President Trump in Atlanta at CDC

President Trump in Atlanta at CDC

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Ternoon everyone on this Friday I'm Jeff Hullinger along with Jennifer Bellamy, we begin, with the president's, visit here in Atlanta, and his, trip from Dobbins, over to the CDC, for an update on coronavirus. Currently. He is being briefed by scientists, and the agency's, efforts to. Beef up testing, of the corona virus, let's join them live now off Clifton. Road on, the campus of CDC. But. They don't go to the hospital, they're. Not very sick it's a more minor. And cookie of this virus, but, you have a lot of people that are going to the hospital so we're not seeing this baby and. If you did see those people. And it said these people the statistics. Actually become, much better. They. Don't. See a doctor they don't see a hospital they. Have a problem they have the sniffles or folderol you know some of the symptoms and. Over a parent I'm sure. Then. All of a sudden you're coming into a much lower category of, interpreter. Yeah Titan risk because. I think a lot of people aren't going to touch us a lot of people are going to hospitals, and, so you're not seeing those be missed mr. president you were you wouldn't have received this but actually today, dr.. Fauci published, in the New England Journal of Medicine a revised. Estimate of mentality, counts very much consistent. With what the president was saying which is the, whu-oh numbers are just a math problem this many people died this many were diagnosed, but, if you then extrapolate. To from the number of diagnosed. -, how many likely. Cases, there are that never came to the doctor or hospital or that tested, doctor. Foul cheese paper in the New England Journal says, he, thinks it's less than 1% which, is I think word for word mr. president what you were. Saying. Buster's. That from. We've gone to something like 57, or 59 cases, 7, days yet. There's more than that so now we're actually getting the testing don't you think it's likely there. Are a lot more people out there who are. I think. There's no doubt we're gonna see more community, cases and. I just want to say and, there's no doubt that the public health system in the United States is, enhancing. Surveillance in, a variety of ways to try to really understand. Is, there any hidden pockets, and, I just, that's all in process but. I will say everyone. Has been aggressively, using the single, case they diagnosed than, to go look at all the contacts. To try to begin to understand, this this is how the. Nursing home was having a, lot. Of infections. And tragically, and, they're all in our prayers a number, of deaths of members so, I just want to assure the American public. That we are enhancing our surveillance not just CDC, but the entire public assistance nation, so, that we will have very, accurate eyes on where this virus is. We've. Talked to Monica. But they're also not okay. 36,000. Deaths due. To what's. Called the flu and. I, was when I first heard this four five six weeks ago when, I was hearing the amount of people that died flew. Over. Shot they are anywhere from twenty seven thousand to seventy thousand, four seventy, seven thousand, and I, guess they said in nineteen ninety that was in particularly. As. Of the time I left the playing with you, we, had 240 cases and that's at least what was on a very tight, network. Not as Fox News do, you love it but, that's what I happened to be watching and. How. Was the show last night did it get good writing his mother. Already. But, what happened, is if, you look at the number the time we left it, was 240, cases, leader and 11 deaths that's what it has been now, you look at throughout.

The World and in other countries. Have South Korea. And in particular, China have. Many now I also hear the numbers are getting much better in those places and, I've, heard the numbers are getting much better each other but I hear the numbers are getting much better in Italy etc. Etc what. I hear, so we have two hundred and forty cases eleven, deaths, everything's. Too much and it's true, I don't want 11 deaths I don't want any deaths right. Over. The last. We. Have an average of 36 thousand, people died I never, heard there's nothing I would I would have been shocked I would have said does, anybody die for the flu I didn't, know people died from. 36,000. People died. 27,000. To 77,000. That you and, again. You have a couple of years where was over a hundred thousand people died from the flu, so. I start to say I wonder what's going on here now if you look at the percentage, that percentage for the fluids under 1% but. This could also be under 1% because, many of the people that aren't that sick don't report so, they're not putting those people in there and you're smiling when I said. And. You. Know I don't watch the that's why I. Don't. Watch CNN because CNN it's. In. Effect I mean it is effect then you know if you know anything about me I like when people happen, to stay in the United States and spend their money in, the United States okay so. I think people are staying in the United States more they're going to spend their money in the United States or business who's, ended well, then people, have to remain calm I, do think, that if. You look at the numbers you look at the numbers from other years on other things and, you look at these numbers it'll, be interesting to see what you find and statistics. Will soon be coming out but, there was a big statistic, today that is way under 1%. He, said 1/10 of 1% in, one case but nobody. Really knows will be able to find out the problem, is the people that get better that, don't see a doctor don't go to a hospital, most people get better if they were in the numbers the numbers would look much better in terms of death ray.

Oh I, think you'll have other things that the amazing. Thing I look at the job numbers today we. Had a tremendous job, numbers we, had a number that when you add last. Month's. Number which was a correction, of plus, 80,000. Jobs, was. Another. 350,000. Jobs, number, two that was shocking I was watching, a particular. Network, and they said on the net that but they're pros they. Said wow these are unbelievable, numbers they were shocked by the numbers over, 350,000. When, you add last month's for a chief items. All these organizations. And businesses for cancelling conventions. And meetings and travel, it's over with in the United States are they overreact, or are they taking the right precautions I think. It's fine if they want to do it I don't think it's an overreaction, but, I. Wouldn't. Be generally, inclined to do it I really, would you think now it depends on what country you're talking about if you're talking about if they're going to another country you're, talking about what. People. Have to feel comfortable that with the time if. You look at do, I want to go to China do I want to go to certain parts of Italy do I want to go to South Korea right back fellas that's, a different decision but, you have some parts of the world that some parts many most parts of the country look, in. This big vast land. Of ours is great country of ours we. Have 240. Cases most, of those people are going to be fine, vast. Majority, good like we've, had 11 deaths and they've, been largely old people, who are who, are susceptible to. What's. Happening, now that would be the case I assume with a regular flute, if somebody, is old and in a weakened state for, real but. They're susceptible, to the common flu you, know they would tell me just now that, the common flu kills people and old people is, sort. Of a dogs under very young it. Had the young another the interesting, thing here it's very adjustable adjusted. The years that the, young seem to be doing unbelievably, well actually better than they do with the flu young, people, and very young people by, doing very well which, is another thing I guess they try to figure. It was probably your sneaking around again today, taking a lot of close pictures are you protecting yourself at all. So that it's, never big on the handshaking, deal.

Throughout. My life they used to criticize before. It or laugh, about it fun with it but. If, you're a politician like. I walk you know the doctors have their heads almost Soraya. If. You, don't shake hands and I gotta like it too much and I guess that's what this is I never thought I'd be a politician. I guess, I'm a politician but. But the fact is I feel very secure I feel. What happened here is all dat one person, maybe. That, works someplace in the building that, I'm not even sure what level but, that one person may have had the virus and, therefore. They said syrup, because of the fact that one person may have had that it was a big building with a lot of great scientists, rightly one. Person that the virus that, turned out to be a negative report that turned out to be negative and, so. They called me but it was already cancelled but. This morning as the winnaman I'm going to Tennessee. We're. Going down to Florida have a beating, on Monday as you know and, so. We'll go to Florida, I'd love to stop the CPC, I was, a big deal with Secret Service but they're fantastic, and they worked it out so we stopped but, there was a report, and the, person there was a negative. Diagnosis. No we, had another big. Deal there were two of them and there. Was a thing. That we recommend it because there's a lot of people and we, recommended, that if they want let him cancel that one but there, was another one in a sibling. No. Well. I'll tell you what I haven't, had, any. Problem, filling them we, just had one in North Carolina, South Carolina all, over the place we. Have tens, of thousands, of people standing outside the arena so. Doesn't. Bother me at all and it doesn't bother them. What should be done about that cruise ship, well, that's a big question so I was just on the phone with vice-president. And it. Frankly. And. We're up to me I would be inclined to say leave, everybody on the ship for a period of time and you use the ship as your base but. A lot, of people would rather do it a different way than but rather quarantine, people and now when they do that our numbers are going to go up, our. Numbers are gonna go up the 240 is going to go up and I. Assume that perhaps, you know it's a very big ship without thousands. Of people on it including. The sailors, and the crew would see talking about a master. Plan for people that is a big ship if. We're up to me I would do it that way a lot of people think we should do it the other way there Americans. Are mostly Americans, and we, have to take care of the, other way being bring. Them all fishing. Now. They'll be under quarantine and, they'll be tested very carefully, everyone is tested, for example, somebody. Said today in fact the governor said a story that a friend, of yours you know governor again a, friend of yours was, saying. How tough it is to guarantee. Yes so John Zeldin, whose. General manager Lee. Airport. He's. On iron from a virus task force here and, did a great job yesterday, on our press conference explaining. The. Procedures, that the president, and. Others have put in place to. Make sure that, everybody's, coming. In South Korea being screened multiple, times before they get on the airplane I think, that just gives people great confidence, as, they're traveling, to all the airports, across the country that. People that are coming in have been suffering from those problem, areas. Customs. And border people are checking as well and having conversations. One, person, in Atlanta Airport they, have over 300,000. People go. Was negative. It is safe to travel right now people, just need to be very careful, do, the things that the CDC, and dr. ed bill. Secretary a czar and vice, president, and his task with passport. To Tel Aviv. Keep your hands clean this, big careful where are you going if you sit come go to the airport but.

He Was worried of mess with how hard it is to get on the plane he. Was tested, two times and then one, person said three times just to come in we're. Watching it very closely the people are doing a good job and instead of being negative we should be positive, the scientists. Are doing a phenomenal job, was. Something that came from out of nowhere a, very. Short. Now. Seventy-five, thousand. You. Got the CDC director is doing it why don't we help dr. Redfield talk to you you ain't believe heaven oh you won't believe me let's talk about it. We. Continue, to send. Week. We continue our first, our first. Responsibility. Was to develop the eyes who, have a second, responsibility is to get that out to the public health. And we now shoot that. After destiny, but. Anybody. That wants a test can get a test that's what I would just say that we started, testing in our lab and toward our marks, of Public Health yesterday, which is a day or we thought it would be today, so we were actually tested, to that day and the second group was to get how. Do you get tests into, the clinical, arena far, wrong was he at the public health arena and the. FDA the secretary, under his leadership was. Able to take. The test at CDC, develop. And one of the company said they want to develop it and sell it and, that's. What the secretary, referred to that yeah. By the end of this week they were supposed to have about a million to, a. Million tests so they shipped 700,000. Already the remaining, Lots are actually being tested here dr., Monroe's got them as it I think 10:30 this morning and, they have to do the quality control and then if, they pass I think I think importantly. Anybody. Right now and, yesterday. Anybody. That needs a test gets attention they're there they have the tests and, the tests are beautiful, anybody. That needs a test gets, a test if there's a doctor that wants to test if there's somebody coming off, the ship like, the big monster. Ship that's out there right now which. You know again that's a big decision I want to bring all those people off people would, like me to do that I don't, like the idea of doing it but, anybody, that needs a test can. Have a test they're, all set they have an app in addition to that they're, making millions of more as we speak but, as of right now and, yesterday anybody. That needs a test that's important, and the tests are all perfect, like. The letter. The transcription. Is perfect and this was not. As perfect as that but pretty. Good I want. To I want to add what I want it in I'm. Handling it from Seth De Witt testing, that you can't come in from, South screwed up for mistake okay, I, have. To ask the doctors before that I just wanted to add one other thing to the, availability, of clinical, tests the. Secretary, of the vice president, last. Week brought together all, of, the major diagnostic. Companies. That you all know so well that for quest, and, asked. Them to come together as. A group and they already formed the consortium, to work together to. Use their capacity, which is really, substantial to. Bring this test to doctors, offices, around. Our nation, and, when. They presented. It they felt, that either by Monday, they're. Going to begin to roll out this test now through lab for your, class so as the president said the issue now is whether, the, clinicians, believe. That this test is indicated, and evaluating, the patients that come, it's, not going to be about the availability, of the, tests, maybe about the clinical, judgement of the patient and the doctor by. The nurse practitioner, to get this. And. This is by the way the highest level games, this. Is the highest level test anyway. If, you're you hide from us yes from, my standpoint. I want, to rely on, people. I have great experts. Included, on vice president and there's working 24. Hours a day on this stuff. They. Would like to have the people come off I'd rather that people stay but I'd go with them I told them to make the final decision. I would rather because, I like the numbers being where they are I don't, need to have the numbers, double. Because, of one ship that was. It our fault and it wasn't the fault of the people on, the ship either, okay. It wasn't their fault either, and they're, mostly American, so I can, live either way with it I'd rather have them stay on personal.

But. I fully understand, if they want to take them off I gave them the authority to make the decision. No. I'm saying whatever it is that takes precedence, over there no no I like good numbers I would rather have the numbers stay where. They are but. If, they want to take them off they'll take them off but if that happens all of a sudden you're 240 is obviously, going to be a much higher number and, probably. The 11 will be higher. There must be. This is probably risk to both. Probably. Risky. I'm. Working very closely with self. Well. We're working closely, they're. Also in a much different position, to have a lot of people that are affected we don't they're, in a much different position, but we are working very closely with South Korea, as. You know we're allies, even. Though. They've. Made much better trade deals of the best that we did we're allies with South Korea you have, very. Close to a. Lot. Of the testing a, lot of the testing is very similar testing, but they're in a much different position, than will they have thousands, of people. Right. Now but we're working very to us in fact they're calling us asking, us and these people for advice and. If I if police. Correct me doctors have been wrong if I understand correctly South, Korea, is. Using, a technology, different than what we use in the United States, and our public health labs but that we do use in our commercial labs to the lab the, lab or the quests, the roches the abbot's. And that's exactly what, dr. Redfoo saying we've been able to get up and running right away that is that am I saying that correctly dr., Monroe yeah just one point of clarification that, this afternoon's I was caught they're doing drive through a sample collection, so this is not like a pregnancy, test where you drive through they take a swab and they tell you on the spot it's, positive or negative, they're using that as a way to collect, samples from a large number of people and, then they're using the high throughput testing. Platforms. In order. And, I think it's important, just to emphasize, again, back to the role that CDC, had to, support the public health labs we. Have built, the laboratory, capacity without, our public health labs to, monitor. For flu and other respiratory viral. Systems, the. Platform, that does that is. The platform of, the test that we developed, it wouldn't have helped us to develop a test of Public Health labs and they have not none of the interpretations, we, developed using that platform for public health level platform. That the secretary, and dr.. Burr I was saying is, a, high throughput platform which. Has been put in most hospitals, for HIV, hepatitis, C, and so, that's the platform and as, we sit here today we're, trying to now validate. Whether, the tests we made would. Be validated. To use that on that platform but the private sector is already doing it too I mean, they're there they're moving now to that rapid and don't like that these are the people like as an example HIV. I talked about it and the, speeches. And other things. Hiv-free. Essentially. Free, within. Nine years now it's within your present, who, said the people that with the interest in this stuff that three. Years ago four years ago you would have said it's impossible what, they've done is incredible, and two others also if. You look at what they've done with HIV, it's incredible. Other. Countries, are all calling the, same people that you're dealing with and honestly, what you should be doing is giving a lot of credit because this. Was a very condensed, period of time. Even, the vaccine. They're. Gonna have just done in 90, days that, other people wouldn't that two, years ago you we're taking two years to do and. The making great progress it takes a period of time but that making great progress. Other, countries, are dealing the, same people you're talking to now and others. This, government university credible people and honestly you should be giving them tremendous, credit they have done a tremendous stuff when, you mentioned South where they're dealing with us all the time when, you mention Italy they're dealing with us all the time we're working together with China but. Working together with everybody but, these are great people these are incredible, people and, you, shouldn't be knocking them you should be praising them they have done an incredible job already. I just, think this is something. You can never really think. It's going to happen you know who I've heard all about.

This Could be you know this could be a big, deal before. It happened you know this is something like this could happen I think. We're doing a really good job in this country and keeping it down. Every, vigilant, and we've done a tremendous job in keeping the data but. Who would have thought look how. Long it goes in six seven eight weeks ago, would, you be having this update we, were gonna hit thirty thousand, on the Dow like, it was clockwork, right it, was all going it was right up and then all of a sudden this came out. All. I see is big table we have the greatest people in the world everyone's relying on us the world is realizing they've. Done an incredible, job in a very condensed, period of time the. Thing is you never really know when. Something, like this is going to strike and what it's going to be this, is different than something else this. Is a very different thing than something else so I think they've done a great job and. You know what if I didn't think they did do I'd tell you. I just. Don't think I just don't think that somebody. Is going to without seeing something like we, saw something, happening, in China as soon as they saw that happening, they essentially, not from the White House you, know we don't need a lamp in the White House but. They saw something happening I was founded very interesting, they spotted something, going, on in China. When. You see these lamps that I just thought I would love to have them it's, possible, but, they spotted something, going on in China they started working on it immediately, just. In case it should come here and also to help China I mean if we could find something, that's beneficial we, want to give it to China like they're, gonna want to give it to us China's, working very closely with us South. Korea Italy, all of them working, very closely but we're doing you, know again 240. And 11 that's where we are right now. We don't have a forecast, because we don't know we, don't know how many people are you, know have this aren't going to see a doctor aren't going to see a hospital, and the. Higher that number is, the the better the numbers from the standpoint of death but death yeah can, they get better without. Sitting doctors without seeing the hospitals so nobody's walking it down and, I think the numbers very high I think that number is much higher but. It never gets reported because they're, not going to hospitals, or doctors the. Ones who get we ordered are people that are really sick enough to go to a hospital but to a doctor, so it makes the numbers look worse. Well, we're prepared for anything we're prepared we, are really very highly prepared, for anything and in, a short period of time I mean what they've done is very incredible, and I've seen what they've done back there it's. Really incredible. And. By the way NIH, what they've done I spent, time over there. And. I like this stuff you know my uncle. He's a, great person. Who's that MIT he taught at MIT for I looked like a record number of years he. Was a great super genius, dr.. John Trump I like, this stuff I really get it people, are surprised that I understand, every. Order these doctors said how do you know so much about this, maybe. I have a natural, ability maybe I should have done that instead of running for president but. You know what, what. They've done is very incredible, I understand, that whole world I love. That world I really, do I love that world. They. Should be given tremendous credit, and the whole world is relying on us you know you hear about like you're saying about South Korea South. Go there's very, much reliant, on the. Information, were given and they're, reliant on the vaccines, that we will come up with very.

Soon We're gonna come up now it takes a period of time to get them test. It and then put into the, movie that it has to be very safe you, can't give a vaccine there's going to be upset with the disaster, so. That's. Where we are and I think these people deserve all of them scientists, and doctors I think, they deserve tremendous. Credit. I really divide that way. Again. Very. Complimentary. The governor was a little less complimentary, of your response. So, I told Mike not to be compliment, feeling governor because that governor is a snake okay. Inslee. I said. If you're nice to him he will. Take. Advantage and I, would have said now let me just tell you we have a lot of problems, with. The governor and. The governor of Washington that's, we have many of your problems okay so Mike. May be happy, with him but I'm not okay. And, he, would say that naturally, as, I said last night at the Town Hall but. We came up with a cure today, and tomorrow. Everything, is gone and you, went up to this, governor who's a you, know not a good governor by the way if, you went up to this governor and you said to him how did Trump do you'd, say he did a terrible job it, makes no difference if, we came up with a cure right now and tomorrow. Everything, ended at eight o'clock tomorrow. Morning, everything ended he, would say Trump did a horrible job okay. And I told Mike that what happened, I said no matter how nice you are there's. No good that's, the way I feel, goodbye. Good, luck to see it. The people who are watching who are concerned, and accept them is. It possible. Or is it a good thing or. Be able to ten people, in math like they're doing in other countries, so that they didn't show up they, get sucked in they're not testing, would be a sampling. Excuse. Me there's a difference I heard, what he said they're, sampling people, it's. A drive-by, they give samples, now. Can we do that yeah we can do that but that's not effective, like what we're doing we're, doing the whole thing in one in one stuff different. Samples, in South Korea, it's. A very different thing, why. Would you say you know we're at a stage, in. Our experience, with this virus that we are still. Deeply, focused, on control. Some people use the word get payment. And, I said. About the important principles, of early diagnosis. Isolation. And contactors. And, then, now with some mitigation strategies. You see in different areas, when they're deciding should, be closed large, gatherings, I think, it's important, to use the data and science that we have. We're, not blind to where this virus is right now in the United States. We, need to focus our resources right. Now well we know this virus is circulating. Substantially. In the community, like certain parts of California, like certain. Parts of Seattle, that's, where we need to put our focus it would not be a service, to, our ability, for. Our American response if all of a sudden 20. Million Americans that have no evidence any risk that we've looked in those areas, really, don't need it that's why we are accelerating, as the president, said our surveillance I mean, we're going out and really testing. People, that have flu-like symptoms. And to expand, that from. The sites we started, to the whole nation so. We're going to have eyes on this and see whoops this virus is now snuck up into northern Maine whoops we see it down in. In Kansas, and that information. Will then be used by doctors, to know, if someone comes in with an upper respiratory but, I better think about maybe testing. If anyone have. The American people have confidence it's. Not just in CDC, it's. In the public health community this nation, it's, strong, they're, doing their job I tell, people every time we see a new confirmed case, they. Should think of that as a success not a failure because, they know their public health communities, out there so. The difference is that they're doing they're being proactive we. Are, being proactive, we're, going out and looking for spots nobody. Else is doing they're not by leaving samples, or anything else we're, going out and proactively. Looking, to see whether there's a problem I don't have to do that we're. Doing it to see if we can find areas with your trouble spots I even. Don't even know my EP you'll, find out those areas just by sitting back and waiting but.

They're Trying to find out before. Before. You would normally find out by waiting and, you. Know I think that's great but that's what they're doing there, they are we're the only country in that sense that's proactive. Proactive. And we put, them, in. Containment. So. Right now it's it's you. Shouldn't think of it as one or the other all. Right and I'm going to say we. Need to stay committed to containment, and, I still believe, containment. And control is. The goal. But. That's going to be complemented, strategically. By, what, we call mitigation. Or non-pharmaceutical. Interventions like, asking. You know churches. Not to have big gatherings, so, in the state of Washington, in. The last couple, days they announced, their initial mitigation, strategy we've been working on mitigation, for the whole nation just in a planning way but. We've also been have, our people buried into the Washington Health Department, the Callaham California. Health Department, to help them start to develop and again, Washington started, to operationalize, there's this week I suspect. Cat California, will later we're. Going to continue to work on these and it's gonna be a community. Strategy. They're not all going to be the same but, it's going to be driven by the amount of community. Transmission. That can't be linked to a contact, that can't be linked linked to a trip when, you see significant, what we call on link transmission. And, you start to have to evaluate the value so it's not one versus, the other but, this nation should not give up on container. Thank. You very much thank, you thank you very much. All. Right president, Trump and. Others making remarks, from the Centers, for Disease Control in, prevention here, in Atlanta, urging calm saying. That they are positive, about the work that's being done news.

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