Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death - Documentary

Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death - Documentary

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A. New. Psychological, study from the National Institute of Mental Health is this morning along this longtime site with, depression is growing wider broader. 10%, of women suffer from, this whistle. Normalities. And the neurotransmitters. Six. Million American, kids take prescribed, medication. But. Whatever criminal, is mentally, ill. The punishment, form of aversion therapy. Position. Is the prize before that is. Criticized, for. Everywhere. You look there, it is think. Psychiatry. Has nothing to do with you think. Again the. Whole field, of psychiatry has gotten into every, facet of your life they, basically. Believe, that, everyone. Is mentally. Ill you smoke to register disease. You. Have to inhabit a disease you're. To see it's a disease to, fail it's a disease where he's coming from these. Are coming from the minds of psychiatrists. That are dreaming these things up writing. Papers and get and getting published with their names on it calling. Creating these new diseases, first. He said that I had a TD then. He said that I was depressed, many said I might be bipolar but, I don't have a TD anymore and he said, you know I've been noticing, you and, I I, wonder, if you have it too what, they decided to set both my husband and my son had a chemical imbalance that needed to be corrected with a chemical. Balancer, there. Is not one shred of credible, evidence that any, respectable. Scientist, would consider, valid. Demonstrating. That anything, that's sick I'd force call mental illness are brain diseases or biochemical, imbalances, it's, all fraud, there, is no reliability, of diagnosis, and there is no science it's just pseudoscience. It's pretend science, this is one of the most open secrets. In all of America. In, the, psychiatric field, that. Nothing, nothing. Is. Being done this legitimate, and they're, billing for it. Psychiatrists. Claim that over 1 billion, of the world's population. Is mentally, ill. In the past thirty years they, have prescribed, psychiatric, medications. To, 543, million people and. Right. Now they drug 17, million, school children with, stimulants, and antidepressants. When. Recently, asked about the scientific, basis, of their profession, if those psychiatrists. Willing, to be interviewed, I offered, nothing but excuses. Psychiatric. Illness. Is. Not, really, a illness. Are, you. Evaluate. If someone, is cured or or sick cure, certain is something we look forward to we had no earthly idea how to accomplish we're, not good it's causes we don't know what caused mental illness, but. That hasn't stopped, them from pronouncing, themselves, mental, health experts, and treating. People against, their will and the. Results. This. Psychiatrist. Man. Who's supposed to work to heal, people has. Done nothing but destroyed, this man's life and in, destroying his life destroying. The lives of all, of his lovers excuse, me, they've. Damaged, and ruined my son and they've trapped him in a system, the. Way that they treated him and made him feel like. He was worthless, Ryan was being kept. Done and and, high on reelin, so they could make $2,500. Per month he gave me valium and. I. Got addicted to it it wiped. Out my life my. Life has been ruined. My. Joy is, been stolen. She was lying in there, she. Took two. -. Gasps severe and died right there in front of me, it. Is really, tragic. It's. Awful, and it's being done for money that's why it's being done oh it's gotta be in the billions I don't know the exact number but it's gotta be in the billions it's, it's, just unbelievable. This is so big that it's. It. Buckles, there might take. The human tragedy you have just seen and multiply.

It By the millions, in, the past four decades nearly, twice as many Americans, have died in government, psychiatric, hospitals, than, in all US wars since, 1776. Insurance. Companies, pay out 69, billion, dollars, every year for, psychiatric, services, doubling. The cost of medical insurance premiums and. While. Raking in over two trillion, dollars annually and psychiatrists. Cannot point to a single cure. Hard. To believe that's. Exactly, what they count on and as, we will show you it's, how they have been getting away with it from the very beginning. The. Roots of Psychiatry, have to do with control, power. And. Alienation. From certain, groups of people who were uncomfortable to be around they, were locked up in these places to get him out of the way the. History of psychiatry I think really is related to, institutions. Bethlehem. Royal Hospital in, London was one of the world's first psychiatric. Institutions. Commonly. Referred to as bedlam. The, hospital, was little more than a warehouse for, those deemed, mad. Inmates. Were confined, to cages and, closets, and animal, stalls chained. To walls and flogged, while, the asylum, charged admission for, public viewing in. The 18th, century William, batty was the first to promote that his institutions. Could cure the mentally ill, baddies. Mad houses made him one of the richest, men in England though, his treatments, were every, bit as inhumane. As those practiced, in bedlam with, not a single, patient cured, his. Financial. Success, triggered, a boom in the asylum business, and an, opportunity, for psychiatrists, to cash in on this new growth industry. This. Was an era where. On, both, sides of the Atlantic, specialized. Institutions. For, the mentally ill are beginning to be built in large numbers, those. Institutions. Date back. Certainly. To the beginning of the 18th century in a few cases even earlier than that. But. The explosive. Growth of an asylum.

Sector. Of, asylum, Domus some historians, have called it is very. Much a nineteenth-century. Phenomenon. It's, that period when the, state is. Persuaded. To invest tax dollars, in building these places. But. While those who ran the institution's were getting rich. Psychiatrists. Yet lack the credibility, to maximize. Their cash flow, in. Order to justify their profession, that they needed to come up with these biological. Solutions or. They didn't, in any profession, the, only way for them to solve that was to attempt to start. Believing. That, that. These people. That were suffering from emotional. Disorders, was from from a biological basis. Whatever, was done to make this person, more manageable. Would. Be simply called a treatment and the, sad reality is, that many, of these so-called treatments were in essence torture, the, near-drowning, devices. That were developed in this period for example must, have been appallingly. Frightening. For. Example, one device involved, putting the patient into a coffin, closing. The lid and dumping, it into a bath of water and, then, opening. It out and trying to revive the patient, but, there were a range of these things in the mortality rate was was, very, very high. Psychiatrists. Next sought to give credence to their practices, by cloaking, them in the language of medicine this, repackaging. Of treatment became, known as the, medical model, somebody. Who was really hyper and manic, if you're wrapped up in a cold sheet and dunked into some water you're. Going, to quit, acting manic. Because that's a punishing. Treatment. So, but as soon as the symptoms started to go away they started to believe that somehow by wrapping, them up and dunking them in cold water it, was draining. The toxics, out of their body so they, built the medical model around. Pushing. The biological. Theory, of mental illness a step further, an American. Benjamin, Rush put, forth the idea that. Insanity, was caused by, too much blood, in the head The Cure removed. The blood by, any means possible, restraint. Coldwater, bleeding. Even, terror, and with. That a new, medical, model was created. Benjamin. Rush was, probably. The most famous American, physician, of the Revolutionary. Era our, rush. Was known as the master, bleeder he, bled his patients, for madness he. Also invented, something, called the, tranquilizer, so a chair, that looks a little bit like an electric, chair the, patient, was confined, in, this apparatus.

Sometimes. With cold water applied, to his or her head for. Some hours at a time and Russian, ounces in a letter that he's invented, this new contraption, and dubbed it the tranquilizer. Rushes. Often, lethal procedures. Were detailed, in his 1812. Textbook, which, remained, psychiatry's. Authoritative, source, for the next 70, years he. Was so revered, that, in 1965. Rush, was enshrined, as the father of American psychiatry. On the, seal of the American, Psychiatric, Association. As, the. 1800s. War on psychiatry's. Mounting, failures, at curing madness, threatened, their financial, bottom line, forcing. Them to invent, new medical. Models the. Cures promised. When was delivered, so, by the 1860s, and 70s a. Growing mood of pessimism, was covering, Europe, and North America that. Effectively, the new institutions. Were, ever growing in size but not growing in their effectiveness. The. 20th, century brought more medical, models. American. Psychiatrist. Henry cotton mutilated. His patients, by removing, their body parts declaring. This a breakthrough, in, the treatment of, mental illness, the. Earliest, target, was the teeth and then the tonsils, and the sinuses, but when, patients, didn't get better the enthusiasts, for this treatment then. Started to move down the body and to. Say well obviously patients. Have swallowed. Bacteria. In this livers so stomachs. Need to go spleens need to go, Cullen's. Need to go as, public. Outcry escalated. Over torture, and maiming of patients. Psychiatrists. Would invent new methods, each one hailed as the miracle cure but. Each one was ultimately proven, no more effective, nor, less brutal than. The last. This. Is a history of second order Lister, to damage the patient. This. Is a version of the original model which was to change them like enemies if, you're doing it to somebody because you, insist. That they have to change and. You're. Gonna do that by. Turning. The screws you might say whether, it's with medication. Restraint whatever it that's torture and a. Huge part of what psychiatry, has done really, comes down to torture, as. The 20th, century progressed. Psychiatry. Would continue, to seek legitimacy. By transforming, itself into a medical, -, but. They succeeded, only in creating, more efficient, ways of inflicting. Mental and physical torture, and death, a legacy. That has carried forward into, modern psychiatry with. Its most profitable, medical, model to date the, mass drugging, of millions. But. To do this, psychiatrists. First had to shatter one of mankind's most cherished, beliefs, decreed. That people, were not what. They thought they were. Leipzig. University Germany. 1879. Professor. Vilhelm foot experiments. On the human senses, vote. Declares, man's thoughts personality. And behavior, are nothing, more than chemical. Reactions, in the brain, what. Became. Frustrated with. His inability to change behavior, because. He was dealing with the original, you know psychology. That's the psyche that's the soul he. Created, a new science, which, was based on man. Being, an animal, without. A soul, to. Be trained. Not. To be a thinker, but to be trained. Students. From around the world gathered, to study once new definition, of man as a soulless. Organism. The. Spirit of the age was summed, up by German philosopher, Friedrich, Nietzsche. God. Is taught, God. Bleep told, via. Babbling, about, following. One's theory, a Russian, Yvonne Pavlov, conducted. Animal experiments, seeking, methods to modify, behavior. Pavlov. Study in well ham ones laboratory. In Leipzig, Germany in, the late 1800s. And he experimented, with, dogs. You, know with electrodes, and and stimulus-response. Denying. Privileges. To denying rewards. And he noticed that when he brought out some food, in front of animals dogs in particular that. They would begin to salivate, so. He'd ring the bell at the same time that he brought the food out and then eventually instead. Of bringing the food out he just rang the bell and of course the dogs got all excited you call that a conditioned, reflex. Pavlov's, first human, subjects, were children he, punched, holes in their cheeks to collect and measure their saliva. Pavlovian. Conditioning became. One, of the major foundations of, a lot of behavioral, science, research in the 20th century. The, idea, that behavior. Could be controlled, through repetitive conditioning. Became, known as behaviorism. The. Behaviorists. Believed that. All children are animals, and can be trained as animals, this was the view of.

Behaviorists. As. Men in fact John Watson, the most famous of the behaviorist. Says, that you have to, treat. Human beings or. Look at human beings the way you would, look at the ox you slaughter. See. The behavior, is not interested, in what's up in your head, or. Your, soul because they don't believe there is a soul. Watson's. Successor, Harvard, psychologist. BF Skinner, believed, all behavior, could be manipulated. To suit whatever ends, the behavioral, psychologist. Was seeking Skinner. Developed, what's called operant, conditioning, where, he was. Able to demonstrate you can change animal, behavior, by certain. Schedules, of reinforcement by. Giving them rewards, at certain times and then it, can teach pigeons, to play ping-pong for example, and they can teach rats to run mazes, and. You can teach human beings to seek, certain, economic. Or societal, rewards, Skinner could actually. Shape new behavior patterns and this actually, was the sort of thing he quite, soon became very famous for perhaps. His most notorious. Experiment. Was, the Skinner box he. Was designing. The Skinner box which is something like a big plate there but. Everything, in its controlled temperatures control the lights controlled, and, so on and the, ideas that you present. Children, with certain stimuli that you want them to learn, to react to for. Nearly a year, Skinner isolated. His daughter in a box similar, to those he built for rats the, child was stimulated. And had to respond, in a certain way like like an like. A chicken, or a rat. In a cage because. They firmly. Believe that, children. Are animals. If. You believe though that a child, is a human being you can't train him like a rat. Today. About 40 million, dollars a year in taxpayer, money is, paid, out by the United States National, Institute. Of Mental Health for, behavioral, psychology. Research, a total. Of 19, billion since, 1948. With. These funds, psychiatrists. Apply the same, conditioning, techniques developed, by Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner. Case. In point a juvenile. Detention, center where children, are hooked up to 270. Volt batteries, and shocked, in, a procedure called aversion. Therapy. Antoine. Was, having a number of problems, because he was up at Ascenta that was shocking him every time he did anything there, was a button on a little almost, like a TV, remote that, would be used and pushed they. Will get an additional shock, for. Trying, to remove the electrode so, they are they're expected, to sit there and let, this Pat electricity, pass through their skin without. Trying to remove it if they yell, in. Anticipation, of the shock they will shock the students, an additional, time for you the cost to, send, a student to judge Rotenberg, from new york used about two hundred fourteen, thousand per, student, these students, are torture. They're, given this electric, shock therapy for, no other reason but, to inflict, pain. Other. Techniques, include, administering. Electric, shock to treat sexual, deviance. Sending. Powerful, magnetic impulses, through the skull to interrupt, brain activity, and shooting. High voltage, through surgically, implanted, electrodes, all, to stifle problem. Behavior, and, costing. Up to one hundred thousand, dollars per patient. And while, this science, without, a soul led, to behavior, modification. Techniques, that continue, to generate billions, in research and treatment it, also laid the groundwork for another. Psychiatric. Movement, that would cause the deaths of millions. January. 1945. As, World War two comes to a close the full horror of Hitler's, Final Solution is, exposed, with. Grotesque killing, factories. Unparalleled. In human history mass. Graves filled, with corpses of men women, and children murdered. By starvation, bullets. And, poison, gas, what. Could drive men to commit such atrocities. Against. Their fellow human, beings. The, answer, is the pseudoscience, called, eugenics, created. And promoted, by psychiatrists. Decades. Before the Nazis came to power, the. Eugenics, movement got started, in 1883, with Francis, Galton and he, felt that, human, beings should take evolution, in their own hands, and that the most talented.

Individuals, Most. Healthy, individuals, most. Attractive. Individuals. Should, have more offspring there. Was great, concern, that. People. That they considered, had poor genes were. Reproducing. Faster, than the people they considered, had good genes they, felt that, a medical, solution might, be the proper, one this is what led to the sterilization. Moment, it, resulted, in sterilization, of mentally ill people, sterilization. Of retarded. People sterilization. Of people we don't like politically. And sociologically. So the problem is not with genetics, the, problem, is a pretend. Phony genetics, used, to justify. Inhumane. Social policies. Though. Never proven, as anything, the theory by, the early part of the 20th century eugenics, had spread to almost 30 countries from. England to Brazil, Mexico. Sweden Russia, and most, notably the. United States, we're. Forced sterilization. Was widely practiced. Eugenics. Movement in Germany, was somewhat different than the eugenics, movement in the United States in that there. Are many more physicians and, psychiatrist. Alpha. Plus is one of the pioneers, in the German eugenics movement and how to control the population of, those would be considered inferior, in. 1905, along, with his, brother-in-law Ernst. Rudin he, established the first. Organization. For, racial. Hygiene. Allen. Of Cioran, Hamza can a house across. The. Very. Bluish, Ljubica, said silver sterilized at solving the. Large assigned in phonetics convicted sorry don't abide. Hitler. Was particularly, impressed, by American, eugenicist, Madison. Grant. Grants. Book the passing, of the Great Race was, proclaimed, by Hitler as his personal Bible. In. His book Mein Kampf Hitler further. Hailed eugenics, as the science, that would rebuild, the German nation. The. German oogenesis welcomed. The Nazi. Advent. Power because. The, Nazi program could, fund the, very programs. That they had in mind the, Nazis gave them political, support financial. Support and. Conversely. That psychiatrists. Gave the Nazis a medical, justification, for. Their. Genocide. All policies, something. Like, 40%. Of, German psychiatrists. Had, joined the SS by, 1933. They. Weren't forced, into the SS they, just joined it naturally because, that because the beliefs were very very similar, Rudin. And his, work led, directly to the, decision, to, move from, sterilization. To murder. Their, plan was simple first. Convinced, the public that feeble-minded. Undesirables. Wanted, to escape the burden of their existence, but could not say it and that, killing them was an act of mercy then.

Extend, The definition of inferior, to include Jehovah's, Witnesses, Jews, Gypsies. Homosexuals. All. Unworthy. Of life. Psychiatrists. Produced propaganda. Movies known as the Nazi, killing films, shown, in all fifty three hundred theaters, throughout, Germany. Gustus. Can kite, East. As an apple, and. An acoustic a father-to-be focuses on talent, to. List the, associate crankin colliculus feelin and I'm leavin hanging. See. Harmony Barkin designs diverse exactly. They. Are fun here the Fallen valence. The. Mysterious the, last six, outs of, a net and. Design. Oneg, name. It. First started with passive, violence which is starvation, it, then, intensified. To lethal injections. And finally, it developed, into. Systematic. Gassing, and cremation. Their. Headquarters, were established in, Berlin, under. The infamous, codename T for. T. For program, was named after tear garden for which. Essentially. Resulted. Over a period of time in the murder of about, 70,000. People who. Were deemed mentally retarded, emotionally. Distraught, or physically. Handicapped, by the Germans, they were called life. On worthy. Of living. The. Killing piloted. In psychiatric institutions. Across Germany, then moved into the concentration, camps with, top german psychiatrists. As the executioner's. Paul, Nietzsche, the t4 director, declared. Also. Chion-in. People. Fuckin nose up the enantiomer hi data type. From, Xavier, hospital. Six. Million Jews died in concentration. Camps, and as a result of Nazi extermination policies. Rudin. Congratulated. Hitler for, making his that his Rudin's 30 year dream come, true. After. The Nazi surrender, an International. Court of Justice was, held to put psychiatry, on trial, for its war crimes. But. American, psychiatrists. Fearing, a permanent, blow to the future of Psychiatry, stepped, in by, shifting, the blame onto a handful, of German psychiatrists. There. Were some doctors who were prosecuted. But. Very few Ernst Rudin, returned. To Switzerland at the end of the war he. Did not serve. Any prison, time one of the strangest, things of all about the legacy of Nazi, science, is that. Some of the nastiest. Psychiatric. You Genesis at the. End of the war went. Back to work either in Germany, or sometimes, in the United States, what. Began with a psychiatric, plan, to eliminate, undesirable. Humanity, had now spread, throughout the civilized, world and was, responsible for the murder of 11. Million people. Never. Brought to justice. Psychiatrists. As you will see continued. To advance eugenics. Around the world and today. We, see the results, in, racism. Human. Misery and unending. Social, conflict. After. World War two a. New. Eugenics, was, resurrected, out. Of the bones and ashes of, the old eugenics, the, eugenics, movement has been at the forefront to. Establish, a new, scientific, racism that. Justifies. Oppression. And exploitation and. Racism in. Fact. Racism. Is inseparable. From the roots of psychiatry, the. Entire, history. Of psychiatry, beginning, with scientific, conclusions, that were made in the 1830s, was an effort to prove, the, intellectual, inferiority. Of African Americans Benjamin. Rush is the father of modern psychiatry, and. He. Is the one that. Gave us the term Negro - he, said that all blacks have, inherited, this disease and this. Particular, disease it. Caused, them to be inferior in, addition. To that it was the reason why it was very important, that blacks remained segregated and, separate from white so that White's did not inherit this disease.

Asserting. That Negritude. Was a form of leprosy, rush, justified. Segregation. As a medical, necessity and, that, became an argument, to continue slavery, the fact that you have, have. Brutalized. A whole group of people had nothing to do with that it, had everything to do with some genetic, Lincoln that, basically, you are just a diseased person so, when, a slave master wanted to get rid of a recalcitrant, slave, they could just say all with it this suffering from this disease drop. The mania that is the name of the mental disorder, that was contrived, by Samuel, Cartwright, who. Said that blacks have a mental disorder if, they, had a desire, to run away from slavery, running. Away became such a common. Problem that. Psychiatrists. Attempted to give that a disease, he. Says but that's a cure for that and the. Answer was the question was well plus the cure for that frequent. Whipping frequent Bivins be. Surprised how that disease clears up. When the lash is put, in place of their excuses, after. Slavery was abolished, psychiatric. Racism, not only persisted, it intensified. The. American, Journal of Psychiatry officially. Proclaimed, that Negroes as descendants. Of savages, and cannibals were. Ill-prepared for, higher civilization. While. Their pseudoscience. Eugenics, stepped, up its racist, activities. There. Is a, clear. And long and intimate connection, between the eugenics movement and, the Ku Klux Klan. Harry. Laughlin who, was the Kornegay, institutions. Director. Of the eugenics Record Office, had, close. Relationship, to the. Ku Klux Klan through. The publication of a book called white America, which, was written by a, major. Klan leader so. Laughlin. Wrote, a glowing review of the book in the eugenics. News and. At, the same time you, have the, Ku Klux Klan. Using. Eugenics. To, justify. Their racist, calls. But. Psychiatric. Racism, wasn't exclusively. America some. Of the worst abuses of the 20th century occurred in South Africa, where, the government, adopted, the same racist, theories and practices, used, by Hitler. This. Was no coincidence the. Prime Minister, had studied eugenics, as a psychology. Student in, Nazi, influence, Germany, in the 1920s, ok, Enric but. Was disregarded, as, the architect. Of apartheid. He. Saw, South. Africa, as a divided. State with, whites. Blacks. Brown. People living. In, totally, separate, areas, with, black. People having, no rights, whatsoever. With. Apartheid, in place, psychiatrists. Established, mental hospitals, throughout the country that. Were in fact nothing, more than slave labor camps, East. Isis, operated. Under, a private, company by, the name of Smith Mitchell, and company they were saving money, through the cheap. Accommodation for. Psychiatric, patients, while, making, NASA, fortune. After, money, that Parliament, had appropriated. For. Medication. Say, to us the corrupt system, when. This operation, was finally exposed it, was discovered that. 67,000, prisoners had perished while, at the same time, psychiatrists. Had collected. 117. Million dollars, in funding from, the South African government, the. World Health Organization. Issued a report declaring. That psychiatry. Cultivated, racism, and that apartheid, did have a parallel, in the ownership and trading, of slaves in. 1971. In the United States psychiatrist. Luis jolly west continued. Psychiatry's. Legacy, of racism hatching. A secret aversion, therapy experiment. Called. The violence Center his. Government-funded. Plan. Implant. Electrodes. In the brains of African American and Hispanic, males to, shock them should they exhibit any violent, behavior and if.

That Didn't work chemically, castrate. Them with drugs, when. West's racist, proposal, met with public, outrage the, plan was quickly shelved. Those. Psychiatry's. Unrelenting. Racist, theories were blunted, they were not stopped in. 1994. Psychologist. Richard Herrnstein, co-authored. The Bell Turner claiming. To prove that blacks were genetically, disabled. And therefore. Inferior. To whites the. Bell curve. Really. Argues a very old eugenics idea, it argues that people are born with different, kinds of intellectual abilities, that these are inborn, pretty, much at birth it, goes back to the notion that somehow black people are genetically, and biologically. Inferior, to, white people there's a way to justify, what. Was really it's programs. Of social racism. The social sexism and, you see that kind of thinking going on in public school testing, and IQ. Testing, and educational, testing and tracking and this, new tool fit into that old mold it was a new tool that could prove the intellectual, inferior. Of african-americans. Psychiatric. Profession, has done great damage certainly. In the past and far. Too many in the present, to to subvert democracy and. Perpetuate. Racial stereotypes. Even. More deep. Racism, in society we. Have to battle against, dis continual. Misinformation. Disinformation. Pseudoscience. It, can be repackaged, in whatever form of format it is but, if it is based solely upon the color of one's skin and, then as demerit, of that human being I just reject. And. So. Today the flame of hatred continues. To burn, fueled. By, pseudo-scientific. Lies, this. Is the heritage, of psychiatry, as a justification, for, racism and as, a pretext, for political, repression. With, the anime community just, Amidala, Buddhist. Journalist, that, he will return - tortuous. To reach, various, regions, in the rear which is the communism, to. Register, the material. Become. Yunus teaches. Jay-z's. Youthfui. Who. Else - the familiar, yella. Yella yella. Party. Renowned. Scam. The, Soviet, regime demanded. Absolute, loyalty, those. Who did not, toe the party line were, considered, dissidents, and labeled, enemies of the state. With. No more than a whisper to the secret police they, would vanish into one of these special psychiatric. Hospitals. Despite. The risks these, so-called dissidents. Put their ideas of freedom into, action. The. Reason. Tiny could spirit even anything is not still unit is even able remaining keypad point in topography, the. While. Others, consider themselves loyal. Soviet, citizens. According. To Soviet psychiatrists. They all suffered, from inflexibility. Of convictions. A symptom. Of a new disorder. Sluggish. Schizophrenia. Like. Their counterparts in, other countries the. Soviet psychiatrists. Prescribed powerful, drugs to. Cure their patients. Doesn't. Material. Aristocracy. But you know the Carson Ashley doesn't know what. An idiot of. A. Lothario. Is just a patrolman. The. Iranian. Operative. Exhibit, aesthetic, appearance the. Prostitute, Adam. The. PH. Cubical Gallup ador - Dara's, Leonardo. Paulo some, precautions. Message, that we must establish the gifts appreciate. Some. Cosmic portal it socialist. Need Medusa, strata, pasta he actually occurred, some, alumni besides, a besotted staying, in was more. Notion. Is not as anomalous the way. Hello. Chain is probable. Senator. Provide you. With. A free media. The. Fashionable worst of an, apology to God. Easley. Spasm. Because. Also personally is beginning. So. The. Only previous that previous, really use is before totally, what you seprieono. Rahu, a chinois. Table. P32 peace will be sweetness cynical, new, her you they. Will deal become when you working ability ability bad pseudo Widow, at. A good hour. Stealthily, truthful. This. Is courtesy. From. 1967. To, 1987. The, Soviet government arrested. Over two million people who. For political, reasons were diagnosed, as mentally sick. And were forced to undergo psychiatric, treatment. Even. Today, psychiatry. Remains the coercive, tool of choice for, governments, throughout the world what. We've learned is that in get, more Guantanamo, Bay that we had teams of health care professionals, called the biskits teams for Haverhill scientists. Psychologists. Working, it with a military to. Advise them on how far you could push a prisoner. There are abuses that have been documented. Around, the world we have health care professionals, who have committed. Potentially. Acts. Of treason. Within. Their medical ethics and there's, no body supervising. That there's no body making them stand accountable to their medical ethics but. Psychiatrists. Have never reserved, physical, and mental torture, exclusively.

For Political, prisoners throughout. History they, have repackaged. It and sold, it to the public as therapy. Beginning. In the 1920s. Psychiatrists. Embraced a new group of procedures. That claim to work by creating intentional. Damage to the brain. Manfred. Sacco, had this notion that, he could kill just the bad brain cells that somehow we have good brand cells with bad brain cells so if you give people enough, insulin, you kill those bad brain cells and if the person survived. This epilepsy. They would be better, off for it despite. Convulsions. That caused severe, spinal cord, injuries and 40% of the patients suckle. Pointed to their childlike, state and declared. His treatment a success. Hospitals. Built insulin, wards, and coma, therapy, became big business, not. To be outdone lettuce. Lost fun Medina of Hungary believed, he could drive out mental illness by inducing brain, damaging, seizures, with a drug called Metro, Saul he. Noticed his epileptics, had no mental health problems, and as mental health patients. Psychiatric. Patients, seemed, to have no epilepsy, and so he thought doing one would. Obviate the other the theory was that epilepsy. In schizophrenia couldn't. Coexist in, the same brain and that, if epilepsy. Was induced, that, a seizure was caused it would quote drive, out the, schizophrenia, there's. No scientific, basis, for this whatsoever. Met. Rizal was fast, and lucrative, in. A morning a single, psychiatrist. Could chemically, shock 50, patients into, a Dussel, and manageable, state, by. 1939. Met, Rizal was so popular, with psychiatrists. And staff it, was used in 70%, of American, hospitals and in, almost every, other country in the world, the. Financial, success, of insulin, and met Rizal sparked, the development, of an even more profitable. Method of inducing brain damaging, convulsions. How. Is electric shock therapy done we, use these electrodes, the. Placed among the patients here like, this and then, by means of this machine, we've placed a controlled, electric, current through the brain just. For a fraction, of a second the, patient doesn't feel it. The. Story behind this, miracle, cure began. In a Roman slaughterhouse. In. Italy, in 1938. Two. Italian. Psychiatrists. Decided. To observe that. Before, slaughtering. Pigs in order, to make the pigs more docile they. Would, apply. Electrodes. To their temples. That, were hooked, up to wall. Current and, that. This stunned the pigs, but. It didn't kill them and, they. Could then slaughter, them, well. This. Gave, them, the, encouragement, to try, inducing. Convulsions, with, electricity. We. Would see teeth. Falling out broken. Spine, bones, knocked, out of joint broken, bones and people. Even getting internal, organ damage from, being restrained, while they were having his uncontrolled. Writhing. Seizures. Convulsions. Having. Successfully. Sold brain damage as a cure, psychiatrists. Search for even more precise, ways of targeting the brain this. Was jump-started, in 1848. When an explosion blew, a steel rod straight, through the head of Vermont railway worker Phineas, Gage while. Gage survived, his personality. Was dramatically, altered, 70, years later Portuguese. Neurologists, IGAs Moniz, would, try to obtain a similar result by, drilling into a patient's, skull and squirting. Pure alcohol, directly, into the brain killing. The tissue of the frontal lobes Moniz. Called this new procedure a, lobotomy. Dr.. Walter, J Freeman, would become lobotomies, most infamous, practitioner. He, discovered, he could do it faster, without having to drill through the skull there. Was no anesthesia. And he. Would just, lift. Up the eye and, stick. Nothing. More than an ice pick right. Into the brain right under the orbital bone and then. Just break. The thing back and forth until. He, was satisfied this, if it caused. Enough disruption, of brain tissue and then, pull it out Freeman, traveled the country in his lopata, mobile, hacking. Apart his patients, brains on stage or, sometimes, right, there in the vehicle, and he would pull up and offer lobotomies, to people get referrals from the local doctors or sometimes people didn't even go through doctors, they go right to the LaMotta 'mobile, and he. Would just. Do. The brain damaging, procedure right there by, the time his surgical, privileges were, revoked after, his last patient died on the operating, table, Freeman. Had performed, or supervised, over. 3500. Lobotomies, more, than 25% of which by his own admission left, his patients, in a vegetative, state they, are lobotomized, a, million. People, in the 40s, and the 50s and, beginning, of the 60s, until they, came to the conclusion that this.

Was A destructive. Treatment, but though the stories, of miraculous. Cures were soon exposed, as brain damaging, frauds. Psychiatrists. Kept one step ahead inventing. New forms of psychosurgery. Passed. Off as medical. Advances, I completely, shut them out to talk and, that's. What I heard in my head, when. He but. He drilled something, in that in my brain. Northwest. So. I have to do why. Did you have to do that. That. Was grievous bodily harm done, to my brain and nobody. Has to write anyways to play God, mr., with his brain the, whole operation, - by now if I was and. They kept me awake, for. Every second of it I remember. Of the signalmen. And. I still remember it to this day because, I have this operation, every, day in my life. Where. The laki are not really. Psychiatrist. Still tout the benefits of, lobotomy, a treatment. That earns them 31, million dollars annually, but. In the wake of lobotomies. Tarnished, reputation. Psychiatrists. Were quick to push electroshock. Back into the spotlight. Renaming. It electroconvulsive. Therapy, they, now give patients and aesthetics, to squash their screams and paralyzing. Agents to avoid watching the writhing of agony. The. Main misconception. That people have about ECT. Is that its new and improved, the, new and improved is very strictly to these. Cosmetic. Improvements. Because in fact they, make it easier, on the witnesses, the person isn't shaking, all over the table it paralyzes them it, isn't new it isn't, improved it is worse. Every. 10 years or so there tends, to be. First. Of all a denial, that it causes any harm. Secondly. An. Acknowledgement. That it might, have caused harm but here's a whole new approach and now this one is blameless, without. Any research to back it up the ECT, machine can produce, anywhere, from 50 to 400, volts, it's, the kind of energy that we use for, industrial, machinery that might be in a steel mill or some or a printing press some large piece. Of machinery, it's an extraordinary, amount of energy and it causes a great. Deal of damage and while, stories, of prisoners, physically, mistreated, with electroshock are well-publicized, the. Amount of electricity doled, out by psychiatrist. For ECT is up to 33, times greater, and that, damage is most often targeted, at the most vulnerable.

Two-thirds. Of those who receive electroshock, are women given. Such diagnosis. As premenstrual. Syndrome menopausal. Disorder, or postpartum. Depression. Half. Of electroshock patients, are elderly once. They become eligible for government health care at age 65. Three. Hundred and sixty, percent more American. Seniors receive ECT, than, at age 64, and what. Does this all add up to, forty. Thousand, dead and countless, others so brain-damaged, they have no hope of ever recovering, a normal life for a. Total of $12 worth of electricity. Psychiatrists. In the United States alone rake, in 5, billion, dollars. But, the next miracle, cure, psychiatrists. Added to their arsenal made them more money than ever before, for it, was faster, cheaper, and, could turn every, man woman and child into. A patient, for life. By. The early 1950s. Psychiatrists. Discovered, their next miracle, cure a. Chemical. Originally, designed to kill parasites in, pigs their. New discovery, hindered, brain function, in much the same way as shoving, an ice pick into the eye socket. It. Was an old treatment in, a new disguise. With. The advent of these new, tranquilizing. Drugs, it seems not too much to say that we're on the verge of an. Entirely new era, in. The treatment of mental illness. Dubbing. It a chemical, lobotomy. Canadian. Psychiatrist. Heinz layman, described, Thorazine, as a simple. Easy to take pill with the same effects, as psycho surgery but. Without, the mess. Thorazine. Provided. Psychiatry. With the entry into mainstream, medicine had its magic. Bullet if. I'm a psychiatrist, and I have to spend an hour talking to someone in psychotherapy, there's, only so much I can charge for that hour but if I can come in give, you a pill and send you back out in fifteen minutes or ten minutes that's a much more efficient, use. Of my time what a terrible. What. Psychiatrists didn't, tell the public was that Thorazine, caused a crippling neurological. Condition, known as tardive, dyskinesia. And. That's a neurological. Syndrome where you have muscle, twitches, abnormal. Jerks which are uncontrolled, and they, either last for a long time or sometimes they're permanent, so, that's very clear, very well-recognized. Long-term. Or permanent, brain damage from these medications, mr.. Blunt has virtually, no signs of his original illness, no the signs that the. Movements, of his mouth are completely, side effects of the drugs that he was on for twenty years mr.. Blonde is quite rational, he understands, what's going on and. If you're patient he can carry on a very rational conversation. With you, even. When you remove the drug it may, still remain it, means you, have caused a permanent, disabling, of the brain in the late 50s, you get the first signs of people starting to worry about it but, it's not until the late 70s. That that, psychiatrist, start warning their patients about it 20 years. Foa's. Eanes manufacturer. Smith Kline French, had, good reason to keep a lid on the bad news in, the. First year alone SKF. Saw a three thousand, percent return on their original, investment. With. The public in the press kept in the dark about the severe, and disabling side-effects. Prominent. Doctors and psychiatrists met, in Puerto Rico to, lay the groundwork for the expansion, of psychiatric drugs, far. Into the future. Psychiatrist. Dr. Nathan Kline wrote this in the conference's, final, report. The. Present, breadth of drug use may be almost trivial. When we compare it to the possible, number of chemical, substances, that, will be available, for the control, of selective, aspects, of man's life in the year 2000. Dr.. Kline spearheaded. A movement flooding, new psychiatric wonder. Drugs onto the global marketplace. Backed. By a massive publicity, machine spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Psychiatry. Was now an industry of drug, pushers. By. 1970. The American, Psychiatric Association, was. So dependent, on drug company, money that, 30% of its annual budget came, from pharmaceutical. Advertisements. In its official, journals, so. We had money flowing to trade organizations, we had money flowing to the doctors. And. To. Their journals while we all know that that is going to influence how they think the majority, of National, Institute, of Mental Health and, National.

Institute, Of Health scientists. Are, getting more money from. Drug companies on, the side than. Their. Tax. Base salary, with. So much money to be made all, psychiatrists, needed. Was a scientific. Theory to justify, it. Their, solution an official. Report declaring. That all mental, problems, derived, from a so called chemical. Imbalance, in the brain requiring. Drugs, to correct this. Chemical imbalance, is one of the greatest, fallacies. Ever, foisted, upon patients. And the, public there. Is no chemical. Test to. Show an imbalance, related, to any psychiatric disease, whereas depression, anxiety what, have you the chemical imbalance is for. The benefits, of the psychiatrist, it, has to be there so, the psychiatrist can treat, it but. Fraudulent, chemical, imbalance, theories, could not hide the mounting, evidence of, common, and terrifying. Side effects, such, as akathisia. Akathisia. Is like. An extreme, nervous, inner nervous, agitation. People, describe, it as wanting to crawl out of their own skins, and, this. Happens with great frequency and, it, is absolutely. Totally. Well understood, to be associated, with suicide. And violence and homicide. After. Years of these reported, side effects and cases. Upon cases, of violence, self-mutilation. And death in, 1991. Health experts, legislators. And the public finally. Forced, the FDA to order, an investigation I know. With, absolute certainty that. If Charles had any idea, of the side effects of Prozac, he. Would never have, taken it I had two sons David Lee age 8 Billy, 16. Wife. 20, years it's all gone I'll. Tell you why. After. Being on the prozac for 21 days my. Wife shot and killed both of these two boys right here she. Turned the gun to herself and shot herself twice. I took the 9-millimeter, automatic sat. Down on the, bed and put the gun to my head and I blew a 4-inch, hole up the back of my arm instead, of my head thank, God I was a lousy shot had. Someone looked further into prozac, steps could have been taken to avoid it what. Was supposed to be an unbiased, hearing, was a panel, of psychiatrists. The vast majority with, personal, financial, ties to pharmaceutical. Companies they, basically, couldn't find an expert the doctor, psychiatrists. At a, leading. Medical School who basically in some way or another didn't, have a consulting, agreement hadn't, taken money from the. Pharmaceutical, companies I do, not find, from the, evidence today that there is credible evidence to, support a conclusion that antidepressant. Drugs caused the emergence, and or, the intensification, of suicidality, and. Or other violent, behaviors. 500. Deaths 33. Murder cases, and, over, 20,000. Adverse, side effects would. You like to tell me what this drug is still on the market it's. An, alliance. An unholy alliance, between. Psychiatric. Community and. Pharmaceutical. Industry and the FDA. And. The answer is yes, this. Unholy, alliance became. All too apparent in 1997. When. Pharmaceutical. Companies persuaded, the FDA to, allow them to advertise, directly. To the public with. Psychiatrists. Providing, medical, endorsement and in. Just three years, sales, of psychiatric drugs skyrocketed. Almost. Two and a half times. When, the numbers of violence, and suicide victims. Shot through the roof public. Outrage finally, forced the FDA to, issue warning. Labels on antidepressants. But. By then 13, years had, passed, billions. Of dollars have been made and. Psychiatrists. Were marketing, their next, wonder, drugs, over. 8% of, the world's population. Has now taken psychiatric. Drugs backed. Up by fake science and endorsed, by regulators, who are bought and paid for their. Harmful, medications, grossed nearly 27. Billion dollars a year and while. Psychiatrists. Were finding a way to diagnose. And drug every, person on the planet on another. Front they were continuing. Their assault on our, most personal freedoms. Psychiatrists. Demand, the absolute, right to determine what is best for the so-called mentally. Ill after.

All The mentally ill are crazy, and unable, to evaluate their own treatment. To. Enforce, their authority. Over others and keep their institutions, filled at profitable. Levels, psychiatrists. Use a method, called involuntary. Commitment. When. You go to a real doctor say. A family doctor or a. Cardiologist. A patient. Always has the right to refuse treatment so. There is no such thing as involuntary. Treatment. When it comes to clinical. Medicine as, practiced, by real, doctors, psychiatrists. Of course believe that people can be treated against, their will in. 1956. Psychiatrist. Winfred, Overholser, presented. A plan to Congress, intended. To take involuntary, commitment, to. A whole new level the. Plan purchased, a million, acres of Alaskan wilderness, build. A huge mental asylum, and change, the commitment, laws so, that anyone could be shipped off with, no more than a simple nod from a psychiatrist. The, Bills sailed, through the House of Representatives, but when the public caught, wind of the plan they. Became enraged referring. To it as Siberia. USA, the. Bill was quickly struck in the Senate but. While the death of the Siberia, bill put a stop to their large-scale plans. Involuntary. Commitment still, remained the most effective, and profitable, method. For filling psychiatric. Institutions. Again. The person has committed no crime and. Has. No trial and is. Sent directly, to a, mental. Hospital which, is really a prison, how many people go to an insane asylum and see penis lock me up doctors. Don't look up anybody. Cicadas. Lockyer, even. Children, can be taken from their parents with, little legal recourse. They. Just invaded our home, they. Came in with officers, our. Kids are scared you, know they come in with a piece of paper and say you're, giving us your kids and it's like. You. Know how can they just come in and do that she, said you could be arrested for medical neglect and. I said but how was that when you. Know this is my child and. I see that he doesn't need that much education why would you threaten me with something like that at 10:00 p.m. two, policemen. And two, social workers came. To my house and took, all four of my kids away once. Committed, to psychiatric, hospitals, patients, are drugged and restrained. The. More a person objects. The more this objection, is construed. As, symptom. Of a, mental, illness at. Which point the person would be locked up in restraints, there, would be the ankle the knee the, waist the head the wrist and the shoulder restraints and, if. When that process was happening, if there, was almost any resistance, at all the person that would be medicated to a point where they were bill there would almost be knocked out, we had one case where they actually, took a patient. In a seclusion. Room and beat him up then. They, lied about it to the services. That investigated. So it's a pretty wide range of of. Abuse, issues that we've encountered. Psychiatric. Staff provoked, their patients, into violence, so they can bill insurance, companies up to $1,600. A day for. Each restrained, patient, a patient. Would resist. Diagnosis. Resist, treatment and also want to leave treatment, while. They were at the hospital and, invariably. Every time. That. Person situation, would be exacerbated, and until they were put in the constraints and medicated at which point there would be documented. Reasons, to keep that person in treatment the. Burden of such claims is passed directly to the public in the form of soaring, health care premiums, as for. Their victims the experience, is traumatic and even. Lethal. Sixteen-year-old. Rochelle Claybourne, died in Lohr ridges care last August, the, state report shows during the restraint, quote Rochelle, stated several times she could not breathe in almost. All respects, of staff the staff behaved. Appropriately followed. The standards, by. Taking advantage of, weak or vague, restraint, laws, psychiatrists. And their staff are almost, never held criminally liable for, assault, battery, and murder. He. Begged me to take him home take him out of there that they were treating, him wrongly and. He. Didn't want to stay. There and. I, got a call that there had been an accident that. They held him down until he couldn't breathe anymore I wish. I would elicit don't take him out of there before it, had happened. That. I miss him every day, I wish, I could have him back but I can to. This day no, one has been charged, for the child's, murder. The. Elderly are a prime target for psychiatric, abuse with. Treatment of senior citizens in mental institutions costing. Private and government, insurance over. Twenty nine billion, dollars, a year. Unwarranted. Commitment, has occurred that wouldn't have heard if the people hadn't had insurance the.

Proof Of that pudding is generally and how fast they get out once the insurance runs, out involuntary. Commitment is. A form, of psychiatric slavery. Where, persons, are treated as if their property, and they, are deprived of Liberty and people. Are making money in, the process, as long as we have involuntary malice provision. Psychiatry. Is a prison, work is. A crime against, humanity is, not medicine, every. Minute of every, day someone. Is involuntarily. Committed, to a psychiatric institution. And. If you think this is something that can't happen to you or someone, you know think. Again. Every. 75, seconds. Someone, in America has been committed, against, their will and with. Over a trillion dollars allocated. To US hospitals since, 1965. Psychiatrists. Have carved out for themselves a lucrative, commercial, enterprise, hidden. Behind a dubious interpretation. Of the law but, all too often, psychiatrists. Commit crimes to blatant, to be ignored. The. FBI has raided to headquarters, of one of the nation's largest operators. Of psychiatric. Hospitals, hundreds. Complained, of overbilling. Misdiagnosed. Conditions, and insurance. Fraud, investigators. Say they found more than 5,000. Similar cases in all 50, states, psychiatrists. Clearly are getting rich psychiatrist. Traded drugs for sex filed false insurance claims, and exploited patients sexually, we have uncovered some of the most elaborate, aggressive. Creative. Deceptive. Immoral. And illegal schemes, being, used to fill empty hospital beds, with. Insured and paying patients. Every. Psychiatrist, takes an oath to follow an ethical, code of conduct, to put, the care of their patients above, all else, but. Of all medical, disciplines, psychiatry. Has the worst record of fraud, and abuse. Psychiatry. Is. Almost, a license, to print money if. A doctor were clever enough and many of them are there's no reason, that they couldn't make at least a half, million dollars a year fraudulently. And get, away with it in psychiatry. I don't, purport to have, deposed. Every, psychiatrist in Las Vegas I can tell you for a fact I haven't maybe, I'm deposed half and by a large they were a dishonest, deceitful. Lying. Bunch of people, so. Prevalent, are they're deceptive and criminal, billing practices, insurance. Investigators. Have slang for it like the California wave and the, hundred-dollar, handshake. Under. Dollar handshake, is when usually. A patient, is, institutionalized. Psychiatrist. Psychologist will. Visit that person. Shake. Hands with them say hello I'm doctor so-and-so I'm taking, care of your your problem here and in leaves, you. Might have ten or twenty patients there they bill an hour for each one and they might be in the hospital. For a total of thirty minutes so 20. Patients 20 hours and they'd. Send the bills off to Medicaid, we see that most of the victims of, recovered, memory therapy were. Women, who had excellent, health insurance, whether it was government insurance or private insurance because. Many insurance policies wouldn't pay for this kind of long term nonsense. So. Those people were targeted because of the nature of the insurance, that they had. Every. Year the, US psychiatric.

Industry, De frauds government, and private, insurance of forty billion dollars using. Any means possible, to deceive the public there. Were some advertisements. Very, seductive, advertisements. For people when to lose weight and, we're having problems losing, weight and they. Would be given you. Know all expenses, paid to, go to a particular, spa. But. When they got to this spa and went in and signed in it. Wasn't a spa was a psychiatric, center and. Then they couldn't get out what. Instead they received as they received massive. Doses of mind-altering, drugs. And. It would kept for a lengthy period of time and, their. Their. Insurance carrier was built, tremendous. Amounts of money. For, something that was unnecessary. But. Their lies go beyond the psych ward and into the courts where, as paid witnesses, they will say anything to collect their feed a, psychiatric. Expert, who, will have a, one. Opinion in one scenario and, a, completely, opposite, opinion, in another, scenario, based. On which. Law, firm or, governmental, agency. Is. For, his time. The psychiatrist's, on one. Hand will tell the public that suicide, can can, be prevented, but, will go into court until, a jury that suicide, cannot, be prevented, and then, what you show, his prior inconsistent statements. He also showed that he is, paid very well by pharmaceuticals. Then. The jury says you know what we're. Not so sure about you. Because. You just lied to us add. To the greed dishonesty. And avarice, their sex crimes, accounting. For only 6%, of the physicians in the country, psychiatrists. Commit one third of the sex related offenses, committed by doctors, it, has happened so often. That. By. The mid-80s. The. Insurance. Companies, who. Insure physicians. Across. America. Started. Writing. Sexual. Claims out, of, the policies, altogether. That's, how common, it was, the. System was so broken. That more. Than. 25,000. Complaints. Had been registered but. Nothing, acted on when. A psychiatrist. Has. A patient, a female patient and. Abuse. Them sexually. There's. A very, high probability they'll, get away with it I've, seen many cases where the. Mental health professional, becomes, very. Disturbed, and is using very strange, and odd treatments, and that, can go on for many years with no one finding out about it because, it's not very public, it's, quite private things, happen behind closed, doors. Tragically. Their, sex drives often, involve children. Case. In point doctors see Markham, berry on, the surface a well-respected, member of his community but all, that shattered, when he was arrested on child molestation charges. Van. Loads of child pornography were, removed from his home and the subsequent, investigation uncovered. His sexual, abuse of former, patients boys. Aged 7, to 17, who, he photographed, and sodomized. All part. Of what the state called 50, years of Barry's rampant, undetected. Sexual, escapades, with children. This. Is not an isolated incident, it. Is the carefully masked, character, of the members of this profession, in. Every, city every, state every country. You'll, find psychiatrists. Committing, rape sexual, abuse, murder, and fraud, and as. You will see psychiatry's. Entire, credibility, depends. On the biggest fraud of all. I was. Diagnosed, with, a chemical imbalance manic. Depression, diagnosed, me with having a DD told me I had conduct. Disorder, ADHD mild. Depression major, depression, depressed borderline, personality. Of a sense area mostly, so excited, oppression, that schizophrenia. There's. No such thing as mental, disorder, a mental, disorder is whatever someone, says, it is and if, the person saying, this is a mental disorder has enough power and influence then, people believe old that's a mental disorder but.

You Can't have power or influence without, credibility. So, psychiatry. Manufactures. Its own it's. Based on a a, grab. Bag of checklists. For, disorders, that, are published in a book called the DSM, which is, the Diagnostic. And Statistical Manual. There. Are no statistics in this book by the way that just makes it sound more scientific. They create this question, of disease and they get together and they vote. Is. This a disease. All. In favor say aye it's. Marketed, as a scientifically. Based document. Now. The, American Psychiatric Association. Which. Publishes. The DSM, do a lot of work to. Create an aura, of scientific. Precision, around. The DSM, but it's not scientifically. Based since. The first edition of the DSM the, number of mental disorders, voted, into psychiatry's. Diagnostic. Manual, has grown to, 374. And with. Each new disorder. Psychiatrists. Create yet another way to defraud the public, if. You have 27 ways to build DSM, that's 27 ways to bill if, you have 300 300 ways to bill so you can pretty much find anyone walking on the street that, could fit into a DSM. Somehow. When you build an insurance companies you can't say, the word you've got to say it in a number and they, have numbers for. The most ridiculous, things. You're like arguing, with your mother or. Peeing. In the, bed adolescent. Rebellion. Disorder. Is an. Official, psychiatric. Diagnosis. Arithmetic. Learning. Disorder. Is, an, official, psychiatric. Diagnosis. General. Anxiety disorder. As, a, recent. Diagnosis. For. Each one there. Is a five. Digit, code with. A decimal point, now. The implication. Of that is, if, I, have. Illness. For. Oh three point one six that that's different in some important and scientifically, proven way from. Someone who has four OH three point one seven and nothing. Could be further from the truth incredibly. Enough while presenting, the DSM, to the world as scientific. Fact, psychiatrists. Freely admit it's utter lack, of science we. Have no diagnostic. Reliable. Markers, for, almost any illness there is in the, DSM what we're testing for in psychiatry. It's it's hard to say because there's nothing specifically. But as far as a test, that's clinically. Useful. You. Know basically, we're, not there yet, we don't have any laboratory tests, that we can use to determine. Whether, somebody does or doesn't have a mental illness they're no, good, the biological. Tests for, the detecting, mental illness there is no. Test. There's no biopsy. You can do there is no chemical, test right, now there. Are no specific tests, to, confirm the, diagnosis. Or show the improvement like, any blood tests or any x-rays or anything like that Oh in my practice I don't do any tests, I just speak with people and listen. To them and then I make a decision, in what, kind, of illness. These, diagnoses, vary, as widely, as the psychiatrists.

Who Make them in. This hidden camera footage a person, visited several different, psychiatrists, complaining. Of the same symptoms. Didn't. Used to be it's. Caused problems, in the family it's caused problems getting I'm, self-employed. Do. You have a brain chemistry, disorders, probably, genetic you, have a lot of symptoms of depression so, it seems like it is a mixed picture what. That means is like we got some depressive, symptoms and seventeen are high symptoms, and bipolar on the AVA mood stabiliser and, we don't know I had a high pitch computer. Low-grade, bipolar. And. As far as medications. For depression because, I would recommend, that you start a medication, which. Morning. And. Some another, night but it is, a better medication, for that it works on your depression and, but the treatment for any bipolar, cycling, is the same, with. Ian Bremmer, honest and I'm Freddie. Second regarding their preferred be our champion. Lexapro make, both equally. Difficulties, let him immune, you may need an editor present also with them. We. Don't know if I give you a medication if it is going to work or not to a certain degree it's trial. And error you never know if it's the right drug how many people have I cured well, there. Are no real cures right now in psychiatry. I have cured. None of my patients, we're, always. Challenged, by our lack of knowledge I mean in fact we don't know what the causes of mental illness are most mental illnesses, we do not know the cause of course it would be nice to know, exact, reasons, of disorders, but maybe in the future I'm the. Director. Of research at the American Psychiatric Association we, don't know the ideology, of really any of the mental disorders, at the present time. Dsm-5. Is coming, out it's. Grown. To, ten times its original size, and it, labels everybody, I could. Find five diagnoses. That fit would fit you or anybody else, compare. This to the research methods, of pathology. A real, science, that discovers, real diseases, using a wide variety of precise, diagnostic. Tests, we do millions. Of laboratory. Tests, as well. As the, structural, examination. And the microscopic, examination. It's a. Whole, series of applied. Scientific. Procedures, in, in the case of of psychiatry, there isn't any laboratory. Tool, that can precisely identify. Psychiatric. Disease and love allowed, to be classified, it's, not as if there's. Some study of tissue or some study of the body or some study of matter these, are all. Categories. Which, are made up there, simply made, up then that they don't exist in nature they're. Decided. Upon by psychiatrists, and voted, on. Psychiatrists. Are not the only ones who benefit, from the DSM, wherever. You find a psychiatric, diagnosis. You'll find a psychiatric. Drug. Pharmaceutical. Corporations. Now, contributing. Normal sums of money for, the education, of psychiatric, residents, and for. The support, of, research. By their professors. So. That psychiatry. Today has become very in America, has, become very largely. Learning. At which drug to use with which disease. Or disorder we. Need to make, sure that we understand, the very. Close interactions. Among, the. American Psychiatric Association, with, its DSM, the, pharmaceutical. Companies, who, lo

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