Puerto Rico Wants $94 Billion In Federal Aid, Gives $100 Million In Christmas Bonuses

Puerto Rico Wants $94 Billion In Federal Aid, Gives $100 Million In Christmas Bonuses

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Puerto. Rico once 94, billion dollars in federal aid gives, 100, million dollars in Christmas, bonuses. After. Hurricane Maria Puerto, Rico was completely, devastated, Governor. Ricardo, Roslin of heirs had asked federal taxpayers, to pay 94, billion dollars, for the island, to recover again however. It has now been reported that they have given 100, million dollars in Christmas, bonuses, to government, workers the. Governor's, aides say the bonuses are a long-standing, tradition and, part of the law and were planned for in the budget approved last summer as reported, by the Washington, Times the. Requests from Russell with ninety four billion dollars, federal aid package in November, budgeted. Approximately, 31, billion dollars, of the funds towards rebuilding homes, and an additional, 18 billion dollars would go toward repairing, electric, utilities, the. Budget that included the Christmas bonuses, was approved prior to the hurricanes destruction, upon Puerto Rico and now, they want federal aid the. Financial, oversight board, for Puerto Rico was established, by Congress in, 2016. It, was set to assist the territory, out of defaulting, on its debt called, the bonuses, imprudent, and said the governor should rethink his, allocation, of government, funds in light of the recent hurricanes. Puerto. Rico has demonstrated time, and time again that its government, is incapable of responsibly. Handling, its finances, this, is yet another such, instance, representative. Tom McClintock, RCA. A member, of the House committee with oversight, over Puerto Rico, gave, a statement to the Washington times when the bonuses, were revealed we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You joy. Behar forced to apologize, for fake report about President, Trump on Monday's, show liberal. Joy Behar did the unexpected and apologized. For promoting, a false ABC, News reports, that claimed President, Donald Trump asked former national, security adviser, to contact, Russian, officials, while he was actively, running for the Presidency. On Friday's. Show apparently. I was guilty of premature, evaluation. Said, by her here's. What happened, ABC, News reporter. Brian Ross released, a story claiming that when Trump was a candidate, he told Michael, Flynn to contact, the Russians Ross. Later corrected himself saying, it was actually, when Trump was president-elect. Brian, has been suspended for a month she said, bahar's. Co-host, then read the official NBC. News statement, saying, Ross had made a mistake and would be suspended, for four weeks with no pay that's. ABC's, statement, Brian.

Ross Has released a statement saying. My job is to hold people accountable and, that's, why I agree, with being held accountable, myself, continued. Bitter I would. Say that this is not fake news it's a mistake, he, didn't deliberately put out a false piece of information he, made an error she, defected watch. Bahar's fake apology, below what. A total disgrace joy. Better destroyed, any apology, by saying that Brian Ross didn't, deliberately make a false statement instead. She tried to claim that he made a mistake the. Reality, is that when you accuse someone of a serious transgression you'd, better be sure you've got your facts straight Ross. Knew what he said was inflammatory. And he didn't even fact check his information, before going on laverra with it no. Apology, especially. One as pathetically, insincere, as a joy bahar's, can, undo the damage Ross. Needs to lose his job period. And there, needs to be a substantial. Penalty for ABC, in the way of a big fat, fine it's, pretty obvious that the only reason, but her attempted, to apologize, was to save her own hide let. Us know in the comments, section what you think of Ross's transgression. Andrew Harris pathetic, excuse, for an apology, we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it Thank, You president. Trump officially, endorses, GOP. Congressional, hopeful, Roy Moore for Senate. Monday president Donald Trump officially, endorsed, judge Roy Moore for Senate the, White House released a statement which confirmed, the POTUS had called the GOP, congressional, candidate, and endorsed, judge Moore's campaign, after the, president's, one-on-one, phone call with more White, House officials, announced, the president's, decision and Trump made it crystal clear that we need Moore's vote to conquer a multitude, of serious, issues, including. Illegal immigration, tax, reform, and others, the. President had a positive call, with judge Roy Moore during which they discussed the state of the Alabama, Senate, race and the president, endorsed, judge Moore's campaign, principal. Deputy, press secretary rod. Shah said more. Confirm, the president's endorsement on, Twitter saying just, got off the phone with President Trump who offered his full support go. Get him Roy -. President Trump just. Got off the phone with President Trump who offered his full support and said he needs a fighter to help him in the US Senate I look, forward to fighting alongside the President to hashtag Mogga. More, tweeted, President, Trump took to Twitter on Monday as well to impress upon the American people just how important, it is for Republican. Candidate, Roy Moore to win the cinah seat the, president, cited the obstructionist. Democrats refusal. To give any votes for tax cuts and their total unwillingness, to work with Trump's administration. To accomplish, a myriad, of legislative. Tasks, that are seriously, needed to get our country and better shape, Alabama. Voters, will head to the polls on December, 12th to fill the seat left vacant, by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, recent. Polling shows more, ahead by 5 points, with Democrat, Jones, close behind in second place do. You think really morale when the Senate seat the next week we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank, you it's. The end of the world as Nancy, Pelosi described, the GOP, tax bill on Monday. At press conference, on Capitol, Hill House, Minority Leader Nancy Bell, see DCA. Commented. On the GOP, tax bill and literally called at the end of the world, she, said the Republican, tax bill was Armageddon, fellow. SI said it is the end of the world the, debate on healthcare is like death this, is Armageddon, she. Continued, this is a very big deal because, you know why there's, really a very hard way to come back from this they, take us further more, deeply into debt what. Can you do but raise taxes, they, contend that their gift to corporate, America, of a trillion, and a half dollars will, be paid for by the growth who creates and even. Their own people say nonsense, not. True not, true so. Let's be truthful with the American, people about that they, throw a few crumbs to the middle class what, they give with one hand they take away and bounty with another and why, because.

It's In their DNA to give tax cuts to the rich that's. Their purpose in coming to Congress. Pelosi. Also, added the only reason it isn't the end of the world is because America, is a great country and, the, greatness of America, and the fact that God is always with us is what gives us hope but, it is very important, for the American people to know how adversely, they will be personally. Affected. By all of this we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You breaking. Former Democratic, Congress woman sentenced to years in prison, former. Florida Democratic. Representative. Corrine Brown went into the courtroom on Monday, thinking, she was going to be let off easy with probation, however. To, her great shock justice, was served and the criminal politician, was sentenced, to five years in, prison for mail wire, and tax fraud involving, a sham charity, she. Was convicted in May on 18 of the 22, charges a jury. Convicted, the former Congresswoman, of, stealing, money from a fake charity one, door for education, which, claimed to give scholarships to, poor children but. Instead the money folks donated, went straight into the pockets of brown and her so shi'ites. Federal. Prosecutors. Said, she and her top aide committed, fraud by using donations. For over-the-top, parties and trips, brown's, criminal, associates, accepted, a plea deals and quickly flipped on her brown's, former, chief of staff elias. Ronnie Simmons and the charity's, president, pleaded guilty after. Their federal indictments. For misusing, the charity's funds and testified. Against, Brown a few. Months ago the president of the phony charity, Carla, Wylie pleaded, guilty to, one count of, conspiracy to, commit wire fraud after it was determined that she had deposited. $800,000. Into the Foundation's, account over four years federal. Prosecutors. Say only one scholarship was, awarded, for the amount of $1,000. And that Wiley transferred, herself tens of thousands, of dollars, Brown. Served in Congress, for nearly 25. Years until, she was defeated in her 2016. Primary race. Democrats. Are not above the law please. Share, this on Facebook if. You are glad this criminal is going to prison where she belongs, we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank, you Trump. Wins Supreme, Court grants, full enforcement of Trump travel ban in a. Massive, victory for, the Trump administration the. US Supreme, Court on Monday ruled in favor of President Donald Trump's, travel ban affecting, residents, of six majority. Muslim countries, the. Justices, announced, that the policy, will take full effect despite, several legal challenges, against it that haven't, yet made their way through the court system, the. Ben applies to people from Syria, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia. And. Yemen. Monday. Afternoon, the High Court said in two one-page, orders late that lower court, rulings, that partly blocked the ban should be put on hold while appeals courts, in Richmond, Virginia and, San, Francisco take, up the case both. Courts, are scheduled, to hear arguments, in those cases this week, Trump's. Travel, ban has been challenged, in separate lawsuits, by why in the American, Civil Liberties Union, both.

Have Argued, the ban discriminates. Against, Muslims, and should not go into effect under, immigration laws. President. Trump issued, his first travel, ban within days of being sworn into office that. Version, tightened the country's refugee, and visa policies, and suspended, almost, all refugee. Admissions, for four months, Trump. Issued a revised ban in March after the first was blocked by federal, courts the second, one expired, in September after a lengthy court fight and was replaced with the current version this. Is not only a huge win for president Trump and his administration but, for the American people and the new era of America, first we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You DOJ. Reports, millions of dollars spent on Trump Russia investigation. The. Department of Justice has released its official cost, estimate, of Special Counsel Robert, Mueller's investigation. Of Russian Trump collusion, it. Shows that the agency has thrown out about seven million dollar in taxpayer, money trying, to get to the bottom of Russia's election, interference, over. The course of about five months May, 17th, to September, 30th this, amount has been spent with an unknown amount yet to be used the. Department, of Justice reported, that the costs were about 3.2. Million dollars spent, directly by the special, counsels office and in, addition 3.5. Million dollars spent on outside support, of the investigation. Like overtime and additional, FBI agents. With. Mueller's investigation. Being one of three investigations, into allegations, the Trump administration colluded. With Russia the, amounts of all three investigations, could, cost tens of millions of taxpayer, dollars we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks, please. Leave a comment below. Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You, WHU. Press secretary, Sanders, just destroyed CNN, on, Tuesday, White. House press secretary Sarah. Huckabee, Sanders promptly Unleashed on CNN's, White House correspondent. April Ryan secretary. Sanders, slammed Ryan for making accusations that, the president, shouldn't attend the opening, of the Civil Rights Museum because, of his response, to the violence, that erupted in, Charlottesville. Virginia, earlier, this year there. Are comments from the n-double-a-cp. From, black ministers, who, are planning, on retesting, and boycotting, this week and the president's, visit to the Civil Rights Museum. What, say you as trying. I think, that would be very sad I think. This is something that should bring the country together to celebrate the opening of this museum, and highlighting, the civil rights movement, and the progress that we've made responded. Sanders, I would, hope that those individuals. Would join in that celebration instead. Of protesting, it however, they have every right to protest it press. Secretary, Sanders, actually moved, on to take a question from another reporter, after answering, Ryan but she was abruptly interrupted by, the CNN, correspondent. You. Don't think it's an insult that he's coming as we've, had issues of charlottesville, the back-and-forth, the, president, couldn't get his statement straight, on Charlottesville. Press, the reporter.

Sanders. Was not falling, for Ryan's pathetic, comment, and shot right back at her before quickly moving, on I think. He got his statement very clear when he condemned, all forms of racism bigotry, and violence. There's, no gray area there and I think he made it very clear what his position is declared. The press secretary, watch. Sanders, take on Ryan at five minutes and seven, seconds, below, do. You think April Ryan was just trying to make President Trump look bad we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You, ice founder, warns build the wall now even, if a government shutdown, is the price, one. Of the founders of ice Immigration. And Customs Enforcement. As a serious, message for Americans, and he is speaking out about it with a warning that even liberals can't deny, Ludi. Leonardo served as a founding, member of US, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement. IC, e on, Tuesday. Leonardo, published a piece he wrote for Fox News with a serious, warning build, the wall now, even, if government, shutdown is the price his. Warning, goes in detail to clearly explain, why Trump's border wall is necessary, and exactly, why it is so urgent that we rally up support, and get the wall built sooner than later Leonardo. Provides a sobering argument, and several great points, ranging from the influx of illegal labor, disrupting, our economy, and costing, American, citizens, their jobs to the violence, and devastation. Caused by drug trafficking, cartels. Leonardo. Writes the. Federal government, will shut down unless Congress, agrees on a spending bill by December, 8th or December. 22nd. If an expected, extension, is passed a compromise. Looks increasingly, unlikely. President. Trump wants the bill to include funding for a border wall in their, drafts pinning bills House, and Senate Republicans, have both allocated, 1.6. Billion dollars to start construction, on the barrier but, Democrats, vowed to shut down the government rather, than fund the wall leaving. Our border unsecured, any longer, is not an option, the. Influx of illegal laborers. Increases, the supply of workers there. Are currently at least 8 million illegal, laborers, in the United States over. Half crossed the border illegally and, the rest overstayed, their temporary, visas, the. Illegal workers, compete, against less educated, Americans, for the same manual, labor and service, sector, jobs especially, in industries, like construction and, landscaping. Thanks. To this pool of cheap illegal labor, corporations. Feel little need to raise wages and attract American, workers, u.s.. Born workers lose up to, 118. Billion dollars, a year due, to illegal immigration, according. To george boria's, of Harvard's, Kennedy School of Government the supply, of illegal, labor has devastated, working-class, Americans, economic, prospects, and made IT harder, for vulnerable, Americans to, find employment one, in six American, high school dropouts, is unemployed, or has left the labor market, entirely, less. Educated, Americans, lucky, enough to find jobs, have seen their patient, course stagnate, illegal. Immigration, costs, the average u.s. foreign worker without a high school diploma about, eight hundred dollars a year in lost wages.

Simply. Put the, failure to enforce America's, immigration, laws has dealt a major economic, blow to America's. Most vulnerable citizens. Strengthening. Border security, would put the interests, of working Americans ahead. Of the legal immigrants, and employers, w-h-o, flagrantly, disregard, labor laws. Mexican. Drug cartels, also, take advantage of our porous border lax. Border, security, enables, the cartels to smuggle drugs that kill tens of thousands, of Americans, annually into our country, nearly. All of the heroin, and much of the fentanyl, on US streets, comes from Mexico according. To the Drug Enforcement Administration. Those. Two drugs alone killed almost, 20,000. Americans, in 2015. Cartels. Earn about sixty, four billion dollars, annually, trafficking, drugs across our border, drug. Traffickers, are brutally violent in recent. Years cartels. Have murdered tens of thousands, of people in Mexican, border cities and that violence has spilled over into American. Territory more. Than 40 percent of federal criminal cases, filed, in 2013, were, in districts, along the us-mexico. Border according. To a recent report from, the Department, of Justice a border. Wall would improve safety in these regions, just. Look at the evidence from Arizona's, Yuma border patrol sector, once, the most violent, area along America's southwest. Border in, 2006. An initiative. Known as Operation, jumpstart, dramatically, increased security, personnel, and built new fencing, along parts, of the us-mexico. Border including. In Yuma within. A year the number of violent attacks in the Yuma border patrol sector, went from around 200 to zero instances. Of so-called drive-throughs, in which smugglers, drive contraband. And illegal immigrants, over the border in, vehicles, fell from more two thousand, seven hundred two six two. Years after the fence went up arrests. For drug trafficking, and border crossing, had fallen from, 138. Thousand, to eight thousand, three hundred sixty, three as, President. Trump has said a wall, wouldn't need to spend the entire border, much, of the border is impassable, anyway due to reverse and rough terrain that's. Why the house is 1.6. Billion dollars provision. Earmarked, the funds for only 76. Miles of additional fencing in high-traffic areas. In the Rio Grande Valley and San Diego, of course. A border, wall alone won't fully solve the many problems stemming, from illegal, immigration, authorities, also, need to crack down on businesses. That knowingly employ, illegal, aliens all, employers, should be required to use e-verify a free, online, verification system. To confirm that prospective employees. Can legally, work in the United States a mandatory. E-verify policy. With a $10,000. Fine for each violation would, eliminate the, lure of cheap labor that some American, employers, find so irresistible, the. Bottom line is that competition, from illegal, border crossers, costs, American workers, tens of billions in lost wages every, year and drugs flowing across the border claim tens of thousands, of American, lives a border. Wall would help bring this carnage, as President, Trump called IT in his inaugural, address to. An end do. You think we need to build the border wall even, if it means a government, shutdown, we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You, retirement. Announcement to come from John Conyers. Democratic. Representative. John Conyers has announced this week that he will retire and not be looking into re-election after, his term ends in 2018.

He, Claims he will endorse a family member for his seat, according. To the New York Times the. 88 year old congressman. Who, is the longest-serving, member, in the House of Representatives will, give an announcement on his decision during the local radio talk show this Tuesday, morning, he will also publicly, endorse his son to replace him he. Is not resigning he, is going to retire reported. A family member his, doctor advised him that the rigor of another campaign, would be too much for him just in terms of his health, after. Conyers was accused, of several allegations, of inappropriate sexual, abuse. During his career he, found himself struggling, with the stress-related, illness, and being hospitalized. Many. Have asked for Conyers, to resign from office after, these allegations, have come out House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has said I pray, for congressman. Conyers however. Congressman. Conyers should resign he, has served our Congress and shaped consequential. Legislation, zero, tolerance means, consequences. For everyone, no, matter the great legacy, we. Want to hear your thoughts about this folks please. Leave a comment below. You.

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If this is true we should halt all aid payments until the person who authorized the bonuses is fired & all the money returned !!!


20 trillion stop spending money we don’t have.




Ummm, Im thinking, no. The waste of 100 mil was the deal breaker. What idiot does that?

Let me see if I get this right, you are basically operating in the red, and you give your govt workers 100 million in bonus money?? That's how the dems doit eh?

why why do we have to flip the bill for PR I didnt know they where a state of USA thats B.S. they got kick out of a different country and U.S.A back them because U.S.A didnt want a country like China to take it over. F PR sorry you people are nutts.

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