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Pretty. Cool. Sizes. Of rocks about 2.3. Million blocks of, limestone with. An average weight of 200, 1/2 tons each, an, exactly, square base, facing. Exactly the four cardinal, points so. The northern phase there that has the entrance, we are about to use to go inside is exactly facing, north and the, other three direction of course the. Bigger, gap there that's where the original entrances, but, nowadays we use the lower one which is a man-made opening. Goes. Back to the 9th century AD in the Arabs period opened it to explore it and said we found nothing inside, it, the. Wooden piece on top is to show you the original height, when. It has its outer casing. Layer like. The top of the second pyramid still has some oven, when. You. Smooth, like that all the way from top to bottom people. Kept taking the rocks and reused it and the last few thousand years caused the pyramid, to lose the upper ones the top rooted and that's, how we, are less, in height with about 50. So. Three smaller. Pyramids Azhar. They call them a queen pyramids. Those. Are just the remains I guess. It's. Good it's covering your face no. Put. On top of the feet to keep the sand out. Soon. While putting the shoe cover on. Make. Sure the floor will be cleaner when, you come out, we found the solar boat the kinky ops you should be using it to go with it to the afterlife with, the sun-god rod so, that's why we call it solar, boat. Here, are some of the ropes we found weathered as the, whole thing was made of junctions, and ropes when. We put it back together we used new. Ropes this, is the original one the, pet were found. They, kept the pieces of wood under, the ground isolated. For about four and a half thousand. Years when. We took when, we take it out we put it back together inside. The building, where you can see it above you there. Now. That's, a book that's the boat there and you, go around. Okay. So, there were no screws, or so these I mean everything was was, tied together with what the rope is extremely, impressive so, this is a pit, where they found, the, boat you, can imagine that. So. You can see how it was built and how the ropes, were used to I, guess with carved wood to tie everything together, again. Really really impressive. All. Right like, riding a horse. Jesus. The flu is narrow Boehner he's not ready tonight. Hey. Don't. Really. Not very secure, on this thing oh, my. God. I'm. Definitely not guiding it. Very. Well trained camels so we're gonna go fast, yeah, I go a1 you think I can get, all this can. I hold this okay. No can I hold it your hug yeah. Work here we're moving. How. Was it. No. Problem. First. Time to, tell. Was. It the cowboy. I. Guess. So I. Had. A great time at the Egyptian, Museum pyramids. The, Sphinx we're. Smoking a dart so there's, a lot of really interesting things about Egyptian culture. I don't know holy smokes cigarettes, truth I don't like smoking, cigarettes that much but when in Rome everyone's. Smoking and I'm gonna suck - a little bit should I'm late to everything. So. Probably, I think it's, weird because tardiness. Is like a very cultural, thing so every culture has a very, specific sort. Of reputation, for tardiness like in Latin America tardiness, is very normal in the u.s., everything. Is very very very punctual here. Tardiness is like next. Level it's, literally you're supposed to show up like. An hour after or maybe even yeah you, know an, hour after whatever, time you guys agree on the tip stuff here is extremely weird - so. For I got I always. Get pulled into at least one tourist, trap wherever I go so at, the pyramids I started taking a picture of someone's. Camel I think came over they were you know trying to help me and then but, the way that they so, they put me on the camel I took a photo now I'm okay paying for that I wouldn't consider that that much of a tourist trap but what, they do is they're extremely aggressive. About asking for the tip like extremely, aggressive, and usually it's a couple of them that kind of bully you and so.

Matter What you say they're gonna say three, or four times that amount that's, the amount of tip that you should give them and then they're gonna be very very forceful, like we actually for the second camera that we did he. Actually had to yeah. We, gave the guy money. I mean he had a call a game worked. Out with a little boy that was guiding the camels and then and. Then he took the money back another guy actually like we're, out of the money out of his hand and they were both fighting for about. A minute maybe like laughing like they're like playing, it was a big guy yeah it was like a tug-of-war, but, were smiling. And like tiger that we ended up losing yeah, it was a big guy. The. Principle and the point was made is. I you, know yeah, I don't expect whatever you asked for all, the time. Anyway. Over. Here. The keyboards in Arabic. This. Is a problem. English. We're doing it okay, yes okay thank, you, yes oh yes. This. Is back when. Can't. No. Speak Arabic. We. Will see all. Right. So guys we're um, one. Of the way to marsala. Whose plan is this who's that it was this, yeah. It. Was diving and then I find this was always the plan diving. Was always the plan sure problem is there are no direct flights to marsala, so what we're doing is we we, managed to get a driver he, speaks no English the. Drive is about eight and a half hours so it's extremely dangerous, if. We speak now at her but he's taken ill Arabic and, Google. Translate sit down I'm sorry. No. No I sorry No. You, speak Spanish. That's. My mule. Anyway. So I head into this dive, town it's got Malu marsala, it's, about eight and a half hour drive we're. Also tell. Them that we're hungry and we need food and, w-without. Trying to download like, Google Translate Arabic it's. Not quite working I have most awesome Horus ins like crappy international, plan man, mom. I think he knows where to go. We, don't really know how. To. P.m. we. Should be there about 10:00 with traffic mess. A. Horrible idea. We were actually gonna make this dress, I. Guess. We'll see you guys that restaurant. Figure. Out how to tell him how to do that well. He's gonna be running out of gas and oh, that's. A new thing well. You sing one of two things either. We. Need to stop for gas soon cuz yeah here's one one. Unit have to say. English, up. What's, up guest so it is, 249. Local time so just to give you guys a quick recap of what happened yesterday the plan was to leave from the hotel and go to a bazaar, we ended up we, were hungry we're starving we actually we ended up going to one, of the restaurants that's considered one of the best as far as authentic. Traditional Egyptian food. Truthfully. I wasn't, a huge fan I'm, finding a Gyptian food to be very. Dry, not that flavorful, very very, very carb heavy which obviously I can't eat carbs, so I'm not really enjoying the food the food that much as a result I'm actually under eating so. I'm feeling a little weak hopefully I can stock, up on my, my, energy, reserves here we're, at a I, don't, know what I would call this place but there's a lot of meat we uttered about a pound, of person which should be good at least for the next bunch of hours generally, speaking anywhere you go it's pretty easy to find protein, so with my diet I so, again I'm gonna ketogenic, diet I do roughly, three-quarters fat one quarter protein so I have, macadamia, nuts that I travel with and I just pop a bunch of those if I feel like I'm behind, on my my fats all right so my Google is in, Arabic. I don't know how to change it back to. Actually. Just said right there so. Modest Harlem is on the eastern coast of Egypt it's it's, on the Red Sea so supposedly. It has the best scuba, diving in all of Egypt, beautiful, beautiful water, lots, of really, cool sea, animals, so that's. Where we're headed we're gonna spend a few days there we got a nice little bungalow thing right on the water it's gonna be really cool a very, very long drive to get there we still have another eight hours. More. Or less which. I'm not looking forward to I really don't like being in confined, spaces with my legs I tend to get just. Tremendous like knee pain leg, inflammation. What, sucks maybe, now is a good time to talk about my some of my observations on Egyptian culture traffic, is absolutely. Insane I've never seen anything like it basically, every single car is just kind of a it's every man for themselves there are no rules whatsoever if, you look at the guys, on motorcycles nobody, wears a helmet, it's. Insane and I've never seen traffic, I've never seen this much congestion and it's all the time there's pretty much traffic all day aside from the early a.m. hours even on the highway it's just there.

Are No lanes basically, everyone is just it's insane, the culture itself is really, cool I'm enjoying, observing. It so the first time I ever saw a burka was actually at the airport on the way here I think, that's just. Very interesting, culturally, I have some thoughts, on that but maybe I'll share. Those later, my initial impulse is a Westerner is to think of this is you, know repression, of women. But. It's see the, idea is interesting right hiding. The physical, appearance of every. Woman. Basically, making the playing. Field even for, my understanding a lot of the men that marry these women don't even ever get to see them maybe they get one peek before the wedding but just. And it's just interesting really interesting oh yeah hi the food's here so we're going to. Hi, guys just, a super quick update, I don't speak Arabic and I don't, even remotely, understand. It so communication, has been a tremendous, tremendous issue here thankfully, the area that we're staying unless the people speak English but now we're heading to a place where a little. Less hopeful, that's it beneath this book we'll see you guys in the next one. All. Right not, bad not bad. All. Right there's my dinner. Bread. Bread. Bread. There's. Some cheese I can eat that. Oh. Yes. Yeah, I, know. For eggs what, Anna, everything. Everything, yeah special, yes. Nancy, yeah Mustafa. No. Just listen. Good. Luck, on. Even diving not losing that's. What I'm doing, okay. I think. I. Guess. So I just finished the first dive. Things. About 12:30. Noon, so, I meet this launch real quick door is beautiful. It's. Been a very long time since that doe of and so I'm. Very much a newbie and I think the last time I build was Cancun, in 2015, so a lot of a, lot of things that I need to learn again, very, happy to see that the birthday has a lot of food that I can't eat so I'm gonna eat as much as I can, and I forgot my GoPro for this first dive but it's fine second dive is at 2:30 and we're. Gonna go to a little deeper, so. See you guys next. So. I got a Patti diving, certification a, few years ago in, Cancun, and I decided that scuba diving is gonna be something that I do for the, rest of my life I love, it so. This. Is me getting sized up for my equipment what's cool about this place this is a diving village, so you. Get all your equipment the first day and then you use that every day you leave it in a locker overnight. So. That says this is me getting everything sighs it, had been a while since I've scuba, dive so I was, very rusty, to, say the least. You. Have to put your name on that board along with the time that you go out your locker number. In case you die. So. For the first time I went out with one of the instructors, just. To, freshen. Up on all of these signs and, how to read the watch. All. Of that good stuff how did not die. I. Don't. Remember what that sign means. That's. Me telling my instructor. How much oxygen I have left in the tank. Lots. Of really beautiful. Marine. Life that. Means, I came, back alive. Now. This is me just heading back to the place to. To. Get dressed and grab some food. The. Little place. That we were staying in was so far from the from. The food hall and from the diving place and it was a long. Walk, in a Blazing. Sun. Here. We are day 2 now. I'm starting to get into the to the hang of things, this. Point I know how. To put. My equipment on. Lots. Of boards where people write if. They seen any cool. Fish. Or. Sharks. Or Marlins. So. At. This time we're so you have a couple options of how you want to go out you can go out you could just walk into the water you can also take a. Speedboat. Out to specific. Points on. The. First day I met a, really nice family from, England, and for. The rest of the trip they invited, me to to. Dive with them because, they only had my basic, Patti certification. I will have my open water certification. That means I was a bit, limited I needed the advanced, certification. If I wanted to go in any of the really cool. Dives. But. Not to say that this wasn't cool as you can see. We're. In the Red Sea it's. Absolutely. Beautiful the waters beautiful we, saw lots of really cool cool. Things I. Also. Just love I. Love. Scuba diving I love being in the water I love that feeling of being disconnected. I love that a feeling, of. Submerging. And and really entering, into another, world, the world that it almost feels like. We're. Not well, I mean. We're not supposed to be a. Part. Of but we've invented, things, that allow us to, to. Enter this world and that's an octopus that was, the coolest thing I saw and.

For. Me you know I'm so connected to technology, so, connected to my computer to be, in Egypt, in, the Red Sea. You know 30, feet underwater. Just. Looking. For octopuses. Sea, turtles or octopi. I believe it's the correct way to say that anyway I'm just awesome. I just took quick Stoppers and coffee driver, keeps falling asleep at the wheel so, I'm. Not gonna thinking which is. So, we're driving and we just this. Road is not as like, under construction, I guess. Hey. In this bar. So. This. Is the worst. Course. Of a big, vacation that, a very little roll around little anyway, I hope the video editors, put together something new in as for you guys you guys please. Give it a like and. Already subscribe please, subscribe I, guess I'll see you guys back and. Back in. We'll find out and then accept a something.

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