Prophetic Prayers for September 2018

Prophetic Prayers for September 2018

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You. His. Work within us a man thank you sweetie, amen, and so he confirmed his work within us in often times is confirmation. Amen. Through others, amen, so just stay on your assignment, and many will be blessed, by the words that God gives you so, it's kind of twofold blessing. Yet today what God has for us, hey man remember I told you all that God led me for the month of September, we will be, speaking. On the fruits of the spirit and, I'm going to obey God, so I'm gonna be strategic, and British, at this afternoon. Amen, I mean many of you in many different times ship him and depending on where you're located I'll say cousin wanted to something good afternoon, to others and, many that's after noontime here in the state of Florida, is toward 25, p.m. Eastern Standard Time so, god bless you, wherever you are but, our God has still, been dealing, with me on a twofold download. Super portals of heaven and, it came from whether he forgetting to speak to my heart about the weekly shows up and really believe Naomi was with me on the worship a, man. I really. God bless you man I got David you and your wife is a blessing, to me as well, amen, hallelujah. And so God yet had been, speaking, to my heart as an intercessor, and he, began to say daughter he says worship is the language of the intercessor, and guess, what worship, and I spoke to you last night worship, is the access, or the opening, that is literally, the teach what God gives us in hiring Angela, Toria the, tease is the access, through worship it unlocks. Amen the doors it unlocks, a meander Williams of the heavenly, because after tapped into from the earth will into the dimension, of the heavenly, say man and so, worship is the access, to the doors of the kingdom, amen, and then God allows, you open, access so, that you can go in as a petitioner. Amen praise God on behalf of the individual, that you're praying for that, you look I need some more people that she has promised, you this is a prophetic message this morning or this afternoon for. Us come on come on come on and cut it in I see to the roadside as I see the dog. Yes, thank, you okay, Bob I cheated an old tire glory. Be to God, hallelujah. Thank. You Jesus glory. To God so I must be : worship I must, be called weeping, I must be contravariant. Latoya. I must be called levitating. Before God I must, be going to fruitfulness, of God I'm just hoping the cultivated, nation real quick oh you're thank you God so when you hear me I'm gonna try to bring it all together Solaria. How do you thank your God I can just talk on one subject because, God is speaking and, then through multiple. Streams. Through the Prophet, I share, the Rose how you I knew we all say I want to be a multi-streaming, right now y'all there Oh your time, s isn't strange for my family, but let me tell you one thing about a prophet, a so, God. Can speak through the pores of your ear gotta, speak to the porters of your I Latoya. Hey. Co-wrote, hiya you don't just have one word however, God, speaks multiple, messages and, a government. Amw it were collaboratively. Circle. And come together for, the vision, of God's, people, hey baby, to the love of God God, gave me a new word last night and, he, said Syria totally. And Paul Dave the intercessors. In decision and that's when he knew Jeremiah. For he, was a man on the scramble. Of the book of lamentation, come on here hey, Coco those high-tech. Total, Shia God is calling us illunga in this hour so that we can plow steady clear right out charm, of how tentacley, write the parables, on the tables, of your Hodja Amen in the world within us will, touch the hearts of unbelievers, and the won the, hearts of those that have been, they. Make that a mentor discharge, right. And the, words that he gives us from the parables, of the heavens how you will cause those they meant to be pretty modest change in their lives right. Hallelujah. Jeremiah, he levitated, a man for Judah, hey and Jerusalem glory. Be to God means that he wished. Well hey. God bless you properties, page and listen tingle one thing about Jeremiah. Hey, God, showed me last night how, he attacks your God he begin to say severe, he said look at this huh, hallelujah. They didn't just call quick a number types of mourners, yes, he weak come on here that's why he was known as the weeping prophet. Yes. Got y'all caught he cultivated, he, was a living, prophet hey. God, he has became, professional. He has became persistent. Glory be to God so guess what he did to Elijah Jeremiah. Began, to tap into something, that the Prophet, Jeremiah you're saying Samuel.

I Met Samuel amen. How do you know you're right this was it imma let you stay with me but I need you to come in agreement with me if not I got it I gotta tap you out okay oh yeah thank you God I will not be distracted, this morning, your chapter no no okay, come on one accord with me I would not be too shocked but I won't on the block I want you to catch the word if you listen you will reach the benefit, of the word of the Prophet amen. How we obtain to Jesus, probably the guys pick. Me I'm gonna try not to block you come on come on come in agreement hallelujah. I commend your spirit to coming agreement however you listen kingdom have you attention Jesus, Oh what, happened, in the book of Samuel, the second, second the book of second, Samuel have you thank y'all intercessors, pray okay see anytime a puppet has a prophetic, word the enemy doesn't like it and he tries to send the spirit of distraction. But we won't be distracted okay I believe God has a word for the one that's trying to distract me but here it is remember. In the book of second Samuel the fourteenth chapter and, listen, at what he said a man Latoya, that the purpose, Chanyeol it said this that he began the shameful professional. Mourners, because, either one can go before the presence of God remember. In the Old Testament only, when they were bow before in the tabernacle. They would have to have the priest go on their behalf, hallelujah. Thank you God there you go thank you prophetess, and, so they had to booty and only through the preacher but we no longer have, to go into the preacher. Now because we have an advocate with the father Latoya. And what God is singing, I don't need anyone, or just anybody. Born into, my presence, but I need somebody that's professional, I need somebody that's precise, and I need somebody I don't mind wailing, morning, amen. In my presence. So. Jeremiah, Cole for the weeping in the wailing, a men, women the Connie with. Hallelujah. A type of professional. Mourner. That's what they used in the Old Testament, don't. Have been my client, at funerals. God bless you hello, hello hello that you tell you how, we got that - that you confidentially I now, get what I'm saying are we anybody, can you should be glad that God has called you as an, intercessor to pray and to war amen, it's a special, place to be in the presence of God and man hallelujah. Tension Jesus, glory to God yes. Lord thank you Jesus God, bless you God bless you hallelujah, thank. Your father show amen, it's in the book of checking shammy on the fourteenth chapter and, I may go there I'm just gonna going through it amen hallelujah, so. Amen. In other words when God calls Amen, people to intercede, and to pray and, then he knows because your heart has to be like he is and then your heart has to beYOU have a nemesis, I have to have the heart of God, rhyme, with Amen, thank you Jesus, Oh Amen, praise God thank you all for being here I thank you hallelujah.

Thank You Jesus hallelujah, god, bless you god bless you, hello. Hello God blessings to the kingdom how your father in Jesus, name we thank you this morning God, this afternoon, I'm so used to friend in the Moi's but so God be the glory, father. We thank you right now in Jesus name Oh God we I still got to let your blood prevail this afternoon, with father we pray we actually, got to let your blood cover dish cold and then this broadcast, today father I'm asking, you God why'd you by your mighty hand problem. That you've been they take for us O God because you're being dictating, God thanks you dish after noon father because your glory as your wonderful, and your magnificent. Father and, the by the name of Jesus, Oh God father I play now in Jesus, name that your will will be done done in Jesus, name agitation, urge it will also be how are you in heaven father and God agitation, heaven it will be shows on the earth father in Jesus. Name that your will be done father, in the name of Jesus, God thank you right now God that, you remind you guys that you're powerful, diving, Jesus, name and that life and death is in the power of, the tongue and part we rebuke and we bind anything that's not like your father, and we caught that easily speaking now in Jesus, name over. The hearts of your people now, in Jesus, name probably, coming your and so we come in agreement now on this Pope father next every inertia, is covered by the Spirit, of God in, Jesus name, everything might experience, a reptile, demon, every which cloud every warrior spirit. I feel free now out of your presence, father we rebuke and we find every distraction, in the name of Jesus, or senors Elijah you filed demon, from the pits of hell we catch you out now, and father you said in Jesus name what sort of we find on earth you, are bounded in heaven and what's wrong we lose showing, us your looser than ever and probably now we thank you for losing deliverance, upon the people of God on this coat this morning this afternoon in, Jesus, name safety, pollution, healing, and deliverance, and salvation father. In, the name of Jesus, your great gun thank, you today rocket your it was shot down thank, you God that your God Almighty, thank, you that in Revelation, you say you're the first arrest the beginning at the Hannah so your tent your garden at your guard oh my overall, Michael, your Almighty, God your all-powerful, your, authenticity know God your own now presents, a few guys that you're homeless Shama. Let your the Lord that is there now in Jesus, name yes God we're I'm black magic, voodoo in, Jesus, name Oh God every, demonic, spirit, I got try to set up blocks and hindrances, Oh God and set up chops against us now we in Jesus, man yes God we overall we overturn. Any assignment, of the enemy, now well it is our now lady is so pleaded and it is boy now in Jesus, name well father this morning we proud come with a we've been unaware them in Jesus, name in the spirit Oh God, father, Lord, God I thank you now God, what stirring up my spirits, on the inner man and you said weeping may endure for a night but joy, cometh, in the morning father. Thank you know that will make lamentation. Before you father that will weep and will cry, God it will will and travails, father in Jesus, name that there will be persisting. In season, and out of, season in, Jesus, name let the will of you go forth in our life for God in Jesus name, father. 42. Verse 3. Oh you that my tears have been my food and, nighttime father were thinking now because I speak, to you in worship, I'll teach speak to you in prayer probably. Thank you for the life that you use your Hannah as an exemplification, for. Also guided believe my father that, Hannah waited, on you huh father her life was worship, how her friend was worship, my belief. Was worship, mahalia, tell your father that, she knew that you could do with God that, you said is anything, too hard for you God and we thank you that's even in our life when it appeals to be there and drop that, you've appeared to be no and border, but we thank you now God natural. Fruit for God would, say Noah according to Galatians, 5 in 22, so, your sense your Holy Ghost and fire thank.

You God that your good daughter, thank you God let the Spirit of God manifest. And grow its energy God, we commend the season, in a month of September, of prosthetics. Marker number nine of order, and full finish in our lives yes god I thank you now because you're gonna begin to bring o God, Saints your father hey. God, let me get the scripture for you on Galatians. Having, 22 over. Our life we speak that now in Jesus name hallelujah. Glory be to God with, the fruits of the spirit is Lona, thank you Father for your love now thank you God that we shall render to your real in our life I let your love cover our time you say your local, authority, covers a multitude of sin, and Florida Thank You Now God for the love of God being, dispersed, throughout this nation father, we ask you, now we're, gonna do this for your glory and that we are loved, I love, about that will love our children Oh God even when they say all many evil, against, Garza and that we may catch other mark you and say God Amen, that God doesn't exist we, come at this ever power demon, that type of common guess it's the parent, I feel the Holy Ghost had. A little shattered I see little China may that spirit be uprooted. I how are you painting now God and, then we come edition now I'll, bring the blood of Jesus I give shit now I've been that's why I know what I'm talking, about, sometime we can raise our children up and Ghana and they can become as powerful children. But I'll bind that spirit now, in Jesus, name but God will continue to love them through the good you all don't sort of bad and we command that sweet like Nana god Ava we come man - fear within them they'll come back to Jesus they'll. Surrender, and come back, your, prodigal, son returns back to the Father and we call back our generation. We, call that time sons and daughters now and Jesus, Nana thinking, of with those fruit fruit of the spirit of joy thank, you God that you are joy you, are a bitter pressing, up in a time of trouble, thank you God that you're the center of our joy house thank you God that the joy of the Lord is our strength, father we ask you now to give this world joy got, remove the sadness I need to have a heart so god yes, Carter, you'll know some guns huh your glorious. God thank, you for pizza, we talked about the food Charlottesville, huh thank you for PETA, yes Carthage, is a holy soul Norma you are our pizza, yes God thank you for the peace as a path all understanding. Oh. Mama. Hey Cory that's, kind of somebody said peace thank, you for the pizza, how are you over our families, I thank you for the peace over, the teen or maybe met a technical, foul demon, I tell you we burned up the spirit of distraction. Well. That's. God peace peace, peace steal, clothes, either God or wherever. Trial, over every termination, yes God peace over the marriages, peace in our homes, come on your peace in our manager, hallelujah. Jesus, name that's a whole bunch of Loma oh you are, our peace Oh God when, my tried, to go contrary and, think that God that you not move it but God we speak Pisa let the mind of Christ be also with us that, was he also in Christ Jesus I, can probably go turn my mom over he was a movable, unshakable. God how he was uh he. Was rooted, in the word of your father that was the rule a shelf in your works however when he never dinner was the word the, Word was with God and the Word was God and. The same word yesterday, sir is today and forever more, thank you Father for the proposition, morning. I hear a voice Anna, this is a month of season, this is a season, when he's going to begin to stir all the bunch hallelujah, and I'm getting lost Anna, oh you're painting Jesus receive it now said god I speak, to your bed now how do we get to the soul being of who you are my, body, soul, and spirit active.

This Time in. Jesus, name catching, somebody I, receive, it I'll take God, hello, China and, I come help us out of you right now how, are you thank you that Amos 3:7. With, blood Joe life tell me that God will begin to unveil, to do the mysteries, of the gospel, and he'll begin to reveal to you the dreams, and visions, how do you thank your Holy Ghost and fire hey. Can, I see the whole tour he kind of a noisy, little shyer yes, God thank you Father thank, you now God for, revelation. Thank you for clarity. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for knowledge, thank, you for excellent, spirit thank you for the dangles, ha and Daniel, or until, a low chair I'll create, a work through the pallet, in a minute, if you're no man I feel God's and, men, of God arise Daniel. Women, arise. And Daniel, my, supporter, of higher arrive, and, test at Daniel's of ninety now in Jesus, name Nathaniel, Willy never sets up Daniel, was consecrated, Daniel. Was commissioned, by God my, so-called alongside if, you know Daniel, God said to Daniel Holloman. Oh sorry I gotta take you there. Somebody. Catch Daniels r19 I receive. It I receive, it I receive. It and I'm gonna take you to what I'm talking about woo. To find out last night but, I ain't have time okay, whoo I get illegals, yes cut take your father best answer hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hey. God thank you for the damage I'm owning up and the people of God you're starting Jesus name and that's what God was saying how, do you want to call the to a higher pleasure you can eat of every table have, you thank you Jesus, right you cannot be a much everybody. Oh you gotta be careful who their inner circle is how, do you remember right tapas came there was a time when they had to go into the inner portion until, the presence, of God have you thanked your father and even forgot to take us into the inner Porter, how are you thank you Jesus, queues meeting them honey, honey. Have it it'll shatter those tire and guess what come on here in order to go into the inner core's I hear, the Lord saying we, must how the hey man here's a man appetite. He cannot take us into a higher realm and dimension, of dreams and visions, and all these pleasures in our appetite, a man has not been some volatile, who he areas even remember, on the closer I remember, when baby how, do you think about Amen thank you Jesus, remember, when Jesus was on the cross and, they tried to give him vivica, hello buddy understand, Daniel from it he understood, this right here people didn't say that's what hallelujah. I searched. Already. The God Jesus, begin, to plot out an, annotation, before, the mall and I feel threatened prejudge a Sangha, come on here night your paws up glory be to God thank you and I remember, when Jesus was saying to the primer he said I thirst Tanya but she thought, that he wanted a meal, she told they wanted to drink what they had but.

Listen Here he, will say, for. My father and, my spirit, is crying out, long and so here I wrote my father, glory be to thank, you I want to be reconnected, back to the Father, I searched because, he remember what the father said, that goes at hunger, and thirst after righteousness they. Shall be filled. That's. What he was saying, I've, said it all time I'm, finished empty, right now hey, cut it I see the roads taya and Matthew right Tanya, he says this either. I love, shopping I had to say my, God my God why have you forsaken me. So. He was flying out feeling, the backup god I'll, do your time walking no more that's, what God is ten push-ups young but I feel, you want with your food sugar dust well I'll fill you up with my love I'll, fill you up with my words how, do I know your taste in Jesus, God bless you pass the nose let me find it funny what God said to Daniel. Halu you never can measure relations. My. Sweetie turn right to it from there I sometime, I'd be going showing the prophetic I couldn't find the. Passage for you here it is I think that you're too how, do you paint your God then, the King made Daniel a great. Man how, we engage him. Many great deals and made, him ruler over the, whole province of Babylon how, we add the chief of the governor's, over all the wise men hallelujah. Thank, you Jesus hallelujah. Paint. Your father whole long there's another one thank. You Jesus will, always be the guy that I really want to give out to you all about Daniel, how, do I think it's time you. Already took the whole energy little science, Thank You Holy Ghost in fire, thank you Jesus but I'm a-gettin player and that's what God was saying amen. About Daniel, how little you painted Jesus, Holy, Spirit leading me hallelujah. Chenine, how. They lujah thank, you Jesus, glory. To God hallelujah I, kind of get it how, do I hope I can catch you before I get off of here but the King, Nebuchadnezzar, beginning to say about Daniel, he said yes well there's no one like Daniel, how do you because of his excellent spirit, amen yes, creating, the scholar clean heart and renew a right spirit in. Us I begin to read it last night I gotta get it for your change oh you're tainted geez but I want to take up our time a prayer a membership. Between what the Holy Ghost want me to get over how, your pain to Jesus, glory be to God so, we think they're not father that's your glorious. God thank, your father that's your wonderful, God and we receive the Daniel's are known to now father that dreams will begin to be activated, 24. People the law they didn't is free to me prophetically, and I heard the Lord chance who you think you're probably that many amen, dreamers of you all that dream and visionaries, associate, receive visions of the Lord the, Lord began to tell me to tell you all that for the prohibition worked out this year out that, he will begin to strategically. Give you blessings, s you my lips I have low woman a God he will begin to a man placed I taste and check your messenger place God thank you hey little shower check your message email please god Melissa Correa, volition, Kingdom the lobby didn't, tell me to tell you all that's. Before, this year inch out that, you'll begin to give dreams and visions, precisely, and then on your next move, for your business, for your family, for your marriages, and God's, sake don't you miss it don't, you miss it go to be to God people, speaking this hour and then praise God for the believers, glory be to God the Bible says in that power I'll speak, to you and this is the last hour this is the last quarter, of this year and, you got to know God the god of a beginner and the god of the last that's, what that invocation revelation.

And Even, in Genesis, he says that's what I am the first Underland, in other words what you say I am my word I am Genesis. And I'm revelation. And everything. Throughout how, do you think your woman of God then you'll go that's what I'm talking about come on come on come on that's what I'm talking about hey cutter that I cheated a little it. Cut it a little secret of the Lost Time, yes, God come on Mia motivator, hey that's what I'm talking about a pencil there you can catch it and get its money coach Gentile. Daniel, chapter, 6 in verse 3 Thank You Tanya blessings, beautiful blessed mother Lord upon you today and forever and it says then Daniel, he was preferable, Paul, the president, and that's what gosh I'll do for my papa's in this evening that's what I would do for the believers, in the shower, how'd it go matter and make if you just a general to, own the job, have you begun shaker poured into his word I'll see you at the highest even, every low position glory, be to God because you not only excellent, who you thank your God on a man job but you more actually, engineering, come, on here so Daniel, was even above and Spirit, of God before, God and now that we manifested. In the earth okay they're all Shia that's, what God is saying I'm, a business. Owner. Senor Peter how, you're anxious a business, owner in the marketplace. But that's what that's why I'm sharing to a time yeah hard said an old sorry let me calm down. You. Got to be a CEO in this city, hey kind of a nice little side - what - me and this is for you all 24 people many, have become a mental strain as the nose of, a prophet, of, the sermon in the spirit God showed me something, Oh your face your power and I say God what is this spirit, oh you thank your God he'll take it in a CEO position. He'll take it into the realm of the Spirit, I owe you and he'll show your other men's, matters you'll. Show your other men's business, I, say, yes. Can take you when they say guess what who won't take me booth but, i'ma tell you what we'll take you boo the Holy Spirit, we are so, his process. He don't make them the city Oh your, business, take. Autobots, higher your content properties kay I called, it come on here the God is saying daughter let, me reveal to you what disparity. Is I may, not all paid of the eye on the profit, College, where he said that's what he did well, it is it will, cut over the hole in the wall if. You think I had eyes of God what. And, God showed him how them is business. So, cold. A little stop, shaking. Shocker, shake, a little child, yes God checks them and, then, they become afraid, many. Will run from your gift and. Will you become friendly, thanks, to you as I'm 20, could you see the business. Come. On here God. Gave it to me and I shall take on a college, you. Say don't worry about it, they. Know you see them how. They lose so don't ever feel like you gotta keep mentioning. And, speaking. You'll get a drink, never - your. Visions, never danced that, word will continue, right probably there's no man here will continue to pick the heart of the believer. Hallelujah. Even, to conviction, comes in Judea, has a turnaround and acknowledge, your dream, and your digits, how, did who you thank you for sharing that with me thank.

You, How. Gods were never damaged right same, yesterday. The, joint it is Ruth house a little roadside, thank your Holy Ghost mmm, I finish Daniel six Holly had three what time you gave us a woman oh God Richard, and Daniel was reversed above, the presidents, and princes. Because. An excellent, spirit was in here the. Spirit of God hallelujah. And the King taught to, set him over, Oh real. Oh my goodness, that's a message by Jill. Yes. God hallelujah they, put them over the hole real come here yes just not a sim my room and God that's what God said yesterday he. Said severe he said with so many intercessors. Is honest, in my room I said come on God in child tell me he said sin my room it's only 100 your. Face of God but he said the intercessors, must happen to a promotion, place he said that's where the supernatural. Realm is he, said if you want another higher realm you gotta go and ask them so begins the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit the fruits of the spirit and then you got to go and take him out overweight, he says come on he said there's many just right now man many just four different diversities. You can't just say God I want to be the Prophet come here but give me just telling me give, me knowledge, give, me where's Tom hey kiddo, hiya, that's why he's a dreamer. No textbook for me and money house attention, love of money it's a rule of our labor but when you have multiple streams, through the Spirit, of God then, you did an excellent sleep he did get a whole real mother thing, the. Whole will come, on somebody shall receive the danglers annuity. And. I received, the Daniel's an auntie. Hallelujah. I received, the Daniel's our Norton that's, it, let, it flow to you. Hallelujah. Yes. Hallelujah. The Daniels, on auntie I receive, it father we. Shall linger now to your real father. Thank you now, hallelujah. Will never no more action of life before. You Father, hallelujah. Thank you Jesus hallelujah. Patient. Father and, one. More Kingdom. Hallelujah. Thank. You Jesus, glory. Be to God. Hallelujah. One more and i'ma show y'all something, hey, how, did a beautiful woman got Tanya Shaanxi with me can, you give me the scripture aware he began to tell the servant a man who said that he denied the food from the tomb how do you get Daniel begin Michelle is short to the king how, are you thank you God, he. Began their short till the king that guess what this is my meat, this is my meat if you can fit it funny how, they are doing - thank you Jesus hallelujah. Praise. God in a one get it cultivating, nation, gonna show y'all something. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus and, with our clothes on now there you go god bless you so much i receive the daniels are launching that's, it hallelujah. That. She had one more thing I'm gonna show you something okay. Hallelujah. I'm so stirred up in some time I can't see it it be right here in front of me how, they lose oh one more thing stay with me stay with me don't leave out I'll finish show y'all something what God did for Daniel how little your honey. My. Sweetie can you give it some time hallelujah. Hey was that Daniel, if. Then you're one in eight okay god bless you a little. Thank you Father how. They loo your things in Jesus day. Your. Book god bless you yes yes god. Bless you. Honey look at a baby is that you Nellie god, bless you want my god for coming in okay, that's it babies. -. Jesus how that shit god bless you so much you probably god bless you yes it says ok gang in the first chapter. Hallelujah. So but Daniel he proposed so, let's go back oh I'm, gonna show y'all something. Hallelujah.

Thank You God. Ok. Hallelujah. Okay it says verse 3 but busy. And the. King expect him to advance the. Master, amen, of his emails, that he should bring Amen, certain, of the children of Israel, and of the King sees listen. At this real quick word God showed me last night but for times sake I couldn't share it it says and all the princes. The, children, and whom blemish, but well favorite, and skilful and wisdom, and cunning. And knowledge, and understanding. Amen science, and such, all had, the ability, in them to, stand and the king's palace, and, whom, they may have to teach, Amen. Learning, the term of the Chaldeans. Amen, here it is now the team makes, a mess of an appointment, it says here the King appointed, them amen, a daily, provision, and. Then heavy about man's request right the request for men for, Daniel it says provision, of the Kings meat, hallelujah, and a one amen. Which he should drink so. Nourishing them three years and. At the end thereof they may shed before the Queen King, so, there was this Amen upon, it amen. The, appointed by the team for, them to serve Daniel, three years of the provision, of the kings mix and once, healthier, but here it is for Daniel begin to then say guess what I Know Who I am I know what I should put in my feeling, right how, your pension got this is why we say we must be careful in this season, what we've got Jess what we see them amen and what we fish off is important. To stay in the house of God keep your feet still in the house of God's right let's, go so listen at this this was being like it was so significant. When Daniel was stolen, and understand. Why, the lion. What is the lining of our life the enemy, as was a roaring lion seeking whom, he may devour. So the Bible indicates to, us that Satan. Lucifer the, adversary, is also, a lion it comes to roar and I like the, enemy, could not want, to go near me from song Daniel. Because, he was over different prey, I say. Close, seiyya, he was over different prey how, do you thank you God sheet along and was looking to play, prty.

Which. He he couldn't overtake him cuz Daniel had the meat of the word within him his life that came worship. His life amen wasn't his pet life was the last time, so therefore the light and didn't see him as a prey, vomit Agana. It couldn't consume him of the soul the spirit of excellence, within Daniel, cornea he was PRA, one, when, you live in as a rush now. Becomes Twitter. That's. What people in those for save. Just. Talking, and they say can you pray for me then. She put on you. In, distress of the phobia, Wow. So. Getting to shake. No. Thank you that's, not for me what. Sad impression, of us he, rejected. It you. Can't because of the enormity. Yes, rule hallelujah. Big John you'll be ejected didn't. Tell who Commission, youngest aid of a thing that knows, not of God he, rejected, it and, he said this is what I'm gonna shuffle this, is my request do, you mean more of him. Yes. God come on here you mean more of the love hallelujah. So here it is what then daniel says what he desires. Hallelujah. But daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself. Yes. In that good he's, annoyed about his, children we are the Temple, of the Holy Ghost, how do you think you got your Daniel say that's what I know who God is, I know what, he's able to do how do you think you've got you everything that we are Jude in my life and must exemplified. Christ, how. Do you guys what we said guess what potential. Body a living. Sacrifice holy. And, shut, them unto the Lord. So. He shall sacrifice. So. Therefore I can't consume, anything, if. They doesn't have anything to do with worship and if it doesn't have anything to do with the presence, of God even. That's, why sometimes Amen, we got to be careful who we communicate. With, conversation. Is important, initially, its. Employees. Conversation. Is important. Today I'm talking about what God is doing and, how you can a man ever base run another through the gospel, pray for you pray for me talk about the world talk about the scriptures talk about what God's gonna do call, me anything that speaks of the other than God and that is your power meant now. Your goal yeah so here it is i'ma try to give it to you Amen when he proposed, in his heart he said look leave your team how, we are servants, of the king, this is what I desire. Hallelujah. That's why he said Serena you can ask and it shall be given, yeah I don't matter if it's your supervisor, you don't matter it'll president, let's. Just say Obama come on here right how, do matter who it is, because. What God had for us because for us, sorry. Okay. Let me just move on. Yeah. Cody Holly listen yes, God but Daniel proposed Amen in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of, the Kings meat, it's, a difference, you thought it I did too yeah. He said yes you are give me a hey I don't want to a portion of your means, hallelujah. Because she already. Know but Nebuchadnezzar. So you can imagine how his heart was that's, why we can't feel of everything God, said to Ichiko what seed of visual and is. Equal open his mouth and he ate all the roles Oh God. Amen. Hallelu. He said show he said nor with the wine which, to drink how, he say therefore request. Of the Prince amen, other, things. That, he may not defiled himself. No. So he says now verse 9 I'll try my best to finish this for you now God had brought Daniel into, a favor and, tender. Love with the Prince of the email so he already was a man of favor, ok, so here, it is and the Prince so let me kind of move on so, here it is look I got think so he says he and the princess Amen of the King upsetting, to Daniel I fear, my lord, amen.

And The tea I fear, my lord the team who. Has a point at your meats he's avoiding your drink amen, so the shuttle begin to say guess what I'm feeling for Daniel, because you want me to alter what the King has commissioned. But. Think that's what Daniel says let's, move on down how, do you think to get this blessing anybody, how are you thank you God and I promise you I'm born somewhere. Hallelujah. Thank you hallelujah. So he said guess what you are endangering, me, Davis, and he said in my head so the king in other words he said I'm gonna get killed because, I'm not giving you what the king has permission, amen, and so here it is verse 12 this she, said proved a service, a b6, the change, and let, us feel close to eat, and water. To drink. Hallelujah. Thank you God and other, words here it is daniel-san. Complete. All that for now hotel posterior. Come on ten gotcha and never, pass prove, me this list and see also. How we're not open, the windows ahead. And, pull you out appreciate. I, love. God's, Word yes I do I know God's Word then you'll say the same thing or the meter that was within him except, to that, service, they say if you'll be till how there's all he said guess what if you can't tell me you shall, kneel and not, death. Put. To your coat I am, are they're so good my sweetie right here next to me close by I'm just better than sweeter than anything y'all, catch it well, she does yes a lot, about. A fifth in this morning with for Sylvia hey God, thank you, much. Sweeter home today y'all hold it it's sweeter than anything gets, weird like it. Catch. It catch it catch it out yes, no it blow it to God, that's it Daniel said prove me and that's, what God want to say to us for, the month of September and in this last corner he, said prove make this year, hallelujah. Don't get tired yourself even, with their tales of this world he, said but that's what if you fool me and my woman if you stand still you will see the salvation of the Lord if you trust me I showed you over to our out here your body it don't matter if they said you had Stage four, have your place out of west ever but you gotta trust him in the programs of the Spirit and go higher every day ramping, up your faith go deeper in the gospel, come on here how do you thank your God dishes I'm gonna take this sickness, how do you thank your God what the doctor said but we're going to leave the report of God's Word you do something spectacular for, God's four times come on here Daniel guess what he did he played three times a day one. For the party one for the tournament, for the whole eagle he understood, the God of the Trinity. Hallelujah. So here it is hang your speech life a little. Bit there you go thank you so much prove him. Amen. And the time that you're gone yet America. Hallelujah. Thank you God shall hear it here so amen, hate you go prove, that should I be sixteen he, says give me ten days, ten. Days. And. There. Will be a lot of clothes. Remember. We talked about if you look up the word posted represents, kind of like a porch. Of if, also I said something, like a lettuce it says my fruit it, was a dashed and well Daniels, very known and we take this from, Daniels, of Daniels, fast, Amen. Hallelujah, painted. Jesus okay so you look that word up but, you will see with Daniel fish alone there you go ten days double, come on to laundry hallelujah. A double, blessing a double. Grace have, your double, favor how'd, it lose your thanks you've got the number five is great so that's what God is saying double. Thank you so long to god bless you woman of God and forever in Jesus. Name thank you all for helping coach there, that outcome, consciousness, be looked up on before Dean so my dish is what he began to say many died a your like vegetables, fruit and vegetables. Amen hallelujah, and so then he'll go Daniel says to the servant, he said that's what our, continents, be look at compared. To those that eat no meat amen and drinking wine of your keys how do you think your God and so that's what they did, amen amen thank. You God so he concentrated. To them and this in this manner and prove them ten days how will you take the dilation at verse 15 Daniel, chapter 1 verse 15 says and at the end of the ten days their countenance, meaning, the outer appearance.

That's Why the Bible says God knows your heart or your face of God answered is what the outer appearance, but God knows the heart but, let me tell you one thing buddy Daniel Sesa how do you obtain to God their heart becomes, a heart of God and so therefore your heart begins to exude, on your our deterrence, pull a bit of that you want to know what I'm talking about. Oh you think you're not your hands begin to lift up and surrender and worship, you have to tell a person, that's been in the presence of God and it consumed the countenance, of the world, well his, word come when I say his countenance, you said how to make me write you create. In me a clean heart and, renew come, on you're a righteousness. Within P. Hypatia. You'll have to didn't worship service, and up till the worship leader kind of pump and plan you I'm. So excited today God now pray for me okay oh. Jesus. Oh God. Hallelujah. Play. For me okay praise, Jesus. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The Lord sent you I'm on my way to see uncle Anjali's whoo, Jesus. Yes, god I can feel God working me this morning, honey you don't know my way to see uncle yes God thank you Jesus who. God, hey. God thank. You. Yeah, praise hallelujah thank, you God Daniel go how, did you get your gold amen. So. What I want to say is this how, you can tell of the individuals, been in the presence of God that consciousness, is different, a man. Might never that's, what happened to Hannah and. Either. I thought that she was drunk in the spirit but. Hannah had been consumed, by the countenance, of the heart she. Went before the Lord in the temple, her life was worship, she. And have a prayer time but, it became her life hallelujah. Amen. Siliceous Daniel. Shares with us amen. How'd that cut his countenance, be getting the change he, says, excuse. Me it was Pharaoh and palace, luckily. It. Was fair and salad, and flesh then, all the, children, somebody, catch the word fat, how, do you paint your doctor I saw tonight, you know only this body, come on him I'm talking, about fasting. Dose hallelujah. Thank you God their borders, have begun to burrow hallelujah. Amen and increase. To your coasters. You then now eat the fat of the land, hallelujah. The good land as the Apostle John Etheridge states, how do you the overflow, come on here how do you thank you Jesus, hallelujah. Glory be to God and hid a revelation, of it Melissa, remember, when who was that Joseph he, interpreted, the dream how. A painter of God for federal, and he began to say peril, it's a ferrule he said amen he interpreted, the seven, see. What. Would they say I want to make sure I'm saying it correctly, the. Animals, a mass. Represented. Famine, a mess. Right, the. Fifth and what was the type of animal, that never that ferrell dreamed of and then the first seven would sing and, then. The second said to thank you Mary got the cows how are you thank you doctor seven four seven with ten the, second, said amen well fati. Pretty. That's. The finish I'm talking about the.

Fatness, In your finances, increase. Come. On I gotta help somebody okay, I was, blowing up then who said his kid was fair and satin. Come on here glory, be to God, yes Lord the cow okay yes thank you how are you so he said it appears South Carolina, and fatter, in flesh then, all the children he, understood, this way Amanda, please, Amanda, God desire, is more of the things of God in the worship and, in his presence, amen which deity the, portion, of the Kings me, amen. Excuse me and the smell basil, took away the portion of their me and the word that they should drink and gave them toast amen. Attributes. For children God gave them knowledge this. Is what folks want to say hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. Thank. You Jesus, okay, here it is in my closing table the, abundance. Yes. That's, that place of exceedance. Of bernalillo. That, we can ask for things now, furious, the Daniels, own or take over our life and over, this month of September, nearly put your names up real quick how, are you thank you God is just something that God does for me I like the comb out names, I believe in putting your names in the atmosphere, then I must say what I must say how your jets are overflowing Ephesians, 3 and 20 yes how, are you little tiger this is for you I must say it's a nail, god bless you at how. You say that on teacher, a teacher, how will you thank you so laundry hey Teresa. Rosalind. God bless you however, so here it is of the revelation, of what God Damon look learn you God bless you Pastor lining, amen the sale and David, Amen pastor knows Melissa, and Mariah and, then she'll be your George, amen and my family, your papa the story god bless you /, - never yes / properties, um amen praise God over, on. Me here it is this is a revelation of what God gave me and Theresa earlier he said as for the four children God gave them knowledge and. Apprecia. Yes, hallelujah. Amen. Oh god Desmond, how did it lawyer dr., Herbert doctoring, named Howie the PPM, good the cultivating, nation the twenty-eight people initially, and trees you're saying I speak, this this, is a prophetic word that God told me to give to you all let us call to the prophetic, you shall Excel and knowledge, halli deduced, of knowledge, that's one of the exams the gifts of the Spirit Eliezer. Daniel, he said look actually these four children God gave them knowledge Hillary, and steal and learn, it amen and and wisdom, and Daniel. Had understanding and. And all Thank, You holy sausage, when I had to give last night but I had to arm listen. Daniel. Had understanding, and. Oh somebody. Say Oh Brenda, yes some mom how, do you he had wisdom, in, all. All. Visions. And dreams. He. Won just a dream oh but he was an interpretive. Yet overladen of a life in Jesus, name yes. Amen, hallelujah, thank. You Jesus amen. Hallelujah. Thank. You guys okay. Let me see here, it, is also what I had to say so yes thank you all for putting their names and then your goal so verse, 18, sharp, it and have I get you would just read that three nights ago this confirmation. And I, say God you'll bring it out and do time and gosh it for the month of September, I speak, and I decree and I declare now and then that the prophetic room Amen, pretty shocked that you would increase and you're learning, excellent, spirit and knowledge, the gift of wisdom Amen your life will be more skillful in your gift oh yes, God in Jesus name your increase and learning, amen thank your father and any wisdom, oh you're thank you that the beginning, of a wisdom, is to fill the Lord, hallelujah so, for the month of September, and I'm a closing out with this i'ma go back in prayer here, it is right here Amen. Night verse 18, now the end of the three of the days that the King had said and the after the 10 days isn't, it please, yes it's 1:26, I'm worried there. Okay. - okay, yes sir pastor thank you now the end of the days that the King had shared that he should bring them in so here it is now Sarina after the ten days they go back before bikini, Amen able to measure listen, at what Nebuchadnezzar. Now says about the countenance, of Daniel, of obtain Daniel, who you remember, the servant feared for his life and Daniel. Told him he said we need that service and I thank you Father in other words here it is now manifested.

By The words of Daniel how are you thank you God that now good the team comes in and blesses, the continent, do what he see I say, the old tire so what he see through his eyes how. Do you take your father and I speak it sadly, now oh you're taking God that you have a blade of the summit in this hour yes how the day you'll go increase, the gifts of the sphere within everyone, under, the child in my bush even, our children how, are we that safe that they can help and tell and to other places and think that we don't know what had been but, through the eyes of the German we will begin to see how, do you remember the Word of God said behold God sees all things beholding. The good and the evil and, God gives his prophet and then the same eyes that he has through, the eyes of discernment amen I'm. So sure my god let me to give this to the Holy Spirit. Will. God thank you and the. King. Commune. With him he speaks now. Among. Them all was, found. None like, Daniel. Any. Man hello. Hi say Hananiah. Mishael, and maja, the he. Said the arm a bell. For story they. Before the king and, all. The members of wisdom, here, it is him. And you receive a cylinder I do too and all, manners, of wisdom, thank. You God and understanding. That, the King inquired. Of them he, found them ten times better. Hallelujah. Then all the magician's, the astrologers a. Man, Olga. That. Was in all, his, ring. Amen. So here it is and Daniel. Continues even. Until the first years of chaos. Amen. Melissa. Now hallelujah. So, Daniel, a man how did he hide wisdom and more understand, and the, word says father and Christian. Us there, was wisdom, knowledge and understanding in, his word right how are you thank you God and that's why you have to be in your lips a man, if you the Prophet shake Father amen, make me authentic and the change of youth yeah you know imma hit it remember. Here it is when God bless you Kenya god bless you thank you for coming and blessings, to you of the Lord hallelujah. So remember, Daniel said how you give me ten days right. For 10 days and serving was to give him a mental meat and a wine of the King how, do you ever daniel said this would still make ten days false, meaning. Give me fruits and, vegetables. Hallelujah. And that's what God look, how God women it did you ever change and cultivators. Or how we all came together a week or two ago and began a my dishes nonprofits. Mission let me show you how. God deals with our profit check, out a profit that comes to you on September 1st, hey can I have shit for a little time I'm excited and I'm going to see uncle, here, on North said check, out the Popish that you follow that, just gives you the word on September. 1st God deals, with a prophet before the first comes that's, a time and, then guess what I to do for the Prophet he compares it on the first he's on the 20th he'll speak on the kind of person, he'll speak on the pairs of welders on what he gonna do in September. Oh god, this because paint and he's, a god-awful time I, say. Take off those higher. Oh. No. Call top eight nine here. Suppose. Set. Your profits. No. Those that neighbor among view I see. People who found a profit on coming September, 1st and tell you what God said I'll polish I have a phone down and the mother hold us what, he's gonna do. Whoa. My. God, my God holy go speak to this. I. Give. You more net later come. On here, okay. It's, the first don't. Say the law perception, book, check. It check. It check. It. Hallelujah. Check it, tangible. Bit on the wall before the first we. Own the wrong so when God comes the Torah on the first how would you say well how God spoke that that's. Program, what, is property. Best. Present. And, future. Amen. Hallelujah. Yes. And I give you more than I give you puppies, to show how God speaks poker pain before, it came to pass, amen. Emulation. Ally my mother how, they go yes I didn't. Just give up topics I'm gonna go boom, baby, you know God speaks, to revelation, he give them time he, chameleon, with them the orders of God first and, then. God put it into a play he put it into a purpose, he fulfilled, the prophecy. Who, God look. How wise, God is, before, he even came, how, we gonna pop in Isaiah spoke, of his comment. John. The Baptist said he, said it best, how. This one that's coming out too many hey, god I got tired so when he showed up afternoon. At, the toilet and rebel, against, that what John was saying this, is he whom, I was helping them, not even where. Come. Get my home please, hey come on asshole. Oh glad. I got a word for profits I can, chase you teacher how to tackle profit. For. Size for. Time for, no fault, here it, check. The power that you promised wait and see November, 1st if, your pelvis can't tell you what they see for November, something, wrong, God. Now we'll deal with a profit, for the month of November.

Can't Even was torn into next year that's. Why he said in a Cigna, amen. We always tell him too long yeah. Your goal for Barry yes hallelujah. Taking. It to the Lord in prayer god you're an awesome guy hey, chica. I mean um yeah I'd say you spoke of the the birth of Christ, amen. He said one shall be born, and. His name shall be called Emmanuel. Real, bodies. With us, he's, a Maori, council. How, I got a video. Hi. I got over there hey how, I got over there come, on somebody please pull me out there you go he went before god bless you guys when LT went before, he. Talked about twice big date oh it, was okay please, Jesus pull me up pull me out look, pulling. Out Jesus. Pull, me out look for me out guys oh. I. Know it I know it, a man, named you reason ain't nobody standing man cuz you following a proper search just under your word on September, 1st however, your blessings Davis yes I know I know, ooooouch a man, prays guys stepping, on some toes right now hallelujah. Thank you Jesus I'm just and ain't gettin away man so now and pass the knowledge I know, hey. Man hallelujah. Mm-hmm, Thank. You G now is revelation from God yes, out Spence hey come. On oh, god, please got into pullbacks okay, let me finish Obama cause my momma closed. Amen thank you Jesus, thank you all for coming. God. God God Father, amen yes any. Men, that's. Why so in the pathetic, is good to study of you, yes goodbye many updates we, gotta study, the Bible checking - oh please yes please thank your Holy Spirit's, hallelujah. Thank you God here we go saying please yes how. Do you think she thought I left and final one all the word of the Lord amen hallelujah. Relations. In peace, hallelujah. To the lamb of God yes. Hallelujah I struck you I'm a man there you go there you go study, to, show yourself approved, a, man, and he I. Hate, to see tries us and he fools us a mentor, his word and you got to know your view started. Of your cultural applesauce study the Apostles, they meant after they will wit cash and became upon so study the life of the Apostles, after they would be ciphered in Christ amen, or they became up top so they man how are you thank you God do the package put on the prophets and study the prophets, when they spoke amen had this for windage, for when they had dreamed and how they disperse, those dreams they meant something they just prayed, over you, got the sturdy final prophet, that's where we said Pippi I'm sure find a prophet Amen that you so I guess what I like Jeremiah, amen. Hallelujah, some. About you got a chair my chair my Jenna and you get in that book and study Gemma and then, go to the source and best finish of the Bible fish and bookstores, and just yet a book on the life of Jeremiah, and then. You know exactly how, those topics flow, amen how, did who your guys commune with young before things took place and. Then a man. Hallelujah thank, you God Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Space-time. Ecclesiastes. Hallelujah. Thank. You Jesus. Okay. So much what Scripture was it happen all to 126. Was, it to 126, how did you sent your. Hallelujah. I've seen many come forward. And I've heard it and I've heard it I. Mean. Yes, yes, any man I didn't do him I think it was 20 $26,000. Thank. You Father have your way Holy Spirit, and Fire. Thank. You God I do a teaching on either side I can I can back it up in the word a man. Come. Home sometime I do my best not to speak something I haven't read up my studied up myself, a man, thank, you God for, God. Giving a man that is good in his sight wisdom, a man, and knowledge. And joy but, for the sinners he giveth travail, together. And say he broke that, he may yield to him that is good before God this, also is vanity and, vexation of. Spirit any. Man, yes Ecclesiastes. 2 and 26, amen hallelujah, for, God give it to a man that is good his son, in. His sight usually wisdom and knowledge and joy a man. Yes that's powerful thank you for sharing that person oh that's awesome, and the father in Jesus name I thank you for the word of the Lord I thank you for a time and I'll gather them together how, do you think you got to read of you to pray of your word father in Jesus name plan for the strength of each and every one thank you for the heart of, you thank you God come up with the word yes hallelujah thank you God and. I thank you today got that you embody God how didn't your father we thank you now that we receive a double portion of your wisdom father even the 10 days and even, that I heard the Lord say I didn't go back to and then thank your father amen.

Hallelujah. Holy, Spirit was given me something Serina voted, I was about the 10 days how, do you think your God and that s Alondra said the double favor hurry, that even God had bestowed upon, day, Daniel, earlier in Jesus, name that in 10 days amen, he began to exude, a mint Daniel and the favor of God a man because, there was none like him and we thank you God I hear the Holy Spirit's head just, like was as it was with Jesus, amen the God that we serve there's, none that can be compared, to him and I thank you Father we can't find another, that, would send his son though he did the ultimate, sacrifice no. One can follow or imitate, a minute, what God has already a, man did for us and this is what God saying amen 27, people I hear the Lord say it doesn't matter of your education. It does not matter even when I degrees, it does matter about certifications. What, helps elevate you into the realms of the Spirit, of God is, our heart, amen, it is our bigs before, God it is our life of intercession, it is how we tap into prayer so in the presence, of God mmm, oh yeah and there was none count like Daniel wildwoman, the God Serena because Daniel. He exuded, through the Spirit, of God and that's what God is saying that will begin to manifest over. Our lives, amen in Jesus, name how are you thank you Father glory to God thank, you Jesus hallelujah. Glory. To God I command, and I speaking I decree that it shall be sober your life and Jesus. Name Amen I, say to those times she could've. Roasted rose tire yes, God hallelujah. Thank, you plan to put up your personal prayer request real quickly for me how do you thank you Jesus put up your personal clever pitch if you're having it in Jesus. Name I paint it now God how, did we pull on your launching god we put on your presence, Oh God many got a message I'll fill up got hearts Oh God Oh your thank you like that we'll get back on your altar father God we will pick now father God we have not plated you have commissioned, us to because. Of the businesses, because of the attractions, of the day whether we actually took forgive us God Father we will be getting a kickback amen, to the horns of the altar and, Jesus, name is David said God use the Horn of his salvation and father God we thank thee now we were gentle blow through the trumpet, John we will begin to make a warrior's, cry and Jesus, name got good travailing, real well father and this seems it in Jesus name how, they move these are some scriptures I shared last night and lamentation.

Of Your limitations, three and verse 22, says hallelujah. Thank you guys that's, command, added comfort but you only got Latoya, we touch an agree Amen that the front that you are to receive will, come to you in Jesus name expedite. Ously quickly. And suddenly and change, the same so the repairs of your home can be tended, to father we thank you now for deliverance. In Jesus, name thank you now in Jesus name what, would be the God cover the woman of God without hallelujah. God I thank you now that you are mighty god yes, god I thank you know god you're going to do well in progress this quarter, in magnesia are you in school and Jesus. Name the annotation, says it is the Lord's mercy that, we are not concerned, how, are you in Jesus, name because. He has compassion, for, us, because. His compassion, fills not, however, there are new every morning and, great is your faithfulness, amen, in Jesus, name just, thought I'll pray for you in school I play that all things will come back to your remembers I play for your mind to retain a manga studies, and Jesus, name I pray for opening, of the mind in that ain't your guy that you can retain it and Jesus, name thank you for the acceleration, now in school, and college, father be the portion good, success, for the academically. And educationally. Father I thank you now that you said that that you wish them well that we prosper, and be in good health, father I've commend, and speak to the mind that the mind become, prosperous and the things of you got that it will motivate and, grow, I speak even to your brain my god, get your thinking will even begin to think at a higher level and, change this name just as a menu that's acting, per for school you know how you have those in college Amen k rights of your senses some are out of how your level the honors, a man how do I know what they told it but I pray that over, your God said speak to the cells of your mind and I thank you that that's how Daniel was he was wise he, was knowledgeable and, he was wise my, god, amen. Hallelujah, he, was wise he, was knowledgeable. Amen and he had an excellent spirit, in Jesus name yes that's real insisting in Jesus, name Amen, shanell I'm a play for you under God okay oh yeah I thanks in Our Father for the woman of God shouldn't I say to God for her coming in down in fellowship on with us today father, I thank you not for her daughter probably thank you now for all that you're doing you're welcome, I thank you enough for my to move upon this woman of God's life I thank you know that everything, doctor she's requesting, from You Father I commend, and Jesus, name that it be her portion now that, you're bringing her great she says father spiritually, and naturally, I asked, you guys to enlarge, your territory, I think they're now for her daughter God I thank you for the provision, that you're making on her behalf, and it is so now in Jesus, name Amen at less financially. Father I'm asking, you God in Jesus name, they'll meet that means for this woman of God now like never before but, I think you know they should wait for you guys tell you that she'll stay steadfast. I think they now she'll stand still and see the salvation of, the Lord in Jesus name I speak, to go see the normally gotcha yield that you be fruitful, and that you're multiplying the, things of that and everything that you put forth your hand to do for God that it shall manifest, and increase, so, Ranjha I pray amen, everybody. Put up some emotion Shailaja I want to say congratulations tips. Of laundry or please visit her page I let, me, get a napkin Kingdom, hallelujah. Amen. We must celebrate one another in Jesus, name social, Andreea now have Andria's baskets, and she had her first saint-lo, fell first, ordered this week and so we want to say congratulations to. One of the coats of Vegas Amen that God has started a new big business for Solaria, Halloween, and will speak a mint of the blessings, of the Lord over me and multiply. And increase, and, overflow, a woman of God amen, how do i speakin, decree in the play that you haven't seen anything yet how, do you think you'd like that God will take your mind and send you a whirlwind, a man, plays are just obvious more recklessness, alia thank you that you'll do for you and your children in Jesus, name how, did we are thinking that we want to say congratulations I. Pray over it in Jesus name yes, may explode. Hallelujah. And God gave McDaniel. How little your turn is in Daniel Amen when we do God the people were beginning to a mighty exploits, and, it says exploits, IV or, an i and many more especially. A man is a heroic act, and being a renowned, a great, noble, achievement. And exploits. A man, played God as a advocate, Alexander. Caesar, and the Bible, and that is what God said in his word that his people he was talking to Daniel that he will do mighty any great exploits, amen, hallelujah thank, you Jesus amen.

I Believe, in turn Daniel hold on and get it for you how they're not here the would say I met a man around, ministering, to challenges, Halloween a woman of God surround you and praise God hallelujah. Beautifully I'll give you the scripture how, do you think she dies a man till God be the glory and, that's what we are now and the forest, yes how, is it painted up hallelujah. Thank you that but the people that do know their God shall be, strong and, do. Exploits, Daniel. 11 chapter verse, 32, amen. Daniel, 11, and 3200, it was already right here in my vessel I mean. How, they really thank you God but, the first half of that shares and such, as do

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