Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | June 15

Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | June 15

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Well. Good afternoon a. Week. Ago I sit at this podium and announced our plan for Stage two of reopening. Our province, on, Friday. Thousands. Of businesses, were able to open their doors thousands. Of people were. Able to go back to work in 24. Regions, of our province and, just. As we promised, we're. Providing another, update, today. We continue to report lower. Than 200, cases of covet, 19 here, in Ontario, this. Is a lowest day over day increase, we've, seen since late March and. While. Our cases, continue to trend downwards, our. Testing, numbers are, climbing. Here. In Ontario, we've, processed over, 1 million. Tests. Since, the start of this outbreak, and. I want to thank each and every one of you, because. It's your commitment, your dedication in. The, progress, we've, made together as a province. That. Has saved lives and, sent more people back to work as we. Continue to reopen the economy, and over. The weekend our team crunched the numbers our, chief, medical officer, of health and the command, table reviewed, the data and provided. The recommendations. On, their. Advice I'm excited, to announce today that as, of this Friday the. Following, regions, will be able to enter stage, 2. Durham. Hamilton. York. Halton. Niagara. Haldeman. Norfolk, in sarnia-lambton. County, this. Will mean more people going back to work at restaurants. Bars beauty, salons shopping, malls and many, other businesses, big and small in, those regions, for. The regions still remaining in stage 1 Toronto. Peel. In Windsor. Essex we. Ask you please be, patient. Because. We, can't let our guard down. But the good news is the, public health trends, across the province are, going, in the right direction we're. Making steady progress and, if. We keep working together I'm, hopeful. That all communities, in Ontario will be able to enter Stage two very. Very soon we. Want to get more people back to work and back, to their lives as quickly and as safely as, possible my. Friends, if we, keep looking out for one another if. We have each other's backs we'll. Rebuild what. We've lost and more thank. You and God bless the people of Ontario I'll now, turn it over to Minister Elliot. Thank, you premier and good afternoon everyone, as we. Outlined a week ago beginning, this Friday our government, will allow more, regions, to ease restrictions and. Enter stage two of the reopening, process, the. Reason we're able to do so is in no small part, thanks to the considerable, and ongoing efforts of all Ontarians. To stop the spread of copic 19 your. Continued, diligence, with physical distancing, wearing.

Face Coverings, when needed and hand, hygiene has, helped to make today possible, because. Of these efforts and, as, the premier just announced, seven. More regions, will enter stage two on Friday, joining, the 24, other regions, that reopened, last Friday we. Are making, progress in our fight against kovat 19, there's no question, every. Day a clear, majority of, public health units report, fewer than five cases, with, many of them reporting, no new cases at all. Ontario's. Testing, is at historic levels, with, the province, now having processed, over 1 million, tests, as a, result, our positivity. Rate remains, at all-time lows at. A, local, level public, health units continue, to conduct rapid, case and contact management to, ensure we identify, and isolate, new, cases to contain the spread of kovat 19, together. We're, moving, another step forward, and doing, it a way that maintains our, first priority, the, health and well-being of, all Ontarians. Thank. You now, I'm happy to pass it over to Minister McLeod. Thank. You premier, Thank You Minister Eliot the, past few months have had a devastating impact on, Ontario's, heritage sport tourism. And culture, industries, we, were hit first hardest. And we'll, take the longest recover, before. Coated covet, 19 these industries, fueled a spectacular, double bottom line contributing. More than 75. Billion dollars to the provincial economy and, enriching. Our unique cultural, identity, now. They. Face the daunting task of. Overcoming. A triple. Threat the. Public health, economic. And social. Crisis, brought. On by this pandemic. That's. Why we were proud to immediately flow more than two hundred million dollars to support these. Critical, sectors in addition. To, these next steps we're. Investing, 13 million dollars to encourage Ontarians, to explore the beauty of their, own backyard we're. Launching virtual platforms, like Ontario, dot live to. Help small businesses extend, their online reach and, I'm. Embarking. On a province-wide, tour to, showcase what I like to call the, world in one province, by.

Focusing, Our support, through local marketing, campaigns, and staycations, we'll be ready to, welcome the world back to Ontario, when, it is safe to do so, until. Then I'll. Be in Niagara Falls on Friday, to. Celebrate its reopening and will continue to work day and night to. Restore consumer, confidence in, our, heritage, sport, tourism. And culture, industries, thank. You and I'd like to now pass it over to Minister, Phillips. Thank. You Minister McLeod and thank you for your leadership in, in supporting, those a very important industries last. Friday 24. Of our 34, public health units moved into stage 2 this, Friday as you've heard today another seven will take that important, step while. Our focus remains on safely, reopening, the rest of the province the work of restarting, a 700, billion plus economy, is understandably, complex. That. Is we we saw this weekend, in the regions across, Ontario that reopened, gave us confidence, we. Saw people acting, responsibly towards. Each other by following, public health advice, we. Saw businesses, doing their part by taking, the public health guidance seriously, and by working together to, build confidence amongst. Employees and customers a great. Example is the post province, which, calls on businesses, to take five key actions, to stop the spread of kovat 19, over. 100,000. Companies are participating in, this initiative to assure customers, and staff they are doing their part to protect Canadians, health I want. To congratulate the, Business Council of Canada the Canadian Federation, of Independent Business, the, retail Council of Canada restaurants. Canada and the other organizers, of this important initiative. We. Know that, if people know what they need to do to fight code 419 they, will do it so. We'll continue our public service advertising to communicate, guidance, in a timely and clear way I encourage. Employers to visit Cote, Ontario, dot see a forward. Slash Kovan to access over 100, workplace, safety guidance documents, and helpful, videos that we've made available or. They. Can call one, eight eight eight four, four four three six, five nine if, they have questions. We. All need to continue, doing our part work.

Is Underway with the input of thousands, of people across our province planning. For what is required to ensure a strong recovery here, in Ontario and now. I'll hand it over to Minister Fedele. Good. Afternoon this, pandemic, has certainly been, like nothing, we've experienced. Before, but. So has the response, from business owners workers. And families, the. Response, has truly, been extraordinary. And, thanks. To those ongoing efforts. We will recover and ensure. Our economy, emerges, stronger, than ever, through. The Ontario together. Portal, and the Ontario together, fund we, have mobilized, Ontario's. Manufacturing. And innovation might. Thousands. Of businesses, are developing. Ontario. Made solutions. Today. We are pleased to announce that we are investing, through, the Ontario together, fund more. Than five hundred and twenty six thousand, into CSA, group testing. And certification. With. Our government's, support the Canadian standards, Association will. Add new capacity. To, test and certify medical. Grade protective. Equipment, including. Masks, surgical, ground gallons, and gloves, the. Project, will ensure that critical, products. Are tested, inspected. And certified right. Here in Ontario, this. Means we can be more self-sufficient as, a province, and better. Prepared, for the future. Our. Entrepreneurs. And innovators are, the, best of the best, they've, stepped up with solutions, to help us all at a critical time with. Two more regions, entering, or with more regions entering Stage two we, will continue, to prioritize made, in Ontario, solutions, to, ensure a safe, reopening. And recovery. Together. We will assure Ontario. Continues, to be prepared, for all circumstances. Rebounds. From this pandemic, and maintains. Its place as the economic. Engine of Canada. Thank, you. Okay. We'll go to the phone line for questions I just want to add. One one, comment, you. Know philanthropy. Has always. Been. So helpful when it comes to hospitals, when it comes to charitable organizations. And there's so many families. That have, given back that. Done very very well and, an Ontario, one in Canada but, they never forget their, roots and and, one family really. Stands out as the Roger's family I've. Had a conversation with. Edward. Rodgers and, his entire family are. Giving. Back sixty million. Dollars, right. Across the country, and. 21. I think 0.6 is going to be right here in Ontario, and just. A shout, out to the Roger's family we're, very very grateful, not. Only here in Ontario. But right across Canada. And we. Appreciate. All the the support, and all different areas that. You're donating, so. Thank you I appreciate it and we'll take questions okay, first question. Our. Question comes from Michelle, Milewski from, CPP Windsor please go ahead. Hi. Perimeters like so much for taking my question, I feel. Like it's probably a question that the minister might have to answer sure, wondering. Why specifically, Windsor Essex is stuck, in phase one sure. I'm going to pass it or Minister of Health I did have a good. Conversation with the mayor down there and I, just asked the people and, Windsor, please be patient, and we're. Gonna get there very very soon I'll pass it over to Minister villains. We're. Assessing regions. Constantly. But unfortunately. The numbers in Windsor, were still higher than we'd like to see, along. With those in Toronto, and Peele and so. We're, very close to and so there are a number of people leave including health professionals, that, work. Cross-border, and come back and forth on a daily basis, but, it's it's very close I hope, that you'll have just a little bit more patience, because we, are as I said analyzing. On a daily, basis, so I'm sure it will happen very soon we, just need to get the numbers down a little bit more. Either. One can answer this I do know the mayor was asking, specifically, for the province, to. Show. Coal provincial, leadership, and. Get. Tackling. The issue in the migrant worker population specifically. With potentially. Mandatory, testing is, that something, that province is considering, mandatory, testing in the migrant worker population well.

I Had a great, conversation on, the mayor over the weekend that conversation, came up and any, anyone, with the outbreak with migrant, workers we're. Going right in to, those areas and, obviously, voluntary, voluntarily. They'll, have to take the test and cooperating. With. The, farmers, as well but. I think it's so, so important, that we test, anyone. That. Has, an outbreak and no. Fault of their own they're living in tight congregate. Areas and we've also, given. The. Farmers, money. To make sure that we support them on PPE support, them on making. Sure they if they have to make. A few, renovations. But. We are we are focused, on on that area, next. Question. Next. Question comes from. City, news please, go ahead, thank. You, pre, me forward good afternoon there I've been questions before with this. Reopening. State, in stage two region, by region there, have been questions before, about traveling, from, a stage one region into a stage two region, for. To get a deal lunch for a hair appointment anything, like that now, before. That was a matter of driving, from one region to another but, now you, could do it just by walking across, Steeles. Avenue how can you stop, the spread, from a high zone, a high number. Of cases. Like. Toronto, into. An area with a low number of cases like bawling or say from, Mississauga. For people just walking into Oakville, well. We've consulted, with, chief, medical officers, of all three regions and. Through. The health table, and through the advice of the chief medical officer. You. Know we're, hoping. Very. Shortly that will be able opened, up the other the. Other regions and I understand, what you're, saying and that goes back to a, month, and a half ago when I want to say hey let's, do it all together but certain. Areas were having outbreaks and and. Other. Areas, weren't. But I hear, you loud and clear, you. Know we. Just we. Just want, to make sure that Peel Region and Toronto and Windsor. Get. The the numbers lower and by the way all regions. Are doing much better but. It shouldn't be much. Longer we just ask people for their patience. Again. To the premier or perhaps the Minister Eliot whichever. One of you would like to take this question but based, on the current patterns, of what, you're seeing in terms of caseload, and where they are when. Could Toronto. Expect, to enter, stage two and if, you can look as far ahead as the possibility, of stage three would, would, we expect to see the same.

Regional. Map as a schedule. For reopening, for Stage three well. We had that conversation before. They passed over a Minister of Health they had a good conversation Meritor, e matter Brown, and. Mara. Bonnie. Crombie as well and. We. Had that conversation they. Understand, the situation and. I understand. They want to open up but we're going to do it carefully and safely to. The best of our ability. Working with the regions I'll pass it over to the minister. We. Do want to make sure that we can do it carefully. In a very measured way so that, we don't have for their outbreaks of Kovach 19 because people have been so good all 14.5, million Ontarians, up to now it would be terrible especially with the weather getting nicer to have to go, backwards and close, things up again we don't want to do that that's where why we're doing it in this very careful, way to. Make sure that it is safe in order to to, proceed, so that's, why there have been discussions, with. The chief, medical, officers, in those local, areas to make sure that they concur with the discussion. That's happened at the command, table with dr. Williams and the public health experts, at. The table and both. In, Toronto. And Windsor, they, have, certainly agreed with pele there. Are. Still. Some public. Health concerns, there that we need to deal with so we want to make sure that, we can keep everybody in Ontario, safe and healthy, next. Question. Thank. You very much preemie reports it's a piggyback on marks question there, is. Your. Plan though in your mind you'd, like to see Toronto, keel and Windsor Essex at stage two by next, Friday is that the ideal, plan in your mind well I can't I can't put an exact date but it would be ideal if we could do it on Friday. And you. Know again I'm gonna go. Back to the chief medical officer of each region plus our, chief medical officer, but I'd love to see it open by by, Friday I guess that's it that's everyone's, goal but again it depends on the on, the numbers. And. My next question is actually for Minister, Elliot Minister, now that we have, more. Regions in stage two more, coming this Friday I know we mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but. When do you think updated. Modelling, projections, will be released to the public both, for cases, and deaths now that we have more you.

Have A seat in mind of when, you, would like when, those those, new modelling numbers will be released I can't. Give you an exact date for that but I can tell you that that was something that we discussed. At the health command table this morning about. Having, more modelling done to help us as we continue to emerge and open up Ontario's, economy so. You. Will be hearing about it but I can't give you an exact date yet next. Question. There. Ford you've received, some very, public, pushback, in the past from, mayors haldeman, Norfolk Mississauga. Brampton. To, a degree Toronto, on not, opening up did. You receive any any, pushback, from them there chief medical officers to say that they didn't want to open up this week was. Local. Consideration. Part of your consideration, in making these decisions no they're, very. Cooperative. They always have been. And they. I haven't talked to either mayor and aldermen, in Norfolk but I spoke. To the other the other mayors and they. Were understanding, they want to open up safely too and they've been very collaborative. With. Us I know prior, they didn't want to open up we. Listened, to the, local chief medical officers plus our our chief medical officer, but. They they understand, our goals to try to get Peel. Region and, Windsor Essex and, and Toronto open, as soon as possibly, safely, that's. The most important, focus. That we're focusing, on. I'll. I'll. Put this follow-up either to the premier or any, of the ministers that want to take it a few of you might touch. On this you've. Talked about trying to reopen the economy, and get it going again in, accommodation. And food services we've, got an unemployment, rate in Ontario, that currently sits at about 47. Percent 25. Percent in, information. Culture and recreation, the, tourism, sector has been decimated, how, do you get that going again when. We're, starting to reopen just. Before Canada today and and not even fully. You've. Got all your economic, ministers there, they. Touch on these files how do you or how did they give. These, sectors, the boost they need to. Recover. Something, of disease yeah, so I'm gonna say a few comments something in the past I've never done this but because they're all involved I want, to pass it to all three ministers that are involved with the the, economy the, first thing we, need to look at and we've had this conversation with, quite, a few mirrors, we're going to continue. On carrying. On this conversation is, regulations. Regulations. And red tape kills. Companies, I had a note. From a. Really smart financial, person economists, sent. Over a note, to me and said Doug I was, talking to a. Business. Person and they they move 500 million, dollars. Down. To the US because they could get building permits and get buildings going in six months and up. In Ontario in different regions and, I'm gonna mention the region but. It would take them two to four years, so. We're gonna work closely with these municipalities, and, and make, no mistake about it the province plays a big role in regulations. Too, so we're gonna need to work with them and not. Not to skip anything make sure we we, dot our i's and cross our T's but. Why can't we get a building permit in six, months nowadays, because. We're losing business, so, for the border because they're doing everything and including, backflips, they attract these businesses, so, we need to sit down and, work collaboratively, and come, up with a strong plan that, we don't delay, these building, permits and we move forward and, it's not one particular city. Or, town in Ontario it's, right across the the. Region it takes forever to. Get the building permits so I'll start off minister Fedeli. Then over to Minister Phillips and over, to Minister McLeod. Thank. You very much premier with. Respect, I'll leave the tourism. Aspect, to. Minister McLeod to answer but I can tell you the. Premier hit the nail right on the head in, terms of red tape and regulation. We, toured a company. This morning and, all. Of, the stakeholder, calls that we've had all of video conferences. That is the single, number-one issue you know the premier has been very clear that we need to have a made in Ontario, solution, we want to see more products, manufactured. Here, in Ontario, that's why we have a 50, million dollar Ontario. Together fund we've seen five, companies now be. Able to be. Awarded investments, from that fund we're going to continue down that path we've. Been talking very heavily as the premier said very early in this we, don't make enough pharmaceuticals. Here in Ontario, where we're sitting down with the pharmacy, companies pharmaceutical manufacturers, and asking, them what's it going to take to, make more. Of your product here in Ontario, so you'll hear more from us because, the premiers had great leadership made in Ontario, make, it an Ontario, with, the one tour we took this morning this, company has 3,000.

Products, They, make about a thousand, of their own and 2,000 the import and we picked up a couple of them and say you know what would it take maybe not for you to make it but but you pack this in your product. What would it take for somebody. In Ontario to make this product in this other product so that's our approach it's it's this, is real, guerilla marketing and we're going to continue to do that with all. Across Ontario, with all of our companies. Brian. Since we were, struck, with Cova 19 we, knew we'd have to focus on reopening the economy and that's the phase we're in right now but there's, also been a great deal of work done and the jobs and recovery committee has been meeting now with. Stakeholders. We have literally talked to thousands. Of people, across the province about what that recovery, plan leads to look like so that means talking, to every sector and looking, at what the opportunities are in that sector but what also what the damage has been of course we continue to work with the federal government and with local governments the premier talked about local governments. But we are also talking to the federal government about what the priorities need to be to make sure that we're investing so. We are putting that plan together but we're listening and even as we're doing the work of reopening which is critical we have to understand this is also about restoring confidence so one of the very important, areas we've been focused on is what is it going to take and Minister MacLeod is going to talk a bit about what, we're doing in the tourism and hospitality and, sport sector but what is it going to take to, restore confidence it's, not as simple as flipping a switch people, aren't going to just go back to restaurants, or get on the transit because. It's open the transit has been running for some time and you can see empty, buses going bye-bye, you right, here around Queen's Park so, there's an issue of building confidence what we're doing there's an issue of listening and then we'll have a plan that will put together we always said that our March 15th or March sorry 25th, plan was, just our first step but, a plan that's going to recovery the economy and make sure that we come back from this stronger than ever I'll turn it over to Minister MacLeod thank. You, Brian for that question it's very important, because I think what we're dealing with now is we recover in, the economy, is dealing with what I refer to as a triple threat first, we dealt with the public health crisis we still are than, we dealt with the economic, fallout and now to. Minister Philips point we're now dealing with the social. Sentiments. And consumer, behavior and building. Back that confidence, is going to be critical, in each aspect of, the ministries and sectors that I I support. Whether, that is a hospital. Stays. Going back to a restaurant you know renting a kayak in Muskoka, or going. Back to take a walking tour in the City of Ottawa where I'm from that is going to be absolutely, critical and right now based, on the data that we're seeing and, the experiences, that we're having it's, going to take a lot of incentives, to get people back into their old consumer, behaviors, and that, is going to be I think the biggest and longest impact, of CO vid 19, once, we have the health situation. Contained, so one of the things that we're doing with respect, to that is obviously, making. Sure that I'm out on a province-wide, tour to demonstrate, the safety precautions that many of our small businesses, are taking whether that is a stay in a hotel up at Deerhurst of Muskoka or a restaurant. To visit in Gananoque, way or, even. When it's safer to do so in the southwest, and making sure that those consumer, behaviors are dealt with but, there will have to be some incentivization.

With, Respect to that and I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues and the jobs and recovery committee as we start to look at that but I think that's our biggest challenge right now when you're looking at the. Triple threat of what Co vid 19 has become. Next. Question. Next. Question comes from at least rushing, from CBC please, go ahead at least. By. Their premiere first. Question, is about Windsor. Windsor. Now has more positive cases in, the agri-food, sector than, there were cases and long term care homes in that region since the pandemic started. Your, government, made testing, everyone, a priority. In long term care when cases, spiked so why not do the same for a migrant worker, well. We're tackling. That we're going right across the province and, I'll get the exact number and get, back to you tomorrow on the exact, number of migrant workers that we're we're, testing, we, are down, in the Windsor, Essex area. Testing. On migrant workers first of all they, have to be willing to do it voluntarily. Secondly. Their employer the farmers have to agree to it and most. Of them are cooperating. So, I know our chief medical officer, is talk, to them I understand, their concerns their concerns, are if they test positive they're going to lose all their workers are going to lose their their, crops. But I think the chief, medical officer with his communications. As a solution for, that if they test asymptomatic they'll. Still be able to work and. We're. All over this right. Now and, it's but by the way, it's. Not the migrant, workers fault I gotta be clear on this, they. Came, here they self isolated, for two weeks and they've, picked it up since they've been here so, I don't, want any finger-pointing, at these hardworking. Migrant, workers they're good people they mean well and they're, hard workers to. Know. What. Thanks. Remarry and I think I follow up this probably best for the. Health Minister. We've. Spoken to several gerontology, who say the provinces, long term care visitation. Guidelines, that. You announced, are overly. Restrictive, and actually.

Detrimental To, residents, and their family, these. Experts have also said the, guidelines, appear more concerns with the level of visitation. These homes, are willing to provide versus. What's, actually best, for residents, so what's your response that is criticism, well. I would say that this is something the Ministry of long-term care has worked very diligently on, with, the. Chief, medical officer of Health and the other medical health officer, is at the the. Health command, table it's, being brought forward to recognize. First of all that residents. Want to see family, and that family want to see the residents, and they've. Devised, it in a way that as safe. As. It possibly can, be with making sure that people get tested, before they visit, their, family, members that is being done out of doors, so nothing is being brought into. The building by visitors, and that -, this is a solution. That has had, many. Considerations. Placed not, everybody, is going to agree on exactly everything. That's going to be done during this, pandemic, but this has been done by public. Health, experts. That. Are knowledgeable about, the, transmission of the disease and, they want to make sure that family, members can see each other in the safest way possible. Next. Question. Next. Question comes from Travis, dhanraj from go please. Go ahead hi Travis, hi -, primary then. So. I want, to get back to the core question I think mark asked. You about this and so, did Lucas, but how how does this make sense in. Terms of preventing. People from from traveling, you know what what is the stop thousands, of people to go and from. Toronto go down to the Niagara region tonight or Falls this weekend what's. To stop somebody, from going. From Toronto, to mark, them to a patio or to the barber, and. I, know that you say that you trust, Ontarians. To, do the right thing but it's not not just wishful thinking because, you know you were the one who said for a week. Way. To go yeah angry, yeah. No I agree hundred percent with you Travis everyone someone, from peel could go down to in a grade I don't disagree in you're a hundred percent right and, I. Spoke. To a lot of the well, through the health table and chief, medical, officer and our mpps. Were. Saying, hey up and decorate, behind, me up, at North Bay there was a very. Few cases why are we being punished for Toronto. And I heard from Canora in other regions, rural, areas that didn't have the cases, and and so. We agreed, but I, understand. What you're saying and hopefully and very. Very soon we're gonna open, these regions up but I'll never disagree, with our chief medical officer, I understand. They spoke to the chief medical officer of Toronto they spoke to the chief medical officer appeal and. Windsor. And I, know two. Out of the three they, said, they they, just aren't ready so. I, respect. That I'm not gonna go against, health, advice ever. So. So, then what would you say I mean we saw pictures again this weekend, of people not paying attention to the kind of social circle, guidelines, that were put out there's. Big gathering on Queen, Street I was open the beaches I saw a lot of people not. Paying attention to that rule what's your advice to, folks, that are in Toronto in, Windsor some of these areas that are still in stage one in. Terms of traveling, this weekend what would you tell people what would you advise them well.

Be Be vigilant, don't don't let your guard down you, know we aren't out of this any means god. Forbid we have a second, wave and flu. Season so I'd be very vigilant continue. With. Within your your. Social bubble per se and and. Just. Practice social, distancing, even when you're in a group they. You. Know you have to keep, distance and wear a face covering when, you can you. Know Toronto and Peele very, populated, areas, are much different than rural, areas, that aren't as populated, that may not have the large gathering, so I'd, say please please be vigilant, and the. More more. Vigilant, the quicker we're gonna get through this and the, reason we have the numbers so low because people have been listening, they. Showed me that chart and I mentioned, it before but it's so impressive and it's not about our government it's about the people of Ontario four, hundred thousand cases we're leading North America, by. Far if. He compares to large regions. And states in the US and I guess the, only close comparator, is Quebec, in Canada but. Because the great work the people and the frontline folks, have done. We're. In we're, in much better shape we're in out of the woods by any means but man numbers. Looking great today we had over, 21,000. I can't, remember I don't think you've ever been able to stand up here on Monday morning and, say we've done 21,000. Tests so, thank you to all the public. Health folks and Matt, Anderson his, team for. Getting out their mobile units, talk to Mayor, Brown this morning he said thank you for saying those mobile units into Brampton it makes a huge difference so, we're. You. Know things. Are running. Very very. Well right now people. Are you. Know finding. The right track to go down and they're they're working hard on it so I want, to thank everyone it's, all the people of Ontario that made this app and not us, last. Question last. Question. Comes from Randy, Roth from the CHCH, TV please, go ahead Randy, how are you good. Premier um I was, out about this weekend in Niagara, and haldeman or coke and I noticed that when. You're out of the cities very, few people in grocery stores hardware, stores lineups. For food. Trucks are wearing. Masks. And. None of the clerk seems we were in last well very few of them anyhow. Going. Into phase two is it. Important. That people continue to wear math, in public, I would. Say so, I really. Would and I all depends, on I guess where you are if you're you, know with. You and your family, obviously that's. Different but going, into a really, heavily populated, area. I'd. Be concerned I'd, put a mask on and and. That's. My advice when, when possible wear a face covering I thought. You'd be happy as anything Randi for Hamilton, and. We're opening, up Hamilton. Yes. Yeah that is a good thing. And. I. Guess. For the for the Tourism Minister a lot. Of these smaller. Tourism. Operators, have, taken a really bad yeah so far do. You have any way to know any any, estimate, of what percentage of them are not going to make a comeback well. Right now I think if you talk to the tourism industry association. We're, looking at probably around 60% maybe. A bit more that have shuttered I can tell you anecdotally just, since I've been to a three communities, Ottawa the. Thousand. Islands as well as Muskoka over the past three days they, the, tourism, operators just want an opportunity to be open I think that Niagara. Is going to be very happy today as a result of that that, is a big morale booster you know that is what Glen Shackleton, if the haunted walks told me in Ottawa a so, it's really important that way we.

Do Estimate, we've had taken a twenty billion dollar hit in the province 40%, of visitor spending, in. The province of Ontario occurs this month right, up until August so obviously. We want people traveling in their own communities, and that's, going to be important, and I'd like just to point out in each, of the communities that I have been to since last Friday with phase two reopening, I, have. Been impressed with each, one of the operators, and the level of physical distancing, happening, in each of those communities the, number of people wearing masks, the high degree of sanitation, and contact. Tracing each, one of these businesses, wants to succeed whether, that is your local neighborhood pub, or. Is one of the nicest resorts, in the entire province and everything in between they, want to succeed and that's, why we're continuing to support them and that's. Why you, know we continue to consult with them to see what the path forward is and I think it's important to note on the 12th of March when. The economy did hit many of these businesses felt, quite hopeless and I think as we, move into phase 2 we're. Providing a great deal of hope and I'm, looking forward to some of the very creative. Ideas that come forward to support these industries but, it, has been very dark days but. Better days are to come and certainly. With this government and the premier we are committed, to making sure that they come out of this, thank. You.

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