President Trump visits Orange, Texas, to view devastation left by Hurricane Laura

President Trump visits Orange, Texas, to  view devastation left by Hurricane Laura

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By category. Four hurricane. Laura. So we have mike kenozales, that's going to be at the airport he'll give us coverage there we also have 12 news reporter. Jordan james he's at the expo center, where there are several, trump supporters, waiting to meet the president, they have signs out they have flags, out there to show their support. Again as he prepares. Just to take a look around our area. This, definitely. Was a bullet, dodged, in one sense but if you take a look at orange county. They did take the brunt of the hit in southeast, texas. Definitely, lots of damage we still have thousands, of folks, without, power right now, there's a live look at the supporters, as i mentioned you see a lot of the make america, great again hats folks sitting on the backs of their trucks. With the trump signs so jordan james will be preparing. To chat with us in just a couple of minutes to give us a feel, of what's happening. What the atmosphere, is like out there as people prepare. To see the president. This afternoon. He's going to be getting an update right now he's with uh, orange county. Excuse me he's with senator ted cruz and judge john gothier, out of orange county. Sure they're giving him the latest information. A boots on the ground perspective, if you will, as folks let him know what's happening. What they're seeing, uh what the damage, looks like and what resources, we'll need in the area, so that people can get back on their feet. Uh, let's see if we can speak with jordan james jordan can you hear me out there. I'm here just outside of the orange county airport where president trump has just arrived. Hundreds of supporters, are, lying this side of the highway anticipation. Of his visit. Many folks say they've been out here for several hours just wanting to catch a glimpse, of the presidential, motorcade, as he makes his way through orange county. As you know hurricane laura really did impact. This region, so for many people out here his visit. Has um uplifted, the spirits for many folks around, here. Okay jordan so talk to us about what some people are saying to you why they're coming out on a saturday afternoon, are they without, power. Did they receive damage to their homes are they hoping to maybe just catch a glimpse, of the president. Yes. Several people across orange county are without power, at this time as i said earlier, you know people have been out here for several hours just wanting to uh. Wanted to just see the president, um. You know laura did impact this region, pretty hard, so they're just, they're wanting to know what his message for them as they, you know prepare for this road to recovery. Following a hurricane, laura. And you know speaking of several folks being without power. We hate to report that four people have been killed.

In Southeast, texas as a result of this storm but interesting. Interestingly. Enough. All of those are from carbon, monoxide. Poisoning, and that's folks, not having power, using those generators. Um, and not using them properly. And so that's a message that health care professionals, and officials, just want to continue, to drive, home, if you are without power across southeast, texas. Do not use those generators. Indoors. Do not use them in your garage, they need to be outside, in an open, space. And if you can don't run them at night time because that's why they're calling. The generator, combination, with the carbon monoxide, poisoning, a silent killer people are going to sleep. They're being poisoned by the fumes, and not waking up. But we are getting some better news, about those power outages, in port arthur, everyone is expected to have their power restored, by tomorrow. Groves. By monday. But orange that's the one we're keeping a close eye on september, 4th, will probably, be the earliest, that folks, will, have their fi their. Power, rather. Turned back on so, again we just want to continue, to drive that point home if you're going to use the generators. Right now, please. Use them with caution. Uh 12 news reporter mike canonis. Is also out on the scene he's actually joining us from the airport and mike, give us a, an idea of what you're seeing out there. Yeah deja nick sorry i'm not sure if you can hear me at all right now but yeah as of right now, as you can see with the shot. President trump, just landed here at the orangefield, county airport. Trump supporters. Are. Everywhere, right now we actually i actually had a chance to speak to a few of the trump supporters. And i can assure you that they are very happy they are very ecstatic, that president trump is here to show support. And also to assess, the damage, here. All right we do see absolutely, come on in hey, dejanik, i'm not good at this. You don't want me. Ma'am oh, what's up what how you doing today what's your name my name is betty stewart, how are you doing betty so just talking about how president trump right now how important, is this that he is here right now. Oh it's real important, um i'm 65. And i've never seen a president before this is my second time to see trump, um so he's out there for the people. Let me ask you this man. Were you personally affected, at all by this. Um. Not at my home here in southeast texas but my leg house up there has like five trees on it so yes, so chat me up about the damage you know how how substantial, was that. It's pretty substantial. It's it's going to be a major rebuild. So i think the president's, here though absolutely what thank you so much ma'am dairy. Okay. All right looks like we're getting our shot established, there the folks are cheering, there in the foreground, because they're seeing, the helicopters. The choppers, the president. And his motorcade. Prepared to tour orange county want to give you a little more info.

About What we know. In terms of what's happening, in orange county. For recovery, efforts. 9 p.m, to 5, a.m, curfew. It's in effect right now. Looking at marine one. In southeast, texas, preparing, to land. Carrying the president, senator, ted cruz. And, orange county judge john gauthier. They'll be met by several supporters, on the ground folks living in orange folks from all across southeast, texas, people that are directly, impacted. Others who just want to get a glimpse of the president. Not something you see, every single day. And there it is finally, landing. Please excuse, us if the shot kind of bounces, around a little bit, live coverage here we're just trying to get things established. And our photographer. Is trying to get you the best. Vantage, point. As marine one has finally, landed, here in southeast, texas that is at the orange county airport. Again, we do have a 9 p.m. To 5 a.m, curfew, in orange officials, there say. If you are returning, right now you need to be prepared, to be self-sufficient. That means first responders, may be tied up there may not be resources, available, to you. Grocery, stores, fast, food chains. Things that you normally, can get to. At the drop of a dime, have it at your fingertips. May not be up and running right now just because of the damage is sustained. Or they may not have power. 40, 000 folks, still in the dark. Across, orange county. As a result. Of those, winds. From hurricane, laura. But, there is some good news 2 000, entergy, crews are on the way to the area so we are really hoping, that that september, 4th, date, to have power restored. May come a little earlier. So just taking a look right now hoping to get a glimpse, of president donald trump. As he makes his way to orange county this storm, impacting, so many different facets of our lives schools across the region. Are all. Looking, at, whether or not they're going to open and for the most part these schools are deciding that they need to hold off. All across the region saying hey folks don't have power we're doing virtual, learning. It's going to be pretty tough for the kiddos to sit in front of a laptop. So. Just check, Where we have a comprehensive. List. Of, those school closures, we do know one of our largest districts bisd. They've suspended, virtual learning. Until further notice and again we just want to continue, um to let you guys know this is live coverage, uh the shots may be a little shaky as we continue. Uh to get you the best vantage, point as the president, prepares to tour the area. So just bear with us. Again, the. President. Always. Travels, with. Two. Aircrafts. So that's what you're seeing here. He just left lake charles visited that area first obviously, the hardest, hit by hurricane. Laura. He met with governor john bel edwards of louisiana. As well as senator, john kennedy the fema reps were also on hand and, the president spent some time with the first responders, so, uh that particular, visit definitely. A. High priority, because of the damage that was left behind by this. Storm. Now in just a bit the president will be getting an update, on the damage that was left behind. All across orange county. Right now, 40, 000, people, in the dark if you have evacuated. If you have family members that have evacuated. And haven't made their way home yet. They may want to just stay put because officials are telling them if they return. Right now they should probably, be self-sufficient. They are trump supporters. Welcome. To orange. Trump, reads one of the banners, there, we love our president, little buddies holding that sign with his red make america, great again hat. I also see a little buddy in on the side of that truck he's holding his america, flag. See we're zooming in here lots of homemade, signs. Straight from the heart for sure. And lots of these people you see out here are probably, just looking for a little piece of hope. They're looking for some reassurance. From our commander-in-chief. As most of them, have probably, been impacted, if their homes haven't been damaged. For sure they they are without power or know someone who is without, power so.

This Is just a way to to get a little boost as we. Take the first step to the road to recovery. In orange county. Again we have live coverage. Team. Uh coverage, from mike canizalis. He is there at the airport. As the president, just landed we are waiting for him. Uh to get his briefing. On what's happening in orange county also jordan james is at the expo center. Surveying. The crowd. Chatting, with trump supporters, and people. Who just want to witness this moment it is not every day that a president, lands, in southeast, texas, a lot of folks just, want to say hey i was a part of this historic, moment. And just a little information, about hurricane, laura. We were spared the brunt of the blow in southeast texas but it's very important that we realize how historic, this storm, was it made landfall, as a category, four only a handful. Of storms. Have reached that particular, level. Top sustained. Winds of 150. Miles per hour, and we felt them all the way in the golden triangle, even though. We dodged the eye of the storm, we definitely. Felt its effects. One of the strongest storms to make landfall. 1.5. Million people were under evacuation. Orders, and there we. Have cheering, as the president, is now. On the ground, in southeast, texas he's being greeted by texas, governor, greg, abbott. The governor was in the area just a few days ago letting us know that he's throwing all of his support. Behind, southeast, texas, and, will be ready and willing with all resources, that we need. And there he is chatting with the president. Surely letting him know what the current conditions, are. And if you look really closely guys just behind, governor greg abbott that senator ted cruz. Saw several, texas, leaders. Converging, on orange, this afternoon. In order to get a briefing of what's happening. Lay eyes on the scene. And make some. Action, plans, as it pertains, to recovery, efforts to get us back on our feet. Again a very historic, storm that we're dealing with uh at its peak more than 90, 000 folks were without power. Early estimates. Saying this storm could cost us 25, to 30, billion, dollars. Per accuweather. Analyst, so this is definitely, something that's going to be a low and slow process. But as you can see, our top officials, are here boots on the ground and ready to get to work. If you're just joining us to let you know, president trump has landed at the orange county airport, to get, a briefing, on the damage left behind, in orange county.

Due To hurricane, laura a category, 4 storm. That has definitely. Impacted, this area taking the the brunt of the blow here in southeast texas. Team coverage, from 12 news reporters, mike candelas. And jordan, james. Thousands, of folks in our area without power right now. Lots of wind damage, across, orange county, and the president is here to talk to officials, to figure out what we need and how, he can assist. Earlier today the president was in the state of louisiana. Definitely, the hardest hit area lake charles where he was able to meet with governor, john bel edwards, and senator, john kennedy. To assess their needs as well we, saw, the images, coming out of louisiana. And our hearts just ate for our neighbors. Because we've been in their shoes before, so now it's our turn, to lend a helping, hand. That starts with the folks in orange county, just making sure they can get back on their feet. Jordan james can you hear. Us. Yes i can hear you all right we're looking for a little crowd. We're looking for a little crowd response, jordan the president, now on the ground speaking with governor greg abbott accompanied. By senator ted cruz and i know folks were cheering. When they finally, saw him uh step off of the aircraft, what are they saying back there. Yes i mean. People out here are in awe of the president, being here as you mentioned is not every day that you see president trump, come to your hometown. This is truly, is a family affair from little babies, here. Several generations, of representatives. Represented. Here today, for president, trump's visit like i said for the most part everyone's, excited, and as it, has, boosted the morale, across the area following hurricane, laura. And about how far is he from where you're standing jordan can can you see where he is. Yes i'm actually not too far away from the airport, uh security, is pretty tight around here so they kind of they kind of were putting folks off on the side of the highway, as, motorcade, prepares, to uh, leave, the airport, so i can see, marine one from my vantage point i'm on the outskirts. Of the airport. And again in that motorcade, he's going to be accompanied. By orange county judge john gauthier. As well as senator ted cruz we also saw, texas governor greg abbott there meeting the president, as he landed at the orange, county airport. Uh mike canizalis. Are you with us. Yeah dj can you hear me, yes mike i can hear you just talk to us about the please. Can you hear me. It's funny that you mentioned that because i did i did have uh, you know one once, older, lady that did come up to me and say you know mike you know i know you're from 12 news, you know this is my first time to ever actually see a president she's actually it was in her 80s 80s so she's very excited. Uh, she actually came up to us actually you see the shot that darry had up but no but to reiterate, everything. James. Just said it really is a family atmosphere, for the most. Party. They've, they're all outside of orange county, and none of them had any damage but they just want to take a glimpse of the president because this could for them be a once-in-a-lifetime. Opportunity, and hopefully it is a once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity especially with, coming here. Due to the hurricane. Damage but like i said everybody that i've spoken to so far, they're ecstatic. Until he also leaves well. Absolutely, mike as we can imagine, and you say you know hopefully, this is the last time we have to have a president, come. In order to tour, hurricane. Damage. This is definitely, something southeast, texas. Has experienced, before, in terms of having to. Jump into the rebuilding. Process. And we're glad we have the support that we need to get that going hey little buddy there on our screen we love our president, is what his sign, says there. Um. Something to keep in mind folks we still have two weeks, until hurricane, season peaks. So orange county. Feeling. The effects of hurricane, laura. But we just want to continue, to hold our breaths cross our fingers. That this will be the last. That we see this season of major damage. Lots of folks in that area mostly seeing downed trees because of the winds they're also seeing, power outages. Right now we're watching as the motorcade. Takes off from the airport. Heading through the streets of orange county. For the president to be able to see with his own eyes.

The Damage. That this hurricane, left behind the motorcade, about to make its way in front of the crowd, and i'm sure we're going to hear lots and lots of cheers you see the cell phone cameras are already out folks want to just capture this moment. To have for themselves. Let's listen. In. Okay just want to give you guys some background, if this is cutting in and out a lot of the cell phone towers, are down. In that area because of the winds, so if you see the signal get a little shaky. That's what's going on. So we'll try and give you the information, as best we can, with the resources, that we can. As the president. Prepares, to make its way through orange county to assess the damage left behind. By hurricane, lora, a storm that's projected, to cost. Anywhere between 25, to 30, billion. Dollars. There folks phones, in hands, ready to press record. To get a glimpse, of our commander, in chief. You hear the cheers there as he gets closer. Usa, chants there we want to give you a quick update on power outages, across southeast, texas as we prepare to, see the the president's, motorcade, come through. There it is. President, trump. Accompanied. By orange county judge john gothier. Along with texas, senator, ted cruz, in his motorcade. As he prepares, to tour damage, across, orange county. And we do want to extend our apologies, as the shot does continue to freeze just a bit again some of those cell phone towers. Have been a little shaky. Post the storm as you can imagine lots of power outages in the area we just mentioned 40k. In orange county, with no power, as it stands. So it's tough to keep those shots up but we wanted to make sure we were able to bring you that particular, moment. The president, now, in orange county. Folks waving their flags cell phone videos, out. Passing, the expo, center. And supporters, lined the streets. And again this is all a result, of that monster, storm, hurricane, laura that approached the gulf coast just a few days ago making landfall, as a category. Four hurricane. Top sustained, winds of 150. Miles per hour. One of the strongest, to make landfall. In the united states of america, folks. Forced 1.5. Million folks to be under evacuation. Orders across. Louisiana. And texas, just goes to show you, the sheer magnitude. And the impact of that storm. All right the motorcade, has passed folks look like they are packing up. And heading out. And there's jordan james he's working on fixing that shot for us. Jordan can you hear. Me. I think i can hear you all right just talk to us jordan the scene. Go ahead jordan. One moment. Can you hear me one two three four five six. Yes we can hear you go ahead jordan. All right so right now i'm joined with some trump supporters, as you just saw his motorcade, just passed by uh orange county airport. So, if i get your first last name my name is anita, campbell. Just tell me your overall thoughts on you know president, trump coming to orange. I love it i love it i'm so proud that he came down here. To support, everyone. And um, he's doing a great job, and. Go, trump. You know he's here. Were you impacted, by laura. My daughter, she was a little bit but uh other than that we got out never came back, everything was fine, so. But i feel sorry for all the others that were in packs, so. I'm glad he came down to support. And. Help everyone. What does a visit like this do for the region with the president coming down here to orange. I believe it does a big help because uh. At least he's there to support, everyone. And help out and, uh. We just. We need the help down here. I mean they've been through so much here in louisiana. Till, i'm, so happy, and fortunate, to have a president, to come down to support, us, yeah daisy, as you just heard folks out here say that we need the help following hurricane, lore, as you can see president trump's visit definitely means a lot to folks out here, across orange county, back to you. Thank you so much jordan so right now we do know that president, trump plans to be, in orange county for about an hour and a half where he will, talk to officials. Be able to survey the damage that's left behind and just get a feel for what our needs are. What are the resources, that officials are looking for from the federal government. Do we need any assistance from fema boots on the ground, uh housing, needs do we need food do we need supplies, these are all things that they're going to map out. Before the her, before the president rather, heads back to lake charles. And then back to the white house so for about an hour and a half we'll have the president. Of the united states, in orange county. Taking a look at what was left behind, by hurricane, laura category, four storm that touched down. Across, southeast, texas. We do want to continue, to reiterate, the fact that if you are without, power, in the area. Be careful. With the use of your generators, we have.

Four Confirmed, fatalities. Due, to hurricane, laura not because of the storm itself. But because folks were using generators. And ended up being poisoned. From carbon, monoxide. So please. Stress this to your family. And to your friends. That if you are going to use these don't put them inside of your homes, don't put them in your garages, they need to be outside, in an area, where you have some ventilation. These are photos. From lake charles earlier as the president walked through the streets. Lake charles definitely. Taking the brunt of the blow, from that category, storm, that came raging through. The gulf coast, so we're waiting. On updates as the president's, motorcade, just took off, from the orange county airport, here in southeast, texas he'll be here for about an hour and a half, he's joined with texas senator, ted cruz. Along with, orange county judge john gauthier. And they'll be giving him the latest information. As we have 40, 000 people, in orange county without, power. Lots of downed trees, damages, to businesses. And homes. And now it's time to get on the road to recovery, and the president, is here to see how the federal government. Will be able to assist. With that. Process. We will continue, to have our crews. Across, orange county. As the president, is in the area to give us the latest information, you saw there were supporters. All across, the expo, center. As the motorcade, took off, from the airport. Waving. Their united, states flags, they had homemade, signs. Welcoming, the president. To orange county. Cell phones, out, so that they could document. This particular, event. Just a sense of hope just, just to be able to get a glimpse of the commander, in chief to know that he's thinking about the area. And we are at the forefront, of his mind, as folks are working to pick up the pieces. This storm definitely, left behind tons of damage, as we've mentioned, orange county taking the brunt of the blow, which is why officials, have a curfew. A 9 pm to 5, a.m, curfew. In orange county. If you decide to come back you have to be prepared. To be self-sufficient. The resources, just aren't there just yet. To be able to make sure that folks have what they need and in the event that someone's hurt they're injured. Grocery stores, aren't, up and running just yet, because of power outages, or lack of supplies. So, 9 pm to 5 a.m curfew, across orange county. If you decide to come back you've got to be self-sufficient. If you haven't come back yet just. Really consider, staying where you are staying put for for another couple of days give those crews. Time to clear the trees, out of the streets to get that debris. Picked up and of course those entergy crews, that are working to get the power, back on, as 40 thousand people remain, in the dark at this hour. Mike canazales. Has been on the ground for us he was at the airport as the president, landed. And mike are you with. Us. Can you hear me. Yes i got your mic can hear me now. Can you hear me, yes mike can you hear. Us. Mic check mic check one two. All right checking one more time mike candizalis, can you hear us there can't hear anything. All right folks we're gonna give mike a couple of minutes to get those audio, issues worked out again he is at the orange county airport. Where president trump just landed a few minutes ago. He was joined by orange county judge john gauthier. As well as texas senator, ted cruz once he landed at the orange county airport. He was met by texas, governor, greg abbott. They got into the motorcade. Made their way through the streets were met by folks cheering, and. Clapping. And taking photos, with their cell phones. And now they're headed on a tour through orange county to assess the damage from hurricane, laura, he's expected to be here for about an hour and a half so a pretty quick trip. And a lot of that is probably due to the fact that we're seeing. Wind damage, and power outages. Across, orange county as opposed to storms, in the past where we've seen, lots of flooding, and those types of issues and so, when you think about what we're dealing with now, versus what we've had to overcome. Because of past storms. We're really breathing a sigh of relief. But now, uh. We're going to go ahead, and bring you back to your regularly, scheduled, programming, if you're watching, us on abc. Or nbc. If you'd like to continue, to watch our streaming we'll be, on 12 news now dot com. Thank you all so much for tuning in and we'll have the latest information, on our, broadcast, later this.

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