Pushkar Camel Fair Video & Indian Train Journeys Jodhpur to Ajmer & Ajmer to Udaipur Rajasthan India

Pushkar Camel Fair Video & Indian Train Journeys Jodhpur to Ajmer & Ajmer to Udaipur Rajasthan India

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Oh. Your. Railway, station, make. The, noise and how these people are sleeping threat say how long are we sleeping. It's. Early morning injured for whale Waystation, but. Doesn't look pretty. Some. Compensation for. Getting. Up and up with five. Small. Tucker, I short tuk-tuk ride to the railway station. Which. Is looking very pretty I'm not shopping Diwali lights mother's house always looks but it's. Quite pretty at 10 already. At now six o'clock in the morning. Lovely. And, busy. Just. Outside the, railway station, there, is people sleeping. We. Were. Maybe, waiting for trains I've no idea how. We may sleep through this racket to talk to people. Were trained, but. I guess you used to hate. Oh. What. Good. News alert icon' platform, one. Security. Throughout the campus. And. On to the. Next. For sale. Good. Idea, find. Me some bananas. Babies. Bodies. Thank. You very much. For, Banaras 20 rupees, bananas. Always make great Road sticks. Hey, dawn, and it's train time. And Jodhpur railway station. I. Think considering it's like six a more than what it is incredibly. Busy, don't. See a single train yet, my. Train is running. About 15 minutes late so I'm. Just wound up here the most quiet area. See. I make a nice picture of a, train coming in the woman what's, the dawn over there on the far side, got. Some bananas for breakfast and, today. I'm off to a schmear which. Is the process railway station to a place called Pushpa. Where. They, have the world's largest camel, fare which should be commencing, about now, so. I've. Had a few relaxing, days in Jodhpur which has been a great place. Very. Very little hassle honest, tuk-tuk drivers, nice. Food good, scenery an amazing. Car so that overlooks. The whole city that illuminates. At night, it's. Been really great. I've, still got up. Far too early and got to bed far too late, tried to pack too much ins I don't wanna get much rest but, I did have a great time anyway. I've, got I think five or six hours on this train, maybe. I can get an extra power nap in. And this should. Be my train now. All I do is find the right carriage. Switch I think, I'm on the wrong end of the train course. Still. Have a really organized. To. Wait in a railway platform at. The right place to find my carriage. AC. First. This. Looks likely, it. Has to be mine that's, going to look. No, stickers left on the outside. Right. They. See first, Oh. 15. Of 15:04. Different way. You slept in. Locked. No. Only. Daughter gave to me a lot, well. Her to pain. Sleeping. Alright. Son. Now folks I hope ammonite place. At. Some point good. News, found. Somebody official-looking I'm gonna clipboard, bit of paper and a tag saying railways, so. To my ticket he says yes I'm on the right train and yes, I'm in the right compartment. So. Sit, back and relax now. Second. Thing I must do. Okay. I'll second thing because office I'm gonna eat something cuz I'm at breakfast yet so, I left the hotel far too early we won't have to wake somebody up to actually get out even. Though I told last evening. Didn't. Have any breakfast, got up took the railway station so first. Thing I'm gonna do when I settle in is have. Some breakfast, of, bananas. Biscuits, and water. They. Serve to you anything Louis. Anyway. Find out next. When somebody comes around and must find out what time, the, train. Arrives, in a schmear because this train goes on to. Jaisalmer, which is much further down the line, and. I've, got to go for as Mia where, I then take a a, tuk-tuk. Or a rickshaw. Taxi, to. Pushpa because the train doesn't go to Pushkar three quite interesting in the first place of I've stayed at that doesn't have a railway station, with.

Any Luck I'll get a compartment to myself again I do, have a plug socket, so, I shall. Probably be setting up the computer after breakfast, and. Getting, some more flogging them so. You guys can, keep up with a trip. Well. Thanks, for joining me on the journey I hope you're having, a great day and I hope that these videos. Encourage. You to. Think about the broader world and go out there and explore, if. You're happy to stay at home and just join me in my adventures that's, fine as well remember to hit the subscribe button give, us a big thumbs up if you're enjoying it and please. Feel, free to comment, tell. Me about where you live tell, me about what you think of my travels and what you'd like to see as, always. As a joy to have you along with me and I thank you very much for. Joining me on my adventures, although I'm travelling alone which, I have no objection to it's, really nice to know that you guys are there too so thank you very much I have, a wonderful, day as, I. Check. Off on the slow train to a, schmear. And push cart to, see a camel there. Goodbye. A jumper, thank you for my great visit. See, you next time. Whenever, love maybe. Another. Trait I would think yes. Slowlyslowly, her driver. There. We are. We're, off the train at me. A lot of station is down there but a lot of people walking this way so. And, it seems an exit up here. Well. Maybe just a locals way out. Hung's I have to climb over throw away. So I'll be okay. Let's, find my left. I know looks like it actually. Yeah. Yep. I can see tuk-tuk drivers waiting. Now, when you get to push car and. We lots of people want to give you a lift as usual. And. They usually stick. Six hundred to a thousand, off see see what they can get but. If. You go to the. Little. Ola stall, here, it's. A like an app like grab taxi, it's. 300, to 350. You might have to wait a few minutes via taxi so I've ordered that it'll. Be about 10 minutes and, then, it's 300. To 350, max for a ride into pushka, made, its push car together. 30-minute. Ride cost. Me 400. What. You don't see. Oh. Yeah. Okay no Sun Hotel rising star thank you. Have. Been left. Hey. Sophie. He. Wants to be more than a selfie. I'm. Down on the GATS in. Pushkar, right, in the middle of. Bush. Car you will find this lake which, he gains as sacredly you. Bathe in it seeing, cleansed, and, a, gas although. It's quite a small I got all around, this, lake, absolutely. Fantastic as. You can see the Sun is setting behind me, there's, such an almost celebration. Atmosphere. I've never even see what's, going on behind me over here if not also some footage but. They're making patterns and a flowers. Colored. Star putting. Lights out all over this, part here so. I'm hoping it's for the celebration, later which, I will then share with you. Well lovely introduction, to. Pushkar. So. Gentle, and beautiful. People. Are friendly the atmosphere, is happy, nobody, harasses, you at all I mean I've been wandering around here there's a few other to it nobody.

Asks Me or bother me for anything, Tom come, to remind me take my shoes off because. Nobody's. Wearing shoes daddy you're not supposed sacred. Ground, so. I'm, going to spend the evening here enjoy. The sunset and. Show you what happens. It's. Absolutely beautiful down, here you, see the lights behind me. Light. On the tips, are. Tea ceremonies, taking place. There's. All these beautiful drawings. And designs and flowers, with. Little thighs beside, them, and. They just give you a look around. We like party atmosphere it's really, Pleasant. Everybody. Busy admiring the, art and, seeing what's there and. Still. There's somebody coming up there hey have a selfie with me. Basilica. Man and we just look at some of this. Isn't. That fantastic. I watch, them do this by hands put it together piece by piece, it's, all coloured bits of sand. Morning. Morning. And, I've made it to the pushkar fair lots. Of things for sale the usual thing snacks teddy. Bears earrings. Cable, thank, you. Pictures. Tattoos. Henna, beads. And. Knives. Patties. You. Name. It it's here now. Let's, go in and see what's going on. Camels. After. All it. Is a camel fare, what. Would it be like without camels. This. Is the largest camel, fare in the world. And. I think these are for camel rides where. You can sit in the back of a luxury car and have a camel pull you along which. Believe me is a lot more comfortable than riding on a camel. Look. Around. On. The neck they're shaving. And. Of course there's the horses for those enough force to these beautiful, white white, horses. Being. So beautiful. Beautiful. So. Well-behaved, white white, these. Are the, most. Sought-after horses. In India, you. See they're a special breed. And. They're white, white white the whiter the, better a bit, like people, want to be and you can see if you look at their ears. Here's. A quite unique. You, can see how their ears are turned in with that tip at. The top. 20:17. A. Lot. Going on it's quite fantastic adding. See lots. Of camels it is after all the camel fare at, the moment we're watching the camel, dancing there's been a three-legged, race that's been a few parades but. It's getting quite hot it. Sounds familiar isn't it but yeah Sun. Is blazing to help but it seems there's lots of people lots, of camels those, have being very friendlier very well behaved. Not. The greatest fan of camp fan of camels but you. Know they do dress them up nicely and, they're doing some dances for us mixed. Reactions on how what people think they want to see it but they want to hell cruel this I'm. Not sure if you know let me know I'll. Be back here this evening to show you what happens at night and first. Thing in the morning when, apparently a lot of the real genuine trade has come the, moment the day stuff tends to be bit touristy, so, check back with you later as, long as I don't get you in by a camel. Okay. Time. To take a break and get. So. Ever. Hit up here and grab a cook. It's, in the shady cliche. And. I. Had a stopper drink very. Refreshing much-needed and, meant a couple of local photographers, who gave me some hints and tips always. Great to have and. What they told me where was this morning where I was having a drink with. Jason. - it. Was. Actually the fairground where needs of me was behind the fairground, which, is. Basically. The. Footage is where, all the. He. Wants to be more than itself be. Quick, so. It's. A yes, thankfully didn't get bitten by the camel. Actual. Traders, and the things going on so, I just had a little wander around there most people are sleeping in the moment but there's lots to see so. Definitely on my list of places evening. There's also the I. Know. Where to go this evening then, I'm gonna come back. Maybe for fish the time for sunset now. The tip they gave me that is really good idea is to hire one of these to. Ride a camel by five o'clock they come will. Then take. You. Around. All the sights of everything. Is. On. Account. Camels. Are very uncomfortable, so. That's what I'm going to do, the. Meantime. So. Many photo opportunities, I'm. Going to run out of its t cards and batteries. So. Time. To go back and recharge everything. And. I'm. Lost. Somewhere. In the backseat pushed up cleaning. Up the market, heading. Makes my hotels with batteries on charge they desperately need it. Wondered. Solution thanks Pete you, can photographs wandered. Another way, hey. How are you doing and. Now I'm sort of lost good. Found my way back to the guesthouse hotel, I haven't had anything to eat yet so let's. Come up with mr. priorities but first go. Back to the room plug, batteries in. Okay. Oh see, you later. And. That. Mistake a. Really. Beautiful view over the link, Wow. And. There's the market as well. Okay. Found. A place with a nice view. And.

It's Nice and what. Wow. Cashew. Nut curry. And. After law school fight. Let's. See here we go. I'm. Have a personal. There we go cashew nut curry and. Fluffy, lovely, lamb breath, and. Of course my company drinks. Nobody. What's cooking here but. It's smoking, that's for sure. Nope. Still no idea what it is. In. Big pants. Then. If anybody can tell me what it is. Or. What its gonna be when it's cooked. That's. The for cooking oh, my. Goodness. Let's. After cooking. Okay. Somebody. Tell me what the season will you do with it kazoomba, do you eat it. Well. I don't know how well you can see me in this light but. I went behind there, fair for, this evening for the sunset where all the camels would where all the people who bring the cattle stay, it's. Quite a sight there was a lot of tourists mingling in there was also quite a bit of hassle, especially. From young kids toys, coming back money money money and, jumping in front of the camera I've. Also got chased off by a few people taking, their camels apparently, a little, and my camels you must pay me money. But. You're quite amazing, much more hectic as you can see. But. It's fantastic to go behind now, it's got dark and guess what I'm a little bit lost just a little bit. Over. There which are near the fairground so I. Must. Be close, so I'm gonna try and win my way towards, that I also, reckon if I follow the trail of camels. They'll. Leave me somewhere. Failing. Everything I can just flag a camel down and get a ride. Okay. Let's. Go to the fairground, and see what happened there I've, no clue if you can see me I can't really see very much I'm lost too confused, amongst the horse. Enclosure. Been. Winding. My way between horses and people. And, nobody, seemed bothered it. Seemed to the rest have. Managed to find the, arena, all. I do now is, work. Out how to get you in but, first. It's. Been a flat back the evenings over. As. Usual everybody really happy. They're. Going into the big main stadium arena, to see what's going on there there was something happening about seven o'clock which is now, I've. Been see camels and horses, but. They're lots. Of things. Tattoos. And things now. Heading into the arena yes, and standing on somebody on the way. Find. A spot here and see what is going on. Wow. What, a show, that. Was really great, feet to the playground, at the Pushcart now all my goodness, I was late movie. Hey. Lina. Round me over names at high. Singing. Dancing. Fantastic. Well. This may or may not come, as a surprise to you as I wandered around in here. But. I'm lost. Any. Woman is feeding the pigeons in his robe thanks money's on the mobile are.

Now Organizing your supper bottom, oh no no. It's, one of many things you're gonna love about, India I don't know. It. Really is, an, amazing, country, around every, corner. Sitting. That. Beautiful, view all. Right in the middle of the city just. Down there. If, I think at Green Heron, sitting. There so beautifully. Look at that look at him, fishing. Patiently, quietly, that. Is stunning. And. That is the town of pushkar, a beautiful. Small town that bursts, into life during, the camel affair so I was really lucky to be there at that time I did actually manipulate. My dates so I could be there during the camel fare which, was really brilliant and it was so nice to go to all the hustle, of the camel Ferren and all the activity, and all the excitement and then be able to retreat to this lake that's right in the middle of pushkar now, this is a prominent. Hill a Hindu, pilgrimage, town and the lake is supposed, to have appeared the holy make it appeared when rahama dropped a lotus, flower and this lake has been there ever since so it's a very holy day so. You must take your shoes off and walk around in bare feet when, you go around there a lot, of people come and bathe in the waters and you're, not supposed to take photographs of them while they're bathing so there's no photos, there at, the people it's, just gentle, and. You. Know it's just you can sit there in the evenings and. Just. Watch the sunset over, the surrounding, hills and, breathe. In the fresh pepper sphere the, people as usual, as all Indian people are absolutely wonderful and kind and, friendly. Also. When you wander just off the lakes there was these streets with, full of bazaars, and places to shop places. To have snacks, and drinks as usual, the exceptional, Indian food which, I'm slowly, experimenting. With a bit more each time getting a little bit more spicy, getting my spicy, taste buds in although, I still really can't take hot spicy stuff and. Night. Enjoyed, my time at pushkar but. As usual I don't, have lots of time, I could, spend ages here like I could have many of the other places and I'm sure I missed so, many things that I'll just have to put on my list to come back and see. But. Now it's. Gonna be time to move on. It will view around Acme, railway, station, that's on the outside. You. Can see what's going on. Tuk-tuk. Drivers pack, together. Once. I get to this get I got. On the bigger here. We go. There we go. And into, the railway station, we go. Welcome. To Ashley railway station. The wedding for the early morning train okay. Where's my train. I think. That's it Jaipur I look - oh nice um - oh it's gone. It's. Railway station time and I mother railway station in a schmear. Waiting. To catch my train to what I cook today, we, coming from that way I'm, not sure this looks like it's going to be quite a busy train, but. This is the way to get to push car there's no railway station in pushka no. Railway station in pushka you, have to go to a schmear, where I'm now just the closest railway station. A. Schmear. You get a local, taxi about, 30 40 minutes ride and about 400. To 500. Indian. Rupees for, a cab takes. Up three people and luggage and. Takes, about 30 to 40 minutes and then get push cart that means you don't have the train horns like that big push cart but. It doesn't mean you've got the extra hopping and you're going in the morning I had to get up a bit early, arrange. My taxi to get here arranged at the night before and, then. Obviously. Catch the train from a Schmidt so let's say you get push carts. Here. What I do is find my carry. My marriage. And, it seems the only people carriages, well. Join. The people. See. 131. It's. A general free-for-all, I think. That's P one I'm see I know this is c1 let's. Walk a bit further and. Go, in the topic and. I'm. 31. The motorists, on this one. Hey. Through the first roadblock. Found. A seat, then, we're bags next. Up. Arriving, whatever. Nice. Five. Hour train journey in the. Xchat. Chugging, along, had, a good chat on. The way past, time easily. Just. After lunchtime I guess what I'm hungry. But. First I'm gonna pine right, out of the station as you know, get. A rickshaw. To, my hotel then, I'll get some food. -, try me an autorickshaw, okay. We. Have to show the address. Our rickshaw. Gosha, toys. Now, time to explore, with, a pawn. And dreams. Well. Welcome to my new home it would I thought.

We. Go. Nice, clean, very friendly people as usual already. Got recommendations of where to go and eat. Or. Will there be adventures to try that out will. I survive if it burns me I hope not, I'm, sort of getting used to the spicy food here and. Then I get a spice Edition realized cause I've got a long way to go believe, my lovely room that. Nice. Clean, and comfortable you are television, in the corner I won't be using that most. Important they've got a daybed nothing. On and. Koran. Fat it's so. Nice and here even in the heat of the day it's actually, pleasantly. Cool already shall have no problem sleeping here and a. Nice clean bathroom, and. We. Are set, so, change. Your clothes quick wash, have. Me unpack. And. Then, get. Some food and explore. What, I got let's. Go. Thank. You guys. Your, support before me hopefully, enjoying these videos means, a lot to me. No. And the last. This. Is so good. Not, sure if I make this right, this will only yield here. If. I'm not Englishman, Sabina.

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