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Didn't. Care about the rules cut, on the weekends. I'll. Be in fools just in the deep space, so. I thought I would start today's vlog off, tonight. Showing you guys the. Kids outfits, because we, are taking our holiday, photos tomorrow morning, at. Sunrise, so, I'm. Prepping everything tonight so that hopefully our morning runs as smoothly as possible but I wanted to show you guys what. The kids are wearing so, I got the girls outfits, from Rainey's closet, that's where I get all of their outfits for whenever. We're shooting something like family, photos or. Bailey. Wore two to Demond from, Rhaenys closet, for. Her Halloween costume last, year she wore a red dress similar to this but. I'm. Going with the pink and gray, tones Adams. Wearing a navy blue suit and. I'll show you guys my dress in a second, but. This cape, is, so beautiful, it's a separate. Piece from the dress and then these pink. Blush. Velvet, bows are. From, LaBella. Baby or, LaBella, bows I can't remember I'll link her shop and everything, down below in the description box if you guys are interested. But. This is Shay's outfit, and then, I got both of the girls these, blush. Pink, mini. Melissa's, with the bow they're so pretty and I feel like they match their. Dress perfectly, and, then. This is Grayson's, outfit, I tried it on him already and he looks so cute, babe I have to show you the picture I took a picture of him he. Looks he. Looks so cute in this it's like the most subtle shade, of pink and then. These. Great, pieces are. From an, Etsy. Shop which I'll have linked down below and then he's gonna wear these gray. Moccasins. From freshly-picked, and. Then. This, is what Bailey is gonna wear so, same. Thing from two to Demond and you can get a package, from Rainey's closet, too that, includes. Accessories. So, I, decided. To get, baleia hair accessory, because i'm going to have, her hair down and I'm going to curl it tomorrow morning so. This is what, I'm going to put in her hair how beautiful, is that. Develop. It Shay's. Gonna be wearing um pigtail. Bows and then, these cuffs are stunning. So. She's. Gonna wear one, on each arm, with. Her, dress. Her, dress goes all the way to the floor and then. Same thing her. Mini Melissa shoes so. That's. What the kids are wearing and, then this is what Adam and I will, be wearing so, I got this dress from, red. Dress boutique, it's, long sleeve. There's. The detailing, on it it's really, really, pretty I wore, a similar dress to Hillary's, baby shower, but. This is more of like a long floor.

Length That's not floor length it goes to like my ankles. It's. A little bit different but, I thought this would, be perfect for, our family photos, because. It's like super chic and I just go so perfectly with the girls and, Grayson's. Outfit, um so. Yeah it's a really pretty cream, color it. Has a little bit of like sparkle, in it up, close it's. Kind of hard to see in this lighting but I love it I love the lace and. The. Ruffle detailing, is really pretty and then I'm. Going to pair. It with these nude, heels, that I wear all. The time not. All the time like, walking. Into Target on a Wednesday, but whenever. We're doing shoots, or I, have an event or something these. Are like the perfect blushy, nude heel, they go with everything and, they're from for her 21 and they're so old I think I've had these for like four years. I should, probably invest, in some nicer, ones but these honestly, do, me. Just fine so I'm wearing those and. Then, this is what Adams gonna be wearing so it's like a deep navy. Blue. Suit. I just. Got it dry-cleaned and the pants are, behind. That and then. Here. Is his shirts, just a white shirt white, button-down shirt which I need to iron so I think, I'm going to do that. After I take a shower I need to take a shower tonight and curl my hair because, we. Have to wake up so, early in the morning I think I'm gonna get up at like 4:30, 4:45. Somewhere. Around there because we. Have to be out of the house I think by, like 5:45. So. I'm excited, but I'm kind of nervous I feel like a sunrise, shoot is a smarter. Idea at, least for our kids than. A, sunset, shoot. Because by, the time the, Sun is setting our, kids are just running. Amok and here. In the worst moods so. I figured, we, would have a sunrise shoot because they're always so peppy and happy, in the morning so, fingers. Crossed there. That way tomorrow morning for us this could be a total fail but, I'm. Gonna hop in the shower right. Now curl my hair and, do, everything. I can to prep, for, tomorrow, morning so that everything. Runs smoothly, these are the earrings that I'm gonna wear these are just costume, jewelry I don't really own like any fancy. Jewelry, I think I got these, at. Forever 21 to, like years ago, but. Since my dress is long, sleeve and it goes all the way up to my neck I'm just gonna wear. Earrings and, I feel like the dress already has a lot going on so I'm just gonna wear these little, studs actually. If they're not super little they're a decent size so. I think. That's the only piece of jewelry aside, from my wedding ring that I'm gonna wear. Okay. I just got out of the shower I'm going to use. The. It's, a ten leave-in. Conditioner, in my hair right now with. A. Wet. Brush. So. After I blow dry my hair I'm gonna use at this curling iron this is what I use every single day to. Curl my hair it's, like hot tools and I think it's the one in 1/4. Inch, clamp. Wand I'll have this link down below if you guys are interested but, I always get so many questions about the, curling iron that I use but. This is literally the only product, I ever use. In my hair I don't use a serum sometimes. I will but honestly like on an everyday basis I only use this. Stuff and then sometimes, dry shampoo, if I, need a texturizing, shampoo. This. Is the one that I use the triple sec by, dry bar but I rarely use this stuff so let's assume just. Like the movies. Thank You it. We. Couldn't, do it each, and every high. With. You, you. Will be so clueless. Oh. A, lot. Okay. I just finished blow-drying, my hair and, I don't blow dry it any particular, way I don't section it off or round brush it or anything I just blow drying it to get it dry so I just rough, dry my hair superfast it takes me like five minutes my, hair is naturally straight, so I don't, really need to blow. It out because I'm, just gonna take a curling iron to it the. Only thing is my hair is pretty frizzy from all of the Hot Tools and coloring I do to it I might, go, get a Brazilian, Blowout, done, because, my new stylist, that. Lives, in, my city I don't have to drive very far anymore. She. Does Brazilian, blowouts and I think she convinced me to do it so I might do that soon just to take like some of the frizz out of my hair, but, anyways I'm going to. Section. My hair in, three sections when I curl it and, I just curl away from my face using this one and all sectioned, off using this so that's what I'm gonna do right now okay I just finished curling my hair I, put a pimple cream on - that's what's all over my face I served, by this stuff I've used it for years and it works really well it's the clean and clear, personnel.

Maximum, Strength. But. This is what my hair looks like after I'm done curling it I haven't brushed it out yet I just kind of like ran my fingers through it a little bit but, I don't necessarily like, how it looks after I've done curling, it I like how it looks like the next day after I've slept on it it's. More relaxed, looking and then I'll just touch up my front few pieces sometimes, I'll go through like the top a little bit if it needs it but. That's why I curled my hair and why I usually do it at night one, because I like how it looks better and two because I'm, a mom of three and I do not have time to curl my hair in the morning so. That's, why I do it at night but now I'm going to pull. Out my iron and, iron. Adams, dress shirt that he's going to wear tomorrow with his suit. Okay. Well we have to leave at. 5:30. In the morning we. Have to be there at 6:35. A.m.. To. Catch the sunrise and, it's. 42, minutes, away from our house that's what it says right now so. Just. To make sure to. Count, four I don't think there's going to be traffic, but. Just to make sure we're there on time I want to leave, like no later than like 5:35. So. Um. Have. To wake up at like, 4:00. Because. I'm gonna curl Bailey's, hair I'm gonna have her wear her hair down. With. That headband, I showed you guys. So. I, need, to wake up at 4:00 to get myself ready and. Then. I'll curl. Bailey's, hair and get the kids ready, but, all the prep that I'm doing tonight should, hopefully. Make our morning run pretty, smooth well make sure that's on I just, washed out my Starbucks cup that I got yesterday. So. Adam can use it for tomorrow morning, and I got my reasonable, one and when I order this drink so I'm, gonna make us coffee for. The ride down there to our shoot because we're definitely going to be needing it we're. Probably gonna use our espresso. Pods, which are the blue ones right there maybe. But. I'm gonna leave the cups right here so. I can make our coffees first thing when we wake up okay we are out the door with, ten minutes to spare almost forgot the camera though, waiting. For me in the car. Got my slippers on because it's cold. Okay. Well we're back home now from getting our photos taken, Greyson, is down for a nap and Shea is playing behind me with her lol dolls Adam, and his mom just took Bailey. To her soccer game I think this is one of her last games I think this is the finals, so only. A few more Saturday's left of soccer but, Charlene. Which is Adams mom was, super excited to go watch her play Grayson. Was beyond tired so he needed to come home and take a nap I wasn't about to drag him out and, sit. For a couple hours on the sidelines to watch her practice. And they do a practice, before the. Actual, game so we're there for like two, and a half almost three hours what. Other. Sword. A. Sword. Okay. I see. But yes since it's such a cold morning I didn't want to have to drag them out to, watch, her, practice in her game because usually were there for like at least two and a half hours and it's, just freezing outside so it, was best for me to just stay home with, them but, I'm sure Bailey. Is loving, having her grandma there watching her but Shay's content right now playing with her lol, dolls so what. I'm gonna do in the meantime is hang, up the girls dresses, on the hangers that they provided and. Package. Everything up in the garment bags and, get, it ready to go so that I can drop it off in the mail first thing Monday morning, everything, comes in the garment bag that you're gonna need to send back there's a label and everything, so, it's really easy, I just, package it back up and then I'll stick this little sticker, on. Top of it and then, throw it in the mail so. Yeah. The 11th is when I need to get, it in the mail bike. I'm. Boiling some water right, now I'm about to throw these four cheese at raviolis, in for the girls Shay's. Starting to get hungry and Bailey will be home in like 20, minutes so I'm gonna cook this up for them for lunch. I'm. Gonna heat up some of this alfredo, sauce in a second - and then I'll top it with some Parmesan cheese and, then, I'll give them some raspberries, on the side to go with it okay lunch is done it took me like two seconds to make but, I always keep these raviolis. On hand in the fridge because this is something that the girls will always eat, and always the olive - they love these raviolis, and I find them at Target but, I'm I'm sure they sell them like at every grocery store but.

I Think it's just nice, to like switch it up from their usual mac and cheese because sometimes like they won't even eat mac and cheese but, they'll always eat these raviolis, Joan. Yeah. Everybody, good to see you this beautiful. Sunday. Monday, Saturday. Right. Yeah, Saturday. Going. To. Going. To soccer with my beautiful mom hi. Everybody, however, she's, the best playing, the ligers today Tigers. Versus, the ligers. I'd. Say it's a pretty big game you know it's the playoffs, we. Lost zero well. With us eight to zero last time so hopefully, we don't suck that bad this time, good. Thing I've been, hanging. Out baling in the backyard and teaching her everything I know, which. Is pretty much nothing I don't know anything about soccer but I taught her how to kick him in the Gulf really far away so let's see if we can get some points on the board today you. Get the W Notre Dame plays. Place. Duke today big game looking. Forward to watching that Mike, if you're listening go. Irish all. Right let's go win this game hey Bailey it's a big game today we got the playoffs alright you. Got to kick the ligers butts, just. Yeah, the ligers the lion Tigers, gotta, kick their butts alright. Let's, go this. Way. In. Case I got angry, okay. I'll hold on to that for you got some new chairs check these things out, some. Coleman's. Got. A little beard pocket here for dead as beer case, you need it there's another one right there these, are cooler is actually a cooler packets. The. G scores some goals. Little. Tired. You're. Doing a great job out there only. Half your team showed up today with the head they, cold. Where's. The rest of your team at. They're. At home. Get. Your second medal good. Job. It's. So good honey oh man, just a crazy game today Bailey did that whole like you know I was like you go oh wait. And she was like she smoked that thing through that goal it was just the coolest thing ever she took it from that end of the field all, the way to the other end like all by herself kicking, it like I taught her in the backyard and, she freaking just smoked it right through the goal I'm kind of mad and get a camera but I was like I was just so stoked I was like on my feet screaming. These. These, parents, are just funny out here so, it's a good game I think it was a tie to be honest it was 40 for. Half. The team did show up because it's so cold, out it's not that bad it's like 50 right now like, half the team didn't show up so they were like taking water breaks every five minutes but I was, a good game had a lot of fun Bailey scored a goal and I got pretty excited, about it so proud. Dad moment, I'm so proud of you. New. Shoes I'm blaming this go on the new shoes. Hey. Take a picture grandma. Yeah. She. Scored a goal and dad that went crazy I, can't. Even tell you how crazy I went. It. Was like I, did. The whole thing where, you're like you, can't, go oh wait, I literally did the whole thing all the way an interest court, she's. Just the best. But. You say what do you think Seco, Bailey. Gorge. Oh. Sweet. Boy, yeah. You. Look so handsome in your new sweater. This. Is from baby. Zara and so. Are these little pants they're so cute they little pocket over here little button. You're. Styling. Today, yeah. Did. You sleep good. You. Got a little boogie oh. Sorry, go see grandma. Greasy. Grandma oh, you're. The sweetest boy, where. My teen. You. Are seriously, the cutest freakin, thing in the entire world. That. You. We're. Not you of. Course. Yeah. She. Didn't do it on purpose folks. He's. Like if. Only I could speak English if. I could speak English I'd tell you. Okay. Wait. Go fast, he's. Like 70, no. Wind. Suns. Going down it's, like 5 o'clock. Got. The old grill rolling behind me clean. It up a little bit throw some burgers on there mmm, watch. The Notre Dame game. What. What's. Stuck. Yeah. The old flipper ruski didn't work so well today boys and girls whoever.

Else Is watching. Man. I feel like crap just, lungs. Are just feels, like someone. Fat. Is just sitting on my chest and just sitting. There and hanging out while. I go about my day that's what I feel like it's just someone. Is sitting on me what are you doing there girlfriend. Are. You a baby shark hey Bailey your twisty nothing crazy. Yeah. It, says. Take the ponytail out oh no. That's. A new thing with Shay is the old. Nananana. That, thing I know where she learned it from but. It is so, not. Okay just, say that's. Not okay honey you can't say that oh. Honey. Don't do that. I. Ain't. Gonna keep it up if. You wanna go let's go let's wrap it up. Nothing. Striking. The winner. You. Gotta. Understand. One chance, one chance you. Nobody. Gonna fly it wow. That, went a long ways. It. Went a long ways. Whoa. Oh. Good. Job. Duh. I am, a paper airplane master. You. Got to make it look like a plane though ready. First. Person paper, airplane, shot, sure. Oh that, was not so good. Happy. That go throw it's super far. Okay. You're better than I am good. Job. Good. Job dad. Like. A smoker you. Can, do it do it girl, throw. That thing all, the way to China, Wow, yeah got this that's like Adam Sandler trying to hit a golf ball all right I got the technique down now baby here. We go, wait. For this. That's. Good. Yeah. Really far huh. Guys. It's morning 9, o'clock Girish. The. Girls been upstairs with Grandma doing something so they're gonna come show me what they did pretty, stoked, um. Mom's sleeping lender's sleep in cuz she's up. Grayson, all night being. A good dad all right let's go check out what you did I haven't. Seen this so. Okay. Good job guys, Wow. Momma's gonna be really happy okay. Let's. Go this, is good, she. Showed you before picture, of this it was a disaster. Good. Job. Good. Job. You. Guys cleaned rooms cooking. High-five come here, Oh missed. Ya. There. You go folks that's, the UH. That's. The breakfast super, nutritious, lots. Of protein. Let's. Get these dang kids down here huh Bailey. Shay. Bailey. Shay you guys want breakfast. Come. On breakfast I, want. To hurry I'm getting, ready to eat it. I'm. Gonna eat it oh I. Mean I mean right now no no no no I'm. Just, kidding. Yeah you, don't you don't eat your breakfast. Really. Sorry. You, only know what's a. Yeah. I'm. A big deal, comes. With ponytails. Keep. The ponies, so does anybody let's have a let's have a moment here for a second, do you guys ever feel like you have like these moments as parents, or you're like it's, kind of like aha moments, I wrote.

A. What. Did I write I wrote an essay like five pages on the struggles of parenting. Talked. About resiliency, and all this other good stuff and. Like. Last night, we've. Been having like a huge issue with Bailey back, talking and like we'll tell her to do something she'll she'll, be like like won't do it or do something else last night I just kind of sat her down and said Bailey, you. Know why do you why, do you do these things I broke. Out all the dr. Phil moves that I knew and she's like I want to do you. Know what I want to do and. I was like Bailey I understand. That but you're young. Mom. And dad are older, and we have a lot more experience and like when we tell you to do something it's, because we know what's best for you and. Although. She might, not have 100 cent grasp it I feel like it. Helped, a little bit like she she. Understood, what I meant she's a lot better this morning so. I think every time she doesn't listen you. Know sit her down and remind her that we're, we're, trying to do what's best for her I don't know if any of you parents out there on the struggle bus. Like. We have been because Bailey's be honest with you she's been a super, good kid I heard to our live until recently it's. Been a little rough you. Know just sit them down talk to him you. Know figure out why they're doing what they're doing and I don't just like explain, to them why it's important, to, listen to their parents there's no manual to parenting it's it's, hard it's it's not easy it's like it's, different for every situation every kid but I feel, like sharing this might help someone else out there so my, mom I'm, gonna miss her yeah, I'm, gonna miss you it. Was fun, as. It was. I'm. Gonna point this at me. Baby. Okay. I. Leave. A poster, or you could what. If, I live closer you could just. Get, room and board. Grayson. Sure yeah, there we go. There's. No car seat there honey. Yep. We'll see you later okay. I'm. Coming. But. I can't I gotta fly back I'll come back I'm trying to come back for your birthday ok.

Ok. Hey. I don't know about Christmas we'll see ok. Ok. I'll. Give you guys you causing some face time ok would, that be nice ok. I can't. Stay I'm sorry honey. So. I can come back. Okay. Well thanks for everything. She. Goes I. Love. Her yeah. Did. You put lipstick on. Lipstick. It's. Great man do a spin. It's. Like bomb crawling. Out of the bar you. Look. Like each other. Okay. Guys I think I'm gonna end today's vlog here I need to get to editing because Adam. Picked up the camera a lot over the weekend and like I said he likes to capture a lot of footage so there's, just a lot of clips that I have to go through and compiling, the video is what takes so long guys so I have a feeling I'm gonna be strapped, to my office for the next like six or seven hours but. I'll like this teddy bear coat down in the description box for you guys to if you're interested in it it's so soft I've been living in it for the past like two days it's so cozy but. I will leave it in my Amazon store that's where it's from it's from Amazon but. I hope you guys enjoyed today's video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe, if, you haven't already and, I will see you guys very soon bye. The. Pillow would say I'm. Wide awake, take. Me away now.

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What shampoo and conditioner do you use bc I need a good one but not so expensive I mean I always use purology but I think I’m over it lol

Being barefoot will help make their immune system become stronger!

كم عربي هنا تحديا من العراق

Tara I must agree with you Grayson is so so so stinkin cute!

Are those Tara’s natural lashes?

Those outfits

Love all the parenting advice, it really helps to hear a different perspective on things. All parents can relate to your struggle. BTW It would be awesome to do a video on Typical Tara moments! Y’all are awesome!

I had just mailed a homemade card to your P.O. Box. Let me know when it gets there! ☺️

I wish I had someone who hyped me up the way Adam does bailey! Lol

Obsessed with your resilience Tara, your amazing. BTW still dont know if youve received my package yet im anxious hope theyve arrived in one piece :/

What did you do to your face, girl?

Maybe Baylee is being influenced by someone in her class. She's the sweetest girl in the world so I'm sure it's just a bit of a stage...Would love to see more of your mom she seems so cool!

What a wonderful video. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Tara for sharing your family with us and all the hard work you put into each and every video.

I love you video

Tara, I also use it's a ten and hot tools curling iron. You should try the revlon one step dryer> its awesome.

ha Adam is gettin the Texas accent

ليلة العطلة عندكم مثل ليلة عيد الفطر عندنا .. نفس الاستعدادات و التوتر .. استمتعت بالفديو جدا. ❤️

Adam is so funny lol “someone is sitting on me”

Baylee is a lil Tara ❤️ great blog!

What happened to the dog ?


My pregnancy hormones are out of control bc I teared up when Baylee got a goal what’s wrong with me

Omg grayson is SO Cute!!

Love the dad cam

Adam is a great dad


So cute!! You and Adam should seriously do more videos together there great

Very Nice video,iloved it

Struggle bus over here... I hope the ride improves for both our families, but it is nice to know we are not alone! I’m trying to finish my degree and took a stats quiz with all my kids needing me every 5 min... we were late to school... house is destroyed... just never ending. BUT I wouldn’t change it and we may even add a 4th

Home tour plzz

هلو تاره

Thank you for Arabic language


family beautiful fantastic love you tara adam father fantastic baily kuot beautiful and shay love you


ذوقك يجنن

Cutest dresses

بحبك كتييير وبحب عائلتك واولادك رائعين


More longer vlogs please! Adam is the best dad ever!

Hi! Can you share were you got the lV purse that’s in your stories?

What happens if you ruin the outfit or get like a rip in the lace??

Your family is so beautiful! I love your videos especially day in the life! We are currently trying for our third baby and watching your family videos makes me so happy! Can’t wait for the Christmas vlogs!


My 5 year old daughter has been very difficult recently. We are on vacation with my family and they keep looking at me like “what is wrong now?” I think it has to do with them realizing they could have control over things but don’t. I feel like the only thing that somewhat helps is explaining to her our plans for the day so she knows what is coming. The down side to this is if it’s something she doesn’t like .... she gets angry and fits happen. Sigh. Parenting is tough.

How shay feeling

Tell Adam to cut an onion in half and use it to cleanse the grill! My dad has always done it it’s easier to clean that stuff off! See how he likes it?

You're actually the QUEEN of vlogs these days!!!!

Great audience here. Your shout out has really helped our traffic.  --Mav's Rep

Love that both you and Adam vlog!

Adam is my freakin fave i tell you!!!!!! He’s such a good dad. You’re so lucky Tara.

Love your baby boy Your whole family

Aww Adam was so cute with his mom ❤️ Love the family photos such a beautiful family

Yay for dads who let mom's sleep in ❤️

Throw that thing all the way to China

Thank you for the translation

Adam is the best vlogger

love how you did the non traditional! I might go that route next year!

"This is Baylee's last soccer game, so yeah, she has a few more Saturdays left" I am so

Lol....she did great in her game!

Carrie I think I said “one of her last games”

Look like mom crawling out of the bar lol

..hi tarra your family is great..full of joy, love..grandma shes so great like your father...

Shay’s “ta-da” is so cute lol

Hi from morocco ❤️❤️❤️

الترجمة بالعربية الله يجاژيكم خيرا

Grayson is the cutest lil guy!!!


It is My first comment.your are very lovely family

Adam has me dying in this!! Love him so much!! You guys are amazing

Grayson is SO cute!

ماشاء الله رائع جدا

Adam such a great dad an hubby you guys are doing a great job thank you for the tips I have 5 kids an I know all the stages

Love love your family ... plz plz plz change what you clean the grill with plzzzzz the metal pieces are dangerous look it up plzzzz there is a new product that’s like a sponge firefighters came up with an proceeds help firefighters also.. Greyson is sooooo adorable all the kids are beautiful family

I defintely have to try the raviolis for my kids!

Hay tara... I wants to see ur family photoshoot... Whould u wanna share with me.? Plz

Magnifique comme d habitude bisous aux enfants tara

I wish my husband helps me like Adam does to you!! Im so sad i have no such luck! :'(

Where is the puppy? Perfect then if you got her joining the family photo...

Shey dress us so beautiful

Adam..your such a fun and wonderful “DADDY”! Please vlog your own channel! It will be fun to follow your day to day with your lovely family! Plus a wonderful son to your sweet giving her kudos 10 out of 10!!!

Were is she kloé ??

I love it when Adam vlogs!!


I loved this video! Adam that was good advice trying to sit down to the child's level instead of losing your mind on them. I have a very very sassy 2.5 year old who is already arguing why she should be allowed to do stuff. I swear i have a lawyer on my hands and im preggers with baby #2 so im trying to pick my battles. !

I love Adam!!! he is too funny!

Hi Tara do you never put vests under Grayson's clothes?

Those kids get loved on so much.I love all those kisses they get. Adam is such a wonderful Dad. and you are such a great Mom that is why they are little sweethearts. Grayson's smile just melts your heart. Keep up the good job. xoxoChris

شعجب ممترجمتها حبي

Tara y ou are soooo cute...from algeria

omg adam is his mom's twinnnnn! they look so much alike

Adams ponytails

I love you

Great parents

i think they are doing that a bit backwards lol my kid only gets iPad time in school if he's earned it, That school really do need to learn a few things by the sounds of it.

نحن هنااا من العراق

Hi Tara. I wanted to ask you to give some advice to deal with children through your personal experience with your children.

هل هيا عربيه لما تترجم عربي وتكتب عناوين الفيديو عربي او كيف مين يعرف

Nice and handsome couple and beautiful children

عائلة جميلة جدا

Dad advice: kick their butts!

Adam is so funny! Great dad! Love u guys!

I cried when baylee was asking grandma to stay❤️

Adams proud dad moment omg

دخلو شجعوني وشكرا Support me on the channel, and thank you very much.

Hello everybody please welcome to my chanel I need your support to continue I just start so please help me pleaseeeeeeeee

Your robe collection is perfect!! Where do you get them from?

OLA TARA Henderson parabéns pra você é também pro esposo pelo novo bebê

from algéria ❤✋


Adam Tightening Those Ponytails Tho!

I love you Tara ❤from Algeria❤

@tarahenderson what size did you get for your dress? Love from Montreal,

Well she just got a new brother and now she’s having to share the attention with not only one sibling but two. That has to affect her to some point so that could be part of the attitude change in her. That and she’s in school a lot more now and she sees other children behaving a certain way so she’s probably getting some of it from that too. When I had my third child my two girls both were really kind of put off for a while (they were almost the same age as Baylee and Shay. One was five and one was three. It took some time for them to get used to another baby and it was a boy (like yours!) so that was a big difference in their lives but it got better after a while! Anyway just a thought!

Ps. I just laughed so hard at the “mom crawling out of the bar” comment! HAHAHHA that was gold

I love you guys so much!!Much love from AZERBAİJAN

Translate into Arabic language please


This was to cute

Totally understand the struggle bus with kiddos. You never get off it, but sometimes it gets easier as you learn things on the way.

نحنو هناء من عراق

و من مصر انت عسسسسل

اتمنا تكون حياتي مثل حياتكم اوف شوفو العيش بالعراق أطفالنا مضلومين حتى مكان العاب ماكو بي خير

Great dad! Have time to your children! Happy to watch your blog! From phillipines

I love your natural hair omg!!

انا من السعوديه

شكرا على الترجمه بالعربيه حبيبتي


عائلة جميلة جدا

اني عراقيه

انسانة رائعة

Cute grason

Love yuo Tara♥️♥️

أنا من سوريا

وين امها ماتطلع معاها من زمان ؟؟؟؟

u r beautiful or also kide

شكرا علي الترجمه استمتع كثيرا واستفدت منكم اصبحتم الهامي

الهم زد وبارك ع هاي المه الحلوه نحنو لسنا من الحاسدين ولكن نشاله بلدنا يجي يوم ويعم الامان بلعراق


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