wow. Wow. ANOVA. Numbers. Lunch and now we're going to the fast asleep because soba, Coleman. Firstly. We see beverage is Massa T is the horse. I'm. Just a sob of who I said cause like any any might see when I seen the shore I see where I stood, them, aside that is not. Realize, there must be more. This is my third time doing Kumar teacher looking at first you come to Russian this.

Is A Japanese room secondly. You'll put on a hockey, which is skin, where SQL. Every. Time I come to a shrine you'll see this big it's called toady and what it does is it must a human, world and. The. Sacred, wall. Interesting. On, your way into the shrine when you see a little spirit, the patient's right, it is usually good to just stop and give a prayer because when a Shinto religion right, this is a harmony. With nature and, purification. So when you pray, you can cleanse your soul physically. And mentally. It's. Challenging. If you're not already, right-handed, person. But. As for me because I'm so gentle, and you. Are just, really something that I see, myself doing for the rest of my. Possible. One as you can see on my makeup tutorial the, color is chosen by Ryan, so. The, purple will represent I'm Sylvia, and the bell inside the ball is a variety and customized within my green color, maybe. For Isabella me it's all myself. About. This event why because. Right this shrine is a prayer for marriage and love but, we don't enjoy. Can, bring on other people's behalf our and then, let's do I do have a good eye to us yes, in solitary. Coin. Cool wha, what, what are you now, Bitcoin. To. Pray. I hope. That a gun finds on girlfriends, who loves him and Johanna and you not stops being single. Yes I would everybody be happy we are oh and I happy marriage. As. A little NOC girl I'll give Isabel the oil to hang this plaque so I wrote here and you see if I pass what and do I drop hockey. Where. Everywhere. So. You know we are supposed to make our theories very very. Excited, to spit out have you at least one side at least one side for y'all that see. Betsy she asked us that was, everything, for you yeah. Obsession. I made it this is what. I. Wasn't women, at. All yellow. The work of which parts, yo. Yo, yo yo yo -, hugs okay. So. I, just received an information that, in, our bedroom, there's no showers, there's. Only one public shower which, you all have to pick. Really. Long that's right your fingers which these amazing. Hot Bell but after hearing their earth-shattering. News right, I hope, that foot will comfort my small black. Pants. I might have to wash my hip for me you. Know another way especially, ladies, then. I need to teach it I. Think. All that caviar. This. Product hi dog Connie, Inari, shrine, in the 1700. Tried the lot here invited, the fushimi, inari shrine, psyche. To come here oh I'm sorry, yes. It's, the orange is the million, I'm sorry if, you see familiar is an Inari shrine, I suppose. A nari and. So, on before so, in, a tree is that near the God here and because it's a rare pic God is quiet Inari. Okami, fashion. Oh my, god oh I watched a lot any men. We have to offer restore, the kids, to me but then you know like papa. He stopped well, this. They love the ball, my little Kendall so, that she's gonna be informed, of my wish, look. So great school and all that other crap. On cotton. When. The temple rinette trial. Okay and shrine. -. Huh. As, I can tell is very very jiggly. And Robin sound, quality Alex I want, wanting to. Reside. A shrine I love it and we exist via this, thing this, is the same bond Tory which means a thousand. Gates don't, climb up don't. Climb up it's too tiring it's, a really old school lemon, II guess, I got Bob online I'm gonna demonstrate like fun. Girl. You better go home girl can't. Happen a girl. Yeah. Yeah. Lunch. Ever having a style of heat we're strong we're heavy Azumi mad yes right in systemic open together why'd you, start study, oh. My. God so good it. Has a slight touch of plant. Yeah it is very appetizing Merrick highways, and other vegetables, we're friends retching care, hi.

I Know what's also. Because had not seen and. Then you come right it's a Nazi bell oh yeah or your best friend come here by fun ABO that oh actually who is know. Yeah. Yeah the most emotion, is shrine and apparently. Shrine, is not for. Match-making, and, business. This, is really, things they have this wave area called the Google Wave splash, and, their, 123. For Iggy and Nina. You want to mention accusing right is a Clara to the topless offering box Toronto, oh my god be the first on - oh. My. God when they say at the top they mean at the top like on the top of the gate. These. Expectations. They gave way and made. Is. Beggin, me to get, the. Sign. Away as soon as she my pray she reaches, actually, the longer bridge to an island, I. Have a question, though how. Did they build a bridge over the water yeah, that's right is it a bridge over troubled water. Right. Now we are at this. Yamaguchi. Hotel relationship. The hotel. And that's, again I got bounced man to me as. You can see the orga is quite a traditional, mochi so as expected, the. Shower is again in the same situation. You. Have coiler. Generai. This is face. If. I die from, this publication. Slice, please. Know the Allah feel alone this is the most important. And. All the money goes to me right, no. It goes to keep. Extra. Similar, to sappong. Yes, generally, five tasteless, I think, the texture has what stands out taste-wise and you know much all these are just taste their source for maybe because I put too much. Exactly. What he said. Now. This one's really special because this wooden thing actually, remove, tiles, Brian. And, he has posed to me like show me. Via. IP, no she types are too and this is the biggest, grasper. - by the way we are going now to the case which, is underneath, and it, is 17. Degrees not gonna get cold. I. Got. Two pieces of stolen, from. The souvenir shop this is so beautiful, these are legal okay cuz they sell it you don't steal them from the floor. My. Melon pan and then. I'm importing kaepa no eating and drinking oh. Thank. You and then. Have. You watch crazy weather underground mining, can I look there's a bus stop right here. -, whitewater rafting. Now. Apparently, the earth mix 3cm, of limestone. That. Was a once-in-a-lifetime, experience, everybody, should come and try it even all, the girls have really enjoyed it, I love, it oh yeah. And, so overall right now because I found a kid that'd be mine. I, don't. Have. A, cape right, now we are down with the change it, was really fun. We. Are having lunch now and our, tacky, jewelry so. This place were actually started, off from making an idea then, it slowly expanded, going for as well this view is from here, and come keep in your view I don't give a try. And. Now, one of the best architecture. You'll see the, five-story, Yuki, Kaji pagoda. So. We're about it already. We have shoulder, stand there and, a snake just appear and just right next to a lake. The. Powder Matata, life is gone. Today. Me a goldfish. Anton, and, I named my goldfish. Well, because, I'm having a real, of, my. Go fish is gonna be called Xiao Bao, oh my. God oh yeah oh. Yeah. You. Don't wait girls draw that. Will. Draw some more and some are to the axes. This, is. Ridiculous. You versus Batista I can, see her happy I, had to get aside and, the more I try for the, bigger because. She. Taught us that Bao Bao in Japanese. Is oh, Vanessa. Oh oh ho. Oh-ho. Hey, remember happy, and we're happy my oboe fish but, wait a minute this fish yes, a business. I was, just about to say that. That's, disease under Fela. Sneezles. Other products or differently, you, enjoy them amazing they say right it represents, you as a person. I. Got disease come, again yes, yes we gotta box it up and remake a Singapore. Here we're gonna try to show you ice cream I've been a salted caramel more. Along. The street and 17 combination. Inside mmm. It's actually quite nice. Having. Traditional Japanese, dinner but, it still smells a little village in. Germania. Oh, there, are not lying to me it is Eva Kunis Russia made fire, feet, and, it has ginger, and. Mushrooms, I got back, issues know what. Why. Don't you. Give. The sushi a real chance.

Hmm. Ginger, vinegar, makes you very light and refreshing you know on that so be it feels I can eat a whole be afraid of it. It's. A little bit but. Not. The. Key. Yes. I, love the luncheon-table, zone 78 degrees, oh. Yeah. Yumeji made rice oh. Oh. Is she yeah and. I think that, a gun and, a foot Kings would really want to come here and try the roof pal right, so Bob yeah I'm heating for our. Agency, yes follow my favorite part isn't it on there because always I want to try bathroom there but we managed to go for, bus together yeah. My. Favorite actually, all the tribes because this my first time in Japan and you know light of Korea actually is an evident, a friend so I police the area is really very beautiful, and my favorite, exercise in vodka I know a function. Like there was a dog if a mother and. Create. What. She did the entire book from right well. An interesting women about, and what thou. To. Me basically I just think that we went through a cultural. Exchange yeah, all. The activities, that we do here right it's not something they can do in any part of the song yeah and that's something that is common, as well what. We are trying here a very unique, experiences. All right anybody how is your truth energy who's my first one and coffee okay. I, think also a site like boom because anybody, of our and they went to babe you're naked, oh, my. Never. Happening, a. Huge. Thank, you to the chocolate, tourism, department, and of course still ever playing us from Singapore all the way down to Hiroshima so we can explore the Sanjeev biologically. And still at my school Hiroshima. And we've Monday's testing. And Saturday. And we, have a promo for you, drive, around. So. Thank you so much for watching and, remember to. I. Really. Have been here.

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